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Freed to Unite, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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November 2, 2021 9:00 am

Freed to Unite, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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November 2, 2021 9:00 am

As Pastor J.D. continues our study of Galatians, he explains how our freedom in Christ leads to greater unity! We’re being reminded of our ultimate identity that overcomes every difference.

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JD Greer and Sophie love the church we love the gospel.

We love each other we will confront people when their attitudes toward others are not in line with the gospel and of our identity in Christ is secure. Why the courage to do that, even if it ruffle some feathers.

You can become appalled others and you have Paul speaking into your life because the unity of the body is worth it in the Gospels were church in Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina. I'm your host Molly vitamins good thing right if we learned anything over the last year and 1/2 that when our freedom feels threatened holy doing things the same truth is I'm free to have my opinion and you're free to disagree that this disagreement can easily lead to conflict tonight.

Let's talk about a different kind of freedom. Freedom in Christ.

That should actually bring us closer together and lead us to greater unity we are being reminded of our ultimate identity that overcomes every difference yesterday titled this message free to unite if you missed any of the previous messages in our study of Galatians and find them all online Now let's dive into the message is castigating whatever cultures come together in close proximity, such as when a church like here.

Inevitably, there's going to be some misunderstanding or some confusion or even some conflict as we often experience. Write your own country. When people from different backgrounds or different religious upbringings. Different cultures are brought together in close proximity. Quite often we experience conflict. This is the practical problem that the apostle Paul was writing about in Galatians chapter 2.

What Paul is going to say is that prodigal problems in our lives are areas of immaturity are not found by growing beyond the gospel, but by going deeper in the gospel. The gospel is not just the diving board.

The gospel is the pool itself.

So Paul is going to build a prodigal problem in a gospel way. Okay chapter 2 verse 11 but when Cephas, Cephas, remember what Paul's nickname for Peter means the rock when the rock to manioc. I opposed him to his face because he was to be blamed because he regularly ate with the Gentiles before certain men came from James. James was the leader of the Jewish branch of the church, the Jerusalem church.

James, the half-brother Jesus. However, when these Jews came, he withdrew himself and separated himself because he feared those from the circumcision party, which is another way of saying the Jewish Christians there. Now here's what happened separately and Peter had been given this vision were a gigantic blanket, unrolls from heaven, and in this blanket are all kinds of animals that Peter and other Jews considered to be unclean like rabbits and shrimp. The pigs and I got stop and voice for the voice of God called him from evidence of Peter kill Grillo and me and I in first Peter resist, and he says I can do that. Laura is going on that you only ugly back but God shows Peter that Jesus's death had made all food clean for the believer and thus ritual cleanliness had nothing to do anymore would be close to God. So Peter started to eat with the Gentiles and he began to eat what they ate and here's the thing once you eat bacon. There's no going back. Amen. Amen. Some Jews from Jerusalem show up computer withdraws and he goes back to his old ways of not even eating with Gentiles laissez you shake some of their uncleanness dust on them or they give me ugliness goodies or whatever Converse 13 and the rest of the Jews joined in his hypocrisy, and so the rest of the church, you know, following Peter's example they begin to separate themselves from Gentiles and begin to insist that it Gentiles are to be real Christians. They need to adopt the manners and the customs and the eating habits of the Jews now watch this watch is but when I saw that they were deviating from the truth of the gospel. I told Cephas in front of everybody he says we know Peter that a person is not justified by the works of the wall were justified by faith in Jesus Christ for the works of the law no human being will be justified and then Paul concludes chapter 2 verse 20. I've been crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body. I'm living by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. In this story were to see Paul illustrate at least three different kinds of freedom that we experience when we trust Christ.

The first of these three is the most substantial come Paul says because of Christ we are now finally freed to unite Paul is showing us that a lot of barriers that exist between people calm because we are trying to justify ourselves through some things some characteristic about us. Charles Spurgeon said that in 19th-century London.

He saw three main dividers between people in the society.

He said there is the pride of race number two. There is the pride of face in place and he said, number three, there is the pride of grace on the pride of race hear me very clearly our ethnic identities and our cultures are beautiful things but when they become our primary distinguishing identity. They always cause division first Corinthians 9 Paul says to the Jew. I became a Jew using what's shocking about that. He was a Jew. So how did you become a Jew to other Jews.

It's showing you that his ethnic identity was so light to him. He could take it on and off like a garment to a first century Jew there Jewish ethnicity and their heritage was precious to them and apologizes, but compared to who I am in Christ.

Even that identity seems like it's just not that significant.

Yes, I love you. Yes it's important, but my identity in Christ is so far more significant to me that even if I disagreed and in some of these things are even if you do things differently than me is not going to affect how we relate to each other when there is racial division. Quite often the cause. The guy goes back to is that something about our culture or something about our political disposition or whatever is become so significant us in a closet division. Not a huge when I realized that the other two that are mono hit real quick here on the two kinds of pride are not as it will do is much more quickly, but they also cause division. Spurgeon says, is also an additional pride of race, there is the pride of face in place. The right of face place and that's where you think that some personal accomplishment. Some characteristic set you apart and justifies you before others will tend to see people and categories ride the successful man successful be intelligent in the dull, the beautiful and the ugly, the fitness at the rich and the poor, and we look down on those who are less than we are in whatever areas important us and we feel intimidated by those who are more than we are in an area that's important us all with a friend you not understand the gospel.

First, you realize how little of your talent. You can actually take credit for how your parents are the ones you gave you your genes you didn't choose them for yourself and God is the one who gave you the health and the opportunity to pursue them when someone is really proud of their accomplishments. Always when asking what you really feel like you were born as an orphan in the middle of Sudan that you have accomplished all that you have accomplished know everything you have is ultimately a gift of grace and so pride about those things is stupid.

Second, do you realize how utterly worthless your talents were when it came to the things that really matter. They could not justify you before God, they could not bring spiritual life in you and others before God. There's only one kind of center there's just hopeless dead sinners and what I've got now in Jesus is worth infinitely more than any others talents or accomplishments. Who cares about not that intelligent. Now I am promise that I will inherit. One day the mind of Jesus Christ who cares about not that beautiful. Now I'm clothed in the righteousness of Christ and one day in eternity. God promised his commitment outside look as beautiful as his righteousness on the inside so I can handle being ugly for 70 or so years because one day I will be eternally beautiful matter matter. If I'm not that successful. Now all the promises of God for me are yes in Christ Jesus, and it didn't matter if somebody now to appreciate me because in Christ. I had the undying love of the eternal heavenly father to pride of race makes no sense and the pride of race in place and face and all the other a sort that I make you succeed or maybe worst of all, Spurgeon says, is the pride of grace.

This is a private come from having lived up a moral religious life, having avoided certain shameful sensor mistakes, you feel a sense of pride and distinction, because you lived a pretty good life you never been to prison you ever been fired from your job or you didn't get pregnant before you were married or maybe you came from a good family were your parents never got divorced and so now you feel a sense of distinction, even superiority over other people who have gone through those things are made those mistakes.

For example, I know parents who don't want their kids to date somebody whose parents were divorced because you know that stuff, runs in the blood or something absurd like that friend you not understand the gospel in Christ are no good people are bad people. There's no winners or losers or so people who have it together dysfunctional people.

There's only bad dad send sick rebels without God and without hope in the world and God for him to save any of us is a sheer act of grace and it is a resurrection from the dead, and just because God in his grace kept you from some of the worst fruition. Severe sin does not mean that you are made of something different than other people who have gone down that route, for it was any less of a miracle for God to save your wretched soul what I taught you before and this is single by John ON the seed of every sin is in every heart all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There is none righteous, not even one, there's none who does good, there is none who seeks God. Romans chapter 3, and that this will ease any false distinctions of superiority between us. So where do you get all thinking that you were somebody superior. No merit of yours brought you closer to God. It was all gift of righteousness that Christ purchased by his blood.

There is not one of us that was worthy of God's sight and not one of us that will spiritually live peace, save this and be justified if he gets all the grace and it destroys boasting the gospel. Paul says that we are justified by faith alone in Christ's finished work that destroys all these kinds of pride, so in Christ Jesus, we have the freedom to unite to be like just a couple of others are a lot shorter but they tie into this one. Paul shows us that nowhere in Christ my free to unite or that is in Christ, am free to confront.

We'll think about it for a minute Paul confronting Peter was a pretty gutsy move. So for Paul to confront. He's putting a lot of the line and accommodation. Paul could do it because he was securing his identity in Christ and Paul set on what your Peter says about me you say about me because I'm a servant of Jesus Christ on what he says about me if I cares up all six when read in Galatians 110 a must rob the police people. If I were trying to please people. I would not be a servant of Christ be a servant of people because my identity is secure in Christ I can ruffle some feathers if that's what it takes and I can create some tension and awkward in relationships because of what Jesus thinks about me is much more important what other people think about me there.

Some of you cannot confront the people in your life you need to be confronted because you are captive to their opinions and you can't risk the damage that would come if you said something that was unpopular to them their people in your life you need to hear about Jesus, but you can't work up the courage at home about Jesus because you're afraid of what they're going to think about you when you begin to know Christ. And when you begin to sense who he is and the reality of his love for you. You quit caring as much about what other people gonna say you just want to tell the truth their people in your lives that you need to warn because they are making disastrous decisions, but you never can have the courage to do it until your identity in Christ is more significant than the opinions of other people and since we been talking about race limiters go there for a second. Some of you have family members or friends in your small group or say discriminatory things and you don't have the guts to confront them away. Paul dictator is just uncle so-and-so and this is how he is or you don't want to call a friend out and make things awkward, but it is hurting the unity of our body, you say well they will ever say to those people and so it's not really hurting those people well. God hears it, and it grieves the spirit.

Second, those kind of statements create a culture that you can't really hide don't believe that just asked some of your minority friends or they can sense when they're the kind of place for that kind of talk is tolerated. So if we love the church we love the gospel. We love each other we will confront people when their attitudes toward others are not in line with the gospel and if our identity in Christ is secure. Why the courage to do that, even if it ruffle some feathers. You can become appalled others and you have Paul speaking into your life because the unity of the body is worth it in the gospel is worth it.

Third Paul says this is the last one he says in Christ were also free from insecurity. This ties into the other two free from insecurity. One most famous verses in Galatians and the whole Bible really is. Chapter 2 verse 20. It is Paul's ultimate statement of his identity and want to note that it comes out of his discussion about racial division in the church. Galatians 220 I been crucified with Christ.

Nevertheless, I'm living, it's not I Christ to estimate life and I'm now living in the body I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. That's the essence of who I am, having crucified in Christ all that I used to hold dear all that used to define me call that used to give me confidence or give me insecurity that's been put on the cross of Jesus.

And now I'm alive in the life that I'm living. I'm not even living on my own strength and power. Christ is living in me that means not only do I have a new identity. I'm in Christ. I've also got a new source of power. He's in the Christ in me. Many of you know that you stand accepted by the merits of Christ. You get that part but you don't yet realize that you live righteously by the resurrection of Christ. The gospel is you in Christ and the gospel is also Christ in you the righteousness comes from God. It's not your righteousness is a gift in Christ that is imputed to you. It is put upon you when you receive Jesus as Savior and it is a power of righteousness that is infused in you when you trust Christ has the power of new life in you. You see, many Christians seem incorrectly to think that salvation is basically Christ paying off the sin debt and many leaves it up to you to build a new life.

That's insane if you understand the gospel and say that I was poor and homeless in my family was starting because I lost my money gambling is at a gambling addiction and I'm an alcoholic and I have a terminal disease and I'm crippled him blind and so some rich guy was really compassionate comes on to say men to pay off your debt. I'm in a bring about the zero. Now go take care your family. That's not really can help me balance may be back to zero, but I'm still an alcoholic and I still got a gambling problem and solve a terminal disease, and I'm still blind, crippled, I need not only to have my debt removed.

I need the power of a new life. That's where we are spiritually. Not only were we guilty before God. We were also utterly incapable of pleasing God and utterly incapable of building a life of any spiritual significance at all to the gospel is not just about me being in Christ were I get his righteousness, the gospel is also about him being in me where I flow with his power.

Some of you really need to wrestle with this because for many of you your whole identity is based on you your self conception your self image is based on the talents you have the life you've lived. When you think about your capabilities in the future. You only think about your capabilities what you are capable of. But that is not the identity of the Christian the Christian's identity is common, Christ and Christ is in me. You see when God sees you. Now he mostly sees himself to see you anymore.

When he looks at you.

He sees somebody clothed with Christ righteousness and filled with Christ resurrection power.

By the way, that's why he calls you to live such a miraculous life that you feel utterly unable to do the will of course he knows your unable please not count on you to know he's come on somebody supernatural in there to do it. There's only one person who ever had the power to Christian to live the Christian life and he was so good at it. We named it after. And now he lives inside of you as I know you can't do it, but I can do it through you. I can be Christ through you. That is the hope of glory to starvation your identity on you and start basing it on Christ in you see for many of you, you feel you may feel abandoned, but in Christ, your love by God. You may feel condemned, but in Christ your spotless and above reproach. You may seal down on your lot, but in Christ. You are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. All the promises of God, for you are yes in Christ Jesus and all things are working according to good, and according to the plan that your eternal good heavenly father has for you. You may feel neglected by others, but in Christ you have been chosen by God and not a hair fall through your head without his knowledge.

Surely goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life, and he knows the plans he has for you plan to give you a future and a hope to prosper you and use you for his kingdom. If you make feel defeated by temptation, but in Christ you have died to sin's power and now Christ lives through you. You make feel dead and lifeless, but in Christ you have resurrection life, literally coursing through your veins. You make feel like you can't make any difference in life but in Christ you been raised with Jesus in the heavenly places, and he has blessed you to be a blessing. You may feel broken, but in Christ you been made complete in Christ. You are a new creation in Christ.

You are adopted into his family in Christ. You made a partaker of the divine nature in Christ. You're a beloved child of God, that you are acting like somebody else quit saying Quincy and we look in the mirror. The thing that Jesus died for on the cross because Jesus is crucified out and he says now you would not righteousness filled you in my power to your identity is based on not you, it's based on the units based on what I've done in you and over you and through you. And what I've accomplished for you to see in Galatians 2 Paul shows us someone got a relational problem or a self-image problem whether that's feelings of division or pride or insecurity or figure the answer is not a real book on byways or become your broader family to go all people who are like you the answer he says about your identity in Christ you know where I started. Gospel is not just a dog which we jump into the pool of Christianity. They also the bull itself. The way that we really come alive in Christ is not going beyond the gospel by going deeper into the gospel is grasping more. The beauty of the treasures of what Christ has given us who he is, for us what he is done for us what he plans to make us the gospel is like a well you don't get the best water in the well by widening the circumference of the well until it's as wide as the ocean. The best water in the well deeper into not by going beyond the gospel that you really thrive spiritually by going deeper into the gospel that brought spiritual Martin Luther, the great reformer who is the book of Galatians Randy symbols like his wife is what he said based on Galatians. He said the progress in the Christian life is always to begin again.

You want to go farther you go back to the beginning deeper into it.

Progress in the Christian life happens when you begin again.

The more you begin again in Christ, the more you will thrive spiritually is partially for this reason a few years ago I wrote a prayer is actually for myself. I didn't share it with you. It was all right to help me refocus my life on the gospel daily, because I knew that if I wanted to thrive spiritually. I need to go deeper in the gospel so was a four-part prayer that I just pray daily in Christ.

There's nothing I get in the morning that I have done that you will move us in other words acceptance.

My justification is no longer based on what I do or don't do it on, so I don't think God is settled for me as a gift righteousness that God gave me any clothed me in Jesus righteousness, and I can add to it. Take away from it perfectly love in the beloved Jesus Christ.

Number two, you're all I need today for everlasting joy.

I have only need other people's approval to evil creature comforts only all the things will says I need because I have you have the ultimate opinion of the only one who really matters. Number three is your enemies, albeit others, it makes sense to me that in Jesus love me and gave himself for me. Galatians 220 that love and give myself or others to God. I want to use my talents and opportunities and resources. Today, for others the way users remain number four is a braille measuring compassion on the cross in your power by the resurrection what I'm doing. There is trying to say it's no longer about my abilities and my capabilities and measure things like God's availability is made to me in the resurrection, and I want to embrace Christ in me the hope of glory gospel identity is you in Christ Christ in you, and you embrace it you received it or you going deeper into it because it's the way that you will blossom and thrive spiritually crucified with Christ is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me you are new creation. This is been a timely message about biblical unity from Pastor Judy Greer on Senate life. If you'd like to listen again or if you want to share this message with a friend visit Judy knowing the Scriptures batter has been a primary goal for us this year to help you continue to grow this month were offering a custom summit like Bible as a thanks for your support Jeannie in the Bible were offering, we've customize it by adding you page that the front with the Bible reading plan. What makes this reading plan helpful or you need to ask you the idea that we had behind the plan is that that six days a week.

Your reading that it meant we got another seven days in a week Say that like most of us you have that day, six days this essay that's that's a little lesson for chapters a day.

That's very doable.

I will say that that's that's an 8 to 10 minutes. Usually, chunk of time I me of all the minutes you have in the day 8 to 10 minutes to hear directly from God.

I will say that that is about as good of an investment you can make it right. This will help you maintain a good clip. Through the Bible in a way that's giving you the overall arc of the Bible. And so it will will will move you along the way that when you get to the end. I'm reading lesson for chapters a day with one day a week that you can miss. You will get to the end of that and you will say I have read the Bible standard argument and then you can see both your life and God more clearly. I think it's a great resource of struggle for years even after me and a PhD in theology and the pastor sometimes read the Bible and I have love like this.

And so it's like for us to be at my want to listen. You're welcome to request the Senate like Bible history suggested $25 or more when you get in touch 335 26 520 we can give online Molly benefits inviting you to join us again Wednesday for each title change Greer 19 to

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