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Finding the Right Partners, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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September 17, 2021 8:00 am

Finding the Right Partners, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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September 17, 2021 8:00 am

The role companions played in Paul’s fruitfulness in Corinth; the importance of interdependent relationships in the plan of God; based on Acts 18:1-11. (Included in the 6-part series Making Your Vision a Reality.)

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Even the Lone Ranger needed a sidekick and so do you just a few moments, Pastor Paul Sheppard shares today's destined for victory message finding the right partners but before he get started. He joins me from a studio pastor. I know your heart is encouraged by so many of our friends were listening and letting us know that destined for victory is having an impact in their lives. Remind me why are you so committed using media as a part of this ministry will way and I'll tell you I'm sold on the fact that if we're going to fulfill the great commission and of course that's our job as the body of Christ to go into the world to make disciples to baptize people and teach them to observe all things that Christ commanded to do that I am more convinced than ever. It demands that we take a strong fresh look at how to use technology in every other resource so that isn't in other words, we gotta realize we were boomers. I'm a baby boomer born between 46 and 64 that our generation me to and I realize that we were the last generation in American history that was typically raised in church or in some religious training, and we've got three generations under us, and now there's an emerging fourth-generation there still being developed.

There known as generation alpha my first grandchild is an alpha and so I realize that with these three. For generations we've gotta preach the gospel to.

They are not inclined to come to church and hear the gospel if you will, but the vast majority of them are probably going to have to be reached where they are before we can get them into the life of a church so technology is very important to be and that we can reach them with the good news of Jesus Christ. It's what it's all about reaching as many people as we can with the gospel. Thank you pastor you know media can often go or missionaries can't into the homes of elderly shut-ins are those who have no way of getting to church.

You can also travel into remote areas of the world that are often hostile to the Christian faith is one more reason why your gifts to destined for victory are so critical to the cause of Christ. As you give your generous gift to destined for victory today would like to thank you by sending you a booklet from Pastor Paul Sheppard that goes hand-in-hand with this message. Junk removal for the soul inside these pages you will discover practical biblical advice, but setting aside some of the habits from your old life in order to embrace the newness of who you are in Christ is our gift to you this month by request for your generous donation to destined for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online.

You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 some of you will have had sharp disagreement with people, and your conclusion is somehow yes you will not, and I'm somebody to help somebody to you so you know, listening to destined for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard over the past few days. Pastor Paul is talking about the importance of partnership with special emphasis being placed on finding the right partners.

Today he takes us once again to the life and times of the apostle Paul, a man who found like-minded believers to help him become all he could be in Christ must join pastor now for today's destined for victory message finding the right poll found new companionship because he and Barnabas could get together on the plan. Sometimes you and the others who have been partners with you cannot continue your partnership because of irreconcilable differences.

Sometimes we try to do this ministry together, but we see this two different ways, and we can't find a way to get on the same policy. Read my lips.

John Mark is not going on this trip and Barnabas. It will blow me and posit what you cannot run some real ought to be glad what you mad about this extension of .1 because you have you had it all straight in your mind. Why you with folk and how you with now get to just be, and I saw you know it's not going work that way you lead people and if all was not working anymore. Find some new ones. I'm not talking numeric full all you will you know they not you married you live with that. You pray you grow you up and make you much more and draw you closer to the Lord, biblical grounds come to make an appointment. In most cases you got to stick with that because you said till death not to misery. So you learn how to take it from misery to you real man now. You may partnership these partners don't work find some that will make sure that what you declare the partnership, that won't work is not because you are being biblically stubborn. See what this realize is that both of them had a legitimate point of view, what was right will will Barnabas said encouragement is what I do. It's part of my gift mix is what I do when I see somebody week I try my best to make all the other hand in his gift mix. He writes to his son to my son, be strong in the Lord, a soldier in the Lord. So they want to please the commanding officer people pretty good, but is not one of my strongest gifts pretty good job. I can relate hold to the apostle Paul might be on my team with some baby grow, and be ready to shape that we must follow his ministry and let me know. Every time please see me the whole period of time in my young ministry seem to me that was a whole. It was as much as it felt as if feels like but if feels like just about every other Sunday he was telling the church what else I didn't do right, but it just feels part of the announcements and okay what the pastor has to be in Rome this week just to see the ministry down and he was quick to let me know. No, but it may cost you called me to ministry and if you call me to work with him before I get to be a senior pastor, which was clear. Part of my calling. Lord help me to learn what I need to learn and grow where I need to grow and shut my mouth when I feel like and help me to prove faithful and seven years later when I was leaving there to come chasing a vision that a crime he is the best assistant pastor. He could ever have eyes out and I was happy that he was happy ministry, so wonderfully quite another thing looking for is a senior pastor called you called me and everything to be what you want to look at me funny message. They only sell three CDs of the people.

Let me speak a word to singles while I'm on the partnership thing drawing up now singles to plan through dream to be married one day like we will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard listen to the broadcast on demand. Pastor that's Pastor to find a host of great resources that are online store will if you want to know how to recognize a good partner when you see one, remember these words vision, values, veracity, Pastor Paul the second half today's message. Finding the right partners want to say to you, singles plan want to hope to be married one day you extemporaneous is in my notes. Make sure your prospective mate agrees with supports your vision before you get engaged.

I am tired of people spending all of their dating time stimulating their senses instead of examining the other person's vision, values and veracity. All you're doing is impressing each other with stuff that isn't the most important and that's fine. That's what a honeymoon after all. That is the benefits package. We went on a job yes can work with.

I once you talking about that doing the same God wants you to have no sexual relations with another person until you say to that person that God's plan we become so get it right. Come on, somebody got friends with benefits God to understand. We just call when you have a little rough day. It said, and so you can't afford to feed your senses your senses meet today get a load of me in this now plead the blood of the blood of Jesus the Lord God said, my God today exactly what I'm talking about Joseph but yet you all know below, you will be at church about legal this weekend, you need to be focused on right now you need to be focused on examining their vision, their values and their veracity right down veracity.

Make sure they tell the truth. Make sure it got again, wrap.sound impressive people who are professional liars check out their veracity want to hear you say you treated the opposite sex. I want to see. I want to see the fruit of the evidence, I want talk to you X, I want talk to your mom how well you treat your parents.

I want to see all I want to go. We print days we think about each other, family reunion somewhere with your plate and make them think you looking see.

But you don't invest knowing that this only due to so I can't walk with you unless we know what you're going and I agree with you Sunday to check out your I need to check out your vision when you get where you're going.

Where will you be that your visit tell me about your vision tell me what you see in your future date. Not looking at legs and shoulders and in outfits that make me feel some kind all justly and when they fixed up at their best to print days, ring the bell when I am expecting you will know I need to see some may need to see you need to talk when you get where you're going, leaving the area you feel called to start a business. Are you not have a 9 to 5 because you want to be an entrepreneur.

That could mean you will be paneled. See, I know what he say what has he done what has he done well successfully continually repeatedly and will he do while he was getting up and running to make sure his bills were paid the bills show credit score.

Your credit score will be want together. I know you find beautiful, cute, handsome, all that.

But if you work with that you have worked seven years before he could get Rachel some years are going to get your credit score to something livable and that I can marry my strength to not marry your story to somebody else's weakness make a partnership glad myself when his messages over.

This is what you don't know what you see yourself operating in ministry is a vocational or volunteer. How do you see your career working for somebody in climbing a ladder or is it being and what have you done to this point. If you haven't had a successful anything. Why should I believe you're going to have this wonderfully successful business. Later why should I chase my dreams when there's no evidence that these dreams are going to be made a reality. Values his marriage and family more important than work to you envision the ministry the career I know people whose ministries seem to be successful, but that's only because you know their homes are a wreck. I know people who can preach the lights out but they go home and cuss each other and you don't know because all you're doing is looking at the pulpit, perform. You need to find out the values and the real deal.

Find out what you really think Satan according to the word marriage life family life takes a higher priority even over ministry God will let you save the world. Thanks so much for joining us for today's message. Finding the right nurse always glad to have you with us if you'd like more information about destined for victory or this most special offer. Be sure to stop by your website. Pastor that's Pastor conditions shoe you will get anywhere because this is always going to militate against the work that's in your heart and soul. You decide to persevere and that's next time it Pastor Paul Sheppard's message the power of perseverance.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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