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August 20, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Matthew chapter 6 verse nine. After this manner therefore pray ye are father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Verse nine.

Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. That's were going to focus on tonight. This is the first petition in the Lord's prayer hallowed be thy name.

Lord we love you and Lord, we thank you for your goodness and Lord bless us as we look into your word as you have promised that it would never return void. And Lord it's been even refreshing to me as a pastor to see the interest of our people in the matter. Prayer Lord, I pray you to continue to interest us and what I believe is the most important thing in our Christian life in your name we pray. Amen. I didn't finish saying the reason for the handouts had so many people come ways I say no. What was .3 and what was point we have him up on the screens are power points, but I know as things move quickly and so wanted you to have everything on paper pretty much that this is not a detailed outline it with this is a lot different than my outline but I want you to have kind of the main things and that gives you little bit of room to jot down some things.

If something is said that you want to remember.

All right, hallowed be thy name. First I want you to notice the petition and that is exactly what we just said hallowed dining that would hallowed if you'll notice, means this it means to reverence or to respect, but especially to reverence now. I want you to understand that this is a petition because what Christ here is saying is that ought to be a motive of hours or an interest or desire in our prayer is for God's name to be reverenced to be respected so that word hallowed means to reverence.

But notice this hallowed be thy name.

Now, what is thy name. The best way we can do it is just to give you the different phrases given for Jesus, for God in the Bible and I wanted to write these down and only to let you know what they mean. If you have a pen you might want to just jot these things down so that you understand what is me when he says, hallowed be thy name. What is thy name. What are the names how is God described you got understand that God's name is the most important thing to him. He would not let anything happen that would bring dishonor to his name. If there is any part of this Bible that wasn't true, it would dishonor his name.

So God's not to let that happen. If God ever made one promise to you in the Bible when he didn't keep it that would dishonor his name.

So he's going to keep every promise is made even if it even if he didn't love us, which he did, which he does.

But even if he didn't love us he would never let anything happen to us that he's promised because it would dishonor his name.

So you and I have to understand further that for Jesus to say reverence my name you got understand nobody reverence is it all respects that more than he himself got that so thy name the first, we see used in the Bible is Jehovah Gyro and this is simply the Lord will provide Jehovah Gyro the Lord will provide. Second is Jehovah Rocco, which is the Lord that heal if you say you wore these different lords know this is all one person is this on. This is all one person. Apparently the Mike's only working for the tractor back there. This is talking all about one person, and that's our Savior. We can talk to every day that excite you not only is he the Lord that provides but he's the Lord that heals some of us some of you need healing so we ought to be glad that he's referred to is Joe baraka because he's a healer.

Third is Jehovah nisi, which is the Lord our banner forth is Jehovah shalom, which always you can figure out is the Lord our peace.

Then we have Jehovah raw which is the Lord our Shepherd.

Then we have Jehovah's Adecco new, which is the Lord our righteousness. Now all these names given are given to reveal to us the character of God. That's how important his name is look at me folks.

Why is his name so important him because his name is the one thing that gives you and me inside of who he is.

That's why it's so important, why listen, I'm not getting on something else while I'm here because a lot of people don't understand and I would never want to hurt feelings.

Now we at this church and this can be a quick commercial Gartner with this church, but cumulatively use the King James version of the word of God. That is a lot of people that use different and they really don't understand it, so it makes no sense to get up to a pulpit and blast people for using something else when many of them haven't been taught. They don't know why we make one we act like there's some kind of an idiot or something they don't know me that they're doing their doing the best that they've been taught and yet we get up and we become arrogant, trying to get on them but we at this church.

We use this for a number of reasons and and probably upcoming will do a series, and just try to update and remind everybody why we do were not saying that the person some heathen because that you something different. We just believe that the King James version of the word of God is God's preserved word to the English-speaking people, which means if you pull out the Texas receptors which you know they people use in the Wescott court translation where the other translations were given from the Texas receptors is the Greek translation that we get the King James version of the word of God from and so we believe that that was preserved for us and that's why we use this now, if for no other reason.

The reason we publicly and and try to let people know we use the King James is so that everybody sitting here when I'm preaching were on the same page. If we all have different if we all have different versions that everybody's is going to say something different and that what I'm preaching might not make sense to you because it doesn't, the all these points that you're making preacher that does it says it differently here so it helps us all to have unity which were supposed to have in church so you understand that.

So it nobody hears try, but I don't understand why is an important every reference. We believe every way, every word is written in the King James version war to God. Why is that important because it's important to God and every reference of the Lord and in other versions change it.

Other versions will take where they use Jehovah Gyro and no put in Jehovah nisi and they'll take where they've where he uses Jehovah rawhide and no put some other use. You got understand the Bible says every jot and tittle is important. Bible says don't add one word or take one word away as I just want you to understand that why is it so important to God because these names every time you read in the word of God.

It is saying something about our Savior.

That's a big deal.

It's describing the one who saved us the one who created us, the creator of the universe.

It's describing him to us, so it ought to be very important.

Okay, so we see the petition is hallowed reverence to respected thy name or may your name be respected is what the petition he's asking for. Now what you know to secondly the priority why is this a priority. Why is it a priority for his name to be reverenced for his name to be respected member.

This is this is what he says is our model prayer so all this has to do with our prayer life. Okay, why is it so important to him.

Well here's the reason it ought to be the priority number one. Under this, you see, it's the priority of Christ. Now read your verse. If I could get the reference right here okay John chapter 17. This is the prayer of intercession a listen. I want you to hear this.

These words spake Jesus and lifted up his eyes to heaven, Jesus is praying father, the hours, glorify thy son that thy son also may glorify the as thou hast given him or you talk about himself as thou hast given him power over all flesh that he should give eternal life to as many as thou has given him, but I do say amen right there.

Jesus is saying you given power to me so that I can provide eternal life to those that will receive verse three and this is life eternal, that they might know the only true God, the only true God. We don't care who says what on TV. He's the only God. Okay, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. I have glorified the on the earth.

I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. Did you hear that he just said, I've glorified the on the earth which means I have finished the work you told me to do the whole job of Jesus was to glorify the father you get that you hear me out.

So the whole point of Jesus when he was here on the earth, obviously, is to provide the redemption for our eternal life, which in turn glorifies the name of God, if it's that important to Christ. It's important. So why is it it why is it a priority that his name be hallowed unit we this this fancy word we say is not that fancy folks and it's exactly a word like this that people will say that's why you some different a different version because it makes words, we can understand different. All you gotta do is get a concordance. Nowadays, your phone can tell you what that word means it's not hard to figure out don't you need to be in willing to dig into God's word and find out what it says. Why is it important because here's what somebody that will translate might say respected be thy name will that's true, but that doesn't give the whole meaning of what the word hallowed means it means to be respected but it also means to be reverenced, respected by others reverenced by you. So when they translate oftentimes a word will be used that has part of the meeting, but not all, the meaning so I'm here to tell you I is my job to get the word and say hey this is what the whole thing means and why is it so why should it be a priority for us that his name is reverenced because it was the priority of Christ when he was here on the earth. Second is the priority of Scripture.

Not only was it the top priority of Christ when hears it, like me, the top priority of God's word is to glorify the name of God everywhere you read God has to get the glory.

This, the top priority of Scripture than it should be the top priority. Say why will this is the Lord is.

It would mean in the beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God. Okay, so the Scripture is God. God is this God is his work. That's why we read the Bible. Why because it is good for us to read the Bible and in a really calm us down and give us good things. All that's true but you know why you and I read the Bible every day because that's God himself speaking to us.

Let me ask you this if God came in it. I got God came in human form through Jesus Christ. Obviously, Jesus the son, we know that, but if if God called you up and say listen, I want to meet you every day at 11 o'clock right here in the front of Crow Baptist Church now just don't miss it on the to be here. I want to talk to you for about 20 or 30 minutes. I guarantee you if it was something tangible we could see and he said I need to meet with you every day at 11 o'clock and this is God you'd be here. We know that well.

God has an appointment every day.

I want to talk to you. So we got a read but we don't. So everything he wanted to say to you today. He didn't get to because we didn't read that make sense that a logical way of thinking okay so it's that it's the priority of Christ. It was the priority of Scripture.

But third it should be the priority of us. You know I you and I were created to be conformed to the image of Christ. You and I were literally created to glorify the father. So why is it important in our prayer that we say Lord we want your name to be reverenced, even in our prayer because his name was reverenced in Christ. His name is reverenced in Scripture and his name was even reverenced through our creation, our whole purpose here is to bring glory to the father.

So for the ring Lord of the father. Our prayers have to bring glory to the file. Everybody following me so far. Okay three. The plan I okay how is this accomplished member. What is the plan for God's name to be reverenced, hallowed be thy name. Our prayer is that God's name is reverenced and respected.

How is that done two ways.

One, you have to share it.

Number two, you have to show it. Let me explain. His name must be made known if anybody's going to respected. Have you ever thought about that. Let me put it this way people can't reverenced what people don't know people can't respect what someone that they don't know.

So in order for God's name to be glorified. If you and I say hey Lord we want your name to be glorified. Well then let's get out and tell people about him because they can't respect them and they can't glorify him and they can't reverenced them if they don't know about them. Did you ever notice that just in those three words four words hallowed be thy name, but Lemme put it this way, this is it almost gives a missionary emphasis to the prayer they have to know." The name in order for his name to be hallowed they have to know his name, so you and I've got to get out and share his name he say what how do I share his name. What is that mean all limiting what his name was his name said he is the Lord that will provide you the Lord that heals is the Lord our banner.

He's the Lord our peace. He's the Lord our shepherd is the Lord our righteousness.

You know the way you go out and share them. Share them the names of God.

What does the names of God describe you go out and tell folks my Savior is a healer. He's a provider he's a shepherd he's good to me hello all you gotta do is describe to them the way it was described to you in here and that brings glory to him and they get the word of God.

Okay, so that means we have to share it. Sitting on it doesn't do it we have to share. Now if you're saying you can say God I want to glorify your name in my prayer life and in my actions. Listen to me not try to be mean, but if you don't share his name with anyone else.

You're not glorifying his name ever thought about that limitation on LC when it will be deeper and thought. The more you share it the more you glorify it. My don't want us excited about that. Never thought you get a whole Sony message off, hallowed be thy name.

It can't be hallowed if we don't share the more we share more, hallowed it is okay show it in for you just said you just said share it.

You gotta tell people about what you mean show it. This is where it gets really good. This is a good ending to a good message on prayer Lord willing to listen to me. You and I are the only contact that many people ever have with the gospel. You've always heard it said you and I are walking billboards.

You've heard it said you and I are the only Bible. Some people will read.

You've heard that. Okay, that's true.

Do you know that people's perception of God is usually dictated by the godly people they know if they know you as a Christian and your dishonest blowing your temper all the time. That's what they think about God. Now listen to me they won't respect his name.

If they don't respect you get this for his name to be hallowed and respected people have to respect you that are called by his name, so for us to say Lord I want your name to be reverenced, Lord, hallowed be thy name. Be careful how you say that because if you really and if I really want his name hallowed, respected, reverenced, I gotta tell people about it and I've got a show them Christ through me. Now y'all say well you know what were all were were were failures all at listen you can say what you want to.

People don't expect you to be perfect now. There's always one not in the crowd, not this crap. No, there's always some person that's just out there to taste him as much as you and I want to use this as an excuse.

People don't expect us to be perfect, but I will tell you this, they can spot a hypocrite they can spot somebody that sure preaches it to others but doesn't limit themselves and that is a walking billboard of God, to them and dear friend I'm here to tell you they are not going respect God. If they can't respect you. In fact, the only people I know of that expect people to be perfect or Baptist. My lien not picking obviously, dear friends, listen to me. Our first petition in the Lord's prayer is for God's name to be reverenced and people aren't gonna reverenced his name if they don't know him. If they cannot reverenced you who they do know if you're the godly example in their life and they can't respect you can be awfully hard for them to respect God you say why don't know about that preacher was to me you're talking to somebody it's been in the ministry long enough and I have preached and more Christian schools than some of you been in restaurants and only taste I have watched so many kids leave Christian school and go off the deep end. I'll tell you why stop because they just couldn't respect God, it's because they couldn't respect the people that represented God.

Another some kids just suddenly do wrong. It is gotta blame everybody everything for it. That was their decision. But kids can see when people are hypocritical they can see it, dear friend. If we want people to reverence God. We have to reverence God.

And then people reverence us. Does that make sense hallowed be thy name so important father. We love you. You been so good. Lord, I want to thank you personally that you are the one that has provided for me.

You're the one that's healed at different times. You're the one that gives peace in my life. You've been a great shepherd you have displayed righteousness to me Lord, I want to thank you for being who you are in Lord, there are lots of times in my life or I'm sure I am not a good representation of your name Lord. I apologize if there are some that don't follow you because they saw me, Lord. I'm sorry to not represent you like I should have it times in my life, Lord, I know there will be times in the future I might fail, but Lord, I want your help to be a good representative of you because Lord, your name deserves to be respected, reverenced and cherished.

So Lord were asking you tonight to allow us the opportunity to hallow your name. May we share it. May we show it all those things we don't see they say then some of the all and you just read is a and you and when you see

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