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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 4, 2021 11:53 am

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 4, 2021 11:53 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/01/21.

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The phone lines are wide open. Let's do it. You got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends of the line of fire broadcast 86634.

Truth is never to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

You've got questions, we've got answers any question of any kind that relates in any way to the radio broadcast any things we talk about right about guests.

We've had on controversial subjects of any kind. Our joy attack your questions now is a great time to called earlier in the show, you call the better chance we have of getting to your calls, 866-348-7884 before I go to the phones. Did you get our email this week announcing or latest ministry resource newest book revival or we die a great awakening is our only hope is due out October 19. It's coming out in paperback and e-book, but we have purchased a special printing of hardcover editions at a great price and and the undersigned them the be numbered copies and then I've recorded a special video message right take you through each chapter of the book and give you further background to the history of the book.

I believe this will really stir you. I believe as you read it that something is going igniting you to go after God more earnestly believe that there's this can be a hunger and thirst that rises of faith for revival and understanding of what this is all about. I've been really blessed to hear from some of those who been reading advanced copies that there seems kind of the Ravenhill type style.

The writing I did in the in the late 80s early 90s especially of stirring hearts for revival. Back then I felt the Lord stir me to do this again revival or we die.

You can preorder at S.

Dr. SK DR you can preorder their I believe you be richly blessed as you do. All right we go to the phones. Let's start in Canyon Lake, California David, welcome to the line of fire. Economic biblical sure thing though I would question about how do they relate to the appointing of Saul Egbert over Israel and other common after so I've often heard about how Israel vision you appointed king over them with them for not. I know we have the tech in the Bible and how the ocular heart not but I was just wondering if, if that had not happened. You think that David still would have been paying afterward because just going back to Genesis chapter 17 Dr. Abraham I made you getting an and I will make you nation for viewing things will come forth from you so often times I have heard people talk about Israel than king over them, because God ultimately want videogame. They won't actually reference the passage about Abraham and the report from his management. Deuteronomy 17 in about a standpoint of God. Yeah, better passaged in Deuteronomy 17, where it's in the long right in terms of having a king. So are two sides to it. God certainly knew that the people would need an earthly king.

He fully understood, given their nature that they would not simply have him as their God in their king, but ideally if they had obeyed as a nation they could have been a priestly nation. In Exodus 19 God says I'll make you into a priestly nation. The idea of just having one tribe of the Levites become the priests out of the tribe is not the way it started it.

In other words, this happens after Exodus 32 and the golden calf.

Then Levi tribe of Levi is separated, but God knows all of this in advancing those human nature. He knows what will need a king. He knows the whole nation will will not want to say we need cannabinoid human beings, but that Israel would need a king. He knew that they would need to have a priestly caste among them because the whole nation would not live up to this so he has to rebuke them for the wrong he has to rebuke them because even Deuteronomy 17 when you say let's be like the other nations right that was not ideal, but God recognizing it being pragmatic has worked it all out in advance to the point of having Jesus be the son of David who does for the sins of the world. So on the one hand, it was always his plan but it was never the absolute ideal human beings and who they are.

This is the reality of it on another level. You have Matthew 19 were Jesus explains that divorce was given by God because of the hardness of human hearts was never his ideal but it was part of the law and is been part of human history and is even part of of culture within the New Testament. So that's gotta being pragmatic and the base of his foreknowledge constructing a plan to be one of the moment… Sovereign. Overall yes and and having a king would not necessarily be sinful. The way divorce can can often be sinful or destructive mother was having a king if the king is godly and points people to the Lord.

That's positive, but through most of Israel's history. The kings were not good. They led the wrong direction with the people further away from God so it ended up being counterproductive. Yes, God his foreknowledge and solvency saw this but is going to deal with things honestly. Think of this. Think of Belo going to curse Israel and God tells him initially. Don't go many S again, Gus is okay go in and rebukes them for normally rebuke you for going because it was obviously monetary reasons. As with the rest of the Bible tells us that there was greedy and SYS got again when God said no sleep but was more money let me ask again so God rebukes them for that. But then still sends him on a mission and some of his words are actually used in the Jewish prayer book to the state. Interestingly, the words of Belo are prayed back in terms of the uniqueness of Israel.

I thank you for the quest. I have not yet appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH hey last couple of Fridays here and there. We had some phone lines open, which often doesn't happen on nephritis.

If you try to call before whatever reason we understand some of our stations were having phone line questions, problems either earlier.

Much of this effect is believe that some of the lines of great time to call in 866-34-TRUTH all right. Let's go to Rudy in Frederick, Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello yes I went all went up and got all that got you are Brown right behind Betty began to get a good outback along.yeah it's it's purely a cultural thing. Rudy and in other race. There is nothing inherent in wearing a sandal or not wearing the sandal that your for example, it might be like you go into a restaurant in it or story that may see no shoes, no shirts, no service right that it would be considered wrong to to go into a store barefoot. Okay. And you want you want your socks on her shoes or sandals or something like that and that's that's our culture.

To this day.

If I go to preach in Korea, there are certain settings where, when, when you go maybe use you going to stand behind it up on the platform same in India we going to the meeting.

We take our shoes off before we go to the service so outside the door. All these piles of shoes. The may still be the fastest growing church in the world was years ago when from 30 people to over hundred thousand in 10 years, and Hydro bought Calvary Chapel. There they have moved masses of of these little boxes where people put their shoes or sandals on the way into the meeting because you don't wear shoes into his service because it's considered holy ground so it's it's all a cultural thing, and in them was nothing intrinsic about it so it's different. For example, than murder, which is morally wrong or seduction, which is morally wrong in some settings, it would be, cover your feet, because you're a holy ground. In other settings uncover your feet, because your holy ground. All a matter of culture okay but so we talk about Jewish culture. I'm infant godly out most of I I would say more broadly ancient near Eastern culture. There was no such thing really is Jewish culture at that point are yeah though I understand your same but even to call it Israelite culture. No, I would say it was more ancient near Eastern culture and assign of reference, a sign of of respect. You know it's fascinating, though, when you go from culture to culture. You learn certain things when I was in Finland I was talking to some of the folks there because the folks were coming to the meetings dressed very very distinctively and there were Gypsies and in that culture Gypsies river different status than Gypsies and said that I met in Italy that were more outcast, but there tell me about a lot of the family traditions and for example the being out on higher ground was very important.

So if you had say a family gathering you're having a feast and things like that and and there was any the recycle platform herein and lower seats here, the elders, the respective elders, they would be in a higher place and to not have them there would be very offensive.

So we look at things in our own culture often like I've been overseas and so has been told by the way, this is not the culture with this is not culture with say this, do this, we don't know and and a lot of this is a learning curve learning experience so anyway, thank you, thank you for the question. So that's that's always something is were dealing with biblical truths was this purely cultural for the day doesn't reflect something that is for certain time. Is this something that is universal and for all time and that's what we have to distinguish. For example, the food loss with those for all people for all time. Answers honestly no because if you look in Genesis 9 God gives all food to the descendents of Noah's the earth is being repopulated and then later on in Leviticus 11 Deuteronomy 14 God tells the true original children of Israel, that you can't eat certain foods, so that was separate that was different that was new and you say what Noah was told about clean and unclean animals, it most likely means animals that could be sacrificed versus animals that couldn't be sacrificed. Hence, there are more of that clean, because they could be sacrificed. But in any case is a Genesis 9 said, everything moves you can eat, so there was nothing morally wrong in and of itself and eating one food versus another. But God gave the food loss for certain reasons. If the staff those reasons and ask that apply to us today. Okay will be right back your summer. Call eight 663-4870 before you got questions number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Tuckey Dr. Mark Brown. I really like your program very headache question really morbid issue have developed plaintiff and develop about how to configure a phobia of the rapture.

I and I know I'm part of your opponent or an end to be on the back to lead a panic attack another bag but your take on the whole situation so I'm sorry I'm so do you think thank you for calling so when you say panic attacks do you mean the idea that the rapture could happen at any second and yeah you miss it okay yes so the Bible doesn't teach that the that the Bible doesn't teach that and therefore there's no reason for that fear, but limit let me come back to that, but limit. Let me hear from another angle first then to come back to that okay you do you fear death. In general, that you might die at any moment and somehow not be perfect with God. At that moment, and maybe go to hell yeah and you are you afraid and I believe a more of a poster be like rapture male, but I used to believe in pre-tribulation pretty. You know pretty that was really Dolly white to believe you to pray for it and nail relax after a cart to be out now back, fear of bad health anxiety. John Jacob rolled into one God, yeah, I'm so sorry to hear that that this going to be tormenting so I get give you answers but then somehow the Holy Spirit has to make this real to you because panic attacks are not rational and and I grab you truths in the panic attack and still hit so it's good to ask the Lord get with some gob befriends a pastor some good counselors and pray to get to the root you can trace things back to the car accident.

Maybe there's something deeper than that. But you don't stand or fall based on your specific obedience of the moment you stand or fall based on what Jesus did on the cross, unless you will fully walk away from him and determined to never come back. Then you rest in his grace house.

In other words, so we just her little child in the background right that shutdowns rash guard, that's fine. It will illustrate a point that child is your child a good day or bad day that child is too slow your child if if the kids goodness the kids not good if you have to discipline the child or not, or praise the child Stu child so were God's children by his grace, and let's just say that you are in the car and somebody cut you off and you lost your temper you started leaning on the horn and you still use profanity, you idiot you started cursing out and then you lost the next thing you crashed your go to hell for that. Don't go to hell from Ron Terry a Ban act you hell for rejecting Jesus refusing his Lordship so there somehow there needs to be an assurance going to ask God to make this real to you by his word and spirit that you say by his grace that your child by his goodness is a set unless you determine I'm leaving the house. I'm leaving the family and on the coming back then, then that grace is the reason that the carries you as a child, so for that assurance to come to know to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord that the worst-case scenarios.

The best case scenario, because I was Jesus forever and ever in the most unimaginably beautiful, wonderful setting and that's really turning that's the first thing the second thing is, the Bible makes it very very clear that there will be ample signs leading up to the Lord's return and that that they will not catch us unaware because were children of God and the whole idea that were talk is jump so they were just out here with all respect to my preacher friends and some of the Bible says some of the Bible says so grab be at peace on on the score in terms of your life rests in God because of his grace and goodness and be at peace because the idea of just any moment you make. It's apt that you just don't know when it might happen throughout biblical up to the/things are when I was a new believer and an Pentecostal church so the spear began to speak in tongues and then understood the teaching to church but the rapture is about the rapture be frozen and saved her that before he probably heard the gospel clearly and then we were taught when the rapture happens that the people gob will be pulled out and with them the Holy Spirit. So the church will leave with the Holy Spirit so ice.

I realize okay if the Holy Spirit leaves that I would be able speak in tongues.

So if I miss the rapture that I would give the speak in tongues and it let's I did something wrong's thoughts and long-sought Ms. Laura Lord forgive me wash and then I eventually speak in tongues.

Make sure I didn't miss the rapture is that God wants us to live this out. The security he's given us.

In their many pretrip researcher who don't live like that.

But, the speed, peace, hey. May God's grace minister to my brother. Thank you for calling with such a personal situation. Appreciate 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Greg and Cary, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Question about our work.

All instructed to call as a cricketer Dr. sandal together and Dustin Dr.… Three other sandals from the place where they were rejected. Could you explain the significance of absent-minded. I heard somebody say whoever care what all were heard from the base of the bomb that may be that this was doubly collected and him and him and put as a witness to the person who rejected Christ and turned her cardiac because of the great white throne judgment of it in the clip.

Before that, for your anything about the notes. It simply could shake the dust off your feet. It's it is unduly and completely disassociating yourself with those those people it would almost be like. We shook hands and you know maybe my hand was sweaty when we shook hands and then you felt I betrayed you succumb wiping that off my hand. I'm have nothing to to do with you, so it's it's it's what Jesus commissions the disciples to do and in Matthew 10 and symbolically known pulses okay we were leaving the in of the Jewish community.

Go to the Gentile community.

But Jesus told his disciples, if you rejected, shake the dust off your feet is not to say that it couldn't have other meanings or applications in certain cultural settings with the plain obvious thing is just you completely disassociating yourself so it would it would be like you know somebody had gifts from from someone in this person betrayed them and they threw that stuff away or were they had pictures with them and yet never been to someone's home and they were in a relationship with someone in the long relationship and you see they cut that face out of the picture and this does these different ways of people saying completely breaking all ties with UM's as I've nothing to do with you. So the very dust that's on my feet from from walking into your your house I'm shaking that off and and that's that's that's is a testimony against you, as opposed to something more. Homiletical, like the dust can be stored up on the day of judgment. It's more simple than that.

Okay, one more quick where you are. You say that and I know that there was why I had dinner I was saved. Her auto basil up the clock on the church or chapel was was there but as far as some of the Pentecostals believe that in order to be saved, yet speak and talk. It seemed like you were alluding you allude to the fact that you believe that you know like you that that's oneness Pentecostals believe this is it's very dangerous doctrine that you not saved, unless you speak in tongues is it's dangerous because number one, it takes the assurance of salvation way for many people who are saved in number two creates an environment where you manufacture something under pressure to somehow give the impression that your speaking in tongues. Know what I was saying was as a Pentecostal I believed in being filled with the spirit and speaking tongues as a believer there was as a saved person.

I believe you to be filled with the spirit and speaking tongues, which I believe until this day, but we were taught back then that the recently pretrip rapture, Jesus comes at any moment and and zaps the church out the recently disappeared week go to be with the Lord and that when he does that he will take the Holy Spirit with him. So somehow you missed the rapture. This is how I used to think if you miss the rapture, then you will no longer have the Holy Spirit.

And if you don't have the Holy Spirit and you can speak in tongues.

So that's that was the confused thinking that I had back then.

But no, I never believed that you have speaking tongues know to be saved and clearly that's that's on the scriptural teaching on any level and necessary can be dangerous because it can take true assurance away from believers is why I never spoke in tongues that we have not saved or put you under pressure speak in tongues I got I got to make this happen and that's obviously dangerous as well. He thinks requesting his rag appreciate your God bless 86634 hey have you visited vitamin have you been there yet. Let me encourage you to check this out this is our new sponsor and partner Dr. Mark Stigler called America's Dr. recently voted doctor of the decade. Absolutely brilliant loves the Lord and has these amazing health supplements.

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Dr. Stenger makes a donation to our ministry so will get blessed in the process. So that's the place to go family is spread were right back with you because it's a six. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of testing. This is Michael Brown get questions we can answer is 866 live radio five days a week for more than 13 years I come in excited to show every single day. I look forward to this particular broadcast Regis: with your question. So thanks for your great questions with your best to give you solid answers and we start in Tupelo, Mississippi Clay, welcome to the line of fire, cooking, recalling the afternoon?

Confirming the book of Luke took drinking number one growing going about things written by the prophet conferring man conquered in verse 34. They understood one of the thing playing with it putting them what community exploring that was it merely Been being family think it did not understand yet so you can understand this in one of two ways. It more but simply, one would be. They didn't get it and he didn't help them see it. That was without his help. They want to see it without him sitting down and so cannot let me show you these prophecies. Let me open these up for you nice all will now we get it. It can either mean that or that that he actively blinded them or that God actively blinded them in my view it's it's more the former.

In other words it's hid from them because they're not getting it.

It doesn't fit in with their paradigm in their view, the Messiah is going to rule and reign not be crucified not be killed, and rejected, died a criminal's death.

I was going to do that and fulfill his mission if it would be like your on your way to the Super Bowl you the quarterback of the team and they're all these prophecies over you. You're going to win the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion and and lead that your team to the greatest victory in Super Bowl history and then you keep telling team.

By the way I'm gonna die in a car accident before the Super Bowl. So what how how that makes no sense. So I don't believe it was hidden in terms of God having to actively blind their minds as much as God not giving them the ability to see it was ready. Outside of their paradigm.

It made no sense to them and it was hidden from them, because God had to open their minds to see we get to Luke 24 and Jesus explains all the prophecies it says that he opened their minds to understand with the didn't open their minds that that's how I would take it that make sense anymore understand.

Scripture I couldn't understand the root fiction invited know that you arrive, even though he told him he was government there even though he told them he was gonna rise the distant register is likely not to die can't die here, the Messiah, so what's this rising so if if you look in Luke chapter 24 verse 44. These are my words that I spoke to, I was still with users reminding them I told you all this that everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets in the Psalms must be fulfilled. Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, and this is you have with the children of Israel because if you didn't you were given the mind and heart to see into until now. So sometimes God leads us in our ignorance things remain hidden and then at the right time he opens her eyes. Now we see it and by the way, if you believe it's prophesies was gonna die a certain way in this is very easy to try to make it happen or set up on the circumstances or not know like if you know okay this relative of yours is going to die of a serious illness will want to catch a cold.

You think Welsh should should be proration.

You know should go to doctors their second. So a lot of things we can't know in advance because we would mess with it. If we did a thank you for the call which appreciated 866-34-TRUTH go to Scott we were going to Scott but we won't. Let's go tomorrow in Sacramento, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, I have a question about accident or verse 24 about when motor blood going on the burning bush and going back into Egypt and entered the passage talking about how God was going to come and kill all good blend of very strange package to me and I was wondering if you had any insight into this and if there was any rip good night tradition commentating on yet so it is a very interesting passage I've been asked about it many times will be used for good reason. I mean really, it's like what sought to kill him as he was. What's that about. So it it is you, like many, many others have asked about it for good reason. But in in the larger scheme of things we understand what's happening. There was one covenantal sign that God gave to Israel. Going back to Abram in Genesis 17, which was circumcision. This is before Sabbath laws and all the other things that God gave to Israel to separate them from nations. There is one saying that was required is a physical sign and that was circumcision.

Moses is about to go to Faro and speak on behalf of God, let my son go, that he may worship me and and God is going to judge all of all of Egypt if they don't obey here and Moses himself has an obey Moses himself. As is not circumcised is his son. So because of that, it's a major issue, and God seeking to come. Obviously, God had no intention of killing him but it's basically God told Moses, red dead man miss you do this you are inviolate you are supposed to be cut off if you fail to do this, you are cut off.

That's those of the terms that God gave and that you're going to go as the leader try to liberate Israel and and and as God's son and you haven't obeyed so it's pretty much send this is very very serious got a no intention of actually killing him. But Moses knew your deadline if you don't do this, of course, God knew that he would rightly respond as as to rabbinic tradition it it it has also drawn interesting commentary here as well, and I'm just just going back to the passage here and I'm going to to read you what Rashi was the foremost rabbinic commentator says about this word says he sought to put them to death because he did not circumcised the center of the Asian because he had so showed himself remiss in this for he brought upon himself the pronouncement of death and then some tradition say, God forbid, that this was so. Moses had never been remiss in this day but he thought if I circumcised him and immediately proceed onto the journey.

The child's life be in danger.

For those that so some try to rationalize it there some rabbinic tradition that tries to rationalize and say well had done it. Lori was at a weight. It's nothing had to be was waiting for the right moment because of travel concerns. It other things like that but the plaintext is what Rashi first says it is, which is what I also said, but the.

The idea in verse 26, a bridegroom of blood. Rashi says, my bridegroom was on the point of being killed on account of the circumcision so one when support calls Moses a bridegroom of blood what she's saying is euros killed because you can circumcise us on others. Take the plaintext to me and this is a bloodied right I married you, but I didn't sign up for this bloodied right see her but a grunt bridegroom of blood. Though some of the interpretations that are offered but yet interesting passage for sure what think you you are you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH right now we have another anonymous did all right want to get to that was anonymous call with the question of homosexuality, which would lead me to think that the caller either was dealing with the situation in their own personal lives and struggling and unwanted women insight help or some of their close to family member or friend also. Sorry you're not to hate. If if you call back and if you're able to get on a get your calls quickly as I can and protect your anonymity as best as possible to visit your voice but otherwise no state, no location, nothing. We welcome your call.

Let's go to Mike in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire. Thank you very much.

I look what?

The Old Testament specifically around Sodom and Gomorrah talking with Abraham and the Lord LORD my understanding that this is God himself correct, yet it's it's Yahweh L than small caps or the 6000 times in most English translation that rape represents the Hebrew unit hey five hey normally vocalizes Yahweh. Yes… You're okay with Colossians 113 saying that you are available to record vital armament to hurt both drug available representation of an invisible God that mean that those physical representation, but in the Old Testament did Jesus as one of them being maybe on Mount Transfiguration believed that the true Jesus not empirically formed Jesus, yes that you would want to see the true Jesus but but that glorifies some right so let's even be more accurate.

You're exactly right. But let's say it was the son because we speak of Jesus. That's his identity once he comes into this world right was born into this world, you shall call his name Yeshua, for he will save his people from their sins. And in that in the first chapter, but otherwise the son is the one who reveals the father. So John 114, that the word became flesh we beheld his glory, the glories of the one and only of the father, John 118 no one has ever seen God the one and only God is in the father's bosom. He has made him known. John 14 if you seen me you seen the father. So certainly all of the visible appearances of God in the Old Testament, be it in Genesis 18. Beaton X is 20 4B and Isaiah 6 being in Exodus 3 that would be the son. The father, the source of all things hidden in his glory the sun reveals the father, invisible form in the Old Testament and then in the person of Jesus in the New Testament the spirit interacts with us on a personal basis, here on the ground but always invisibly with the goal of pointing us to the son, who then points all to the father so absolutely that explained something like Genesis 32 where Jacob wrestles with a man. According to Genesis 32 Quinto Zeta 12. It's an angel, but then he says on then the place PAL because of seen God face to face honey face made their hail God Sylvia son is the one that's done. Visible manifestation. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown ask about you joining us on the line of fire get my emails. No, okay, here's what you do take you 30 seconds. Good asked Dr. SK dear is click to sign up for emails. Put your name, email address, if you want your physical address as well. Great fill that in you immediately get a free mini book and e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah great reads or free gift. You also immediately get more info background but my testimony about the 3Rs of our ministry and all the ways that we can help equip and serve you to be on the front lines together and then out each week get an update here all the articles we publish only five new articles a week. He will the videos that we put out just a list so you can know all will check this out. I miss this and then we all have, always have new resource office right now revival or we die. You can preorder a special hardcover edition that our ministries purchased and comes out October 19. We should have it you before then.

And it's beautiful book, but more importantly stir you light a fire pray to believe God is give you hope revival ensure the urgency of the hour. At the same time limits were the most important books over the many years and when you order it. We have an exclusive deemed exclusive download video download. You get to watch further teaching about the book take you through chapter to chapter's good asked Dr. so for the emails and preorder today revival or we die. Okay, back to the phones. This time we go to Paul and vine Mont Alabama. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown for taking time to answer my question today. Sure yeah I wanted to ask you if we were able to look at that they count. Genesis 15 the and we compare that to statements made about Abraham and excitement. Hebrews 11 if we were able to tail when Abraham was actually justified before God in his lot with the at that point is the speaking week.

There was a point after or is it some people say a whole profit by so certainly Genesis 15 six. This is a landmark. It's a watershed moment he believed the Lord and God, to him for righteousness. Jewish tradition sees it differently. It's discounted to his merit Miller it's it's it's not this this key moment as much is one of many moments of belief in each of those would be counted to his merit. All I would say that there is truth in both sides certainly Abraham had been trusting God as Abram is Abraham Galatians 3 tells us that he believed the gospel and most the gospel. He herby go back to Genesis 12 when God calls him cousin to leave his family and and and and his place of living and go to a new place and through through his see the whole world would be blessed. And that's the promise that he had a believe that so so I my understanding is that he lived a life of faith. I hang up. He lived a life of faith over a period of many years and this was consistent with him being a man who trusted God and at one particular moment, God God counts it makes the statement, it's counted to him as as righteousness. So I'm I would understand that he was justified in God's sight earlier by trusting God and believing God and this is just one of these moments were God marks it with that statement and then Paul goes from there to open up a larger theology through that in terms of justification by faith.

All right, let's go tell Marla I somehow okay.

I'm not sure what happened. Remember the promo problem on our phone lines here, but we had other callers on and they disappeared so maybe something happened to someone on our foamboard could could fill us in. I apologize for that.

That's true about what what took place all but I will just go to YouTube for second from Mark. You think I'm answer weird prayer that is growing taller after one stop growing. If you sure that's causing him pain and sadness. I would rather pray God your will be done with my physical body and help me to accept your will for my physical body.

Now I'm not talking about that I'm several hundred pounds overweight because of bad dietary habits and I want God to help me to accept being 700 pounds overweight is what healthy living, but if I would really want to be 6 foot four and I'm 6 foot two, I really want to be 5 foot eight and I'm 5 foot three and I'm not growing anymore. I would say Lord I I would love to be taller would really really love to be taller, if that's your will then cause it to happen, but is not help me to accept this height that I have with joy. That's how I will approach righteousness try to reconnect on the phones will go to art welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for calling.

Oh yes you are on the line of fire. Go ahead think you did a quick question is part of the Old Testament to talk about how we should treat foreigners. Wow, it is a Christian that implied the data that were illegal immigrants as well aggression. How should we live near the border of Laredo and it is in an immigrant illegal incoming in the country illegally. You as a Christian actually respond to business. I know that the limited freedom kindly. However, you know it's right that the Old Testament also called Israel to kill their enemies right so so in others we have to make right applications. Our hearts should always be for the port for the needy for for those that are deprived the homeless are we have should have a heart for them but the Bible is very clear that that human government is set up for reasons that that these authorities must have a place otherwise you have chaos. Romans 13 says that the governing powers are established by God and that they don't bear the sword in vain. Meeting the sort of authority so by all means we need to have a nation with borders.

If we don't know nation can exist without borders and those borders have to be enforced borders so what we have to do is get things in order to to have legal immigration week.

We've taken tens of millions of legal immigrants over the years.

All of us at one point or another less when Native Americans were no children of of of immigrants so we have a system that works well if there are greater needs and we have the ability to incorporate people into our society. In an orderly way with without self-destructing in the process. Then we look at that, but as far as those who come in illegally. We should have compassion, we should ever saw people coming in and out of a summons in the country 25 years and when we do it all at that.

That's a separate question right but it needs to be asked but it's a separate question, but in terms of our heart, our heart should be for them. We should want what's best.

But we have to look there is a way to do this there. There is a system it would be similar to how we should feel about people who are really hungry, breaking into stores, grocery stores and robbing them.

Okay, we want to do what we can to help you but you can't break the laws in the process.

It's perfectly Christian to have an attitude. Otherwise, we are saying yes to chaos. We are saying yes to anarchy. We are saying yes to breaking laws and in some cases it's a political agenda on top of it and and these people are just pawns in the midst of a larger political agenda. So that's my understanding and and again the Bible is not countenancing people that were not playing by the rules so to say was, not countenancing people that were living contrary to Israel's requirements. A thank you for asking. And may the Lord give wisdom and grace yes so so Paul yeah I believe I finished answering that question: five months about Genesis 15 six but in case you got cut off. In short, I believe that Abraham was a man justified in God's sight earlier on for putting his trust in God. This is one of those moments were God draws attention to it in Genesis 15, six, and in the process makes the statement about being justified by faith, which then Paul leans on in Galatians and Romans and Jacob. James quotes as well in dealing with the issue in the second chapter of of his book.

So again a lifestyle of faith. That's how he lived his life of justified when he first looked to God and put his trust in God. In this particular moment, being the time a gobbler puts a signature on it says this is what happened here. Hey, thanks for calling right up Marlin in Detroit. Thanks.

Reconnecting really quickly what your questions are Dr. Howard, so Dr. Brown, Matthew chapter 23 Libra grade 9, impaired around there and you telling the Bible. You know that what you got there so I congregate back yes so so I'm only jumping in because I want to answer your question, but I got I got like less than a minute okay so when Jesus is don't call anyone, rabbi or teacher father because you have one rabbi you have one teacher of one such media have one father it's God.

On the one hand we understand the big point your brothers were equals in the Lord. So in Jesus.

II don't go to a pastor to go to God for me.

I don't go to the we asked people to pray for us, but that's his his peers as equals even if someone is called to lead. Then I called to be over me and I'm under them spiritually. I submit to their authority and leadership, but we are equal in the Lord. That's is point for you are all brothers or brothers and sisters now. Personally, I'm very at home with not using titles calling someone rabbi calling someone father church which I got saved, you would never call a Catholic priest father just based on that verse. Let's take the spirit more than anything, which is the recognition that in Yeshua we are all brothers and sisters equally sons and daughters of God equally members of the body of Christ, recognize and honor those authority respected authority but we recognize we are one body with family. Thanks for the question.

God bless you all. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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