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America Reaches a Boiling Point

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 29, 2021 4:30 pm

America Reaches a Boiling Point

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 29, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/29/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network three cutting edge introduced today on the front lines of the culture wars and beyond stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown drawing his friends on the one I this is Mike around the lighted to be with you. I was doing zoom interview earlier today and I was asked what I just stay with religion. While I just focus on that and not get into political or cultural issues in us about the gospel intersects with morality. Morality intersects with the culture that's the reality. That's the world in which we live.

God is concerned about many issues about life in this world fact Jacob James once. Is that true religion and undefiled before God the father and this is this to to visit the fatherless and the widow in their affliction to keep oneself unspotted from the world so because we care about the Lord. We care about our neighbor we care about the world in which we live. We be talking about that today important interview terms of major events having to do with the pro-life movement that are becoming away little while later in the show important interview a new book on God and cancel culture but this broadcast was birthed in North Carolina. We have been sneezing on North Carolina stations for over 13 years now and and built up many, many faithful listeners for many many years now. So even though it's about North Carolina. There always issues of larger interest to the church as a whole. So I'm joined by Tammy Fitzgerald. She's been a guest many times before the broadcast. She is executive director of the North Carolina values coalition been a practicing attorney and was 40 years lobbyist for many years as well.

A Tammy welcome back to the show. Thank you Dr. Brown at my therapy here and thank you for all the great work you do with thank you so tell me first what what's what's the feeling that that you have your colleagues have right now it's it's a really crazy time unique time in many ways would you encourage discouraged by having for the federal government what we wish her own heart right now I look at it on the outside very encouraging.

If we did not cry back yet. We have our having bright and we now had a story in itself, but it is a difficult time with diaper I make it right now and especially work on the 18th at the pro-life movement, family and religious freedom against what we see coming out of Washington is all kinds of executive orders, and for because Bill that would do nothing that crush our right and pretend to follow what the Bible held. So tell me, what about within North Carolina itself.

Are there any unique challenges taking place your really unique victories well in North Carolina we do have a majority Republican legislature and fed that had been a bright, hot arm. I the downside of that is that we have a Democratic governor because everything in Becky feet had more Bill in his tenure, and any other governor in our state and federal just about anything that our organization had tried to let blatantly been detected by the governor and that is a challenge in itself violent motivation to keep working hard and try to get more people who share our value elected to office, including the governor's office so obviously our first parties follows Jesus is not political. In terms of our calling to live for the Lord.

Personally to the Florida's families to share, to reach out to make an impact. We were to be involved in our local congregations, etc. but voting matters as well and and who we put in office does this have a great impact as you sharing now some major things are happening with your organization. What you tell her our listeners about the well. Thank you for the opportunity of court were called salt and light in the culture and part of the culture of political thinking and that's what our organization that it addresses the political think that elections in public policy and we are getting ready tomorrow celebrate our 10th anniversary I have I doing work on behalf of pro-life family and pro-religious issues in South we are fairly excited to celebrate in years of work and we have an exciting event at the Angus barn in Raleigh where we have our Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson, grandson of Billy Graham Edward Graham thinking about his work with American first and said that you know what that today Dr. Brown were sold out ticket and eyes that we are live streaming that the van and anyone across the country can watch the event. I know our Lt. Gov. has been on the national thing recognized as one of the really new, up-and-coming strong voices on conservative issues, and he certainly doesn't shy away from our biblical values that we work on that. We are proud to bring in the state in the country tomorrow.

I live program that people can access through our website in the the good, the bad news is good news because we were heavy on today especially to get to our audience in Raleigh. One of our largest most faithful audiences, so that we have written in the state in America and to encourage poster out his sword. So that's that's the bad news. The good news is, everybody gets to watch and it is a skimming criticism like local North Carolina news was good be encouraging in an educational for for people around the country. I think it will be educational for people around the country. It will be an opportunity for people to lot up-and-coming star Mark Robinson who is our first black Lieut. Gov., and who firmly shares our values on life specially on all these issues about religious freedom and that I would encourage people to lot you can in 7:30 PM and you can get it by going to our website in the rights of friends at 730 Eastern time and see and you know we've seen so much Satanic attack were history on the African American community the black community here in America so many obstacles to overcome. That always tells me there's a calling that there's something that God wants to do through people know Jewish history is been the same all kinds of opposition difficult with those calling on the Jewish people so it it's it's always a blessing when when I see those that are called by God to have a voice that that sure is because because many in the black Christian community share our values about about pro-life families, things like that but they find many times the Democratic Party seems more more open to work with them was more concerned about other issues in education the different things that they feel okay. We don't agree with this but that's the part of that listen so to the extent the Republican party and am a registered independent, just as it will vote Republican for years, but to the extent the Republican Party can tell the black American community hate your important to us. Your your laws are important to us. Your well-being is important to us.

Your issues are important to us and there is a place for you party wonderful should be much more diversity than we've seen so glad to hear about this up-and-coming voice as well well and of course Mark Robinson at left, hurting. He said even ramble after 300 after he acted anyone from the main impressed with and and nobody right there hands. Of course it wouldn't boot that he said okay he said I just want to say there are only two that he is not afraid to tell the truth, he is not afraid to stand the media and I certainly respect his voice and had that it that he moved on to even higher things after he got good roommate maybe social good friends. 7:30 PM Eastern time. That is tomorrow night and see hey Tammy, thanks for joining us. Keep up the great work, Dr. Brown.

Have a wonderful day you are you are very welcome. All right before we go to DC and talk about a massive happening this Saturday it a real collision of light and darkness, with like a spell on you go there in a moment.

YouTube has now announced that all anti-VAX channels material will be banned from from their their platform will not anti-VAX, but we've had guests on a different size. Discuss issues new to Sertoli for everyone of our videos is been approved and monetized, etc. did with these issues will play something that gives perspective from an articulate Christian basketball player Jonathan Isaac talking about vaccination issues.

Let's listen to what he had to say because it's interesting perspective. John could draw from what is it about vaccine that makes you hesitant to to to get how I will start with article on in the past and so are our understanding of antibodies of natural immunity as of change the look a great deal from the onset of the pandemic and is still evolving on understanding of the vexing wood along help with you if you catch Colby to know you will be able to have with symptoms from contracting it with me. Article to the person having antibodies on with my current age group and fitness physical fitness level on the Schneider's earlier fear of mine taken the vaccine like a said it would decrease my chances of having a severe reaction, but it does open me up to the albeit rare chance, but the possibility of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine itself. I don't believe that being unvaccinated means infected all being unvaccinated means uninfected. You can still catch Colby on with over not having the vexing I would say honestly the craziness of it all. In terms of not being able to say that it should be everybody's virtuous without being demeaned or on talk crazy to doesn't make one comfortable to do what that person is telling them to do all was a that's that's a couple of the reasons that knowledge.

I'm hesitant at this time, but at the end of the day. I don't feel that it is no anyone's reasons come out and say what this is why this is not why should just be there decision and your loving your neighbor's not just let me knows that that agree with your look like you work moving the same way that you do it's it's delivering those who don't. So just laid out to convey another video is about getting this information from watching Donald Trump press conferences, or BOM videos material so again may conform what is right that have a holy God, and know what's happening this Saturday and see if there's any way to say want to be there history in the making, file, light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown this weekend. I strongly encourage you to be there Saturday specifically for important event. I am rejoined by my dear friend Rev. Patrick Mahoney, who has been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for well over 40 years when he was a few weeks back talking about this October 2 event, the importance of this prevent the Supreme Court agreeing. Suddenly, after almost a year of no activity to hear the Dobbs case for Mississippi which could potentially overturn Roe V Wade if it's allowed to stand, simply without Roe V Wade being addressed. It will further dismantle Roe V Wade Supreme Court since Pat was on with us since they were on with us. The Supreme Court allowed to stand, the Texas heartbeat bill and and that is caused uproar across the country and these are these momentous days. Nothing like this is happened since the passing of her. We Wade in 1973 and Pat along with the prayer event on Saturday. Something else is having you pick the state weeks and weeks in advance. Something else is now being planned for October 2. Tell us about your doctor about her having it. By the way that video brought great basketball player in the world also believe it should be a choice and treatment vaccinated months ago we picked October 2 we had no idea.put that on our heart suddenly just find out two weeks ago.

There is going to be a master of women March across the country and in Washington DC. Specifically, embracing a pro-abortion position and we couldn't have known. Only God could have billed that they are finishing their March at the exact time we are beginning our prayer at the Supreme Court of their March at the pre-court at little or they realize they don't walk to a place where we will be worshiping God celebrating God coming in humility, crying out for justice and human rights, an end to abortion violent and it almost like God bringing them there. It's truly, you know, Elijah the prophet, the veil in the way of her contrast and we are very excited about this and I bend I Dr. Veronica kept talking to the United States capital in Supreme Court police more than ever talking to my wife. They are gearing up for this. Setting up all kinds of barricade, but we are there, trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit resting in the fact they better with our board the day who are with them and I just can't wait. I love it when we kind of live biblical moment in contemporary culture and that's what's happening October 2 3:58 PM at the Supreme Court. And if anyone is listening wants to come you can go to purple sash purple/ and I could not be on a Dr. Michael Brown program somehow without benching the word revolution at least one time this week we got to have you, but this is a historic moment I'd labored in this for 48 years and now we are seeing what we worked and prayed. Dr. Brown you been on the front line to hundred degrees temperatures in you know what your talk can in the summer and 15 below in South Dakota in the winter and I just want to thank all the men and women who will not go there describing Scripture as the beautiful cloud of witnesses who will pray work struggled reached out to women (whole I would with unexpected pregnancy and now what we are praying for and worked for and believed for God is putting right at our doorstep. The were you can tell of very energized by this and were excited with the Holy Spirit is going to do this weekend in our nation's capital.

So again that's too to see more Eastern time. Of course, Washington DC Saturday it. It's just one of those things it's it is history in the making. The whole day.

The spirit of it it it's immediately before the Supreme Court resumes so this would be their fall session and wrecked probably December is whether to hear the cases that would seems a great day have announced their hearing the case on December middle perfect number for Wednesday the going to hear Dr. Jackson a case that may dismantle Roby way. And then there will be people that are on the inside watching, observing, that will then come away and say hey based on questions that were asked her this that we have a feeling it could go this way or that way. But when we finally know what the ruling is almost everyone believe that it will be the end of June when most of the controversy.

Your visions are handed at the joke here in our nation's capital is adjusted for programs decision on the runway at the plight of their summer vacation but there is a possibility.

Dr. Brown I was on a case called Brock of Bray versus Alexandria that was argued in the fall and the decision came out in January so if if I had to sort of look at it.

I would say probably 80 to 90% at the end of June. There is a slight possibility. It could come out in January, but either way the church needs to engage pray our brothers and sisters. This is what we have been working for, and I've been talking to Dr. Brown quite a bit about this that this is our moment and will we step into this moment create scenarios for the church to step into the scenario and this is one of them and so I believe we will see an anointing and when I heard from the Lord on May 14.

I heard that we would have neighbor on this case little bit. I know that the Mississippi Atty. Gen. would ask that this case overturn Roe, and I could never had an idea that the Supreme Court would not block a band on a Texas bill, which banned abortion after six weeks, so would sensing the Weber and I just want to say we need to step in the purposes of God. When a sovereign God who when he speaks when he calls us a Dietrich Bonhoeffer said spontaneous obedience is better than doubts and reflection. The church needs to respond and I believe were in one of those moments right now if you get this. Bernie talked with Celeste and Rob with me to pray about the Dobbs case, which just sets like a year of the Supreme Court is been submitted to them and they didn't suggesting know that here it or not, here it you get this bird you going to DC, then over those on a Friday than Monday you hear they've decided to it to hear the case. I was at first indication of God at work, and then the logic will if they're just gonna let it stand because federal court said no to the Mississippi bill then why greed here. Just let it stand and don't hear it all. By not hearing it, letting it stencil was there something going on there and then the ruling with the that the agreeing to let stand the Texas bill which goes even further than the Mississippi bill and then again as you said, who knew that the Mississippi Atty. Gen. would say hey yes we we want to review Roe V Wade.

It is bad law and then all that good or should activists say hey we been saying this is where it is and then the news report.

This could be the case that overturned it so friends if you can't join in. In December if you can is is worth going worth making the trip and get an early get there to the location at the right time just to be there as the marchers come in and you're in the midst of worshiping the Lord glorifying article right so if you can be there. It's is one of those historic moments but wherever you are joined in prayer where this takes some of that time between two and four Eastern time assembly. But then here's another big thing make this a matter of prayer.

Regular prayer daily prayer.

Whatever your habit is because you told us about when you're on last that would help with Justice Kennedy was that he was ready to rule against it in a case that would overturn Roe V Wade what in NAB's right, Elrick 19 9292 excuse. Of course, yes, so send it. Court always got a preliminary vote and in the preliminary boat they voted by four overturn Roe Kennedy which could vote the port Roe right so when I when I dug into this more afterwards and you've got the quotes it's well documented what happened.

It's known for its out the information is out so we could have been overturned 30 years ago of the student. Years ago, and in the moment was missile. Keep praying for God to turn the hearts of these justices forgot to influence them forgot to open their hearts must adjust human beings is people like you and me that just got into these very high important position so again to 24 this Saturday Washington DC and by the way, this is not an event were pets expecting 300,000 people. So with you, not like in the notice of this could be matter of hundreds there were a few thousand. So you're able to get in come with family of the event itself is going to be Jesus glorifying totally nonpolitical. The name of a political leader or party will not be heard the sounds of it. Hate Pat one minute left, give us a final expectation.

I pray Dr. Brown. We believe prayer we can see God shipshape and transform history and end abortion violent.

This is our moment. Let us believe brothers and sisters for the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit as we consecrate this court to God and at an end. This tragic violence against America's children and women and men. Maybe so. Hey Pat the Lord be with you.

This can be an amazing amazing time. Let's let's pray that God will work not just that he'll answer primitive that he'll actually do some things on this day.

Where will get Pat eye contact to tell us the stories I'm I'm expecting it bro.

Thank you sir. God bless Dr. Brown Douglas all right yeah note know that this is not being overexcited friends. This is not hype. This is his reality.

This is one of those moments where it is expensive it's it's a biblical moment in history make God touch those with more something will happen. I will be right back, cease trying to talk about God has an error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends for joining us on the one cancel culture. I'm going to do a little test here and I'm going to type in."

The words cancel culture and do a Google search look at this I get 9,670,000 results. When did it a few days ago. It was still in the 8 millions. In other words, this has become a massive issue, the, the canceling of people, the canceling of ideas a culture that sensors to the point of marginalizing and reducing someone's influence to zero if it differs in this is of particular interest to the church. I have a book coming out with charisma. In March of next year called the silencing of the lambs about the ominous rise of cancel culture and how we can overcome it. My guess now is the CEO of charisma media as written a number of important books. Stephen strength his new book, God and cancel culture.

It it will educate you. It will address a lot of key issues that are happening. That's why Steve felt to write this book and as we talked is a publisher or author a really good one to punch with his book now just came out earlier this month and Mine Come Your Way in March. So Steve, welcome back to the modify thanks for joining us here to view it here. One of my favorite people. Well that's that's very gracious of you which it has been a joy to work with you.

I've been just impressed with what God is done in and through you and and the joy of working together these many years and obviously many ways we think similarly. Hence, two books on varied from very different angles, but on a similar subject okay. How would you define cancel culture, this is journalist research you do interviews how you define cancel culture very good question. Let me paper that I'm sure glad my book came out first because you're brilliant I know will take very different aspect of the same problem but I used cancel culture as a catchall to discuss how everything is happening in the in the culture trying to cancel really the influence of Christianity.

I think that that's what it comes down to it also has to do with communism. In fact, I have a chapter called is not cancel culture of communism because communism and other totalitarian government have always tried to cancel everyone who didn't agree with them. Whether was Adolf Hitler, or whether North Korea today and what we have people in our country who have an agenda to move America so far to the left.

We become socialist, which is really a different kind of American communism, and of course communism is always atheistic note I cancel culture is a relatively new term is you're alluding to buy, you know, the Romans were trying to cancel Christianity in the first century and of course it didn't work, there's always this going on. It's worth lately because it aimed at anyone who doesn't agree with the thought that the gender winter have to do with sexuality. Your view of election fraud, even COBIT. 19.

There's a whole chapter on that if you say certain things like a hydroxychloroquine or fibronectin might help people get well and hello, there's an awful lot of evidence that it does they want to cancel you and if you have the audacity to say the vaccine is dangerous. They want to You in spite of the fact that I'm told 17,000 people so far that died.

Now I always try to be careful with my future.

Think, and I have not literally research that is sometimes hard to know. But you know what to believe but a lot of people have died. There was another vaccine that was taken off the market when 25 people died and it's likely ignore that all these people are dying yet to raise the question they care for you. In fact, I know one leader who is on YouTube and care to join the worst that I want to talk about the VA subject, but I'm a do it on a different platform and he actually sent his listeners over to another platform because he didn't want to get cancel that and to meet at Gary because you know you hear about Mike Lindell getting canceled. The president of the United States hello people of any cancel because they liked they didn't like online and was discovered and that was not politically correct and people actually lost her job that I have them. Examples of that in the book God and cancel culture through everyone become the prey dictate notes on Poe got canceled in their big and there's strong in the if they could camp along to get cancel. I better not say anything and I kind of felt cancellation to me is far worse because were actually doing their dirty work for them or canceling ourselves and they don't have to. The fact that the most powerful men on the planet. When Pres. as president was banned from twitter banned from Facebook it. It's spell remarkable you, my son, like his tweets are fine because I couldn't differ, that's that's what our freedom of speech is is all about and and I'm just looking now as you're speaking I'm, which is one of the biggest websites in terms of of of news headlines. So the giant headline use YouTube and in the red circle the line through it and read YouTube bands all court anti-VAX content and unwritten red on the top. Sydney worn Sydney Australia unvaccinated face total size social isolation indefinitely. When lockdown ends United Airlines firing employees who refuse shot the Vatican's Vatican cracks down. What would Jesus say NBA stars pushed back so Steve you're not. You're not exaggerating. This is not like chicken Little, saying the skies falling. It really is a critical moment I met an anti-VAX or like you.

Let's get the information outlets evaluated. Let's make informed decisions. But this, this, the covert part is one part of it, but you're seeing this more broadly. I just saw the other day, Johnny Depp, the actor Johnny Depp you don't think I was a Christian spokesman say no one is safe in this culture. So the subtitle of your book. This is urging us to stand up before it's too late.

What this too late actually meet you hear the term point is going to come to America. Back in the chair on two legs. You can balance for a while but if you tip back too far from point you get what you can't write the chair on four legs anymore you know you fall backward and working to get to that point I made it sound like an after all you there almost all written ready Darren. I've been to Australia has a lot like United States. They speak English, they have a democracy not very powerful, if not a world leader but it very far left and were going to get there. At least we still have conservative in our country to stand up to Beth. I mean this is against our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, you know really going on Facebook and paying something of freedom of the press. Except you're going online instead of on a printing press like in the old days and we got to stand up we've got to call them out a lot of stuff is absolutely ridiculous that the public rises up against it. Don't be such a backlash that it will stop if we don't stop to get worse and worse and I think that some of the government leaders regarding the church even tested with this whole thing with COBIT you know we had a pandemic. I mean that's obvious. In pandemics we want to keep people safe when it first happened. We didn't know what we were dealing with. It almost looked like maybe this is going to be the bubonic plague and wipe out 1/3 of the population of course, that did not happen. Thankfully, but in the process.

Everything was shut down. Churches were called non-essential actually going up pandemic when people are thoughts that they need the church. More than ever now.

Things started to open up and his rioting happened. You know, the riders did more math to stay socially distant, and so forth that somehow tolerated. You could go to Walmart spams all those big box stores.

The grocery store course and somehow you wouldn't dive COBIT but if you want to church you were going to be a super spreader. In other words, a church with unsafe somehow. Now as far as I know every church.

I personally know of went out of their way to clean 50 feet.

The chair 6 feet apart. You know to do all kinds of things, but they just wanted to have church our freedom of religion, our First Amendment rights do not go away when there is a cry for they don't, but some of these lefty governors saw how passively the Christians went along with it and to put on fine now.

It would it in the more extreme left California probably being the best example, but the city of Pasadena even went further than the state.

They put fine on our mutual friend Shay on whoever great church in Pasadena leave the whole network of churches of the great Christian leader he'd never been politically active. He just hasn't he let other people do it the boy. He's active now warning people. They put a fine of $1000, not per service. Well, actually it was per service per incident, but also per person so I don't know how many people came to the church because I wasn't there, like they were 400 x 400,000 dollars worth of fine every time they had service now interestingly people came from all over, not even people from the church to attend the Thursday show their solidarity. The fines would have been in the millions of dollars not. He sued the state with the help of Liberty Council and they won it went all the way to the Supreme Court and gather new things for California had to repay their legal fees which work $1.3 million and my question is why should any American citizen have to through the government for our first amendment right by me is horrible it and I say this was an excuse to shut down church of the virus today part of their excuse could be tomorrow that there's some kind of hate speech or something coming up and you know a lot of the church of those I mentioned earlier went along passively with fifth stuff you're the pastor's blight gone Rob McCauley and Calvin Oakes and Greg Farrington up around Sacramento. They do it up. They were strong. I write about them and God and cancel culture. I told her stories, but they told me that the pastors would call like in the middle of the night and they were just so timid and they they kept their churches shut down and then after the Supreme Court allowed them to have church. They had big banners all work is business as usual or were back to normal and was as if they were celebrating the fact that the government said that they could have church rather than the fact that the Bible said that they should have offers they could not be assembling together themselves. I meet. This is shown a lot of things in the Christian community and I really right just a Christian because I write about revival. I write about a whole bunch of stuff. Secular people are to be that interested. But I think the church has to wake up see what's really going on and try to understand what God is saying through all of this, as we have church is forcefully a lot of them are you going well. I am just jumping little click still this really great this is.

This is important stuff.

Get the book God and cancel culture just out this month was given strength. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown speak with my friend and colleague, straying his brand-new book God and cancel culture just important read and again tacking things as a journalist. He's is listening. He's looking he's reviewing seeing what's out there and and to be perfectly honest, Steve. We've talked many times of them on your podcast been on my show. We talked many times face-to-face of the different meetings I've never in my life heard you this passionate you're feeling the urgency of this not know if we think of said estate like bus may still like Nevada receipt like the Las Vegas is it okay casinos they can they can. They can be open at half capacity, so maybe really big one.

Thousands of people could fit in there so that they cut that in half but you have a large church sanctuary that seats 5000 limit of 50 people. I mean that the double standard's a remarkable you could gather in a church service in California is lingerie mass is lost on the 50 people and you can't saying so there were clearly unequal standards. As you said abortion clinics open liquor stores open. They provide quote essential services, but the church doesn't so meetings to help people dealing with pornography addiction or drug addiction or more meetings to help teenagers troubled teens are of a married couple. None of that's nonessential or just coming to meet with God to be encouraged as nonessential but liquor stores abortion clinics are essential so that the double standards are undeniable but but I'm intrigued Stephen when you talk about communism GU mean just the totalitarian ideology is like communism to to shut down and cancel all who differ or you say there there more similarities with communist ways of thinking that we are witnessing today Walter ladder. Michael you know it it hard and everything down.

We have to look at what's happening and try to interpret it and not everyone on the left is a communist. Of course, but there's a certain group think they're all going or what along with it under radical fringes on the black lives matter. You're the phrase we can all agree to put the organization itself is pretty clear on its own website, but his purposes are critical race theory is very extreme.

It's been on college campuses and now finally almost overnight, it becoming mainstream and defensive schools are teaching and all kinds of think these are cathartic communist type doctrine. It involves the tearing down of everything traditional, we've seen that in every country where the Communists are taken over. They got to get rid of the tradition that we the tradition to freedom of freedom of religion all the thing that got to tear down and replace it with something else and it is some kind of socialism controlled by the government even discovered COBIT is the government controlling our lives in a way that they never have before.

Now it under the guise of hell, but really they're just there, getting people used it to doing what the government says regardless and they're also trying to make America impotent as far as standing for freedom within 30 years of the Russian Revolution in 1918, 1/3 of the world was under communist control and it would've been the whole world or for pre-United date. I meet a lot of the Western countries to join with us, but they were not strong enough themselves to stand against communism and America go to write about it in in guiding cancel culture. There's a whole chapter is not cancel culture, communism, and I I interview expert to talk about this and the Chinese government is behind most of it. They find the things we hear about sorrows a lot. He finds a lot of stuff, you know there's all this push toward one world government and really does a mature Christian can see that what the Bible is saying is true about the end of time.

I think I would live long enough to feel that I figured it. This is all that happened long after I I was dead but were saying how it could happen. The government are talking about the great reset. You know there's so much chaos of the world are going to time when a man emerges to say he'll bring P know the Bible called this person the antichrist. Meanwhile, the spirit of the antichrist is in the world. It was even in the first century. Having the apostle Paul use that term and so there's all these kind of bad things happening it all.

You know sometimes you wonder if is just inevitable but you know the Bible tells us to occupy until Jesus comes and we can we do still have freedom and we need to stand up for them and all the stuff might not happen. First, you know, several hundred years like they were all speculating, but I write about all the things it's complicated is not one thing it's one thing leads to another and you see the same trend in another aspect of society or another part of the world and my job as a journalist was to try to make them sensitive and also to give platform to the 22 major leaders who I interviewed Dino everything is documented. It isn't like I fit out of my work off the third expressed my opinion. I wanted to draw on people that I had known and had interviewed Dino to try to make it a package that people would want to read your just the way I approached is different and I'm sure that you will and our company is very happy to have one to punch as you said earlier because this is not something one book of good health. All and it's not something the people to read one time and then you know it's going to go away.

I work I have to be vigilant and this is my way in my small way to stand up and say what I need to say and it interesting that you that are passionate about. I am passionate about, and I'm very concerned about where the world is going. It even affects may we, our company has experienced some cancel culture and were not were not wide-eyed radical. All we do is we believe what we've always believed about the importance of the Bible the power the Holy Spirit that affected gifts are for today you when we started out was a necessarily controversy over secular people who didn't believe it, or they just kind of ignored it. But now is almost if you believe the core values here their enemy and a lot of it comes down as you would know to the gay agenda the whole, anything goes sexually aspect of it is all mixed up is not just one thing and as far as elective confirm they all support each other.

There a lot of people look our I'm in a calm, lucky who are supportive of other things that they're not particularly interested in, but it's part of the package and I'm trying to get the church to wake up. We've been on the defensive. We've been losing ground my entire adult life. This is not new, but it just happening almost at warp speed. Now and we Christians about well you know there's abortion but you know they're not working out to have abortion there is all this other immorality on the Internet or anywhere else but you know were doing our best to follow the Lord and were staying away from it and were trying to teach our children riding were trying to be active in our church is an experienced Christian community all back find that the kind of life I live. I live in kind of a Christian bottle to ignore all that you don't want the culture is coming for dinner. Get if they want to cancel it if like even though the country is fairly evenly divided on the impression in the media, the government, big tech is that you know they have all the left lever.

The power and it's kind like we want you lost your opinion, is not important, go down, shut up and go away and if you don't they want to make you go away make you lose your job, your way to make a living ridicule you. I tell the story in my book on chemicals about Anita Bryant 1977. She was a popular thing. She was the latest thing the little ditty for the Florida citrus commission as their spokesperson and she had the audacity to stand up to the first pro-gay they called an antidiscrimination ordinance in Miami, Florida. The gay community was not identifiable at the time the political force and actually she whined there was a referendum down here in Florida and she wanted but they made her the poster child of being anti-gay.

If you look her up in Wikipedia the headline say that she's an American something or an anti-gay rights activist. That's how they want people to think ever they ruined her career and she was the first person that I knew about it least of what were thing today. Yet the fact is friends. Many of us have been warning for years sounding the alarm, saying this was coming, I began saying in 2004. Those who came out of the closet. Speaking of of activist gas was that your average gay person with activist Lucy came out of the closet once put us in the closet and see when I first started say that people tell me you're crazy and then a few years went by, they began to say, bigots like you belong in the closet friends get the book God and cancel culture, evaluate the evidence for yourself and then remember if we stand and do it's right we overcome hey Steve, thanks for all you're doing. Thanks for your voice. It's great to partner together. Thank you for your friendship and for the opportunity to be on your program absolutely God bless right friends. As I said I've never heard Stephen that passionate. That means this is burning and check it out and if you begin you wanted to buy book command in March from a very different angle. The silencing of the lambs this check out the cover to cut. Go go to Check out the cover since Ray posted is is absolutely fabulous yeah by the way, by the way, get 20 seconds on surviving it now. I go there anywhere you place tissues. The DR Brown Dr. Brown code to get 10% discount and a donation made to our ministry with her partner Dr. Mark Stigler, the finest health supplements you can get anywhere in my humble opinion, vitamin or partner together for your health and for the good of our ministry worth checking out today. Hey, let's get healthy. Let's get strong stand listening another program powered by the Truth Network

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