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October 27, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 27, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the goal of apologetics- How can I best get into that---2- Is our consciousness given to us by God---3- Why don't we see many spiritual gifts -like healing or speaking in tongues- today---4- Is it ok to celebrate Christmas---5- If we think taking the vaccine is wrong, and we take it, would that be a sin---6- Matt discusses the vaccine.--7- How do I navigate my relationship with my ex-husband who says he's now a Christian but isn't living like one-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max Y branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick woodworking show me Matt slick and that's woodlot hopefully will slick and if you were to be called if I will belong to wide open 877-207-2276 so give a call if you're new to the show not true or not sure what she was about questions on theology, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam, evolution of the Colts UFOs. We talk about stuff that we talk about and more more politics and coping have been doing a lot of research on that topic there quite a bit for the website org what you give me call folks so it's a Friday off and Fridays are slow. Now is the time to give you call okay so well if you would do that 877-207-2276 all right just jump right in the phone here and let's get to Jamaal tomorrow and then you're on your buddy what you got. All right, what about apologetic material girl okay so the goal is to learn how to defend and defend the faith and you won't do you want to be aggressive in ego after groups that are non-Christian or you want to just be defensive. So just curious. I would think I got your recommendation don't mind either one. For both. Yes, both because the Bible is weak after I lies and we defend the truth and so if you are if you're always on the defense is always on the weekend, so to speak side, but even a defense you and you will get aggressive and I know I don't mean it in a negative way.

When you look at the composite was a rough start of your position is wrong because so I would do if I were you is is if you want to a group apologetics. You better know your theology be the first thing I was so you can learn and the second thing is logic.

Okay, so he hires ideology need the logic and some argumentation principles so messy question here is limited. Run a couple question a few questions by intestate really fast. Okay, alright, alright, okay, how okay alright so is Jesus a man right now yielding unit right now right now before okay I would say yes. Okay. The fact it took so long to answer, and it's not a good sign right so you really are so is a yes yes and so I only justified by faith alone or by faith and baptism. I do know the amount faith alone. Very good.

Your justification is not exactly correct. Okay that's of that figure. Tell me where you're at and so it's good to say, think seriously, it's a good thing that you want to apologetics, but you have to learn okay I'm sorry but this is the way I'm just get on okay so you had to your theology so like I know my theology very well on the philosophy. I know logic learn about all kinds topping I would do this for 41 years. Okay, so they can start out I would really just at the risk of being narcissistic. I'd recommend the car and you look up for one thing the apologetics dialogues go through them and you. I made comments commentaries. A lot of them and you'll see were made mistakes and you'll see where did things right is a lot of her years of learning that you must know your theology. You absolutely must because you have to defend the truth so you have to be able to very quickly and are to be able to articulate what is a Trinity, the hypostatic union. The committee got to if you modularize the economic Trinity ontological Trinity monotheism, justification, imputation, propitiation, sanctification, and then bill to know how they relate to each other what you get those basic ones down.

You will then have a good founding with Christian faith is because you need to refute error but to do that you teach the truth and also how I think and do something like this, you know, and so justification the legal declaration of righteousness and discover that the Roma chapter 4 verses one through five, particularly verse five the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Literalness 51 which is having therefore been justified by faith. So yet another quote verses and the references in this take time to learn how to do that so easily that a team up but you guys want to learn the stuff right on do this so he said no, no, okay, no refill around Colorado leader of the year that we believe you goals about electrical about okay but you got it okay leader, how do you go or how do you feel about having apologetic, quiet, you booked including referred panic or started on my own gaijin know what you think you could be like our guys you will become God handout. Alright alright so okay misunderstood you little bit but that's okay you can go to the schools on car and set up of those is one thing if you you know the charge form but okay if you have the money sneezes hemolysis. I don't have the money. Can you please come to me for free little nest question was can give you access but that's one of and you can go.

What I would really seriously recommend you do is is if you want to apologetics and and have a class on its just write down first theology. Second, logic and focus theology means Scripture okay yes I know this then logic right. These are the two things you need to know and you have never theology like what is the hypostatic union's theology of Jesus on two natures where you find it in Scripture. Colossians 29 John 11 through five and 14.

He was 18 and so these are ideas. All times are these memorized, but you need to have that those start issues answered so that you can then discuss them. You can discuss them and that's okay you know and and because got a learn and that's how it is. I recommend that and then you get a study logic and recommend that what you do is study logical fallacies logical fallacies you harm and look him up at like 10/15 of Mike that you like the fallacy of equivocation. The fallacy of the or the young poisoning the well fallacy genetic fallacy need need to know these because believe it or not. If you get both of these down theology with Scripture and logic. You'll be able to really defend the faith. Well, it really doesn't take. Do you want called hurt your debate and know you and logic along with Scripture quite like will it be anybody going to help you know… I am apologetic going to be medically called and everything is loud enough not to get your help with less because I'm so slick I can help you in some of the slickest guy you know and the 11th. That's right once I told that to somebody once and some guy listening appeared herky-jerky walked off as my name tag with me so funny, but some also if you want to do this if you really want to have something to do.

You could have your Bible study group need have me on the phone or assume called and I give him a hard time and then that way you don't have to be done trying, then you will have a lot of fun to patch things up in a pan on the back and say it's okay, you know, stuff like that. It is nothing to do right. That's an option to okay you know I am so glad for thing out there go to one later one, you know could happen to get you like about email you know what you have to mail me $100 bill attached to this email is email me his email at infocom I hate him. Matt said he, you know, do this and we just we just originated time and this came on the air with you and that's a big deal. I do it every now and then people's Bible studies still smoke out your that's all got mad good just resistant to laugh at my stupid joke, so that's good enough know that's all good to do a quick recap. The Carmi about lookup you have come apologetics. The quality logical fallacies, logical fallacies, and look at the theology he discovered that her theology and you'll notice my articles have locked Scripture references and you go those references to learn apologetics is so hard. It's not easy but you do a limited time.

Thanks for tuna steak is like oh it's a good stay if you want to get this baby down, but it's worth going select the right and did confirm that Québec thing where each of the phone like that guy you know you got this email is on at infocom with go to the emails and they put things in my calendar and so we disregard things like that.

I'm pretty busy but you know there's always a day for your whatever it isn't something that we just arrange it okay I could be a game of right Jamaal all good buddy Dr. Deborah Coblentz alright cool all right, let's get to the ruling I will and lost him hoping to get rapture that would be bad for me. Let's talk to Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina Chuck, welcome yet think back about my call. Matt you know I would.

What's your opinion on the spiritual third of the Lord in the country.

I mean, that the great thing to listen when I'd I'd love to listen to your program and young people calling often there. There Mike and I would wonderful.

You know it's a great thing. I'm sure you feel great about. After talking for an hour, you know, and I spoke you know I I just heard that the end of David Jeremiah Thurman, Andy Indian that 91% of the hotel take them know the Bible I think more network now it's down to the $0.46 40% or that's not as it is off like the famous Gary and Sherry so you question related that just just commenting know that what I was going to stay can I think that it is a commentary are sure I can make no outfit. I pay my bottom line, I will. You can't now break in bold on okay now we get back, you generally think the reason is not to okay for folks to 72072276 man's Y call 770-7276 pairs. Matt slick everybody. Welcome back to the show ripped open lines 772072276 Chuck, are you still there you met my my belief that the wickedness of men are directing the Lord. They are saying no to God such as the Apple on the outside looking at the tree water here and everything that I believe that the continue witness of the Lord that people see every day in New York City. Get out there were my daughter live but at the rejection of God by people hard heart there and I and that's what I think you agree and would add that to creature comforts me that we don't depend on God depend on her job and yeah and I think culture provides instant gratification and sinful areas and so that McGrady's rate for an and I believe that there's a lot of wry suspect that there are some actual working in higher up areas to destroy our country from within. Because Russia said narrator that absolutely the Stevenson how would they would do it and it's been in the rehab list plant has worked in some things up and plus God's interest in the general apostasy people to turn heart away from God. The Christian church lives in a comfortable world. And so the Christian churches become narcissistic and apathetic and mostly hilarious and they just do church on Sunday night during the week and the solicitor Christians who fighting for the truth and the overall the Christian church is not what it used to be so gathered there's problems of right there used to be like heartburn, you know, guys would be speaking for week banker was going all over a lot of that was not years ago.

Yeah, not the entity in America. My goodness gracious. Well thank thank you. Keep up the good work brother I got I think that Bella talk at the and okay one more question. Question and Goodwin and I think you're like going people hearing conscience are constant is given to us by God or is it part of Koch I see a face like that question all concerts as part of her mate because we are made in the image of God. And that's the scent of right and wrong and morally moral propriety. This is something that belongs to God because he himself was perfect and holy, completely complete and so he would made his image and we anticipate them with those attributes article the communicable attributes he loves. We love, he hates we hate.

He thinks we think the attributes of God can come to us, but we don't express them perfectly suggest we have a conscience, not consciousness, like sentience but can't write insulin, which is part and parcel what we artists why unbelievers have consciences as well, but the errors is enslaved to sin and only the Christian who is redeemed and regenerated midmorning can be new creatures in Corinthians 517 they're the ones who have a conscience that is enlightened by God's truth. Okay. Okay great yeah yeah very good. Thank you, Matt.

The Lord, I meant what I was going to die anyway, I am after realizing okay. Alright, let's get to kill the little airline he wants a portion which I love talking about. I was to call back or so would call back in talk about it very much against it love to discuss it Alberta from Savannah, Georgia. Welcome here is Leslie why the cure to convey directed on okay what I'm getting what I get up again, and on national TV if it got that limited yet small little church and state. What can happen in the national TV that we may wake your ass taking time cannot happen.

Speaking in case. First of all, there are people who say that the charismatic gifts. The sign gifts are done and I don't agree with him. I believe they're all for today and that it continued that the church has access to all of them but doing on national TV would be in inappropriate use because the Bible says enforcement is 14 in the context of exercising his gifts and must be done with wisdom and be very very careful before the unbelievers, lest they be stumbled and solicitous distractions are enforcement is 14 so a lot of people don't believe the gifts are there and are difficult to maintain their difficult to work through and with and they generally manifest in the expansion of the gospel and since the Christian church is not expanding the gospel here in America is just it's atrophied. It just opens the church up and basically that's it, then there's no real need for the mover. The charismatic aspect of God's work in the hope of the Holy Spirit, they are in Third World countries and second countries with her trust in the Lord a lot more and and things happen. So I think that's part of the recently we have less access her last occurrence of them, but we do. I have seen on a least a stupid moron wacko preachers on TV who will speak in tongues, to each other you know, and that yeah that's that's just it's just tragedy to see such stupidity from these basically schools so that helps or not a question. What it will mean nothing.

Unbelievers know that they are – not you got not. I say can't blame a guy will okay guide you manifest yourself.

This labeling only in local church.

You can now national TV on the Geico duly wants to do that, but I got freedom of God will play. The question is how tightly we have a spring back. I got carefully to the sea has to happen this way just doesn't work like that and God moves it to the spirit. We aren't the ones who just summoned God and summon these gifts to say this is wants me now to speak in tundra now. None of these are things that God uses to expand his kingdom and bring bring glory to him how their use of the pipe and so that's going on and and because so many people don't study biblical theology. They don't know the stuff in America horrendously bad choices okay with a program fitting Italy will face whole hand knowing. Dan will no window pop up and out of the chair and the preacher preaches a 30 minute all okay and that got to go to a concentrated and 80. Even the preacher preaching without worshiping and get back to Virgil work in the church talking about because I don't see Comment just talking about experiences. Those are hard to execute it with. Then we get a break so long. He went on got left already. Folks, three open lines 87722276 we Matt slick. Why call 770-7276 charismatic sling of the show.

What you call rights lines 87720776. Let's get to Jason from Clinton Utah.

I welcome your on your I got quite kind of a new create on it, and amount. Mormonism kinda marks good.

Got me they had a great creek and unchristian that they greatly celebrate you… Okay not to ask you a question that you may not think it's related to this nasty okay not using the new Christian cycle know how much you know the say you and I were missionaries someplace in the country and were hungry and we see a temple to a pagan god on a hill and underneath that held the bottom of the hill as a marketplace and are selling meat that has been sacrificed to pagan gods in that temple could can we eat it could buy it and eat it quite that a white candle eat what would you say are we able to eat it know like yeah yeah not God will okay hold the answer is no. Know what you understand is that in in first Corinthians 10 it says eat anything that is sold in the meat market without asking questions for conscience sake, so he's he saying Paul the apostle sings. First, it is 1025.

He says you can do that you can eat it says it out for the earth is the Lord's and all it contains. If one of the unbelievers invites you and what you want to go eat anything that is set before you, without asking questions for conscience sake. But if anyone says you that meat sacrificed to idols the sort says do not eat it for the sake of the one informed you, and for conscience sake. I'm not your own conscience, but the other man's for why is my freedom judged by another's conscience, so he saying you could eat it but you don't want to stumble. Anybody else that's with the points going on, so Christmas all right Christmas on this unit that Michael wrecked their first printed standings degree through it. Now Christmas so I might finish the refinish entry?

Christmas okay Christmas was is on December 25. The reason it is they say is a celebration of Jesus birthday but he was not born December 25. It was the winter solstice which is a pagan festival in Europe and so the Roman Catholic Church of which is since become apostate, but any rate, when it did was try to sanctify that day ends celebrate Christ's birthday.

On that day that this was the intention, and so now we know that Christmas on that day is a pagan origin.

In fact, the tree having a tree with gifts. Underneath it is also pagan origin. So can we participate in interest.

Yes, it's the same thing as meat sacrificed to idols. But you don't want to do it.

It was going to stumble. Anybody that you know I mean stumbled right but you're free to do it.

You are free to do this a participant because you're free in Christ you're free, but not free to send to your conscience has to be right before God is a guide. I believe I can do this according to Scripture, that is not a problem if you still you cannot don't believe it's a good thing.

This of course Scripture you don't agree with my interpretation, which is fine, then you don't and so this is the idea so can you celebrate long as you're not stumbled by it and are you not stumbling anybody else, okay, but it is the bottom line from ignore – I get the Christmas tree does celebrating Jesus birthday is not that was done in the in the New Testament thinks people started doing it is wrong to do that something is wrong doing and where crosses around her chest with chances at wrong know it's not wrong either. Do we have freedom in Christ. If your new Christian may not understand this, we are free in Christ were not obligated to follow certain laws that then means were acceptable to God, you are free to do these things begin to make sure that you don't do them and sin in the process now in first Corinthians 8879. However, not all men have this knowledge but something accustomed to the idle until now. This, of course, express an idol in a conscious being week is defiled, but food will not command us to God. We are neither the worst. If we eat. Do not eat, nor better if we do but take care lest this liberty of your somehow become a stumbling block to the weak. Let's first Corinthians 8729.

That's where you need to focus you have the freedom to be able to celebrate Christmas but you don't want to stumble anybody in the process. And so in my house were to have a Christmas treatment have gifts and stuff like that was no problem. Okay, I did a lot. I got my aperture at about the COBIT brought so like I know there's a lot of lot at the you know not to take in people ordained by reading they get so it if you know that it comes from abortion 89 at A different story had the quick I thought I'd let you know all developed with work were tested with aborted fetal journal okay but not being that being that way like I did everything like everything often at night like you going out like 1/3 arm like Outlook very little doubt that if I like that one theory with the working 80 is that good enough for the date. No, it's a common yes it's a more complicated issue that people might say because the aborted fetal material from what I understand is cloned material from a previous abortion that happened years and years and years ago and so there's ethical questions attached to this. Can we use material from the sacrifice of a human being particularly defenseless one in the womb and so that we get into the issue with call the Nuremberg of this on the secular side of things. Nuremberg code was developed in 1947 to try the Nazis you don't have the right to experiment on people you have the right to defer to benefit from their pain-and-suffering. This is the basic idea and I agree with the principles in the Bible we are to learn to do good. Seek justice reproves the ruthless defend the orphan, plead for the widow is Isaiah 117 and is lots of verses like this in the Bible that tells us to defend the helpless not to sacrifice them so that we can benefit and so it becomes an ethical issue now with Christians. Should we can we take of vaccines that were developed and or tested using human fetal material. This becomes a question that needs to be discussed.

A great deal. Personally, I what I resist that. There's also the issue of personal freedom which the Bible says that we have responsibility and the government is being draconian and oppressive in its demand that we inject into our bodies. What it wants us to inject when there's no need for it because 99.75% of the people recover from coven with no problem and their antibodies are at least 13 times better than any vaccine. So why is it that were being forced to take a vaccine that has been what's third I got a lot of disabled everything you've done. If you haven't had the COBIT you recommend taking affecting my personal opinion. Just my personal opinion on things medical advice.

I don't want to take it I will take anything but I researched I get when I researched the different one is being restricted in use by Denmark, Sweden and Finland, Norway and Japan because of problems that is causing countries are now some to do the and I have yes I have any will find it out on the American side of news you have to go to the equivalent of affairs in Europe and I found the site and I go through and find information there is so much information out there about this cloth. Masks are only 3% effective in filtering out coven virus that the medical masks that the medical masking of the light blue with Aqua was whatever is worn properly there at most 50% effective 47% of the best I've seen it. If you touch your hand, the upside is now contaminated. There's a lot I can tell you even more that we can evaluate real hunger, not that's all right, hold, honor, or I know, but you break it folks for the lines 877-207-2276 I will give a call to go mats like why call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg walking the show we have nobody calling right now nobody waiting sometimes when that happens, just pick a topic usually run off the last related kind of topic that went through so I think I would do that and reach information coven instance of the research I found from peer-reviewed documents and sites and if you want you to call me time you talk with anything at 877-207-2276 now slammed of the many articles on, simultaneously developing and just so you know folks want to tell you you understand given you a warning. I'm not a medically trained individual, a theologian, logician, and I am not qualified to give you any medical advice, but I can tell you that I am a researcher unable to go into peer-reviewed places on on the web, books and things like that and read through and find out what they say about certain things and equipped them.

It turns out that post coven vaccine, autoimmune inflammatory syndrome is in response to some of the vaccines cerebral sinus vein thrombosis. Also is occurring. These are from peer-reviewed things is that I've got an ugly release news articles later have a release from telling you right now is having to think I'm not satisfied with the length of them and some other things – has occurred and this is your eyes vision problems. Okay, and menstrual cycle issues with out with women has occurred. Myocarditis is there.

This is a major problem. It's an insulin tape inflammation of the myocardium or musculature of the heart, and there are lots of accounts of myocarditis in different age groups and things like that and when I have our own peer-reviewed articles, peer-reviewed beams that date the scientists themselves review them and their peers intercept and you know quote. For example amount among more than 2.5 million vaccinated HCO members who were 16 years of age or older. 54 cases met the criteria for myocarditis.

The estimated incidence per 100,000 persons who had received at least one dose of vaccine was 2.13 cases are 95% confidence interval in the highest incidence of myocarditis which is 95% of 1010.69 cases per 100,000 persons. This with the process. 95% CI I give this ocelot is understand it but the screen would assist was reported in male patients between the age of 16 to 29 years old is the New England Journal of Medicine, since this so there's a certain percentage rate 10.8069 cases in 100,000 people that this one in a 10,000 is okay. The question is located that numbers the permissible and it's fine. People get sick and they die out of this rate, it's a problem Iceland band majority vaccine due to heart inflammation. In fact, Sweden, Finland, dark Denmark, Norway have already limited the use of the journey vaccine over the same concerns so these are these are things you know these are the initial questions I can. I'm researching this releasing it fully document the website I want to become informed on that against vaccines within a vaccine to connection. The people need to know what's going on. But here's the there's two main concerns. I want to support anything that has been developed for the killing of the unborn and so that we benefit from the killing of the unborn RIII don't to me is is sinful. I don't want to do that and the other thing is the control that's being used that the vaccines if you're vaccinated you're okay now you can buy and sell. And if you're not you be punished.

This kind of a thing as oppressive as totalitarian in our karma weekly meeting this morning our guy in Nigeria said that Nigeria just told everybody just let every know Nigeria example that they cannot buy gasoline or buy food or go to the doctor has her vaccination proof now this is bad.

This is really bad because the oppression of telling you must take a vaccine or you can buy or sell, but the vaccines are isn't nearly as effective as natural immunity and the vaccines have to have booster shots widely need booster shots because the booster shots mean that the first shot wasn't that effective. Why would it was with at work while you booster shots welts that that is true in some cases, but in other cases is not because the information I found is that will sometimes or certain conflict. Tetanus need to have several shots over period of time for to become fully effective. That's fair. So is it fair to say that we need to have the same thing with coven vaccine. So I think it is fair but the question becomes will if it's rushed through and not gone to clinical trials like supposed to because when they do emergency stuff. It means they skip all kinds of procedures which I have listed some caramel ready and I have and I will will and if that's the case, the net music shunted through very carefully very quickly without being as careful as they need to be, then you have to ask the question why the boosters there because if that effective and one of the long-term effects of these descent. I don't know and why is it that were being forced, especially when the government so you to do this and then open the border up for the for the illegals. The commands I've heard one reference 20% are infected with coven and limit our country in the middle the night flying around the United States that the documentation for that to.

Why is this happening so I thought in my my suspicion is that these this is all being used for social control again and I'm not against vaccines. You want technical indexing technical on the people take whatever okay care. I don't like the idea of being forced.

I don't want to support board fetal material being used in this. I don't like the idea of government using it to basically tell us what we can and can't do and I don't think we should submit submit to that bathroom having a certain concern with as well. We should submit to that kind of oppression because if we do we lose more and more of our rights. So this is my my ethics. Why am I what I think like this with just two reasons. One bully logged in as a kid, so unaware of bullets. Okay, I think, is being bullied with the other thing is that as the government and the social system that is moving toward socialism.

Socialism needs to take control of the government and socialist powers in the in military so the conservatives, the military who won't take a backseat or been kicked out.

The police force been kicked out so the ones who will comply are the ones who are more likely to do the government chosen to do so. This is a concern and I've seen with the Colts to Mormon Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science, I've seen how Roman Catholicism behaves in that it controls its population are different methods that cults use false religions used to control other people and keep them in line and so I see similar things in this whole procedure. This is why I'm concerned about this one did research. I think there's more to it than just a lucky vaccine thing is more to it. But again, this is just my opinion. So there you go.

This could to Karen from Raquel North Carolina.

Welcome you on the air… And not make people on going on on the I don't think I want that back as he has. He married anybody else not have multiple multiple relationship. Okay, back to back to me spam, you can earn a believer you divorced you so you band and you easily broken marriage covenant is now committing adultery and I would not recommend you go back to them. You have to show serious repentance and commitment to Christ because UNESCO summary a believer. Okay, I'll admit you sense you pray for restoration. If you marry somebody else. You cannot then get remarried.

He married somebody else then divorce her. They got married to you, you can't skip you forgot where I prevent that remarriage believer not canceling. You can two crowns right now you broke the covenant he divorced you secure the injured party, you can break the covenant right right okay so you're free write your free and so you enforcement in 70 read through the chapter in the present context present persecution is that the unbeliever goes let him go for the believers not found in that about she's not realizing they why she committed fornication, and what you doing all the specific Christian and why would he divorced you because as Christian okay if you say you know him and keep his commandments of truth is not in your neurologic first John 24I wouldn't call Christian because nothing if I was facing him and he said oh yeah I have a Christmas is really what church are going to and are you sleeping around with growth and again I found the course of the Christian are Christian, or discipline go you. You did suggest away from them. In that respect.

Pray for his salvation is complete repentance. Okay, I will not think it okay God bless our that's good too late in the morning we light like this on the vaccine issue and the song we understand folks from talking about this with all the stuff I'm doing very, very careful because people take what I say seriously and that's okay but you have to be if you want to read what I've already released on coven and found it good current network CRM orgy and the/covert see the articles. I have a disclaimer letter saying I'm not qualified to give you medical advice is to just for information and you do what you want with them to continue to research this because I suspect that is being used, to control us. And that sounds conspiratorial, but the evidence sure seems a supporting investment. So and that is me just as much as some may the Lord bless you this weekend. I hope you have a great weekend time with the Lord with family by his grace will back on the air on Monday the another program powered by the Truth Network

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