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Great NC Events

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September 24, 2021 10:38 am

Great NC Events

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 24, 2021 10:38 am

Great NC Events

Steve talks to Tami Fitzgerald and Mark Pergerson about great upcoming events happening in NC this week/month.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network to stifle his noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your house noble in the way back machine just for a second here and for those of you that have been around the show for a while in the radio seven and my kind of a voyage into a little bit more of a public life and getting engaged in the issues of the day really started in 2004 and I and as I progress 2004 2000 x 2006 as I'm just running my house many company minding my business my own business and we had a nice little homeschool world and self-employed and everything but God chose to disrupt that and change the direction of my life and not sign up on radio, but in those first several years I kept encountering people and meeting people. I literally knew noble no and I never been involved. I would pray occasionally for politicians and would vote regularly but other than that, I was just on the outside looking in, but all of a sudden I was on the inside and as God open those horizons.

He started to allow me to meet people that were truly helpful and inspiring people that were way further down the road of involvement and getting things done and I was Tammy Fitzgerald's with us today.

She is the founder of NC values coalition and Tammy was one of those people.

Early on, and I don't know what you thought at the time but I was a little overwhelmed by it all, but I just got meeting godly brothers and sisters, and you are one of them. So thank you for all the years of having such a good influence on me. What really kind Steven and way of her. I mean hi. I see it differently than me. I appreciate your boldness and his early years, we were all just getting to know each other, figuring out process and so it's bit and it's always been so wonderful that brothers and sisters in Christ and the fight together and especially since we have the bond of Christ as Christians we know all these things that we deal with here primarily are are temporal that are not eternal.

And so it's wonderful to have that that the context that we know that that were not really fighting a battle of flesh and blood. It's a spiritual battle. It's all it's always spiritual, even though it ran, ran a fast in its entirety.

For the most part what you can see in the political realm. But yeah, it's been a wild ride so NC values collection Weakens is a big day.

That's next Thursday at Angus barn. My wife and I will be their 10th anniversary. Is that a shocking thing here for you is the founder, but all of a sudden boom it's the 10th anniversary. It is really wonderful to have been around for 10 years and looking back at things that we worked on things like accomplished, just all the many things that happened in the last 10 years and it is shocking in years seem like it. Time flies when you're having fun. So when people ask you what you do Tammy.

How do you explain it to coalition is a statewide organization, Christians, and we were founded in 2011 were nonpartisan, nonprofit, and we are vision is to be a powerful positive political force dances the culture of North Carolina where human life is that religious freedom fries and marriage and families flourish and said that's what we are now.

That's what we have to do some in the way that we carry out what we want to do is that we impact culture by influencing public policy and elections in favor of life, liberty, and family and that we pretty much focus on three issues that includes school choice as well. You guys are active Tammy inside the building when I say that I mean the legislatures interactive inside but drafted outside of the grassroots level as well as a correct correct that we do try to engage people around the state with the issues we try person try to educate them about what's going on and then we engaged Dan to get involved through activism showing that at hearings that legislative bodies we've had rallies around this day. Press conferences should we try to give people the tools house where they can get engaged and actually make a difference in public policy and the political process. So what have you seen and then talk a little bit to me about the balance between paying attention to North Carolina issues versus national issues and in others. We know there's some overlap there but but how do you focus on that in terms of obviously have a congressional delegation. We have two senators. Yada yada versus what's happening purely in North Carolina. How do you kinda deal with that balance and then we'll talk some more details. What state level were very active lobbying presence at the Gen. assembly every day lobbyist Gen. assembly working on legislation and our goal here is not just to respond to things that actually push legislation to be bringing legislation to the legislators that didn't get filed in passing the law.

We really don't want to find things we want to actively bank things because the issues we work on are important and we don't want to just advance as issues we want to win the winning wedding means you have to file bills level. We have a good relationship with our senators and Republican Congressman and said when they have an issue that is before them. That will impact our state in a big way. We try to make our voices heard writing letters and emails but also visiting with them in their offices, sometimes in Washington and then letting our coalition know when they need to make their voices heard and we provide tools to people to let their voices be heard, not just before the state legislature, but also to their congressmen and senators and to their local city councils and said that you will. We had allows people to just one click, and they can send an email or they can place a phone call to their elected representative and that really simplifies it for people they don't have to look up who represent a number or an email address and so we just simplify the whole process and that's really what most of us need a lot of people don't get involved because it looks like too big of a hill to climb. They don't know where to go. They don't call and that I think most people, especially believers that care about their neighbor as well as themselves, want to engage mostly just lack the ability to or they don't know how to so that's why it's so important. I look at you face. Tammy enough in a very nice Christlike way to me.

You guys are just a predator drone you guys are flying around dealing with finding where the targets are finding where we need emphasis but I really love the emphasis on promoting bills and not just being on her heels all the time, which requires a lot of education down there at the state legislature to teach our legislators what's going on the merits of these efforts of these bills and then trying to use us on the outside to push those efforts, it's really a great one to punch her talking to Tammy Fitzgerald NC values coalition, NC is the website to talk about how you get involved in general and especially will talk about the big event coming up next Thursday right here in Raleigh at the Angus barn. My wife and I will be there.

The only question is, will you will be read no street bike that sounds familiar, and were literally then we can get down the road of hyperbole. When we start talking about the state of the nation and the culture where whatever you want to call it, but it sure feels like a street fight doesn't.

But if you're a follower of Christ as much as we know we have to become a street fighter, so to speak, were also called to be people that are good ambassadors in good image bearers of Christ and his father and so that's when we engage in these issues, cultural issues, pop politics, all that stuff and it took me a while to learn this lesson that I I wasn't really worried about my public witness I was just worried about my effectiveness in the political realm you have to do both. And that goes back to Jesus talking about being full of both grace and truth. I say this a lot because of heard me say this. Tim Keller retired recently but is pastor up in New York said if you're all truth and no grace or just a bully.

I was really good at that. If your grace is no truth.

You're a coward just to walk away from everything just trying to be nice, but John chapter 1 verse 14 Jesus, full of grace and truth and were talking to Tammy Fitzgerald today, the founder of NC values coalition, NC and that's always been a challenge for me because it's so frustrating to me is that something you struggle was going ask you, what's the toughest thing about being involved in all these issues for as long as you have. Well it is a struggle between grace and trade because people a lot of the times who are Christians in our followers.

You really just want to emphasize the grace part and and of course the left always uses the words of Jesus when he talks about grace that their favorite weapon you use our own Bible against and that Jesus did talk about truth as well as grace and we can't wait truth out and sometimes truth has an edge to it. Sometimes it it it it feels like you're being clobbered by a weapon.

People with trade but it should not shy away from the tree as long as were presenting it in a loving manner with grace. The whole notion that good Christianity is like this. A warm blanket and it's so easy and I only say the people. Have you ever read the New Testament. Now this plenty of rebuking going on there and difficult teaching and challenging teaching, but oftentimes as people Tammy who did Jesus hammer and really the only people were the religious big malls the day the Pharisees and the Sadducees see it's very difficult teaching and some challenging moments with people on an individual basis, but he never lacked grace with them even though what it was 100% truth in an awkward moment. Haley said grace and compassion for people such a good reminder for all of us.

So tell us out two things of the talk about what's going on this. The next Thursday I think is barn which is a nice place. Have 1/10 anniversary celebration, and you got some great speakers.

That's gonna be a great night but I don't want to leave out how we can be involved with what God has you doing it and see values in general.

So whatever order you want to go and let's unpack those two things for everybody. Well, first let me talk about the celebration of Carolina values next Thursday 10th anniversary and were celebrating the Angus barn starting at 630 and we had just some phenomenal speakers we have Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson and for this. If you have heard that he is not shy he he is an amazing model of what grace and truth. And I mean he does not shy away from saying the hard things and have a great deal of respect for Lieut. Robinson. We got to know him during the campaign when we went to his home and recorded him for one of our live issues that the voice which was our live stream and then printing values and since then we have seen the tremendous impact he is having not only state-level but also he's on the national scene now all across the country are waking up and listening to him and he is such an amazing background, is his background is that he grew up poor. The ninth of 10 children and he, his mother never told him that he can accomplish things because he was black and poor on the fact she told him he could accomplish whatever he put his mind to. He credits her with his Christian beliefs that through her influence her mothering. He became a follower of Christ and he certainly agrees with the position that energy values is taken on almost every job and I were thrilled to have Lieut. Gov. Robinson speaking for those of you start saving for those of you that are familiar with Lieut. Mark Robinson here in North Carolina. If you're sick and tired of kind of maybe Pam be cortical politicians are people that are too busy playing PC and they're just not willing to kinda say exactly what they think about your always going to know exactly what Mark Robinson thinks, and he does it all. The name of the Lord, and he shares his faith openly is such a breath of fresh air and the fact that he super conservative and an African-American really makes him an interesting challenge and a target for people in the lab. He's such a delight. Just to hear him speak and yet course I wanted to point out that we also have equally as important and fascinating is Edward Graham who is coming to speak and Edward is the son Franklin Graham, the grandson of Billy Graham and he's the youngest son Franklin and he has come back from tour of duty in the Army as a special forces Ranger. I think he's been in the Army for 16 years and said he's come back to you work at Samaritan's purse as a vice president and will eventually it looks like probably take over that hell at Samaritan's purse and that we are excited to get to know Edward Graham and to have members that his family and he and I which is exciting to me and we're just course, the Billy Graham evangelistic station has been a great partner or NC values 30 years we worked with him on several projects and we continue to reach out to them and just they are just good friends and collaborators and see values that were very thankful to have Edward Graham as well. Now you want to buy a ticket to the event we we are all sold out what you have a few tickets left and you can go online to see that will take you directly to the site to buy your ticket here.

If your little bit lazy and you just want to type in NC you cannot reach the page to buy your ticket right there on the homepage of our website. The tickets are going fast. As I said, were almost sold out, so I would encourage you to go ahead buy your ticket this weekend yet. If you've never been to the Angus barn the Angus barn is nationally known great great menu is a beautiful place really cool historic is a Landmark Pl. in North Carolina. So besides just be able to get a great meal then you get to come out here. These guys and support Tammy in NC values get a great meal is a great package evening at all and something that you can do in the name of the Lord, by the way, Edward Graham, I've been in a couple of events with him, Tammy, and he's so awesome because so full of the Lord.

Yes, he's a grim, but he's a guy I mean this guy's done multiple tours of active duty and special forces in the Middle East especially in Iraq and I think he was in Afghanistan so he's got that kinda gravitas and he carries that with them on the stage and and he was just fabulous that the first time I heard him speak on Mike, who is this guy and throughout all its milligrams grandson. It's Franklin son and he's just spectacular. And of course Mark Robinson will be a blast so if you need some encouragement and an awesome meal. Make sure you come out and join us next Thursday, September 30 6:30 PM the Angus barn right here in Raleigh go to NC If you get over there make sure you say hello to me as well as the Tammy Tammy God bless you sister thank you for everything that you do and will see you soon.

Steve and I look forward you want. There's possible see that no noble show. I really I love my sister, Tammy Fitzgerald and appreciate her. She's just been a stalwart just just somebody that just has never given up and that's it.

That's a tough gig man. I mean, I did a lot of activism.

At the same time I was running my small business and then when I got out of that I was doing activism and in but I was doing radio then so I wasn't necessarily what a quote on the front lines, but Tammy's been on the front lines as far as I know, as long as I've known her, which is really probably about got 15 or 16 years now and and she stayed there and there literally are just not many people a lot of people when you're engaging in the culture and you're not in the legislature.

You're not an elected official. Believe me, you get in there and it's a Russian it's fine and you feel like you're doing something meaningful but to stay in their year after year after year with the ups and downs in the overall trend of the nation which is overall downward said to say but that's just the nature and that's the part of the story that's going on.

If you know Scripture but but the state in it, and to maintain, disgrace in this kindness and this grid all the same time is really amazing.

So if you've never been a part of NC values before you don't know anything about that organization in your here North Carolina.

I'm telling you this is one of those times.

I don't want to say okay if you've never heard of them before now you have and with knowledge comes responsibility.

I would encourage you to care about what's going on in North Carolina and you want to have an impact NC values is pretty much the number one what you can do that because they are on the front lines and promoting bills and fighting against things they really do an awesome job. So what do you can join us next Thursday here in Raleigh at the Angus barn, or not go to NC and just sign up and be a supporter so you get on the email list you understand when it's time for you to do something in and reach out to legislators to build a push from the from the sidelines.

That's a great thing for you to do and you'll be blessed by that because obedience always leads to a blessing so good.

NC and you can sign up and just be a part of that and then if you can join next Thursday. It will be an awesome night with Edward Graham and Mark Robinson your schedule be funny they are to be completely out there who the front line and so you're not can have to worry about anybody holding back, and it's going to Christ exulting and it's a great way to support a great organization and then if you go look for me and in my bride will be there okay something else come up sooner. Today is, dedicating to what's going on here in our own backyard in North Carolina so that's next Thursday, but there's something going on right here in the Raleigh area.

Specifically, up in the wake forest area tomorrow that my buddy Mark Ferguson is joining us by phone and were to talk about that Mark and I known each other for a while is a heart for the Lord a great worship leader great singer and I Mark it's great to have you on how are you buddy and good how you doing are you ready to borrow John all that and over and over before we got Brown, forms and former player all over to the Lord were probably story don't know for there for billing about what happened with that girl tomorrow. Make us one explain what like what was the genesis of this because understand you completely agree with you, and in the last year. Naturally, since beginning at 2020 with Tobit and then we got the George Floyd event and we had BLM and COBIT and then we run into the and we run into the election last year. I mean it was one thing after another and there was deep and serious division in the church and so the first time you mention this make us want and then referencing John 17. We haven't been very good at that. That's been a difficult thing for all of us.

There's issues that we understandably so, have divided on in terms of our opinions, but that doesn't mean it doesn't and it doesn't give us the right to divide the body of Christ. But it's really been a challenging season. So what kinda was the genesis of of the make us one event tomorrow because that's tomorrow. Joyner Park which is a beautiful area up and wait for us what time does it start to mark tomorrow. Mark ordered I don't know. We will start with we went to church while you been there done.all you have to do with all a lot of racial sure with that all pretty much up but were going to John to work. Probably no father. There will be one you want world words in red like the work for him to go now that's exactly right challenge and you shared. You know the last time when it was difficult and you want around all the different churches. Unlike I've heard the story before except been down this road so many times myself and and it can be very discouraging when you go tell us trouble and you feel that the Lord is called you to something in your out there on the front line and you're doing what you feel led to do and then you know you don't see as many people show up and that's why I think that we tend to at least I struggle with this myself, Mark. Over the years is is I tend to measure God's pleasure by how many people show up to something that I've been in charge of her.

I was driving attendance for and what he really calls us to be as faithful. He calls us to be faithful. Fruitfulness is on his side and that's between him and his the rest of his children. Those are that are in Christ.

But you know you want to hear the same thing only here when we get to heaven well done good and faithful servant.

And when something happens like this in your call to it. You just have to be faithful to it and that's an offering that you make, and everybody else will be there tomorrow that's sharing their testimony.

Part of the praise and worship makes to the Lord and and whether there's 100 or 500 people, God will still be pleased because you're acting out of faith.

God called there's a lot of people that don't really get outside their own church context them in the body of Christ is a lot bigger than your individual church. What about all I will left all we did and they were all and I went home. Cornell bank on every door. Well my hometown about what works for every door around their goblet, but probably why all everyone goes we did all that all the church about their day to call home ball at all written down what their lives and change my whole God called you is in your and your faithfulness to what he called you to.

Then the people that were there. Then God works in their lives individually. When you have a nailed to the cross moment and whatever you want to write down and go nail it to the Lord to the cross and given to the Lord. I mean everything you want to talk what I mean.

Let's say this 30 people to do that.

Will Jesus died for all 30 of so everyone have have estimable worth and you were just used of God to provide an opportunity for them to do some business with the Lord and and if that's not valuable. I don't know what is. And so that's why we have to just be faithful and let the cards fall where they may. Because it's really up to the Lord way more than it is up so tomorrow you've got praise and worship you got a bunch people share their testimonies to write and all we got a friend of mine cool bond that, have all one from hell yeah. So that's not amateur, my like my slightly younger brother from another mother. If you guys locally never been the love life. You know John Studley, African-American pastor, actually his father-in-law's bishop wouldn't so again that's Joyner Park and Wake Forest, which is absolutely beautiful is a beautiful park at the beautiful weather.

What time tomorrow Mark awesome. I buddy thanks for calling and God bless you.

I appreciate you go back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble showed great to be with you is a delight for me today that share the time with two friends of mine Timmy Fitzgerald dormancy values us to go to NC values.Oregon be a part of that just great Christians conservative Christians that are out there on the front lines in North Carolina also doing some federal issues national issues but mostly North Carolina issues, they become a voice there a hammer.

They are a persuasive force for us that have a conservative biblical worldview in the political realm and in affecting the culture religious liberty family life all the things that we all care about most of us here in the show and they provide a way to engage in. So we need to support them as they're out there really serving serving the kingdom and serving the states and see guys that organ then are our brother Mark Ferguson who was just on so that's tomorrow.

Joyner Park up away force if you're if you're familiar with the Raleigh area up Capital Blvd., Joyner Park up to the right. It's really beautiful. I don't know when they built it.

It's not that all but that it's it's one of the prettiest little parks is not some little actually got in the triangle area. You never been up there.

It's beautiful.

Debbie's old stone walls. They have these little buildings is almost like you're an old Salem or something.

It's beautiful, and tomorrow the weather is good to be spectacular so make us one.

We need that. And if you've missed gathering this one of the greatest things about going to something like make us one that's tomorrow from 4 to 6, or is it for 30 to 630 Mark at the Keystone Facebook like okay so he's got a video there on YouTube so that's up on the Facebook life you'd seem to check that out remind me of the times Mark because he still on Facebook life but you one of the greatest things you can do for your faith is Cisco kicked around other Christians often times our Christian life is made up purely of the people we go to church with your small group. Go to church with. That's the epicenter.

Write concentric circles, which is great but I'm telling you there's so much more when you're around other believers. It's so cool because you have that instantaneous connection is like you got the super super secret decoder ring tomorrow from 4 to 7 PM and I put a link up that Marx got the video up so you can learn more about it, but that's tomorrow. Make us one up at a Joyner Park away force it's really a beautiful park but you come together worship with people you don't know, but there believers you have that that's my finger snapping literally that instantaneous you don't talk about. I hope that instantaneous connection.

That's the beauty of the power the Holy Spirit in one body is like 00 a believer I've had that happen over the world.

You know the believer an actual believer though instantaneously, your brother and sister brother brother sister sister. Whatever the case, only to options, brother or sister.

And so that's another opportunity which is to be great were to be out of town. Otherwise I'd be there so that's tomorrow.

Make us one Joyner Park and Wake Forest northeast of Raleigh Street capital Boulevard from 4 to 7 PM and on that note, I would think a couple of things for my Facebook friends during the commercial break that one of the things I want you to take away from this whether it's Mark who has done this before and I just be faithful God called you to something. I think the Lord wants me to do this I will have a praise and worship of venom and have some testimonies to do this. I feel like I should go survey and maybe want to start this thing I'm telling you from personal experience, you just have to when that happens, just throw your yes on the altar. Okay Lord I me I don't know why you're asking me I don't fit particular you feel qualified to do this. There's other people that are way better at ABC DEF and G that I am, but I'm telling you have to you have to take that seriously, and take a step start to work on it that I told my 9/11 story. Recently, some as well gosh we got to do something. I'll drop a check up at the firehouse. Okay, that was great.

I got some Melson and I'd love to help up the will of a firefighter, we do that well guess what, stop five weeks later I'm literally at Ground Zero and we gave money to a firefighters widow in her house and I was I was running house painting company. My other friend was running out spinning company is. So let's try to do some about and the next thing you know blue. That's how I got to where I am today, wherever that is, is teaching a Sunday school class and a friend in the class was a Raleigh city councilmember Mike Reagan and he shared something in class that Sunday that Kate would you guys pray for me were fighting this kind of homosexual agenda thing down in the city of Raleigh. We don't have enough votes.

Everybody hates us, or whatever it was. Not a nice situation and it was only him in one or two other people in the city Council that were standing up against.

It was simply a terrible action that the city was taking.

Could you guys pray for us just print, just pray we are taking prayer requests three weeks earlier. I was adequate at the same church here in town. We had a visiting pastor for revival service.

I didn't know anything about a revival service. I grew up in boring dead Presbyterian environment and I but the pastor there Mark Harris of Branford, a couple different political positions used on the Charlotte told a story about his church in Augusta, Georgia, where they decided he had just been there for like six months somebody brought something to the prayer meeting and she's like a pastor think we need to do some about this when you pray about this is prayer meeting, so yeah, you're right. We need to pray about this poem with the little feet to our faith and was the next zoning meeting and he took up I remember correctly took for 40 people to the first 180 people to the second one and 400 people to the third one and they want defeated.

While Mexico do something and Kate show up. Try to do something and so three weeks later after he tells us the story might the Raleigh City Councilman comes to class and said was guys pray for me and after class on my Kate would it help if we got some people to show up like at a meeting, I'm just running the house painting company at time running my business on school family videos yet. I would really be helpful in I had another friend at Bible study Fellowship Catholic buddy and he had been in politics and I approached him.

So we made a bunch of flyers and that's how I met Bishop wouldn't throw that and then I think it was April 2004 we show up on a Tuesday in the middle of the day, mostly with homeschoolers because I'll be in the middle of the week in the middle of the day and we walked in there with like 325 people.

I think 100 of them were from Bishop wouldn't stretch from upper room and three weeks later, four weeks earlier. I'm just minding my own business but hey maybe we should do some about that and that they called action was born in Fort four months later we put almost 14,000 people. God bless our efforts with almost 14,000 people at the local arena here for an event with Dr. Dobson and Tony Perkins from family research Council and we are off and running. I think we put 30,000 voter guides in the churches that fall that fall. Well, maybe we should do something though, so I'm just telling you this, my story Mark story Timmy Fitzgerald story similar to do something.

I know so many people just start with one tiny little thing, but you gotta take that step you're okay Lord I don't know how this can work. I don't see them other side of the river. Here, but I'm willing to walk forward in faith, your best, and even if it doesn't come together you were faithful with what you believe the Lord called you to do seek counsel. There's wisdom in a multitude of counselors but I'm telling you, you would be shocked with what the Lord does with your yes if you ever think I can't do this. I can't do that. Welcome to the Bible. There's what David could do in his own power. And then there's a line and then there's only what David could do through the power of God. And that's when you get on the other side. And once you cross over and you start walking in obedience to God's move, God spirit and engaging what is placed on your heart and you see these little opportunities to serve this great Bible study all black up. He did it. Something God.

You know what I'm talking about and that's what set me to come to the first time we see God at work. Go join that your invitation hey, I noticed God's doing this thing over there. That's an invite. Hey, hey, over here selling C-3 PO in the original star is guys like you. I got some stuff I'm doing over here see it yet. Okay, there's your invite. Take a step of faith. But you have to take a step member Joshua okay cross the Jordan, let's get into the promised land is great yeah could you get water on the way. Please note, you can take a step first get your little body in the water, Joshua, and then I'll get it out of the way for you will get on with business to let me just encourage you be encouraged by what you heard with Mark and make us one tomorrow doing a parking weight force be encouraged by what you heard from Tammy and you go well you know this on a great organization. I should probably do something, you're right.

You should prayer yes we do nothing without prayer, but prayer shouldn't.

In most cases should be the only thing we do remember what James said to know is right not to. It is a sin expressing God.

Thank you Kim on Facebook like experiencing God by black that's what drove me to come to the first and no bunch of these other things for them. Like when I see something happen happening in the Lord is involved in.

I'm aware of it. I'm thinking to myself, God made me aware of it and maybe that maybe just maybe that's him inviting me to be a part of a Steve, I'm doing some wow that looks great. Knock knock hello anybody, but hello, oh did you want me to like halt.

Yes I would love for you to get involved. That's why I'm showing this to you and what you do that you cannot become to get on the other track. So this is what it felt like back in 2004 when I started to live a little differently and engage these opportunities that the Lord was putting before me is like like I had most my friends who were going to church love the Lord doing Bible study, but busy with work and normal stuff. Nothing's wrong there that's wrong, but then are you looking for opportunities to come to go a little deeper experience a little more engage your gifting serving a church teaching. Leading whatever doesn't have to be something that people notice but but then you start really engaging those opportunities in your gifting and your talents for the kingdom. And then I felt like I got on this like both people movers going down the same direction, but felt like I got on the other side and once I was on the other side. I have this whole view of my life as a Christian that I simply did not have before. When I was on the other side people mover because I really wasn't engaging to full extent. My gifting and looking for opportunities once I did, there's little while thing that happens.

Joshua when the sun standstill in the battle right the wrong question I got for years.

I sold my business.

Steve, how do you make time for all the stuff I never had an answer.

I don't know.

That's got makes it possible I don't know how it happens that you just done so that'll happen for you to think small things got a burden on your heart to some about see some him doing some somewhere. Just consider that invitation go get involved. It's awesome what you can do it.

I hope you can do it online, whatever beautiful this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon. My dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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