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Created to Be Lovers - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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October 12, 2021 12:00 am

Created to Be Lovers - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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October 12, 2021 12:00 am

Gain knowledge on why loving God, others, and yourself should be your first priority.

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Welcome to the intense podcast with Charles Stanley Tuesday, October 12 might have heard that God is not how much do you really believe, allow yourself to fully embrace God's truth and liberated to love God created you and me to be lovers. That's the way he quit is because secret is the purpose of loving him and being able to receive his love. You see, God could express his love to angels, but God want to express his love. That is the essence of his love. The totality of his love and think about this open time people say what while in the world. If God really loves us. Why would he allow the tube in a fall. Why didn't he just keep Adam and Eve in the garden doing the wonderful things they were doing loving each other and keeping the guard with no sin know that. Why did he do that well. Suppose, for example, there had been no fall if there had never been a fall in the garden no sin in the world. The most amazing, wonderful, awesome, inspiring, incomparable, indescribable aspect of the love of God, you and would never have known and what is that that this holy right just pure, perfect God would be able to love sinners like you and me and so working out life to make it possible for us to us to receive that love and be transformed by and in the process of doing so that we would be given the capacity to love him back and at the same time recognize our own personal value and then also to be able to reach around others and to love them.

It is in understanding who God is, in understanding his love in all of our life is affected by that.

So what does he want he wants to be the center of our life. He was to be the heart tour about life and that are above everything else in life that we like, admire and enjoy our love. He wants to be first number one and number number two. He wants us to love him because he has loved us and it is his desire to express his awesome love to us in the whole world. And so, since we are created to be lovers if we miss learning to love God and being loved by him and experiencing that no matter what we accomplish and what we do in life. We missed the whole purpose for living. And so God created you and me to be lovers, lovers, first of all, of Almighty God himself. Secondly, he created us to love ourselves. Use an ornament what you say love others first.

You put yourself a fall is because look at this watch this.

He's rude to love God and love our neighbor, Hal, love your neighbor as one as ourselves. So the way I love myself is going to determine how I love my neighbor if I came love myself, I'm not you love my neighbor.

If I can't let myself I don't have the capacity love Monday is very important to God that you not love ourselves, talk about arrogance and pride. I'm talking about a godly, healthy spiritual genuine value and worth that we pay to ourselves but my friend, this is the reason I know that you and I are really and truly greatly love because when God the father sent his only begotten son to the cross and he died on the cross for you and for me. Listen we say he dealt with our sin problem. He loves you and me so much that he paid the greatest price and agape love is sacrificial love isn't for Leo love from God. It is a sacrificial love. What's the best I have that's what he gave. He looked upon humanity and here's what he said. What is your knee. You need to be redeemed either think you meant and he says what can I do for you, save you redeemed you work in your life in such a fashion as to transform you into my own like what do you need you need my love.

And so what is the message of grace is it is the message of a loving father reaching out, reaching down, reaching into the hearts of sinful, wicked bile people and God saying them no matter what you've done. My goodness in my kindness and my graciousness to you in spite of. Listen without regard to your worth are your are your sense of what you deserve, but because I love you I take you I receive you, I forgive you keep no score and I will pour out my love upon you to think about this. If that's the way God sees you how I want you to see yourself, see yourself as he says persons of notable excellence is prideful and arrogant know is what it is is safe. If God thinks I'm lovable. I must be lovable.

And God thinks I'm worthy of something that I must be worth in God says there's great value me that must be great. He says you not your own.

You been purchased with a price, so you and I belong to God and for us to look at ourselves and be critical of ourselves and look down upon ourselves in place no value and no worth about ourselves is to devalue God's perfect evaluation of us, which is, he says you are so valuable. I love you so much.

I'm going to send my only begotten son and he's going in your behalf so you can become what I want you to be that, as you can receive my love be loved by me love in return and be conformed to my like what you see, if you don't love yourself and probably most people don't love themselves then going a lot of reasons. Not that they're not love and listen to me carefully. If you don't love yourself, you can't love somebody else you may say yes. I can't know you can't think about this if you don't feel that God loves you more than like this because you don't feel that your worth loving if God doesn't think you're worth loving his what's can happen. You can transfer that other people they'll think you're worth loving it and it's amazing what happens in relationships with people who don't think they're worth loving who don't feel love another lots of reasons they don't feel that we get to that later but they don't feel worthy of being love Mrs. whopper example will meet people that they think is so much more important than they are less God loves every single solitary one of us the very same reversing. He wants you and me to love ourselves to have a godly holy high respect for ourselves.

Why, because with the creations of God, you will reflect on his creation with her sons and don't listen. This is what he said. He says you my son you my daughter's you, my servants, you're my ambassadors don't knock the servants of God.

The ambassadors of God.

The family of God.

He loves us and he wants us to see ourselves as the recipients of a loving father.

It has nothing to do what we deserve it or not, it has to do, that God created you and me, for the purpose of loving him and being loved by him and in the process. He knew that it was very important that you not learn how to love ourselves. Then he said if you notice he said love our neighbor as ourselves that this is really important. For example if I should ask you which one of these three is easiest. Loving God, loving ourselves a loving our neighbor, which would you say the most difficult loving your neighbor wonder why that is. Well I want to remember something Jesus must've thought the same thing. Now what's this I want you to turn if you will to John chapter 13 and then we on the 15 Megan John chapter 13 verse 35 this is the night before Jesus is going to be crucified.

And so he's telling his disciples. The most important things that his last moments and I want to listen to what he said in this 34th and 35th verses of chapter 13, John he just got through watching the thinks of vanilla a new commandment I give to you that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another. Look, if you own the 15th chapter and the 12 verse he says this is my commandment that you love one another.

17 verse 17 this I commend you that you level of analysis. Why would he say five times that night in just a brief period of time. Listen love one another love one another love one another love one another level of what because he knew it was going to be difficult. He delivered on the situations and circumstances as they cared of the gospel. They will run the people. It was very difficult to love.

He says this is my commandment that you love one another. For example, positive relationship. The five pieces lovable about serving them. Paul said in Ephesians chapter 5.

He says walk in love. What was he saying he says whatever lifestyle we are to be characterized as people who love we to be characterized as people who love and above everything else. He says this is the way they don't know that you, my followers that you can preach and teach and saying that you can do all these are things that you have love one to that you're able to ask someone else wants what's best for the other person what's right for the other person what can I do to help you to become what God wants you to be cannot edify you cannot be a part of what God is doing in your life.

How can I give myself away to you the serve you. He says that's the way the world is going to know whether we are true lovers are not now why all this activity about loving a child I was.

He could've said a lot of things he said, but we to love each other or think about this when are you in acting the most like God. We will loving somebody we are acting the most like God will loving other people. Secondly, that's the way God grows is in the Christ likeness as you and I love the father and received his law and have the right view of ourselves and reach out to other people in service to them what happens. We are being shaped and conformed to the likeness of Christ and that's what he said he predestined for all of us. He created us to be lovers and the love process. Learning to love him and receive his love.

Learning to accept ourselves in a healthy fashion and learn the reach out important ourselves and other people's lives. It give ourselves whether he says that's the way you best demonstrate what I am and who I am and that's the way you grew up in the my likeness. It's the best with the body of Christ to function you and I can never excuse ourselves for not loving someone we may not like their ways we may not like a lot of things about and the people that you and I will run into it will be difficult for us to love but he says this is my commandment that you love one another, and he wasn't just talking about Peter James and John, loving each other and the other fellows loving each other. He's talking about all of us. He says this is the way the world will listen.

What is the most powerful way for you and me to attract the unbeliever to Christ to love them to give ourselves to that person to ask what is the best for that person. What is that person need me to be.

How can I express the love of God, to them that is how can I give myself away in service to that person. That's genuine love, but he said to them, he says you are to love one another. It is the greatest way of attracting attention to God and you see it is by loving each other that God uses all of us to meet each of us need emotional needs, material needs, physical needs, learning to love him in the receiving, loving ourselves to see the reason we don't love each other much is because we are so entangled with getting ourselves and our own sense of self worth and value straightened out.

We don't have the time to give is that we don't have anything to give away.

If you don't love yourself you don't have anything to get his words like, it's like here is your heart and when you receive the Lord Jesus Christ. God came in your life and the love of God's and their now if my whole life is wrapped up in getting me straightened out and checking out my sense of self-worth in my value and I don't like myself. I don't have anything to give away because it's all locked up but when the spirit of God sets me free and I am liberating with the spirit of God. He begins the work in my heart. What happens then. I am no longer important one. But now, what happens is, my life is open to others, and the love of God comes gushing out all over everybody around and you see that is the goal of God. He says you are to love one another. That's the way the church functions best. He says that this love is to be all-inclusive. You memo Jesus said in the summer mountain people so audibly the sermon on the Mount.

It is the love I loving my enemies when you will be the same amount he says we are to love our enemies if we all are to love our friends eases, then you know more piracy with a leather enemies and he says were to love our neighbor sees his role will who is a neighbor and you are in following this passage in Luke 10 he gave us the parable of the good Samaritan is a man lying in a ditch been robbed.

Samaritan comes along. He season. He doesn't ask what's his nationality.

He sees them hurting. He reaches then you know the story.

He takes care of genuine love doesn't say does this person fit my mole. The question is that genuine love says what's best for that person what's right for them. We must give our attention that his love is its attention. Now when I probably come to God in prayer. He's never said Charles wait just a minute someone else: no he doesn't hear what you and I have we come him undivided attention. You what we have on the budget because we have undivided unconditional love of God and he says we are to learn how to love listen. None of us came in this world. Knowing how we have to learn to love. We learn to receive his love and the love him. We learn to love ourselves and then we learn to love other people. You ask yourself the question, is it true that you're selfish that the primary thing here thinking about me myself and I are is your life really being poured out of the people's lives. Now watch this. I don't mean doing something for someone else to get their approval or to get something from them. I'm talking about true genuine love doesn't ask for anything in return.

It just gives and that's what we know little about in this nation. He says that's the way with the love. Our love is the be all inclusive. That's interesting that in John's first epistle four times in chapter 3 he says with a love one another five times in chapter 4, he says we love one another. John knew that it was very difficult for some people to level the people and I will say again, if you want to be able to genuinely give yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, in every way that is legitimate and that relationship if you want to be able to give yourself and true genuine love for storing a look them anything in return. Not doing it to impress anybody I try to get their approval of their favorite when you genuine a loving someone is what happened here is the dynamic of the whole love affair between you and I will credit we were created to be lovers. Then we receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, the love of God came into our life. He says he's abiding and as his love is about a the spirit of God came in when you never say what is the work of the Holy Spirit to release this awesome love of God through us and so what happens you and I are not to be closed. But until we learn to love that's what you have, we learn to love God love ourselves we go to the open and here's what he desires. He desires that his love just flow through you and me to others, always flowing. If it's genuine love is not trying to impress, not looking for reward, not trying to get anything genuine love this company.

The flesh genuine love is the love listen to this. It is the law of God placed within us and it is the love of God that's flowing through us when it is the love of God flowing through us. It isn't because I want something I deserve something I'm looking for reward, I want to impress her. None of that.

What is it is just the love of God flowing through.

So what is he say he says the fruit of the Holy Spirit released within us is first of all what my friend, it doesn't make any difference who they are. If the love of God is released in your heart, the love of God knows no prejudice, no prejudice once it is the love of God, no, and I would just say to you until you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. You'll never knowing and if you don't know I'm you'll never loving and if you don't loving his love will never be in your life is what you do you go through life having missed the whole point of living. And secondly, you'll never be able to love somebody or they need to be love and you'll never be able to receive the other person's love like you want to so desperately receive it. You will feel undeserving and so what would you do you reject a person's love and no matter how desperate they want to love you and try to love you. You will turn it off.

You will shut it out and you'll turn them away because something inside of you can allow yourself to be love. You don't deserve it and we don't talk about the things that stifle love in our heart. But I want to sell you my friend you trust the Lord Jesus herein comes the source of my ability, capacity to love anybody no matter what and I want to challenge you to receive Christ as your Savior, then you understand who God is and you understand love of a loving heavenly father. Then you understand what it means to be able to let yourself be given away and to risk your love and to risk rejection by someone else. And even when you reject it you can love them just the same.

Why because it is not something that you pump up. It is something that flows through your life and what is it, it is nothing else than the wonderful inexhaustible, incomparable, immeasurable, indescribable, unconditional love of our heavenly father and he says it's yours for the asking. And it is in father.

We love you and praise you for loving is the way you do. We ask the Holy Spirit would speak to every single person who feels unloved. I pray the spirit of God would bring deep conviction and openness, transparency and honesty within their hearts to say all my father.

I don't know how to love all my God, I want to love you and so I receive your son Jesus as my Savior and trust you to place your wonderful love in my heart so that I can love you and be loved in return and pour my life out into others so that they too can discover true love is about, but we ask it in Jesus wonderful day. Amen.

Thank you for listening to part 211, created to be lovers if you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley in touch ministries intact started writing this not cast as a presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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