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October 21, 2021 6:00 am

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October 21, 2021 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Psalm 39. Have your Bible to their whole review may be in want you to follow along in today. It really does not have a whole lot to do with the coronavirus. It doesn't have a whole lot to do.

Maybe with our particular situation. This is just something that God has laid on my heart that I think each of us deal with in day-to-day life so much like a verse one to the chief musician even to jettison the Psalm of David and this is what David wrote. He said this I said I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue. I will keep my mouth with her bridal while the wicked is before me. I was dumb with silence. I held my peace even from good and my sorrow was stirred.

Verse three is some couple of additional phrases that do seem to really hit home with me.

My heart was hot within me while I was musing or musing the fire burned, then spake I with my tongue was a whole lot to talk about here is before we even got to get to the heart of the message but David in these first three verses it it kinda describes David's wrong actions and verse four and following were to talk about David's right attitude. You know, oftentimes we blow it and often times we kinda do some things that we knew we weren't supposed to do. We know we shouldn't do were not arguing that point we just kind of the heat of the moment. The anger and frustration. The hurt inside of us just came out and this is what happened to David in this passage I want to talk about a little bit today and were to pray and I just want to start first with just look at that little phrase I will take heed to my ways. Let's pray Lord I love you. I thank you for all that you've done. Lord I thank you for technology in place that can allow the things you laid on my heart to get to listeners all across the different areas. It's an amazing thing. Lord I think about of the way things were at the time that this Psalm was written to think all these years later that there would be able to stand in a room and through something like Internet and technology and computers and phones to broadcast this to whoever would like to listen something like this Lord would've just been unthinkable to David or anyone alive at this point. Lord we know as everything it can be used for battery can be used for good Lord, I asked today that this would be used for good and I ask you Lord to work in hearts, Lord. I think that we have heard about the coronavirus every second of every day if we taken the time to even turn on the TV or listen to anything but Lord today. I just want to hear from your word and Lord them. I think that each of us have this inward battle that David so wonderfully described. I pray Lord that you help us in Jesus name we pray.

Amen. Verse one. David said I will take heed to my ways.

No, David, for some reason seem to of been in a difficult situation when he wrote this song and for one reason or the other. And we don't really know why David was very uneasy and as I have found in my life and for you found in your life that it is not easy being uneasy when there's just turmoil inside when there's just frustration many times that frustration on the inside is because of circumstances or individuals on the outside things can just get to us. People can get to us and it happened to David here now. He was kind of taking on a difficult task as we begin to read these verses in this was a difficult task. He was trying to somehow conquer his passion and literally compose his spirit and that's not easy when things aren't going well. He is reminding himself here to take the good advice that he had given the others I could give you verses in Psalm 37 were David had talked about. Listen, wait on the Lord rest in the Lord wait patiently on him, don't fret. And yet, even though that good advice was given it was difficult for David to take his own advice.

We all know that it is easier to give good advice. That is to give a good example were very good at telling people what they need to do what they should do, but it's very difficult for us to take our own advice. Now we don't know what happened here. There are times in David's life where he felt things we know exactly what was going on. There are instances when Saul was chasing David instances work. David had messed up with Bathsheba instances were David was running for his life. Instances were David as a king was fighting enemies instances where he fought a lion in instances where he fought a bear in instances where he fought a giant in Goliath and and and we could go on down we know a lot of things that happen in David's life, but we don't know what happened here. It could have very well been that maybe somebody hurt David. I don't know that we don't know the particular trouble.

It could have been that maybe these individuals had what we do know is that somewhere along the line.

David said some things he shouldn't have said because in verse eight he apologizes to God for it and so is he describes what is going on in the inside here in the first three verses what it happened is, is that David had had blown up.

David had let it out. David had said some things that he knew he wasn't supposed to say and as soon as he realized what he had done in the mess he had made and how he had lost control.

His first reaction was, he just kept quiet and that is fantastic advice. It might've been that maybe this was David's own brother. Some believe here in Psalm 39 that this was written by David as a young man maybe before he ever had been anointed king that it was still at a time when maybe he was watching his father. She it could have been after he had been anointed to be the king but wasn't yet king it was still watching his sheep and still tending his sheep and doing what the tacit is that it asked him to do and we know that there was tension between he and his older brother. It could have been out of his own family. That something was said something was done and it just had a ruptured as David describes it, that that things were stirring inside and it had gotten the best of them and it just was blurted out and I will say this, although this isn't a coded message. Sometimes when we're around individuals a lot more we can have the tendency to do just what were talking about here. I know that this was a trial of David's patient son we do know here from this passage that David had enemies that were watching and they were looking for a way to reproach him. They were looking for some kind of accusation against David and that's why it could've been before he was ever even technically king that that even his own family and maybe individuals were were trying to find weaknesses in trying to exploit him trying to create scenarios to maybe they were jealous.

We just don't know what happened. We know this, that, as the passage begins to unfold. David kinda talks about the struggle that he had inside and it was a struggle between confidence and corruption that was a struggle between passion and patience. Don't we all fight that one. It was a struggle about being angry and being appropriate. It was struggle about temper and temperance. This is a struggle may be on the only one that fights the struggles but maybe you do also, if you will want you to notice in verse 20 says I'll take heed to my ways. Oh, if you and I would just simply make that decision that I will take heed to my ways. If you and I could only stop and think before we act. If only you and I could get our passion in our anger and our confusion in our frustration under control before our mouth speaks mess it this way of only you and I would go to God before we go at others to difficult task for me and maybe for you also. As David describes this internal struggle what you notice is because I found this very almost comforting that I wasn't the only one that deals with the sometimes verse two. David said this, I was done with silence. I held my peace even from good. In other words, David said here to listen.

I've flown off the handle I've said some things I shouldn't say so I just stop and I kept my mouth shut. I didn't say another word because I know I was wrong and he said this, I didn't even say some things that I had the right to say he said I can't. I kept my mouth shut, even from good, even from the right that I had to say some things even though that I had a point.

Even though that it it it it was something that they were trying to do and even though I would. I had the right argument even though I could've made my point. And even though I might have been justified. I just kept my mouth quiet. The hardest thing for us to do is that I held my peace even from good and my sorrow was third. Have you ever been there where the things you're dealing with this begins the way on you and way on you and way on you, something that somebody said something that was done some undue injustice that you think was done to your life. And often it's begets from those that we love the most and we care about the most in and we will be just weren't expecting it from them or whatever the case might be, but the sorrow begins to stir inside Massey this morning that Satan knows how to stir your pot when there is sorrow there. When there is hurt there and when there is anger there and when there is frustration there. Satan knows how to stir that up. This is a confusing time in our country.

This is a confusing time for us, for you for me for our children and often times were taken out of our routine and and were thrown into unfamiliar circumstances. Our passions and in our emotions can just be ready to fly all our notice in verse three. David says this my heart was hot within me. Has your heart ever been ought within you know what I found that things that are hot.

You know what they do. They burn they burn. It's pretty difficult for something on your body to burn and you not know it. My wife burned her hand on the oven this week. Not real bad. I came home and she had a mark there on her hand.

She said she had burned her hand on the other and I said you are you okay and everything she goes yeah she said it was quick, but why felt you don't burn something and not feel it and David's heart was literally hot within him. It had put him on fire and if you and I are not careful things on the inside can begin to burn Satan.

Stir in that pot our own flesh is stirring that sorrow inside it begins to boil and it begins to bacon Vernon. David said my heart became hot within me. You know I were hot on the outside is because we were hot on the inside you know why we spew out lava at others is because that lava was on the inside before it ever came out. Then David said this while I was musing the fire burned interesting were not used much obduracy in God's word. The word musing. It means literally to think about things to look back and think about it. David said as I hear every time I would just come to look back and I would think about it.

The fire burned it it it was literally like every time that I just reimagine what that person did or what that person said or or that circumstance, that uncontrollable circumstance that happened in my life it was, like taking a long and throwing it on the fire. It just built that fire back up it just would flare backup burning me.

I have found my tendency alive is to do just that.

My dad was an individual that never look back. Just about anything. It happened it was done it was gone and he just didn't now as he got older he would think back of wonderful things and people that had meant a lot to him and often times as you know, you can kinda since the end is coming. Dad would talk about years ago with individuals and what a blessing and recall how this it happened, but what I found with my dad was is that if somebody did or said something my dad. My dad was just a person's feelings just didn't get hurt a lot.I know a lot of people their feelings get hurt so easy. Every little thing because somebody didn't do what they expected that they should do or they didn't do what they thought they should do or they feel like they have been somehow you know been treated wrongly in the one fair for them and you know what, folks, that's nothing but selfish pride when that happens to us and at a worse stirring our own pot with emotions like that, but my dad was a person of somebody did or said something and by the way that happened a lot over the years.

It was literally done with my dad. He didn't soak on it. He didn't think about it. He didn't talk about it. He just it was done he went on with life. It didn't matter to him it was, you know it it it was history and he just moved on never thought a thing about it. Never remember dad just sitting around talking about how such as such, it really hurt him years ago and how this person had this or what my dad just did not do that, but I'm ashamed to say that his son does.

That's one of dad's good characteristics that I didn't get I got my dad metabolism.

Thank you dad and got my dad's hairline. Thank you dad for that. But the one good thing I really needed. I didn't get things ran off my dad like we would say water off a ducks back me I muse about things I think back to look back on. Remember when that happens, we throw logs right on that fire in the just begins to Kindle and burned me say this, it's difficult saying it with. I hate faces looking at you but I have met people that have been stoking that fire for years. They just keep tossing logs on every day they rehash and rehash it and rehash it and they sit in church and there could people, but their insides are burnt up with bitterness happens. David said when I was musing the fire burned.

Maybe today in the middle of all this I have found that when you get out of your routine and you got some time. You're going to think about things and it's good either be good things like God says to think about, whatsoever things are true and honest. Your and all those things or bring a hash up stuff like this.

And if you're not careful that fire will consume you like it did David so David makes a change here and here's what happens.

We know from the end of the passage that David had said some things that had lost control before the passage ever started because like I said in verse eight EEE ask God's forgiveness for all these things, so we know the order of events here was that David had said something blurted out stuff just kind of made a full of himself. Let his emotions get the best of them and then he realized what he did and then he just stopped and he kept his mouth shut and he describes what had caused it, and how he had just let these things happen that literally that his sorrow had been stirred that his heart was burning and that as he was thinking about it and rehashing it.

It just kept growing and growing and growing and finally it just came out and he just stopped and kept his mouth shut, but at the end of verse three we find that David talks again, the universe.

Three. David says then I spake with my tongue. So now David's going to talk again in but this time he doesn't write because now he's talking to God. The first thing he says in verse four is Lord, Lord.

David gives four specific prayers here and I wanted to give these to you use a preacher, weird for Sunday morning.

Kinda weird for an online service kind of strange for the circumstances of our country. But you know what I have found something God's ways are perfect. Who knows why godly the things on my heart this week.

Maybe just for me, just maybe it was for you as he goes to the Lord. He gives his first prayer in his first prayer was this number one Lord, make me Lord, make me and other works.

David is saying this what I'm getting ready to ask you to do.

God will not come naturally to me.

It must be done by you. If this is going to happen you have to do this work. I can't just make myself I can't talk myself into it. I can't take some kind of a pill that will calm me down and I'll get over this. I can't get some kind of a bottle of some kind of dream that'll just soothe my anger away and that I could just kinda think of other things and numb the pain for a while God if this is going to happen. You're going to have to do it in dear friend, I may tell you this that you can take some time. All you can go take a walk by the lake you can go walk on the beach at the ocean. You can do anything you want to do, but if there's changes that are going to be made and if you're going to somehow quench this fire that can burn inside of us.

God's good have to do it.

You just can't. This is what David says. First, he says, Lord, make me to know to know what number one.

David said first God Lord, make me to know the brevity of life is that on at a time were David had just lost it. The first thing he says is God you have to help me to remember how sure life is like a verse four he says, Lord, make me to know mine in and the measure of my days what it is now David here is not saying would you tell me exactly how much time I have left so I know what to do, so I know what I can get in and listen David and pray that prayer because that would not be a biblical prayer. We know from the Bible that God numbers are days we know from the Bible that God will never give us that information that we have no right to that information, and it will do us no good to ask God how long we have how many days can I live you know you know God tell me what I'm going to die.

That's just knowledge that we do not know it may say we don't need to know. It may also say it would be horrible if we didn't know what David is saying here is God help me to remember how short my days are in fact in Psalm 89. Later on David Linda's visit.

Remember how short my time is his hand. God help me to remember that my life is short and I cannot waste another moment of this life being burned from the inside out. I can spend what days I have letting them be ruined by trying a fire inside of myself and every day waking up and throwing another log on the fire. I can't do this with a little time that I have God help me to remember how short my life. May I say, dear friend. What would be good for us sometimes is to remember life short, we can't let bitterness and anger, resentment, lack of self-control.

We can't let that ruin what little time we have they been said God help me to know the brevity of life. Help me to measure it. God help me to see how little there is, how much I need to do notice.

Secondly, he said, Lord, make me to know the frailty of man, not just the brevity of life at the frailty of man.

David is saying God help me to know how weak I really am.

Notice verse one, verse four Davison Lord, make me to know mine and in the measure of my days what it is that I may know how frail I am. David said God remind me not just how short life is. But how weak I am that I can't do this on my own and you and I can't trust my flesh and I can't trust myself and I can't keep pushing it off so you know I'll get a handle on this, they'll be okay.

Maybe I'll get over this eventually David said, God help me to understand and realize that I need you that I'm week without you. I find it if there's times of my life were Daniel Hodge rethinks that get little strength been through some things now find out somebody is mad at you leaves a church or frustrated at this or that you know, at first just devastation this time goes you realize you know what I can spend three weeks out of joint. Because somebody's mad he just you know you kinda try to get a little better resistance a little better resistance and realize you can't please everybody. In fact I found really. Can you please anybody for long. But you know it as soon as you begin to think we know what I think I can take this now. I think I can do this now.

Hey I think I can handle this now you are in trouble.

David said, Lord, I got a get a handle of this fire inside of me, Lord, I need to realize how short life is God I need to realize how weak I really am is what we call humility. I found pride stirs sorrow, pride, burns the heart notice may say this, that the first step to becoming strong is to understand how weak you really are. That's the first step to becoming strong is to realize how weak you are. You see in this verse as David was crying out to God and saying God help me to remember and realize how frail I am David didn't realize that that was that first step of gaining strength notice. Thirdly, David said, Lord, make me you're going to have to make it happen.

You're going to have to do this work make me to know the brevity of life make me to know the frailty of man notice. Thirdly, David says make me to know the vanity of accomplishment. Verse five David said, behold, thou hast made my days as in handgrip what is a hand breath I hand breath is the span of four fingers.

David is saying this that literally those four fingers. What is that as compared to the universe.

It's nothing and that's what our time on earth is it short, it's brief.

It's small. He says thou hast made my days as just a little handgrip just just four fingers and mine ages nothing before the verily every man listen to what David says here please look at your Bible. If you can, verily, every man at his best state is altogether vanity.

David says this literally the best that we could ever do is still vein this best state literally means that the peak of your life. It means your your greatest accomplishment. Maybe at when you're the strongest. Maybe when you're the healthiest. Maybe when you had the most energy and maybe when were at our prime maybe when we were we found what we need to do were good at it and all these things that in the making of money and position in accomplishment and all that. David said at man's best. It's nothing.

Our best vein. Why is it vein is a mean it is meaningless to them. Anything that would mean that it off. There's plenty of verses that talk about our actions what they can mean a and and and in the good that they can do and how God can use that what it means is this the best that you and I ever are or will be is temporary and only last for a brief moment to say something not used to love sports and still love sports love to play sports, but I would say something.

I peeked a long time ago, many in high school you go play basketball.

10 hours on a Saturday start early that morning, go out to the parking met a group of guys we play ball all day long and then you know you just you just can't wait to get better. Looking forward to this and this and this and you know what I have found whatever my peak was wherever that was. It did not last long. It's gone in our best state and and let's not even mention our worst state.

Let's not even mentioned the mediocre state that were in most of our lives does not even mention the best that we could do the best that we could come up with.

David said God, it's vanity. The vanity of accomplishment. Notice what he says in verse six. Surely every man walk in a vein show.

It's an illusion and all of us are very good at putting out that illusion and and here's what David means that even though things inside of me of thinking how great I am more or maybe how much I've accomplished. That's an illusion. It's something you've convinced yourself up, but it's just to show that matter for an eternity done last for an eternity.

The best that we could do in the best that we could put forward or to show others is nothing but vanity vein bleeding. Thank you for listening to you receive a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone and 336-993-5194 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium honor website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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