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Purpose FULL - Difficult Good, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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September 23, 2021 6:00 am

Purpose FULL - Difficult Good, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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September 23, 2021 6:00 am

The late missionary Elisabeth Elliot once said, “In my life, I can honestly say that out of the deepest pain has come the strongest conviction of the presence of God.” In this program, guest teacher Ryan Ingram tackles the tough subject of pain and its purpose in our lives. Join him as he asks... How do we draw closer to God when we’re hurting?

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The light missionary Elizabeth Elliott once said in my life.

I can honestly say that out of the deepest pain has come. The strongest conviction of the presence of God. So how do we draw close to God when you're experiencing her hardship. That's today welcome to this Edition of Living on the Edge shipping pollution of these daily programs is to intentionally disciple Christians, the Bible thinking of chipping, thanks for joining us as were nearing the end of our new series, purposeful but by our guest teacher Ryan before he continues. Let me encourage you to use the message brief outline of what you're about to hear all the supporting scripture Ryan rep to download these message notes just go to the broadcasts Listeners Fill in notes. Let me also remind you that Ryan and Chip will be here in studio after today's message to share some deeper application for this important subject.

So be sure to stick around for that. These last two programs. Ryan is tackling the subject of he and how it impacts our call to live purposefully. If you have a Bible turn to the book of acts as Ryan begins his message difficult.

Good with a few meaningful questions. How do you live a purposeful life through the difficulties of life like can you really live a purpose filled purposeful life through the difficulties the hardships the pain, the brokenness of our world, you know we'd all agree life started this difficult and maybe for some you would say this last year maybe knocked the wind out of you ever have that happen to remember that anybody happened when as a kid you have that you just you're running you get ahead or you fall something and then you just you're gasping, and you feel like you were never going to read that again. Don't you and I'll send you get that Eric and I think for many, this last year has felt like that hasn't is been a sucker punch to the gut for like your legs got taken out. You feel like you maybe been knocked out or not, down, or you're losing hope how you live a purposeful life in the midst of the difficulties of life. Here's what's so important. The pathway was not the pathway of a purpose filled life always involves difficulty. The pathway of a purposeful life always involves sacrifice and suffering. In fact the sermon title today is simply this difficult good C&R day today.

Those are an oxymoron right you don't put difficult and good together, you just have difficult and get through it and you have good and happy and fun and comfortable and yet there is a difficult good that we need to embrace in order to live a purpose filled life. In fact, I think there's many today the sermon so important. There's many today who are pursuing a comfortable life and as a result, missing out on a purposeful life because you haven't yet embraced the difficult good God has for you over the series. Like I said we been studying Paul's missionary journey in the book of acts. What I want to do today rather than then take you through more of that.

I want to zoom out. I want to zoom out and let you come to see all the missionary journeys he went on three missionary journeys and title. If you have the title all three missionary journeys would be a difficult good and you'll see why in just a second that it was something incredibly difficult, incredibly hard a lot of trials and tribulation and suffering.

And yes, so much good came out of it if you got your notes open it up with look at Paul's missionary journey is first missionary journey. You can find that in the book of acts chapter 13 and 14. This happened somewhere around the time of A.D. 47 8049. His traveling companions or Barnabas. If you remember Barnabas theme curvature who came alongside Paul and no one else would come alongside and then John Mark is Barnabas's cousins. Remember, and they start off and they go to the island of Cyprus will they immediately encounter difficulty is spiritual opposition from the limas, the sorcerer and then they traveled to purdah that he traveled by ship hair and when they get there.

John Mark can't handle the difficulties and soy desserts them and you can only imagine when you're starting off on something and feeling deserted or betrayed. In that moment we travel on any out the city with Jewish Leaders Dr., Paul out of town to go to the next, Lysistrata, and actually they thought because of the miracles Barnabas and Paul were doing.

They interpret them as being Greek gods in the flesh. They're like oh my gosh Barnabas and Paul and this is how fickle the human heart is. Eventually they realize they weren't God's Jewish leaders came and persuaded them and they drag Paul out at side of town and heat.

They stone him.

I mean he went from being almost worship to then being having rocks hurled at you. That's a bad week.

If you yeah for anybody right there any archers as they head down at the end of their missionary journey they experience it internal opposition of Judaizers to saying that you have to be say just become Jewish, so his first missionary journey. You see this good at that came about churches planted people come to know Christ and yet incredible difficulties along the way.

Second missionary journey. You can find on acts in acts chapter 15 through 18. This happened around 8049 to 8051. His companions were Silas and Timothy, Luke, and later on Priscilla and a close some of the notable advances before they even set off on the journey. Paul and Barnabas.

What way because of their divided on whether to bring John Mark or not. And so now your your your traveling companion and partner in the ministry is now going separate ways incredibly difficult in Phrygia and Galatia. Paul is actually says he's By the Holy Spirit to going into Asia. He's gone. I don't want to go this direction, but the Holy Spirit is keeping me and there's this meant he gets his vision. This Macedonian call and was fascinating.

We think about like the call of God and the will of God. We so often interpret the will or call of God based on our circumstances right open door and open door is you know that everything's going easy. That's kinda how we talk about open doors instead of okay God called me here.

It's going to still be difficult, but I'm clear on my calling. What is call me so I can lean in through these difficulties.

That's what happened. Called to Macedonia, but they show up in Philippi. Paul and Silas end up through the preaching and seeing what God is doing his work. They get flogged and imprisoned in Thessalonica Jewish leaders try to arrest Paul and Silas in Berea, there's even more opposition where he ended up Paul's had to get out of town and go to Athens and then finally in Corinth.

This is Jewish leaders try to rest Paul and why he's there. He actually pins the letters first and reckoned Thessalonians to the church in Thessalonica. Think about these letters to encourage and equip the churches that he started his third missionary journey.

Acts 18 through 21. It is really his longest time away between 8052 57 and his companions Timothy's protg, Luke was the author of the book of acts and others along the way. Notable events preaching the gospel in Ephesus. He was so effective. Think about this.

He was so effective that the silversmiths start Orion in the city because his effectiveness in the Gospels impacting their bottom line is people are buying idols anymore silver idols and so they throw our riots in Corinth or in Ephesus. Paul actually writes the first book to court the church in Corinth.

First Corinthians there Macedonian Greece. Paul then write second Corinthians in the letter to the church in Rome called Romans and put Salamis, the prophet is is on his way back to Jerusalem says your difficult good isn't quite over yet. In fact, when you get to Jerusalem, you're going to get that be in prison there see a difficult good the pathway of a purposeful life always involves difficulty always involves sacrifice, and always involves some level of suffering. I want you to notice something God did incredible good and we are here today because of the efforts that Paul went out in those missionary journeys. In fact, we have this new what we now call the New Testament first printing second Corinthians, Ephesians, Galatians, Philippians, these are letters that the apostle Paul penned many while he was in prison and today we have them now because he leaned into this moment churches replanted the gospel was spread. People gave their lives to Christ and and it was difficult, and it was hard so so how do you live a purpose filled life in the difficulties of life. How do we do that as a church how do you do that as an event individual. What I can think of nobody else who I want to hear about how to do that, then the apostle Paul. In fact, if, as he was describing his difficulties to the church in Corinth when he was defending his apostleship listen to what he says about what he experienced. This is amazing. I just want you to think about what you're walking through and then understand what Paul walked through he says of work much harder and been imprisoned more frequently than flogged more severely been exposed to death again and again five times I received from the Jews the 40 lashes -13 times I was beaten with rods, once I was pelted with stone.

Three times I was shipwrecked. Man, that's a lot of shipwrecks. I spent an height and a day in the open sea.

I've been constantly on the move.

I've been in danger from rivers and danger from bandits in danger for my fellow Jews in danger from Gentiles in danger in the city and danger in the country and data sound like a country song right there endangering the sea in danger from false believers. I have labored. I've told and often gone without sleep. I've known hunger and thirst, and often gone without food of been cold and not been naked. Besides everything else, I faced daily the pressure. My concern for all the churches. His heart was heavy for those churches and people that he planted he felt and was their spiritual father and what I wanted to with our time is actually give you four keys to navigating this a purposeful life through the difficulties of life and they come from the letters that the apostle Paul penned to one his protg Timothy and also to those churches as he everybody gets to watch and see how he's gone about his life and what he's done a sane listen I want to help you navigate this well. I want to help you live a purposeful life. No matter what you are face and so when life is difficult when life is hard first thing the apostle Paul's going to tell us is get clear on your purpose or get clear on your why and don't be surprised by suffering. Don't be surprised by problems. Listen to what the apostle Paul says to his young protg Timothy says you, however, know all about my teaching, my way of life.

My purpose faith is got very clear on his purpose and everybody else can see it and this led to patience, love, endurance, persecution, sufferings he goes on to say what kinds of things happen to me in Antioch I Coney him and Lysistrata's first missionary journey, the persecutions I endured like like you know all of those things you seen that no notices yet.

It's uncertain if you're taking a circle that word yet. I love this, by the way when you're going through something hard. Yet the Lord rescued me from all of them when you're going through something heart is so easy to forget the good that God did in his faithfulness in your past. Remember his faithfulness. Remember how we showed up.

Remember how he moved and how he delivered in the past and the why you're going through the present suffering and then he says this in fact everyone that means, by the way, everyone. So that's all of us included, who choose to live a godly life in Christ will be persecuted first thing that the apostle Paul wants us to know.

Navigating this purpose filled life in the midst of the difficulties of life is get clear on your purpose and don't be surprised by suffering.

Don't be surprised by problems, you know, one of the things I hear a lot when were going through things. I can't believe this is happening. How could this and yet Jesus said what in this life you'll have trouble so while were here on this planet. Life's heart is in it. It's life difficult. But take heart I have overcome the world like in this life, the circumstances, the things that are going on a you're gonna have hardship you're going to have some of those things, but you can take heart, you don't have to lose heart.

Why, because my task in my resurrection has declared victory over anything and everything that's going on have overcome it all. And since you're in me you are in over the summer so don't be surprised by it.

Be prepared for it. And so what we do we get clear on our purpose we get clear on your why C1 you hit difficulties. What happens is we often lose our purpose only. The, the, why gets knocked out of us.

My teaching, my way of life.

My purpose but I'll just give you a brief gonna big picture purpose for every single person in your purpose is to know God and then to make him known. And as you get to know God more than you get to understand more specifically how God is called and designed you to make him known in your gifting and your and who he's made you to be in the places where he's put you to be. Get clear on your purpose. I Cowgill Hyatt said it sets people lose their way when they lose their why I could have you lost your why over the last year have you lost your why over your marriage. Have you lost your why with your work why God placed you there with that friendship. Have you lost your why is is people lose their way when they lose their why get clear on your purpose, you know, a few years ago.

It was a really dark season for me. I actually went through 18 month just depression and yes even pastors get depressed and it just was a season that was so hard and honestly.

My wife is the most amazing woman on the planet and she produced potable with a lot with me and she really carried a lot of the weight. It wasn't like I was ever going like you know II just want life to be done. I just didn't care about life that I didn't really see like it if I died tomorrow, who cares, just a really dark place that endured is only through her counselor that even began to identify the didn't really know what was going on and it's interesting. I can be preaching and getting into God's word and still lose your why there is a little little but there is a crisis in our family summer 2019 some things that were coming up and there's just some stuff with one of our kids that just required like me to engage as a dad in a way that it never engage in even really never knew how to engage like fight for our family and what was so powerful about that moment is literally one of those things that shook my soul out of this like dark depression because in that moment I saw the caliber of a father's voice in kids lives does, don't forget that sometimes we think as our kids grow older they don't need to hear from us know they need us more. They need to know their love. They need to hear that you are so for them, your voices have you lost your why you lost your purpose to when you're traveling through the difficulties of life. Get clear on your purpose get back to your why listening to the first part of boiling works message difficult good for this series.


He and Chip will join us here in the studio with some additional thoughts of application in just a minute. But what does it really mean to be full of purpose is just being successful at your job making lots of money being a good parent or spouse. If you're completely lost when it comes to your purpose you're really struggling to find any kind of meaning to your life right now. No matter where you're at. Finding purpose is one of the toughest challenges we face in this series Ryan Ingram shares what it means to live a meaningful life and unpack God's true calling. Stay with us to learn how you can live out your God-given purpose. Even when difficulty hardship and conflict, you're not going to miss a single message. For more information about this series purposeful discovering God's calling on your life.

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While this offer lasts by going to or by calling AAA 83336003 or go to at listeners just Discipleship. I'll be right back to talk about today's message but before I do I want to give you a picture that I got to witness as a young pastor there was a man there who is a master craftsman. I mean he was a cabinetmaker, par excellence, and a member watching him literally painstakingly with a piece of wood. Use a lathe and little by little by little by little.

He did all these things. I couldn't figure out what was happening and then you know all those little moments led to this absolutely beautiful piece of cabinetry or furniture in unison because we think little things don't matter even calling them little things and one of the quote little things. It is the backbone of Living on the Edge are those people who support the ministry monthly.

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Thanks. Chip is partnering with Living on the Edge is an idea that makes sense to you. We'd love to have you join us helping Christians live like Christians will change the world we live in, to give a gift, give us a call at AAA 83336003 that's AAA 333-6003, or if you prefer to give online you can donate securely by going to Listeners just up. Donate.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. With that, let's get the chip in Ryan's application for today's message Ryan you hit on something. It's super relevant for today. It's a message on unit how do we change our perspective toward suffering and I want to focus on one phrase you said you said don't be surprised by suffering did you take a minute and talk to those who feel caught off guard by hardship or that life really feels unfair right now because of the pain they're experiencing. Where can they find hope and what you say that person who says well this is so hard. Or maybe even God where are you, absolutely. And if you're walking in that season in my heart just breaks with you and hurts for you and there's so much hope in the Gospels and in Jesus and the first thing if we are sitting down together and maybe you were at coffee in your sharing what you're going through and struggling with her the suffering and the hardship or the heartbreak that you're walking through. I don't think I would say don't be surprised by it. Suck it up. What I would say is you have a Savior who meets you and your pain. You know, one of the most profound verses in the Gospels is Jesus wept.

The context is Lazarus has died. Mary and Martha their morning and Jesus was late and you know they're asking the Lord. Where are you any he sees their pain. He sees their grief and he knows that he's gonna raise a Lazarus from the dead, and he doesn't say don't be surprised by suffering. Although we need to stop being caught off guard. Life's hard. What he does as he weeps with them.

You have a God who weeps with you, who meets you in your pain. He sees what you're going through and his heart hurts as well.

Secondly, you have a Savior who understands your pain.

You not only meet you there, but he understands it.

Think about this.

You have a God who weeps in a God who suffered. This separates Christianity from all other religions.

Lots of other areas that a God who came for you died for you rose again from the grave. Jesus was betrayed, he was mocked, his close friends denied him. He was beaten he suffered at the hands of his own creation effect Hebrews 415 says we do not have a high priest who is able to empathize with our weaknesses, your God doesn't just like meet you there and hurt for you. He's walk through that with you before and so you have a Savior, who is with you always. This the third thing I'd say say where is God will he meet you in your pain. He understands what you're going through and he's with you always. You said. And surely I am with you always, even to the very end of the age I am with you I will never leave you. You may feel like this is a really dark and really hard season and moment, but my presence is never been withdrawn from you with you and hope comes because you have a Savior who conquered the grave you know we scouted this verse that Jesus said in this life you will have trouble. But take heart, for I have overcome the world. I have overcome the heartache and the pain and the brokenness and ultimately sin that created that chaos and decay and all that we see that's creating harm in our world over, and I'm bringing life and I'm bringing hope. So if this is where you're at today. I just wanted to remind you you have a God, you have a Savior who meets you and your pain who understands your suffering. For he suffered himself a Savior who was always with you. Home never leave you and ultimately you have hope because he's conquered the grave will as we close. Do you know another great way to soak in biblical truth like you just heard through the chip and remap there you'll find this series, and many more all free. Let God's word poor into you in such a way that you get perspective and the freedom he longs for you to enjoy in him will. Until next time, this is Dave Drewry saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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