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September 28, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 28, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does God answer the prayers of Christians living in sin---2- My job will fire me if I don't get the vaccine. Should I try and get a religious exemption---3- Is your research lining up with what medical experts are saying---4- Is it ethical to reject the Covid vaccine and still use other vaccines -mmr polip- if they were made with any abortive fetal tissue---5- Is there an antibodies test for Covid and, if you have them, why should you have to take the vaccine----6- Are mediums real---7- Are elders to be supported by their church- And is a group of elders the biblical model for a church---8- If mediums are demonic, how do they make people feel better---9- A caller wanted to discuss side affects he had from the Covid vaccine.--10- Can churches have teaching or counseling elders-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and weekend weekend in Durham. We got so will graduate from 791 and when will professors appear in Boise, Idaho area doing the some talks on worship and things like that and went and saw him, and this is 30 years ago. 30 years ago, so I assume Mineo room was another during lunch. At this one church on the so couple hundred people in a room eating and he was wife are sitting there on the table and I hope your members make so I walk over he was looking to his left and to his right was a chair I just sat there, he turns back. He looks to be the first thing he says is Matt slick I'm laughing and he says yeah talk about you but then you we had a good time talking to the devil to review for 30 years about that.

So he was telling people he told me what was about is that people of any ghost talking is mentioned how you you chase Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses and all this stuff in this over smile and have a good time for that was a treat for me.

Don't build a seasonal summary professor, so I am like I said that's good or bad, you know, because the flights describing these memorable and so will praise God for that.

Hey look we have five open lines.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. If you are interested in supporting this ministry, which is all you will always need support. All you do is go to and you don't it'll take you where you to go and you just ask five or $10 a month.

Hopefully that's not too much.

It just helps because the more supporters we have, of course, the more we can do. And then of course we can make budgets and things like that to that help side we got a full-time missionary in Turkey full-time missionary in in the see Brazil. We have full-time missionary Columbia we have a full-time guy and Selleck city and the silk Hope Lucas listening and it's my wife's full-time bounce halftime I guess full-time course and we have some volunteers here and there and it's been a lot of fun.

A lot of work and an acute pleasure to do this ministry. If you're full of the first time was next on my last name really is slick Castle I CK born with it and a Christian apologist which means I defend Grecian faith and answer questions on the Bible, Mormonism, Jehovah's witnesses criticize unity behind Islam, atheism, you oppose the call to Christian theology all kinds that we've been discussing a lot of politics lately I've been doing a great deal of research on COBIT and is more to go down the release of articles recently to go to Carn veteran/code and gets in the documentation and it really interesting what I am finding out about covert insular things to so there you go. Alright, so once you be calling 772072276.

Let's get to Michael from Raleigh, North Carolina. Michael welcome you here.

My question is, have perfectly good faith that God is and listen to.

I give you what staring you right that God let you sleep right for our house. You are in and you're going to stand at you that you will answer that player… I really have somewhere in the Bible where the devil basically as a guide, if you get that Joe and God let him go. So God would allow bacon to basically have a request and he granted and why would he do the same bank or cool will look at this one God hears the prayers of all people, because his omniscience is on the present, so there's no prayer that is not understood or heard by the Lord and the question then becomes a seat answer all prayers will in one sense, absolutely yes yes everyone of them. It's yes no or wait so the answer is always there in the answers.

According to God's will.

So if you're Christian Lucas wavering non-Christian and you're asking for something of God like a Mormon, or just witness. Maybe you know a hard-core Roman Catholic and they're asking for false things. Then God is not obligated any way to answer them and if he does do something in their lives. That's coincidently is along with what they were asking that would because it would be because God is doing something that the coincidently were doing God wants our prayers to be sanctified through the Lord Jesus Christ. That is, he could because he is a mediator for Timothy 25 E. heart. Our high priest Sue Johnson behavior six 2725.

These are high priest… With River make intercession for us.

So as a Christian when we pray our prayers are always heard by God, but even the Christian prayers does not mean that we can get the answer.

The way we want quite thankful for that. Actually, over the years.

I look back on a few things. I'm quite grateful to God, did not answer me.

My prayers the way I wanted them to be answered because my wisdom is not to say, lacking in a lot of areas. Nevertheless, does God hear our prayers absolutely does answer them.

Yes he does, yes, no or wait, but the answer really is when a preacher says well if you are in sin.

As Christians, God can answer your prayers you normally speaking you know you ask for the foot of the table, and a new job and things like this and just basics that God already wants to provide for us and you say Lord you know I'm committing adultery but would you please help with this and this. He often will turn his back and will not help us, his children who are in open rebellion against.

In fact will often do is of the consequences of her sin. Come upon them, and with a broken and humble in repentance, then God moves them so a lot of times removed to help the lifetimes of God will not answer prayers so that we are broken more so that we depend on God more in humility and still think is really complicated. So basically God hears a person as Christians, because all the print prayers of Christians are filled with the blood of Jesus Christ as the purified, but if we are in open rebellion against God, and don't expect God to answer a timely and in a way that we would hope that he might do something in a different way so their variables in Everett that this basically okay. I sure hope that helps. All right. Okay I got blessed and we have for open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Michael from New Jersey. Welcome you are on the air. Hello, I'm doing all right now. So we got buddy right now working on a my job.

Basically, they're saying if I don't get the vaccine.

I am fired. Unless I can get the we would exemption out. I've been racking my brain couple weeks trying to figure out all the I'm wondering what would be your first line. I will not participate in medical medicine medicines that used aborted human babies for the development of those medicines are the testing the medicines it's unethical. It goes against the Nuremberg code. For one thing in which is a secular thing, but I would just tell people and I have the documentation on the website.

If you go through look this icon veteran/COBIT you'll find the documentation on which to the virus.

Which of the vaccines used aborted fetal material and the Gotland misrepresenting the go here. Look because so when the trip represented correctly CCC think okay little exit you convection comparison and I would be doing a lot more research on its edge of the ones that Johnson & Johnson used abortion derived cell tissue in the development and production of the vaccine and as did the dharna. Some lab tests used aborted cells, some do not, and also on the Pfizer the same thing applies to them. So in all ethical Christian ethics. We don't want to use this list.

I selected Nazis. They took July, and they experimented on the Jews and they gained medical knowledge do we use that knowledge gained by the atrocities of the Nazis. I would say you know what I want to do with it and want to do with it. I don't want to do with supporting anyway.

Killing babies so that others can benefit. This is not good. There's also on the working on this is a theory on the issue of self-defense that rejected the code vaccine. If you choose to do that could be a form of self-defense because there is growing evidence now that I their breakthrough culprits to infections so you can get vaccinated in the breakthrough infections are sometimes worse and if you want my website you'll see.

Also, I did a graph of some issues dealing with the number of countries that the countries that are more how to say this or more have more percentage the vaccinations in the population. The more that there are, the more confidence and not it's not a one-for-one exact relationship you see it vaccine effectiveness and percentages of death in a population and site by did that. You see the graph that's there in a logarithmic trendline that shows the progression so you others that and if you go to your church then you know the elders of the church need to be involved already with the idea of providing religious exemptions was probably going to happen is the government is totalitarian left-leaning hypocrisy is going to start to force people to get vaccines and if you don't have your bill, revive your family and this is oppressive is totalitarian, it's fascist, it's communist.

And this is what's moving in our country. Now so I don't can happen, but I certainly do not like the trend that is correct.

So, by the way, to some nights I do have a lot of information on not a lot have some information on exemptions and things like that and is buried and buried with stuff I'm doing so is also the called immunity debt that the idea is not a thing of self-defense I've read in this article. Immunity debt is an issue where the population is less exposed to germs because of prepares the way for worse.

Later on, to come to a population is less effective and less prepared.

Everybody, thank you very much, they voted for the line you call 87720722 mass Y call 770727 Devon, Nampa, Idaho while right here where I live.

Devon here.

Every minute, actually we we did at Walmart.

That's right, you and your wife you tried walking turning to my right down island. Yes, I remember that I do about it. Okay. You've been researching over everything like that and listening to what you're saying that one color for a little better little bit worried though because unfortunately I have a good, but now I'm yeah but it's been like 10 days and I had it. If you working at plan.

I'm doing fine.

I'm recovering and everything it not nearly as bad as I thought they'd be doing okay on but my question was actually so with your researching and everything like have used has your research potentially lined up pretty much with line the medical experts are saying or have you found is like contradictory type stuff because I have heard so many different things.

Information will I owe you. You are finding contradictory yes I am, in fact, here's what would look there and your information is slightly changed my country information between different sites I go to CDC for example, it's just you don't, rainbows and and Jell-O great rings nice you know about the vaccines and even other sources and there are anecdotal evidence is stored in accounts of people having severe reactions will we understand that there is a risk factor to all vaccines. I understand, but this seems to be inordinate and I don't trust personally is my opinion and so I don't you like to say this website, our Savior. Everything only thing I say is not to be taken for medical advice, make your decisions responsible for people do, but I don't want anything to do with it self. I don't trust. From what I've seen. I know people in Paddington and are fine.

So, okay, that's fine. I'm not knocking my faster decision, but I want to do with trying to make contact with medical personnel and it looks like it's going to be happening.

Give them anonymous who know stuff and have seen stuff others, misrepresentation misdiagnoses, and if I was late last night we had a guy last night last week with a guy tell us that his uncle was he or his friends. Uncle died of heart failure and they put code death on the certificate. It turns out that there's a monetary reward to hospitals for the covert deaths and for every vaccine essay that they get. Next, an extra bit of money that gives consent. So how you filter through all the stuff I do know and I'm still trying. And here's the big question I have the government wants us to put a medicine into our body. When before the same government would say it's okay to kill the babies in your body to the limit and this is my body, my choice that was the. The slogan now all of a sudden that's done away with because, nope, is not your body. You need to take this vaccine if you don't, you lose your job… Totalitarianism. This is bad news is not with aggressive federal government was redoing is this is an illegal thing according Constitution that states are the ones who have the power and the federal government is nestled to be in power like that. So Biden is way overstepping his his powers in his office and nobody's really doing anything about this, so here's a question. Why is Biden who wants to force people all over to take the vaccine because it's so necessary, why does the same jerk open up the southern borders and let hundreds of thousands of people come in unvaccinated the hot greasy is rampant. It's it's incredible, and say something visible in an article dealing with that. But in the spirit explicit explicitly says in the latter times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron. Hypocrisy is a form of lightning is a form of lying and this with the Bible says about wanting but for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable, and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. So this is a serious issue that were undergoing in our country and the Christian thing to stand up and stand on the word of God sake don't look at the prescribed and if they don't get to the point where were not to be allowed to have church meetings because people think I'm overreacting right but I just know how things go. Think about this society has a momentum and takes it, and that the longer the momentum increases in a certain direction, the harder it is to move it and if it's going downhill as it is Vince to go downhill at the hands the guidance of the leftists and the leftists are the ones in power. It's they uphold. They say they uphold the Constitution.

If they don't, they trampled underfoot.

The pressure states to comply with the demand of the federal government that's it gets a contusion.

They feign moral superiority as a cellist wear masks for our own good, then failed to comply with their own proclamations at parties and self praise functions until camera direction three not one of my articles of relationship they push vaccines and everyone. Yet they illegally open the southern borders and let hundreds of thousands of nonvaccinated people of our country only shipped them to conservative states they bring the National Guard into DC to protect themselves. It did nothing to stop or did nothing to stop the BLM and NT for from burning. Many cities they moved to restrictor gun rights if they hire private unarmed security to protect themselves. They impeach Donald Trump for single phone call it ignore Biden's hideous abandonment of our people in Afghanistan that cost American lives in order enemies with a $5 billion in American weapons, so this is what were up against society has a momentum when the people who are ungodly are in control.

They will not stop at your front door. They will never stop your front door will continue as far as they can until your complete subjection for this long does the same thing that the Islamism and oppressive religious system that wants sharia and it's the leftist sharia that they want they want to be in control, which is why the trying to flood illegals into the country to get them to vote leftist and soap so socialism can be put into and also to fix it so that there's only one party system. From then on out. This is the foundation of totalitarianism impressions was going on so covert is used all the goblet already voted right back after these matters.

Like why call 770770 aborted. I got back the and going through a lot of the other that only you are and gather you a lot about also have the foundation you think aborted baby and fill out and conduct and everything or something you and I get more like that. Yeah the one goal but not sure you know more like an "like a good acting track record. Mike reported the lot left among a lot of other reason you are some issues there and I don't know about you, vaccines I never had to study this stuff before. As a Christian apologist I do theology and now this is rearing its ugly head. Having to jump into an area that I'm not really an expert answer were trained in what you know that's just how is it good to study, so if the polio ones are presently using aborted fetal tissue that I don't want and this is just me. I don't want to benefit from the death and torture of others.

This is my pretty independent so you know, the question is are they as I when I was young I glimpsed almost 65 when I was young I never go get going to get a different vaccines and I was knee-high or whatever and you know it's not my choice. At that point, you only things get done so I don't think they were video used aborted tissue. At that point so source contemporary usage development.

I don't know I got the check that out to that of the globe that the Lord… Anyone I would find them out of the glass. All right, let's get to Kim from home. Welcome your near quickly.

You may have determined antibody by yes and how you need it right you, the hope no idea about that city have no idea about that and was necessary yet they do have tests so I can tell you that test on you and about five.

You don't have to type well that would make sense since natural immunity is 13 times stronger than the vaccines. So why would you be forced to take it. If you've Artie had coated and you recovered. You have permanent benefit from it and where the vaccines don't necessarily provide that same permanence and that's what talk about having boosters because after about a six months to a year for what I've read, the effectiveness of the vaccines decreases with his wife talk about second and third booster why you don't need second and third for measles and chickenpox. So I don't get it and I don't get to me.

It's his 1984, and the like for commitment people read things going on as a control thing and I'm not anti-vaccine are having. I have no problem with it. I just don't like the cold. What I don't trust a pencil, so could you require your list to research around. You were very good to anybody tests and find out where you going to test it.

Your doctor and see tested this. Remember all my information and putting us in a radio is not to be taken as legal advice or medical advice just say this is for entertainment and information purposes only. Okay.

Thank you. Goblet bless you. Okay, let's get to and from Iowa and welcome home care how I feel. Connect with people who let past time they don't. They there are which called familiar spirits and their demonic force that imitates past people and so the medium meetings are actually in contact with demonic forces and the customer's perspective said and they can imitate and have information is the spiritual realm are very powerful, very knowledgeable, and that's what was going on but I wondered how I get you welcome goblet. Okay, I got less if those want to call me. We have four lines 877-207-2276 give McCall is good to Jacob from Wisconsin Jacob welcome your near obligation our church ministry maturing yet.

Yes yes it's our first Timothy 517 and 18 community really quickly.

One thing first Timothy the elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. For the Scripture says you shall not muzzle the ox while it is threshing the laborer is worthy of his hire is first Timothy five, nine, 17 and 18.

When you go to first Timothy chapter 3 it talks about the overseers with Episcopal Austin and Episcopal Austin Principal Ter., Elder are used interchangeably in the Scriptures so must be the husband of one wife tempered, prudent, respectful, hospitable, able to teach this of the much wine or to wind off pugnacious, gentle, peaceable free flow of money controls his own household well keeping his children under control with all dignity. If he cannot manage his own household. How can he take care of the church of God and so that that's that's and then Titus says the same thing and thought he says in verse and Titus 15 Paul says let you in this religion in Crete that you sent an order with remains and appoint elders in every city, as I directed you.

If a man is above reproach, the husband of one wife, having children to believe, etc. do you think was on and I read the same kind of stuff and it says that he be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and refute those you contradict. And so the elders of the one circle to rule in the church and the elders cannot be females. So that is the system that's that thought the Bible set up is not Congregational live out that's not it. It's so elder rule. That's why we get Presbyterian is because the Greek press blue terrace, which is the Greek word for elder Elder ruled elder Ron. That's how it's set up in prison and also in first and effort to make three work is reading from earlier in verse 15, Paul says he's giving household getting hassled is giving instruction how the Church of God is to to behave itself in the household of God specifically giving instructions so confrontational by vote. Nope, not the biblical model. Elder Ron Karen employ what is what talk about another they were delivering decrees which been decided on Mike by the apostles and elders were Jerusalem for the that's fine.

It's reported that the elders of the ones were raised up have hands laid on them there. The wonderful speaks knowledgeable in the faith. If you get a church that starts up and you do something diabolical like get a buddy in getting the free TV trying to church something else which happens here locally. A few years back in the church. And then you get a bunch of unbelievers come in and they like that kind of mentality and then have a congregational vote about women pastors all they don't know Jack cried about biblical theology for the most part so you get an uneducated body who votes in things going on this what the elders are instructed to know doctrine and be able to refute error and teach know their stuff. Most elders I've encountered a lot of the licensing don't know the slides.

Presbyterian is the form of government holder okay for folks that will line 877-0776 Van Slyke why call 770727. Here is Matt's way home with with and from Iowa and never are our how to make people feel better and when they go to me like my need to medium because she lost her pay A moderate I collected and medium said that she had she needed to let him go and that she was preventing him from moving on now moving forward. Afterlife is there is a wife psychological manipulation who do this for living know how to play on the on the see emotions of others, and they also study body language, you know I'm I have disliked about autism and I've had to learn body linkage over the years to come compensate and so I know they can manipulate people by body language or really quite a bit you can do, you will know that, but it is the case. So if you can do that, read body language as well as say the right things you respond, you can hit in the right direction. Feel better, as long as you can also off was called nonfalsifiable statements With statements false. You can't prove them true, but they are comforting. You know, if you just just let go and understand the great divine principle, that's out there is work this and even though it's hard for us if you let a good peace in your heart and you will know that person onto a better place. You don't just say stuff like that and then they make their living on our landline) on helping know or are given certain feeling though thinking about say I know my mother there with me.

They're not like eight enter heaven and that's where they are out and so there is an instance and for single 28 were stem electric came back and was in you read is called a witch of endorsers, medium, and Saul went into seek the which you counsel and the real Samuel showed up and he got Saul was frightened by this is, as was the medium and STRS exception. So what we want to say genetically is no we don't want to to do to say that is the case now. I need to also say nothing. The Scripture says it can't happen in that strict sense, but we do go to regular Luke 1619 to 31 of Jesus talks about Lazarus and the rich man who died to both and over and they couldn't come they couldn't come back.

The couldn't do that. That's what we understand. So on the stick with that and to say nope they don't: and if you don't aunt Martha visited you and you feel better within your morning lying to trustees feelings in this cold stuff rather than the word of God.

This is with a demonic force I can do this many politically okay thank you very much welcome very much got my right let's get to Jan from North Carolina. Jan welcome you on here.

Thank you.

Hang in there. We got great well I'm calling because I heard a gentleman, and earlier regarding back to Phoenix and can been trying to find it accomplished and I'd like to share and I head down being and I can't find American frontline doctors and they have been going on and they trying to help people or things like that she was staying at doctors and learned all the things that it's affected if you can get like-minded people to resist with you and I don't know what his work situation and you back down.

She happened to be talking to a group of firefighters.

He did not want to take dad. Thank you all get together and get they were not doing it and asked me to do it that could be very fact that now and she has them on our website collection and help you find people who are like-minded and that might help them or not, but you could send information to inflict references and things like that so and resources because we this is becoming a huge thing and more I look into it the more I'm convinced that it's a control issue more my pin.

I'm currently it's control issue and the controller will lead to the reduction of our freedom in Christ that would have in this country and so that's why I'm interested in it. That's why fighting against it. I'm not against vaccines.

Take that same thing. Okay so this one I don't I don't trust the code. I don't trust this is me. Okay okay find what what and alarm inflict harm. See all right and I thank asked you to let's get to John from Wisconsin John welcome you here got bless you all.

I really hope all the I went and got under pressure, but I think I got I forgot what brand of what but you probably know that you probably don't recognize what you remember the chat room where an my necklace bar Jonah if you remember that your voice is very familiar with. Just noticing that voice before. Thank you. On other 21st, one of after the I would blame him like that with my own and my well anyway and that back that up.

I about five days before all in my honor don't like with more wealth to will on Father's Day, June 20-21. I was laying there in the evening and my leg fell off the bed. I left I fell off the bed and I would blame him for what I did know what to do but I finally thought. And I asked that the call 911 and I drove with the predicted the cold but very quick.

The dental that I never had a hell of a night like any like that I would one thing three and the funny things like that work could you but could you email me you know what info it cannot hurt to ask you and others to do is if you have stories like this to email the right amount gentleman to put up some articles and you know what disclaimers of these or are you not verified. These are always a person's first name or they can say what name it they want me to use or not you know what is information up selector puts delusional what you meant that the doctor thought it monetary for and that's really the right light was caused by the open know he looked away and I'm thinking oh boy and right now I got more I got of, but only my heart all that I got on the leak that are related to your listeners know what I think it that's my story and I don't want to but all what happened to me at the close of the cliff. Your people here make your backup tool is you want to get shot or not anyone I thought I would bring it up to you and not all felt allowed you to look forward every now and then and this to be over there and I usually am insulted within the first minute of being in love with the old like insulted a lot. I do a lot on on discord now but you know when I'm back in the pal talking next her to okay but hope not.

I thought about buying up into all right okay okay God bless you as voiceless good to Jake from Wisconsin Jacob welcome wind like the biblical as would be like a decal balloon. Now there in beacon say that's in the Scriptures, except in first Timothy 517 says the elders who rule well, especially those work on it, preaching and teaching solicitor just one office called elders and they should be qualified to build, preach and teach and blacken, but is not a problem at a church having a teaching elder counseling underestimate which is the focus that they would work on is not a problem back to say the government about the like cannot cannot cannot talk about what I know the you could go to X 15 where the elders met as it is a general assembly and so they take that principal without their and use it.

And so that's used in different kinds of governments, church governments, but the presbyterian one is the biblical one. Sorry, but that's what it is is is how the church there's an old would be like along the form of government by the family.

I do know have injected Sedona could not that, like Dan my left that cash is right that the BCF is pretty stinking good and you know going through it back when I was a seminarian and going to predators sessions and things like that is the city pretty good, but it's been so long that I can remember. I just know that the maturing models to the onset of the Bible teacher, how do I dissipate you grab a bite and for up. Revelation 310 protect you from our testing scope on the whole world which is about to say that that doesn't mean that is wrapped around some more about as well as Thomas vision tomorrow.

Jerry you guys later God bless by his grace.

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