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October 26, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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October 26, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you think about women teaching in books or podcasts---2- Why can't women be deacons---3- Why do you think preachers promote a pretribulation rapture- How can we best talk to people about this issue---4- What is the hypostatic union---5- Why are there so many different translations---6- How long will the rapture take---7- Can my kids go trick or treating---8- What are the arguments for God's existence-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found alive are not born you have questions about Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276, charismatic, slick, all right welcome everyone and it is with C. October 19, 2021 for the broadcasters. I cried a little experiment today just a little bit to see how to how it works. I put the URL for the YouTube viewing of this show is logical to YouTube and don't also put in the current twitter account. The Matt slick twitter accounts. I put it in several Facebook accounts and stuff like that. So you see if the account comes in to see the total count and a big deal were destructive ways to reach out and on the one you give me a call 877-207-2276. All right now if you're new to the show. What we do here is what I do is to call or send answer questions on theology apologetics a defense of the Christian faith we talk about government. We talk about covert we talk about UFOs. Talk about your cold Mormonism. Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam kind of stuff theology logic debates. In speaking of which, I forgot I'm in a debate tomorrow night and so started prepping today. I took a break from the covert research and stuff like that will talk that the stuff I'm finding all my goodness. And so I will be releasing more more articles for next few days and a lot of work simultaneously and release lecture for five at a time because one article might have to link to something else, verification, and I need to produce information that article so it is works like that and talk little kind of stuff. And because all things are out of the purview of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christians have no business ignoring any part of life any part of our society and our life.

All of it is to be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ does not mean we push people around, but it does mean that we are to work to bring all things in subjection to the Lord Jesus Christ, who was the perfect king the perfect Lord to do as Christians, which means don't sit in your hands is due stuff of the Lord Jesus Christ all right forth in lines 877-207-2276. Now let's see look at my calendar with Carmen look at my calendar and see the link is there is not there for tomorrow night's debate will put it up and got the info. I think I have nothing missing. There we go on the debate so let's see what you think. That's right, and will be looking myself and a guy named Taylor Stewart to the Unitarian and I have been debating Unitarians recently quite a bit on the 12th I debated severely and see. I also debated Carlos Xavier October 1 interesting discussion or just reviewing some of the stuff open oneness discussion on what is infinity did that on the tour on September once once so I did that, then he would be doing a lot of discussion on the nature of the Trinity and oneness and do something a little bit different and a lot of thought. People who are defenders of Trinity. I not only defend the Trinity. I attack Unitarianism I go after logical problems, and when did that was severely, I wasn't able to handle that. Now I think he's written me, and I've been so busy with stuff Evan got to it. I gotta go see what he says about that decided he would check it out in the truck by the response, so will hopefully bill to do that a week or so, so busy, you know, I'm almost 65 and was a retired about now right go fishing relaxing your hammock while you're overlooking something pretty. But no, I am even more busy now, if ever, been there so much to do so much to do. I still want to get a T-shirt company going just a little drop shipping thing to do, ready to set it up this people asked but the sayings I say good T-shirts of people that will do it in T-shirts that are project things like so much heresy, so little time. You things like that that's that's truth you know and just about to stuff that way just like to do. Preparing for debates researching call with the covert research is really slowing me down because what I have to do is read aloud a highfalutin material from doctors who write in a highfalutin way and so I read through it and most of it. I don't understand if I don't understand something I don't." Out of it because I don't understand it uses big medical terms and procedures and select I do is read through and out, and they have my tonsil have conclusions and jewelry to the conclusions and uncle to conclusions because it's a normal English. The doings of providing links that what I have been doing is giving my commentary to the very minimal when it comes to articles I have found myself just producing outlines outlines of information like on the deleterious effects of covert and so got a lot of articles open right now on and not one article and to be doing is a countries that have restricted or banned certain code think vaccines and believe it or not, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway have filed cutback and even band which country liquor because of some bad side effects and Japan has found metal and that some of the vaccine stuff in Madera so it's like blow, but you don't hear this in the news and I watch news I hear anything about this, you will find stuff so I'm doing. For example, it's like that. I just do it" in providing the links so that people can go check it out for themselves. Go check it out and using think is sometimes the three" you have no footnotes. I will check on those footnotes. I have discovered stuff from those footnotes.

Oh my goodness, and other releasing it's really interesting. So anyway, let's get to Chris from Austin Texas. Chris welcome your near brother thanks so when you my question with explaining that my background I am opposed to women pastors and elders. What your position is on teaching of women either through a small group setting school or even booking/podcast awesome that that's a good question that she women teachers some UNIX you absolutely women not to be pastors and elders and deacons should be deacons, either by the Scriptures teach and I can fit very well and I still do this again, I'll offer anybody for debate debate me on this analyst could do it, televised or videoed or whatever it is all going out your church.

Let's get some people, let's do it. I missing this for years and I never do anything to debate using the Bible that it was a viable site but nevertheless, so back in seminary, I went to Westminster 30. Matt Sir I Matt I'm not real strong about women being against the artwork.

By the way, does not allow that. But the reason I say that is now kind of like Wesley and in the Scripture not to sleep thinking that this is and so how do you think this man, for example, as long as you a woman is not teaching as a deacon as she could be an administrative role like oh I'm not sure something like that right still be at deacon and I am not arguing I got down jumping on so the word Bjork announces the Greek word for to serve and I could be used of all kinds of people in different ways, and certainly women served in that sense. But if you go to first Timothy three. It says that the elders must be those men who manage her own household well, husband of one wife, etc. deacons likewise must be men of dignity, not double minded, double tongued addicted to much wine or found on assorted game these men for to be tested and that's what it says they can spin it says right here in first Timothy 312. This is what it says. I'm looking at it. I look at it in the Greek deacons must be assessed on dress yes good night God's husband's of one wife woman confit field filled at okay so go the route with a little dog with them.

But what about the places where it talks about thinking if the loan was in a safe in situations in the church where you call a woman a Deaconess you got to be careful because if the Bible says deacons must be met when women or men of one wife are one wife, then you if you use the word deacon for a woman. Eczema comes across. This is as well. The church is now saying the deacon can be woman even though it's as husband of one wife. When he read Elder could be as must the husband of one wife lit must not always mean that either.

So if you use the term.

It's confusing so just say you know this is having a different title that's it. And we don't want to confuse prevalently cause him to do a stumble seminary point back in seminary.

We had a whole week a week long time where the all the classes in seminary were open to the public anybody for the public just come in and sit in class as long as original and only to stand around the windows and doors which evident a few classes and so people from all over just kinda came in and will and you know we regular students we satin and then people filtered in and out one of the things the seminary did was fly any particular woman who was going to teach a class during this week on how women can be used in the church and she of course health of the biblical position. Women ownership and stuff like that and I thought this is gonna be awesome because I want to be a pastor at that time the submittal for the Internet before Carl etc. and so I thought I need to go to this class.

I was going on. Making sure I go the pelt place was packed and I was the only male in the entire class really bothered me.

Seriously, it will really bothered me because a lot of then I believe did not want to be instructed from a woman that I don't but I don't believe that a woman can certainly instruct men no problem, but she's not to be a pastor should not to be an elder you should be a deacon and because of your positions in the church of spiritual authority.

Seminary is not a space church. It's a ecclesia is not an ecclesiastical structure. It's a learning situation so if I want to seminary salesman go do some postgraduate work you want to do but don't have the money in a doctorate, but the seat I went to school and is a woman teacher but ongoing you're unclear is because she's not an elder is not a pastor that's okay I read books written by women sure women have good things offer you better believe they do. My wife does not know about theology in the Bible is much as I do. That's a fact. But I'll ask her questions about things every now and I want to hear her opinion and about half the time she will say something to me. I just hadn't thought of because she has a different perspective and she's taught me things I have learned from think that in the doctrinal sense, but in a different sense, experiential, and relational and how these things might fit in the work which is a whole other level of truth is I value that from her. So don't value everything she says because she married me. I can't trust her judgment. But you know what you got so stuff like that is all that helps. Okay, that helps very good food about appreciate that Matt found no girl necessarily in total agreement but in general, yes, study it refers to three my buddy got blessed okay okay folks, for the mind what you call 77207765770776\] welcome back to the show 20 McCall 772-0776 with Justin Justin walking on air at all. Later date. I'm a big show every chance I get right Lord. But right you. Thank you for what you do.

I've got a bit of background about what I didn't get dated August 7 50 Q now. After I got that started reading my Bible that I noted that the thing that referent thing around. Work winding up with what I was being very lower about everybody believe pre-tribulation rapture all eat, and clearly not what the Bible they going to have to talk about great persecution early date of the attic by market to be more effective, and the rapture.

I guess I have a two-part question are not collected why do you think 330 that that biblical and garden. My question for okay okay why do preachers preach preacher bliss rapture would see that they believe it's not biblical and just teach it anyway. I believe my opinion is not a thorough examination of Scripture and they've not looked at counter evidence, namely, the, the motif of this age and the age to come, and what happens when you examine that and what happens at the end of this age that one thing and everything is that wealth basically that's what I taught, because in America where everything is easy for us, so to speak. Preacher pretrip rapture fits right into our narcissistic way here, here, welfare Natalie start was in a sense, it really is people who might be listening might be going to. May we talk about and read Matthew 24 is a little bit here is what Jesus says in verse one, because he came down to teaching in verse two do not see all these things. Truly I say to you, says not one stone here will be left upon another, which will not be torn down and they said tell us, when will these things happen and what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age that's critical with the sign are coming and the end of the age and Jesus answers and he goes on and on back and read the whole thing. But you go down to verse 29, 24, he says, but immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be dark and yeah it's like the stars will fall from the sky. The powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Then the Son of Man will appear in the sky. Then all the tribes of the earth will morning. They will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds will say great power grid glory, and he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet and they will gather together his elect from the four winds, one of the sky to the other. So the raptor is the rapture after the tribulation not happen until after you got mad that I be at the great part because I see that Greek word translated tribulation is all translated as Bert and I believe that what more correct friendly contact of the Lord is talking about the race first sweaty when you think it's great tribulation of those days will work for Billy art by great UK world that make little more careful though because the reason is because a word can have a semantic domain that means a range of meanings in different contexts and the words I'm impressed that you use a deck that's correct is the work that occurs 45 times and affliction, tribulation, persecution, and that she would also basically withdrawal distress so we can be careful, but still it's good anytime I should listen will be a time of persecution absolutely and also look at Revelation several times all that they like going to war all of them that will be killed during that time while you obviously can't be killed or gone all on the other side you say that people become Christians during the tribulation. When the rapture happens and something that I anybody a sailing thing else is even better because at the end of the ages. What you read in Matthew 13, the week the tears. Jesus says a lot, but I like other till the harvest of the time of the harvest through the reapers first gather up the tears. The first was gathered on writers and Jesus says that the gathering is at the end of the age and at the end of the age. That's when the wicked are gathered, the judgment of the wicked occurs electric. Gather the harvest occurs in Jesus returns as well as the rapture yeah oh yeah I love debating the stuff because the evidence against pretrip rapture is so strong all yeah I that will gain all the lost him. Let's see where the other person, only to go back in here all right can you hear me all right said the tech issue. When I think it might be happening right now so I don't know now I think I'm going to a holy okay will strike that. I think I'm going will let's go to Pearl Pearl are you there nope you were having a tech issue so when I'm gonna have to do is reboot just died out that they just don't care.

I decided I'd reboot something so for back on the air were good.

Okay, so your second question Mike like was that more importantly, glad we held on their own, get a break. All right. Okay will get back to you after the break. A phone call.

All you do is violate 77207765770776 tears. Matt's leg get back because I do think it's important because my question is what people who been taught pretrip rapture their entire Christian life never read it on their own. Obviously they will go researcher, but what is that bad. Both think way or thing to say to them or ask them to get them to think about it and really check into it on their own because many people.

I think her to be blindsided by the events of the end date is a think they're knocking to be here for.

Will this thing I would recommend it's very easy for us and the peril of Matthew 24 Luke 17 as it was the days of Noah.

Socially be the date of the coming of the Son of Man, for they were eating, they were drinking their giving in marriage to the didn't know into the ark, the flood came in, took them all away. Matthew says, but Luke says the flood came and destroyed them all. So the ones who are giving in marriage, and all that kind of stuff were the ones who were destroyed it with the wicked.

That's the best ones were taken when you go to Matthew 24 you understand that tomb in the field one is taken, one is left once were taken of the wicked. I have never had anybody deny that once they've read it and and gone back and forth between Matthew 24. Luke 17 a just seeing what it says to go back and forth. Think of my goodness you're right. So that part of Scripture is not about the rapture of the rapture occurs is for special needs for for 16 following these verses are not about the rapture but the wicked are taken because it looked 17 they asked Jesus where they taken and he says the body is the vultures gather so it's a place of death when you need to go about when you meet and when you go we had that in mind and then you go to Matthew 13, the parable of the week and the tears where the wheat are the good and the tears of the bad, and it says Jesus is in verse 30 that he says on the time of the harvest.

Also, the reapers first gather of the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them up. The first was gathered on the tears as the unbelievers. That's what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 and then finally go to 1340.

Just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be the end of the age. Check this out.

The Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, so this is what Jesus is teaching and it's not what is being taught from a far too many pulpits. So Matthew 24 Luke 17 Matthew 13 took the simple form is Matthew 1324, Luke 17 read those you should pretrip rapture. Such a comes tumbling down. Thank you all already my body got a couple's okay alright let's get to Pearl from Rockdale, Virginia, April, welcome back. There I didn't get a chance. When I wanted to ask you the other day I was nine years very much to sticking family truth that out of what ever shall be like Jesus Christ and I wanted to ask you to please if you could give me a definition of hapless static union sure is that much to ask you little time hypostatic union deals with Jesus and it means that Jesus is one person has two natures, the divine nature and the human nature and so we have the attributes of divinity, the divine attributes of humanity. The human that are in the one person that's with Jesus the one person says I'm hungry and thirsty and I'll be with you always, even end of the earth. This deals with hypostatic union. That's where does one person, Jesus with what was one person with two distinct natures of divine and human. That's it, I didn't know it was. I donated anything a sample from God Almighty that I didn't realize that it's easy. There's another international standard billing cycle. Again, I didn't look through it never could find it. Oh well, there is this website that I know about called, I don't have a computer all get a phone or smart phone no. Well, my website is set, you actually never hear people use that word had to deliver it is close before the flood, that's awesome. You understand, because you're very intelligent God Almighty gave you beautiful brain.

It's pretty defective ask you one thing I can point you in the hypostatic union would you want to know for myself. How would you explain that to me as Trinity coming after God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. But I thought and you distinctly and kindly corrected me and tell me that you know it was not that God was manifesting himself in three different persons personality personality strength persons. Yes, not personality Leon but not personality right and thought that made us in his image that maybe nobody had told me this, but I thought that it meant that he is God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit and that is the triune God. That's correct.

Yet we say the father-son Holy Spirit are distinct persons yeah and so one God exists and has three simultaneous and distinct persons father the son Holy Spirit. So and I will be debating that management affect debating a lot recently. No way I can get it in print on anything like well what you yes you have a smart phone even you know cheap when I'm going to have wild okay you have a landline with a wire six. Well now you want to think you could do is write us and asked for copies of certain things we can send to you the word work Internet-based ministry and so we do send some material out you can order stuff but you have ordered online. So if you have a friend who has a Rhine Internet connection I go on their fingernail finish what I wanted to talk something that I've read, but I just since God created us in three different, how shall I say this body. So in spirit the skull, try, try unity like that. I thought if someone asked me that we could quickly get well I might not like this would be like Jesus would be body. I would don't know.

I would not know that because these kinds of analogies are stretching and they can fall apart and cause problems when tell people this try not to use an analogy, try not to the best one I know is time which is past, present, present, future, past, present, future. But all three of the same thing time. This distinct from each other at the same time is less hello I'll save it to the people use that one quick thing to break in the second or mentor to which to be made in God's image means some theology at your is means that we are made in his communicable attributes, not his noncommunicable attributes that can be communicated to us theologically. What this means is God loves we can love God hates we can hate God reasons we can recent God has fellowship we can have fellowship.

These are the communicable attributes. The reapers participate in that belong to God. Noncommunicable occult incommunicable noncommunicable attributes are he's everywhere where not he knows everything. We don't. He has all wisdom. We don't so there it would mean that the attributes of God that can be communicated to us those of the tower made his image means one more picture God Almighty is uncreated yes it Almighty yes is unconquerable.

Yes, offering this, do you there quick answer to their that he has on. I don't know how to save it, not the author of evil again.

He isn't God the Almighty Almighty saw the uses for his benefit as it occurs to break every get to go to college after call back tomorrow right folks to open lines 877-577-0776 pairs maxillary right everybody who have room waterflood. Let's get to see. I cannot pronounce that moons for from Durham, North Carolina, book of your eight call about all will related matters. This did a lot of thinking about my lot. I approach entry. Not sure you're getting at.

Nothing specific. So how more time with specificity probably think you had translate the origin and like all love the problem that you Bibles are translated the New Testament in the Old Testament language are translated into different Bibles and light light. I know what happened well in the lobby you see the trend you just as nations are bad using translations that you're saying you love. How do you know how do you know the problem about problems in my book about not okay well I traveled traveled also.

I traveled also to Jerusalem, and to the seven churches in Turkey and I just learned something confirmed what the Bible says even in the English so I usually specific. You can just say subject you everything is not who I mean original Jews died, thousands come thousand years ago and their descendents are clear. So these are the descendents of the original Jews.not you. You are you are you a black real Black Hebrews like person that could not follow his will allow the Okay well do you see lights out at your window at night. Just curious if you're stuck in the receipt so I can tell you that you you're accurate you don't know. Okay, it's incorrect. You are incorrect and that right okay so you need to read the Bible and believe what it says believe that your personal preference. So the times. Let's get to Linda. She asked what you go first and who does the persecution that's presupposing the issue of the rapture happening before the tribulation. If the rapture happens after the tribulation. Then the persecutors are persecuting the Christians in the believer through the person of the tribulation and then what happens is the wicked are taken first, and the good are taken new heavens and the worth occur). There and so let's get to Ron from Florida hey Ron, welcome around here right there you are back. Quit thinking about Bible well back when code darted you think holds. It is the rapture like directors and pretty long period of time, but I don't know how long the rep could be close to go to first Corinthians 15 and when it says there is little to tell you a mistress verse 51. We will not all sleep, but will all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed for stalking with the rapture there at first contents 1551 through 52. This is at the last trumpet and it happened to the twisting of an eye, so the clicker denies an eyeblink boom, it's that there's rapture. Okay, so the rapture doesn't occur for days and hours according to Scripture. Okay, great.

You welcome right questions right okay I probably have a million that I live it waiting right now. If you have any question so you can stay on if you want me to let people know we have for articling think there is my brother. Even all of the other kids brought up Kurt you we out the same age.

All came to believe in Christ and then we all got baptized and probably left than a month later, my brother said well I can understand the Bible and that a year later he didn't want talk about the Bible anymore in the Bible to God that you can't prove a kind ecstatic that if you can't not exist. I know I can with one of those beats what you do is edit calculus milking Hill.

Could you have a question related to this, though, that got cars coming out. Really, how can I write there you go you praying to be a good brother into use. Ask I don't start up again and sometimes what God does to do that is put someone very close to death were very difficult trials and they wake up okay but trial or anything on her. Okay that you be there for all right God bless. All right, let's get to Roger from North Carolina. Roger welcome here on the year doing right were you doing my question celebrate Halloween. Well here's the thing in first in first Corinthians 10.

There's an instance of people eating meat sacrificed to idols and you shouldn't do that impulsive know you can do that you can eat meat sacrificed to idols are nothing as not to hurt you greatest but don't do it to stumble anybody else to let your freedom be a stumbling block for anybody else. The point I draw out of that is that there are things that have a bag so to speak. Origin but because were free in Christ we can participate in things as long as you do without sin. So can we go door-to-door tonight when I take my kids door-to-door knowing who I And what I do for living. I think now that you loathe her dressed up in little something innocuous in a little rabbit a bunny but not a demon in unison like that dress up as a Ironman. Of course, and get candy. It's a lot of fun so I don't have a problem with now.

I wouldn't want them to do anything demonic anything.

We just don't is just a celebration. It's good excuse to go out and get candy and stuff and make sure to guard the county don't all do all that we do. I don't see a problem with a lot of Christians.

You said you shouldn't because it was originated. Basically, hollows Eve, which had to do with a celebration time in pagan practices will so the Christmas tree Christmas tree has a pagan origin to December 25 is not the birth of Christ. December 25 as a winter solstice in the Catholic Church, would it did at that hundreds and hundreds of years ago as it could not get rid of their celebration of the solstice will try to purify it by celebrating the depth of the birth of Christ as it was a decent attempt to try and sanctify something the pagans were doing but it really didn't work out.

You can't know that until history tells you so.

These things have pagan origins. In that sense we can. Be careful not to use up too much. Another logic error: the fallacy of genetic fallacy That you have an atheist next door who teaches you how to do algebra but he's an atheist, so therefore you can't trust algebra is called the genetic fallacy.

The origins mean that what comes out of origin is automatically bad. It's not true. It could be, but it could also not be so kind as to which it shall not go celebrate Halloween. Sure thing the church thing go door-to-door with it with them and only have a good time. Okay that was my question okay but right okay God bless all right is good to Chris from Texas Chris, welcome here with that Matt not much with so you know what way a couple think regarding archaeology, but first you said earlier that you can prove God, you will you Christian or not, or what just so I know all I and I write this was called there's different ways. One of them is a transcendental argument for God's existence and what it does is it discusses the issue transcendental's transcendental's are nonmaterial actualities that means is the transcendentalists is for example the concept of a dock darkness.

This table. This and we have material objects that have certain characteristics to be recognized with these recognitions occur in the mind and the things that tie them together are abstractions are called universal abstractions and so table and this is not in a sink single table and such that if you destroy the table and table. This is destroyed. It is something that cannot be measured cannot measure table nests or dock nests because it is a quality that is not tied to the physical world in that sentiment quickly and so what we do is move over towards things like logic and mathematics were logic of the law of identity law of non-contradiction love exclude mental the number to the number three number for these abstractions which have universal characteristics that are not dependent upon the physical realm. And we know that not dependent physical realm because they're not measurable. You can measure hardness you can measure redness you can measure viscosity refraction you can measure things you can't measure the law of non-contradiction. You can't measure the number two so these things are laws of logic and mathematics which are interrelated because both logical or transcendentalists. Now the question then becomes what must exist in order for transcendentalists to exist because of the universe were to disappear transcendental's are still there because not depend upon the physical universe, but another thing is transcendental's like math occur in the mind.

2+2 = 4, it's a process. In my mind, does not process under a rock or in a waterfall and so these these actualities imply very strongly a universal mind. Now this was called. I want to quickly withhold the disjunctive syllogism which means we have to things that are opposites like God not God. When you have the think the thing the negation of the things like two options is no third option when you have only two options God's. And this is a precondition for intelligibility or God is nothing necessary with what is the gate of the others prove to prove the sector will cannot do a transcendental God is verified, that was quick to talk about a break in the market that if folks thought about that one time.

I know that was deep was also led by his grace back on here tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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