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Costi Hinn (Healing and God's Plan) Phil Bell (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 29, 2021 4:00 am

Costi Hinn (Healing and God's Plan) Phil Bell (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 29, 2021 4:00 am

Prosperity preachers would have us believe that if the Lord doesn't heal us of our illnesses, we just didn't have enough faith. But what does the Bible really teach us about healing and God's purposes in our earthly pain? Pastor Costi Hinn joins me to talk about it and his book, "More Than a Healer: Not the Jesus You Want, but the Jesus You Need." Plus: How can churches collaborate with moms and dads to disciple their children? Phil Bell discusses his book, "The Family Ministry Playbook for Partnering with Parents." That's next time on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by the Jesus music. The new documentary from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music. The Jesus music only in theaters beginning October 1. More information is available at the Jesus Janet River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says I that soil by apologizing for my voice. I am recovering from laryngitis but enough that puts me in a great position to address the subject were to be talking about today healing.

Now we all want to be healed when were sick. It doesn't always happen and unfortunately there are people who say that if you're not healed it's because you're not exhibiting enough faith in God.

But what does the Bible really say about healing and about our healer organist talk about it today with pastor because the hand he is the president and founder for the gospel's book is called more than a healer, and so great to have you with us because the I apologize in advance for my voice but I'm glad you're here. Okay.

Great. Well, thank you.

You know a lot of people know your story. We've talked before on the show about your time spent with your famous uncle Benny can the prosperity preacher and how you left that world and embraced a biblical theology, but it's very poignant to read your story of how this issue of healing his head home for your family. Can you bring people up to speed a little bit on the situation with your little boy old from years ago and were doing what the ministry had moved along at about three years ago now read out three months old. He was diagnosed her son Timothy with a rare form of cancer report. Three of Titus grace could be en route. Timothy was diagnosed with cancer and the night that I found out I will never get it. My wife came in the kitchen. I sat down at the table and she sat right there in my lap and I held her cheek a collapse in my arms and begin weeping and the only thing that came to mind at the moment was the first line at the door was we were going to get out of this life unscathed were weak and she just shook her head and then the second thing I said was you know now working to live what I've been preaching and she nodded her head and we cried together great together move forward in the Lord and the biggest reality that bear upon us what it wasn't to be some departure from the very gospel with no real raw milk have to go to take them all on type of thing in the Beatles and just go on funds that it's real you know were real people with real stories, relocating real experiences just like everyone else and it was a great moment in many ways, even though it was a horrific moment the Lord used it to show us his strength in our weakness also to put us in a position of humility and dependency every day.

It's a rare form of cancer.

And right now is doing well, but overall they said it's not that necessarily goes away and that is something that keeps us humble and surrendered and trusting the Lord no matter what, so we just decided God is good before the Bible teaches, we decided we obey that bill without model, not the other stuff God did on the mountaintop and he is good and the value given the pain and he's good in the times of great pleasure and joy become a reality for goodness while I'm so so sorry to hear about little Timothy and we will be praying for him that God will will heal him because that's obviously what everybody would want. But you know this is interesting you described in your book how your family reacted some of your family members.

I guess kind of in keeping with their own theology, but describe that a little bit because I think when when it really hits home.

Whether or not you're grounded in Scripture it's in a moment like that. Talk about that a little bit what their position was on healing with your little boy when you were trying to really stick with what Scripture sets. We pointed roof one evening and one in particular said you're sure not because you touch the Lord. Those moments make your blood boil a little bit of data at the same time.

I think it was a few years prior. Archaeological growth was still sort of shaky and we were maturing in the faith and didn't know a lot or we are in the middle of learning. At that point the sovereignty of God, the goodness of God that he does healed, but that he does so, according to his will that he is good even when things are not there, like Job, he gives he takes away all of that sure reality for us. It was clear that I remember you the chance to share about the sovereignty of God, and that there are no accidents with God and that everything that he allow the first pass through his hands and that he's in control and that we trust them and that he is going to be glorified no matter what, so we lead in their other family members to sort of raised eyebrows like okay you are going with only back Scripture because in the end I see a pattern throughout the Bible that gives me great comfort. I don't have to wonder, and I'll give you one more response here Janet on this one of the family members was what kind of precedent you touch the Lord's anointed God God in our case didn't judge me or my wife. I would've been just normal but even went further and judged our son.

So now we have to watch our son to that. Here's what made me sleep just fine at night when we come against the prosperity gospel or false teachers heresy and error, I am doing exactly what Paul says to do in Romans 16 verses 17 and 18 were marking people who are causing divisions and who are doing damage by teaching false things and work doing what Ephesians 511 were exposing the darkness, so I never have to ever look at my son situation and think man that got a be because I came against my uncle. I look at the Bible and said were obeying that and then here's what's happening in our home. Okay, we can trust the Lord our foods with God's will be done so were let in the Bible talking day and night on this one. That's amazing and is necessary to do that because especially at this point in time it would be understandable. I would think for a lot of people. If you did become so desperate that you reverted back to that theology wouldn't of been biblical to do it clearly but it would've been understandable from an emotional standpoint, how much of this bad theology of the prosperity gospel.

Do you think really is tied to people's desperation and the emotion of the moments while understandable, is what's driving the theology requested and having now gone through this and been in it while on one hand I can't even imagine ever reverting back because of how much older, wiser people have poured into us because of mentors and mature people of faith and discipleship those things help establish a really solid foundation for new believers like we used to be, but I can say this had I not had those things, and nobody had discipled me and I didn't have all that support from my pastor and are mentors in the local church. I could easily see and appreciate. Though I don't agree with this at all and I would never recommend it and I don't even say it's fine or right using it, but I could see how so many people out of desperation want to believe and was going further, they have to believe that God is going to do this or that. That is good.

A blessing going to heal up but it's all going to be okay because how else will they cope, they haven't studied God's word on these issues. They've never been taught these issues there like somebody who can't discern their left hand from the right. So as on one hand yeah I get even more fired up about some of the abuses could I think now we need to be clearer and clearer and clearer. But on the other side. Empathy has grown in our hearts and in our home because I could easily understand how if you're on your left leg all you want to do is hold your child one more day one more moment and you will believe anything in order to experience yes rights and and certainly there many people listening who can relate to that mentor a situation similar to yours, would you say that people fundamentally are misunderstanding the character of God when they are saying things like, if you really had enough faith God would heal.

You are God would heal your son, what are the misunderstanding welder misunderstanding the nature of God. When we look at God's character we see things like love and goodness and holiness and all of those other attributes we could go through a list you can do episodes on the character of God… That that one of them is what love for a moment that he is love will. That means that even when he pours out his wrath and judgment which doesn't seem very loving that because God is perfect in becoming holy and because all of his attributes are perfectly expressed, never contradicting every any other of his attributes will then even when he's pouring out his wrath any hate sin, and he has a hatred towards wickedness God is still expressing perfect love… Anything with this good, even when your situation is not good, even when the results are good. Romans 828 idea that God causes all things together for good means that his definition of good and he is the one who determined so true costing hand more than a healer, as his book will come back on from Sherwood pictures from films and films and the kindred brothers comes, courageous legacy celebrating 10 years of impact on families and fathers remastered in 4K and including a new ending can say hi this is Kirk Cameron and I am honored to be partnering with the Ministry of pre-born to help moms choose life actor Kirk Cameron supports pre-born. My four oldest children were adopted.

That is because of caring and compassionate people who help those young mothers choose life.

My wife is an adopted child and her birth mother chose life for her if it weren't for those caring individuals that help those young moms and value the sacredness of life.

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And no, here's Joe, thank you for joining us. Sorry for my voice. If you're just tuning in, just recovering a little bit from a bad bout of laryngitis.

But I had to get to this interview today because the hand is with us more than a healer, not the Jesus you want but the Jesus you need is his new book and we were discussing how he is personally dealing along with his family with the cancer diagnosis of his little boy Timothy so please pray for Timothy but it's fascinating to see how the Lord is working in the hands life. Given the fact that the cost he grew up in this whole prosperity gospel situation in ministry with his uncle Benny hand in a custody back to some fundamental questions you talked about God's character and how that so much a part of what we don't understand what we should understand about God's character kinda drives whether or not we believe healing is guaranteed versus healing is by God's grace and by God's wise decision and sovereignty.

What about this issue of why people get sick in the first place that this seems to be a very fundamental place that we need to begin a vital question that we need to make sure we answer based on Scripture.

A lot of people a lot of opinion, a lot of people say will I think this and I think that I did this study while ago years ago because I wanted to know and it gagged me some basic rapidfire truth here was sickness and death entered the world through Original Sin.

That's one reason why people get sick, sin entered the world. We are on a broken planet is not as it will be Jesus one day will return you will establish his kingdom. You have a newer, new Jerusalem, all of it and it'll be a place of no sickness, no tears and no pain. But until then were on a broken ball of dirt. Another thing, sickness and death can strike us because of our sin. Now people might think what would you say in where you get not crumble all to the church at Corinth in first Corinthians 11 that people are weak, sick or even dead because they take communion unworthily, so there could be as though we can't make a blanket statement that you know all sickness is the result of your particular sin and God is striking you that there were instances in which people take communion unworthily or they dishonor the Lord. We also could say on a practical level that we by principle of reaping what we so if we do a lot of drug we drink alcohol excessively. If we act foolishly if we don't take care of our body. The body breaks down and so sometimes her own decisions could lead to those things. But again, God not striking us with every turn, another one you could say that sickness and death are not always the result of our sin. God uses these things to bring himself glory like the blind man in John nine who Jesus says to his disciples, and he's not blind because of his parents in.

He is blind because I'm going to be glorified by healing him and certainly that leads us to know that sickness and death can be used by God for his glory and for the good of others. That's Romans 828 God will use things for his glory. We see that even now in the life of women like Johnny Erickson taught a quadriplegic and is so faithful women like Nephi Guthrie, who the Lord given the ministries to women and her husband, the parents of lost children, for she is lost children and on and on and on throughout the halls of history of mainly the apostle Paul and the early disciples giving God the glory, no matter what we could see we get sick for a lot of reasons. We need to be very careful presuming that which is not in Scripture and Johnny's a perfect example of that. What a ministry she has had over all these 50+ years that she's been in that wheelchair and it would've been a totally different situation. Had the Lord not sovereignly overseen the fact that she would have that diving accident. How many people have benefited from the fact that she has been a faithful Christian and trusted God in her disability. It's it's such a testimony to God's grace hurt her sickness and her disability is actually bringing glory worldwide, absolutely. That is the part that we have to be humbled by God at any time. He is sovereign and he determines all things he can allow things in new things for his glory. And here's the beautiful perspective that he had to be humbled by this God has an eternal perspective that he is eternal. Our life on earth as a grain of sand K eternity is infinite. If God allows my existence yours. Johnny's who members to be a challenging existence for his glory while on earth do we realize how much that pales in comparison to eternity is eternity is so far beyond. If you try to think about it are your your your brain wires will short-circuit you just can't even go there mentally God will one day reveal all these things to us for now. We do our best by grace together as a body of believers to encourage one another with eternal perspective, is working doing something. Let's trust them and give him glory well and you think what the Lord responded to Job when Job was going through all of his trials and where were you Joe when I created the world, etc. etc. etc. there are mysteries to God's plan that we don't yet know and and won't know and shouldn't expect to know and that's an important reminder for Christians. I think you got a go to God's will. And one thing that I would encourage Christians to study the will of God, we give the sum of the book that we have God's decreed will is revealed will.

Where we see it is laid out in Scripture is decreed commanded. He said do this.

Here's what I'm going to do here is walk this way and then you have God secret will or is hidden will which many theologians all agree that's just those things that we don't know the bow says that the secret things belong to our God. I don't know what he's doing know why, why did he allow Timothy to get cancer, and why this and why the it makes for a wild story line. You don't even in the beginning I thought Lord, I'll take any other suffering. This was not me doubting the Lord in the beginning. Lord, I'll take any other type of suffering for this one to be interested because you know what they're going to say they're going to say that I taught the Lord's anointed. Wouldn't you want to maybe have me suffer a different way maybe is not for the preacher or some other thing put me in prison, but now they're going to think there right now people are going to think they're right and they're not right. So are you sure this is the one you want to go for Timothy cancer and not to look like we talked okay whatever you want board and it's a humbling thing to think I would write the story line 3rd bite, but God is the one to determine TV offer while an enemy that really demonstrates your faith in your trust in our Savior because we have to trust him regardless of what we thought would have been a better plan. You know something else I wanted to touch on custody, is this idea that you have to have X amount of faith in order for God to heal you and if you don't get healed, it's because you didn't have enough faith. How do you refute that because, as you point out, God doesn't heal based solely on our faith. It's not incumbent upon us to have gigantic faith that if we fall short in our just out a lot. Poor God was going to heal us, and we just didn't pass it has. I mean can you refute that biblically. Yeah, you can go to a whole bunch of different example could all highlight two in the gospel narrative you got a man after healing or admin of the pool because of the human story.

The man does not even know Jesus what you go read John chapter 51 through 17. My favorite story, story, link to my actual conversion.

What open my eyes and simple reality that man didn't even perceive who Jesus was. He did not have enough faith did nothing to deserve to be healed.

In fact he fit the bill of somebody we would say is not to get their healing because you know he did remember he complaint this you wish to get well and the man whined well I wish but every time I go to get the pool somebody beats me. There we would've called that in the old days. Janet a negative spirit, your negative spirit of grumbling and complaining like the children of Israel in the lead to your want.

No wonder you would've not fit the bill for somebody to get feel Jesus heals him anyway. What an example of Jesus healing. According to his will, not ours. But the conversely remember the woman with the issue of blood to crawl into the street graph the hem of his garment. He feels power leave him. He turned, he healed her but never what he says to her daughter, your faith has made you well. And then he says now go in peace need us to think there he uses a familial term daughter. He says go in peace, why in the world would Jesus tell somebody to go in peace, as though they have peace from God unless they were at peace with God, this woman was saved. She was converted she knew he was the son of God, like so many others, Jesus son of David, have mercy on me.

Who do you say that I yeah you are Christ, son of the living God. His disciples said Jesus was moved by faith. He was moved with compassion. Other times, the lesson there. We can't turn his healing ministry into a formula you can't say hey if you do this, or if you do that Jesus showed us. You could have faith and knock it heal. You could be like Paul and after a phone in the flesh to be removed and doctors note, to be shown powerful through that weakness. You could be like Paul and preach in bodily illness to Galatia or you could be like the man at the pool of Bethesda and have no faith at all in Jesus you you or you could crawl through the street to make it to him and he would heal. It is not a formula we trusted in faith and let him determine according to his will.

Very well said. I mean, and this goes back to your points that in our need for healing.

We tend to overlook the healer. It's about make me well Jesus make me.

Well, it's not about Jesus as our healer, our Savior are, you know, our provider, our Lord, you know that's that's the problem is that the one who will give me something takes on this persona. Just give me what I want.

Give me what I want. That's not what it means to be a Christian. We are to trust him no matter what he gives to us and I think we would call somebody who got married for transaction crazy would never say your true friend is a person who says you have your friends to do all the things I want but for some reason this idea that God is there and it's a transaction slips to the cracks we need to really realize that if you have nothing from God. He doesn't do a whole bunch of things for you. Materially you you but he is saved you you everything you'll ever need that a relationship with him is the thing we ought to want and crave the most we don't naturally because the flesh and so I think I want to write a book like this to yes say Jesus is a healer, but point them to hope in the midst of hopelessness in his comfort, his peace, but also the sovereign good is going to come back one day. Do you have a relationship with him. Do you know the Savior. And do you have what you need the most in him.

I love it.

Custody can the name of the book more than healer, a wonderful book and we will continue to pray for your little boy Timothy custody.

Thank you so much. Thank you, Janet will talk to you soon. All right. God bless you this are Janet Mefford today is brought in part by courageous legacy. The new film from Sherwood pictures affirm films prominent films and Kendrick brothers remastered in 14 including a new ending crate just like a C rated PG-13. Now playing this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by the Jesus music. The new documentary from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music that Jesus music only in theaters beginning October 1.

More information is available at the Jesus Janet Mefford today and here's your host Janet Mefford.

We have all heard the terrible statistics about kids walking away from the church after they were raised in church and that's why we have to do everything we can to make sure that our children are just going along with us to church each week, but have really put their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and then are fully grounded in the Bible and in the Christian faith, and of course there is no perfect magic formula we plant the seeds in water, and God gives the growth as Scripture says, but what is important is for churches and parents to work together for the cause of Christ in the lives of the upcoming generations sorting talk about it today with Phil Bell.

He has over 20 years of experience in ministry and is out with a book called the family ministry playbook for partnering with parents great to have you here fell thanks for joining us so much and is great to be here with you now are on or why is it so important you think for churches to partner with parents when it comes to youth ministry will I think you know I'm on someone who spent many years in the trenches in youth ministry and she not like you think you know II learned as I went on my way for you, for II think that one of the things not seen in the past 20 years of ministry. Thank you not to walk away from and a key component but also so supported biblically is a fact that when when parents and the church once again Sue to reach the next generation for Christ it's more powerful than the church over parents working separately and so I believe that you know when when Moses stood in front of his people. When Deuteronomy 6439 60 O Israel. It was a message for the whole fight King community to get back on track and I really believe that now I is time for the church and the family to come together callously so with God working in and through Generation X, generation to affect the Christ and unbelieving to come reach the family you can change the world.

Well, that's very important. I agree with you. Do you think that the lack of parental involvement in part played a role in kids leaving the church long term. Do you see a connection there are absolutely and you know traffic.

I am a parent myself about three kids and probably reading right think that is something I could probably do that again and make a huge difference in my kids by Janet and I really believe in and Frank parents listening today that number no matter what what anybody says to you, no matter what you think so parents still and have always been the greatest influence in that case I can think a combination of factors has contributed to some challenges. I think that culture is is more challenging in these recent times, and is ever things a kid that's like so much coming their way. I think also parents of busier than ever I are leaving for next take Linux working as hard as I can't, but inasmuch as I can in their schedules and quite honestly often not leaving enough time for themselves to grow personally, but also enough talk by conversations and I think the third thing is is as a as a youth worker you know in the trenches quiet times made it too easy. Parents is to drop the kids off to Maine and allow me to pay the offsets of essays and problems and so I think that United churches is as Thomas and Kari.

Sometimes a truffle culture that is being made easy if BIOS busy parents as well so I think those three, 19 faxes had been a challenge for us in the last 2030 1946.

Something else that sometimes will arise when people are discussing youth ministry is how youth ministry has changed in some circumstances. Not every church, obviously, but their handling criticism slept the criticisms leveled youth ministry is to find that might be too entertaining.

They're not really teaching kids the gaps of God's word where you come down on that issue and having done it is a great question in my book I address it because I think in one line. When I say I'm not about to drop the hammer on you strictures I see so much great value on paying and helping youth ministries, I would say this, I will. I don't even want to get too much into the discussion elevated to finals it, not think enough. I think war is what goes awry and youth ministries is too many youth pastors make themselves the hero indicates faith. Janet and if we were to change Perspectives and I say we may as well for ministry transact perspective and see the parents as the hero to the cage it would automatically change how we program what we say to ask kids what we change them and then more importantly, what we communicate to the parents and how we start coming along. The parent alongside the parents sent them out to be the hero investing in that case I Channing and I think that's a bigger conversation. I we can talk about it to finals today but that is is the payoff appearance being sent out to be the heroes on that case I Channing and I smoke the more important question. I like to watch that is really really important how in the world do you look at youth ministry differently. Given this perspective that parents need to be more involved in the youth minister isn't supposed to be the hero. What you do in order to move in that direction. If you're running a youth ministry currently in your hearing this news and you're right I do want to bring the parents and but how do you do that effectively.

I think you know I love the expression apply the conversation. It really is science when it comes to the basics of good and healthy ministry and made all the time we look at the more complicated on specific questions that we face.

I really think it starts with a friend of mine Chris Sasse who is an incredible family ministry practitioner he still in the trenches of family ministry right now there is some formidable things to really reach parents when he starts with enough I mentioned this in the book starts with a couple of important questions, one of which is he gets alongside parents and he said to them, that we, we, upon the with parents to help you to leave it here on your case. I can when we say we hate the pond with the family. What do you need that to main see you what what are you meeting right now next Monday. While some of the things that you are facing that we can help you with, so I was trying to hold all youth pastors and listening today.

So anyone in ministry of reaching students and children. When you ask questions like that parents they can give you a call for analysis by the stopping point of listening to them. Listening to than a practical felony goal in some ways sometimes or if the alarm bells ringing in their lives. If we can listen to the things that event, then the next day for us to try to find ways in which we can come alongside parents to support them in those names. Once we start to support them and I was named in his name we can have more conversations about what is it mean to be intentional about investing in your child site. What is it mean to have teachable mind and wanted me to have milestone months indicates I Channing we need to start where the parents are listening, which is six simple non-not enough of us are doing. It was too busy building great programs when you slow down listen to parents in Austin and I was questions and then find ways to resource parents with theology as to those questions. Well, that's great. What do you tend to hear from parents when you know that kind of thing is done where you asked the parents what can we do to you.

What are some of the issues that come up for you what you need were here to partner with you.

What are some of the things that parents tend to say what a great question Alex. Every family is different and you go foundational issues. Sometimes a single parent set in a different set of issues from from another touch them tight, but I would say that there are some commonalities and in every season. The parenting of course, different issues are Not but you know you talk about youth ministry a lot of the same issues that you see these guys off things like, you know, I keep a daily with a lot of anxiety that you know that the repercussions of coding and depression in this worrying I'm hearing about change suicide. I am one big thing that parents are staying up at night worrying about the other thing is is the continuation of technology and how to help their kids navigate through that and the other know a lot of the issues that you know should be black and why a lot of that the truth that we should not and that we should be applying to a life and I will today.

It seems like nothing is black and why everything has an opinion or has some interpretation that okay depending on who you are and so a lot of these kids are coming home and that parents are struggling with. While I know that's not true in all is not what God said about it how I talked to my kids about the these cultural issues of the day and so I think those of the three think I'm hearing, anxiety, depression and suicide is one category technology and how to navigate through that another category in this thing is is a cultural issues of the day and try to figure out what is going to really say about those things so important. It shows just how many challenges faced youth ministers and parents to come back with Phil Bell. His book is called the family ministry playbook for partnering with parents stay with us on Janet Mefford today.

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He has over 20 years in ministry as a pastor national speaker, columnist and blogger.

He stays very busy and he's out with a new book, the family ministry playbook for partnering with parents so we were talking about this all important issue of making sure that the church is not operating in a vacuum, as it were, with kids and bringing them to Christ and helping them get discipled and grow in their faith we see all these terrible statistics about kids leaving the church. Once they are out from under mom and dad's thumb, as it were, but you're really advocating for something important and I think biblical, which is the parents and the ministers have to work together when you are forming this team as it were. You talk about importance of having a unified team between the minister and also the parents and also having a synchronized team approach you know you mentioned before that the importance of asking parents what you need. You practically speaking, get the parents to be involved in the ministry. Let's say for example youth group do you do things like bring the parents into attend each youth group. Do you have meetings with them. What sorts of things go on a great question so you know II think it does depend on on on each church and its culture.

Some ministries it being grandparents right and then sometimes it is always a cultural bath.

I would say that student in their right rank by looking for autonomy and independence so obviously that I wanted them to do the things by themselves with their friends on here about messages that were relevant to them might not feel like they're embarrassed by the parents. There some key opportunities, especially the beginning of the year when you got kicked off, sometimes working around Christmas time. A lot of time towards the end of, and that the sun times when you can bring parents and to be a part of something you're doing so every church strategically, you know, at least triple times when you can bring parents and autonomy, not in the parcel with Don and that in a situation as I finish what you do again if you find a felt need something that parents are really looking for ounces in an you do on the same night as youth group over same time as you group is happening.

You have the kids coming and the students come in and do that program bring the parents any change them and trying them is something that I really want to know and to live a little bit more about your vision and plan for the ministry thinking on peak their interest as to what you going what you doing Van at some point strategically bring the parents and kids together WebEx for worship together Weyrich to do some silly guy and that's not going to be too embarrassing. The kids find ways to do things like that and be very strategic about it.

I also say you know some of the best Fonte is all that I had a thing. Parents, I always say to the parents to volunteer in the ministry might show you off your student how they feel about being you being in the ministry and if you log the ministry will put you somewhere where you'll use you because of breathing space but I would say to a young youth pasta out. They are youth director out there on parents might feel scary if you can bring a man feel ministry to the UI is in you is in the ones you what helping you figure out how to do things well and the Connolly parents. If you get them all folded that you got some of the best advocates you can come up with some of the best ideas of how you reach parents even if you young lady, not even apparent yourself. So try to find ways that bring them into your ministry to work with the students because you'll parent volunteers to be most consistent negative thing you'll you'll biggest cheerleaders when you need to be as well. While still thinking about things like curriculum or Bible study that comes to mind because oftentimes if you drop your child off at youth group for Bible study. They might not even know the parents might not even know which book is Bible you're studying. Or if you're studying or if you're going through some kind of curriculum they may not know what it is to what extent do you use parents or talk to parents about what ought to be taught in a Bible studies in a school apart from some of the more social events.

The actual Bible teaching how much do you get parents involved in that aspect of ministry ministry that truly is looking for Connolly parents. You have many, many times throughout the year where your grandparents into your program, like I just described, and anytime you bring parents and it's not just you talking to them and telling them what they need to know you. You give them an opportunity to talk to you about what's going on that family sitting you can really understand some of the challenges and issues that families are facing thought say that almost I think second of always is. If you surround yourself that same of parents who are on your thing find that they, 506 parents who got the A's to the ground who are not of the issues that gone out there might be something that seen it done. I got the T-shirt and I was of the parents and you go to and say hi. While some of the challenges families are facing so that as we create curriculum is not just in a day with the student. A mind is coming with the whole family line something that's really Caleb and I talk about this in the book communicating with parents and multiple monarchs and why is it not been a resource exhaustion of resources. But, finding ways to communicate what you are teaching to parents. It shows how taking and if you call hot button topic or difficult topic is coming up make sure that you get curriculum sent out an email so I can see what you teach in ahead of time.

Why ahead of time. I would say a standard practice should be should be sending things out regularly so that any night of the week apparently sit down with the kid and have a conversation with what you think teaching in your ministry and the head parents so so important. That's a good idea what parents who aren't interested in partnering, you probably run into those parents may be there too busy or maybe they're not even Christians. They say I'm sending my kid to your church and I'm not really interested in God, but he seems to like it. He has friends there.

What you do with those parents.

How do you connect with them candidly, I was one of the eye.

I went to a youth group thing that family never went to church at Seoul and $48 upon this extraordinary youth ministry radii and I learned a lot.

Surprisingly, you know, when you're at you.really what's what your parents are doing, but now when I look back… I'm not sure what that youth ministry to my parents and again it really falls finding ways in which to Connolly parents in that what makes and talking about things that gone on in that world a lot of time in youth ministry that he can find out a really easy for us to prepare the common and set the parent up as a hero in front of a kid that that's often though I start is the ministry then you shall ministry doing this things like that that you know we have faced base color palette is that you know these pinks and purples that you throw HI Wheatley: you know, still count towards the sunlight that a lot of times you can set up a guiding parents versus the kid apply that way. They just being silly, having fun at all thing is the first step is to bring a parent and set them up for a fun game. Upon success against with the issues that Tyson talk about those issues.

Try to communicate in multiple modes to them and create easy/that's what I can comment on vacation when you go on that little bit more about what you're doing and really that's what a lot of the youth ministry that I grew up in.

You know that's what I did.

I just crazy easy first exit when no pressure, but didn't feel to Cherokee Quan Ashley which is difficult because you do want to give them some substance that mean parents with wet IRAs is the K and S children about their issues and having fun with them up for your rights something you touched on earlier. Is this did typical thing where you have kids in youth ministry and that there horrified at the idea of mom or dad showing up because this is their group and they want to be around their friends and the last thing you want is mom and dad coming in and ruining your good time, but at the same time, you're really moving in a paradigm shift here and you're trying to communicate to the kids.

This is about your whole family. Ultimately, this isn't just about you Heidi and navigate that when the kids are saying.

I'm not so sure I want them here and you're saying, but they need to be around.

What would you do to to bridge that gap. I think you know the young youth worker. I really think it back now. I went for some of things I said and did, I would say to any and you listen to this today if so; do every opportunity you get to talk about parents in white on a social important. Knowing that there are some cases discuss some really difficult for I'm lives, I'm so II think that's really important to talk about the parents and in the most cost to play. I think talking about the family holistically.

What I mean by that is the way we start with the big family which the family of the church against KO Israel saying that Dionysus for is a message for the whole community that we reach the next generation Christ through the whole family. I think the point to talk about that family event is also mental important to talk about the family that I have been out of college family and for something that might be that grandparents that might be an uncle all rising them but try to point them to the family, but I would consider is their actual family is the one that can have influence and can help them and then again, I will come back to the church and say looking out for those kids that really don't have a good family influence. That's where it's at the jail. The adults around those kids unwise to invest in Angel doesn't matter if you are a cool 25-year-old who is my all your retiree.

It feels like nothing you can kidney grandparents hi people, if anyone listening is a grandparent who is figuring out what can I do to Micah a lasting legacy and ration the next generation gamble Weiss to level needs to be that grandparents on. That's a great idea, Phil Bell, the name of the book, the family ministry playbook for partnering with parents, thank you so much till it was great to have you here. Thank you so much. You are very welcome and thanks for joining us. God bless thanks for joining us on Janet for today is for today is brought to you in part by the new documentary Jesus music from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine only in theaters beginning October 1. More information is available at the Jesus

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