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November 4, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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November 4, 2021 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Three different areas that I about the first thing is going to be hedges that you build the second thing is going to be hedges that you ask God to build because you can't in the third thing is for us to understand some hedges that Satan has, and he can't help it.

God has placed some hedges that Satan cannot get beyond in your life and you and I need to look at our life. First off is the fact that that there are some hedges some borders some lines that you and I need to set up in our life for our family sake and also that there are some things that we need God to do because we just don't have control. We don't have power to do that. There are some hedges that we need God to set up for our family for our home and for our life. And then we also need to understand that God is already set up some hedges on Satan and we'll talk about that at the ends look at Job chapter 1. Look at verse one of you would.

There was a man in the land of its I have heard don't have any idea but way back when they wrote and kind of the screenplay and stuff for the Wizard of Oz. This is where they got it. And all they did was change one letter and that it almost sounds and you can see how and by the way, you would believe how much of material stuff you actually watch comes from the Bible and people twisted you would believe that will but that's another whole conspiracy are highly verse one there was a man in the land of those whose name was Job. That man was perfect and upright one that feared God and issued evil in verse six that there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord. Angelic host. Okay what were talking about here. This is a time obviously Satan had already rebelled against God had left heaven with 1/3 of the heavenly host and so now God's angels were presenting themselves to God and Satan. After all this time shows up so we know or think what were talking about here. Satan came also among them. And the Lord said unto Satan, whence comest thou, then Satan answered the Lord and said, from going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it and the Lord said to Satan, hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and upright man, one that fear of God.

An issue with evil. Then Satan answered the Lord and set doth Job fear God for naught hast not thou made an hedge about him and about his house and about all that he hath on every side.

Thou hast blessed the work of his hands and his substance is increased in the land but put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse the to thy face, and the Lord said in the state, and behold, all that he hath is in my power only rely only upon himself.

Excuse me but not forth thine hand so Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord. This word hedge in the Hebrew means to fence in the form of protection to create a restraint and Satan looks at God and says you've done this for Job you you you you protected him. You've created a hedge of protection about him. Let's talk about this this morning.

Lord we love you and Lord. We need hedges around our families. If there's ever a time in our country, not just these past months. But Lord, even specifically, these past weeks.

Lord we need some hedges in place. Lord we need to work hard to put the hedges in place that are our responsibility and God we plead with you to put the hedges in place that can only be done by you in your power Lord. We love you. I pray that you would educate us this morning in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Number one this morning want you to see the hedges that Job built by faith. The hedges that Job built by faith. This is our responsibility now.

Nothing can be done without the help and grace of God.

So while it is our responsibility. It also means we gotta have God's help to do this, but we must do our part. So I want you to see.

First, there are some things that Job put in place for his family way before Satan never showed up way before Satan never came to God and say this and by the way, if you notice in the Scripture according to the conversation. God is the one that brought Job up, not Satan. And I don't know if Satan showed up to try to attack Job whatever reason Satan showed up.

And God brought up Joe so I don't know if Satan at that point several that's the case, let me, Adam. I don't know. I don't know what went on. If I needed to know. We would be told, but God the one that brought that up so way before this ever took place away before Satan decided to ask God for the permission to to prove that Job would would would go against God and all those things. Job had some hedges in place in his life, and these are hedges you and I need what you notice. Number one the hedge of consistency verse one there was a man in the land of us whose name was Job and that man was now, I know you're saying is more of. We can't be perfect, and neither was Job, so why is this word used was the Hebrew word and it means complete. It means this and in the New Testament.

By the way, we find the same principle, this thing of perfect and it in the Bible never says that we would be sinless, but it means that we can be complete. You see, in the eyes of God.

We are sinless we been forgiven because of the blood of Jesus Christ. But this man Job. The Bible says and Job didn't call himself that the Bible says that Job was a perfect man, it means complete. Look at what you get this, it means that if Job had been an up-and-down kind of person that this word would not be used if it was a constant one days fine next day. He's a struggle and down in the dumps and and one day boys on the victory and another day, boys.

He's out doing a bunch of junk that man we we know is not right and not honoring to God that that wasn't Job the fact that God says he was perfect means that it says he was complete. It means that he was consistent what he was yesterday is what he was today and what it was last week is what is going to be next week and that's what you think. And may I say this that one of the best hedges that you can put up for your family, especially dads and especially moms and parents and even grandparents the more than the longer I live the more I see how this is such a need in our culture and thank God for the generation before us that live consistent.

Our church is been blessed by the way, we have a generation of people here that laid the groundwork paid for this property have put the blood sweat and tears in and they lived consistently every week for us to see whether we notice it or not, and you know what the big thing about being living consistently is that not everybody is always thank you for but when you're dead and gone, will praise you for me. I say this is what we need above anything is for our homes to be consistent. No kids might not agree with everything you do.

But at least you're consistent. What they begin to disrespect is the fact we do this one day. We do this another day.

This okay now this and okay and it's difficult.

Trust me, I get it. I struggle with it and and parenting isn't easy but may I challenge you one of the hedges you got to put in place is the hedge of consistent just be consistent notice. Secondly, the hedge of character Bible says that Job was a man that was perfect and up right this Hebrew word upright speaks of his moral character. It means this that he was consistent that he chose right. He did what was right even when it was difficult.

By the way this man Job. The Bible says was a very wealthy man. He had great extensive areas of business. That means he was always doing business with people and literally for God to see him as perfect and for his reputation in the community to be. That means that he was a man that had always shown honesty and integrity, and if anything, that there is nothing more important for our family and for all goals then for the leaders of those homes to have character to do what's right say well yeah but not everybody that matter what everybody else is doing. You see we live in a culture where everybody wants to fit in God want you to stand out Bible says that Job had set up in his life. Already the hedge of consistency in the hedge of character.

He was upright notice. Thirdly, the hedge of conviction. It says this about Job that he was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, that means this it wasn't just the fact that Job was a good moral, upright man, it was spiritual in nature. He was that way because he feared God, he respected God Millicent Jimmy. The roots of Job's morals was a fear of God.

Not a lot of people that have morals, but they don't fear God and may I challenge you this morning, dear friend, just being a good person and a moral person isn't enough. That doesn't get you to heaven because, well, I've always you know a handshake means it not always mean what you say.

That's the way it should be. Bob always told the truth I don't like that that's the way it should be well.

I have always been upright.

That's great.

But, dear friend that that doesn't get you to heaven.

Being a moral person is and will get you to heaven.

Being a moral person is a what fixes your life. Do you fear God, is there respect for God is he your Savior. See Job wasn't just moral site is it will later they get saved in the Old Testament the way we get Savior absolutely right see that a faith that God was and is and would come. You and I have a faith that he did come but in the Old Testament the way they were saved as they believed Masi is the same way in today. Just you believe you believe. For God so loved the world that whosoever believe it was notice and if you would hedge number four hedge of consistency. The edge of character, the hedge of conviction notice. Fourthly, the hedge of constraint that this is before Satan never showed up because they let me out of all say what he'll do notice this hedge of constraint. The Bible says he was perfect upright one that fear God and shooting evil constraint.

That word is shoed by the way, is an interesting word. It means to fight vigorously against it means literally to something so deeply that you find it means that Job literally gave everything he had to fight against evil in his life.

Constraint, or if there's anything we need in our culture right now we have a culture that says you can have what you want when you want it. Nobody should tell you can't have it. Our culture is all one about what we desire and the fulfillment of those desires. The Bible says that Job had already built the hedge in his life and it was one that he just determined he was going to let evil in now I will be honest with you. There are a lot of avenues that you and I have to fight against that Job didn't have Masi something in 2020.

It would be a little different to a shoe evil when there's Internet and there's television and there's all kinds of so social things in technological things in our culture and Job didn't have a shopping mall. He can walk around and in Job but didn't. He did have certain things work is all kinds of ungodly dress and all those things.

I understand that because what Job had his things. Don't tell me that evil wasn't prevalent in that day. In fact I find from the Bible that there are certain things in Bible days where they were even more evil than we are now.

I don't care what time you live in or where you're at it's job to hate evil Bible says that Joe put down that hitch can I challenge you moms and dads. These are hedges that we need to put down. You see it's wrong for us not to put these hedges down and then get mad at God. When our family doesn't go the way we think it should. It's kind of unfair for us to, just let the weeds grow wherever they're going to grow and then look at a pastor or even God himself as a wad you let this happen. You know what I love is that mom and dad have all week long to put up hedges boat if their child is wrong somehow they blame a church or youth pastor or someone else that had him for two hours a week can I say something about putting up hedges. It takes time after grow you got a permanent you gotta take care of it.

It takes daily struggle.

I laid out some gravel in an area of my house. Guess what I got about every other day round up the region, but we figured out I did stuff a waste of money. I met him in getting into the lastly I want you to see the hedge of commitment the hedge of commitment. Look at verse five. If you would in ratchet start verse four Bible says this and his sons went and feasted talk about Job's children and his sons mean you heard me. I have a thing I'll think of actually ever done it at this church, but I've spoken added at times and sometimes our choir has sung up. I've done that, but I just over just for some reason I just never done it right here. Kerwin talking about the whole thing and praying for your children.

But if you'll notice here in verse four it says it is sons went and feasted in their houses. Everyone is that that word feasted literally in Hebrew is is kind of partying. It means that they were doing some things that that would not have been okay with Job. That's why they did it away from Job's house and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and drink with them. In other words, they sent to the three sisters that were still in Job's house and and this hate come over here because I knew it wouldn't happen at dad's house so we know what they're up to. Okay verse five and it was so, when the days of their feasting were gone about a what one night this date, by the way.

That's what sin does sin always keep you longer than you think it's going to when the days of feasting were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified them notice this and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all. Job got up every morning built an altar for each of his children, and prayed every morning and the message that I do I go through the entire process of what he did every day and Job to notice this for Job said, it may be that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.

Job was honest enough. As a parent to say you know what I might not know everything that they did for those of you that have had parents that should be all of you one way or the other adopted. Whatever the case might be, how many of you like me can say amen that mom and dad did know everything we did it. What you hypocrites what is known world. I'm done. I'm Yum out of your world. Hypocrites, you know what, I'm not na´ve is apparent to think oh I just know it. Built in counsel with parent. Sometimes it you can see this is what this child doing and for some reason. They just are blind to it. They just all in all not my baby. All they would never get out your blinded while here, Job said, listen the who knows what they might've done, but I'm gonna pray form that God will overcome that.

But notice of you with the end of verse five it says thus did Job continue Wesley. He was committed. He prayed for his children every morning, not just the surface prayer. Hey, he literally went to the physical effort of building an altar and sacrificing every morning for each child and he was committed to it. You see those hedges have to be in place. Look at me way before Satan never shows up anybody any other parent here this morning want to say ouch see you and I are responsible to build some badges you and I are responsible to have some things laid down and this is the way it is and MIB. That meant that Junior or Sissy might not know the row that I've laid out and they might not want those hedges and they my want their own hedges but bless God if it's our house and this is what God's light on our heart we got a lay down. Be consistent and put some badges in place. Today we live in 2020, where is out of style to have any kind hedges or any, rules or any kind of consistency. But I'm here today. The Bible still the same and it still should happen to me.

I say this, God tells me the hedges I need to have in place, God will tell you that you need to have you in place. But we are not of the business of telling everybody and complaining when their head, did what we think it ought to be there hedge their all y'all know I'm stickler mine number two we see some hedges that Job built by faith. It takes daily work to put up these kind hedges that Job did, but number two want you to see the hedges that God put in place. There were hedges that Job built by faith. But then I want you to see hedges that God put in place. You see, when Job got out and prayed and continually prayed for his family. Job was asking God to lay down the hedges that I'm getting ready to tell you see, there are certain things that we need to do in our homes, but there are certain things that only God can do in our homes. Verse 10 Satan comes to God and God is a a have you considered my servant Job, God brought him up.

God was pleased with Job Satan said all right watch a what I he's only doing that because you've been so good to what we change that and we'll see how long he last versed in this what Satan says to God. Satan is making the argument will.

This is why he has been so upright garlic versed in hast not thou made an hedge about him.

Satan looks to Gaza, God, you put some of these hedges in place. You made a hedge about him and about his house and about all that he hath on every side.

Thou hast blessed the work of his hands in his substance is increased in the land you see Job did his job to put in place the hedges that he was able to put their but now these are hedges that only God can put their. These are the hedges that we must beg God to maintain in our life.

This is why Joe got up every morning and sacrificed every morning and went to God because there were some hedges that Joe just didn't have control over what you notice what these hedges are number one.

Satan looks to God is that you put these hedges in place in Job's life number one was himself. Job listen to this, Satan looks to God said, hast thou not made an hedge about him. Satan says God you have put a hedge around him himself cannot mad mad challenge you. You and I only control so much in our life. Now the things that we can control we honor God in different you and I are not to control it. We think we are. We have no idea what goes on at the time you and I would have no clue. Half the stuff that God does in our life that we will never ever see or know Satan said God you put a hedge around him, and guess what each of you that it been saved by the grace of God.

God's put a hedge around you that something you can't control, and I think a moan flesh, not just my own flesh I think of circumstances I think her car wrecks when I think of stuff in life have anything in the world could have happen. But for some reason, for a purpose.

God put a hedge in place now, you would sit there and you said you have a preacher. What about this person I've heard in this tragedy happened. Listen, God had a purpose for allowing God had a better plan got there was one reason for some reason. By the way, God is always right in God's will is always what's blessed but different. May I tell you are safety.

The Bible says, from above, is that around himself. Go to. Secondly, Satan said God you put a hedge around his household. Notice what he says, hast thou hast not thou made an hedge about him and about his house. This word for house in Hebrew literally means his family about his house, his household, so I'll tell you why you been why he's been so upright God because you you protecting him and your protecting his family. Now I know you're gonna say will will why would God is not dead. Why would God do everything that God's done it in the book of Job.

I don't understand. I guess what I don't understand either but may I tell you and all of God's word in the canon of Scripture that we were given and you think about the Bible says the volumes that could fill the oceans, what with things that we don't even know and all that. One time God did. God had a purpose and a reason.

And one of them is like a synod. Preachers today different.

I want you know something we can we can get guns and have Adam they got have and learn to use them and be safe with them and and and we can we can get security systems, we can we can put the little stick thing on our door. You could put iron over your windows different mad challenge you something.

There is just a hedge God can help put around your family that's beyond you, beyond you. Number three.

Satan says will God this because you created a hedge around his homestead, not just him, not just his house, but notices he says about all that he hath. That was his business. That was his things, that it literally his property and his house and his homestead. All his possessions. He said you protected all that sure no water is upright look at all the stuff yeah we got all this ligula get all you know that all these kids all the stuff you take that hedge all that I guaranteed overshoot. Can I ask you something. How much of a point.

Would Satan have with God if he came to God today and any of us and said hey you take some of this away God see what they do. Can you imagine how little it takes some of us to get mad at God. Continue met. We get mad at God. If we can't find a parking spot at Walmart one of God King would've Satan came to God today about me or you listen look you look at what God allowed them to do to Satan to Job and Job stayed faithful. What would you would. I notice what he says over his homestead well yeah you you protected him you protected his family. You protected all his stuff and that's hedges that God has to put in place notice. Fourthly, he said God Satan comes. He says God you put a hedge around his harvest. Notice what he says thou hast blessed the work of his hands. No wonder he's upright you you you made him money you've allowed him to be successful in business or surety, it's easy to walk around so I love God and I'm perfect upright machine-readable. Yeah, what do you take away some of his stuff and you ruin his business and you take away his income to see what he does and I know people that that boy things have happened to a job or whatever. Boils on their auditory dramatic God and anything God's been so unfair. Let's be honest, a lot of people that's exactly what would happen but Satan to listen you created a hedge around that. May I say this on or how much talent or ability or smarts or education you have. Listen, our income comes from God and God gives you what you need to make money. And I guarantee you, and I beg you, you need to be a good steward of that money and you need to honor God with what he's given you because it came from God to hedge God puts in place.

I found a long time ago. Carla Baptist Church doesn't take your date on an all earthly speech. You took wonderful care of me but I'm just I'm just telling you this, if you quit taking care of me tomorrow. God would still take care of me. Somehow, someway I be join up some your houses for meals, but God would take care of me.

He likes knockout or how you say we never get together. Hey, I know you said busy. I'm not now somebody would feed me, you would give me a new goblets report this if you really if you lose your job. I'm praying for you. All right Marie my house anytime notice.

Lastly, Satan says God you created a hedge around his heritage himself, his household, his homestead is harvest notices he says last, his substance is increased in the land God. You've listen everybody respects him and and and and and and Job knows that he is well loved and and and there's no problems with anybody but God you take that away. He's popular right now God's got no enemies right now you take that away about good people and good churches and was somebody will turn on lie about them. They feel it also now they got somebody gives them a church for longer at a church happens and I know and understand. It happens Satan says God you created a hedge, even around his reputation. But what if you change that. You see, I want you to understand that there are some hedges that you and I have to work hard every day to put in place but there are also hedges and can hear me out. We've got to get down on our knees every day. Beg God acknowledged to God. He's the one doing this and begged him God. Right now Mama Laura right now. My children are making right decisions but God. I'm asking you to play safe edge around the God only allow what your will to happen. There were three legged preacher need some good news I think. So far it's all been good news, I'm being honest with yeah it's convicting that we need to put these hedges in place but you know what it it shows that there is there is a reward there's a blessing for us. Putting those hedges in place and is encouraging to me that there's a lot of things that I can't control but thank God he does. Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 336-993-5194 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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