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The First Short-Term Mission Trip

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 26, 2021 9:00 am

The First Short-Term Mission Trip

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 26, 2021 9:00 am

As we study the life of an ordinary guy named Philip, we’re discovering that the Holy Spirit speaks to all of us. Learn how to answer his call.

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With JD green here is my question for you. You know the Holy Spirit. That way was last time you heard him speak to you. She sometimes and ask to speak a word of prophecy given by somebody else in the church.

Sometimes it's the divine vision. Sometimes it appears to be just a divine yearning that God put you into your heart. My question for you is very simply, are you aware where the Holy Spirit is speaking to you subject today on Senate light Bible teaching ministry author and theologian JD Greer. I'm your host Molly that events the book of acts at the life of an ordinary guy named Philip who heard and answered the Holy Spirit's call poster. JD is continuing his series called sex if he's missed any of the previous messages you can find them online. JD Now let's get started faster. JD titled today's methods first short-term mission 26, 26, you will find the Bible we must fill in the middle of a revival in Samaria. Your call. Peter and John who were the church leaders had just been called in to validate what children see. So now verse 26 is Tocqueville to move on and honestly just cannot get over that God's cutting edge laypeople he brings in apostles to validate support and cleanup to make your pastor happy. You just call me in the validate what you already done that will make me happy. All right, verse 26 now angel the Lord said to Philip rise and go toward the south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza and the narrator backs and heads.

This was a Deserted Pl., Gaza was this nasty little out-of-the-way town like one of those little redneck County dropped the way from your beach, when there's like usually Hardee's, post office, maybe a laundromat and a gas station that's the entire town but been unexplainable way for no reason at all. The speed limit changes from 6525 nine police cars.

I'm on the Billboard Utah to slow down and Bambi to pull you over and is the writing you to take joy. What were you trying to protect here what am I trying to slow down for but not that this is ever happening personally but you are talking about right. Gaza is not Chinatown is little out-of-the-way town for one stoplight down on the label. He goes through it, plus it is a felicity town and you remember the Felicity's right.

They're not friends with the Jews was the most famous listing of all S Arthur G. Ross is alive Goliath. That's right, I'm so this is a longtime enemies of the Jews bottom line. This is way out of the comfort zone for a Jew. Philip is a Jewish way out of his comfort zone and it's very inconvenient. By the way to get there.

He had to walk 165 miles to get there.

People sometimes complain about the inconvenience of traveling on mission trips like we had of traveling 14 hours in a plane had a three hour layover when you get to heaven to be likable daughter 65 miles on a mission trip you shut off. Okay, verse 27 so he rose and went in there passing through Gaza was an Ethiopian eunuch of court official Candace it was going to be the obedience was in charge of all of her treasure map. Today Ethiopia is not that big of a country, but in that day.

Ethiopia just referred to everything south of the Nile River in Africa Rice were talking a huge area and this guy was the treasurer of the entire region. This is one powerful dude unit means that he had been castrated because if you were going to work in the palace with the Queen wanted to make sure that you didn't get any frisky ideas they took care of that you have more questions about what I'm referring to your campus pastors of volunteers that run up the service and answer all those questions in case you can ask them how this guy come to Jerusalem to worship, for whatever reason he had become curious about the God of the Jews. It's not like Ethiopia was short on religions that hundreds of religions in that section of Africa but they worship things like the song that worship animals and for however it happened, this guy became very interested. He started to see that yes these are wonderful things, the son of the animals, but they can be the source of everything and he heard about this God that the Jews worship that was a different kind of God.

He was a God that was separated from his creation to God. From everything came God and got involved in his creation. He wanted to know about it so he travels to Jerusalem to learn. I verse 28 and has he was returning, seated in his chariot now required.

I will go to church where we did flannel graph but a member. This flannel graph and so etched in my mind is a picture of the Ethiopian unit is basically standing in like dislikes. Think like 1/2 turtle shell semicircle, he stayed in there with arrangements Playing the Ukulele That That's the Image I Get It Back. We Went Back and I Think That This Is Basically What I Remember from Sunday School. Sadly, I Tell You That Is Not to Be Materially Discuss Royalty Is 1200 Miles from Jerusalem to Ethiopia. This Dude Is Not Standing in the Back about Half Turtle Shell Was My Plan Ukulele Night the Baby Things a Chariot Met. It Was a Couch That like about Eight Guys Carried on Their Shoulders and This Guy Would Ride There for 1200 Miles.

That's How He's Going Okay so Get That Image in Your Mind and Get Rid of Landgraf Is Reading the Prophet Isaiah, and Then the Spirit Said to Philip, Now Stop for a Quick House of the Spirit Filled, We Don't Know We Don't Know It Does Not Tell Us One of the Things That You're Going to Find in Acts Is That the Holy Spirit Speaks to the Church and Not Just the Apostles Because I Felt and That's Going to Be Really Key in Getting the Church and Where the Church Needs to Meet Him at the Holy Spirit Is Missing 59 Times in the Book of Acts and about 40 of Those He Is Speaking the Spirit Said That Philip Asked to 19 the Spirit Said to Peter Go down Talk of These Men Working through the Holy Spirit, Said to the Church Separate Me Barnabas and Saul for Ministry Is My Question for You. Do You Know When Will Always Feel That Way Was Last Time You Heard Him Speak to You.

She Sometimes Enacts to Speak the Word of Prophecy Given by Somebody Else in the Church.

Sometimes It's the Divine Vision. Sometimes It Appears to Be Just a Divine Yearning That God Puts into Your Heart. My Question for You Is Very Simply, Are You Aware of Where the Holy Spirit Is Speaking to You. When Is the Last Time, When Is the Last Time You Had a Sense That He Is Sending You to a Certain Place or Calling You to Something or Putting Something in Your Heart Decide There's I Realize There Are Some Differences in How the Apostles Rolled in Acts and How We Roll the Day I Die. Get That You Cannot Tell Me That the Only Book in the Bible That Describes How the Churches of All the Holy Spirit Gives a Fundamentally Different Pattern in Our Source of All of Them Today. John Is Going to Save It. I Think Many of You Have Never Even Started to Listen and so You Have Are Not Moving in These Ways Because You're Not Even Aware That There Is a God That Dynamically Involve Godlike and Absentee Teacher to Give You an Assignment.

2000 Years Ago. These Numbering Comes Back. God Is What You Do.

The Great Commission for Him. He Wants You to Do It with Him to Do It through You and the Holy Spirit to Go over and Join This Area.

So Philip Ran to Him and Heard In Re Not Reading Isaiah the Prophet and Asked Your Century.

So How Can I Unless Someone Guides Me so He Invited Philip to Come up Seeing the Chariot with the Scouts Come up in There and Sit with You Know Who Was Really Ticked off about That. They Guys That Were Hearing the Same for 1200 Miles to Anyone 1200 Miles on Foot Because of Lightning Hitchhikers.

Here's What You Should See in the Midst of All That Is Going on in Samaria. Great Big Crowds.

Lots of People Come to Christ. God Calls Philip Was Really Involved in This Revival Will Go Hundred and 65 Miles down to a Nasty Little Town Called Gaza Because There He Has Been Preparing One Guy One Guy You Know That Had to Be Confusing for Philip Right Never Been More Alive. He Never Thought He Was More Useful and Then the Spirit of God Says I Need You to Go over There Goes about That Is Really Awesome. Is There Some of You in Similar Situations. You Can't Figure out Exactly Why Things Are Going the Way They Aren't Telling It Might Be about Something Is A Lot Bigger Than You. If I Just Told You the Other Week That I Was. I Just Finished up Rereading the Biography of the Guy Who Planted Our Church & James Jim James Is Called to Go to Vietnam As Mr. 1960, so to Make Plans to Go.

He and His Wife on the Need to Give Birth to Their Baby and Then There Is a Family Go and When They Did Work Their Baby, Their Son Had a Really Significant Very Serious Heart Defect That Slowed Them down for about 2 1/2 Years and They Were Very Confused by This Because like God We We Clearly Know That You Called Us to Go to Vietnam. We Know That We Want to Get There. We Know the Time Is Our Chance and We Have a Son Who Has His Heart Defect and We Gotta Take a Couple Years to Get This under Control. Why Is Two Years He Planted the Search You Are Sitting Here Because of a Heart Defect Given to a Son, That He Probably Didn't Understand at the Time. That's What God Does Is God Rearranges Your Life Because It's Usually about Something Is Going on Is Bigger Than You Guys Are. Here's This Guy Got Ethiopia Unit God Is Also Been Preparing and so God Brings Her through Them Together Invited to Say This Really Quickly to Some of You That Are Listening to Me Right Now All of Her Campuses. This Is Been Happening to You. You're like the Ethiopian Eunuch and There Been Things Have Been Happening in Your Life.

Questions That Are Coming up in Your Heart and You're Not Even Sure Exactly Why They're There Questions about Life Questions about God When You Have Kids and You're Looking at Them Say, I Gotta Figure out How to Clean My Kids in the Right Way and You Think A Lot Of This Stuff Is Random but It Is Not Random. It Is the Spirit of God and Then What Happened Then Is God Introduce You to a Philip Who Came into Your Life and Maybe They're Sitting Right beside You Right Now Right. Maybe It's a Little Awkward Right As You like Us to Fill It out and They Started Talking about God and You Think It's All Random and You're Wondering What's Happening and I'm Telling You It's Not Random at All.

The Spirit of God Was Working in You the Spirit of God Is Working in Them and Then He Brought You Together Possesses How God Works. I Want You to Understand That You're Not Here Accidentally This Weekend. You're Here Because the Spirit of God Put Questioning Your Heart, and Brought You to This Place Philip Sitting beside You and All Philip Stated in Front of You Is the God of God's Word Say What You Been Reading Assignments Relating One Time on an Airplane. As I Was Going on a Mission Trip with Us on the Church. We Were Headed Sue Somewhere in East Asia. Taiwan's 11 Hour Flight from Here to There Is an Insulating 55 and Strike up Conversation with Her and She Said Were Going to Someone Shanghai. So What Are You Doing Shanghai. She Said Well She's a Little Strange for a 55-year-old Essay, but She Says in a Place in My Life. Russ Was like I'm Trying to Find Myself Choose A Lot Of Questions about Life. She Says I Have A Lot Of Questions about God and so I'm Going to Shanghai to Try to Find Find God. My First Thought Was Somebody Put You up to This What You Know Somebody from Our Church like Status to Immuno and so but I Will Ensure That so They Will Play along. So I Said I'm Going to Sing How to Find God.

She Said Yes.

Are You Sure He Was There and I She Said You Are Feasible, Not Really. She Said She Said but I'm Hoping Maybe I Can Find Some Answers As Well. How's It Going to House Searches.

It Will Not Will Good You Got You Cited on Their I Got There Start the Process with This Things Happen in My Family and I Needed to Come Back and Deal with Some Health Issues in My My Father for My Father.

She Said to Some Truly Confused. She Said Bilal's Home United States.

I Turn on the Radio and Heard This Guy Named. She Said I Think His Name Is David Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Is His Account of the Famous Pastor Has a Radio Ministry in. She Said He Some Liking of God.

So I Am When I Bought a Book That He Wrote and She Says and She Pulled out Her Batches As David Jeremiah Book about Mom Know We Got and She Said I'm Not. So How's the Book or You Enjoyed Reading It.

She Said She Said She Symbols, She Says, but I'm Just so Confused She Said I Just Don't Understand How You How All This Works Is, She Says. I Prayed to God If He's There. God, He Appeared There Could You Show Me the Truth about You and Could You Show Me How to Know If You Are Thinking, Ma'am, I Don't Know How to Tell You This, but Your Prayers Have Been Answered.

We Got 11 Hours. So Where You Want to Start Right and We Talked for about Three Hours. I'm on the Plane and She Trusts in Christ That I Know What You're Thinking When You Hear Me Say That You're Thinking What Ever Happened to Me Because You Never Put Yourself out There. That's Why It Never Happens to You. I'm Not Anything Special, Just a Guy with a Bible like You like so the Spirit One Things I Pray to the Spirit of God. Almost Every Day Is Spirit of God. Would You Point Me in Places Where You Been Preparing Ethiopian UNIX and Then Just Tell Me What It's Time to Talk and I'll Just Open My Mouth and I'll Jump out There and Sometimes Awkward, but Then I See That You Have Been Doing Things and This Always Sovereignly Ordered.

See the Point That We Don't Want to Make You Want to Make Sure That Those of You Who Were Not Believers Will Make Sure That You Hear This Is You Understand That None of This Is Random, That God Has Been Seeking You the Way He's Been Seeking the Unit.

I Know Some You Are like Thomas, What about You Christians Are Always on the Converters. Yes, We Are Okay the Cat Is Out Of the Bag.

Hi, We Are Trying to Convert You Because We Believe, like Phil Bibby Jesus Rose in the Dead, and He Died for Your Sanity Can Save You. And so, Yes, of Course, We Want to Tell You That Right so I'm Glad You're Here When I Force You to Believe, but We We Believe in the Spirit of God Has Been Orchestrating This Whole Thing and That's Why You're Here. I Know the Patches of the Scriptures of the Eunuch Was Reading Was This like a Sheet, He Was Led to the Slaughter like a Lamb before It Shares a Silence so He Opens out His Mouth.

In His Humiliation. Justice Was Denied to Him As a Quotation from Isaiah 53, Which Was Written about 100 Years before Jesus Was Born in Is a Prophecy That the Messiah, the Messiah Would Stand before His Executioners to Be Accused of Most Heinous Crimes He Would Remain Silent. Here Is What Is Significant about That.

Jesus, When He Stood before Pilate and We Stood before the Religious Leaders and He Was Accused of the Most Heinous Crimes Just like Isaiah Said He Would Be Remain Silent. What Does That Mean in a Court of Law. When Somebody Is Accusing You of Something You Remain Silent Means You Are Pleading Guilty. Jesus Was Not Pleading Guilty for His Own Sin, Because He Understandably Guilty. He Was Standing There Silent Because behind Pilate and behind the Jewish Leaders Were Pointing to Him Jesus.

All God the Father Pointed at Him, Accusing Him of the Sins That I Had Done so Isaiah 53 Explained That He Would Be Wounded for My Transgressions, He Would Be Bruised for My Iniquities the Punishment That Brought Me Peace Would Be upon Him, and by His Stripes I Would Be Healed and so Isaiah 53 Is about the Fact That the Unit and All of Us Had Seen Jesus Stood in Our Place. Okay Right Bearing Shaman Scoffing Rude in My Place Condemned, He Stood Sealed My Part, and with His Blood, Alleluia What a Savior. I Am so so so so Isaiah That the Eunuch Says in the Film about Whom I Ask You, Does the Prophet Say This Is about Himself or Is It about Somebody Else Want to Result He so Interested in the Unit Got to Jerusalem Was a Sign out Front of the Temple Is Accurate Archaeology, Jewish History Tells the Sun upon the Temple That Said No Blame, No Disease, No Blind and No UNIX May Enter into This Temple. The Man Had Gotten the Temple and Could Not Even Walk into the Core of the Gentiles Because They Believe That Was a Sign of Defilement in the Judgment of God, and He Had Been Turned Away and Not Even Been Able to Go in and so Now He Is Curious Because Here's Why He's Curious.

I Know That Somebody Had to Explain to Him. This Is Probably One's Regards. If the Three If You Look down from 73 Do This Later Got a Couple Chapters You Get Isaiah 56 and What You'll See Is That in Isaiah 56. Isaiah Says God Says to Isaiah, Let Unit No Longer Say, Behold, I Am a Dry Tree for Thus Says the Lord, to the UNIX You Will Embrace and Receive My Covenant.

I'll Give You a House in My Name Better Than Sons and Daughters and Everlasting Name That Shall Never Be Caught off and This Guy Probably Heard about That Ball There Is Hope in There for Me Right Because UNIX See How He Became Unit.

Some People Volunteered for Because They Want to Work in the Queens Palace. It Was a Way to Get There. I'm Sure He Gets in There and He Maybe Has Regrets about It, I Know I'm Talking to a Group of People That Some of You Are in Situations That Will Be Analogous to Where the Eunuch Is You Look at Your Life When You Look at the Stars and All All over It and You Think I Am Barred from the Presence of God. All but He Was Wounded for Your Transgressions and Bruised for Your Iniquity so Well at the Unit Say I'm Cut off from God Forever, but Not the Adulterer Say I'm Cut off from God Forever, but Not Those Who Have Made a Mess Out Of Your Life Say I'm Cut off from God Because He Was Wounded in Your Place, Guilty, Vile and Helpless. We Spotless Lamb of God, Was He Full Atonement Canopy Alleluia What a Savior. So Philip Opened His Mouth and Beginning with This Scripture.

He Told Him the Good News about Jesus. And As They Were Going along the Road, They Came to Some Water in the Eunuch Said, See, Here Is Water. What Prevents Me from Being Baptized, and He Commanded Jerry to Stop and They Both Went down into the Water. Philip and the Eunuch and He Baptized Him to Salvation Is Very Simple, but Require Ceremonies That Require Church That Require Confirmation Class Require Priest Salvation Is Very Simple As Just an Offer That God Gives Jesus Died in Your Place and If You Will Trust Him As Your Salvation Than His Finished Work Will Become Yours. Salvation Is Basically Two Declarations Number One Jesus and Pay for All Your Sin in Your Place to Jesus As Lord Is a Very Simple Decision. You Believe That Jesus Did It All Your Place and You Trust What He Did Is Your Salvation You Believe He Is Lord and so You Surrender to Him in Repentance. I Compared It before to Sitting down in a Chair. The Chair That You're Sitting on Right Now at Whatever Campus You're at, You Made a Decision to Sit down in the Chair Which Means You You Decided You Were No Longer Going to Trust Your Legs to Keep You up. You're Going to Sit down into the Chair.

You Can Only Be in One of Two Relationships to the Chair Standing in Your Own Strength or You Can Be Reclining Resting on the Chair You Can Be Only Be in One of Two Relationships of Jesus Christ.

You're Either Sitting down Trusting That He Did Everything Necessary to Save You or Your Standing.

Hoping You Can Be Righteous and Good Enough to Earn Your Acceptance before God, You're Either Sitting down in Submission to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Standing in Control of Your Own Life. This Guy Said I Want to Be Seated in the Lord Jesus Christ There's Water. That's a Very Simple Follow-Up That You Get Baptized.

Baptism We Describe What the Wedding Ring. It's the Guy Wearing His Wedding Ring Does Not Make Me Married to Veronica Just Shows You That I Am Married by When You Get Baptized You Are Saying to the World. I Have Decided to Sit down and to Repent and Believe in the Finished Work of Christ. Verse 39 and When They Came up Out Of the Water. By the Way That Came up Out Of the Water in the Spring Woodlawn Arabs Know That There Are This Fear the Lord. Philip Away You Excellent No More Unit One on His Way Rejoicing. The Philip Found Himself in As Adults for Civil What Just Happened. Philip You Believe This Is Pre-Star Trek Teleportation, Which Is Great for Philip Because You Have To Hold under 65 Miles Back to Jerusalem, but Also Consider This. This Had to Be a Great Platform from Which the European Union Got to Explain the Gospel Document. Writer Then Heard the Conversation Because I Been up There, but All Of A Sudden There's Two Guys in the Water and the Window Flies Away from Each of You Says, You Know What Is Happening I Can Tell You What Just Happened Answer for 1100 Miles That Salome Had to Go. This Unit Shares the Gospel with the Servants.

Here's Why Say That the Ancient Historian Eusebius Says That This Eunuch and His Band of Servants Went on to Plant the Very First Church in Africa Right before Their Lesson. This Is One Why God Talking to Some of the White People before There Even the First White Western European Converts and Acts. We Have a Thriving Church Meeting in the Old Capital of Africa and Here's What I Tell You. Every Once in A While You Hear Some Undereducated PhD at a Secular University Say That Christianity Is a Western Thing, but You Can See That's Not True. The Major Point I'm Trying to Make All This God Hears an Ordinary Guy for His First International Ordinary, Not an Apostle or a Skilled Teacher for His First International Mission Trip. He Prepared Philip Used Him to Expand His Church Statement about How the Holy Spirit Spreads the Gospel and Use It to Do It. You're Listening to Some It like the Bible Teaching Ministry of Pastor Arthur and Theologian Janie so Excited That You Joined Us, and for Those Who Are New to the Program Tell You Little Bit about Our Heart for Ministry. We Are Here on Your Radio Station Daily and Online 24 Seven to Help You Dive Deeper into the Gospel Because As We Say A Lot Here on the Program. The Gospel Isn't Just the Diving Board into Christianity. The Entire Pool. We Hope You'll Swim with Us through These Deep Waters of God's Love Is Often As Possible. If You Ever Miss the Message or Tendon Rate You Can Listen Online, Free of Charge. When You Visit their pleasure to give you access to these programs and other Bible study resources and today we'd like to get a very important buck into your hands is a personal study guide called sent the book of acts, volume 1, the interactive questions and insightful commentaries will help you think through how you can be an active part of God's great commission reaching out to the last. We are offering part one now working through acts chapters 1 through eight and volume 2 will be available this summer, we'd love to get you a copy of the act study guide to express our gratitude for your financial support to give today and join our mission to put the gospel front and center. This book is yours. When you give a gift of $25 or more by calling 866-335-5220 866-335-5220 or if it's more convenient to get and request the online business that Janie lying on the website.

You can also learn more about becoming a gospel partner. When you sign up for an ongoing monthly gift of $25 or more and you are Africa gospel partner empower us to boldly proclaim the gospel through radio ministry online and print resource. Sign up when you get a JD degree while you're on the website.

You can also sign up for e-news letter ministry update information about new resources to gain the latest strength. Great way to stay connected with life Janie Greer.Molly benefits you so much for spending your weekly join us next weekly. Janie, at the very first short-term mission trip he wanted to take a mission trip to Janie tell that to be sent. Don't worry, you've already got what it takes will see you Monday on my Janie Greer

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