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Gen. Keith Kellogg (The Military Under Trump)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 4, 2021 4:00 am

Gen. Keith Kellogg (The Military Under Trump)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 4, 2021 4:00 am

What was it like to serve an "America First" president whose agenda and person were under constant assault? And why are America's toughest battles still to come? Former national security adviser Gen. Keith Kellogg joins me to discuss his book, "War By Other Means: A General in the Trump White House." Plus: The red political triumph in Virginia was indicative of a wider triumph for parents nationwide. I'll explain why on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever.

Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know only that China tested a nuclear capable hypersonic missile awarded lease donning members of US intelligence and Fox news reported the test showed just how far China has progressed on hypersonic weaponry farther than our officials realized, but in the midst of this threat. What did the State Department decide to tweet after it was revealed well it's promotion of international pronouns day prompting lawmakers like Sen. Marsha Blackburn to tweet out. What are you doing about China's expanded nuclear capabilities. It's crazy.

And this is a particularly terrifying time for our US military to focus on woke nests rather than on national security and is my next guest notes. Much of the problem here does come down to politics and joining me today is retired Army Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg.

He served as Chief of Staff to the national Security Council acting national security advisor to Pres. Trump and national security advisor to VP Pentz. He also was involved in every major national security decision by the president between 2017 and 20, 21, he serves now is cochairman of the Center for American security and is out with a great book revealing some fascinating details about his time in the administration. It is called war by other means a general in the Trump White House Gen. Kellogg. It's an honor to have you here. Thank you so much for being with us while we appreciate you and I know you have served your country honorably in Vietnam, way beyond. You understand national security as well as anybody.

I wonder what your take is on the state of our military leadership. Right now it must grieve you to some extent to see some of this nonsense going on at such a key time in our history and the grading portal quickly made it probably will get an invitation for wire what it happened and forgotten what the primary role of the senior levels, not the great young men and woman we have on the levels below are level with her mission is to deter the deterrence fails to fight and win our nation's wars and that's what they should be focused on exclusively why to draw their pager got become very become over the last decade decade may have very much politicized and got themselves involved in everything they should not get involved in them they should stay out of it. You know this is machine a military guy didn't see Colin Powell and Hugh Shelton, Gen. Myers running any of the other great cochairman) revealed commanders and I think you make a mistake.

I think the people are going to start responding negatively to the senior leadership because it makes a political surgeon is not based on the life of the nation are and they will raise young men and women so lamentably bad path.

Something we need to take a hard look at how we collect the going futures agree with you from a lot of Americans perspective we don't understand that we we always have revered our military.

Most of us and understood that missionaries mentioned and are looking at people in general Millie who's talking about white rage and teaching critical race theory defending that teaching at West Point, things like that saying why are these people so political.

How did they get off course here and begin to focus on white rage and pronouns instead of the threats that are surrounding us not just with China, but Iran and North Korea. There so many others we can mention what happened exactly interview, great question already and I think what happened is one of the problems you have when you have an extended wall or 20 Warwick, we have focused on terrorism and counterterrorism, which is important to chapter 2 tertiary issues are the primary or secondary to a true special trepidations out there with China and in Russia we can handle terrorism, water shown show focused on terrorism and how to handle it with the primary role of our military watch and because of the role counterterrorism is a very political action in itself, that's what. Measures of political violence in the gut with your primary role is so stepping back and say no our jobs to turn part one of nation's world. You know what I would like you in Afghanistan you'll call pal years ago when I was in the military. We had a pretty good government philosophy.

Terry was one staff politics, but the second part with overwhelming force. We would fight to win and we would make sure the American people with us and we would have a defined in-state.

This all came out of Vietnam and we saw some of the actions taken by senior leaders in Vietnam and because of the involvement of Middle East terrorism and involvement of the politics and the policies that I think they just can't window in the region that happened is we have a generational generation possible. Officers want that went through that whole role fighting the Middle East.

They were not enrolled in the ultralight group in which was the Vietnam War, the Cold War, we have somebody sternest cross the full gap with the Soviets, but whether there group. The emergence of China and North Korea are they just kind of evolved into it and you have to do a hard stop there. I think there's a way to do it and it's pretty harsh with what I probably do is what you George Marshall did in 1940, which is you call her did what I mean is he eliminated three and 50 senior officers in the military because they were not ready to part World War II they were not physically fit her intellectually said to fight in the glaciation jumped 350 officers one night and I think maybe we should really think true people scream and yell about that, but maybe it's time to go back and speeding relied on military senior leaders not great men and women generate senior ranks right well it's interesting though because when you talk about calling the herd. It seems to a lot of Americans that the herd they're trying to call from within the military is people who don't get the vaccine and that seems to be a pretty ticketless reason to call the herd in a time when we need a good fighting force that are not mandatory when you look at the military always vaccines would be payment made on any mortgages, or smallpox, or will you pull some of the other doctor there when the you look about the morbidity of covert.

I was on the core task force and I saw "the orbit of the mortality levels we were having, and this is the usual reaction.

I reminded everybody really should you call the Nuremberg war trials and looking at the Nuremberg war trials which was called the Nuremberg code of ethical code that all nations were supposed to follow and what it meant, would simply said put in layman's terms is we would not force people to vaccines or some type of injections or do something their body that they did not want to do in the end, this is not a national security issue. They made international security issues with the use politics to do it personal. I will take a backseat rapture & you need to really think hard about what you've done. You created not a medical issue with in the military you created a political issue with the military self-inflicted wound and I think you're right about that.

I think that's a good observation.

So how would you say that the weakness the current level of weakness in the military leadership is actually affecting America's readiness concerning China and some of the other foreign powers that threaten us what happened when when you make declarations of due to senior level you have to understand what that happens as you go down the chain down to the young private down there. The specialist shortage down there and are they can be asking questions of why are we doing this and they will do their children cherished right shoulder change me as they always did complain but they actually say you why am I doing this and then they see the political environment. And then there in the back of my undergoing. This has nothing to do with readiness. This has everything to do with political political vision of the military and I don't like it initiate a lot of the pushback of people not taking that wanted to take it because what they just better come they really didn't sell at all to the young men and women in uniform, there's a lot that just don't do it. Probably a lot of them will probably comply simply because the followers but that doesn't mean you're doing willingly. That's not how you have a good military force most effective military force would have to be an American military is one that is fully willing to fight for their nation because they believe that the leadership was solid behind event raises questions in the leadership huge mistake and their weight problems. You know this because there's a lack of confidence now and senior leaders and especially when you got them going from Congress and talking about critical race theory are you talking about understands will one that I know I should look senior life political question for Sir. Hang on just a moment will go to a very general Keith Kellogg with us more by other means.

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When that president was under such assault, and there were so many important issues that took place during the course of the Trump White House were talking with general Keith Kellogg, former national security advisor to Pres. Trump and VP Pentz's book is called war by other means a general in the trunk White House general, you had mentioned to when we had started talking about the woke military and effectiveness to the effect I should say of the world military on the rest of our Armed Forces you would brought up the issue of Afghanistan. Of course this is been quite a bit in the news in the last couple of months. The buying administration botched and I think that's a very nice way of putting how they got us out of Afghanistan after 20 years. Of course, Pres. Trump wanted to get our troops out of Afghanistan. You dealt with that issue. How should that have been done and what is your reaction to how the buying administration completely. You did a terrible job of getting us out of that country.

Thank you you I report you know we put we want to get out of the present trouble to get out.

I want to get out with 2015 1612 before going to the White House. We can also plan to do, which was a preplanned milk and no plans will be perfect but we worked over two years to put together and part of it is we put together a plan of getting police senior telegram, official, out of the Pakistani Trl., President Trump calling Mr. Connell text in multiple order, who's the chief negotiator for the telegram who'd been with the original founders of the telegram putting the dialogue should okay look over the workout negotiated conditionally based agreement to get out of Afghanistan back by force, make sure you have a government of national reconciliation that makes the two cheeks he respects the pasta and leverage appears to be part of, and we can't believe it took a while but we finally got an agreement signed on 29 February 2020 and conditions based you do this will do this you leading this to eventually to get out of Afghanistan and have natural conciliation particles.

The first condition was for the Taliban of the Ghana government to get together to discuss peace terms have a piece of this type of government but we probably to me to have most important thing.

What would a result, agreement on the result agreement on 20 February on 3 March, Pres. Trump picks up the phone calls achieve that caliber negotiator blogger and tells him in no uncertain terms what would happen if he did not follow through with with the agreement and in a peaceful transition and I was sitting there in coalition the person thinking good Lord house is being translated because he taught was telling him in pretty blunt terms what would happen to the Taliban of the rest of this follow-through is a nursing point of data that from that agreement and their telephone call until 20 January 2021 there was a single American soldier killed in a bit of work. It will eventually get only 2000 troops. US troops 5000 Allied troops over 3000 per military support of RCRA blogger Marissa Weaver until his coalition government government we can solution came together and was functioning and then we eventually get out of there. Make sure that we had an ability to come back and if necessary to do it. So these conditions were all set in broader understood what happened was we went left office on 20 January. They just threw that agreement away and they want for date based agreement. 31 August with no conditions all goes your ship told to Margaret Brennan of GBS presentation just a couple weeks ago when gel cools are the chief negotiator for us and provide should we want for my conditions based agreement until way to a date based agreement which was a recipe for disaster and invite never put: telegram they just felt ignored. So after they felt ignored they should. Okay will skim almost go to do will want to do and we put a brake on forced respect. So we had a plan.

It was a plan for us to get out of there to disengaged to leave peacefully would not of been like we see today.

And state this, which should concern everybody you've now got a terrorist major state in the Middle East.

When you look at three nations, all with contiguous borders. You got a ran which always chanced up to America is the largest missile fleet in the Middle East and you got Afghanistan on government territory led by a pretty ruthless group touches the telegram, but the county network and to just to the east of them.

You got Pakistan with nuclear weapons, which is run by the military and intelligence services. When you put that altogether you've got which we brew the Middle East right now and leaving Americans behind that was beyond the pale.

And that just disappears an online student. After a few days it was not know he's talking about it now, you and we doubt we would leave anybody trump ministration will remind people that they probably go back and look at it you know in right before we left office. We went into Niger because it was a single individual, or to been kidnapped by seven thoughts not amateurish that we sent supreme fiction told public record to go recover the sky.

One man we sent supreme search to get them overseas God and brought him home killed all seven of them in the if you are start tell people just look up you find is all public record will leave American sweetheart we did in the left.1.2.20 or 30 left.

They look hundred smart people are not picked up on thought about it because this is something we wouldn't of done it. I just don't think America should leave another American behind especially dark now and that's I heard that again and again from people that do. Pres. Trump never would have done that.

Never. Not only the conditions based agreement that you referenced instead of the date based agreement the hallway.

It was done was a catastrophe, but also the whole idea of leaving Americans behind this was what so many people loved about Pres. Trump. The America first policy that you describe in the book how that was outlined how that was formulated and how is implemented. The people miss that. I think we've seen that this week and some of the election results.

People want their country back.

And I think that sentiment still remains. Are you feeling that same way when you talk to you and I would actually my daughter was on the campaign team in the victory for dinner and we will start with a flashlight in you which got the justice the absolute chance was going on. People finally just been fed up with everything she go on just Edward I, take our country back and pushing back and this is the way we think it should be should be going forward in into the future and I think America just tired of what they'd seen the last year. This was her way of saying enough is enough not to take no there will years and years ago there was a movie called over that worker's primary actresses to take it anymore. People just fed up with it and they just push back regarding much. I think you shot it just Virginia but New Jersey news photos of the place as well. I think it's good, America needs to do that which we try to do what we said about America first.

I think there's been overreached. Now people that have started what we consider to be America and Americans in the driver essential for the nation should be at most Americans don't want know that's right and there's so many things that I would love to be able to get to know we only have a few minutes left here you time when you talk about America's greatest battles being yet to come. That's a scary thing for somebody in your position to assert to the rest of the nation because we trust you, but militarily and/or culturally. What you see those battles to be what are those battles ahead that you think will be so difficult about the soul of the nation, will you know how we grew up as a nation and where nation.

I say this in the book as well.

Our nation's not perfect.

No nations have perfect histories works in our history okay but the college and don't obliterate them and enthrall when on the trash. But history is all the best thing I could trade you like renaming military bases, California, from the shop but there's a reason whythere's a history of historic reason why we should just obliterate the past. We should learn from the past cycle. Pres. Trump that when this was starting to to bubble up and remember Mark Millie sit in the Oval Office talking about Lee Gen. Robert E Lee. The Confederate general and leisure traders in a mark stop that decision was made, and in 1865 in the building right next to the residence of the present when Andrew Johnson and Ulysses Grant got given a grant told him to try to bring up legal charges court-martialed, all resigned and he understood there yet bring the nation back together and we have to remind everybody look this is a battle for the soul of the nation.

We are a very good nation. We have done incredible people fight to get into this country not to leave and we should remember how we got to where were at in the history that got us to where were you in this is a battle I see fighting were people want to eradicate our history or change or history modified her or tell us. Our history is no good time. Say no, you're wrong. It's a very good nation. We we've been. I think history will record this nation is doing great stuff in the life of the world, do you see the future of America being more in the direction of freedom, more in the direction of tyranny and that I'm thinking about everything that's gone on cultural including a lot of the oppression that came politically during the pandemic in your own state of California. We saw a lot of that come from Gov. Newsom. But what are we freedom I we headed toward more freedom or less freedom in your opinion last night Jamie and Mitch hope that people should know were not going down that path and were going to go all out. This is what our nation was founded on. With one leg and showed where the really bright shiny shiny shiny city on a hill and I think that's what we are and I think we should acknowledge that in take pride in that.

Again, if you're Janet. It's not perfect, will not work. Predawn good and I think you don't need her will is that way. I think I have a lot of hope last night watching the election returns come in and out, even from New Jersey.

Okay people just enough we don't want to keep going the way this patient going which can't be driven not by the people in Washington Kansas with the people in Washington DC so I think will be okay but I will tell you. Can't you I think we have to fight this on a daily basis. If you don't fight for better daily basis then you lose. We need to push back on those who say as well send general keys. Kellogg war by other means is the name of his book and thank you so much. General is wonderful to have you and your Great American thank you so much for your service and for being with us.

Thank you so much. Will be back on Janet my for today. This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever.

Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to live for today, here's your host Joe Mefford will come back as you know I am a huge fan of the great ministry hard for Lebanon and I have been telling about their work for Jesus Christ in that country for several years now they are out there on the ground there providing emergency supplies in Christian education, and best of all, the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are really in desperate need of help and eternal help right now. And because of this ministries work more and more people of Muslim background are coming to know the Lord every day. That's probably the most exciting part of what hard for Lebanon is involved in, but the number of people in need right now is huge. And a lot of these families in the refugee camps of Lebanon are now on a waiting list in order to get help, and over the next few weeks. We are asking you to help us reach out with the love of Jesus to 52 of these families were almost to that goal, but we really need your continued support. Right now, a gift of $116 will provide one child in his family with survival essentials for four months and also they will receive the hope of the gospel which lasts as we know, forever.

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Let me tell you that number again 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to what is at the hearts of hard for Lebanon's ministry. When you get some details now from hard for Lebanon's Jack Hibbard, Jack, always great to have you here. How are you doing today doing great work you and yours and your listeners so grateful for the opportunity to once again partner together to really help change the Middle East which the circle cultural together today for sure. Well, there's so much to talk about and I think one of the most important things to cover is the great need in Lebanon right now. I have been talking as you know, for several years about the need in Lebanon. It's never been greater. I mean there are so many simultaneous crises going on in Lebanon. Can you give people a little bit of a picture of the situation there in Lebanon multiple crises is reported Janet note. No question about it.

Countrywide right now besides the refugee crisis in the course that something really that hard for Lebanon has been centered on somebody's years. But there's so many things happen right now but it's just amazing. They have a crumbling economy. The New York Times, since the worst economic meltdown in the eighth century, a 75% of everybody living in country need some kind of financial assistance right now their currency get. This is lost 90% of its value over the last 18 months. If you can imagine the impact of something like that. It's been terrible report of the Beirut explosion last year. A lot of folks remember that almost just a little over a year ago largest industrial explosion since World War II 7500 people were injured and that over 300 people died another 300,000 homeless right on the heels of that government basically walked out on so they've had this tremendous void of leadership. There government is in disarray. There is an election scheduled for next spring, but frankly nobody in country thinks that's going to solve anything that course just like the rest of the world of love is been doing with with a covert crisis there.

I don't think will ever know.

But just because of where the culture is very real impact of that but they cut higher infection rates within our country at because the economy is in such terrible shape. There also not getting you know proper medical care or vaccines or anything that would help combat that so you put all that together and then you have the refugee crisis more refugees per capita than any other place in the world and you can look at all that and say will that that's a mess and it is no.

I think the bigger the mess, the greater the opportunity you mentioned it already.

Janet God is using hard for Lebanon.

Just incredible ways that they could take advantage of what we really are calling the opportunity of a lifetime. You mentioned this but I think proof of the pudding was something that I read from the news agency helps you know a lot of us don't spend time listening to or reading, but even they reported in the last few months that more Muslim culture people more people coming for Muslim culture or turning to Christianity and placing their hope and faith in Jesus, then it any other time in our generation of thousands every week and were certainly seeing it as part of our ministry and what God is doing. You as a verse in Isaiah a very short time will not Lebanon be turned into a fertile field and that fertile field seem like a forest.

I honestly believe that prophecy is happening right now were very eyes and our vision and hard for Lebanon is just a euro bill the bigger organization is to create a movement of Muslim culture. Background believers that are going to reach every child in their family with the gospel and equipment makers of their own people and were starting to see that happen. I think today is a wonderful opportunity for your listeners to engage in where God is working there for sure. So it's it is an exciting time and that's what I've been trying to convey to our listeners how important this admissions opportunity is I really think of it that way. Check because as you and I have discussed before, when listeners give a gift to hard for Lebanon to provide a survival essentials for these families, which is critical for for four months. It's $116. It's incredible how I you know that gift can go so far but in that. That's just a way of being able to make that connection with these people for Muslim background in order to share the gospel for them in the fruit is just incredible. You know all of these people who are coming to know the Lord and are getting the children are getting Christian education there joining Bible studies. Now they're getting involved in local churches there near the camp setting. This is just I it's hard to convey how much a gift to hard for Lebanon really goes, Jack and I wondering if you can explain to people if you give a gift of $116 by calling 888-247-5499.

What are you really doing for these people. On the other side of the world, will you really kick starting a relationship you know I love what you said about our need to meet those immediate physical, but the last thing you will not want people to misunderstand what work they would be that hard for Lebanon is just a relief organization that we never we were founded upon that that principle we it's not our mission. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and what you do that in the Muslim culture is to build a relationship. So we use that opportunity of immediate physical relief. Yes, we provide the survival essentials for four months. By the way we use that term on purpose. Janet survival essentials because it's not just a couple cold waters. It's really when you're in a relationship right do whatever it takes to build 10 settlements we've gone in and provided medical care for people who need it it's it's anything that they need to survive that starts a relationship and honestly we talk about four months of lies but we commit will meet again to serve a family we commit to a relationship that lasted at least a bit about 12 months of some of our relationships within 12 years since the Syrian war broke out in month after month visit these hurting people listen to the heartbreaking stories and invariably the question comes out what you care about us. Nobody else cares about us.

There's nobody here in Lebanon that wants anything to do with us but yet you continue to show up in the course. We get the opportunity then to tell them that we love them because Jesus first love the shirt gospel, but it's that relationship that earns us the right to do that and were just seeing lives being changed literally by the hundreds. Almost every slot and very quickly Jack I mentioned this waiting list.

We are trying to help 52 families I know were almost to that goal. If we can get some more support. That would be fantastic.

That how many families are on that waiting list right now. Just out of curiosity, literally hundreds. Janet is limitless.

To be honest with you, but we have already 4200 families that that are that are waiting for support now again I say we that it goes there all ready to go. We haven't reached them yet. We still have another fat thousand families that are sitting on a waiting list so we talked about reaching 52 is a tremendous, tremendous accomplishment, and I really believe that God can enable us to do that. Maybe you are right now very close to being able to do that just couple more gifts of that hundred $16 level and we need that 52 family goal but there are literally hundreds that are waiting behind them and that's my heart and I know it is yours to that none of these families get left behind weeks we we don't have a problem of need. We have a problem of a resource right and yet we know the one that holds all those resources that were just praying that the Lord to provide people that will see the need and respond with great generosity and I can beat these people right where they are. I love it if you'd like to help with the gift of $116. Please call now we need your support for hard for Lebanon 888-247-5499 888-247-5499. There is a banner to click and Janet We thank you for your support and thank you to Jack Hibbard from Hartford Lebanon appreciate you Jack thanks a lot for being with us. Thank you God bless will be back, ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single do you pay more than $199 a month.

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$348 cares for this family for an entire year. We have a goal to take over 50 families off a waiting list that desperately need our help. So were hoping you'll be as generous as you can when you call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a hard for Lebanon thank you you're listening to you today. While there's a little bit of pep in my step.

After what happened this week I not the least of which involves the fact that it's a Republican governor was elected in Virginia, you mean they can't read get that much to make sure that the Democrats always win in every single race. I know that seems like an insane thing to say, but in some respects when you reflect back on the 2020 election. Maybe it isn't so insane. I think there are many people out there who are feeling that fear a little bit if you want to call it fear that our elections would ever be fair again or whatever go to the other candidates it's it's just kind of a little spring in our step here. Where were seen a little bit of hope and that's nice to see there are a number of parents in Loudoun County, Virginia were all of that school board madness was going on in the poor father whose daughter was sexually assaulted over this whole transgender issue and there was covered up by the school district and they're all woken their all into extreme LGBT ideology. I direct I don't even know what it would be like to be a parent in that county, but they are all rejoicing because they said that according to these mama bears interviewed by the daily caller. They said that divisive propagandized identity politics led to Terry McAuliffe statewide defeat as their public fight with Loudoun County made education a top priority among Virginian voters and of course is been set for quite a while that what's going on post pandemic and during the pandemic was parents woke up and parents got woke not in the W sense of the term, but they got woke to what their kids were being taught and paid more attention than maybe normally they would have to the details of what was going on in their local school districts and there was a really good payoff. It was very interesting to see how many school districts across the country got a bump in terms of good people getting on school boards is it been since we really have talked about the importance of school boards, but it is an important issue because as they say all politics is local.

That's where it all begins and when you consider the last war against parents weapon I seen the FBI's Merrick Garland has tried to do against parents and trying to paint them as a bunch of domestic terrorists. No wonder parents are rising up here just a couple of instances, Parker, Colorado, for example, had a slate of four conservative political novices.

This was a slate called kids first winning seats on the school board and they beat out the teacher Federation Bakhtin comments there and I doubt was a great win and they said this is a win for free speech. It's a win for the First Amendment what was going on in that school district when critical race theory and equitable learning policies. You have these leftist activists that are really using the school system to propagandize and indoctrinate kids and the parents praise the Lord has had enough of that and are fighting back. That was really good.

You also saw some wins in Iowa I use us and wins in Pennsylvania here where I am in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Southlake, Texas. There has been a big push to make sure that the schools get back in line there and NBC reports in this part of DFW. This is a very affluent suburb of Dallas where parents have been feuding for more than a year, or over a school district's proposal to address racism was that were calling it now candidate supported by a conservative political action committee one majority control of the school board, clearing the way for the board to officially kill the polarizing diversity plan. Praise the Lord.

See, this is good this is good when parents get involved. It's interesting though to see what a colossal disaster. This is for the Democrats and all you have to do is been about five minutes watching MSNBC or one of the other liberal cable channels are your favorite liberal pundit and just watch them crying and raging, and it's the usual nonsense that I recommend doing that, you might as well have a little fun. Terry McAuliffe got the former governor who loses to this newcomer Glenn Young Ken who who you don't give him credit.

This was a great when you had the Lincoln project.

You know mounting that Tiki torch hoax of white supremacists who are showing up at the young can rally in the whole thing was Astroturf as they like to say Terry McAuliffe did this all on his own.

He is awful. He's been awful for years. He was awful when he was the head of the DNC. He's been awful awful awful, but they love awful over on the side of the left.

Terry McAuliffe though on the issue of parents only went after parents. He kept doubling down on going after parents. Let's go back to some of that audio because I think we need to remember what it was. Terry McAuliffe did to help himself implode here he was, he was asked a simple question. You remember this if he were to win the governorship of Virginia. How would he work with parents who have concerns about how things are being taught in schools. This is what he said the cut one. If you win, how are you going to work with those parents who have concerns about how things are being taught in school is very clear. This is all generated by Glenn Yocum. This is what MS 13 the Republicans used government or some four years ago when he was they try to find a divisive tact. Oh, it's a divisive tactic.

That's what you gonna talk about when you are asked about working with parents who are concerned about what's going on in the public schools. And then there was this wonderful moment.

Also from Terry McAuliffe. This is got to. I'm not gonna let parents the tools and actually take to make their own decision so you stop the bill that I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach them to involve parents.

This people are domestic terrorists. Why in the world would you give them any say just because they gave birth to the little urchins doesn't mean that we don't know what's best right you guys on the left to have ushered in Planned Parenthood and gay activist groups in the 1619 project and are shopping all kinds of activist narratives down the throats of innocent children who don't have the maturity or the knowledge to be able to adequately take it in and refute it as older children might do our young adults might be able to do if they were smart enough and educated enough on these issues. They love it. You gotta get them while they're young because if you don't get them while they're young, you can't put them in a cradle-to-grave scenario of leftism because they will spit it out like some kind of spoiled piece of fruit that you have shoved into their mouths block you not to shove it out of your mouth unless you know that it's rotten and you're not can I know it's rotten unless somebody properly instructs you that it's rotten and you should reject it. It's not like food ideas are not like food.

You have to actually understand what is being taught to you now. Here's what Van Jones had to say over on CNN postelection about Terry McAuliffe listen to country. He was trying to run against all crop and this guy was able to run the tip of her parents got a lot of parents who just spent a year homeschooling their kids and were forced to do so. To tell those people look we don't care what you think about education that is a big cancel. I think you're going to see that a bunch of moms said we don't like that out you and they rose up yet. They did rise up now. Do you think that the left has learned a lesson here about understanding the core issue which is parents just want their kids to be educated. They don't want them to be propagandized with fake history like the 1619 project they don't want their kids insulted for being white. They don't want their kids called white supremacists. They don't want mask mandates. They don't want all of this totalitarianism forced on their little children. Do you think that the left has learned their lesson in the aftermath of the red triumph in Virginia and beyond.

Well, let's turn to what happened yesterday. Chuck Todd on NBC interviewed former Obama advisor Stephanie Carter to love this and talking about what the Democrats should be considering for 2022. What is she make of all of this.

Listen to this response cut for in the one thing that we need to make sure that Republicans and 2022. Don't become is the party of parents because we need to be the part were the ones that care about school funding where the ones that care about making sure that parents and kids to school because they jobs to go to all of this, we need to own that agenda. We cannot let it go.

It is not critical race theory is that it's coming out a coven's parental frustration is parents involved in their kids schooling need to pay attention to all of this in an unbelievable. We can't let the Republicans be the party of parents where to be the party of parents okay let me give you a little bit of a piece of advice here Democrats. You're not the party of parents to the party of big government.

You, the party of we don't care what parents think parents shouldn't have any say in what their kids are taught will take care of it and we by the way are fine with weapon Aisen the federal government to go after you if you dare show up at school board meetings and complain about what we are indoctrinating your kids with in terms of our leftist ideology. That's what they think of you and they want to reduce it to funding and they want to reduce it to this issue of making sure you can get your kids to school. Let's see for decades parents have managed to get their kids to school, what are you even talking about. They want control. They want total control of your children's mind from the very beginning until the very end. That's the only way they stay in power and I'm telling you what we need to develop a Christian mind among us that is rigorous and critically thinking and involved and I think this is a really good time to feel encouraged him to keep on going and pressing forward, and the truth we had to leave it there. Thanks so much for being with us is always here and Janet for today.

We will see you next time

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