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Valor - Part 4

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 19, 2021 6:39 am

Valor - Part 4

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 19, 2021 6:39 am

What does it mean to be a person of valor? Today we look at the life of Gideon and Esther. Continued from Valor - Part 3.

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You see that as our encouraging him and you know he wants to give us the death problem solved, the forgiveness of sins for ever done. We can receive him and that's where it all begins.

But once you know him as your Lord and Savior. Folks again that's just the beginning. Then you want to give your wife away moments and help with what you mean for us to be Christians and filer. Are we brave, courageous, and fearless doing land with intestinal fortitude and virtue on this broadcast date and mailing time may continue with their short series of teachings unbecoming people and filer. Here's part two of their lesson. Gideon and Esther look at the part of valor part of her that someone says I'm willing to give my life for for other people to live that's the true biblical definition of gal that's that's Gideon going on getting my wife to be free from the Midianites. Esther I'm giving my wife free from the Persian domination potential extinction of the Jewish vote.

David and I think you and I would agree with this because we've looked at Christians all over the world that are giving their lives in such amazing ways.

And you guys might agree with me on this. Deep down inside don't you all feel a desire to be a world changer everybody deep down inside just knows were made for something more ever made to make a difference in the more broken and hurting.

This world gets nothing. All of us have been so moved by what we've seen at these recent tragedies and it just gives you a desire to give her to go to do something and you know the millennial generation is so funny because we raised three and depending on which studies you read it somewhere from around 15 to 16 at about 36 and I know that millennial's tell me we don't want to be called millennial's, so I know what else to call and no law which which is a love that generation.

I love this generation because I think it's the future and the pew research group, which is a secular research group does phenomenal studies have they been the most conclusive study ever of this generation. It's called confidence connected and open to change.

You can get online and find it but there were three of the top findings that they found stirred the heart of the millennial generation and again. Remember, this is not a Christian, study, nor is it just looking at church people and that is a very wide reaching study marriage and the family. Believe it or not, with the top two concerns of millennial's, even other waiting longer to get married and have children. Those were still the top two concerns the third one was a way to serve the needy and give their life away and I think that that just goes to show us that even if we don't think we're religious. If we're honest with ourselves. God is woven into us a desire, noble desire to give a life with others. One of the other places we want to turn in this series the world covers in the book woman of valor is the Proverbs 31 woman who's actually fascinating in looking at her life in Proverbs 3110 it says in that term you use in the Hebrew exit is a woman of valor who can find the search for a true woman or person of valor. God is looking for that kind of person talk some about the Proverbs 31 woman well and if you are familiar at all with Proverbs 31. You're probably looking at that verse: I think that was the translation. That's not the way I've always read it, usually when you read in an English Bible. It says excellent why competent wife Eugene Peterson said a good woman get in there to some very interesting translations of the term asset will but in the Hebrew it's woman of color estimating you're like me, I was going wide and I know that actually researched about 21 versions of the Bible until I came to that when and when I got to the Orthodox Jewish Bible I saw a woman of valor will assist in all my life so I googled it. Never knew we were going to use Google as a verb, but anyway and there are hundreds of references to the woman of valor, all of them overseas, mostly in the Middle East, mostly in Israel because it's the Jewish term, but it's also there way of recognizing the worth of womanhood have woman about conferences woman of valor, plaques, and even on Shabbat the night before their sadness.

Jewish men either recite Hebrews 30 Proverbs 31 verses 10 through 31, which is the second portion of that early but actually seeing you that you, but that but the same verses because they're not making a list of all the things she does, which is kind of how the Western church has interpreted this OC no cells close she makes all her own dresses she you know defends her family from enemies. He rates his kids has a job at such a long list of people read that chapter and they're kind of exhausted. But in the Jewish mindset really what they're trying to do is just honor the woman that is given her life to come into that family. So we found it when we were doing our studies on marriage for the previous books, but we were just so fascinated that line has pretty much the Western church just kind of glossed over this whole concept of the woman of valor and reduced it to say that it's not a good thing to be a virtuous woman but virtue without valor is disinterest, we think you look back over 700 years of church history and biblical interpretation, and this term valor has been changed through the centuries and centuries and I think we need to reclaim its intended intentional fruitage, which is what you did went back to the 1300, which is kind of ironic because back in the 70s when I became a Christian I got from being about seven years of an atheist, age 15, I invited God out of my life and I pretty much was convinced he didn't exist for about seven years.

Thankfully I met him a year before I met you that I love you but as Sally said I was never to become a Christian.

I was never ever get to Mary Minister so it's funny how we end up jokes on you both point to tell you that as I was also very strongly that pretty much second wave of feminism in the 70s.

You know in a glace the world and hyper ambitious and all that so it's interesting to me that I'm the one looking back to the centuries to find out how to release this woman of valor and when you couple to 1300s and you see that the first person to really bring the Bible into the language of the common man was a guy named John Wycliffe any hand translated from the Latin to the English the common English of the day, the whole Bible. Can you imagine how long that took and so he found exit when he found hi all, first of all to be the term that it was translated as virtuous as met interesting. She sees me 300 times the word virtuous is used as the translation for heil and Wycliffe Bible. And so I went back and found out what virtuous meant back in the 1300s when little John Wycliffe was sitting there by hand writing on this and virtuous in the 1300s was characterized by vigor or strength having qualities befitting and night nights.

Most often called virtuous. It meant valiant, hearty, courageous, it was from a Latin word virtue 06, which was good and moral strength hi characters, he did have a high character aspect of it. Manliness, vigor, bravery, courage in war and all this excellence in work and it was from the Latin word dear VI are from which we get Vero so is alien strong and courageous and worthwhile in and go out to save the day and fight the wars so virtuous was powerful that he didn't actually call the Proverbs 31 woman virtuous woman at that point he called her a strong woman, which is pretty close to what you're looking for here, but by the time you get up to the 1600s in the King James version of the Bible that word virtuous, which is still in the language of that day.

Virtuous really might meant moral excellence, chastity and religious devotion, and has lost completely.

The whole idea of valor or courage of bravery or warlike service or self-sacrifice. So when you see in the King James version to look it up. It's a virtuous woman. She pretty much had been emptied of all of her strength and courage and I don't quite know why you know a lot of people try to say that it was because of gender bias in all these kinds of things but wonder if he didn't just because words change. I was cleaning out the closet with my little six year old granddaughter, Anna Grace, and she caused a man marriage. He said, naming her as I was pulling something out of the closet and throw away. She said what's that and I said well that's a phone book and she said well… Not myself. You know it's just interesting how words lose their meaning why the word virtuous got water down. I don't know but at what I do know is that virtue without valor is really empty. Don't you think are without virtue, you know, the moral goodness valor without virtue is not very strong. So what I try to do with the book and David and I kind of have been having some good conversations about this is we need to reclaim that whole concept, especially for a woman of valor them talk about the Proverbs 31 woman. Now she's part nurture and she's also part warrior almost reminds me of wonder woman single women to be wonder woman well why not I will tell you this. It is kind of ironic that you know she is was Miss Israel and she's Jewish, and so on, laugh, and thinking okay she's carried this Jewish woman of valor thing whether she meant to or not. She served two years in the Israeli Defense forces. A lot of people don't know her name is Galba.a lot of people don't know that she was five months pregnant. During the filming a lot of battle scenes and don't ask me how they did, but I photoshopped it, but she was so proud of it. She feels like you know that womanhood and motherhood are something to be proud of. So she had on her Instagram a picture of wonder woman with a big belly and she said I grow humans. What's your superpower. So I just think it's so cute that she seems to be very family oriented and I think whenever you think about wonder woman, I do think that just looking at that image. How great to celebrate strong nurturing power of a woman in the warriors you we really want to state today is not just for married women is for single women is for all of its role in the balance that that's two-sided dissolves have to be nurturers but also warriors the Lord knows what he's calling us to be.

In fact, the next step we wanted to emphasize in the message today is that the true source of strength for the Proverbs 31 woman and for all people who really want to be valorous and courageous is in the Lord. Proverbs 3130. The last verse of that section on what the Proverbs 31 woman is like says charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised and for men it would be the desire to be prestigious, powerful, have lots of possession's outward appearance.

All those things or vanity. They're all going to fade away just like charm and to see you all going to fade away for woman what's most important is to see the fear of the Lord. Every valorous person we know has their life rooted in Christ, but given their lives to the Lord. They live in the fear of the Lord. I don't believe this or not you will face the Lord one day you will all of us die will face in one day. The questions we face in forgiven or not and what Jesus came to do was to forgive us of our sins so that we could be connected to the Lord God of hosts, never worry about the Dave in the face of a culture since have been forgiven within live for him now to give our lives away in courage and valor to a dying and hurting world, until Jesus either comes again we die and go to be with him. So that's the message they are rooted is in our relationship with Christ, if you don't know Jesus personally today.

I beg you to come to faith in him – is the first step to be baptized. Give your life to him and then live for him encouraged in our for a dying world need so desperately. People will come help, and we'll talk more next week about this. Proverbs 31 woman and others. It is a lot of what happens is in our home and us and sometimes you know we we often go from extremes from everybody has to be in the home of your woman staying home. You can even move beyond those boundaries and there's nothing that you can do better than raising a family and there is some truth to that, we understand that today's world is kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum where sort like let's go out to be superheroes and kickback leave mostly vanquished men in our wake.

You know when we really think the truth is somewhere in between the two but but this Proverbs 31 woman again. I want to stress that it's not just for married people and I think you'll see that next week. Remember, she's not called the wife of valor. She's called a woman of valor in truth in the Bible was called a woman of valor well before she was ever married. One Jewish writer said she can't was left out by this whole woman of valor thing because people were saying and that to her family and her mom and her sisters the night before Shabbat and she wasn't married, nor did she have children but should've a prestigious job on Wall Street and she just said, I decided to start working in a homeless shelter in the mornings before I went to work and she said you know as I saw the sun come up and I realize the joy that I found in ministering to others. I realize that I was a woman of valor to just that my household different and so I really think you know the woman of valor in the in the Jewish world is not celebrated because she does all these things and let's remind ourselves she's celebrated because of the fear of the Lord, which is her relationship with the Lord and how she pours her life out to people you think you some other contemporary examples of time. Some years ago when I sat down with two women who work with the missions organization and they had taken the gospel of Jesus Christ to the remotest parts of Nigeria had to climb mountains on horseback, and take the gospel places that had never heard before and I was sitting down with dinner with them and it was interesting in my own stupidity and I can be pretty stupid sometimes I ask them this question. Hey, don't you guys ever struggle with the debate in America today about women in spiritual leadership in there. You went to form the church to preach the gospel of them did not bother you that maybe you were being honorable to the biblical view of male spiritual leadership in both on the look in the eye like I had just spoken demonic possession, stuff, and they look at me and said no men would go as always said this message earlier for the next couple weeks.

Please know it's not about married women is not about married minutes about people with a call upon their lives to go. Be courageous. What God told him to do all of never forgotten that illustration those two women know men would go home is important that our hummus may look different in the course… Interesting and we seen so many examples and again. It's a book about women.

If I name it we can do the sermon series I guess I would have time to write a book from in a while, but that we file the examples are appropriate. Either way and the numbers of men and women of valor that we've met all over the world are just astounding.

So this will calling all of you today to contemplate about your life to foundations.

We like to leave you today. First of all see Christ wholeheartedly and obey God. It all begins from your relationship with Jesus. And when you come to know him and realize his great courage that he went to the cross took all of our sins upon himself, something he didn't deserve to give us the gift of eternal life by grace through faith, something we don't deserve.

When you see that valor and courage and him and you know he wants to give us the death problem solve, the forgiveness of sins for ever done. We can receive him and that's where it all begins. But once you know him as your Lord and Savior.

Folks again that's just the beginning. Then you want to give your life away in Maryland and I have challenged you through the years to pray the most dangerous prayer you could ever pray which is honey caught the hot prayer because it usually gets answers as fast Lord, break my heart for what makes yours all kinds of ways to show valor in this hurting and broken well, but I think the starting point.

Once you're connected with the Lord is just to say, Lord, break my heart.

What makes yours and then listen and watch would have to solicit reduction in person to moments of hope coming up dated joins me in the studio conversation about this morning's moment of hope right. What do you do when you begin drinking at ages 10 to 12 work in your life go when you started abusing drugs at ages 13 to 15 want to be part of the fabric of society, yet you mostly stop maturing the day your addiction took over your life at the tender age of 12 Tony Marciano presidency Europe Charlotte rescue mission, and we have served people who have stood at the intersection of homelessness and addiction for well over 80 years. What is it that they really need beyond building a foundation of long-term sobriety in their life. How does one obtain the life skills they never learn the desperately need to thrive in society should of learned growing up, but now there were an adult. What do they do and where did they go tell you where the community matters, Failures, more than just good food and house roasted coffee. It's an extension program Charlotte rescue mission that is transforming lives.

The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high-quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community know after men and women graduated from Charlotte rescue missions hundred 20 day rebound bends and upsets women's residential programs. They have the option to enroll in the life skills program community matters Café during the six-month program. Students learn a variety of critical skills in a restaurant setting that help them get and keep long-term employment community matters Café is located directly opposite the path of practice fields corner of Cedar and W. 1st St., Charlotte, rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership moments of hope church is important life changing ministry.

Thanks for listening to moments of hope. I'm James Easton and Whitney as our Pastor David dated, thank you so much for joining us today. Hello Jim, great to be with you when you called this morning's moment of hope don't live under the circumstances will actually people always enjoy this teaching for me. Here's how it goes when you meet somebody practically always the asked the question will how you doing and so often we respond with well under the circumstances, I'm doing okay. And here's my point.

As a follower of Jesus. We are not supposed to live under the circumstances were never supposed to live under the circumstances. We should always live above the circumstances more than conquerors through Jesus who loves us. Romans 837 that's the position we have in the heavenly's with Jesus. Ephesians 2 success were seated with Jesus at the right hand of the father right now so give God the father's ruling over his world and his son is at his right hand, the position of power and we are at Jesus right hand having his power in us and we need to ruling over our circumstances. How can we ever say well under the circumstances, I'm okay. We know were supposed to live in Jesus strength to be able do all things through him. Philippians 413.

So Christians know our God is using evil for good paying for his purposes. Turning our tests into our testimonies, our messes into a message God is using everything for his good now. If that's true, how in the world can we live under the circumstances. No indeed we are living over our circumstances as conquerors more than conquerors through him who loves us. This is so good and it reminds me of something that you say you don't want to be so heavenly minded that your net worth.

This brings it all together now as we live in our position in Christ we can live as more than conquerors and one of the key things that every believer has to understand is their identity in Christ we have so many debates going on in our culture right now regarding intersection Elodie for example, we find our identity and how we been hurt so people who been hurt in all different kinds of circumstances. Whether it's a younger person, an older person, a male or female or whatever it may be. That's hurt us. People cry out our coaching and they find their identity and their pain. They come together there intersection analogy, and they demand to be equalized in some way or another. But the truth is we are not what happened to us.

Let me say that again we are not what happened to us.

We are the children of God adopted into his family deeply and dearly loved by him.

And when we understand that identity a.

It's what unites all of us in the world to come together and be in the one family of God, brothers and sisters in Christ. And secondly, we release our pain to the Lord and believe that somehow he's working through it in ways we don't understand. Therefore, we never live under the circumstances again were more than conquerors. This is so powerful. I think this topic of identity is at the foundation and core of what we need to be reminded have often said this is powerful and I think it's the key to health and wholeness emotionally, physically, spiritually, that if you find your identity again and what has happened to you the pain that you have eventually are going to fall into a deep abyss because you just can't get out of that pain so you realize who you are in Christ and that will set you free. Thank you so much David you think you Jen and if you listeners would like to receive from me.

A daily written moment of hope go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe their daily it will arrive in your inbox at 7 AM a gift for me. My heart to yours to give your day. A moment help with the senior pastor of moments of hope church. We'd love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning.

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