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October 21, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 21, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is there a process you go through before you are actually saved---2- How does Romans 10-13 apply to infants---3- What is the tree of life in Revelation- Why will the nations need healing---4- I struggle with free will. Is that a gift of God---5- What does -all in all- in 1 Corinthians 15-28 mean---6- Which part of the law were the Gentile Christians supposed to keep- -Acts 15-. Does that nullify Leviticus---7- Are we obligated to keep the Sabbath---8- Why was Timothy circumcised-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live Grimes is called responding to your questions at 87777207227601 are pretty good recall no to use look to talk to report to 121 for the broadcasters were listing literally what people do that is the word up. If you're trying to listen to me or you want to go find this shows whatever the big deal for the radio shows, but it was on. They were on still are technically on Facebook Facebook, YouTube, the karmic videos section and we had an atheist who doesn't like my freedom of speech and says that my information is not accurate in risking lives and things like that, even though it's documented and I asked him to prove things and he really doesn't do was anything he just complains and so he calls me.

He says I'm dishonest and even went so far as email to so you my home life. You could just go.

I don't have any evidence as I suspect that you and he just insults me you dishonest in your personal dealings and I'm like who is this guy so what reason rated up is that the big deal is just that you know when one person complains they don't like what is interesting they don't like the idea of the Christian doing Christianity which you know, biblically speaking, the Lordship of Jesus Christ is in all areas of life and let a Christian don't know this though we are to submit everything to the Lord, not just church on Sunday. Everything what you put in your body, what you do with your body of things like that is all importance all what you meant to do so as part and parcel in the front doing this is on is giving information for people there and I today I started my research on deleterious side effects. For the most part, the vaccines are pretty safe for the most part and but there is an increasing awareness and number of side effects that are becoming dominant or becoming was a state evident in the question then becomes how long will they go on and what of the future side effects so this is just a list of him researching doing very careful research and peer-reviewed journals haven't read the material well when I'm telling you what the readers love to learn, so when doing that if you want to give me a call for open line 772072276. Let's get to Kim from rural Hall North Carolina can welcome here from 13 and Luke 813, just all you actually need hurt you, you shall be and 1310 so if you couple that with the parable of the soul.

In verse 13 G so all they they found 20 so that the that the foxes actually at the moment. You can believe in Christ.

Okay, what you doing is taking different sections of Scripture in different contexts with different purposes and combining them and it's a problem when you do that what Romans 10 is talking about is talking to the brethren and talk about salvation talk about what Moses wrote and things like that and he gets into the person work of Christ, and he says in verse nine to confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart.

God raises the dead.

You'll be safe with a heart person believes insults, etc. and whoever calls on them.

The Lord will be saved, is escorting the Old Testament in Romans 1013.

So what is doing is talking about the issue of justification by faith alone in Christ alone and that your believing and trusting in him and this is how your say this is what it is. And of course there are other places the Scripture to deal with false prophets, false Christ's false things to believe, and it negates the idea of just believe people sick like Mormons and Job's with us so we believe in Jesus little believe the Jesus of the Bible believe in it, and different views greeted by their effective organizations that are and so that's what that another the other thing of the seed that fell away worthy of the people the fellow way that's is illustrating the basic idea of just preaching and teaching that summer to look like to believe they're not really in something to fall away that look like they were in but some weren't.

That's all that's going on there is a difference completely okay. There you know not when you save on the faith that is we become faith and management of company but not among you say okay Josť welder yes or no. You see, were not saved by saying sentences were not saved by by uttering the sentence as if as if this prayer to the sinners prayer gets you saved.

That's not it.

The issue is an appeal of the heart to God and looking to him and trusting in him and then what we do is we confess Christ as we confess the Lordship of Christ, that we trusting in him were admitting our sin and then we need a Savior. All of this is a large cut of the ball. That's kind of mixed up with different strands inside of itself. You know you the believe Jesus is God's doctrine of the Trinity is also sometimes brought in there, the issue of guilt before the law.

Repentance of belief knowing who Christ is always a good kind of intermixed. We don't want to say that word save doctrinally with that means it is doctoral regeneration. If you believe these doctrines then you can be saved. Will that be salvation by intellectual awareness. That's not what's going on. We don't want to say that as I like to say but the slick we don't want to say that repentance brings salvation that it's the cause of salvation because an unbeliever can't repent because he's a slave of sin. Romans 614 to 20, but were obligated to repentance because that's what God wants us to do. Acts 1730 but it's not. I repentance that saves us is not a repentance that brings us to salvation and is not a repentance that contributes to salvation. Repentance is the result of being regenerate. God makes this new creature securities five, 17 so were were made new and were able to repent.

This is why repentance is necessary in and with salvation, because you can't be saved and continue in your sin, but we had to be careful to say that what he was a repent and believe it's it's it's a package deal is supposed to repent. You're supposed to believe in. It is a saying it is safe believe and repent good to be repent and believe that we know that God draws people. John 644 and we can't come to him, Christ was granted the father John 665 and that our believing this is the work of God. John 620 29 were granted the act of belief look at 129 so we try to move all this together. The same pile and then sorted out and make it harmonious is not hard to do. It just takes a little bit of time if that makes sense. What I said shall be in the process you will know what you love the there is a process you go to before you get saved to be born.

For example, that would then we have the issue of what about people born who were not born and thereafter killed in the womb about that. Can they be saved will yell within the normative process isn't in effect for them. So we would say get to exist and generally speaking what he's talking about here is as with adults who have understanding and so that's what Romans 10 is dealing with now with infants, nursing infants were around unborn people so normally speaking that the adults have to come to this place and they come this place by the wooing and work of God and then the end they do and they believe in it all, work together okay thank you God bless you. Okay okay but couple has excellent all right. We have three open lines give me a call 87720 say maybe I can 227. Say hello to go and study your on the air, but Matt hi hi you're on the other. Prof. how are you not a professor but I'm okay hanging in there.

So, yeah, yeah, yeah, you are well. I am the chief of the word and stuff like that you so where I sit.

Prof. rather than what I've been thinking about and I was trying to look it up here real quick and I didn't have time to more in the book of revelation it talks about the way of life.

It is then that the lead will be for the healing of the nations. The one I'm wondering is there. It in that period of time if were all will have glorified by why will we need healing well is a lot in here and it's a vision and starts off in verse 22 Revelation. Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and the Lamb in the middle of its street on either side of the river, was the tree of life, bearing 12 kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. The lease of the jury were for the healing of the nations yet want take that literally okay okay you just not we going to do and so river. I go ahead.

The magic units are. I've always been thought and I avoid bearing of the persuasion that when we study the Bible that we interpret it literally nine others some symbolic things and so on so forth. I'm not a learned man that you although I'm trying to learn more about systematic theology and infant and apologetic things like that but will explain that you mean when you when you tell me that you can't. I can't think that literally will when you interpret Scripture you interpreted contextually so the example in the Psalms is as God will cover you with his wings doesn't mean that he has wings, or your word is a lamp to my feet doesn't mean the word of wisdom is literally a light that shines you hold them by your feet in the darkness as you walk on the path so there places where its fingertips. The book of Revelation is highly figurative in a famous place of people go to for example, is Revelation 20 verse one and verse wanted to actually yeah and so it says.

Then I saw an angel come down from heaven was is a division okay what I would think the angel was literal. Louise literally saw an angel coming up from heaven, holding the key of the abyss. Now wait a minute you have a key literal key in his hand.

I don't believe so. This is a good and a great chain in his hand. I don't believe that Angel had a literal key analytical chain and he laid hold of the Dragon which is symbolic, distributive old, which is a literal devil site which is literal thousand years is that thousand. Things like this that we have to look at some very old on the right that lines mostly because 77 Matt Flynn why call 770727 charismatic slave, so called hermeneutics and it deals with the proper methodology of interpreting Scripture. Comparables are different than the poetry of Psalms and Proverbs is a gift of a mat back that I might on my own. That way, like me, that graph in hermeneutic. Well, I would just look up to Carmen and you can look up how to interpret the Bible and the basic principles that are there and go through particular text to show that what people commonly understand it to mean is not what it means. We look at it in context and that's the issue. Okay to minute if you want to take on his left and a short from context and when you do that you switch away to learn and so that's what I think I would suggest is to do that okay okay thank you God bless buddy come bless all right, let's get to Adam from sunset Utah and near Imad my thought sure we got.

I think that I struggle with well my name Adam okay and that that impact anywhere in the Bible that is and read violated the know the we had to define our terms for the gasket what you think free will is what you understand, I actually think that me and that what you're all doing in character. The whole thing about my darting free will altogether provide a lot that we are either made in or learned name of Christ, we saw all the example where a ballgame I got to work late, but to make them attack and logic is free will is the ability to be able to do what you want without being forced then it's not a problem if the center was a slave of sin still does what he wants within his sinfulness center will freely choose to send the list for second. He has free will. So this is a slave of sin. It doesn't mean the slave in that sense, doesn't have free will. I think your problem is slave of sin which is in every well that's not what's going on there is bound by sin, but he still free because he's free to do what he wants within his sinfulness and that's all is going on right side by nature a child of Raven. These dampen and that he sees a slave of Santa hater God doesn't do any good.

Cannot receive spiritual things.

She freely will actually not mentally wanting you are not wicked like my life were not right where regenerate you right where you live at Dragon's a broader look at its freedom for the unbelievers. A circle say it's, you know, 6 inches in diameter and the freedom for a Christian is like a foot in diameter.

The freedom of the unbeliever is restricted to his sinfulness and sinful choices. But the believer can do make sensible choices and non-sinful choices is a broader area okay but I either injured as library will made in current crack okay do you think the word slave means you have no free will you okay that's not what it means. This is your problem is you think to be a slave of Christ me to have no free will. That's not what it is. The Bible never teaches that no theologians teach that either side. The mistake you have is to think that the word slave means you don't have any free will yet to show me that in Scripture because your definition is faulty.

This is why you're having a problem there. If I still them yesterday Jesus have free will. Did Jesus have free will either yell or on failure.

I would think that the only capable of living God cases. I don't think you have that I will yet he have free will answers yes or no. Do you have free will and are you going that they know yet that they know they can help lead That that one, but it is not let your will be done for lesions you have one didn't have the freedom, the free will to choose to do the will of the father right and so I had reacted the way she did.

She freely chose to submit to the will of the father. That's light that that I agree with that. I got back but God thank could not let that take us more complicated. There's a sense which cannot cannot. There's different senses. But God by nature has free will. Right is not correct. Are you there hello I am a real thing that got mad because I would think God is the author will everything that we do it well. Anything that I write good design nice and not die. I said does God have free will is God who created the perfect does not have anything now Scott have free will, at no no not so God can do whatever. So then God cannot do whatever he desires to do God do whatever I will then how can you not have free will. If you desire to be just whatever you do not accept. I will. Nobody can do you ever Adam you are just so confused on what the terms mean that you rightly understand it. In one sense and you abandon the definition as you start talking about it, you're completely inconsistent free will likely not to let because you're not thinking clearly and utterly be mean, but you're not thinking through this not seek we've already established free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with your nature and not forced yet. So God is holy, so he can only make holy choices, so he still free is free will to do whatever he desires to do now is for sale after free will. This okay that's what free will is there any man on the level yes as well.

Yes you all.

People act in a manner consistent with what their nature permits them to be able to do.

I can talk to anybody talk about total total depravity that is not answered that where would this define our terms, our own Adam got the break. This is what her, very right that you have for my 77761 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave, Adam, are you still there Matt right now probably what you need to do is write down on paper the definitions of the terms and you can't assume anything beyond the definitions definition of free will is the ability to make a choice consistent with your nature that is not forced as God is the standard of free will, God cannot sin, because he is holy, he cannot choose to set because his nature is holy free will is the ability to make a choice consistent with your nature. That's also not forced this definition is based in God's nature.

It works for us as well. A person who's touched by sin in all areas of his life.

Total depravity means that the effect of that sent on him is that he cannot receive the things of God first contains 214 cannot serve God because he slave us in Romans 614 through 20, etc. and so he is free because he is a is a fallen nature.

God has a holy nature. The sinner has a fallen nature. God acts freely according to his nature. If the center X freely according to his nature.

God does holy things the sinner does sinful things they're both free and so the unbeliever will do that which is consistent with his sinful nature, and he certainly free to make the choices he wants with it in his ability to make choices to say what he can't freely choose God means he is not free. That's not right. Definition because to say that God can and therefore God is not set for April the capable not to say that God is not correct. I don't arguing that the problem that I haven't click believers that we have to make them explain the believer past explained about the believer situation. Okay, that we are caused to be born-again. First Peter 13, born again, not of our own will will of God. John 113 made new creatures. Second print is 517 were indwelt by God.

Romans John Knight for John was verse my head, 14, 23 work were indwelt by God. So the thing is that he is living in us and we are born again. No one knows exactly what this born-again thing is with the Scriptures teach that we are indwelt by God were no longer slaves of sin because there's been this born-again experience within us that means than the Christian because his eyes are on Christ and his works are filtered through the work of Christ ultimately then we can, so to speak, do good works. Those things pleasing to God. An unbeliever can never do anything pleasing to God and for the reason is even a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness that you can't do anything pleasing to God because the in order for something to be considered good. It has to be based on the character of God as a standard in the mode of the motive has to be ultimately for his glory and has to be worked through the person of Christ.

This is what makes something good based in God's nature, not ours. This were the cults fail, they think that we have this ability in ourselves to do good things in their realtor humanists and that is a theistic kind of a philosophy or imposing so understand is once were born again. The Lord indwelling us sinners. This notice is presence of God in us, and so were no longer enslaved to sin though, we can still send. We can also not sent in our actions where an unbeliever matter who or what they think they are, they can think believers like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses with her. Ultimately, never doing a single good work because they don't have the true God, the true Christ of the true reason for what they're doing and so this is why unbelievers can never please God is whether slaves of sin. We can do no good, etc. Romans 310, 11, 12, says it's in. This is the ultimate reason for you will.

Free will can't and it free will is always constant consistent if you define it as the ability to make choices consistent with your nature that are not forced upon you. That's it. Dollar nature of nature like to write on map or an outbreak that out of all of nature.

But God not on their own and blinded them. And if you might will involve only way way way out that Matt Whitley will not hold hold up you understand you think free will means no man can influence you, look at you and I are having lunch together and were sitting in a restaurant that is a window to my right and your left and I want you to look to my right. I want you to look to your left.

I point out the window and I think what the heck is your turn your head and you get a look I've made you look but I didn't violate your free will. You freely chose to look so don't I won't. So don't think that God forces people in the Bible says in Proverbs 20.11 moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go. He confused. He directs us. Our thoughts are ultimately under the control of God and yet were free.

Jesus is God in flesh, God is free, Jesus is free has free will.

And yet chose to do only with the father had him do you freely submitted to the will of God is completely free and that that's what free will is we all have it, but the unbelievers free will is restricted to sinfulness the believer's free will is expanded to include non-sinfulness that we can go back and forth between okay right but I think that I might fellowship very well but I appreciate you thinking I'm not will feel free to call up anytime okay buddy okay I will end up going to Condado and I love that I love you back.

All right, let's get to Junior from California Junior welcome your on the on the air, but I don't it's going this again.

I could hear if okay alright met with that question is regarding our first Corinthians 1528. Basically, the latter part with, that God may be all in all the way I'm interpreting is basically at the end the conclusion when I get done subject and talk to the father that the father may be all in all.

That didn't mean that that basically the focus will shift Christ to the father that with that while I said this before the year not exactly sure what that phrase God may be all and all I I don't know what exactly needs but I can see your eyes when looking at the context when all things are subjected to him to Jesus than the son himself will also be subjected to the one who subjected all things to him so that got a be all in all. In that context it seems to me to hit towards the idea of the Trinity. You can understand Jesus second verse of the Trinity became man for us to nature's divine nature and human nature called the hypostatic union and in that status he's under the law. Galatians 44 now.

He died when you've died your free for the law. Romans 74.

Now he's exulted in his glorified well with his death. There's a new covenant, the covenant will get into it you much Roman of a Hebrews 8 Hebrews 9, but in part of all of this, Jesus is forever going to be a man because he under the old covenant.

He had to be made a priest to be a high priest sacrificed so in Hebrews 5, six 2725 it says the high priest after the order book has a forever lives to make intercession for us. So I read first, it is 1528.

All this is in the back of my head. I'm thinking, all right, we know that everything subjected to Christ because Christ according John five 2223 has all authority given him by the father and the son be subjected to the one who subjected all things to him to what I think that means I suspect what it means is that in his human state which you will retain forever, and as the eternal high priest to be so in a place of subjection in that sense, to the father because for the before the foundation of the world. The father was sending the son, and he and all people are chosen in Christ was called eternal son ship Ephesians 14 in this continuing on into the future as well because in the state of the son ship.

We are redeemed as Christ is still a man and divine forever accorded the audible Catholic is a high priest, and I think that it was subjected to God that the think and somehow in their the phrase God may be all in all mean something related to all of that learning okay but that's what I think Missy okay I have one more question. Basically we don't hear it at the right hand of the father of spiritual being up there and on the right hand of the father. Jesus physical Jesus is physical right now is holes in his feet in his hands.

Plucking the space between the crucifixion okay okay I will bless folks lines 877207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave. I'm doing all right and in their recovery.

But that centered around pain.

Okay. And I'm wondering if you think that the Jerusalem Council right like there is unbelievers among the among the Pharisees and everything that you had to be circumcised physically in order to be saving the Gentiles their things to the Gentiles.

Of course, you need to be circumcised. Need to keep the law, the amount of, and that the apostles and elders are gathered together, and they debated and Peter finally stood up and was basically like, why are you putting a date a guilt on her neck like a burden that are that our ancestors but we haven't been able to bear basically saying you know we we believe that were state your greatest by faith through Jesus and they sent the brothers out to Antioch and do and deliver that letter to the Gentiles. They are basically saying they were from idols sexually morality. They were a from my thought that's been strangled and from drinking. But like before big things that they said not to do so might start going on Kansas by long story short, my question is do you think that verse and itself nullifies the book of Leviticus, like all those laws are God gave you to understand that there's different laws in the Old Testament we have the three main categories of the law, civil judicial which is civil judicial the moral and the priestly so we have the judicial stuff where don't move the fence post this long but move it over here do that you have someone do something wrong, you know, in that respect judicially, then judgments are made. There's a moral law. Don't lie. Don't steal the priestly law high priest must cleanse himself before he enters the temple, etc. another judicial law was under was called a theocratic system you'll find in the, the Old Testament and every article on this on car, say the sons of Israel, don't do this this and this and then to to everyone this this and this. So even in some of the laws that broken up that are applied only to Israel and some to everyone else so the issues of the citizens of Israel like I forgot which exact references will be funded pretty quickly here. But let's find something, say to the sons of let's see if it comes up quickly. Anyway moral law is just changed how I'm doing searches on his new setting. So it's not like what I thought would be.

Nevertheless, this matter. So the thing is a hill say certain things that are only applicable to being under that law inside of Israel that are aimed only at Israel. Now when the New Testament is is recording with recording can understand and he was a 13 Hebrews 915 to 16 it says that the new covenant is instituted with the death of the testator as Christ.

When Christ died the Old Testament covenant is done away with and I can't say that is not done away with because of certain aspects of the covenant that that remain to us now, but so much of what's in that Old Testament covenant is abrogated by what's revealed in the new given new covenant in the moral law is still in effect and it's reiterated in the New Testament all the 10 Commandments are except for the Sabbath know where to submit to keep the Sabbath in the New Testament, and so the priestly law is fulfilled in Christ. So it's not necessary when assessing the sons of Israel do this this and this. That's the nation of Israel does not apply to us so and in acts 15 what's happening is they're trying to figure out something and it does say it seemed the good of the Holy Spirit. Acts 1528 there trying to understand what is the right thing to do and say. And so they're not nullifying Leviticus because Leviticus has a lot of stuff in it, not just the idea.

Leviticus 1711, that the other life is in the blood is given for sacrifice and end. Leviticus 1714, which is don't don't drink the blood and it seems to be reiterated here in the New Testament. In acts 15 tutors consistent consistency with it.

But they're not advocating priestly requirements. For example, in the sacrificial system because it recognized that is already been fulfilled in Christ. So some part Leviticus are abrogated, no longer needed because her fulfilled in Christ, and some are still valid based on the moral law of God in Jerusalem Council just make some decisions here about some behavior issues are all on that stuff up and then raises more questions. And honestly, if you let Mac I could probably take up the entire time. I want to cook tomorrow and and far. Some of those questions could get a couple callers would wait for a while. Seriously get those questions right amount and let's let's talk tomorrow do that may soon I like these kind of questions and if I don't have an answering say you have an answer. There is research okay okay one last question that you tried that the Sabbath was not reiterated in the New Testament.

What exactly do you mean by that you don't have to keep the Sabbath we are not obligated to keep the sympathy Saturday the seventh not obligated to go to Romans 14 one through 14.

Talk about wrong with the 12 actually in particular verse five it says one man regards one day above another letter. Regards every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced of his own. So this is that when it says every day that Sabbath is logically included in every day, so therefore you know if were supposed supposed to keep the Sabbath on Saturday.

Why would Paul say let each person be fully committed his own mind about what data worship. Okay, so basically you don't have to do it on a Saturday, as long as you do at least one they have the weight well that that's buzzing yesterday that every day but just either you're in the right track. We always have that Sabbath. The Sabbath means rest in Christ is our rest, so went to work to be saying is this the rest of Sabbath is as multifaceted it was for the purpose of 12 human body needs respites also prophetic in this point of the rest that we have in Christ no longer any works are necessary. Six days you work six is the number of the day.

That man was created on the sixth day the number.

The antichrist is, he's a man. 666 so six days you work in this after the six that you rest, which is the Sabbath, but that Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ.

So we don't have to worry about working for salvation because Jesus is our rest because that's what is ultimately is when Jesus is metal of the 28 come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest because he talked about resting in him and this is where salvation is found.

This is why the Saturday Sabbath is not necessary, you can worship on Sunday on any day and it's good to have a date of risk is good for you but what would happen if you and I were on a plane and it crashed out of the ocean were in a raft for that we have enough supplies. We do okay work rather for weeks. We forget what day it is, we lose track and we currently wash if an island.

We want to worship God on this essay Sunday, but what day is it not one in seven chance of getting it right. The odds are not for us. God penalizes no recent analysis on this date will just call this the Sabbath, they will rest okay you know watch the waves and throw rocks at the Siegel signal stuff like that. Okay. Make sense that okay reveille connect more with more questions all right. I sure will not all right. God bless. Okay, let's get to David from North Carolina.

Dave welcome your on the air. I met can you hear me yes I can. I can hear you fine sweetie. It drains that you get that? Like Naya. I have a question also connected with vision, counsel, led up to it, deleting only the Council came up with those requirements. Nothing more, or the believers why they shortly after that with all take Timothy and circumcise him.

That's in acts 16 three and the general response is so that the others would not be stumbled and so it was a means of trying to be accepted by that group. In order to witness to them and be an example to them. That's the general idea we become all things to all men, so if you know if an anthropologist wants to live with a certain set of villagers is good to adopt a lot of the cultural norms as he learns the culture to write about things like that.

And this seems to be what what it is because it says because of issues they had just just have the thing held accountable. Like when they said good luck in the Holy Spirit that fly them with you all around and they mainly contradict with the Council just had you agreed upon in and Galatians chapter 2 think all I will have in front of the glacial skeptic.

All mentioned that you did not. I did not feel that you needed to be circumcised all didn't do it, but it would now like a sense that the context seems to be. There were some certain situation where circumcision is equally significant not circumcise in this matter, but he's not circumcising them for the purpose of salvation and keeping the law in order to be justified. It certainly would not be the case, but he could circumcise him so that the Jews then would hear him and accept him as a speaker because he showing respect to the law, that would be an okay reason to get circumcised is not for salvation operative in the law as ever and I understand all things to all men, but things rather a man putting myself in the light on, you know to not eat certain things is one thing and not go a certain place, the faith of the weaker brother not to abstain from things is one thing to do that. I get that but circumcision was a rather rather large that Timothy was not a young child enough so a little bit about. I mean you know a little bit of the twist there that they they went through the trouble of laying it before the Lord and praying in the counseling obviously I'm assuming they thought God will concerning thing that you are around salvation concerning the missionary journey politic and beyond any text anything and things that okay nothing that that matter now the 50s. It doesn't matter. You can see it doesn't matter, but he went totally like you're right but the thing is though, in the flow like the counselor felt that grade Holy Spirit like nothing else on them but the and then I'll emigrate one more thing for us to minister you gonna have to do this to and I know no no no no no no you quickly adding stuff is not there in order to do ministry just know what it says it will not hold him in the context in which it was done. That's the kind of" what time is the want to hear what he had to say was very piano.

November the Lord bless you all. By his grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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