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It is About the Nail After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 23, 2021 12:35 pm

It is About the Nail After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 23, 2021 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on being a nail in a sure place, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from "Friday Night Lights."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network masculine journey time. So sit back and masculine journey starts here.

Welcome masculine journey after hours talking about a topic today that you dislike you need to explain what really talking about some unsure. Sure sure about a nail in a sure place. Yeah, exactly. Someone ensures that he could be more sure I'll help you nail it. The topic is a nail is your place and go from Isaiah 2223 is I will fasten him as a nail in the sure place and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house there is talking about the places in life.

More so that you find yourself and could be a God ordained place, but you may or may not be real happy about it. You you we always father.

We always think that in this Christian life is everything to go be glorious and wonderful and I think it was said preshow that this is a need us over near Burlington which we determined thoughts are in relationship to hear it's over that way does outweigh its ease east of the lake.

There is a difference a household average director except no clips from that not but just got a what yeah Harold. Also, I noticed away just outside just outside just outside so the letter user talk before the other show about if you go back and you you ask.

I think a lot of the people in Scripture. Do they feel like they were in a sure place at the moment they rented like the answer be no a lot of times they can be sure with God. It's a separate thing in us were talking about, but to have their what's going on around them to be a place where they feel comfortable before they felt certain of.

That's not the case.

You know, and in most places Abraham going to new country, but uncertainties he made the travels to Raburn at the time but yet you nonself you have all this backdrop of uncertainty in a and and that's typically what life is there's a lot of uncertainty to my go to a clip from the movie Friday night lights is not the most uplifting clip what you have going on here is you have a football player high school football player is in his junior year.

I think at this point in the in the movie and in the TV show any blows at his knee and is from the inner city and it was his way of getting vision for his family. As data taken off provision for his mom, and he's going to make the processes that pro scouts are looking at him, even in high school in a talking time. By choosing a college, all that kind of thing and then he hurts his knee and so his whole goal is to get back to the life that was a sure thing for him and soon you listen this clip he runs into a doctor that tells e-news he really doesn't want to hear and at the beginning of it you'll find this is Texas football so it's a big deal down and in Texas and still is high school ball that the doctors from a competing town Midland.

He says early on, and it comes back to Huntington's listen this clip, but as you listen the sky what's really going on is he's not like the liking the places been nailed to right now so made a play for Midland back east at the end I University Pennsylvania is let it relax give me pain at all is a certain note that hurts your James is there now. I'm his uncle Stanley. This is the standard that I have is Disney and this is looking right through the middle of the looking at right through here is is the ACL and what this shows is that he's had a fairly significant fairly serious injury. Here's where the injury isn't.

It looks like you had a pretty serious injury to that party or me significant enough that that I have concerns about what you can do from here on some Knesset well let me decide with how your knee felt when I examined it and what I see on the screen. The things that you do well with reason you're great is that you can run and cut and hammer people and you don't hesitate because you got a solidly when you don't have this ligament.

You can't do that sort really out of the question is not without this necessary.

He said three weeks three weeks is up and I'm ready to play understand understand. But again without based on what I see when I feel you need examine a what I see you you really can't play with this economy I can't play I'm going to play what I want is ready to play this into me. I want I want what's best for you and I are on the same page.

I want you as this is what I recommend is what sounds like me some little bit but I think that's what you're hearing from him. His former grief right into going to throw the stages anger and denial all those kinds of things and he can get to the place of acceptance for our journey is not a lot different, but there's a lot of things in this life to to grieve over whether that's relationships or finances are employment you, whatever that may be.

There's plenty of opportunity and we still have to go through that cycle it to get to that point. At some point of acceptance is worth a point of acceptance that's like in turn to God's okay God what you have and here assuming I like where Matt you have me here what now is shaking head again, rattling Harold S of I think the key is that we should always keep in mind what Isaiah said about God's ways been higher than our ways and his thoughts are than our thoughts. We can't understand things that he understands so if we're in a situation that we don't like when they do, think about whether or not it may be good for somebody else and that we just got to endure it until it changes nothing about Job. A lot of the time that he never gave in to the friends quote unquote that were telling him things that were not true. Job knew what was true and he stuck to his guns and God came on the same and told the others that Job was right and so he one out in the end because he persevered, even when his wife had told him to curse God and he said you're a foolish woman.

So I think it's important for us to realize that we may be where we are, not because it's what we want or what we think is best for us.

But God knows better than how did she take that. Did she take that art. I told her so she went off to talk about what you got.

Understanding think I maybe got understand Jim's text sometimes is Jim tells us it is going to be off towing TOD ING was asked what he meant that so I don't really know what that means, I think you said earlier topo copies to look out for the ice towing used to be a cop. I think you just can't overcome nailed it well. We talked about earlier. You know that since he doesn't have his whole big toe, which is scary in a picture they become due's flip-flops and slip-ups between shows it a really deep conversation on flip-flops. They would all be slides that point you know if he comes lives Harold Soames about how big your glasses, sandals were philistine flops yes trademark so that he had a question for the group. Did you know some of the question statement and statement is question initially question what is a statement it's anything of a time when life was tough and you may have been unsure where life had taken you a possibly on-site. You see that God has used you as his nail in a sure place and this kind of personal stories in one of which about four or five years ago I was probably six or seven years ago when the journey began. I was working in a company Greensboro. I was a commercial plots technician. Well my knees and my back began to give out a way to Dr. Romo back and he says I got good news and bad news. Good news is know how to do surgery on her back that it is. What else can you do for limits and so I kinda went into panic mode and God opened up doors in that company knew that with a desk job in your mood in the management and I was on the mountaintop, because this was Mondale sure place. What came to be there because of the way the management shuffled in that business.

I was going. I literally died of a heart attack so much stress. So today is alive. My wife looked at me as we either find another job. Are you going to die of a heart attack. She said I don't see and so here I am thinking, okay, God, you took me here. So what we do because I don't know what else I'm going to do. I know this business under the service business and he opened up another door where I'm at now and but it wasn't a fun place to be and you I went through the things you talked about anger. The grief you know because my plan was to retire from backup. I've been there 11 years. It was invested in this company all of a sudden is like like some I talked about earlier claw hammer begin to rip that things in you.

I wasn't sure at all, but God was sure because you are now here we are in keying and hanging out with you guys in AND he thinks that's the nail were insured I to go a little different correction when you when you said about stories. This one came to mama mind night as some have really surprised me have never forgotten that it is it when I was I used to run the big Chrysler Plymouth storm Winston-Salem and got fired. I want them going to why all that was but I had done a Bible study in the place and we saw a lot of cars and from my standpoint, we saw a lot of success when I left the place. It was certainly a heartbreaker and one of those where you felt the cloth calling out. I got several calls from employees like six, eight months later and by this time I'd started the Westside person Dodge Jeep and I was doing okay and whenever they sit just wouldn't believe what happened when you left Robbie that everything changed that the language changed the way people sold cars changed. It went from where doing this for the customers to work doing it for ourselves and and and you don't even read it because it was anything that I set there and ROI that you know God obviously is just with his servants. Let me just say this to everybody. This listening if you're sure it's got a heart after God and you begin to enjoy those values and end. Even though you're blown it. Like Sam, since I was no angel, and that they would see me scream. Believe me all the things that that you would think you know would be a pourable witness. You know I was all the above. However, I've never gotten over the fact that while you eat. You leave a footprint.

You don't even know that you leave because you're a nail in a secure place because people you you either bring out the best around the people that you're around or you bring out the worst and and with God. You know with you in your incitement and your enthusiasm and I you bring up things and people you don't know your bring down the path of a scarred me, not just being a single white male in this place are this thing that there's constantly this I'm nail myself down and got a wife and kids and a great job and I nailed myself. I never probably gonna leave that next thing you know God's rip not nail out. I'm moving to North Carolina thinking okay I got this job it.

This chemical raw from her own North Carolina new adventure and I don't even make a year in that place kicked out of there because things are just corrupt and it's horrible that I've met three great guys. It works for me there that were just wonderful people and two of them are very godly people and I just had so much respect for me. You know, you think about that little small time I think about what they imprinted on me while I was there they were just wonderful to work with and then you go into your next job and the shenanigans that went on their oh my gosh it just to start off is like a normal everything is normal but then the individual I work for, and the things that he did in the work. His life was and then next thing you know relationship goes bad, there is.

He's the one that actually hired me and brought me in the other things were good with you to see how the all the this the nastiness in this man's life. What's going on inside his own world outside of work, and inside of work, and then cite find them out of their eat.

You just in your nailed in one place nailed another what you either want to rip out a nail. Are you wanted to say no, this is it.

I want to stay here. It's a constant battle. I don't know where the heck to be half the time and then carry them driving in the morning going to going to work at 5 AM and Dr. J. Vernon McGee and Lord put that nail in the final time and said you are mine. All these times I would start at the church and then go out and I just felt so good to be in there, but yet I couldn't sustain anything boom emails. I will learn.

I want to read the Bible, the listener will learn about him. The next thing you know I'm in. I don't care, it's like I'm going and I'm learning and I'm meeting people that I never would've met otherwise and here I am sitting on some crazy radio podcast show with bunch of weirdos and now here we are talking about we talk about Jesus on the radio.

You remember Robbie's that include my favorite ones are your daughter the guy got a Texas and it's like yeah were one of those who talk about Jesus on the radio.

This is, I mean this is great this is a sure place as I can get. And every time either something that even remotely say rip this nail out on site man I Lord I'm really at the computer you have to really rip party with this nail, you need to give Mr. and so this is been something that's, heart lately is so you guys know the and I talked on the radio about before that I came here broken relationship separated more and know and don't tell everybody this, but it's it's been like 10 years and and when Esther first started down I wanted to do. Like most people in that move on, do it. You know this. Go find something to ease the pain to find somebody else from you know I tried that and I tried different things and I Just run into Leica in a roadblock and you know I have. I guess it was a really big nail because 10 years a long time, but through that process, you know, I just know that I would not be the man that I am now without that process and walking through it. It wasn't. It's not been comfortable at all. There been so many times, particularly in the early stages and now kind of understood.

Looking back, what God was doing in. Still, I question. Still, I question this because you know that there's a nail there and you're supposed to be nodule your student asked why you still say when can I get a reprieve when can things change when can restoration happen when can I get some kind of relief.

But you know there's a lot of trust in the Army we talked earlier about Joseph and how he was in the jail for so long under Potter for an all that situation all that God had to do in that situation, so there is a part of just maturing and growth that comes through their there is glory when God's children suffer to to understand what their role is to benefit the kingdom of the plan but you know again I I've not been by any means always. I will not been willing vessel that's been nice you know we were talking earlier about just the fact that when the disciples were told to take up their cross and follow Jesus. That was before he had actually been nailed to the cross. Obviously, and he was Bessie's basically telling them that they were going to have to be nailed.

You know that they were going to have to be nailed to his will to follow him and to do you know his will so I don't know.

I guess there is something that comes out of that that is secure is your face at a place that that good times never would mean difficult times bring out the best in your faith. We see it with Joe.

We see it with Paul. We see it with David with it. With so many of them I wouldn't be for us were saints, just like the right, at a couple stories. One of them.

You might my company in Indiana. Move me down here help start the division down here in 18 months later the closing their doors corporately and so there is a season and their there is a lot of uncertainty is at a house in Indiana were trying to sell which wasn't going well had a house down here was very extended financially and also I get no income is going to become an and so Heidi and I were married at the time and we went after praying we both prayed separately. Thinking back together prayed together and felt very strongly that God was Thomas to stay here and at this point I was really certainly there is can have any employment opportunity anything like that in order to psycho, Wednesday and Thursday but I did get employment opportunity never missed a day at work. At that point.

Fortunately, the more importantly about three weeks later as when Darren in front of the show that's been on the show founder part of the show here, right reached out and said hey innocent in a boot camp in a town that found me on the ransom heart. It's time a lot of hearts website and on say reached out in just a few weeks after we would've bailed taking off and said hey you know which I could do a boot camp and how me years later. Now you know and have a boot camp later that you know God really had a bigger plan in the second part that's right, say, the place that I got the next opportunity for work. I was part owner of the company thought that's what I wanted. It was most miserable time in my life is there is other owners in other good people. We just disagree on how things should work not signed a noncompete military there's no way to get out of there, is to keep my livelihood out alive and in God, help me get out of that situation and it came out really well but what it did for me is when I went to where I'm working now and then at eight years is I can have a really bad day at work now but I can look back and go. It's still not as bad as the days back. She answered using a perspective that I never what I had. During that time it was not a pleasant time is not good for my heart. It was good for my soul.

Right. It was something in that that you and I prayed for a year straight out. I need out of the situation. I don't know how to get out and he orchestrated a way that I get walked out of it with everything I'd ask about the most part must set aside like a giant swells and a missing time raising a friend that's I saw all not yet. I think you will get into my hole flask so I waned you just say that you and add to the equation here in a few minutes left in this part right now is not the first time I've given a lot of thought 2014 whenever I went to teen challenge to walk the walk job amazing house came out really know what was going where and how we are going to make it lower to do in that place again. It's interesting because now are watching. He had me walk away from a job last March will now were seeing where a lot of people are making like there's this opening malware. He starting to allow me to speak into the lives of others in the things that I'm leaving today I got a letter stating what company and had a lot. I had some peace and I wasn't was angry more than the why me God.

He prepared me to see this coming. And then this evening for the radio show.

We had a guy come by to pick a dresser that we were selling and we set out there for almost an hour talking about the same thing. I think the thing within the church and in the failure of community there within that different things and it just he continually even though it looks hard in the moment. Even though it's painful to keep using using the and even now like him. I'm looking looking for time memo like we talked about her own and I truly want to see it through. Like I almost don't want to keep that I want to see what God is going to be on the other side of it. Each time it had gotten better even another I were talking earlier driving and look at the life that the cycles we talked about how it was never easy. There was a certain point after the resurrection of Christ Napster the fire baptism. Things were different, they fall think differently. They were able to rejoice in the prison joy this thing about them.

It could not reach out did not found a God in Christ in them.

They were in the looking for that like looking for the windows, but that paying Scott some point got pressed into her face so much that we truly believe what I'm looking forward to another they're not there yet, but the public swimming. I had a situation that was. Not unlike some that have already been described. We were in Columbus, Mississippi in a great church family.

There did normally but the things that happened was that we came here and I was able to take care of the grade and was in Greensboro all by yourself last 10 years of her life. She didn't have any children of her own. Considering the church and not so look back and see God's hand in all of one, so my one time now see value. I don't know where you find yourself nailed today. I do know that God get something for you. Even if the really hard thing you're going through. God will help you get through this, turn to him go through the stages walk with him. To register for boot camp.

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