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Woe To You

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 5, 2021 1:00 am

Woe To You

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 5, 2021 1:00 am

Stu and Robby talk about Hell and what Jesus had to say about it, as they continue through Luke 10: 11-16.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast story Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network were back on experience true that I have a special guest will be Robbie Gilmore who of all the times I dragged him in here to do the show or talk about everyone's favorite topic you're about it every Sunday at church right read dozens and dozens books on the topic of health.

We use the word more professionally and more jokingly and more in speech as a as a pejorative and more condemning people than we ever do in sermons or in books. I was kidding with that but fasting, Jesus comes right out with it he talks more about hell in the judgment that he does about love in the Gospels. If you read and it's really interesting, but he gives a really hard indictment on the city's Robbie that he's been ministering and read the passage again and will probably pick up here on that question, because we got talk about tire side and in Sodom but read up the text of Scripture Luke chapter 1011 through 16. The very dust of your city which clings to us we wipe off against you.

Nevertheless, know this that the kingdom of God has come near to you. But I say to you that will be more tolerable. On that day for Sodom and for that city will use records and more to you beside it. For if the mighty works were done in you that had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago, sitting in sackcloth and ashes, but it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment than for you and you can burn them, who are exalted to heaven, will be brought down to Hades, he who hears you hears me, he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects him who sent while so we'll have that on the screen for those that are watching this were videotaping this. We got all these questions will have these questions are going we can put these up to last week contextually just thought we talked about how how these mighty works could be met with such rejection. You think you walk in the hospital in Hill everyone sick there there was in a follow Jesus. That didn't happen.

In fact only does that not happen. But Jesus cast this these this judge mental condemnation upon the city's which was our last week, the triangle of evangelicalism. This was a as it were, the Bible, Bible Belt of the Middle East. Jesus did more miracles in Beth's SATA cores in in Capernaum which are three specific towns, but they also represent that region to the lot abuts a little village as he did mention here. This is where he fed the 5000 you think about all Americans existed. This is where they were. He walks into Capernaum goes to Peter in the hills peers mother-in-law right miracle and of itself, and then you have him going that church Is not a demon, and so all these miracles he does. There, and yet they rejected him to Robbie last week we talked about the cities of Tyre signs out read that question again to get us caught up in order to try to move a little quicker to these questions. What advantage do these cities have over ancient tire Sidon, Phoenicia and Sodom as a Sodom is a no-brainer. We know about Sodom and Gomorrah. We know about these evil men try to rape angels and the end of the.

The perversity of that God judged them with fire and brimstone, and yet it's more tolerable for them. The day of judgment than all these people in these cities were just it always mighty works.

We talked about how Jesus did new mighty works and didn't show up in Sodom so the condonation we will be greater on those that had more light.

Now Tyre and Sidon.

If you read Scripture.

If you read these passages here. Amos chapter 1 Joel chapter 3 the read Isaiah 23.

If you read Ezekiel which is a list of your on this sheet I believe is chapter's writing by about 38 or so. There's a stern condemnation from the profits on Tyre and Sidon.

These are the Phoenician areas right where they had great shipping a great commerce great capitalism, excessive excessive entrepreneurialism and they made a ton of money but what they did and that is they were idolatrous. They did evil deeds in the sight of God. The prophets bring that out and they condemned Tyre and Sidon. Furthermore, they sold Jews into slavery to the Greeks so you think these profits when they were speaking for God to these cities.

They were very upset. These were these were evil people. Yet it'll be better for them in the day of judgment. Robbie psyche same as can be better for Las Vegas is for the part that's exactly right. You think you will often as believers, even you.

Do you deny this was definitely before Christ and even since I got has to got is a constantly note the Holy Spirit convicts you myself. Lysozyme talk is when the amount that you gotta not like them regular. The two men with the table pray this righteous self-righteous Pharisees is working on it like that despicable center, but this is only one man came out justified and how often are we like the Pharisee in our like old man fish have a young not like Tyre and Sidon well cores on these cities were Jesus did all these miracles you on this. This is absolute miracle you know rampage all throughout their everywhere miracle to miracle Tourette's right it is a real know people restoring can be lepers. They lost their nose their ears their extremities for leprosy a horrible disease that the really the age of that day that attacked the immunity of your skin deep inside Jesus would touch him and also wonderful all their whole bodies restored. See he was bringing Sharon yeah peace one of the words of that means healing while at and so for your soul to be healed obviously need somebody showing them something that's all that was pointing to something much bigger while the southern bigger here.

And Jesus who is the prince of shalom, and with healing in his wings right so there's a lot of power in no Jesus Enos when you say that because he uses shalom earlier and you brought this out.

I think is you actually were there with Joe Knopp and some others in our Bible say the guy that did that was executive producer of oven.

I can only imagine was it was you worded their cologne last week you were there, but just as nice as save the house. Peace. View this house and he said it any said you know peace. If they receive you, peace will rest on his house. If they don't the people come back to you and then he tells me he has right to heal is right so he is bringing in of the kingdom is what is bringing and in that healing that comes with it is give him a picture and is just horrible to think that they tasted God may spit them out and they were just outright rejected them and it's really interesting. I heard John MacArthur seen a sermon recently. He said that on this passage, he said if you walk in this church and you are stiff arming or thumbing your nose at Almighty God, and not receiving revelation your hearing. He says you are in a very dangerous spot you need to get out of here quick because the more light you receive from God, the more the more light of God's fire you hear the comes into you, the more fire of his judgment will be upon you if you rejected when the judgment day comes that I think there's something that really cool there.

Yeah, that part of his judgment. You take the story Miriam right now. There it was the first prophetess that we have in the Bible. You have obviously had a wonderful relationship with God and of the Jews creditor with all sorts of things in writing the Miriam's well and all those things but when she takes off on her brother for marrying the Cushite women what happens. God put leprosy on her which looks really horrible on you but Moses cries out and says healer and so he sends her outside the camp for seven days.

But the reason for that is not just to get her away from her people. The reason is that he, Sam, Miriam, come back to me in animus and for those seven days. Miriam got a chance to reconnect with the one that put her in the role of prophetess and and in the. The role that she had there and so part of a perfect purpose for judgment here on earth is for us to see. Oh wow man I'm on the outside looking I need to get back to the one who is who really is sustaining my life and that kind of thing. And that's the message of the gospel and that's the message and it is interesting that we talked about last week was used as a 70 out or actually the prior week when the two disciples want to call fire down there like listening fire right now mean Elijah called fire down) and second Kings chapter 1, you know, God called fire down a sonogram or let's bring it down, Lord to Samaritan village.

They did want you and you're the King of Kings. Let's bring fire down as you said stop at guys.

You're in the wrong spirit. You're wrong spirit faces the Son of Man did not come to destroy men's lives but to save them.

So Christ is here on a mission of mercy in Christ, of all people is speaking this woe upon these three cities. This triangle of evangelism in this county's Bible Belt areas they'd seen so much to him.

He speaking these woes because his heart is broken as series offering them salvation and are spurning it, but your praying that later.

Some would come in. We know that some did any past the disciples are from this area. You cannot own brother his own brothers yet and they would come James's half-brother, so it's really fastening a look. Rita's next. This next question. We've Artie answered a bit, but this is the start the why question whether this is a heavy one wire the levels of punishment in hell. Based on the levels of light in Revelation. Okay this is very important question is very important. We don't go beyond Scripture you know where I think Luther said.

He said, look where the Scripture is is is is loud and clear that I'm clear, but where the Scripture is silent. That's where we need to be silent to us of rough paraphrase, so we know from this verse and other verses that there are levels of judgment based on on unrighteous works based on light, the more light you have, the more accountable. Your for that like super fairly fairly sobering thought. We don't know exactly Allah Dante from our last weeks.

You know message we talked about him a little bit. He had these levels, we don't know that that's that's extra biblical men probably some truth in that, you know, nuanced in there somewhere that the note evil is evil, right, I think we put levels of evil and sin like were quick to cast this person out for adultery right but then were were never going to talk challenge someone on on coveting in and on my addiction, which is a food addiction.

See, I've I've been chive and condemning all these different addictions and having host on but I have an addiction to food okay right out with it and I and I care a little extra brownie but you think about that as my fasting so border minors will really hungry for. By the way, you know that. Be hungry for him but you think about the sins and how we put levels with their all-important God's eyes, and we definitely need the gospel in the gospel is powerful enough to heal the greatest sin right there is no greater sin that the greatest center in his own minds was Paul who killed, murdered, and imagine living your life today and go to bed at night with images of Christians that you slaughtered yourself you you ordered them to be executed right in front of you like Stephen the saintly man acts chapter 6 and seven and eight. Imagine the picture of Steve and how he ties up all go to but they let Stephen know so the sin that haunts you God for gave impulsive enforcement is 15. He said I'm the chief of sinners right. First, I didn't even know Paul is an Indian about that you know if the flavor Kansas City Chiefs record but have a vase that achieves industries and nevertheless I am what I am by the grace of God. So there's a powerful grace of God comes in. But until you realize your need for him to this cleanse you from your either your unrighteousness or your self-righteousness. You then your your lost in so that soaks of these so there's levels of hell based on light Revelation, we don't know exactly the are, but we gotta get this next question because we got it we got it. In fact, we gotta wrap the segment up to come back next week and finish the last three questions I promise will move quicker working to talk about how serious is this doctrine of hell and why we should never ever ever wish upon our worst enemies to go there. In fact, there is an atheist out there who's a well-known atheist who has a YouTube video that will shock you will talk about that next time on experience truth we tell someone about this program please wherever you are. You may be listing a 91.7 FM the truth in Jacksonville, Florida 91.3, 91.9 St. Augustine or a.m. 660 95.395.9 FM in the upstate of Greenville's part works out that all kinds of village there were tell someone about this program truth.

We can experience truth and learn more for my website Stu vesicle videos thereto, and some really cool books coming for Christmas. You'll deftly want to check one of those out back next week. Next time on experience. Truth. This is the Truth Network

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