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Masculine Journey Boot Camp

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 16, 2021 4:40 pm

Masculine Journey Boot Camp

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 16, 2021 4:40 pm

Robby is joined by Michael Woolworth to talk about the upcoming Masculine Journey Boot Camp

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. You're listening to the Truth Network and kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. I am just delighted to be able to have the guests I have on this is always God provides poster children for the idea of how does God take your and use it to build the kingdom and so first up I have actually very good friend of mine Rodney Smoot is with the masculine journey radio show and I got a boot camp, not November 18 through should say we've got a bit Coming up November 18 through the 21st and so welcome Ronnie and you can say it again because it after my company said I didn't think so. Maybe the headphones are working so good to be here. As always yeah yeah were excited about that and then we also have with this Michael Morris with bribing leagues Bibles for Africa, and you may know, the Truth Network is partnering with the Bible league in this effort. How cool is that.

So welcome, Michael spring when we got to Africa it will explain what your listeners part they understand how you grow the grace and knowledge of Jesus. If you don't have a Bible and so great to be back with you, for this hour just to put this before your listeners and to do something about it today, but later now so you can imagine my because I get to do. Speaking of Bibles. Speaking of Bibles, I have music, thinking of Bibles you guys pray for my friend. He told me only 12.5% of the Bible is in a Deist or an atheist time you want to leave at five yeah that's regional bit. So when my spirit feels weak, but you Ronnie but I was turned probably know why now you know why, try Michael Michael he got the idea why. The fourth book of the Bible would be ready return and she felt weak and strength in numbers and I'm sure that there is strength there and this will impact me up in the Bible. Samson was a tough man got admit he was right tough man and his family may not have ever thought of them. The Samsonite plan. They were really a hard case that actually whenever my Ritalin. It's a Bible for sure. So moving on to the middle part of our thing. What was first mentioned was the first mention of tennis in the Bible was the first person to play tennis in the Bible I go with anyone. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Who was the first person to play tennis in the Bible. I don't know but I can go with the first person applicable. So you know that you cause 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH if you can guess that Carmen tell them what their win they will win them journey boot camp boot camp experience. I'm not hundred $99 value. How cool is that you actually get a boot camp to get the hundred $99 value get to spend four days with Rodney Smoot and Sam made in the rescue. The masculine journey and you get to see Harold and Princess Leia.

Danny and Danny was dance to get the Wayne wildfire experience all that you have to do is call in and tell us what was the first mention of tennis in the Bible are you my toes to the first person you know that served so to speak. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Michael, we are really really delighted this is such I know our listeners to reside attending the Truth Network is they love the Bible and we know the power the Bible so how cool that we can put it in the hands of people that really make a difference in America.

We will hear the state little bit Europe forming region. The fact that were actually expanding and serving the Bible as believers in Africa for week and I just mentioned what you know it, we can estimate that as many as nine of 10 Christians in those parts that think about communist China and Africa, Peru, Ecuador. Places like that as many as nine of 10 Christians are denying God's word, they simply cannot open your Bibles on a daily basis and be reminded of God's precious promise to let me think about sustain your family by family over the last 18 months, with all the uncertainties of COBIT and wont be able to open the Bible and be reminded of God's precious promises and soap. I believe we can able to speak my goodness, about 55 million people come to the Lord in our 83 years of ministry in our specific charges to want to engage those people of the word so we do that, primarily directly Bible study happens about 8 to 10 weeks will invite their friends, their neighbors, their family to come learn about Jesus and in the Lord Jesus.

Both God and man what you mean to dine itself, but when Jesus said if you want to be great in this kingdom you learn to serve until it's like Christianity 101, the gospel of John. Again, we provide that in the languages of the world to do an African 83 years and at the end of that, Robbie.

We promise these new believers Bible in their own language that he left all the users of the world. Think about that Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam, paganism, all those things you hear about around the world. There are new to Christ and they need so elementary walking with them and that's a Bible.

Yet God has implanted it very difficult parts of the world.

It's very difficult, almost impossible to get Bible and that's where Bible exception. As I say Robbie last spring for the very first time we partner together. We had a goal to bless 3500 Bible as believers around the world and when we set it down.

It was a match money thrown in their your listeners said the Bible and more than 7000 Bible as believers at that time is of the continent of Africa. I've been in that part of the world. I've given out Bibles new believers like what a joy to be able to tell them hate your Bibles to accommodate their coming and they came 7000 believers got a Bible and Robbie will do the same thing today will kind of unfold as we go along today. But the great part about it is that your listeners can do this at five dollars a Bible to get what a joy to be with you. Love all your doing. Love your faithful witness around the US and again were just overjoyed to do this kind of business today helpmeets me to and also of course we got the opportunity for believers here were actually whenever you know we have people that come from certainly California, Colorado, Georgia. We've had him from Ohio and Michigan. In the end Virginia so wherever you may be listened to.

Takes no punch people listed in Pennsylvania right there's a boot camp lives. These boot camps are based on John Eldridge's wild at heart. Right when one of the neatest things about the boot camp. Rodney, as we have these covenant silences right where we give guys an opportunity to take a few questions out there and speak to God because God someone that does the work front yeah just thinking how valuable the Bible is been for me and my walking.

I can always go back to it as the trustee rocked back to you know have solid ground and how often you get to do that your normal daily life. I just only have so much time left. After all the other priorities I have my life insight my not prioritizing God now might try to but this is a time for me that I can say this is yours Lord. These four days, saturating your love.

Let me get the prompts from the ministry and just think you Lord. And what's great is I have my agenda and he has his opportunity for him to take my agenda and and like to say this, so we are going to be back with Michael Overton. Rodney cements and was the first mention of tennis in the Bible. I'm shocked you're listening to the truth and kingdom versus where we have God take your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and they were so blessed to have with us. Michael will worth of the Bible leads Bibles for African all over the world as we talk about as well as Rodney Smoot masculine journey radios fall boot camp is coming up November 18 through the 21st night really I I'm shocked that you revelers out there. This is $199 value right you get a free booking and it's gonna be a blast and we really, really, over the years we've given these away to people listed kingdom pursuits and so were just thrilled.

Even if your lady might have a man in your life that you want to give this boot camp to all you get. It was Tellis who was the first tennis player in the Bible and I gave a little hint when I said you know know the kind of served that was involved in there somehow.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH what was the first mention of a tennis player in the Bible we really want to get better ways to call in some Michael I know you got some stories gives you know, that's just amazing what God does when you can put the Bible in somebody's hand and all over the world. 22 hour flight, said different parts of the world just connected people that use our Bibles in our Bible study materials. Rodney and I can tell you it's absolutely amazing. Some of these people that you meet in the Middle East. Not too long ago in an oral hearing these horrific stories coming out of Afghanistan ethicality and takes a realtor punishing people left and right there hanging people in the public squirming I believe we know this kind of activity happens all over the Middle East and Rodney and Robbie when I was there. You can tell people work about their faith hear the Islamic call of prayer people would drop it would face Mecca and engage in their prayers to Allah again you could tell they were very good about their faith was 14-year-old who was he well his father had died fighting for righteous, his mother what wonderful burqas the family left Syria a large family of eight kids. The mother had been denied an education because of her social standing and that part of the world and engagement Bible leak at that time, she again spoke Arabic but could not read could not write a Bible-based literacy program guide to engage people you find out they can't read or write. You got another problem. So back around 1970. We created this program, Bible-based literacy is people are learning the form letters and words in there thereof.

Language also learning about Jesus, the great lover of your soul. The reason is the Bible is the source of the reading assignments and government schools all over the world actually use this program. God given us a great platform is not our main program that tell Mitch mother came to savings banks. She had Christian women the work given her the gift of literacy when she did come the fate she let her seven children to Christ, but not liberated, was number eight on he was at your honesty and sold out to violent Islam and will essentially blow himself up and Alyssa were not here today to say that everyone who follows Islam is extreme, that wouldn't be true and fair.

But in the case allotment story that is the case, he was targeted as a refugee Protestant financial incentive but I can tell you.

He deeply hated Christianity guys at that age he hated Christianity what he did come to saving faith. The radicals he hung around with a paid him nearly to death except to find you and finish the job and when I caught up with him a couple of villages over after this it happened, I was able sit with him and through a translator. I said that on bed but your Bible being cute course is resonated with me.

I got I had a child at that time 14 years of age about 14 years of age with this kid has gone through it. When I asked him that he said you know what they hate me because Jesus says here they hated me first and go to another passage you could see where he Jesus is look at you are persecuted, but your not abandon your struck down, but not destroyed, and that he also went to the seller. In Matthew 28 and he said Michael he said Jesus is with you always course at the great commission and this young man. At 14 years of age with the Bible had a perspective and he had a deep burden to help rescue young man who had been targeted by jihadist in that part of the world and at that time guys more than 100 people had come to saving faith.

Again, these were in the end 18 age range and with tears in his eyes. He said Michael you Bibles hear people need to be able to endure and persevere their families shun them tremendous pressure from people in their community convert back To Islam. He said that there focused on Jesus and so that several of the people that I get to me when I travel around the world and absolutely amazing people, and here's a young man with a bounty on his head, who has led more than 100 people to faith in Christ again. You may wonder.

Okay I'm tuned into the news I hear about terrorists bring it into all that how well you apply the gospel to them.

So that's what Bible leaks been called to do it again were simply at work on this campaign. The world needs the word Bibles for the Dacians and answer hundred people right now that could really benefit from your act of kindness by becoming a Bible centered. If I may Robbie limit his latest job. Five dollars will send the Bible we said together is Truth Network in Bible leak.

Can we solve this war. 3500 Bible as believers in places like the Middle East and so we have a toll-free number. When it's good for you.

You can get that out. But again, were to do this during the month of October as I said we did this for the very first time back in the spring and your listeners really get this out of the park were so grateful for that. I'd love to be able to tell you not been there. The Middle East looks the brother was your brain for the county to county and there is really no better time than right this minute put them on your heart that wow I Kino for five dollars, $10, whatever is the Lord puts in your heart. Obviously for $50, and sentence the website UNESCO in urine to see the world needs the Bible right there.

You know that that website narrowly noted by the league's website and go ahead and get going right.

Sitting right there. I just click that and get a toll-free number two. It's about a two minute transaction.

I might give that number Robbie at 800 yes word 801 ESW ORD 800-937-9673 get 800 yes word and let me say that we are friends of Bible link that believes so strongly what were doing right now they know there's an open window here and they want to match every single gap.

So every gift that your listeners will bake this morning our time together today throughout the day. They've agreed to match that gift and let me just say that we've heard from some wonderful Truth Network listeners upper dad of High Point heard from Debbie of Des Moines Weaver Cindy of Charlotte and Anthony of Richmond, Virginia all getting involved as Bible centers Robbie's again, thanks for just a few moments to keep your listeners and become Bible centers today number is 800 937-967-3800 937-9673 but also I'm very excited because we have Orlando is in High Point and he now. I know you are and so do you know who was the first place.

The person play tennis in the Bible. That's the question I'm not sure, but I'm take a crack at okay I think you chose it because you think old barrels court right he did. He served Orlando you're my hero. You did it again and so did you come to boot camp before know I never been to all well Orlando today is your lucky day because I'm a put you on hold and Carmen can get your information as I finally if I met you I know I talked to many times on the family. We met yet know we made over with the handle things over a West Lane church over and currently it would have to I haven't came over right right right right right. I knew I'd met you, but now I get a chance to spend some time with The Puts on Hold. Carmen's Gonna Get Your Stuff That You Couldn't Be More Right That Joseph Was Certainly Serving in Pharaoh's Court and II Think He Won the I Think You Need to Get That Your Letter Alright so You Know How Cool We Get to Have Orlando with Us. I'm Looking Forward to It. You Know I Listen to Your Listeners.

Robbie Get to Know You Know That It Deeply As You Get to Hear Him Overtime. Orlando Is One of Those Is Going to Be a Great Time at the End It Is and so Speaking of Stories Man II Know You Are the First Boot Camp Right You Got to See Cory Story like You to Share with Listeners a Little Bit about What You Saw Happen in His Life. I Never Would've Thought I Would've Saw That Story Unfold Didn't Have Any Expectations of Story like That Unfolding but Were Sitting There Very First Night We Checked in and There's This Younger Guy Big Guy Happy Larry I Is a Football Player and It's like You're Trying to Talk to Him and This and That He Was Very Distant. Just Kinda to Himself, Withdrawn, and Then Who's Coming This Time Again That We Got from Sam on His Buddy, I Forget His Name Is Been There A While Life.

The I Know You're Trying but He's Come. He Was There and He Knows He Knew Cory so Also Encourage like a Magnet, Who I Noticed I'm Going to Buy Him and so Their Eating Meals Together. There There. Cory's Not Sharing of My Many Other People Not Talking I've Never Really Had a Chance of Talking, but I Sat Next to Him a Couple Talks and Just Kinda, It Would Say a Couple Words Here and There and out and over Time It Was Really Really Cool Just to Watch Cory Warm up and Then When We Had the Covenant of Silence Times. He He and God Were Connecting and He Was Very Very Shy to Share That until We Had the Listening, and Then the Events That Unfold in Front of Him. There Was like Oh My Gosh I'm Hearing from God, and I See What's Going on in My Circle, My Group of Men That I'm with in the Stories Ever Told Cory's Part My Hair Moron Cory Story Is Still on the One among Unbelievable Things Ever Seen Was Cory Story We Got More with Michael in the Bible Leak Again. I'm a Give out That Number Is like a Set of 800-937-9673 the World Needs Bibles to See That It TruthNetwork.Com Will Be Right Back Your Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com.

Welcome Back Where We Hear How God Takes Her Passion and Uses It to Build the Kingdom Having so Much Fun Today with Michael Woolworth with the Bible Leagues the World World, Tongue Twister World Needs the Word One Amazing Stories God Is Doing with His Word and As Being One of the People out There That Literally Came to Faith through a Bible and You Know It Was Me Reading the Bible Is Where I Came to Meet Jesus.

And so I Know the Power of That Five Dollars Each. Put in the Hands of Somebody Can Literally Literally Change Everything. It Certainly Did in My Own Life and so Again Very Excited to Have Michael with Us As Well As on Decent Smooth Very Good Friend the Messenger. Any Radios Fall Boot Camp That's Coming up November 18 to the 21st in Right around the Corner That's the Week before Thanksgiving and We Got Orlando Very Excited to Work and Have There Now, but You Can Be Dating This Guy Master and Register for the Boot Camp Coming up so We Got Amy with the Cure Back with Us This Morning Because She's Got a Really Cool Show Coming up on Family Court Welcome Amy Area Liable. I Learned What a Any Battle I Can Contact Me Now Here Quite Easily to Larry and I Think Now Meat Meat Meat Show Genesis Lies It's 1 O'clock Today in Winston-Salem so You Know It's Amy and Boris. You Can Call in Some 888 or 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Same Number You Call an Entire Show 866-34-TRUTH Talk to Ken Amy and Boris, so Excited for Your Show Today. Amy Is Is Not to Mention Amy's Poetry Is Always Amazing to Hear That When You Turn in 1 O'clock to the Cure.

Thanks, Amy S. So We Left Our Hero Cory on the Master Journey Right He'd Come to This Boot Camp and Course We Were to Find out Later That He Was Coming under Duress. He Didn't Want to Be There. He Was Upset and Wasn't a Believer and Thought This Was Some Kind of Hocus-Pocus but Is Ronnie Talked about It. He Started to Get Closer to the Friend That He Knew That Happen to Be There. He Started Listing the Wet God Could Talk to Me and so I Came into This Listening Prayer Right Yeah I Think Brian Is, but Sam Is One It Reached out and Because He Works with Sam and It Was like Sam and Her Historians like Paul, I Think This to Be a Really Good for Your Heart to Go Yours and Some Trials in His Life and like You Said, Very Reluctantly. All Okay. I'll Go. I'll Shut This Thing and the Listening Prayer He Was Hearing This Name Cindy and Fortunately Robbie Was in That Same Group of Men That Were Praying and Listening to God and Robbie's like, Okay Cindy Well Do You Know How Use Spell That He's like Yeah and I and Robbie's like That's My Sister She's Going through Some Trials Right Now. That's What He's Bringing up to You and He's so That That Was One Thing That Really Resonated with Things like While I Something That Is Being Put into My Heart and My Head by God. That Is Something That Actually Is One of Be a Part of Somebody Else's Life in Some Else's Story, and I Can Be a Part of That. And Then There Was Also the Other Boys in the Room and That's the Part There's Little Morphologies As What When I Know That You Are in There Robbie and I Just Don't Recall How They Spoke to Us. You Know I'm Out Of the Listening Prayer Right into Cory Story You Know about What Happened with His Family, Which Is a Bit Complicated and Somebody in a Mensch. The Name and Things There Here and Coordinate Realized That This Too Was Connected but Again, Realize That Is These Talks That There Listening to Are All Based on the Bible Came in There Very Much Being Steeped in That We in the God's Coming for You and the Beautiful Thing a Man Amazingly Beautiful Thing Was That We Have Coming at the End of One of the Talk Darren Kuhn Just Decided He Felt Led Right to Say If Anybody Here Wants to Receive Christ You Know We Want to Pray with You and Now It Was Still a Little Unusual Because Warehousing Is We Didn't Know the Story. It Was Just Again I Don't Know Why I've Never Asked That before I Get but Boy I Really Felt I Needed to and Corey's Bike Not Didn't like Jump up and Say Me but It Was Just Day after Will Do This in Cory Quietly Talk to Him and Just Said I'd like to Do This and by the at the End of the Week. We Baptize Cory and He Came on the Show. I Was Baptized in the Lake That Was Right There in the Boot Camp. Mary Went Right Where We Go Fishing and It Was a November 1, so It Was Cold.

It Was Cold It Was. It Was Nice and Warm; You Get to See That Kind of Fruit Anywhere yet Always Just like Man. Praise God, That's so Cool and yet like Your Story but You've Got More Than What You Really Want to Give You a Glimpse into the People around the World Were Members of Our Spiritual Family and yet They Lack God's Word That God Has Implanted Work Is Very Challenging to Live That Your Faith and I Know Your Listeners Follow You Know That It Is China Having the Government There's Doing Everything to Stop the Advance of Christianity Meters the Place for Christianity in Their Country.

They Daily Hate Pastors Are Shutting down Churches. In Fact, We Know a Church Not Too Long Ago Was Bulldozed It Was Demolished. No Advance Notice Given No Repercussions for That That Act. That's What Christians Are up against in Communist China Will Be Tape on a Map of the Name of New Evangelical Pastor, about 55 Years of Age.

He Served Just outside of Beijing, China. I Would Guess Robbie's Been Beaten in Jail, Probably 25 Times over the Course of His Ministry. They Beat Him so Severely Several Times. It Took a Whole Week Just to Recover but the Last Time This Happened a Letting Go about a Week Later, but Not Came on His Door Was in the Evening His Wife Were Somewhat Reluctant to Open the Door, but When They Did They Find Hi Louis, I'll Sleep Better Atheist Interrogator That Beat This Man Severely All Week Long.

There Was a Question It Burned in His Heart.

It Was Simply This, Why Were You at Such Peace. When We Were Beating You and so This Man Can't. You Would Open His Door Would Open the Standard Bible, and He Would Leave This Better Atheist to Faith in Christ Coming Together. They Have Seen Hundreds Come to Christ There in Beijing, China. This Man Heil Lost His Job at the Police Department Used in the Ridicule That Persecuted Simply Because He Believes Jesus Is the Way the Truth but Who Can Orchestrate Something like What I Just Mentioned. I Mean Only God You Think about a Pastor Beaten Simply for His Fate for the Way Lives and out There in Communist China and Here This Bitter Hate Me Is This Interrogator That Had a Reputation for Coming down Hard and Christians in That Part of the World Get Together They Serve the Lord. Let Me Say This, Here's the Somber Part of This in the House Church Movement That They're a Part of Congregations of 100 Year 300 There Were 200 over Here All Very Healthy, Somewhat Small on Your Smaller Scale within Those Congregations Get about Two or Three Bibles Each. A Lot Of People Stay after the Service Simply to Write down A Few Verses to Take into There.

We Can Listen I Got up and Meandered Bible in Front of Adults Radios All Describe Your Listeners into Basic Black Cover. This Was Translated by Bible League Opened up You Find a Beautiful Mandarin Language.

But You Know What This Bible Means Nothing to Me.

I Don't, I Will Speak Mandarin to the Christians I'm Talking about Right Now Who Are Pressured to Leave Christianity Anything They Would Get Absolutely Anything to Happy for Me, This Bible Today and Rodney and I Robbie This Is Why Were Here Today Doing This Kingdom Business at Five Dollars and We Got a Match Going on Today If You Want to Take on Your Heart. Wow, I Can't Get behind This Is Awesome Number to Call Is 800-937-9673.

That's 800-937-9673 of Us Go to the Truth Network and the World Needs the Word We Got One More Second, You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Fact When You Hear from How We We Hear How God Is Taking Your Passion and Uses It to Build the Kingdom and We Are so Really the Way Today Again with Michael Woolworth and the by the League's World Needs the Word and What a Cool Thing That We at the Truth Network and You Get to Partner Together to Bring the Word of God to the World. I Mean, You Know Sunday Will Be in Heaven and That He'll Be This Guy Is like Man You Gave $10.50. Whatever.

And You Just Don't Know How It Impacted My Life. You Know It's It's It's Absolutely Amazing or Very Cool. If You Eat, You Know Somebody out There That You like Their Struggle in You Can See They Need the Healing of Christ in Their Life or Their Man That Just Seems Unengaged to Couch Potato That Never Seems to Get up and Want to Do Anything Well, You Know, Invite Them to the Master and Journeyman Even Better Take Him If You Want to the Mass Country Radio Boot Camp Coming up November 18 through the 21st Is Pretty Easy for That. When You Discover Master and Register You and Your Friends. The Boot Camp As We Talked about Its Hundred $99 Value That Orlando One but Just for Hundred $99.

Wow What a Weekend. It's All the Food at an Amazing Group of Guys and You Get All That Stuff but Rodney, I Know like Man in Your Own Story. You Came to Winston-Salem. You Know That Many People Get Opportunity to Come to the Boot Camp like and Now You're in the Band of Brothers. Yeah, You Don't Know What You Miss until You Have It, Boy. Once You Have It You Just like Tonya Don't Want to Go That's What Was with Jesus Right and Then You Find out That There's so Many Ways That Jesus Can Work through Other Men and Women to Work in Your Life and I've Got like Three Separate Groups Now That Are Very Very Close in the Bible and the Word in Jesus and to Have People You Can Tell Your Story to Have Them Understand. I Would've Never Never Thought I Could Open up My Heart to Others like I Have Because I Watch Them Open up Their Hearts to Me and That's What Happens in the Boot Camp As You Go When You Listen to These Men Stories and You Hear What They Went through and What Jesus Does with That Is Brings up Your Story to Yourself so That You Can Start to Read Your Own Story and See It. It's like Watching a Movie Playback and Now with Jesus's Lines. You See It from a Different Perspective and You Get to See This. Wow. Not Just Brokenness, Not Just Hatred Not Just You Know What Was Me.

It's Now Here's What I Can Do and Take That Again Bob Young Know What Makes You Know What I Thought Disqualify Me Make Me Uniquely Qualified, You Find That in Your Own Life You Get to Find out Those Things That While You're Going to Use This Lord Because You Find Somebody Else That Has Some Similar Situation or It's like Oh I Didn't Have That but I Know Who Else Did. You Might Want to Talk to Jim or to Danny or Somebody Else in the Team about That a Little Bit Just Have That Conversation Just Nice Friendly Conversation. Will This Is What Is Meant for Me and What Jesus Did in My Life without It's Great to Share. It Is Again Mass and Journey Is Simple Enough to Do That. Of Course the Truth Network Get to Hear Their Shouts Coming on Today at 12 O'clock but Michael, in This Last Few Minutes. What Would You Want to Share with Our Listeners.

They Didn't Get to Hear Today and Finally Campaign That We Were There That Would Have That Week to Give up Bibles of the Graduates. I Was Super Bowl Week Here in America Have No Idea Who Played All Never Forget Meeting Mabel Who Was She Sick Five Years of Age. The Village Which Dr. Should Come to Christ. And When I Gave Her That Bible and the Swahili Language and Timesheet Helen above Her Head. She Sent the New Creation in Christ. I Am a New Creation in Christ, New Creation in Christ That She Said That the Man They Shouted with Delight the Women They Ovulated Why They Knew This Woman Lived Most of Her Life. All of Her Life in Spiritual Darkness. You Left All of That Is the Village Which Dr. to Follow Jesus Christ. And That Is God Gives Me Those Opportunities to See Those Holy Transactions Take Place. I Can't Help but Think of Your Listeners Who Have Given in Recent Months to Make Sure Things Happen and Listen to Hospitals Going Forth in Some of the Most Difficult Parts of the World Robbie and We Get to Be a Part of the Week at the Step Another Story. Again, I Can't Tell You to Play the Super Bowl That Year but I Will Never Forget Meeting Mabel Rita and Just Be Reminded That God Is Making Good on His Promise to Redeem the World. Jesus Said If I Be Lifted up I'll Draw the Nations to Myself That's Happening Today Campaign Is Called the World Needs the Word Bibles for the Patient at Five Dollars You Can Put the Bible into the Hands and Hearts of People like Mabel All over the World That We Set a Big Glowing Will That Do This for 3500 Bible As Believers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

And If I May Have Robbie Let Me Just Say Thanks to Lawrence of Salt Lake We Heard from Charlene of Toledo, Ohio, David in Ames, Iowa Jolene and Winston-Salem Your Listeners Get This and It Happens with Every Call. With Every Click Look Forward to Meeting That Goal Together with You All so Excited to Get the Number It's 800-937-9673. That's 800-937-9673 or If You Go to TruthNetwork.Com in Word. The World Needs the Word. It's That You'll See That Right There and Finally That I Mean I Put It on Your Heart. 800-937-9673 Michael and As Always I'm so Grateful God Has You in Such Places As Thanks Rodney November 18 to the 21st so Master Journey That Say to Purging Prayers Coming up, Followed by the Master Journey Itself, and Then the Key to Call off Man up. This Is the Truth Network Say What Would You Do If You Were a New Christian and You Didn't Have a Bible Michael Woolworth My Way from Bible, the International You Probably Say Well and Hop in My Car and Go to Christian Bookstore or Have One Shipped to Me with Those Word Options Sing with Him Due To the Faith.

I Mean II Need to Know What It Means to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus, You Know, You Would Pray That Someone, Anyone Would Bring You a Bible. That's Exactly the Way It Is for Literally Aliens Are Christians around the World Are Part of Our Spiritual Family There New to the Faith They Want to Know What It Means to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus but God Has Them Planning Where It's Very Difficult to Access the Bible and That's Why the Truth Network and Bible League of Teamed up to Sing God's Word to 3500 Bible As Believers around the Globe Are Campaign Is Called the World Needs the Word Five Dollars in Survival $100 since 20. Every Gift Matched Make Your Most Generous Gift by Calling 800 Yes Word 800 Why ESW ORD 800 Yes Word or Give a Truth

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