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October 19, 2021 9:36 am

Matt Slick Live

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October 19, 2021 9:36 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt will be having a debate on 10-12 with a Muslim apologist.--2- Matt discusses why, as a Christian, it is ok to talk about things like covid, abortion, and politics as Christ is the Lord of all.--3- What is quarrelsome look like- What does it mean- How should it be handled in a church- What issues should we disagree-dispute over---4- If no one does good, then what does it mean if unbelievers obey the laws, are good parents, etc---5- Can you explain Revelation 2-9---6- Do you know anything about the monoclonal antibodies as they relate to Covid and those who are immune compromised---7- Have you ever heard the idea that the universe is essentially God and holds itself together---8- Matt discusses Colossians 1-17.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics and research what is found alive on board you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 8777. Let's see how the broadcasters going and everything is good for sound as Charlie's in the room: screeching noise it's good it's all good. And so, anyway, I hope you're bringing him into Rutan was muffled.

Oh I know what I gotta do one quick thing which is to flip the switch right there. All right, I think I got it together. What happens I'm showing up.

I don't my own stupidity. I'm doing this. How many years and sometimes I still forget to turn one switch to go all right.

You call five open lines 877-207-2260 yeah okay now tomorrow night debates with a very well-known Muslim apologist named Dr. Shapiro a leap. He's debated a lot of people that he is good at what he does and ready to be debating is God one person or three divine persons is of course I would be teaching the doctrine of the Trinity and hopefully hopefully it'll go well, I'm not worried and I know the document pretty well. I'm research some of his arguments and stuff like that and some bad logical approaches he uses and I'll expose those but tell going to pray for me during that as well. And for that also prefer him that the Lord would grant them repentance to come to the knowledge of the truth he is unfortunately stuck in the light of Islam and if and when he dies in it. Then he will face eternal damnation is not something I desire one for anybody, but this is something that is waiting him and others who rejected the truth of God a lot of points to bring up the good discussion will see what happens. Hey folks away free to give me call 877-207-2276 and is going to get a heads up. I won't be on YouTube harm videos YouTube probably ever anymore I got two strikes against me from from YouTube nest because a loving atheist who told me in an email that I should stick with religion and leave science to others and don't talk about COBIT and not talk about it and that my opinions apparently and also he's tell me what I should or should not talk about on here, which is really interesting. So like whatever dude.

And so I do speak and now YouTube can be to stretch the third strike means my count will be shut down.

I'm not allowed to even poster stream on my YouTube account, which is 21,000 followers until January 3 about that is not fair. Loving you I just it's so tolerant of the left and the atheists you know and he says I'm getting this information. When I asked him what this information doesn't seem to really have any documentation for White's misinformation and so stuff like that but he I faced the intolerant before and those who want to persecute the Lord Jesus Christ out here something for theological interest people is the subject of covert vaccinations under the purview of Christian theology and the answer is yes. You see, Jesus is Lord of all, we do not consider his Lordship and things only for Sunday morning in a particular location in a city behind church building doors know Jesus is Lord of all of our lives and our bodies as well and will be put into our bodies when we take on her body and so he has that Lordship and as people in this world work against the Lordship of Jesus Christ by boarding babies by us to Mandy will be put into our bodies and authoritarian regimes.

Well, the Lordship of Jesus Christ is not decreased because of that, and we are obligated as Christians to subject everything to Jesus Christ. This means medicine politics means everything, so they just tell you if you think Christians are supposed to be outside of politics you are gravely mistaken. It is not a biblical position.

In fact, if you go to Carmen you can discover the section called government of the secular movements area on the left-hand side of the menu, the government and you couldn't look at the biblical form of government which is, believe it or not a Republic on that with a hint of democracy and representation and not socialism, not communism. We have private property rights. The right to do with our properties we desire. Privacy and various things are taught in Scripture which the founding fathers of this country woven into the fabric and the culture of America even before the Constitution was written. So a lot of Christians have mistakenly bought into the idea that Christians are not supposed involved in politics. Yes, you are still people both politics and education, and theater and the news media are supposed to be.

It's easier, however, to hide behind the church doors on Sunday morning and then go to a restaurant.

Afterwards we fed.

It's not easy to pick up your cross daily follow after Christ and to go out and speak for the Lord Jesus Christ and witness of someone says have a freedom of speech. Yes, we are allowed to have freedom of speech in Scripture but were not allowed to blaspheme the Lord God. We are allowed to freely speak God lets people do. That is what we are to do and we are to have freedom of speech but the leftists the they want to be Commies don't want freedom of speech.

They wants their agenda to be promoted. They don't want freedom for everybody want freedom for themselves, and since they think they know better than us.

They are to tell us what we can and cannot do what we can speak of that we cannot speak of this is the way up to the totalitarians. This is the way the authoritarians this is the way of the intolerant, the biggest of fascists. And that's just how it is we Christians are obligated to stand up against that peaceful loving way and to be informed about medicines, masks, vaccinations for political candidates.

The issue of homosexuality, abortion, etc. if you as a Christian, have had no problems in the world because of your Christian position that when asked a question. Are you really a Christian. If you get along with the world.

Fine because you that leave Christianity to itself and the world and your friends who are unbelievers don't have a problem with you all and ask you question. Are you really a Christian. So you see the truth that offends nobody is not truth.

The Bible is not to say that we are supposed to offend people.

We desire to. It's just that were supposed to please God before man and to do that means that there will be occasions when the unbelievers will not like the truth we speak, but it must be spoken. They are intolerant and we are to we should not tolerate blasphemy against God, we should not tolerate killing of the unborn.

We should not tolerate government promotion of homosexuality and the ungodly practices associated with should not support that we should stand against it. That's our calling as Christians and how we do that will take different forms at different times.

But if you never do any of it. That's a problem recalled to walk in the light not skip and relax in the darkness all right was going to phones with Alex in Orlando, Florida Alex, well, you're on the air and rapport last night, you call him up and say that I said is a loser and the bottom that I bought them them last meal the body. I am the one who won that one. You can tell God you did try to bring it up. Yeah yeah I got it good finally refrigerators was garb for your group and crazy, I know the atheists got to tell me what to do and think and what not to do and think that's just how it works you and how tolerant they are. You know he's side and she's good is that what I can do what I can still your given the gospel.

You know you got in mind that although nothing of the God that's out true I do speak the truth. The truth of God's word and people don't like it then well thwarted sorting about my question felt like when it comes to the Bible, how would you define how would you get and practice born in Scripture, by device of this like being there) you now live kinder tonight at church. Maybe that people think you're like you're talking about Eric. Trying to get how you will not to be quarrelsome. We are to be as polite as possible and yet speak the truth in love, no interesting verse in the Bible for Sprint is living 19 says that there must be factions or divisions among you, so that the approved may become evident among you is an interesting verso division is not in biblical so we divide fall. For example, we divide against the ungodly and we don't want to hurt them in order to harm them, but we want to divide ourselves and not be associated with ungodliness that's in there and inside the church.

This is to happen as well.

If someone were to be lackadaisical in his walk. We have the obligation and the freedom was Christian to build lovingly pointed out the right time to the store to do when you talk about contentious divisions in the body that's to be avoided. Okay, my birthday, and the church in their turn to other member. I would bet gone and I biblical manner as your pastor or two hours honoring to God on our way change as you go to the one first problem so I have a problem with the elders of the pastor is preaching, go to the pastor and if it continues to get bad then you go to the elders, then you take it to others. So it's it's the person generally first okay and that you're able to.

Then the elders of the body of Christ. The church, so let's say a preacher is preaching moralism which I've I've experienced last used last well is the same officer was ever over here are more realistic. Okay regular basis and what that means as they they say will be good lives of the list with the word of God says and be good because being good is good and so you could preach the same thing in a Mormon church in droves was Kingdom Hall whatever and if that's the case that you can preach this exact same sermon exact same words and that they wouldn't be offended, then that's a problem. Nothing to say that one sermon here or there might might fit that category but it is habitual problem. Although they mostly stayed to write back.

After that I call 770727 charismatic slave look back at what we have long what you give me a call 772-0776. Alex still alright so talk about moralism. For example, you bring it up in the pasture level to a church a while back to start within the past few weeks will be be generic. I heard a sermon and it was pure moralism and it with the person of Jesus was casually mentioned but the issue is the reason that we do we do is because Christ has bought us that he died for us. Every sermon dealing with the Old Testament, must ultimately point to that it is not grounded in that and therefore have a moralistic sermon and so the issue is we are bought with the blood of Christ. Acts 2028, were no longer on our own. We are doodling slaves behind slaves of God for Sprint is one wanted to so because of this were to serve our Lord and everything in the Old Testament points ahead the Scriptures. Jesus says in John 529 Drive 500 Luke 5.3 versus my head you know I've said that thousands of times and so we have to remember that this 539 is right you okay sweetie is version had okay so the thing is that if you go to the pastor to look at just not preaching Christ. Your preaching just be good because being good is good original love God because loving God is with what to do. Andy and Alyssa say he doesn't respond to that. He continues to preach moralism sermon second preached word for word in a Mormon church articles with this church will then that's probably when you go to the elders and the elderly to be wise enough to build a point about taking on that's correct you preaching Christ and him crucified. And so that's that's issue if he doesn't, they don't do it then you know the issue is then justified to go to the body of Christ sake, we don't have a proper presentation of the gospel in the word of God's Christ centrality. So these are things that we need to deal with the okay yeah Gerald R and quick 39 through 11 are you yeah I've heard that you for clogging the problem character in the body. What is your take on the Scripture know what it says here is avoid foolish controversies genealogy strife in disputes about the law. Further, unprofitable and worthless reject a factious manager first and second warning is a mess perverted is sitting in itself condemned. If you go in and say the pastor you know you not preaching Christ crucified. That's not a dispute about the law is not causing strife, but if you're saying look, he should be wearing red ties and then you go to the hole, but he's wearing red ties. It shouldn't be done. That's causing a dispute causing strife is not biblically set so strife can be when it's not biblically minded and not biblically generated strife occurs over where to put the piano look kind of fun carpet to have do we stand up or sit down during your record come from start record come from like a legalistic pregnant baby yes yes people don't know it, we Christians have got a like a lot of problems we have problems and write again and again.

We got lots of problems with ulnar strengths as well as weaknesses on the problems I have is when I go to a church now is been like this for years that I really examine the sermon and listen for Greek exposition or Hebrew exposition or logical necessity or exegetical consistency crystal centricity. I listen for various aspects just what I do and you not lock on the disc aboard unless that's medium unusual. My wife and I don't get a lot more instruments and I do not knocking anybody messing abettors just how you do this and that you and I know that text is likely something new. It's kind of hard to find that so now I have an attitude that I have to be more humble about and so we follow our strengths as well as weaknesses with keep women check carefully don't cause strife and and cause problems with it, only to be because maybe the problem lies within ourselves with someone else.

We can examine yeah. Quiet. While I appreciate your time and get back on the yard to show brotherly athlete of the good work fine for comment subsite in the socialist and I do pray for my family.

Harrison Pelosi and but I also pray that Lord getting is that true Lord, getting leadership that we deserve and got often in history because as people fail to do his will, he sends oppressors and so that they finally look up to God the cry out to God that he delivers them so looks like he's allowing the oppressors to two to do their thing to be oppressive and I will God bless brother they crafted a collective alright buddy bless alright, that was Alex in Orlando Florida. You want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 Portland give a call Alberto welcome around here. Good evening Matt black yeah what you think about the banner when they are behaving good abandoned me and go bearing the law of the land and be obedient good worker employment job. I think violating God word for word wake with the will and you know you will.

You're not doing their own thing. Glad to not act on faith by letting that's what I'm good, but not being good citizens might not be a good. I know I know where to told to be subject to the leaders above us in Romans 13 talks about and were supported such a great divide supposed to provide for families were supposed to be obedient to those laws until those laws the government moves against Scripture than work, no longer obligated to comply with this because they do these things and they try and live good lives, doesn't mean that they're in their arrogant saying that there good people.

At least hopefully not saying that and that when it says that no one does good and no one is good then it's just talking with the ultimate status of human nature that's the case ultimately nearby. When we when we went only you can omit a lot of land and all that the creation of that happening wake again got a wicked finish and only the Bible and on and on and on the Bible to leverage Google yeah they're doing what they can do on the human level they could be considered good ultimate in the divine level course are not current.

Alright but but the day there.

But sometimes the people look at advancing the analyte and made a new folder and all all the wonderful per unit of the deadly good deed in a community and waking charity money for love in his nation done all these guys are just using humanist letter you don't post messages with lines 877207 mass like why call 770776 is Matt's 772072276 is good to see Lisa from Wyoming is a welcome around here are you I'm fine by God's grace we got from our question on I was reading in Revelation right now you can elaborate on Revelation, you bury my got content that matches that Darren and Nancy chapter 3 verse 92. Elaborate on it looks like it's probably the Jewish synagogue and the movement of the Jews probably is what is doing within the setting of Satan because they are the ones who are rejecting the true living God and working against the Christians.

This is the church of Smyrna, and I've been there. I've been to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum by Tyra Sardis is black font that's what's looks like what's going on there now.

Okay. All right.

Thank you. You two got alright through open lines 877-207-2276 is good to Sarah from North Carolina's are welcome here. I now enter any and compromise my doctor yet again recommended that I and I think her dad on the rig in my crown all anybody and finding Mike information regarding or or the ethical struggling with wearing a cut in my body in an ethical and moral standpoint, I don't and I can't get the curly shot and I don't like that. Anyway, Brett. I don't agree with like, and you know what what ingredients are making on different just trying to figure out what is what it monoclonal anti-by anarchy now now economic information I have asserted it very much at all because been prepping for the past couple weeks I can slow down the research on covert but the actual vaccines are what I want to get into next and in all research those dumb monoclonal antibodies is definitely one of the things I want to get into the been around for a while. The produced labs?

How was I don't have the answer to is whether or not the development of fetal material, and I want to also find out if they inject any DNA altering anything and I don't know. So these are just some of the questions. Often what happens is I just got reading on it and read 234-5678 articles. All of a sudden I start seeing patterns and then I know where to go to to to research other areas FML I often do when upsetting anything is. I just read until it starts to coalesce and fixing patterns so I haven't done that and I miss working on the covert material.debate tomorrow night and suck prepping for that and then after that I got when Sonata got talking to be on online with jewels witnesses committing to teach Bible study and Thursday and then it was about to part of the state, probably in order to hold up signs against the Mormon Temple opening so okay so that's how it is. So I'm behind.

So probably an upstart being able to start working on this again on Monday I from acting on the be looking into monoclonal antibodies and other stuff is just to the so I wish I had better from you if you outline stuff.

If anybody finds stuff got fixed accident to we have to have a special folder. The people who were there.

Put into a special folder that I go into that folder and I did. I look and then I transfer that to other subfolders and then I have subfolders out of those folders will arrive look at it or not. I've read through it so they don't repeat information and waste time can I ask you to tell me it is. I've course. Let's fight class with your compromise system issue is again don't fill up multiple kind where I might now I have crying issues now that you and warfarin. That kind of stuff.

I am not. Fortunately I am pretty stable. I kind where it will be good for you.

This is one of things I just not heard talked about on TV is about immune deficiency issues and compromise deficiency areas like what you have my wife passed so these are concerns I don't hear them being spoken about so lease the missing data that spoke of his title here and find out more about right right right everything you find an x-ray on how well at work about half title and recover and I'm thinking okay great, but went out early and have to look through our body and my companion and affairs and look there, you'll find that I have found is that the information is being I would say this about all the formations not there unreported adverse effects and I'm hearing all over the place adverse effects reported and when I go to vers.

It's hardly mentioned so this tells me this tells me something's up and and and the government doesn't realize that people realize that when they do this for people like myself and others stop trusting what they have to say stop trusting, then it is keep pushing it, so it reminds me of from Waco, Waco, Texas. When the Davidian coat was there that the government started pressuring them to come out with her arms and all the stuff not realizing that they were doing what they were doing was causing the things that they didn't want to happen that caused them to have this reaction.

And I know I was yelling the TV.

All you gotta do is move everybody away and have one vehicle there to watch the will then calm down and then they'll start talking to you. It's simple but when people get empower.

They don't listen to truth. They don't listen they react and another thing I could do is do research on what actually happens on the brain physically to the brain physically when people get empower. Apparently there's an actual alteration of brain chemistry where you want to call and people get more and more desirous of power, and they become less able to to be empathetic and so I think this is a problem. This is something I've never heard addressed with this power, my opinion powermad hungry brush by the left to be in control and just just so much to research so much. Working on okay so call back in a couple weeks will see if I got more information.

Okay, there might welcome so much God bless our folks.

That was Sarah to pray for her and go for MS stuff there a lot of people around the country who have compromised health issues. My wife is one of them. I not want her to take any vaccines because I don't know what they will do to her because of her compromise system. She has a very rare connective tissue disorder that affects a lot of stuff she's on blood thinners and you know medications and other things and so should she take something that has a potential deleterious side effect of course not. But could she getting so to speak, permission, permissive of passport vaccine card from the Gestapo be the government that tells us where we can go in and do quote get that you know what's gonna happen. You know so well. Brave New World for and also 1984.

If you want to give me a call. We have four open lines 877-207-2276 chemical folks, okay Joe, High Point, North Carolina.

Welcome. We got a couple of people about God and the universe in their their argument further debate is that the universe is God here last. Okay this is so they folks for open lines give me a call 772-0776 max Y call 77077. Here is Matt's slave back for call 7706 back on here with Joe from High Point, North Carolina. All right, Joe. So let's try this again. Go ahead and break a couple of different people about God in the universe or universes set up with is pretty much all God and take care of and I'm going not the way that it works and talk about the Holy Spirit.

Yeah universe talks to me like that one know what works there and strong and they believe what they believe, I'm just looking for a way to help you yeah yeah what you can do is get some friends and some ski masks and gloves in a van you you you get them into the van. You take them to a secluded place with lots of lights and plan country-western music so you can sleep and then you repeat the universe is not God and and so I took it three days they'll be converted. That's one thing. Okay so that is not now that doesn't work, always try this.

This tried-and-true method called logic right so logic exists because of God exists so unloving and biblical with this, but you to ask questions and if I were sitting with a bunch of guys and girls who said will universe you know the thing about itself is a soul God as a okay so that is a universe self-aware. Now, if never went after the give me I have the potential of St. and how do you know this, and if they were to say, well, like your personal friend of your students it well universe tells me things well. How does this work I was universe tell you things you notice the universe. The universe, which is 93 billion ly across. It communicates to you personally as a cacique don't hate Bob what I was thinking of the ethereal essence of the Quanta and that you know we need to make sure that the string theories don't get out of the box. So what's the universe I can ask and hardly notice the universe because all they have is subjectivism. There's lots of different ways capitalist, who had one of their argument for the topic. They're making you turn your thinking, permit universe outside of the world, thinking that their baking universe just talking always at my conditions yeah can be the universe and the world are the same thing so you always has to have to ask definitions describe the universes. Is it self-aware is it infinitely old to hear some problems with the idea of the universe being and got a universe you talk about your back, when I'm sure many conversational people like this. They obviously don't have all positive. The litter box okay and say don't like to say their quantum tunneling that nothing will understand that look so here's the thing. When people want to tell me that the universe is alive or it communicates whatever they need to start asking questions. It make noises back. There are signals going on like a gargoyle is okay and so you and ask questions. Is the universe does universe have a beginning, or not getting real simple question if it has a beginning, something brought it into existence. If it did not have a beginning that is infinitely old and if it's infinitely old. That's not possible because it means an infinite amount of time has been traversed to get to now.

But you can't traverse an infinite amount of time with many issues like this that are problematic for, and fully will universe.

That's one of them an issue of entropy is another, but even if you had a beginning than what began universe and whatever began the University to rational or not personal and does not personal, it had to have the necessary and sufficient conditions. I might talk to people like this I had to find out how much they can understand how much you're willing to be taught because a lot of times people just not rational at all. They don't want to hear your logic right of anyone here so then at that point when they don't hear anything. I just ask very basic questions and how do you know this is true is when will you see I just gonna feel it. So to get this straight. You're just saying you feel it and that's how you know it's true because you feel it right. Yeah that's right so that anything you felt in your life. It didn't go right, you thought was true. Well you see and you putting everything on the line for what you think your subjective opinion you have anything in them that if they could do say should I believe what you believe. That's an important question sounds like it may not be put Islam explain why should you ask should I believe what you believe. Here, if they say no if it's true that you believe things shouldn't. I believe what you believe because this was true right but if you say I true since true but you don't think I should believe it, then why do you want me to not believe what is true. That's not to hearken grasp and then say what they in the well yeah you should believe it. So let me get this straight so you don't have any way of knowing it's true. You just believe it's true. And that is that you think I ought to follow what you say. Either way, they can't win either way, the argument falling apart for the suggesting try that. Okay, it is more complicated ways but most people don't ask him a question like that you can you can see the brains you know the gears one and ended his freeze up walk up and the yes questions and they say things like your stupid and that is starving to say yes that's correct, it's great to have the answers you don't, so why should I give up what I have for what you have when you don't have the answers and you want me to believe what you have that you can demonstrate a stroke using more rational here is to thing rational is certainly not. You say that you like this one thing I said you know, if you don't have all your path. The litter box really what you got.

It doesn't make any sense.

So I got a question for you. Are you listening on the radio, or an artist phone right now because if you tell me your son's name then I'll say to him over the radio meeting here at Joey and your name is Joe with a here's a question who's who's the true Joe you are your son get what they write. Also use the ultimate Joe Ness okay just checking okay is a sound turned up and I say hi to one concern of the renewal. Okay Joanne hey man away when I join anybody open :-) but I got a ballplayer wow by 2 inches. I'm 64, 6220 pounds so close, but I'm sure he can out run me it's right and that I am a true slick casino, I can sense look so all right right Joe's will see you later.

I'm at work I'll get back you arrive at Douglas okay I okay all right. He falsely got nobody waiting for you may call you to do is dial 877-207-2276.

Let me share something with a couple verses and that is about the issue, the universe and things like that here something that's not really talk very much but this is Colossians 117 talking about Jesus.

He is before all things and in him all things hold together.

That's interesting and also in Hebrews 13 and he is the radiance this fetus is the radiance of his glory and the exact presentation of his nature, and upholds all things by the word of his power of those two verses are interesting because it suggesting that the word is hold everything together by the word of his power now this is interesting because the word of his power which Jesus is called the word in John one verse one beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God.

In verse 14 the Word became flesh among us. Now we go to Genesis 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep, the spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters, then God said, let there be light, so God said that's the word of God. Let there be light that shot.

Genesis 1122 number go back to John one in the beginning, solicitors and John one in the beginning Genesis 1 in the beginning.

In the beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God all things came into being through him, and apart from him nothing came into being. That's come into being in him was life and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness to notice Genesis 13 to be like the word spoked was like Genesis 1. The beginning was the word word was the light of men. Now go back to Genesis 2, Hebrews 13 it says that he upholds all things by the exercise of his life by the power of his word. Now the reason this is interesting is because in a bin thing I've ever known. And I'll just watch a bunch of stuff on quantum physics and I like science. So I watched Acosta and it turns out that in the nucleus of atoms as protons and neutrons. Neutrons have neutral chargers.

No charge that protons have a positive charge.

Electrons have a negative charge and they orbit around the the of the nucleus. The protons are positively charged, but you can have more than one proton grouped together and they stay together.

Why is it that they don't repel each other and the nucleus comes apart. It's a question that the physicists have not answered yet and the things they pose proposer things like gluons gluons are the things that hold these kinds of things together because they don't know why the nucleus is don't just explode or something else.

They say and will figured out one day with the Bible says in Hebrews 13. Speaking of the word member. The word by him are all things. Colossians 117 and in him all things hold together and in Hebrews 1, three, and he upholds all things. With the power of the word of his power will that to me tells me that Jesus the word is the second person of the Trinity Center for the Trinity's there was the speaking I'll say that the universe came into existence and all matters held together by the exertion of God's word. What happens when you when you split atoms. There is an intense heat and the Bible says but unable to work a look of faith in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements we destroy the intense heat and earth and its works will be up clinically just for fun that the word stop holding all things together. This is universe remakes the Lord bless you. I hope that was entertaining, and by his grace back on there tomorrow. Have a great power by the Truth Network

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