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Trick or Treat...or Not?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 29, 2021 8:02 pm

Trick or Treat...or Not?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 29, 2021 8:02 pm

Trick or Treat...or Not?

Steve talks to a representitive from Bible League to talk about Halloween. Will you go trick or treating on Halloween?


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Thank you and God Bless

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical unity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble goblin all sound wonderful to participate in the dark deeds of darkness.

What are you going to do this weekend.

Given that it is Halloween we might jump at some point in the show today to talk our buddy Michael Woolworth again.

He's with the Bible league, and they been partnering with strict radio network, which I'm a part of and so they are in the in the process of the campaign of sending trying to send 3500 Bibles to believers around the world that one a Bible but can't get a Bible for us for most of us it super easy, but it isn't for a lot of people around the world so it is Dr. Michael Woolworth in the second and then get an update and a challenge and then we all need to try to do our part to help since the Bibles around the world to our brothers and sisters in Christ will spend the rest of the show than the last. The following three segments talking about how the Halloween trick or treat or not. I do this will show every year, so just asking the question. Should Christians be involved in Halloween or should we had the lights off and be at church on the fall Festival which we do I get to articles one set seven reasons why a Christian can celebrate Halloween in the other article says why Christians absolutely should not celebrate following. So we'll get to that and I want you to call in and share your thoughts on Halloween in you do anything with it.

What you do. Maybe you stay away from it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Feel free to call and get ready to share your opinion on Halloween 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, but let's talk about something far more important, which is getting Bible to our friends around the world who love the Lord and want to have a Bible but just can't snap as it is easy for a lot of people a lot of believers around the globe as it is for us here in America. That's why were happy to have our good friend Michael Woolworth back from the Bible league Bible with an opportunity for us to try to help solve that problem for our brothers and sisters Michael how are you sure you want to hop on for your listeners will tell you when you and I were together on Monday for just a few moments that resulted in some very wonderful breakthrough that and so will Greg grateful to be back on and share this with with your listeners. So just after the folks that didn't hear us on Monday. Michael just remind everybody what were trying to do what the Bible league's all about. I know you got another great story that you want to share and how we can a partner. Even though your 83rd year of ministry, Bible league, we work in six regions of the world were focused on. For those right now Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin American places we can recognize in the video parts as many as nine of 10 Christians are deny God's word meaning most evangelical Christians cannot do what you what I do on a daily basis. That's pickup God's word read and study it just be reminded of God's precious promises together Truth Network and Bible he said can we solve this for 3500 Bible.

As believers we get them exactly with her brain for and that is a Bible and so steep that the soil is good work with every one of these Christians. We never after going to a village and say Bible anyone. I mean we Christians by name, is not a place on earth were Bible league has a presence. We are not connected to a local evangelical church that that's that's the secret sauce if you will let me come to give you an example of 200 Christians right now praying for Bible right now among the Maasai tribe on the continent of Africa in the country of Kenya was, and therefore the world not too long ago, Steve at one of the women that we've encountered recently, 17-year-old Esther, who is she well she was forced into an arranged marriage, and she was subjected to female circumcision that happens to a lot of young women.

It happens from the elders of the village normally done out of superstition and pagan practices Buick forced marriage is basically forced to marry somebody you don't know somebody you don't love of the other part of this that the young women are subjected to this female circumcision.

I will not get graphic, but I'll tell you this is painful if you really been humiliating. It leads to other issues in life, like infertility, so many young women like Esther are subjected to these things and they live with bitter unforgiveness that was her story. She could not move forward until a Bible. He volunteers money the previous campaign. Steve got a Bible was the trainer sure Christ introduced young Esther to the hope of the gospel.

Here is what she has done. She let her husband to the war there was no love before there's a loving relationship and she looked around her and Steve.

She seen young women who live in a state of hopelessness and she's invited them week after week, learn about Jesus to come find out what Christianity is all about the fact that God knows you intimately and so these women have come they've invited other people about 200 people come to Christ.

Can you Africa as part of the Maasai tribe. But what you know there's no Christian bookstores. There's no big box retailer. No online retailer dropbox Bibles in the village. Even so, that's why Truth Network and Bible league of teamed up we want to give you an intimate look effective. Spent the last few weeks on a number of programs to sharing stories like this reminding your listeners the gospel going toward God, making his as I get making good on his promise to bring the nations to himself to get a lot of these Christians live, work, simply impossible to get a Bible put to Steve about halfway toward a goal of 3500 Bibles we been given a few extra days to it. To meet this and so our prayers are your listeners will barely say that's an interesting story but don't take it a step further and become Bible centers today exactly right.

How do we do that because I know I've got a couple options we we do it the old-fashioned way, which I still love which you can just pick up the phone. But I also know that we can battle to our mutual friend the Truth Network, you can just go right to, you'll see them right on the homepage and I put the links on Facebook live just yet, but absolutely gave him five dollars and Bible were good. Consider a gift of $150. That's 30 Bibles.

We multiply that by 12 because a multiplier that we see it. It was a dozen people are impacted when somebody gets a Bible that your impact today with the gift of $150 to help resolve, not hundreds or thousands. But even feel five or six dozen of your listeners right now make that kind of gift we could sing the hallelujah chorus and with people like to know their Bibles are coming they call 800 yes word 800 why ESW award to unit 800-937-9673 five dollars into Bible. Listen, that's between you and the Lord come up with what's meaningful to you and your family and become a Bible center to 800 yes word is usually just click the Bible. He Steve, thanks so much for your emergency God's word go forth and again thanks your listeners. They responded so generously over the weeks were praying to fill help us finish strong and great point Michael. God bless you brother thank you so much and friends. Let's let's do our part. Michael thanks buddy will talk again soon, Deer Park five bucks a Bible sending a mountaineer like wow I'm really glad I do that now is not that I probably said in a little more fluid to appoint Lord.

Okay, ready or not ready for you to be a part of the show today. Welcome back, and Steve Noble, the Steve Miller shell Halloween is on Saturday in our neighborhood. They're going to be doing that our haoles on Sunday that's actual 31st in our neighborhood in Raleigh North Carolina can be doing Halloween tomorrow night. So what do you do it, do good Christian soldier, would you take part in the works of darkness or do you shun that and do something else. Maybe just don't participate at all. You, your house can be darkened, Halloween or whatever night they're doing it in in your neighborhood and you can go to church and into the fall Festival and you do it God's way of the devil's way. What's what's waiting to do it. Now I'm leaning into that little bit what I want to do is have you call in and share love to hear from you.

What you think about Halloween do it don't do it to do.

Maybe change your position in with your kids.

And sometimes there's a lot of pressure there. But we do this show once a year.

Talk about Halloween.

By the way when we get into December.

Will talk about the jolly guy read and will talk about Santa Claus and all that kind of stuff but right now let's talk about how he just curious to see open up the phones that often so I know it's a little awkward, but never be afraid to call into the show. By the way, my, my witness to a watching world. And they say that 25, 30% of Christian radio listeners.

For example, are unchurched people in my witness to them is far more important to me than my ability to debate you or make you feel silly for taking a position that's not can happen when you call in the show that never dies. I don't I don't that's why I don't list that I don't enjoy Sean Hannity show much when he does get opposition callers. He can be a real jerk and I don't think that's appropriate for us as followers of Christ. I know I can be a jerk on the air, but I'm not can it do that to you and I could I don't do that to callers, but what you think about Halloween do or don't do it, stay on the sidelines get involved. No big deal, lighten up.

Everybody or don't have anything to do with the deeds of darkness that I got two articles in front of the seven reasons why a Christian can celebrate Halloween.

In another article from charisma magazine why Christians absolutely should not celebrate Halloween 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number I'd love to hear from you see what you think on this one. I was enjoy that and it's helpful for all of us come let us reason one to another, as the Old Testament says 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the calling number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH what are you doing it and if you're like me and my family we did an about-face, we changed our heavenly position. Actually, the day I was doing a show on Halloween. When ice to be on Saturdays.

Halloween was on a Saturday like I don't know, 2008 2009 some like that and I literally changed our family position on Halloween that day.

All explained that to you later vinaigrette much rather hear from you. So what you think about Halloween participate told her to participate or do you think you have some freedom here so that black-and-white, or do you have some freedom as a Christian. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 love to hear from you or 866 34 truth. I consider and talk the rest the hour. You all know that, but I'd really love to hear your opinion on this 866-34-TRUTH is the phone number okay so seven reasons. Let's do this why Christians absently should not celebrate Halloween this from charisma magazine written by Jamie Morgan. As I grew close of the Lord. Jamie says and gain more knowledge of his word and begin to feel convicted about Halloween. I had thoughts like God is out of life, but only focuses on death. The Scripture tells us to put away deeds of the darkness I had been delivered from fear and panic attacks into the fear comes from the enemy that I participate in a holiday that is, fears its very foundation witchcraft is clearly detestable to the Lord.

Deuteronomy 18. Halloween is a sacred high holiday for Wiccan. Is it cute when we dress our kids like the devil what if my child dresses and wholesome fireman cost while Romans 1619 says that we need to be wise to what is good and innocent of evil Sophie participate at all. Is that a problem they also said the Lord since I Corinthians 617 come out from them and be separate touch.

No unclean thing so isn't Halloween an unclean thing, my extended family think it's ridiculous that we do not allow her son to dress up for Halloween to their opinions matter to me more than God. So, peer pressure, stuff like that.

And then there's this other article but would love to hear from you.

866-348-7884. What's going on your house on Halloween either tomorrow in our neighborhood. It's tomorrow or perhaps on Sunday, the actual day itself. October 31 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH would love to hear from you. Let's go to Keith Connor from High Point, North Carolina. Keep thanks for calling Goran ahead. One thing about Halloween. If I'm not, it will October 31 1500 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the church door Reformation, the Reformation and if I'm not mistaken, it will October 31 know we can celebrate the house. How would you like what would that look like in a practical way like around the house or in your neighborhood or something never done that not all just thinking about the optimum on about will you know this is a time when most the Reformation started and that's when a new life starts on, that's for sure. You really broke a lot of training is placed all people DO you notice you might be spooky for those who like to put triangle people talk about. That's exactly what I gratefully got bless you key things to share them and have a great week and thank you and it's something you go you now that then that one for two keys point a big okay okay so they show up to your front door.

You don't have any. The regular stuff out and maybe your generous in your giving him some things I need just a little quiz. Let there just for a moment pay and they vacate trick-or-treat here like a okay great, thanks for coming by. Hey by the way I do you ever go to church and what kind of church you go to this is the day that we look back at the Reformation sold Reformation days of Martin Luther introduced the Reformation we get Protestant is only little Methodist Church that the Protestant Protestant church. So if you don't want to talk about that sometime. Stop by to do some like that right. It's an alternative you're still partaking, so to speak, because people are coming by your house but yeah maybe you talked about the Reformation as opposed to just plain all Halloween let's go Thomas Cullinan from Raleigh, North Carolina Tom, thanks for calling. Go ahead.

I recall back in my youth, were you trick-or-treat no and I don't order dear they never influenced me at young age, about the religion behind whatever devil you know. Going to get some camping right so I think people are taken where contracts work. And so yeah I'm a little. The ghost and goblins. Many of our contact in my view you yeah I think she's taunting so much that time in little kids will like Tom, I took it treated like crazy doesn't it because it's first T sometimes I win all our costumes. My mother was really good at making costumes. Sometimes I didn't.

But as I got older, you know, 10, 11, 12, then I switch from this, the silly little plastic pumpkin and then you know it's a it's a pillow case and you're out for hours to come up for like two or three hours.

Was I worshiping the devil was I participating in the works of darkness, and I wasn't a believer when I was that young but was that Ron and of itself is evil in and of itself into his point heat that didn't affect him. He obviously is born again Christian.

Walking with the Lord. Following Jesus Christ. I did mention something that's interesting that I would disagree with you.

Okay hey there little kid wants to dress up as a toaster goblin for a the walking dad or a vampire theme is not really know not to give the devil his due. You want to dress up like for okay go to dress up like for some people a wizard you like that's a little on my final know that I just feel music by the little trick-or-treaters and 75 live a little plug back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble shelf. This is an annual conversation excited that all pipelines talk to her friends out there. You know how we love the Lord of the Lord. Should you avoid the works that is opposite a pagan holiday that you can make the same case about Christmas something to do that you need to be assisted in applying that standard, and that's fine for me on I'm in a come down on the side of the liberty here for us as believers but curious to see how you handle it. Maybe like my family.

I did an about-face on the subject. Back in 2008. So if you want to call in and share all the lines are late right now, but as we go through these calls will be opportunities for Morabito to get through 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 8R8 663-4784 866-34-TRUTH is going to Thomas. Thomas, thanks for concert you got hold, go ahead or not. Okay, let's jump over to Sonya's Cullinan from Jamestown, North Carolina, Sunday.

Thanks for calling Goran ahead.

I don't believer. Gospel tracts that are geared toward children and I get up in my house. That car with Accra lit up, and sometimes I play Christian music and sometimes I don't. Children come to the door they get good candy and I get a gospel tract and I think that the one year when people are going to come to my door yes and I whatever time do you have come to your door and take what you get them make that opportunity. I don't want to get the gospel in their hand and let the Lord do work and I think that's that's a beautiful way of coming out at that's exactly the position that I ended up that when I met first as it is a younger Christian. I was pretty hard-core about these things, but that's a beautiful way that justly started the call sign is a lesson I don't celebrate it, but I participated those are two different things. And those are matters of the heart and that's where we have to be careful with the way we want to throw candy at each other when it when it comes to subject like this but I think that's really wise and in that's the point that I came to as well Sunday just like you my cave. This is the literally the one day a year when tons of your neighbors are going to walk up to your front door and you're knocking to be there and to me that's just crazy.

Now people.

There are a lot of children never been to a church or I went praying around my neighborhood and my parent taken me to the church. I don't think I'll option back in the night and even now it is on the Christian close their doors unlocked and then turned their porch lights off and church function.

What happened to all the kids knocked on their doors is gone to church people need to go to church and I need… Our good health and healthy godly thing that I don't want to throw stone Christian then what I do and stay at home and the more traditional approach. I think that God can and redeemed that and I think there can be a lot of good that comes out of that excellent grade point Sonya got bless you think you so much for calling. Thank you and welcome. Have a great week and let's jump to Yogi and Raleigh. Thanks for calling Goran ahead to man, how are you world by floor is all yours about the wrapper I've been going to a Reformation party were… Years now. Cool it all brought that you been roasted and you know we take the time to actually read the 90 50, you know, the court, all kinds of wonderful way to celebrate shout out to my buddy Brad Martin make feedback sweet potato pie just being mean because I'm just out there in the studio now you're just being mean because I'm stuck here in the studio you're talking about sweet potato pie. Do you guys do. Did you guys always do like on Halloween day Yogi, or did you get a better day generally battered and probably close over 34 yeah now your house. Do you guys have the candy on the stuff when the kids come by. What I dated on and I you know I'm always doing that no I was born in 19 and you know I have in 1969 to 11 one like your kid then not yearning.

I don't ever remember drafting and I've never drinking a higher one time a member gripping up one time I remember dressing up as a fisherman one time. You know, we didn't dress up in Golden vampire and stuff like that. We we made our everyone in my car. The kid I remember we put together with no you know whatever's around the house sure it was so much fun with you know it was about candy and you go collect more candy in your base yeah pretty but now that I know think about how it is you talked about the weekend thing and you know I would never ever part number that I take and redeem. I take my Bible and God's holy word very. Because for a wretch like me, a guy like me that the Lord could talk, you know, call me. Don't never take a nap. Granted, I may never know what they call you tomorrow bro got it yet.

I know look at whether grandsons going to be overnight him to pick my grandson over the sweet potato pie, but I know you. Tomorrow is crop assembly here in Raleigh yeah I think that's tomorrow yeah yeah no longer around your family.

You got it. Having their that big ball of family tomorrow bring some folks out to a church yeah they may not go otherwise but take advantage of that as well. Yogi appreciates: embryos great here from talking about happy day because amen thanks pal talk to you later.

That's at the guy full of joy, the Lord is that that's so cool here's another one troublemaker for Jesus Christ Clay Cullinan for Raleigh Clay, how are you bro you really want a wider blade and I'm pretty daring regarding know that will be provided to your brother think you know what Sonya had to say. But you know I remember like yourself.

When I was younger you know we would go out we would do for the candy but you know you get to a certain age and you say what do I need to do this for you know what I got more involved with the being of the church like Baptist or whatever you know churches were doing it differently. Remember hearing the message, years and years and years ago. The pastor talked about will is it a trick or treat, and you really think about that because the Scripture verses thing you know it does talk about good and evil number.

You know displaying at that get together today brother, let me tell you what would what a blessed trick that was today. All that was talked about and go back and not think you know you have churches nail better doing things for like they call it trick-or-treat right. And you know that the switchover you know you have people dressing up their cars, putting candy and something else other than the pumpkin or whatever or you know a bucket or basket like that and you think about that. But when you hear a message talk about will is better to be treated and that this should be trick when you hear certain things brought about Scripture. I look at it. I'm just so thankful to the Lord that you have people that bring out God's word in the way it brought out, you know that you have many churches out there. You have that are doing this for the children because I remember hearing today. Someone to talk to you talk about the next generation. What is the generation going to be seen as very generation after that and you gotta think about it positively. You gotta think about it in a way that the Lord would like to see you got to school feels like it is a break, but I think it's a great point that we think about the next in relation as easily talk about something like Halloween, can we use it to lead them closer to the Lord and have a prophetic witness in the culture or not.

It's a great point towards I'm up against a break Clay, but I really preaching to call in and is always our brother got away from your love, you will talk you later about amen thanks pal have a great weekend with talking about Halloween today. It's okay. Well said that he listen I don't celebrate Halloween. The gospel is in the neighborhood candy. It's important that we be generous and and is that she pointed out he that's the one day every year that all your neighbors are showing up kids and they may not go to the fall Festival. Your church is plenty of people that even if you are asking that I can know that's really lame.

You guys have lame candy and put all the Bible stuff on me love about the losses. A lot of people that would just darken to go to our fall Festival. I can go to our fall festivals, but they will stop by your house maybe you should be, but that's between you and the Lord I'm not here to judge anybody. Let's go to our friend from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pat, it's always great to hear from you. Thanks much for calling how are you remember me or not. From time to write every day but our church are doing a lot of churches are doing trick-or-treat we do a fall Festival wonderful outreach for the community and the children in the community but we do and I as a child loved Halloween and we can all get together and relax and enjoy. I'm all for that, but our church is a huge community outreach of fall Festival and food and we have a clown and a juggler, and now capable of doing wonderful. It's wonderful.

That's really not you guys do that Pat, do you do it on the same night and went trick-or-treating is happening, or do you do it like adjacent to the adjacent to that night we have our church women Saturday morning for work I'm doing Sunday night on the following yeah that's cool. And then that's what it is a great outreach, and for a lot of people. Listen for some parents to be like okay we go to one location we want to go all over the neighborhood with 1 mile and half and we can get all kinds of fun stuff with nice people in his food and the rides or whatever and I agree those are great does a great outreach is and I think we need to keep doing him but also hey if there's people can come to your house that's that's I appreciate adjacent yeah there yeah great point Pat.

Always great to hear from you. Thank you so much. You're always a blessing.

Thanks. Will talk to you later 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to call in about Halloween trick-or-treat or not.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 true that's go to Jeff and wait for steps are to keep you hold salon bro thanks for calling ahead of the grading along. I think I used to be very reliable and have no problem with doing okay in all that good stuff. I grew up but now I'm at a point in my life where I been confronted by a ball a lot of lax attitude that I have especially encroaching darkness we see around and so I think it's kind of the Romans. Romans 12 to question about being conformed to the world.

You know, so I think that yes we need to participate need to be as billable all I think Paul from the best enrollment in first Corinthians chapter 10 verse 23 we should all things for me are all things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.

All things are lawful for me, but not all things at o'clock.

Let no one seek his own, but each one. The father's well-being, so I think it's a question of witness is not just I don't think we should turn folks away, but at the same time we need to be mindful of our witness is especially I usually use this one on teaching about alcohol consumption for Christian, people like, that's okay. Openhanded issue, but I think it for me. It's a question of witness and on and I think that we need to be careful as we formulate our response to things as individuals. Could you know we all sin accountable to the Lord. Eventually, I think it's important that we we consider our effect on other people and not just good for me to do, but if what kind of affect my having other people fight by consuming alcohol in my not being a witness to the people around me you seen Norma Christian no III preach God's work, you know, I'm set an example so I gotta think about that and they were all missionaries are all respect.

We have to consider what the effect of a short summary. Great points at the end and I couldn't agree more, and all those poinsettia gets really wise and a great application Scripture and use the word think several times and I and I believe that something we all need to work on and think more fully and more holistically about what it means to be a follower of Christ and things that we say in doing things that we choose not to say and do and all those things matter, especially from the Lord's perspective subject thanks from supercontinent man that was some great wisdom. I appreciate highbrow tech ticket. Take care. Have a great weekend and that's likely so we can go outside of Halloween on this one. Certainly this these are what Jeff was talking about are things that we need to think about and and we've seen that this is been really destructive. So just stop for a second applies on your political side and let's talk about how we got just a few minutes left in the show. Let's talk about what's happening in our house really over the last I'd say since 2015. So in 2015 when Donald Trump enters the race then we see a level of divisiveness in the church that, quite frankly, I've never seen in my adult life as a believer I became a Christian at 28 and 55 so I've never, and in vitriolic and that" never trumpeters and then happen with an evangelicalism that wasn't like liberal off the reservation, to say the least. Churches over here and conservative churches of their don't know this was with in the ranks of evangelicalism and all of a sudden I mean that that got nasty know. Maybe you are a perpetrator of that nastiness. Or maybe you are a recipient but I think honestly we all saw that and now were throwing down over the the campaign in the primary and in the general election over Trump and there were people that literally stayed out of the race, which I can easily make a case helped Hillary Clinton that were Christian single and man.

It was brutal. Remember, and it stayed that way all the way through his presidency. How can you support somebody with such low moral character. Bova words at each other's throats notice issued by the way her salvific none of those issues. Not a single one that we argue about anything to do in your salvation, the application of your salvation. Okay, but sanctification is a moving target depending on where you're at your much maturity with Christ, and so I'm not yelling at a fourth-grader because they can't dunk a basketball because that would be stupid and unloving. They're not capable of it. So back off, jerk right.

That's how I can be.

You expect the younger Christian are less mature Christian to be where you're at and if you're very mature Christian specials, unloving. It's unwise, unloving, so does that and then we get PLM and then in the midst of that we get the COBIT hashtag COBIT hashtag because COBIT and its masks that's gone Max off.

I'm not can wear mass submit to the governing authorities. Love your neighbor Bubba Bubba button men were added were added taking up arms against each other, not literally but certainly figuratively and if if our comments and and things on social media could turn in the weapons that would've been blood flying all over the place right. Think about that when she took our social media aggression onto the battlefield and were all grab you grandma Mace I'll grab a broadsword. Somebody else grab and ask and we actually translated our aggression on social media into literal fighting in the field there be blood everywhere man be like Armageddon. We did that and self righteously on both sides.

I did it mask then vaccine.

Now I'm not saying if you listen to the show, you know, I've taken plenty of positions I I put friendships on the line. I paid some prices here and there for sharing things about COBIT and sharing things about survival rates and sharing things about children and sharing things about vaccines and natural immunity dotted at a dead and there's valid arguments and serious things are but at the end of the day whether it's that or Santa Claus or Halloween. How much theology do you have to have right in order to go to heaven. The answer to that is not much at all to me don't say it for me. Go see what Paul said about what is our believe in your heart confess with your mouth you will be saved while while waiting about Democrats and Republicans died and see that in mask are not messed see that in their submit to governing authorities and see that in their no known confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord. Believe in your heart he was raising the dead and you will be saved, but a pain but a bow, as we say up at Chicago done Celia so this is why not look.

Believe me, I've been like the chief of sinners in the stuff because I'm on the radio and in that podcast on Facebook live and I did a pretty active on Facebook and there's been times where thankfully some brothers and sisters in Christ call me out said Steve like what you doing bro you look at that and my pride at first as I SUCK it up. Grow a spine good up your loins. This is war. Then I calmed down my flesh takes his seat in my spirit man stands up. I yeah what I write. Maybe a decent chance of that.

But was I loving all that hoops first Corinthians 13 the love chapter right ever been to a wedding you've heard that for scripting 13.

You are always wonderful things you make all kinds, great point, but if you don't have love long bone clean symbol work fail. So what are its Halloween vaccines, masking by then Trump Santos what ever. Let's try to remember were called to check and remember ultimately for the loss of what what repentance is the wrath of God.

Fear of hell no. So we need to have that getting down my Hope you have a great weekend. I hope your husband will be your neighbors over generous people show up at our house, God willing, I'll talk to my dad always never another program powered by the Truth Network

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