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Critical Race Theory and Social Justice Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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October 24, 2021 4:00 pm

Critical Race Theory and Social Justice Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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October 24, 2021 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week Will and Roy talk continue discussing CRT and social justice. The discussion covers the origins of both, and how society views critical race theory and social justice.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the Matt slick live podcast where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol. Brought to you by DAW.

CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, challenging, and take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy with the black and white guy.

We're back to last week.

Discussion we're going to continue talking about it, which is again critical race theory, and social justice as it is defined by the movements that you see and individuals who have written on these particular subjects of critical race theory and and social justice.

So you when we left last time.

Roy you were reading about a paper from an individual who basically was throwing out her opinion and reference to what she believes and so you were you were talking about that unless you think you will article read the name of the paper was white privilege unpacking the invisible knapsack. So we've gotten up to the point number seven last week which is the refresh was. I can be sure this is this lady's position and thoughts as relates to her walking wife number seven was.

I can be sure that my children will be given curriculum materials that testify to the existence of the race. If I want to be pretty sure of finding a publisher for this piece on white privilege. I can go to music shop in California. Music of my race represented into a supermarket and find the staple foods which fit with my cultural divisions into a hairdresser shot by someone who can cut my hair. Whether use checks, credit card or cash. I can count on my skin color not to work against the appearance of my financial reliability I can arrange to protect my children. Most the time for people who might not like them. I can see her or just a second and close not answer letters without having people attribute these choices to the bad morals the poverty or the illiteracy of my race. This is a letter documenting your narrative written in 1989. So my point is this is all one person's opinion. This is much much later than and not segregation. Quite a few years later, guess about what 2020 years after desegregation started so so right 22 years and look forward come today compared to that. What's interesting is that people are still building around this type of narrative response rather than critically thinking like we talked about last show that be in your really evaluating all the facts and making a decision in the declarant path of journey. According to which the first foundational piece should be the Bible before we go any further. As a reminder exactly Roy and you know it goes beyond that the article does that what Roy just read because there is another subject with in critical race theory, and social justice.

That's called interest convergence and what interest convergence says. And again this is not my view, this is the view of individuals who have written on the subject and again who have embraced the viewpoints of critical race theory and they say that interest convergence says that according to an individual who have written on the subject Bakken. The 80s and his name is bail or 9096. Maybe his and his last name is bail. He said that when legislation passes, it passes only because it benefits one group of people over another. Now I want you to listen to that statement really well because when you look at the broad base of it. The first thought in individual take when they listen to that as they say well yeah that that's why we were fighting for civil rights Bakken and in the 1960s. You know, because of things like this, but this is how you can get pulled in saints. When you allow yourself to perch and ultimately grass for the night gets of this type of thinking. Now you've allowed yourself to get off course and so in the second half of the show we don't talk about Roy you know that the Bible addresses racial issues it addresses partiality and we want to see this in Ephesians chapter 2 verses 11 through 18. We're going to see that. But we can talk about them second so all of this. All of this critical race theory doctrine and I guess we can call it dogma as well.

When when we see this it they have taken things from history which have happened and they are continuing to put that to the forefront and wing that remains the forefront of your argument or issue. Now we we it's like a circular thing you start off talking about a particular subject, but when you end up you always end up at race or racial issues, it becomes a race thing and this is why they've identified Delgado. He identified in adhesive racism is no and and every body is racist. You know, so they they have racial tendencies now again when you think about that for an individual who was unsafe and who were in individual who does not understand history of the United States as opposed to indigent people or people who were brought here if you don't understand the history behind that now you you say that sounds good. And so now you grasp it and you hold onto it and you run with it and then you do what this woman has done Roy you start bringing forth an opinion based on your understanding of what you heard or read, or just what's in your heart right, not just what you heard rivet. Also what's in your heart, which could be Odyssey bad life experiences anger all those things that could could flow into our writings and there's no question we seen that happen. If we are followers of Christ. Should we see skin color, no because again we're going to address this in Ephesians chapter 2 verses 11 through 18. We're going to see how the Lord God through what Jesus Christ did on the cross he brought together. Jew and Gentile Gentiles did not like the Jews, the Jews did not like the Gentiles because you know they were uncircumcised. I recall what David said when he was going To fight Goliath.

He he said it you uncircumcised you know enemy basically you so, so he was pointing out that you were not part of the covenant because you were non-Jewish and we have the Lord God on our side who you have sex so it actually went with again when we think in terms of the Lord is fighting a battle. It is the Lord who is to the forefront of our conversation and not race. Now all of a sudden will not only fulfilling the.

The great commission, but we also filling filling those things that Jesus Christ have called us to do as representatives of the kingdom. Folks think about that for this second when you leave for work when you're at your workplace. See, a person doesn't look like you. What is your first thought is a follower of Christ is your first thought or there's white man or there's a black man is a black woman or white woman or is it a with a person knows Christ or there's my sister there's my brother in Christ. Which of those is the right approach. What is which of those once the question should be asking yourself, and I think that's it times only so much noise that I will. It's in process exactly what it is we've talked with in the past is Satan can just get you off-center then you may not impact your eternity, but if you're focused on things that aren't of God, it may impact your neighbor's attorney. It might impact your spouse's eternity. It might impact your children's attorney because if you're not on course and not continue to work for the kingdom.

He may miss an opportunity to share the gospel with one of those people because you're you diverted your distracted in the middle something that you shouldn't be in the middle of an people are watching the LSL thing to watch ice point will so in an and in your life could very well be a stumbling block if we are operating outside of the spirits leading and guiding when and when we do that, you know now we've allowed the enemy to come down this open avenue that we let him in. Just because the way we think, in a course you know I'm I'm just a big fan of all of the Scripture, but one that I course, I called often is is Romans 12 wanting to know we have to have are not mine renewed daily and an course of Philippians 25 says the same thing. In essence, let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus. So if you putting on his mind. If you understanding what the Scripture says regarding racism or racial tendencies that people have stereotypes all yeah stereotypes existed existed back in the days of of Jesus and beyond, you know all people in some form or fashion had things done to them by some race that they disapproved up now when we look at today's times were saying things like this because of sin.

They're going to continue but we as God's people. We have to rise above that Roy got to and if we don't rise above it. Then we become partakers of it which if you're participating in your guilty or as guilty by association and then you would God approve of my position in this particular area. That's the other question would God approve of my thought process was God approve of my actions would God approve the results and most likely this is going be no unless everything is your doings back looking for biblical lands and you try to make reparation with your neighbors and try to be a peacemaker instead of instead of an antagonist or just living back in and create this whirlwind of noise to distract you distract the children stretch family members. It's a crazy cycle folks the British try to help ourselves and you and everyone else looking through Christ to Christ. They, and what we gonna do will become that we learn to read to you.

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Ephesians 211 through 18 and I'm reading from the new King James version. Roy your reading from an IV. The NIV. Therefore, remember that you wants Gentiles in the flesh who are called on circumcision by what is called circumcision made in the flesh by hands and what what God is present to the apostle Paul here to say is Ephesian Christians remember when the ones who were circumcised, which were the Jews. They basically called you out because you were uncircumcised. So basically you couldn't have fellowship with them and they can have fellowship with you solely so because you were uncircumcised you were not part of God's covenant verse 12. Remember that at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise without hope and without God in the world. 13 but now in Christ Jesus you once were far away have been brought nearby the blood of Christ and see that the blessing here with with verse 12 is that he begins to name the things that the uncircumcised or in this case he's speaking to the. The Christian's at Ephesus.

He saying that at the time you were number one without Christ's you you you didn't have Jesus in your heart you were serving idols and then being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel.

You were aliens you you were God didn't know you and you didn't know him because you were not part of his covenant people so that that's why you were aliens, and then he says you were strangers from the covenants again you you you didn't have a covenant with him so you wouldn't know what the covenant was because you didn't have one with God because God didn't make one with you and then you had no hope you had no hope and you didn't have God in the world so there was no hope for you outside of Christ is what God is blessing to the apostle Paul to say to the Ephesian Christians you you you didn't have any hope that wasn't there was no way for you but down but now he's gonna talk about the opposite.

Let's read that Roy 14 1913. Repeat 13 but now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought nearby the blood is a Roy again when you're far away. That means you unknown you're not saying you're not part of, you know you can. You can't be become part of the family but now, through Jesus Christ, blood.

He has taken away. This partiality thinking this stereotypical thinking taking that away and now Jews and Gentiles.

You are one in Jesus Christ, so that could be translated. Jews and Gentiles as a man today. We could be translated this black-white it could be translated as Asian, Hispanic exactly you also. So if you are in Christ. You're the same that's right.

And we are we are all under one blood and that blood is the blood of Jesus Christ.

The blood that saved you and I have now put us into his body because without that we're hopeless, helpless and were lost in the letter, Jackson says I dissent would be a spirit of the results of the Brightman's body exactly sorority to set the spirit reside annually in the white man's exactly exactly we are we are spirit, for he himself is our peace was made. The two groups, one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall and the listener. This folks, the dividing wall of hostility. See see that the Scripture is pony exactly what's happening today and hear God listen to the apostle Paul writing to the Ephesians. This happened years and years and years ago, but the same thing is happening today, we are putting walls up between us to divide us and especially in the body of Christ. If you born again by the blood of Jesus Christ from the power of God from up above you and I are brother and sister in Christ. This is why Roy and I we can come on and say he is a black guy talking. Here's a white man and not be offended with each other. Because see, we understand where we are positioned in Jesus Christ and that's side-by-side absolutely absolutely so so take that verse underline adverse highlight that verse because that's the key verse Roy verse 15 by setting aside in his flesh the law with its commands, regulations, his purpose was to create in himself one new one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace no more Jew and Gentile, no more. These commandments and laws for you Jews and and Gentiles. You know they don't have anything because of the blood of Jesus Christ. He brought us together. Together, what is to get a main unity one body, one body we are unified because of what Jesus Christ done. Don't let your self be put out of your thinking by allowing social issues. The hot topic of the day to bring you out of who you are representing in Jesus Christ. And that's a kingdom man yeah exactly kingdom making the man keep them warm.

That's when you do that dress you allow yourself to be pulled on fellowship absolutely if you're out of fellowship with your brother will see him fellowship well when you out of fellowship again, you open up at Avenue 40 enemy to come in and that's right you start playing some of these thoughts is right. 16 anyone body to reconcile both of them look at to reconcile both low of them to God through the cross, by which he put death to death or hostility and this is how we unify we are unified by the cross through the blood so will if he is put in the hostility basically to death row with Mrs. Boston hostility and we still have hostility towards her brother. They what that means. Roy is we're not thinking biblically right because we have to understand that all of the hostility that's between us regardless of how it initiated or what ancestors have done in years gone by. We understand that these things exist. But again, if we make it the conversation of every topic we talk about in it ultimately ends in this, then your mind in your heart cannot be fixed and have that mind as Ephesians 25 says having amount. Jesus Christ, you can have that mind and the mind of the world was as well because he have taken us from thinking that way and brought us into a new way of thinking, a new way of walking, and a new way of talking, walking and talking ahead exemption. So does a person have peace. This, in the middle.

Oh absolutely, you have peace because see, I've been in situations where people have seen have been all just chaos all around them and then they look at certain people in the crowded name I say how can you be so calm when all of this is going around you and and see I seen people like that when they were marching they were people marching calm. How could you be like this. You got to have some hostility you got to be an and I even saw people Roy who were just eating outside, and as the marchers were going by. They wanted them to partake in what they were doing and when the people who were eating outside the restaurant failed to do so now.

They became the enemy I saw that happened last year and again.

It hurt me to my heart is a social screaming processing. There just it would just try the Mondo business in the dinner there get attacked by a mob say exactly exactly 17 he came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who would say that that's us. We word we Gentiles far away, far away from God. We were alienated from the promise. We didn't have any hope.

We were lost and undone. We didn't have any covenant with God. But now through the cross through the blood we have that covenant and see that that's the beauty behind this. He says he came and preached peace. So if he preached peace to us Gentiles in today. Then we have to carry the message of peace forward and you can't carry the message of peace when you are thinking hostile when you're acting hostile or you bringing up all within your conversation is ending within some type of of of racial discussion. You're not a piece is not edifying speech either. No, for you or for the other person for night 18 for through him we both have access to the father by one Spirit and see again.

That's that the access is now, as Gentiles, we being born again because Ephesians in that same chapter. I think it's Ephesians SC Ephesians 4 Darnay verse four but God, who is rich in mercy, because his great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ by grace you have been saved and raised us up together and made us to sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We already said we are requesting we already have seen this. We do virtually verse 19 for you to read and study all but remember one body, one body of colors. No color though races noted, that's right. All one body under the blood level get piece of life they well we got to want to invite you to couple things come up in the next few months. We got off the strongest former attorney Lee Strobel who wrote the case for Christ. Come and join us February 4 fifth First Christian Church in North Carolina in two weeks will be Chief Justice Paul, the first Christian Thursday evening 6 PM please join us contact the church office. The first Christian like that's a host site have been given information put in touch.

Folks, we appreciate you so much we love each of you will be praying for you.

God bless have a great week will God bless you.

We love you as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible like a Woolworth my way from Bible, the international you probably say well and hop in my car I go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to me with those word options say with the faith. I mean II need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, you know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible and that's exactly the way it is for literally aliens are Christians around the world are part of her spiritual family there new to the faith they want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus but God has been plenty where it's very difficult to access a Bible and that's why the Truth Network and Bible league of teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 Bible is believers around the globe. Our campaign is called the world needs the word five dollars in survival $100 since 20.

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