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Dr Steve Turley God Mandated nationalism Created Nations with Borders Defeat Communism Globalism 082321

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 27, 2021 4:16 pm

Dr Steve Turley God Mandated nationalism Created Nations with Borders Defeat Communism Globalism 082321

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning into chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping, encouraging and challenging this generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city County state and nation to be the Christian influence and life that we have been called to be pastor great is committed to seeing God's life changing power work in you prayer today or have a question. You can reach us at 830-446-3624 830-446-3624 if your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that same life changing message and anointing to your event again. That number is 830-446-3624 830-446-3624.

Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation, chosen host Pastor Ray you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy and now chosen generation, gray, and a lot of the program. Thanks so much for being here. I do know you have a choice, or you can listen every day and I think June.

Here to Joan generation read a no. Well folks. Lots and lots for us to talk about today here and I'm really pleased to have my next guest with me. I want to start now before I introduce my very special guest by just giving a couple of the Scripture references for for what were doing here Ephesians 511 have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 511 Psalm 9416 who will rise up for me against the wicked who will stand for me against those who practice iniquity, and I would recommend that you read all of Psalms 94 very pleased to welcome my next guest to the program.

You cannot read or find out about Turley and I want to welcome to the program. He is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker and author widely considered to be one of the most exciting voices in today's intellectual dark web and he really I just love having him on the show. Dr. Steve Turley joins me Dr. Charlie welcome good to have you gray great to be back. Well commanders there so much for us to discuss and to talk about. I like to begin with that that last thing that we talked about relative to how the left likes to change definitions change names and and the biblical references for God's own in a word about nations and boundaries and and and how you know how God gave Abram specific boundaries for a nation and yet were told and and we even have churches running around saying we we should have open borders.

We should invite everybody.

Everybody should be able to come in.

Let's not. Let's not have any boundaries.strength help me help me with it but unfortunately after they say anything like that happened on precisely where we caught the whole concept of nation I you know I would recommend now. I'm fortunate to bit of a scholarly journal about be hard to find on the Internet yet to find it in the library but it by historian Diana Appelbaum and she did a wonderful study that found that the nationstate project of the 16th and 17th century, the footwall beneficiary and the West scallion system and this is where you start getting your very set borders and boundaries and the like.

In a world map that was deeply inspired by what she called the biblical narrative of nation. How do you like that phrase the biblical narrative of nation and basically what sheep shows that Christians inspired by the Reformation not only rediscovered the Bible, but in doing so they rediscovered a vision of the world arranged according to kindred on land and nation for the biblical world is imagined is made up of a number of sovereign and equal nation that are then reinterpreted in light of the redemptive covenantal vision of Israel, God, to make Abraham into a mighty nation and and now the world can be seen is comprised potentially of innumerable new Israel in faithfulness to God and his redemption in Christ. So this is what Appelbaum called the biblical model of nation that will have to remember that the very first Nations that were formed in the 17th century after the Treaty of Westphalia has their motto clear radio EF for Ligia Cruz religion whose region, kids, religion, we have to remember if you know with the kind we started to see the fall of the Holy Roman Empire empire with the holy Catholic Church dominating the scene now with now with Protestant Reformation. Calvinist churches appearing all throughout the map of Europe.

Various princes they were no longer the same. No church anymore. One might be a Catholic one would be a Lutheran one would be reformed and so the saying came out with radio EF for Ligia will whoever your print whatever your printed faith is that going to be the religion of his region so Cruz ever region it is that is is religion so ironically ironically the model that we saw. For example, the Henry VIII when he declared he was no longer part of the Holy Roman Empire that night, followed by the Koch, the Scott lists with the French and they were all defined by their Christian faith with Christian faith.

They held and let's not forget as well that the United States of America. Our original 13 colonies were begun and and the separation of each one of those states really had to do with with with the denominational flavor exactly Christianity was the underlying thing that United states and it's so not understand that and and and of course also. We got understand the danger of Islam and why Islam doesn't have a role or or can't have a role because it's antithesis to a Christian nation, but setting that aside, you know, our country was founded as a Christian nation with 13 different views denominationally but one over arcing Christian understanding that united us absolutely in Europe as well. Absolutely. There's just no way around that the decryption sound out of the founding of the United State is absolutely rooted in Christian thought elders with no way around that negative religious freedom comes from Christian ideal of the integrity of human concept of the concert's contemplation, absolutely. Why is it important then that that this idea of nationalism be vilified and and and you why does communism attacked the idea of nationalism will communism is a globalist ideology and globalist ideology, by definition, don't like orders or boundaries. So it is a universalistic ideology that works in universalistic terms. So whether it was the economic communism of the 20th century that looked at the world is made up of the day of a oppressor of craft structure of the bourgeois growth of the proletariat class based term that applied to every society, every single society had a bourgeois and proletariat will the same goes now for the cultural Marxism of the 21st century where cultural categories such as that gender and race and sexuality apply equally to all cultures, all society so and if you find two that there is no way for you to do New York from the so if somebody says I'm all for women's right you know what what is what is the antithesis to that so that we can have a discussion in a debate well from their annual you have to be anti-woman a bit of time eligibility right right what what what.

The only possible way I can to your from that. Well, that's only if you're homophobic and you hate gay people so they work in these totalizing categories for which there is no possible alternative and that what again what made Christianity very interesting. There was a recognition okay you got to Reformed Church you got a Lutheran Christian geriatric Catholic worship we got up and now we can in our best moments. We can have a debate we can have a discussion here, but in because there were boundaries bordered boundaries and borders. You can have discussions but in communism there is Marxism. Note that universalistic.

There are no boundaries and therefore by definition there can be no discussions. Either way that's regular or you're out. What is the reason why you know Jefferson in our founders said hey Christianity is the religion that will be that the preferential religion of America because you know and I said Islam is in antithesis and it is but there were some Muslims that lived in America back at our founding.

We just made sure that they didn't create a situation where they were trying to take America over that right that was held in check assert why I'm sure that there were people that practiced all kinds of sexual perversions in this in the 17th and the late 1700s and the early 1800s, and so on. We know that those perversions existed. Paul writes about them in Roman so I cleaned up with its eight didn't cease okay but they were not given the ability by by law to be taught in our schools, such as they are today. That's reference right very different conception of the human person back that ghetto scholars refer to the way humanity oriented themselves to the world prior to the rise of modernity and secularism and liberalism is a microcosmic piety and so didn't matter whether you are in Europe or Africa little Easter Asian or whatever native America you every single people group had the sense that the world was filled with divine meaning and purpose and therefore every person born into the world was born to some kind of divine obligation were supposed were obliged to conform our lives into a harmonious relationship with that divine meaning and purpose. Even you know it when you get into some really out there kind of sexual things, and the like.

Oftentimes they believe that they get. They were actually fulfilling their cosmic purposes of this report, they were instruments of cosmic fertility in the light and so what we are dealing with today is something very very different were dealing with a modern globalist scientific rationalist perspective that reduces the world solely to biology, Biology, chemistry and physics and therefore the world has no divine meaning and purpose and therefore nobody has any divine obligation department at which you personally choose to impose upon yourself and really for the first time in history and human history are increasingly being told that if you bring those divine obligations into the public square of the public sphere, then you know you are a modern-day Taliban. Are you you are your transcript thing you see that the line between religion and science in church and state that one word. All of our founding fathers everything. One of them had a sense that they were obliged to conform our lives their life in a harmonious relationship by meeting the world and I think the you know. One is I mean you want to look at the scriptural basis for that. Look at Psalm 139 right where he guide you yeah I mean you know he goes through talking about how you can't escape him from a negative way, but from a very positive aspect and then he says I wrote out the days of your life before you do your first breath. In other words, we understand Dr. Shirley and I that we are having this conversation you're listening to this today because God divinely wrote out so there are things for you to get today that you're not getting any other time in your life but in this moment right now. This now is a critical time to be vigilant in the defense of our freedom. There's no better way to do so them by joining the Association of mature American citizens a Mac a Mac is one of the fastest growing conservative organizations in America well over 2 million people of joined now carry the a Mac membership card payment was built by regular folks who feel the same way you do. You're not alone. A Mac believes in and stands up for the values that made America so great were fighting the good fight against reckless government spending and the ever-expanding scope of federal government. We believe in the sanctity of our Constitution. So if you're 50 or over and hold to traditional American values.

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Somebody see hundred is just a feature is spring and this will be strictly Vista Beach is the official beef jerky of the chosen generation ready when you place your order. Your C2 for US constitutions and the US like sick when Constitution for you to recover to cover in the second pass on your friends, family or loved ones go to pistol Pete's and use discount code CGR to get an additional 10% off distal pizza publish order today. Now that's a chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg. Don't forget you can get more chosen and will the nitrogen generation ready on my special guest Dr. Steve Turley. You can find them at Turley talk' that's T you are LEY Turley talk' unit were talking about this divine meaning and divine purpose and I think that's so critical to important to understand, especially right now 01 when you think about where we are and and all that you know you look at Afghanistan you you you look at what the buying administration is doing you look at what happened. The Hobby lobby $220,000 because there yeah they're not gonna let a man go into the women's restroom in their store for goodness sake, you know, another lady and in Colorado that is being put out of business because she won't do same-sex, whatever those things are. You can't call it a marriage, folks. You just can't, but she won't she won't create websites for those although she's doing other wedding websites. My point in all this is is in the midst of all of this you can get lost and and forget that God's divine plan and purpose is being played out absolutely and I mean I think Eric Kaufman, the University of London demographer that I did a fantastic study. Back in 2013 called, shall the religious inherit the earth, and his arguments fascinating. At the very big study hundred pages tundra footnote very well find it, but his arguments basically that's look liberal globalism but by its nature in trying each person that the sovereign individual.

You have total sovereign control of the value of the work over over your life know you like to fish and have no moral obligation. Apart from that which you choose for yourself, including reproduction, including fertility not radically different than the conservative religion and its position again were talking to the matter what was on the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, well maybe not so much food in the still Lutheran in the more popular sense, the term monk's birthday but Islam regarding all of these phase believe that children were gifts of God in some way shape or form. And so they sold the family is inherently sacred. The family was a as a vassal in some way shape or form of divine activity within this world. And so when you compare the 21 says that families whatever I wanted to be.

Kids are great kids are bad it doesn't matter.

You get to make the choice versus one that says children are inherently a part of a divine plan for this world.

Which one you think is going to reproduce themselves.

So Eric Kaufman pointed out that just this factor alone. The fertility advantage among third religionist almost all Gary all but guarantee that the globe is good to be were erratically conservative religionist by 2050 there is literally nothing you can do about it because we find to death. Demographically speaking, that children conservative religious home that tend to retain that conservative religiosity into their adulthood, and the more conservative the more children are having for the Amish double. For example, in population every 20 years in a manner not because the conversions for doubling every 12 every 20 years later, the 300 million but the actual size of the United States, current population right now. By the end of next century. Though the religious argument happier than when you are playing with the family. There are some real consequences. I you know what we don't have enough time for this, but I would love to see an article from you taking into account Barna's research indicating that this is the most biblically illiterate generation in our nations history and yet how based on what you just talked about that gets turned around I I with and and and and folks, it will if people of faith will just be people of faith that's you and me. We can do this. God's got her back to do this, somebody see hundred is just spring water and sewage Vista Beach is the official beef jerky of the chosen generation radio show when you place your order. Your C2 for US constitutions and US like sick when Constitution for you to recover to cover in the second pass on your friends, family or loved ones go to pistol Pete's and use discount code CGR to get an additional 10% off distal pizza publish order today

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