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Family First!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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October 23, 2021 12:00 pm

Family First!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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October 23, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is joined this week by speaker, author, trainer, and founder of Ingram Management Group, Donny Ingram

Donny's New Book:


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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris use. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network.

Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ once told washing night. Now the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner cheetah call time.

Welcome back, your host the cuticle all doubles today. I'm here today with a dear, dear friend, Donnie Ingram and is so excited to have Donnie on the show Donnie Lamy versus welcome you to the man of show unity grip out of the year.

Well, it's great to have you and Donella just far listeners that just something about just a quick background on you will research and not that not that I might've needed to but just it's helpful because we've known each other for for quite a few years now, but I like what you got any website choice choice not chance determines success choice not chance determines success and and for all the listeners out there. Donnie is is not only as you might gather just even from that introduction of speaker, but an author, a life, performance codes, founder of of anger management group that you got such a diversified background Donnie for over 20 years you've trained and coached people not at all and all backgrounds from from sales.

The sales management to call customer service, personal development, and even personal life coaching. What background you got. Donnie will best amazing and around the country so you met a lot of folks we we better have a great career doing it now 22 years and therefore spent a lot of time in the Middle East, working with people in the young travel different different countries live in different countries and I have found it might echo the same thing and it all boils down to the choices that they make is where they go in life. Well, let let me let me just do a quick pause and ends and say thank you for your service to our country in your service in the military to thank you for that.

Thank you, will always always appreciate those who put on the uniform and and really give us the freedom that that you were able to experience today.

Can't thank you enough for that as well. In it, and as you mentioned you travel around the world. Around the country but you traveled around the world and in and as you said, you gain so much experience and in all of your travels and I want to talk more specifically about some of the things that that you donned in some of things that your will get to some of things that you're currently doing. I know you and I are are part of a dear friend LR go couple years ago put together a monthly call that you and I and Tracy Jones from up in Pennsylvania, Frank Shelton over in Maryland course Al for many years is been a missionary to the Philippines currently back in in the United States near Alabama right that your home now. I am home home in Alabama and they were kicking off the lawn today for a new book. It was we put out well and were were traveling and promote the book and that's one of the reasons I'm glad it worked out to have you on the show. We can talk about that in what part of Alabama do you reside.

I reside in a little town right outside of Birmingham called Oneonta.

Only Anna okay outside letter only Anna New York God's okay and now I want to go out on a limb here and you're the Birmingham area. I know this can go. I've got a 50-50 shot here on this, going on lemon and I want to say you're a roll Tide fan just sent.

I am actually an Auburn Tiger light is all the rest of the interview for the arts. Yeah, I like the folks down there about is like okay I believe you I believe one color of the other is to get pretty serious down there the whole make it extremely clear the code. When I was told before I wear it well when I retired Air Force One what interviewing assembly company dinner.

You need to research your balls and find out which team he fork and that's were here for what I know about my youngest daughter Colby years ago exactly back where recorded preachers daughters a reality show for lifetime. Now it was back in Colby's teenage days and that she was dating the guy. It seemed she had told me.if she comes he was now dad is where in fact we did a segment for for the preacher's daughter show. We did a segment where had the two of them out to dinner and I was getting no kinda grill the guy right.

You told dad protecting his daughter right add.

It seems like my honey would give me you don't give me something to talk about it in offices for television, so we want you want to be interesting right as well. He's an Auburn Tiger fan and his mom actually was like what what I called like the Cornish, the Queen or something or what I call, you know, for the homecoming thing yeah yeah yeah he was like a homecoming queen or something red or whatever. So I so were at dinner in the cameras are rolling were filming right and in August, making small talk.

I forget the guys name, but I go, hey I got. I'm totally serious. I go so I understand from Colby like so your your your role type vineyard Alabama for all my gosh if I had been so big. I think you would come across the table at me know service to close off plywood Auburn Tiger friend Brenda Colby like you really tell is my mom was like homecoming queen all you could have been more perfect for television anyway so let's talk about Donnie a little bit. We've been a part of this.

This monthly call with is kind of all all authors and speakers men and women in ministry, but also out in corporate America and some of the names I mentioned I should say church tremendous Tracy Jones right right heard I had Charlie Joneses was had had a tremendous about a 50 year career travel the world and just encouraging people right in his own right, and then his daughter Tracy took over and and those calls just for the record, I do know they been so valuable and so rich for me as we as we glean from one another. We give each other different ideas what one of those calls every year there is anything special that that you can name the other that the times we spend the thing that were number one from everyone.

The advice that we get you mentoring aspect is been valuable for me know as well as you know dragging each other in prayer and can hold each other up with where we going and then what were trying to accomplish.

This is been invaluable. You can't find that it anywhere yet yet suck suck.

I was typical right it's not too bright and and each each and everyone in their own right is is had, so much so much success from front from writing to speaking to you, even areas of ministry. I know you Tracy, focuses on women's ministry.

I focus on men's ministry at all you know is a missionary has has to bill why even I would say without you know he's put put out a lot of children's books and then you know I know you have you have centered and focused on on on marriage ministry in the past as well as as well as other things. What would you say Donnie is there one area that that you might target essays is a strength for you in the terms of ministry terms of ministry in terms of ministry. You will centered really everything on success in the home you my marriage ministry and couples ministry Charlotte not have done that for years we've done cope couples coaching we call it in and setting them with couples we been able to have couples you know to understand. Most people most couples that we have found they they really don't communicate very well with each other about each other's expectations. Number one, and that Shirley be really good at that of bringing those expectations out because we had different expectations and and how we express love to each other.

They know that that's been one of our key when our strength is helping people understand how to relate to each other in which is really spilled over and everything we do, especially in this book that where can we just wrote with our our sons gnarls is it yeah it's evident that people out there don't talk to each other, especially today. We rendered it just a short story or in a restaurant last night and we are waiting to be served. And of course all my sons my daughter-in-law's grandchildren sister know there so we're waiting for our big table and I looked over the counter you just looking down the restaurant, and 90% of the people were on their phone.

They were talking to each other just be so menial married couple. They just don't know how to communicate well today yeah and and or if they do their sending a text message to each other and there in the same house under the same roof exactly I mean that times have changed seventh day and in the communication is you and I know is always been the key in the Kabbalist you know the font really kind of the foundation of any relationship right it is when the communication is lacking. There's there's no it shouldn't be any wonder why why relationship is suffering. If communication is lacking right now. The fact that the fight and you know it all. It all starts in our home. You know how your kids communicate with each other with you with the parent you know I love that numbing the parents we've got a beating and what we are failing there today. That's why we have kids, you don't know what they want to do it on a where they want to go. They don't know what the success principles are all had a little life today. That's where life coaching is really meal blossomed in the in the past five or six years right just just needing that Council meeting that wisdom and insight from others who had success with an income for our listeners and so they understand that you met your wife Charlotte. She's recently passed and in the course so you know, once again, the oh our condolences is is your continuing to you know because you guys what you guys were together for for how long Donnie little over 46 years 46 years which that in itself is makes a statement is a milestone in and of itself and and I know it when you were together you did so much ministry together and help so many couples whether was in the area of communication or or or just understanding one another and and in the book that you mentioned you guys are wrote how many books together. Wonder how many books together. We so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you a slice copy of my latest book cheetah tale of the ring go to call off.that's cool off.and the ET and make your contribution today. The cuticle will fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today. W.

S. M.

C. The number because you are number one we we wrote a couple together all you co-authoring with each other. We will success in the home, which is their biggest seller in an biggest portion for years we taught a lot of you will just pull together a lot of different things and then we decided in about 2011 will we need read her own book of how it works for us so we did that and published it in 2012 and that's been a really big asset to our ministry, especially in helping people and that it it it is basically you walk him through this 14 chapters.

The first seven is God's principles in the last seven is how this principle should be played out in your life that's that that's good and that's the one call. Success in the home except know so 14 chapters limit is okay so for 14 chapters. The first seven which sums good number that number completion. There are guidelines there is a guy let out principles God's principles and so and what I'm say, here's what I'm hearing from that. So she let out God's principles. But then in the last seven way I would view a glass of a chapters is then the call to action with app without summarizing exactly what I mean because you and I know and all the seminars and conferences and and and you're not only involved in them. You do a lot of corporate speaking and corporate training and and I know you do online online coaching life coaching as well as face-to-face and you do it all your amazing yeah well if you're very good at what you do and so anyone listening out there whether whether it's reading one of your books so others. This particular one about success in the home or or even outside of that working to get to the very here shortly. The very new one that that your launching and is your ability to to speak into the lives of others, and again for me. Like being on those monthly calls with with with you and and Al Tracy and and Frank is been invaluable for me as well. Just gleaning from from your knowledge and your wisdom so anyone in connection with viewer sits in one of your seminars is going to walk away with with value but I say that to say this to that. It's one thing to give a bunch of get out about your knowledge. What I do these in the manner, conferences, and the man camps that that Lex Luther and I facilitate is we want to give you information we want to give you knowledge but we also want to give you a call to action.

Right it's you can't just want to sit absorb you want to go out and take action with what you're what you're learning or what you're hearing right exactly exactly. And so, so you you so you've got those books and I know you've got, but let's go ahead and let's talk with some of the other books leading up to the most recent launch to tell us about a couple the other books that you've done something about what we did and we did one person was winning the battle, and that just talks about the actually it got principles and in layman's terms. We don't give Capt. burst but it's how you actually achieve success in your life because you know everything the battle today in for most people in the only battle it continuously and that you know we won't hit folks navigate. That's why we wrote the book to navigate. I wrote this, but for the corporate world I had and I started traveling and training on that with the financial services group and they they just took it to heart and sent me around the country talking to bankers and financial experts about winning the battle.

You know how to deal with customers how to communicate to them. You know what that build and maintain the right attitude and those kind of them is simple stuff that you know people just did not understand and did not grasp it to go to the to the level that we tried to teach take as we talked about your military career in your worldwide travels with the some things you learn Donnie through through your military career in those travels that have really kinda led to know not only offering these books and in traveling and speaking the things that you share with the listener or or things that the reader will will learn from from experiences that you had from specifically from your military career yet. You'll a lot of it. I relate back to my my 22 years in the Air Force and in working and living in different countries.

Before you know people are all after the same thing. But the thing that people grasp is how that my experience casino people relate the story. And, I like to tell stories. Especially you know the real story that happened to me that actually brings that the principal people can relate to that they can put himself in that picture. And when you do that, they're more likely to walk away and use that principle behind and in employ that in their life.

So that's what we'll that's the one thing that has has Kenneth that my ministry apart in my training actually apart from other coaches using because of a young 22 years.

Air Force 20 years in the financial industry, healing and teaching financial experts around the country that has helped me to understand and actually to relay the people exactly how this should be employed soon we we talk about a simple thing like attitude. People don't grasp the power behind attitude and it is extremely powerful it is, is that and in fact it's interesting what I'm hearing is is even though I think about the 30 countries. I've traveled to you've been to a plethora of countries that even though people speak a different language and and in some cases at the core.

I guess you and I could probably say at the core.

People are kind of all have the same needs. Don't think exactly exactly and and you know you it's in situ. You mentioned you mention attitude right.

One of things course and I try to put out every day and on social media and just out to go to the pub 100+ and on and on group texting that I try to do my best. I know you do to you to just it was just one little nugget that that may make a difference in what I posted today was one small positive thought can change the direction of the whole day right yet they cannot hear that today with all my list and I appreciate a guy that's what we we learn from one another. Right. I learned from you your your learning for me were were just gleaning it almost makes me always rise me, but of the Scripture believe in Proverbs 2717 as iron sharpens iron, so one man serving as the countenance of his friend right that's it will tell us in. Don't tell us about that tell us about the new book that you launch tells about that come from a different aspect a lot of the same principles, but you know, I've been working on trying to produce this book for couple years and after my wife passed my I was sitting in the living room with my middle son and he and I were were sitting there weird is kinda contemplating and then praying and then thinking about you know what you want to go from here.

God and God showed us right then how to write the book that I wasn't supposed be the only author that that the three boys and their why this was to write a chapter they were to take a prince by God's word explained that principle in and use Charlotte's life to show how that principle is lived out and so that's what they need and I contacted them all. They all jumped on board and they are there. She got it so excited about it. So we put it together in a short amount of time really, basically four months from the time due to the publication until it's the art out there today so will you know that that book has the we call it real freedom and basically what we're talking about is just kingdom principles actually is is is is what consist of, but you so unit is just is just kingdom principles that lead you to a live joy and fulfillment in eternal success and as my wife showed a legacy of love, a legacy of love it so interesting associated that here's an interesting perspective. So for all the listeners out there so so book that you collaborated together is not just you writing the book. This time you collaborated together with your sons and and their wives all bringing a a different perspective on guess into the table that for the reader will get will then it so it could it could perhaps speak volumes to two many different it is there an age range are a target that you think people could benefit from this newest book, not really think late teens to grandparents know that I don't think it's too good. It's never too late. In order to do the right thing and I do not have, but you will. We know that really well right now. I just think in the earlier that you can get a grasp in an earlier that you can employ those present in your life. The greater own experiences you have, the greater success you can have in this life and that's that that's good. I just like the four of the whole format of the whole thought process behind it bringing everyone's in bringing different perspectives in there that that can teach and write at the end of the damning freedom, wholeness, health, healing right can you know all for all factor into that joy that peace that we can all walk in it and it and so I think that's that's incredible perspective and then you factor in a likely set the and you factor in the legacy of love that that your bride of 46 years and not only instilled in him within the boundaries of your family but but that I'm sure anyone who came and in in touch work or cross the path with her all the things that we have learned since she passed.

I think her dad had more effect on people than her life. Although she touched thousands and thousands of people we have found out and got stories that we knew nothing about. I got a call from a young lady in California who said I would not be here today if it had not been permit Charlotte when I was in high school and that and then today she's 42 years old and then she said I was going to commit suicide because she had such a bad home life and that is going out of it and she said Ms. Charlotte found me and because she was friends with one of my sons and she said she talked me out of it and I've had it. Nebulous career and a wonderful life and I would not have had that had it not been for her.

Wow, that's just what one is and it will have one of many. Yeah such essay sounds like one of many many stories and of of of who she's and Pat, who she impacted in and you bring up an interesting point here. We got just a couple of minutes left on it but you bring up an interesting point here that not only cannot can our lives impact people while we are living, but how much the greater of an impact, especially as as an author who is know we pass this life onto the next year. The books that we've written you know this does stay behind, but they can continue and those stories can continue to impact lives for generations. Right right right well that's that one want one thing the key that I want to want to understand the information is out there and sometimes sometimes people don't grasp it fast enough or don't grasp it holy and Charlotte and I made a decision in the early 19th will run after we came back and the 20 20 January 2020 with my decision to you success in the home away so anybody who wants that book.

They'll just email me at Donnie and that's done it with a I will send him down a free download of that book okay that just leads right into into before wrap up the show. You're just how how can people get the get this newest book, how can you get your other books and is or is not Amazon is a website tell tell them how they can be a big hit it on Amazon. Most of the books on Amazon. I givethis new book today that they launched this morning at six unit for a dollar 99 and it is. It also has a free book inside of it.

Call titled leading with purpose that they can get but this is a dollar 99 that I can get this this book today will likely put today and tomorrow will be a dollar nine and then is going to go up, so I'm hoping it that everybody would get it. We want to live through the medium.

Micah become a bestseller, but the real key is we want to get after the touch people's lives to change them. That's awesome and in and in and give you a website. Donnie like 71 corporate want to come to you speak what what your website no send an email or a website that will let the website I'm sorry okay yeah Islamic to the metal Donnie with a Y deal and NY. Yet the Donnie and then in the course. The other was your email address will. But listen, it is been such a pleasure and an wish to be praying about the success of that block in such a pleasure to have you as I appreciate you taking set some time aside on on your on your launch and and I know that that books can impact a lot of people's life, as well as all the other books that you've written so thank you pleasure. Well Donnie and him and the thanks for tuning today to two. It's time to man up. Thanks for tuning in to the map show.

God bless and see you next time when I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with less liver and I am pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. Will send your manhole with God godly husband's and God you give them your blessing them.

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