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Applying Romans 14 to the Pandemic

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 21, 2021 4:37 pm

Applying Romans 14 to the Pandemic

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 21, 2021 4:37 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/21/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So how about we apply.

Romans 14 principles to the questions of mass vaccines and loving our brother and sister start the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience, president of fire school of Ministry to the wider fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to be pastoral today I want to be practical today I want to be helpful. My goal is not to incite one side against another of my goal is not to prove a point. My goal is to appeal to us as children of God to take the wisdom of Romans chapter 14 and to apply it to our lives today in the midst of the pandemic midst of wondering who do we trust is the government for us or against us. How do we handle things as churches as families as individuals. What's right what's loving what's coercive.

What's wrong how we sort this out. I want to discuss Romans 14 and apply this, especially within our own circles of sick and get the government to go by this for the medical profession to go by this, but I can appeal to brothers and sisters in the Lord.

The many leaders, pastors, listen to the broadcast and taken this information.

I trust this will be helpful for you and then you in turn can share this attitude with others. Let's have a Romans 14 revolution in our thinking, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784. You can weigh in with what I'm saying. Give your amen or questions something or challenge it. If you gone wrong anywhere you do that or you can just raise any of the questions we can have some time to talk about other questions if you so any Bible question any theology, question and cultural question of any kind on open up the phone lines as I do on Friday we we do our best to do that other days as well. This because we can't get to all the calls and questions that come in so we could make room another day so any random question. Any subject, by all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH, but first to focus on the Romans 14 principal let me think it was in the background terms of what prompted me to go here today in the room to read through Romans 14 a can think through how this ties in with the pandemic at some friends visiting yesterday father-son father on the mission field 46 years.

The sun basically born born on the mission field served in Italy around the world all these decades, and we got to talk about numerous things including vaccines mandates traveling from country to country, etc. and they shared with me for specific situations that they knew about firsthand for specific situations right up to me just a job in Dallas and it let me get this directly, someone have to do is rely my memory to get these right there that the sun is what close to 50 now he is 71-year-old uncle training to run a marathon scientist got his second Pfizer vaccine. One morning, died of a heart attack because of a blood clot that afternoon right I'm just reporting what he shared with me then he's in Italy woman in her 40s season like a tracksuit.

She and her husband were doing some activity come out of a coffee shop collapses. The medics come can't revive her. The husband flipping out.

Obviously, as she was the voice of the drops dead.

She had just gotten vaccinated though again that's much more anecdotal.

That's different than his grandfather but was telling you would as were talking then his first cousin 18 died within a day of getting her second vaccine dose. He still didn't know exactly what the cause of death was he did not have all the details but obviously when an 18-year-old just drops dead that races very very serious concerns. Has that happened and then an elder in his brother's church in Italy 41 years old died of a heart attack after getting second vaccine. These are just situations that he was aware of and we weren't talking and anti-VAX or language or mocking those who are vaccinated, but many of my friends because my friends are vaccinated.

Many are not that there was an issue. It was the genuine questions that people have then passed Robert Jeffress put out a statement. Haven't seen it yet.

There is no biblical reason not to get vaccinated and highly respected pastor appreciate so much of what he says and does Shane automate good friend passed in California put out a video responding with all respect to past Jefferson civil habit we use wisdom is that I just talked to my doctor decades and the doctor said he sing absolutely no difference in terms of cases is treating between the vaccinated in the unvaccinated and then the various concerns the chain has a someone who studies health nutrition for many years about the effects of the vaccine then talking to two of my staff members immediately before radio to get the facts right. 15-year-old boy gets vaccinated has a heart attack. How many times have you heard of a 15-year-old getting a heart attack. He survived but his mortality rate could limit him that a live five more years, potentially because of heart damage. We pray for his healing. At the same time, I can tell you the list of of people that Nancy I know friends of ours that have died of covert and in some who almost died in God had mercy on them and spare them, but but we got a growing list of people that we know of been close with over the years, friends or coworkers in church circles that have died of covert, some died before the vaccines were available. Others died after the vaccines were available to our knowledge, none of the people died vaccinated.

So we we have those accounts and then just read about the fifth conservative radio host who had publicly come out against vaccines has died. Bob and yard. I been on a show a number of times talk about moral issues, cultural issues will my books he come out against the vaccine. According to this report. He was the fifth well-known conservative radio host who died of covert after either mocking its seriousness, is no different than the flu or sin vaccines were necessary were wrong an activist in Israel strongly opposed vaccines, downplayed segments of covert.

He just died.

This was last week so I know of all situations and then Christians you want to do the right thing. On the one hand it was like a rebel, you don't care. Everybody keeps the rules but you don't keep the rules because you're a Christian, you do what God wants you to know what seem like that arrogant and and and and flouting authority on the one hand, on the other hand, you don't just want to be a stooge of government regulations that may be ultimately unhelpful and and that cause other trauma unit with with elementary school children even kids.

The kids have an exit with mass eight hours a day, or older kids who are vaccinated so limited, where mass school or things like that or the trauma that comes to families with the lockdowns and the health issues that come out of that so it's a very complex situation and and I am not here to urge you to take one side or the other. I'm here to urge an attitude I'm here to say if your friend or family member or coworker has prayerfully evaluated things based on that feels they should be vaccinated or they should not be vaccinated. They should be treated with grace and love and respect rather than scorned. Version 2 of the government tells you to wish your faith man at the church encourage spineless one of got VAX in your spineless or on the flipside, have the attitude of your peers. A super spreader. You don't care what anybody is giving yourself an engineered following is a going conspiracy theories and we don't need to polarize like that. Now there are people following a going conspiracy theories all sides and there is good reason for healthy skepticism about whatever you hear all sides there. There is what biblical scholars refer to as a hermeneutic of suspicion that you don't just take things as you see them, but you come with a certain interpretive suspicion. So I'm questioning everybody. I am listening to different scientists and doctors, journalists and others. And I'm listening saying on the one hand, I believe you. On the other hand, I don't believe anything your second test members go to dig. Got to think this thing through. I'm talking about the attitude friends in our churches. We should not be making an issue of with a similar some master not if if is a caller said yesterday he feels he should wear a mask because he doesn't want to risk spreading things to others of his arts ignorant yeah spread things fine. That's your opinion.

In his view, walking in love and feels that's the best thing to do. He wants to MSS, faithless this in his mind that's that's wisdom and there is an show me anything in the Bible that you should or should wear the mask in that it is for the thing itself 40 submitted to regulations when you should should that's that's the issue will be the authorities and with the authorities tell you to disobey God.

We understand that principal but he's was afraid to go back because he be base of the only ones church ringmaster will get mock forth how how the world can we the people of God be at that point. How in the world. Could we were supposed to love one another as Jesus loved us and lay our lives them one from another, could we be creating an environment where if if someone feels perfectly free to not wear a mask actually feels it's healthier and best to not have a mascot for various reasons. They come and regroup and the people have master the judge of your own carrier. Can we step higher can we do better. Every comes to the vaccination. You either think that you are helping to prevent a deadly disease from killing you or for you spreading it to others is what you're thinking.

The reasoning is vaccinated as this can reduce your chance of getting infected or if you do get infected. It will reduce the seriousness of the disease. So you're doing this in a life-and-death serious white others are not getting vaccinated again their wackos on all sides runtime at the time of the great majority people try to be responsible for not getting vaccinated. You're saying I don't know if I'm putting something unhealthy in my body and could now willfully hurt myself or kill myself or if I asked my family to get vaccinated could could hurt us bite bite, making a choice to put something in our blog.

So both are making life-and-death decisions before the Lord should never be a little respect and love the sinner monitoring is God's people called to step higher than that we come back when read Romans 14:0866.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, his friends on the line of fire jammed the mortgage calls quickly. First, as promised, we going to read Romans 14 together and then just think it through prayer, through specially pastors, leaders and those with home groups were we can set an example set a tone, how should we live this out right.

Romans 14 really good Jewish believers in Jesus Gentile believers in Jesus side-by-side heavy work through conflicts except the one whose faith is weak without quarreling over disputable matters, friends, vaccines, the masks or in the category of disputable matters, not fundamental doctrines of the faith. You might say will want to get vaccinated this week.

Another one of those get vaccinated this week, whatever that apply the principle. One person's faith allows them to eat anything but another's faith is weak eats only vegetables one eats everything must not treat with contempt. The woman does not want does not eat everything must not judge the one he does for God is accepted that about this one is vaccinated must not treat contempt.

The one who is not vaccinated. One is not vaccinated must not judge the one who is vaccinated for God is accepted them since it with masks really judge someone else's servant to their own master servant stand or fall, and they will stand for the Lord is able to make them stand. One person considers one day more sacred than another. Another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind with regards one especial distal to the Lord were eats meat though so to the Lord for the good thanks to God or abstain snow so to the Lord and give thanks to God for none of us lives for ourselves alone.

None of us dies for social if we live, we live for the Lord and if we die we did die for the so whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord this very reason Christ died and return to life that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.

You then what you judge your brother or sister when you treat them with contempt. We will all stand before God's judgment seat is written, Shirley's… The Lord, every knee will bow before me. Every tongue will acknowledge God. So then each of us must give an account of ourselves to God. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother sister. I'm convinced being fully persuaded the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself, but if I were in regard something is unclean and for that person is unclean, your brother or sister is distressed because which we are no longer acting in love. Do not by your eating destroy someone for whom Christ died. Therefore, do not let what you know is good to be spoken of as evil. The kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking over a mask getting vaccinated, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit is anyone serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and receives human approval.

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification, not destroy the work of God for the sake of food offered was clean, but it is wrong for person viewed anything that causes someone else to stumble is better not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else that will cause your brother or sister to fall. So whatever you believe about these things between yourself and God blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves rest doubts is condemned if they eat because they're eating is not from faith everything that does not come from faith is sin. So the last principal friends to apply for Romans 14 is this, don't do anything that skews me that you can't do in faith with regard to these decisions, don't do anything that you can't do them faith before the Lord.

All right. Let us let us go over to the phones will start with an anonymous caller from somewhere in the South. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey, I found it while that question about that illegal immigrant or migrant are not mandated to be vaccinated before crossing over the president is clicking on the status and be vaccinated though my but yet when they come over.

I wish that coming over and drove not Mexican. He had Haitian people of other nationalities actually coming over. Why aren't they being vaccinated and not mention coming from South America as well, but I have recently found new MDU variant yet it's 100% hypocritical. It is 100% double standard is 100% unjustifiable of the other day I open the phone since it please someone there that have to be buying supporters by the voters that are out there. Those that support his policies. Please because because I know from comments we get that we have them, please simply call me and explain explain this to me. Somebody give me a rationale for the only comment that's come out from the White House that I'm aware of with his second press secretary Jim sake say well then I get vaccinated because they don't intend to stay here what they crossing the border steps to get ice cream.

A slice of paint and then go out to see the cross the borders that will be our country music register clearly through the do the right way. We have a system for that. We welcome millions of immigrants over the years gladly sold. I it is mind-boggling to me even just care about health.

If you having how can you have so much government control. On the one hand, and insist that children little children going to school wearing masks and and on and on and and forcing people to get vaccinated lose their jobs if it's it's glaring double standard, glaring hypocrisy. I see no possible justification for any just it adds to the overall frustration. It really does you know and and in the quest sought we were moving on, and things were getting better in the Delta variant hit and now the wording of an experiment could be even worse, single cages, since the court went when Pres. Trump shut down travel from China. It was called his hysterical xenophobic move right tenant by opposed it back then and and all of that you will set in and I was obviously a wise move in with more information. We could've made some of these decisions earlier. This is not to discriminate against people. It's just health. You do this when your boss or something spreading you. I rested to stop it in its tracks so it's it's mind-boggling.

It is, you know what it reminds me of that that many Democrats were in the past had supported strict border control when Trump supported it. Now they attacked it and and that's how we can often be very fickle that whatever is politically correct on our side we go with even when it's completely illogical. Each side doesn't the left and the right and here we see it glaringly in front of her eyes out to because we have coming. Dr. that are being otherwise who are vaccinated are being hospitalized as well. And they're seeing other things that Bartlett direction due to the fact, and I mean it could mind-boggling that some of them are being silent as well when they had seen other issues with the back also has FDA yes you just just to jump in that Veritas is now releasing releasing video footage of health workers basically saying these people really sick that they were vaccinated weekly With that information out or things like that of window how widespread we keep hearing reports like that, Dr. Jonathan Sir Fadi, who was on the there with me last week. Last Wednesday, laid out his argument why the vaccines are good and right and best and that those who are vaccinated, get much less sick than those were not vaccinated in your other reports so everyone that wants to hear the pro-vaccine sought listened to Dr. Sir Fadi's position is a PhD in chemistry from last Wednesday strong Bible believer you listen to that, the first of the year I had Dr. Frank Schellenberg on leading medical thinker and he was against the vaccine so here on the show. We put up both positions for people here and sort through, but there is a concern that country data is is being suppressed again.

It's it's tough enough with the with the rules that people try to live by. But then when you see the double standard in the hypocrisy it just makes it all the more difficult but let's go to Russ in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown really enjoyed your program gurgle 20 year military girl your from our experience what I see with the vaccine election boat ride out with everything. The thing that is going to bring America down is the thing that made America so great and that is brief, we have always been clouds there will information and so much of it is misinformation, but they have the freedom to do it and if we get. I am not one for shutting people up, but I I am one people accountable yeah and this our founders recognize that the unique nature of our government was such that without certain foundations in religion and morality, not imposing a state religion in any way or declaring America to be a Christian nation, but without a religious moral people that things could not functional. For example, Russ. You you give certain liberties to an 18-year-old that you don't give to a 15-year-old give liberties to a 30-year-old ill give to an 18-year-old, so are our country is founded on certain liberties, but without a certain maturity and without a certain responsibility right it can lead to real troubles when we do, we don't try to censor and and and constrict. We we try to educate. We try to bring truth a thank you thank you for the call, of course, for your service to our country. Just a quick response to comment on Facebook Steve. The reason that I am not opposing vaccines and recognizing them as a willful attempt to murder millions of people is because I'm not convinced of the evidence. It's that simple.

I know how to do research. I know how to sift things through and I'm not convinced that the main motive behind the vaccines member, Pres. Trump was when push to get through quickly is that this is part of a specific plan White House beginning with Pres. Trump murder as many millions of dollars" to notice about about pruning the population. Those are really concerned about so should be looked at. But please I'm not just going to go with this theory for gives the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown else I just posted during the break, paraphrase and update of Romans 14 34 today. Let not the one who is vaccinated despise the one who is not, but not the one who is not vaccinated pass judgment on the one who is God has welcomed him.

That's my position and I do not believe there is a person on the planet who can prove the reason that Pres. Trump pushed the vaccines. The development of vaccines and the bypassing normal redtape to get them out as quickly as possible and and touted as one of the great accomplishments of his administration that he did that because he was complicit with a global movement to kill murder as many people as possible with the vaccine.

Hey if you want to kill, murder, the maximum number of people to be the better way is to delay a vaccine for 10 to 20 years and let the pandemic just keep multiplying and attacking and killing people and so on. Friends don't don't go there. These are these are dangerous charges to bring well Trump meant well, but others had a plan. Just be careful, be careful before you repeat something and pass it on. Don't bear false witness. This urge you to be careful 866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast. Our goal today to apply. Romans 14 principles to the pandemic to how we live and how we act basically saying this, someone feels that it's good for them to wear a mask and loving for them to wear a mask. They show up at your mask list, church service, wearing a mask welcome them, don't judge them. Maybe it's to protect themselves.

Maybe they feel it's to protect others. Either way that's not the issue. Conversely, if someone else comes in without a mask and it's perfectly legal for them to do that in your assembly, then don't pass judgment on them for not wearing. We need to step higher Christian believers that I know that have been vaccinated didn't because they thought it was the right thing to do. It was the healthy thing to do. That was the loving thing to do.

The Christians that I know that have not been vaccinated feel it's not a healthy thing to do.

It's ultimately not a loving thing to do and the Christians that I know that it really looked at this have researched it and gone back and forth some of spoken to their own doctors for many years and the doctor said there's a reason for you to get vaccinated. Others have said let's work together due to get a religious exemption for various reasons because of the was being forced on you by the government or by your business. And as I said earlier in the broadcast I can give you evidence anecdotal evidence of people that we know that died of covert that were not vaccinated, and then I keep hearing reports first-hand reports from people direct relatives of theirs who died shortly after getting the vaccine and otherwise work healthy died of blood clots, and other things. So these are weighty issues that are out there and and this is not the time to get caught up in the spirit of fear, or spirit of anger or spirit of judgment. We need to step higher 866-34-TRUTH going back to the phones momentarily quick question. Have you visited vitamin see what's vitamin mission. The car I guess you didn't take a moment to visit their it's our landing page on Dr. Mark Singler's website voted doctor of the decade recently brilliant natural pathic Dr. medical doctor with massive knowledge of how the body works. How God made it to work and the processes that that lead to long-term health was fully conversant in traditional Western medicine as well, but we partner together with him to get all of you a 10% discount on all of his products so go to vitamin check out what you're interested with her. It's interesting, embittered supplements to help your immune system or whether it's daily vitamins or supplements to help you sleep. They are super healthy.

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It's a great way for you to get savings and it's a great way for funds to go back to our ministry to get on more stations into reach more people 866-34-TRUTH with that we go back to the phones starting with Stephen in Tampa, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call actually wanted to talk about the holdback mandate.

II live here in Many people might not know it old girl County and we actually made the national news for the first month and 1/2 of the ball after we had about 7 to 10,000 students plus the teachers already quarantined and I you know I'm moving first-hand account. My fiancé elementary school teacher with four-year-old in the public school system and there is an absolute pressure on her from her colleagues about her getting vaccinated, and she and I are both at the stamp on where we've looked at the evidence and it will be just one more data date. That's simply the fact were not against it or not, or if you just simply want time and more scientific data that come out, but I just wanted to say that I been the effect on her inside our public yeah it's it's brutal and you get two sides to it meant more, but two basic ones. One is there people that mean well the people that really really are convinced that the vaccines can save lives and that your endangering yourself and those around you by not getting vaccinated. How could you be so foolish. Look at these accounts on TV one after another online box of viruses. Serious gods bigger than this.

And they're all dead of covert and they all wish now they been vaccinated.

The family say everyone get vaccinated.

So you have those that genuinely are concerned and believe it's for the best. So there. They're looking at you there there licking your fiancé what what is crazy. Come on, do this, don't you care and then the other side of it in terms of those pushing for is for some system it's control's we have an ideology and reinforce it on you and you have to bow down to know and you cannot bring any evidence to know everything else you can be silence, so that's part of the tension as well that on the one hand there are people who are well-meaning and care, but a lot of them been scared and and they're not being rational, you have others that it's it's a matter of of asserting control and taking over people's lives. More and more more like you said in your rent Junior fastest I get more data. Let me encourage you to search online for debate. A vaccine debate. Cilento and Saar foxy. You'll find it very very easily vaccine debate.

Cilento CE LENKO he is religious Jewish doctor who is in general not against vaccines, but strongly militantly opposed especially for children that the vaccines and doctors are faulty, who's a Jewish follower of Jesus strong believer in the in the word of God and so both of these men would be God-fearing men. Dr. survive the pro vaccine against the mandates for pro vaccine. If you haven't watched it sit down with your fiancé watch and then if if you think in your mind that there are enough questions that are being raised by Dr. Zelenka. You can ask others calling state watch this both sit down together and show me what I'm missing or if Dr. survive the convinced of his position fun, but let me encourage you to do that. Stephen and and look these are potentially life-and-death issues right so you really yeah as much as there is pressure. You just have to think happy with rights. This is even even think of at this level, your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. We are called to be stewards of our whole lives, which include our bodies and our health soul before the Lord. Yes, to be sure about what you do, so that I may connect to comment yeah go ahead could live thing I wanted play with it was. It made here in Florida does not mandate that the public does them.

I will girl our requesting that.

They can bent by back between the parent teachers. The school board date for the future can't force the math, but in the leadership on the school department at bank but we want you to wear it but there it down as we don't have to wear right so you got you got pushed back, everybody has to push back and look at happened during Tampa with Rodney Howard Brown pushing back right off the bat against some of the state regulations against public gatherings met Stabler liberty Council joined in and immediately the states until we were were inconsistent here in terms of what were doing in and made some major changes. And, of course, DeSantis is been on the front lines of pushing for more liberty and freedom so everyone that differs what what they feel is an oppressive mandate needs to push back together and not be intimidated if enough of you do it. It will take some of that pressure off hey, Stephen. May the Lord be with you and your fiancé.

866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Sean in Knightdale, North Carolina.

Thanks for calling the line of fire while the whole big thing holdback. My problem is not clearly governed right so perspective might argue I'd say what would happen sooner, but we just lost so I'm to respond to the part of your comment that I heard part of your question. When do we push back we push back when the government crosses certain lines. So for example if if I have to wear a mask in the store go to grocery stores is no hardship for me to do. It's is not into the world.

It's not as a hardship because I'm local and I've always sought to be in my conduct in stores and the public always a agave witness, etc. which which ibuprofen wasn't local, but it also fine. It is not a big deal. However, if I was required to be vaccinated toward my job then then it's a question whether infection is not sufficient.

If I had the conviction at that point that the vaccines were unsafe then have to push back because now I'm sitting against my own body will be amended or I'm sitting against my own family. Whatever the case may be. So when we are asked to do something that causes us to sin violate our conscience we feel is destructive. That's really have to push back and many peaceful legal ways will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line. Five nuclear emails sure good asked Dr. Brent ask a your we send you some special bonus material free e-book real eye-opening mini book assure more about my testimony from LSD to PhD the 3R's of our ministry, then every week will let you know if your latest articles religious videos. This resource offers we get so much coming out all the time to minister you serve you, equip you, help you stand on the front lines help you be informed so sign up today. Ask Dr. take you 30 seconds or less. This we can be in touch on a regular basis right back to the phones we go to Caroline and Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire thinking. Not super well you talking straight into the phone near. I figure on the rain, everything you go ahead please.

I wanted to make a comment about mandate and think our year and worked in hospitals that there is no one medication that works for everybody in all medication I have the warning so that Pres. making it mandatory that you take it. Everyone take the thing that is this not why. Let me know that people have died out had had a reaction to it that may would have stayed there like that they didn't feel like they were mandated to take it and I know my that I have several allergy medication and I don't know what that thing I'm not on my back and try to get a list of stuff that doesn't get that back with them.

I don't take it. I'm not against exactly but I'm not going to put my life on the line for you. Thankfully I had cowritten and survived, and have been tested and I have a anybody for a strike against another attack. I just think that that's just logical medical comments that there is no one thing that works for everybody and to make it mandatory that the calendar the other challenges that some people that have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. You don't know about until after it happens right so that's that's what makes it all all the more difficult. Again it's it's it's a different situation and Carolyn I'm glad you made it through and yes you got the best protection, which is the natural immunity which can be stronger than any any vaccine out obviously for everything. Understand science clearly bearing that out, but again there are things that have been proven elusive. The polio vaccine and and and the positive effect that it had around the world and all of the years of developing and testing, and so on and were in a just a very different situation here that's what's so important that people not judging one another and how how can you judge Carolyn for what you said.

That's this wisdom is its wisdom in looking at things in in in a smart way. You know, not just diving and hey, thank you for the call and I think probably the vast, vast majority of all of you listening and watching have a real issue with the mandates maybe some here and there, a tiny minority of the swelling or ministry singer was superimposed met with 100% stand behind the mandates I would imagine the vast majority view, have issues with that as doctors or faulty that pro-vaccine but anti-mandate all rights.

Let's see, let's go to Jason so in Central America. Welcome to the line of fire. Brown hereby pretty well yeah from Central America sure okay okay so I really appreciate you bringing up the throne in 14 popular Dr. urban ministry in America and we've been to Brooklyn through and I agree with what you like Roman 14 on 25 loving for the brother to fit through, and I I hear agree what the heart is true you shared their but what I really struggle with. I just in the application of the topic and I was going to come again.

Your insight on the bike.

As I read it you believe it.

Struggle being ruffled through between the Jewish and Gentile people of the church of Christ and you have between their dietary and religious differences and so it really hard for me to make that jump by to a topic that may not arrive in the church like what were talking about. Yeah, but being thought the pellet was a little struggle, there have application will either like I get the heart of what you're saying there and how our hearts to be postured or the road. I don't care for moment where math good about being life that's your choice. You got people with like that Troy and in the kind of the other shall I have them making that jump the United States solidified half a where I don't feel like that being a solidified topic about life. Yet there like the struggle between the juvenile Gentile believers and Gentile believers.

But if the other within us to live life topic… Make you so is this response is just looking at the clock as we come to is that the end of the hour.

Here right so the first thing is Romans 14 is giving his principles to apply in a thousand different situations. It's not just when you have spewed about dietary laws, or holy days that the there are there paradigmatic principles that Paul is giving us by which we live and we should be able to apply them freely. So what's the first principle, don't judge your brother or sister who has a different conviction on the disputable matter or the vaccines and mass disputable matters. Yes, they are not fundamental life-and-death doctrinal issues.

They are disputable matters, so the principal is on the disputable matter.

Don't judge your brother or your sister so for example it's not a disputable matter.

If a man leaves his wife and goes and sleeps with another woman he's committing adultery and needs to be called to repent of and claims to be a follower of Jesus. Is he needs to be called to repent and he is in adultery.

That's not disputable. It is disputable if if the pastor's wife every few months likes to change your hair color that this is that the addition of the right was that the Weiner it's that's disputable. So, in matters like that don't judge the other person be at the mask be at the vaccine don't judge either way because I see it both ways. II see those who are who are vaccinated even pro-mandate judging all those were not as super spreaders and an evil, selfish people, and I see others singularly faith with your faith, your your your your just found out to the government get vaccinated. So this judgment both ways so that's that's the first thing the second thing is that it in a certain sense. These were highly politicized issues of me. There is nothing bigger to do Jewish people than these laws and separate this is part of their worship of the one true God. So Sabbath that you die for that principle.

Emily wouldn't die for dietary law principles.

These are big issues of and this is that what when Antiochus epiphanies in the 160s BC offers up a pig on on the altar in Jerusalem that this is this is one of the things that sparks the uprising and that's it. You say enough is enough. So in that sense the this was lifestyle and and there were political battles fought over this so it but you have to have the same application. For example, when it comes to the elections and and people are deciding who to vote for.

And you could make a case for this candidate a case for that candidate.

You have your strong reasons both ways ultimate you can't judge one another in Jesus. Those decisions even flat out impolitic so I don't think the fact that this politicized has any meaning at all. We simply have to separate the political debate from personal choices before God and then follow these principles of not judging one another during our best not to put a stumbling block before one another and to give liberty on these issues, which in terms of the faith or not primary issues. So that's how I replace that helpful yet helpful and I get you in 100% agree like like the first part of what the principle of it and how that defendant Frampton through our daily lives right and Jafar are giving her in our heart for others and not even like, but I still throne up with a little like my wife is that but but what forget that the that's what the world is doing you weird that's no general site and that's what that's what like I feel like within within the Christian church as being a passage being applied in a way that you are obligating like it become a believer. No, like you should do this. This way of the five, but it is quite good about Outlaw] outside influence and apply even like as I look at like to hear as I got you got jolted because runtime forget what is influencing people to make the decisions that's that's where you're getting confused here in terms of working this out practically getting distracted from the simplicity of it. Forget the outside influence is the person making the choice. Why are they making the choice before God. Why are they coming to that conclusion.

As a believer. The government says this may be a feel for the government says I just have to do whatever. Why are they coming to those conclusions. That's the issue, and that's when we walk in love, one towards another. That's were we don't judge one that knows I don't pass judgment on you for the decision that you made as you were seeking to honor the Lord and do the right thing, politicized or not. Decision may the Lord give grace as we seek to live out another program powered by the Truth Network

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