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October 5, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 5, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is it wrong that I took the Covid vaccine---2- Is it ok to listen to women pastors---3- Is the new heaven and new earth in Isaiah 65-17-20, the same as mentioned in Revleation---4- What is the book of life mentioned in Revelation---5- Was everything written in the Old Testament meant for us today---6- How do we know if we're really saved---7- What does it mean not to judge---8- Matt further discusses being a Christian and yet still living intentionally in sin.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877072761 open lines and open all you do is give me a call 877-207-2276 the last four digits spell see ARM on your on your darling. If you're just checking to website rush the last miniature stuff going on. No big deal, so why don't African lines so wonderfully 877-207-2276. If you're new to show we talk about theology. Mormonism jolted witnesses Christian science unity behind Islam, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox UFOs, the cold theology debates on the trigger debate tomorrow night Unitarian on the doctrine of Trinity and then the CF trigger next week or something like that to get a debate with a Muslim guy should be really on the Trinity. All of a sudden, people want to be in the Trinity and I got the big guy, the Trinity, I think another debate just three or four or five weeks and on and so little topic pretty well and the problem, but if you're interested know more about those all you do is so good, drug/calendar type it in there and hit enter and it'll take you to the other pages and so let's see tomorrow night tomorrow night. One night say was when this verse, Trinity and the scene. The 12th of a debate in the Muslim is God one person or three divine persons and then on the 20th. Does the Bible teach document Trinity and another Unitarian and answer that.

Of course it does show how it's done. Not a big deal to stuff a C4 open lines 877-207-2276 so we do stay on the line or the or I should say by your donations.

If you're interested in helping us out. All you do is so difficult to carve the room/donate and then you can help us out. We like five 1015 $20 a month you want to do and it helps to set up probably call her but you know if we know how much is coming in and stuff you don't ask a whole bunch were not like a lot of ministries that in the bag were not really mention it but don't just kind of let you know that we do have needs and would like to keep those things on the air is in the website and other things that we are doing, you know, radio videos, teaching things like that.

So if you like what you hear and you want to support the ministry and the radio show then only if the do is so discolored/donate, you help us out. Why do great if not that's okay to write what we do for the phones.

Let's get to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome your here Rudolph. Okay there you go to hell. Yes okay.

My question was about the whole bit rate and you didn't think it would the market be great. Just don't take it because that it was a aborted but beyond that, at that at 58 I felt that I that you make the indexing to set for that.

I can understand you. Did you say you took the vaccine yet okay and you are you worried that it's the mark of the beast that are you there now yeah get a cut leg and they have you narrowed with it but I can't. People not taking it because that's what it be disdain and slackness that may have made the wrong but I think, well, that's between you know you have the right to do what you want with your own body and even though the left wants to deny you that by forcing you into medical medical status and medical think that force that's unethical. It's un-biblical and is even against the secularist room for code which was developed in 47 I believe it was that he presented in the Nuremberg trials against the Nazis who did medical experiments on people against their will, and he forced them to take medicines.

This is the same thing is happening here with the lookover thing people said no no no not forcing your ticket yes you are they reinforcing us because it. If you don't, you lose your job, as if that's force and soaps. Many people are submitting to that. Now if you want take it that's between you think I know people taken.

There are fine but I've heard a lot of stories of people taken it and are having adverse effects and there's a lot of them and I guess research to do a lot more research on covert vaccines and the false testing systems and why is being pushed and things like that and it is been pushed and I wonder why it's being pushed because natural immunities at least 13 times better then the vaccines and I heard a report today that more and more of the people hospitalized with covert.

The percentage is increasing at their the ones were vaccinated to verify that, but it's what I've been hearing from different sources. Documentation for that and that's I don't really repeat that the site been hurt and hearing from them places and stuff like that but then the Israel Consulate like 85% of the populations vaccinated and their having all kinds of problems with the Delta fire vary coming through and it's wreaking havoc there and blesses another brick bit of research that the talk we do Dickerson PhD's and the immunologists were saying that that the vaccines are contributing to development of other virus variations by wiping out the ones that are weaker and then the ones that the virus forms that are stronger will survive and so there's all kinds of stuff you know, so who knows what can happen when what we not more of these because of the mark of the beast comes with the arrival of the antichrist will become basically a world leader, and in order to buy and sell. You will have to take his mark. It's a mark of a person so covert is not the mark of the beast. It's just something that I believe the left is using for control to some degree my segment.

Take the next thing you have you heard that they die when people from Toy Galliano. Hopefully back it. It's like a passport and they got into. That's a passport so I do little more research occasionally here on Nazi Germany and what they started to do was require papers in order to buy and sell in certain areas, and then if you did not cooperate he removed to other areas and there's actually talk. I have the documentation for the CDC. Where part of the methods later on that they'll used to control the population.

Covert, things like that is to move them into camps. What I read stuff like this. This scares a correct you and and plus the misinformation civic the misinformation beginning the government is the contradictory information makes us doubt makes me doubt the reliability of what it is they want us to submit to and easiest thing I can point out is that the illegally open up the borders of the South let in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of bill of illegal aliens illegal immigrants coming into the country who are infected with all kind of stuff including coven and they don't they don't actually they can wear masks. I've seen pictures with some having mass with think they take him on a ship within the country and yet they want us to submit to the to the vaccines so it the inconsistency.

There is so profound that it causes me to think that the issue of safety in the covert is not the real issue. I think that the left is my opinion I think the left is trying to gain control of the country because I believe it is my opinion there flooding the country with people going about socialist and trying to get a one party system so that they'll be in control and they want people to submit to what they tell you to do is what socialism does it forces people to into submission as the because the little people don't notice when Bernie were in a Republican constitutional Republic in our democracy Republic and when we have socialism.

Okay I tell people is if you had take a balance in a constitutional Republic. The end that the side that has people power is heavier and governmental powers must be restricted in socialism that traversed in the more socialism you have, the less freedom you have, because you have to give more more freedom and power to the government and there's only so many freedom units that are available in the government takes them. You have less this how it works of socialism. So they're trying to control and plus I've seen cult techniques and practices used by the left to control people with covert thing so yeah I'm stirring the pot will know what about member with okay if they do not modify now listen to within patches are not biblical.

So don't listen right and Pat is hurting them. I'm sorry don't listen to the false teachers within patches are not overblown Bible clearly tells us that, and when the churches start allowing that to neglect against Scripture. Why would you want to listen to people who can't even discern the truth of God's word and a very important area laid out by Paul the apostle in first Timothy two and three and Titus chapter 1, so that all possible. Okay right okay right but God bless say folks reopen lines 877-207-2276 us get to Robert California. Robert welcome Rainier Robert District. I'm not sure what you said but you're on their hide from California got you here yes I can. I can help. I have a quick garden idea for the five everything through 21st 20 okay they're talking about the new heaven and new earth that if they want to know that in Revelation certainly looks like okay I'm there that you read had. That's right okay but in narrative, you will live 100 years old. What happens after that hundred year it's an exaggeration. It's it's hyperbole so it's talking about. There are different interpretations of Isaiah 65, and some say it's completely allegory or representational poetry kind of thing others take it literally and to and say that in the future millennial reign filled thousand year little ring that they'll say in Jerusalem and work to be sold for folks realizing what you call 87707 mass Y call 7707 so her finger to look at is that with probably happening here in this description of Isaiah 65. This is your baby 200 years old. It's an exaggeration.

Hyperbole in order to demonstrate the vast age and length of time that the new heavens and the earth will occupy. Not that babies will actually be 100 years old, so long as I hundred years old.

Jews would talk differently than we would we would say it was not exactly accurate, but that's their culture would say things and it also throughout their luck got it going to call people by a new name of that Christian are well well see the verse puts that I can't figure it right now. Let's see fixings find a new name inside of us. Daniel back to Isaiah 6 exam, baby scope talk, my computers doesn't say it that exact word alert is a new look at that. It's in Isaiah 62 and the nations will see your righteousness looking for glory and you will be called by a new name that's dealing with Zion and the issue of Jerusalem so we can understand that this is written to the Jewish people but doesn't exclude us and not there are certain things that apply to us. But this issue. The new name probably applies just to to Israel, Jerusalem issues Florida is wrong. Look on the call are getting company name or that part I don't understand now be called by a new name no longer be Jewish or oh, no, no, I wouldn't mean that they were Jewish, but it's probably referencing an improved status and situation because then the idea of the name in Hebrew. Similar to American Indians and that you were running their he's down there with no flying Hawk okay and that's how names are so Adam means man Methuselah means when he dies it will come no means rest, so a new name is that names often designated characteristics about people and/or situations. And that's what's going on. So this is a new name.

If you carry that meaning in that event of a new quality so my name is Matthew which is in Greek start at a gift of God. And so what if my name was changed to Peter which of them the rock.

So then you shall no longer be called the gift of God, but a rock okay because it's a designation of purpose and and attributes and things like that. That's the idea that's going on, so thought was happening there to direct and movie good though right what Gladding remark arriving goblet strife for folks for the lines. If you want to give me a call we can blab the numbers 877-207-2276 schedule Alberto from George Alberta welcoming on the television to 911.

You know also goes 19 pages they add single book book book book about elevated out on getting one know that everything name can I and my work life not understand every word you're saying. So what's so which question then you hear preacher say that the work of the book of the mother of this club got with your name on the book of life, but if I hear Faith give part they name the part of the renovation on the front of the Bible Bible book of Revelation having I still don't understand what you're asking that at the battle of thing that got removed by name out of the book of life by clicking any removing of the book that I thank your name came as part not name perch slot got another name but let me just kind of talk about his job and what your name will depends on what the book of life is enters debates within scholarly circles about the nature of life and the logic applied to it. Not trying to be evasive, but in the culture of the time. There will be cities and not too big. Once that you couldn't do this at but attended in villages and small towns they would have at the entrance of the gates sometimes inside the city or whatever that have a place where books were kept, provide the census for the population of that town, village and it would cut often caught the book of life. And when someone was had died.

It would just cross that name out and it meant the name was still there but the designation of their died. Was there and so that's that's easy a cultural background for this. There's also the issue of he will not remove your name for the book of life will some people say will.

That means it's possible to remove it, but not necessarily because it's it could say he will not remove it is not possible so it just depends on how we get a look at these things and people tend to look at these these these figurative areas in a literal sense in order to support a preconceived idea of theology and one of them. Of course, as you can lose your salvation so therefore he will not block your name object can be and you can lose it if you don't do this and so it's not an logically necessary conclusion that they give some of that's helping you about that. Is it now yeah yeah not inadequate. A lot of churches that have attended factors that need to stop think outside Israel that it through the church age like that like Joshua… Well, you would tread upon shall be yours guy that got them picking one up fly that sat that year he paid my deposit. I want you to prop right now and you were Jeremiah 2911 okay for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare. Another calamity to give you a future and hope will.

This is for Jerusalem. This is for the people of Israel and Lotta preachers will say this is for you today really well. It was written in the context of addressing the Old Testament people doesn't mean it's for us today. That's the question we have to ask is it appropriate to take.

It was intended for different contacts intended for different time in a covenantal people and then take inside-out applies was Christians and most Christians are sit in the pulpit sit in the pews don't understand the idea of reading context and site the correct a lot of people think if it's can apply to us with to see the context allows it to apply to us because you don't for welfare, not calamity. To give you a future and a hope. Only tell you that a lot of times calamity comes in our lives as Christians, especially as Christians because Jesus is cross daily and follow after me trouble you people are not looking at these things theologically and logically so the they don't help you break right back after these messages for open lines when you call 776 max Y call 77077 call and all you do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get back on the phone without okay but so where were we go hello yes you're on yet I know that right yes okay okay my letter to the lake and run a thousand churches have been doing at that years ago and like King David, Goliath, and all that is that when applied to weight rapidly. M.

Lotta down Diane no and no that you that that pops properly use also will.

It happens a lot in Scripture. Lotta and preaching, I should say Scripture were people will take verse remove it from his context and then misapplied happens and they should not do. People should not.

So that's what it is all and and written on was called hermeneutics of the interpretation of the Bible and one of things I want to do is create a school or school on the little interpretation methodology and practices an exercise of things like that and others basic things to do its will do some time to show people varying, varying verses that they think they understand and I'll show them how they don't one of the easiest of famous ones in John 316 were talks about God's love the world is evil in the got some less people will who's the world, and I'll use this one to get people to to be exposed to their own presuppositions. Presuppositions can be accurate or inaccurate. We just have to find out what those are and examine so people say the world means every individual Elsik. How do you know these are fair questions will people don't like to answer questions like that just has to be that way. How do you know it has to be that way. What is the word world mean how does God use.

These are part of the issues that we have to go through in order to understand the Scripture if God says to covenant Israel like he says and people do this to me those when I talk about the inability of the natural man to receive the things of God. First Corinthians 214 says so and then we'll do is of the back.

The Old Testament and Moses talk is is to the Israelites, says choose this day whom you will serve in the CC Matt you're wrong that you can choose God. Even though you think the Bible says you can't. They don't realize that what they've done in this example is set Scripture against Scripture and that's it. That's a problem you don't do that. That's ultimately very harmful in a suit when Moses went walking he was talking to the covenant people of Israel. He was not talking to Christians in the future and they were already believers in the true living God's will just tell people this is how you have to think when you come to the word but too many Christians think just listen and they don't do much thinking about these things they need.

As part of responsibility big Christian to examine everything I end up with about years ago and I'm a lot yes because there into height and get a flow going and they want the motion going times since little Dylan is is that instead of five hermeneutical he faithful and it's more work and particularly when people are emotional and they do-a cultural context and setting if they were to become more biblical in some areas.

They would lose congregation members, but too many times pastors view their success in the terms of how many people show up and that's not right to stand I'm guilty of that as well. I do Bible studies, people show up and I tend it's her fault that I have no other sound that we tend to want to look to the numbers as a is a demonstration of our success and God's blessing. That's not always the case.

We can be careful so sometimes we preach to the letter to write. An article for more spiritual if it's a state bird and not on that level of spirituality. What you do not really seeking God on the map. It was God's good happens, you know, I just try and work and teach people all I think it's about the you get to what would be with me for the last 40 to be call 877-207-2276 Chris from Indiana welcoming Rainier yeah I it. If your there that the lifestyle want the earth to you that either Kristin and setting a look at like if you can't lose your salvation you get. They but nothing you can do to earn it. There's nothing that you can't cannot do it, lose it, and how do we know if one they cannot buy their life. They do dread me cancel Magellan and jump in and help you out here okay so I get we get will get saved we are regenerated, salvation is not simply an intellectual commitment that then we can disobey and be hypocritical along with salvation comes the regenerative work of God were born again from a new creature. Second, Christians 517 and God is living in us. John 1423.

This would be to be born tripod or born again.

John 33 through eight, so there's a something is changed in us the manifestation of that change occurs in our life. So if someone says they've confessed Christ and they still fornicate look at porn, do drugs and there's no conviction of this it is due this they're not Christians there.

They've got a true Christian Bible says in first John 24 if you say you know him and don't keep his commandments. The truth is not in you and your life.

So were not there as Christians to go out in sin and because that's okay this is what a lot of of critics of the idea of eternal security will will say so that magic and sin they failed to understand and incorporate the truth of God's regenerative work in us. So how do we tell us a little regenerated two ways orthodoxy and ortho proxy orthodoxy is right, teaching ortho proxy is right doing okay yeah but you always becomes argumentative with a guy got them tribes got that with all the client in an argument and then my Glock how Mike what thinking that can make cannot commit out in our own self. If you have the right is a practice that, but I doubt it.

I would want inappropriate behavior, but we get it out. They think I think okay to live now, we would have to know the particulars of individuals are talking about. So if for example someone says he's a Christian and he's committing adultery going out on his wife and he doesn't think is a big deal but he said he's a Christian. He's a liar he's not a Christian because right now I get that… I know that you love me, but not in you and Caroline. Right yes I know but it I don't know I did. You have more specific, using more specific. Okay give me is what you mean like the landing there I Doug Manning coming out.

Hope called on hold I hold the meeting at the Atreides's mask asked questions or are you you have friends who are living who say to Christians but don't live like it well yeah but then I was playing that get what I didn't ask that I did Neste I said do you have Christian people consider Christians have read together, Christians, and are not living yet okay in my okay I will okay hold on hold and so are they doing things like drugs, ethnography, adultery, hold onto the break okay and vote for all 770776 the man's leg.

Why call 77077 charismatic/hey folks are going to call for open lines 877-207-2276 look back on the line with Chris Chris. Are you still there are so are these friends of yours living in direct sin and rebellion like fornicating drugs, no things like that. Yeah. Okay.

And they say there Christians yet do they play their yeah okay so they say there Christians and asked him why is it don't live like one.

Is this what you would do before Jesus. Is this what you Jesus would approve of you doing asking that because the answer is no, and therefore you are under condemnation and judgment, and if they are true Christians all tell people this is the people he veers over the over the air. If your rate if you are a true Christian in your living in sin like that better be careful God will take you out to go to frequent or as after five and essence of fire.

They lie to the Holy Spirit, God killed the deer?

I tell people your living like that you live in, and sin.

And you're not revising of a kindly anti-Christian interview, careful God can do.

You cannot discipline you said in early morning light is or what doing that and led toward other lots okay tell the truth sing a God's discipline, try this. This is borrows imagery from Jonathan Edwards in his scent of the sermon the centers of the hand sin of man's and at of anger got that angry God.

I know you say that's it is to Christians before and to unbelievers more to unbelievers and said look nothing but the grace of God prevents you like a spider hide hanging from a thread from the silk thread over an open flame. Nothing with the grace of God prevents him from just letting go and you fall into that is keeping you alive so that you have an opportunity to repent. The longer you rebel against him, the harder your heart will become. And if you are a true Christian. He will take you out. He will discipline you and it will be severe that that is the truth, not just something that I am. I know that I say that with rambling. I felt I think right. They all needed. Why did he do I know that like like then I think that I'm not done thing that I'm older body and that I get right on time and I think we should continue that life living will to fight against it. There's a difference between occasionally falling into something that that that's okay to do that either, which are struggling against it.

We have our weaknesses is a difference between that and just diving headlong into sin and I Doug got a picture of the unrebutted. That's the difference between life and death Valley that I get my quick… I will you go in and out of sorts. I like that to really get. I thought to think that I want to call. I appreciate that I was my wife what like a list of me is she's not. She just listened to the radio.

So I told hey honey commit me a sandwich. You know there's that's I get for his frozen bag of quarters like that you serve your United dock. Sometimes I duck my dye Thanksgiving as a martial arts are not a role, so that's good practice to write about it logically at the right point out that like you to get help know that's four views on health forgot his name, but so do different views on Hell. But no, I didn't like that I do have thought information on Carmen on what the views of hell are you, even when articles are go through the entire book.

Yeah, right quick and slick stuff.

I wanted to be quick, get the answer very quickly and we move on. That's what I do only be doing videos the same way here for the video editing help but be doing that to okay right okay nothing else I got well that somehow is really slow like today's really slow day.

We are wide open lines and sometimes the prepacked just just ebbs and flows, so today's more the slower days of my window. I gave a ride home from work with all anyway thank you bag and I banded on the right thing when I good this right.

Oh and one more thing.

If they say you can't make judgments say yes you can. First Corinthians 215 first Corinthians 215. Spiritually I can make spiritual judgments first printings to 15 yes, all read to you okay this is first Corinthians 215 but he was spirit will praises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one so he can spiritual person can judge or appraise the things that needed to want to do and is for the Greek is Anna Carino enemies to judge to discern source spiritual person can do that you are not that I think we have a right to now. I just know that our illnesses you got was a judge to be careful in your judgments. Don't judge lest you be judged and trying to mock somebody like you and Rabbi and so here sounds a judgment that are modes with people say don't judge will be good to talk about this because I say to them, because atheists will say that to me trying is a Bible against being assimilated and so do you think the Bible would teach a bit like if someone murder somebody else you shouldn't condemn them from that adjustment. The course you shut it and so saying you can't make judgments you can make judgments. You just can be careful of the jet you make, and that is going on is an example of another example version be taken out of context and I thought that we might every thought.

What you're really yeah I do different kind but yes without moral gaps is what it with the issue is people get what you normally judgments okay yes I'm I thought I got lot. Okay, sounds good. Okay, okay, you are our miser: okay folks, we have nobody waiting right now if you want to call 877-207-2276 so we are called to tell you is Christians I know that a lot of people who don't understand this well put this way I know that there are people who are listening right now and I hope these words of truth will sink into your heart that maybe you are claiming to be a Christian and not really living like maybe you know that you're not. And maybe you're concerned that the conviction isn't work supposed to be as strong as it supposed to be and you because your doubting your wondering whether tell you that sin is deceptive and sin hardens the heart.

If you say you're a Christian, you have to ask yourself, are you really truthfully a Christian, have you really trusted in the shed blood of Jesus Christ on that cross trusted and that to forgive you of your sins, you believe truly that he physically rose from the dead three days later he ascended into heaven, and that you are saved by faith and trust in him alone. If you believe these things, and yet you are struggling in various areas of sin. We tell you the worst your sin, the more judgment will be upon you in this life. The worst your sin if you're committing adultery. You into pornography, drug abuse, fornication. You lie easily just to make things work better for you. These are great sense the judgment of God comes in two ways. One in a hardened heart. Read Romans chapter 1 starting in verse 18 the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness neck wrath that's being spoken of that follows is being given over to the judgment of your own heart to believe lies to not be convicted by sin.

It's a judgment of God. If you're a Christian who is involved in these kinds of sins. You claim to be a Christian you doing these and you sense and you know that there's conviction is less and less is because the judgment of God upon you as more and more later. Often what happens is, God will kill you. I'm not joking it'll take you out there driving along one day he takes his hand off of protecting you something happens or he can because you have broken bones get a sickness, and then reflected back then you cry out to God, you can face him that way drops your knees in repentance say Lord I have sent in Lord, I need to repent and please give me the strength to repent.

The desire beyond my ability to understand, to repent and turn from please help me and strengthen me, convict me a new that I might turn from that which is evil and you repent for their sins turn for them you stop if you're in adultery or fornication or pornography or whatever it is you need to stop need to make things right with the people to whom you have offended you start with God. Confess your sins to God, we have to understand that is Christians. He takes us seriously. He wants us to live seriously before him. He wants us to trust him. He doesn't call us for the purpose of being a trophy that he polishes up look on a shelf and there's no more use for you or that it's okay because hey I will lose my salvation. I can do all these things now your call for the purpose of honoring God and if you don't honor him you be judged. Now and the next life you can want back in the future you can wish you had served him more now. So now is the time to serve him now is a time to recommit yourself to Christ.

Now is the time to turn from that sin. Now's the time and asked people to help you and you turn read your Bible and pray. I'll give you a hint, CPR, CPR, right confess, pray, read confess very spiritual CPR if you live with the Lord bless you and by his great effect on tomorrow.

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