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Jesus Cries Out - Part 2 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 8, 2021 6:05 am

Jesus Cries Out - Part 2 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 8, 2021 6:05 am

Today we continue our intensive look at the Gospel of John with a message that highlights the heart of the Christian faith. It's Jesus's last public message in John before He goes to the cross. In these verses, Jesus reiterates His purpose in the Father sending Him to earth. Part 2.

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When we buy something or someone. They look in our lives.

It's like a mirror reflecting on something or someone else that we hold in great value. So Jesus here is saying all this cross Lord, glorify yourself in the presence of God in life's difficult and challenging times, moments of hope with the back if you were with Jesus to talk about the hard and painful circumstances in your life would you ask him today takes us to the 12th chapter of the Gospel of John, with insights and practical ways to handle life's tribulations. Let me ask this question to. How many of you would love to spend a counseling session with Jesus just have an hour with him where he could tell you why you're having to go through these tough times. This suffering these painful moments for the truth is, he warned us in John 1633, when he called us to follow him, that in this world you will have tribulations. That's what he said it's a promise, it does justice for everybody who decides to follow Jesus. He also said previously in Matthew's gospel that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. All right now rain can be a blessing for gross crops and cools down. Heat all those thing so it could be that God blesses both the righteous and the unrighteous was sometimes rain falls too much and causes flooding so you could take that verse in a negative way and say no God allows bad things to come to the righteous and the unrighteous.

The truth is no one who lives on this planet till we die escapes suffering, difficulty and pain. So if you could have one hour with Jesus. What do you think he would say to you about how to handle pain and suffering. That's today's text, because I think Jesus gives us in these verses today 12 different ways that we should look at pain and suffering from his perspective how he's using it for our good and his glory. Let's look at verse 27, which gives us the first way to deal with pain-and-suffering from the lips of Jesus.

Here it is.

It's okay to admit it.

It's okay to admit you're going through a tough time.

Look at verse 27, as Jesus is facing the cross. This is Sunday he's going to die on Friday in horrific death on a Roman cross. He says now is my soul troubled that would trouble means disturbed out of place, feeling awkward.

There's just paying that Jesus is feeling right now and what is he do. He admits it publicly. At least John heard him say so. Probably his other disciples of someone once said admitting the feeling is the beginning of healing and I think that's very true.

If you have a heart heart the way that heart begins to be made well is by admitting that you have hurt heart stuff, your emotions deep down inside first go to God and admit what you're feeling and go to some friends beloved family members and confess the fact that you're hurting, that's a great way to begin the whole process of your healing Jesus first of all, says to us if you have a hurting heart admit the feeling it's okay to do so. Secondly, Jesus continues now is my soul troubled, and what shall I say it is okay to question folks why you're going through what you're going through Jesus here himself, goes what can I say to the fact that I'm facing the cross.

He didn't want to go to the cross and therefore that's what allowed him to say what shall I say to this horrific pain that I am facing now let me take a moment and share with you about the cross. This experience that Jesus was going to face within five days. It was the Persians who came up with the idea of a cross. They basically would whittle a log into a point and impaled somebody through their body and then place them in the ground so that anybody walking by could see them suffering.

It was a terrific way of persecution and pain.

The Romans though.

Took it to a new level.

Though the Persians invented crucifixion.

It was the Romans who perfected it for the purpose of crucifixion was to inflict pain, make it a public spectacle so that Walker buys would see the persecuted one.

The one going through the crucifixion and not do what that person had done so. The Romans looked at the human body, and I'm sure through some kind of terrible experimentation realized the pressure points and the nerve system when penetrated. That would cause the most pain. So that's how they realized if you put nails in the wrist and nails in the ankles and then hung the person on the cross.

Not only would that induce the most amount of neurological pain in the body. It would cause the person to die by asphyxiation. They would have to raise up on their toes to breathe and keep alive then come down and breathe up again as they raised on their toes and they would do every raising of their toes go through that painful bodily experience of their nerves just hotwired and pain and that's when the Romans were then placed these people and a crucified form by the side of the road again to keep Roman citizens and other conquered people in line and they would obey exactly what Roman law wanted them to obey. It's interesting that Moses said it's accursed to dial in a tree on Cicero the very famous Roman philosopher told Romans. Don't even talk about the cross.

It's too horrific to even address from Josephus, we know that when Spartacus the slave let his rebellion against Rome and have some victories over some time after he was finally caught. He and all of his followers some 6000 were crucified on the Appian Way and went over 120 mile distance where every few steps you have one of those rebellious slaves hung on the cross every step of someone traveling on the Appian Way would look and see the people on that cross here their drones hear their pain hear them crying out and that would be a reminder to them, you'd better obey Roman law or this cross could be yours. Just think about 120 miles of those 6000 slaves that would be like driving from Charlotte to Greensboro North Carolina and along Highway 85 and Highway 40. You just have cross after cross after cross of people suffering and dying in horrific ways now Jesus was looking at the reality that he was going to have to experience that physical pain, so he asked the question, what shall I say UNESCO how do I begin to face the suffering that's before me, but also realize it was not just the physical suffering that was causing Jesus to ask, what shall I say it was also the spiritual suffering probably for more of the spiritual suffering that concerned him because he knew that he came from heaven and every day he lived on this planet. He was in a oneness union relationship with the father, but he knew on the cross between 12 and three when all of the sins of the world would come upon him and the heavens became dark when God in human flesh, the son of man, took all of our sins upon himself.

At that moment the father turned his back on the sun and the thought in Jesus heart of even one second of not being in that union life with the father so badly he cried out, what shall I say the thought of that kind of pain was just overwhelming to the sun.

What shall I say so he was looking at his physical pain within five days looking at the spiritual pain he would go through with in just a few days and he was asking what shall I say so. Folks, we are going through difficult times. It's quite okay for you to ask the question, what are you doing, what shall I say ask questions, try to understand it, your God loves you and he understands why you're going through it. It's okay for you to ask him please try to explain this to me.

I am questioning it because it hurts so bad. Thirdly, I think Jesus would say to us that there is purpose in the pain.

Look at verse 27 again now is my soul troubled. What shall I say father, save me from this hour there.

He's looking even ahead to the garden of Gethsemane in just four days. On that Thursday night when he cries out to the father. Is there any other way you can take this cup from me.

Dump the cop in the Bible whenever somebody had to drink of God's cup.

They had to drink of God's wrath and the nations that rebelled against God in the Old Testament Israel included had to drink of God's cup. It was God's wrath poured out on them. His punishment for their sin.

Jesus asked the question in the garden. Is there any other way for these people to be saved and for me to have to drink the cup of your wrath, your wrath of punishment poured out on me instead of them. And of course Jesus said after that, no father, you will will not my will, the submissive, this of the sun to the father to do whatever the father ask him to do. Even though he was asking what shall I say there was purpose in the particular pain and that was the salvation of all of the world. Look at the next sentence, but for this purpose I have come to this hour. What's this hour whenever John refers to the hour. It's talking about the cross, the time when Jesus would be lifted up on the cross and Jesus here is now saying for this purpose I have come to this moment. He came from heaven to this earth lived 3 1/4 years up until now, and now came the time for his purpose in coming to this earth. It was for the purpose of saving us from our sins so that God's wrath would not be poured out upon us and we spend eternity in hell, God's wrath is poured out on his son so that he could then forgive us by grace through faith. And we can have eternal life. So we asked the question, what shall I say going through tough times. What shall I say what can I ask you Lord and the answer is you can ask him anything and he's working somehow through it and there's purpose in your pain. You may not see it momentarily, but it is for your good and for God's glory. He promises it to be such.

So what would Jesus say to you if you're walking through a very difficult time. It's okay to admit it's okay to question what's going on there's purpose in the pain and fourthly we are to glorify God in the pain.

Look at verse 28 father, glorify your name, glorify your name. What is the word glorify me it means to render a good opinion of something or someone else so I glorify my alma mater, University of North Carolina, and the team I played basketball on at that school. When I behave in such a way that continues the basic positive principles of the North Carolina basketball program you render a good opinion of that institution. When you behave in accordance with the principles that that coach Dean Smith and other coaches thereafter have promoted glorify means to render a good opinion. It's also in reference to a person you when I behave in a way that my dad, Howard Chadwick taught me. I glorify my dad. I render a good opinion of him by living a life that he would be pleased with. Similarly, we glorify Jesus when we live as he wants us to live. We say we are his followers. We follow how he wants us to live and as we live in a holy godly way we render a good opinion of him who is our master, glorify himself another way, the word glorify means mirror that when we glorify something or someone. They look in our lives.

It's like a mirror reflecting on something or someone else that we hold in great value.

So Jesus here is saying basically on this cross, Lord, glorify yourself and in every situation. Dear friends, we can render a good opinion of God, especially when were going through suffering.

Never forget the time I was at the hospital and on the third floor I visited someone who was an unbeliever and I met with him and he was dour sour negative complaining against God saying why he didn't believe in. I tried my best to care for him and love him.

It was hard.

I walked out and went down to the second floor and visited with a Christian who had a very severe cancer and this person was positive and glowing, encouraging and praising God. Even amidst the cancer.

The nurse said to me you know what's interesting, I go to both rooms and care for both people and I'm not a follower of Jesus, but I see the difference in the way someone who doesn't believe lives their lives in the way someone who does believe lives. There's any other was the person was a follower of Jesus was able to influence this nurse.

I understand later to come to faith in Jesus because he saw how he glorified Jesus even in his cancer, realizing that God was in control. Working through it and would ultimately bring this person home to heaven. So what would Jesus say to you, if he was counseling you and your pain. Find a way in your pain, to glorify Jesus because he is with you in it and he is worthy to be glorified. Number five. Listen for God's voice amidst the pain of all you're going through, listen to God's voice after Jesus says father, glorify your name in verse 28 then he follows with this understanding of listening to the voice. Then a voice came from heaven. I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again. What's the it there. It's the cross. The voice says I'm going to use the cross for something good. I'm going to render it as a good gift.

I'm going to do that and then the crowd in verse 29 that stood there and heard it said that it had thundered. Others said an angel has spoken to him so a voice comes from heaven again God saying to Jesus in the third time the voice spoke to him first in his baptism, then secondly, the Transfiguration experience. Now, here, right before he faces the cross voice comes is as I'm going to glorify the cross. I'm going to render good opinion off it for the world is going to save the world of its sin. And when the crowd heard that voice, and they heard it. Some concluded it was just under others concluded that it was, not just thunder but an angel speaking is just so interesting. People heard that voice because they were disconnected from Jesus.

They couldn't understand who the voice was important was trying to say just like us today we have the voice of the father trying to speak to us regularly.

The question is are we listening for those of you still use radio.

For example, if you put your radio dial on the particular station you'll clearly hear what's being said. But if it's all just one little bit. It will be garbled and static eat so if you have the voice of the father wanting to speak to you. You need to have an open ear trying to hear what he's trying to say.

So if you're going through a difficult, painful time God wants to speak to you in John 1027 Jesus said my sheep hear my voice. In fact, in the 10th chapter of John, Jesus is four times my sheep hear my voice, my sheep hear my voice, my sheep hear my voice, my sheep hear my voice and when you're going through difficult times. Oftentimes that's when your most sensitive to hearing the voice of God when you're most willing and able to open up your heart and say Lord speak to me and he wants to speak to you and he will speak to you he promised to do so here in his word in verse 30 Jesus answered this voice has come for your sake, not mine. He wanted them to hear this voice from the father saying to them. He wants to glorify use everyone's life to render a good opinion of him. He wants to speak that to us and even in our suffering. He wants to say I want to glorify your life in this suffering. Please trust me.

In it, please hear a way that can happen.

Please look for ways around you where you can witness to me to those who are coming to care for you I can use this in powerful ways. Jesus said, this voice is really for you not for me. Don't think it's thunder. Don't think it's an angel.

It's the voice of God. Trying to speak to you right now. God wants to especially when going through painful times. That's when our ears are most open to hear the voice of the father drawn near to hear. Thanks for listening, coming up Dana joins me in a studio with great insight on the difference between our occupation and our vocation in our community.

There are countless people at the intersection of homelessness and addiction.

I am Tony Marciano, president and CEO Charlotte risk commission over the years.

The rescue mission has been helping people who struggle with addiction in our community. So there are many great programs and offer people struggling with addiction. The sobriety and recovery. What comes after someone gets cleaned off and was battling addiction. Heaven inconsistent work history or criminal charges. Most have stunted emotional growth and after they've achieved somebody they maintain long-term employment. This is where community matters Caf takes a huge impact in their lives, community matters Caf is more than just good food and wonderful house roasted coffee is an extension program of Charlotte risk commission that is transforming lives and after many women graduating from Charlotte risk emissions 120 day rebound men's and docents women's residential programs. They have the option to enroll in the life skills program community knows Caf. During the six-month program to students on a variety critical life skills in a restaurant setting that help them get and keep long-term employment community matters Caf is located diagonally opposite the path of practice fields at the corner of Cedar and was first Charlotte risk commission is so grateful for the financial partnership in this vital nine James E Stan and with me today is our pastor dated blank teenage anti-Semites for being with us today hi Jen, it's wonderful to be with you as well in this morning. The devotion you wrote that David is untitled occupation or vocation and synonymous well they're really not.

And I like to explain the difference between the two because when you understand it, it's all fun and answer to the question, do I really enjoyed my job. Let me give some history on the whole understanding of work. Work is not an occupation.

It really should be from a biblical perspective, a vocation in Latin the word vocation means voice God's voice, his call to where he wants you to work and since the Lord called you to do this work it's done to him as the ultimate overseer or said another way, God is your real boss at work. Colossians 323 therefore a Christian's work is to be done excellently to honor the one true boss the Lord God himself, but then things changed in the history of the world moving away from a vocation, being our work to it being an occupation around the time of the Industrial Revolution calls off assembly lines work became drudgery you stood on the assembly line to put your part on that the particular product and never even saw the end the product itself.

Thus, the word occupation was used to describe a work day.

It was something people did to occupy their time from the beginning of each day until its end merely waiting for the weekend to arrive when you could really enjoy life, but for Christians. All work is a calling. You are to work where God wants you to be serving those around you in need washing their feet as you see necessary or important. You are his missionary to his mission field, which is between your feet wherever you may be at that moment. Martin Luther King said it well.

He said if you are a street sweeper sweep streets for the glory of God. Do you see your work folks as a vocation, a call from God where you are ministering to the people around you. Whatever needs may be there or do you simply see your work as an occupation, something to occupy your time all week long. Until you can get to the weekend to enjoy life to the full. Your answer will probably determine whether you enjoy the amount of time you spend at your work or not. This is so that I feel like this is a word of encouragement for someone today just because it brings life and encouragement to me and inspiration in the word that comes to mind is adventure even if somebody is in a job right now.

They don't live open your eyes to the adventure of the calling today on your lot exactly Jen and if you were supposed to be at another workplace you would be there to open your heart to God say take me wherever you want to do, let him open the door for you to either advance in that particular area or take you to another area altogether.

But when you understand vocation and you see that God is the one who created work that it is a good thing and you know that you're there with the opportunity to bless anybody who is around you that day. You are God's missionary to your workplace that day. The understanding of work moves from occupation just occupying my time to vocation to a calling from God were I'm serving other people for his glory. This is so inspiring. Thank you so much David will thank you, Jen and I hope this word helps encourage all of those who may be driving to the workplace.

Right now, or may be serving in their homes that you are where God wants you to be. And if you'd like a copy of my daily written moments of hope, please go to moments of her you can subscribe there free of charge for my heart to yours daily. Every morning at 7 AM arriving in your inbox to give your day. A moment of hope and moments of hopefully senior pastor have moments of hope church we would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at prominent ski school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte. You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope again join us Sunday morning at 10 AM at prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte J moments of hope for David and the entire moments of hope church*James Easton pray for revival in

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