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Memorial Service

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September 15, 2021 10:57 pm

Memorial Service

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 15, 2021 10:57 pm

Memorial Service

Steve talks to Tori Shaw from about a baby memorial service for those who died to an abortion. Silence is weary. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host mobile well-being would say that there are many of you ladies that have had an abortion, you're on the side of your abortion and though and though those numbers are tragic and large inside and outside of the church. That doesn't mean that you can't find healing that you can't find freedom when that's a difficult part of your past excellently have an opportunity to talk about that in order to talk about something coming up this Saturday, September 18 4 PM in Winston-Salem.

The amphitheater at Miller Park Miller Park in Winston-Salem, an opportunity to do something that a lot of women and gentlemen, by the way you to have not done which is defined some level of closure in dealing with the reality of your abortion earlier in life. Some a memorial service for victims of abortion this Saturday, September 18 at 4 PM being hosted by not forgotten ministries, which was founded by Tori Shaw, who's been on the show before and it's great to have her back. Tori, how are you I'm well thank you and so much thank you so much for putting this on my radar screen and following up so that we can make sure we talk about it and before we get to the actual, more or less in a takes place this Saturday the 18th at four. Let let's just talk a little bit about Tori, about not forgotten ministries and counter your own story and what led you to start that there are more. Never again and I didn't get any having impact on my life and shouting. Like a lot of things happening in my life back on that evening part of my story and we are in a block away from there we are goal is to help women he had had abortion and on his experience abortion healing after abortion because we now when I'm hearing.

They will not be repeat order and that's where the main reasons we want to help them find healing court academic Anthony left the everyone to make out with years and years and years. Do you think Tori that that most women on the side of their abortion are.

Do they think about finding some kind of closure some kind healing, or did they just isn't this just this is just to be a wound dark spot in my life that I'm just can have to carry with me for all my days there. There have been manager, green, red and even modern x-ray Denver survey 340 writing and percent of them said they dealt no and I'm pretty sure most women experience that had abortion that meant women would say there is there to greet this baby because it was mentally yeah so that that's not an unusual thing from a gospel perspective. A lot of a lot of us and I struggle with it myself. You once you become aware of your sin. Whether it's this particular issue of abortion or anything else that you don't you don't feel worthy of forgiveness.

And that's really difficult to struggle or wrestle with the gospel that you can that you can't get yourself cleaned up and ready to be presented to the king said that based on your presentation. He's going to accept you, and I think that's really difficult for most of us, but in this case that must be a particularly difficult thing so hot. How did you kind of come upon Tori up at a point in your life. 16 when he had abortion. It was 17 years later.

What was kind of the what led to that being able to find some freedom and forgiveness.

Worked great.

Her story knowing that I can talk to her because she wouldn't judge me really wanted that we are really think about what we help in healing and helping way to be on the radio ever affected, helping them find a way to share their story to get the word out that abortion isn't an easy way out and there's a lot of healing for the women that care that they're able to also help other women find healing or help them make it differently yeah that's it so important. That's why sharing stories like testimony of you look in the book of Revelation.

They overcame him. Him being saved by the blood of the Lamb and the power their testimony, and this is one of those things that we assume so much guilt and shame. As a result of it.

Not really even and I think Tori do you think most women do. Are you aware of the fact that 16 and then for those next 17 years of how many other women in the country. It actually gone down the same road that you had and had an abortion. Now I couldn't bear to hear the plaintiff with people, but in my mind I was the only one who ever gained something like that.

I didn't have anywhere to reach out anyone where to find healing or that healing, even if yeah that's that's the sad parts and that's why we we try to do shows like this as often as we can talk to Tori Shaw not forgotten ministries. The website they are not they are not and so what what are some of the things is working to talk about the next segment, Tori will specifically talk about what's going on this Saturday with the memorial service. But what are some tools.

What are some resources what can women expect to find when they talk to somebody like you and invokes it not forgotten ministries in terms of healing her Bible online and in person.

Carol are working on creating like a mentor program for women, it had abortion I can call and we will be there money that has been through it that they can talk to an awfully hard weekend showing retreats twice a year, and the father completely free.

Erwin had abortion come for a weekend at hearing wildlife. Were you surprised Tori in your own experience. How much freedom and how much healing you actually were able to experience how yeah I really am a different person and I didn't realize how much it was affecting my life until I started running and we always talk about how many layers there are the continued yeah on and on it goes. But what an amazing reality that can be had by anybody if you're willing to look into if you're willing to talk about and get some help.

So what what led to this idea of having a memorial service for victims of abortion and why the national day of remembrance for aborted baby is starting that are happening all over the country on fights to come back after the break Tori John Holder talking to Tori Shaw from not forgotten ministries. They are not

If you been down this road already, please go to that website. They will love you and help you find healing and freedom will find out more when we come back with you national day of remembrance with the people that have been harmed. Obviously, when it comes to abortion course that shot the children of boys and girls but moms and dads as well and so that's what were talking to Tori Shaw today about not forgotten ministries. God led her to start is been running and blessing people helping people ever sense is just a great resource if you been down the abortion road and odds are many of you listening to me right now are watching on Facebook or YouTube. Our habit. Okay, you happen and so the question becomes, have you found healing therapy found the forgiveness that Christ offers you. Have you found the ability to be set free and into bed be able to move forward instead of dragging that behind you all the time, which can be very very difficult very very challenging so as part of national day of remembrance national day of I just put the link up on Facebook live so that the if you're not in the North Carolina area.

If you can't get to the memorial service that Tori not forgotten ministries is hosting this Saturday. Winston-Salem then perhaps you can find one that's closer to you. But such an important topic in such an awesome blessing waiting to happen for you this Saturday to get involved.

Tori again, thanks for being with us. So what what what is this like I've never been to one. I can't imagine kind of the somber environment that it would create to be doing a remembrance for victims of abortion. Like I said, boys and girls in moms and dads but not that paint the picture help us understand what's gonna be happened in the Saturday character involved a little bit every year.

More on honoring the baby really getting any time they are real people that weren't born So we just want you, why don't not for our community and help people to really don't think that much about abortion until a company are doing right and I were determined to get in front of people you know like that is happening in our community and that all turned around, people have had an abortion and greet their baby and family. Now I think we forget a lot of times that abortion affect entire family opportunity to come together and honor the preformed dating canal. I have fared any year Speaker and fell, if not completely somber about it as an opportunity to get the yeah I would imagine that would provide just an amazing amount of closure to be able to bring that out with other people.

You're all in the same boat and to be able to express that into honor those children. It is such a healthy way to do it and when. With that camaraderie because should be suffering alone.

I think is Mark Robinson going to be there this year there is a Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina, who is very very pro-life, very outspoken with his faith in, and I'm sure that will be a pretty amazing comments from him but but how many people usually come out and just gonna take us through the order of events and how people get involved this Saturday. It's 4 PM and Winston-Salem by the way, you can go to the website, they are not that's the not forgotten ministries website, they are not but just going to take us through what people can expect to experience with their everybody when you work you, Wanda. People will be there that have not experience abortion, but no tragedy and laughter. I think we had about 75 people there here before Lieberman you and we had probably 30 people there were growling. I'm thinking of getting a little bit bigger this year and where it is possible to wear black anything to come. If you are done we will have a young junkyard leading the merchant. I'm giving them specialty to me. Always have a time where we lay flowers at the memorial that we create everybody flower and course will have Gov. Mark Robinson sharing well you had some people there Tori that came in the past and this is the eighth annual and nationally.

But you've obviously done a few of these in the past of yet people were that's kind of their first foray into really booked starting to talk about this part of their past. Yet all the time. It didn't matter where I gather what I do. People come out like went very truly changed and I can't judge fact that many people acting landed really a great people to comment on her even better.

Not going to be good were all there last year to have someone come up with the first time they had really cared anything about it. Yeah somebody that's been playing a time outside of abortion clinics over the last several years with love life and some other groups. It really is.

If you if you even if you have been down the abortion road and even for my fellow guys out there that this is one of the most to use this plan intensely.

This is really one of the most pregnant spiritual experiences that you can have in the context of what's happened here in America with respect to abortion and to be whether your across the street from an abortion clinic or at a memorial service like this. I think this helps to re-sensitize us Tori to the reality of what's going on 61 62 million babies and counting and of course we don't see as many clinical abortions, but with RU-486 and the technology that's involved there, but I think it's really important for all of us to just embrace the reality of this and into engage in a deeper level. Certainly this would be an opportunity to do that whether you had an abortion or not) and so what time.

Where is this just the people I understand a little bit and I put up the map earlier. If you go to the national day of remembrance website that's national day of remembrance, that works if you can't get to Winston-Salem this Saturday. There's there's literally hundreds of locations around the country. But what time and in what's a kind of the just the physical aspect of where it is and everything else started working out door at Miller Park theater and if you are you on Queen Street. There is a parking lot. There Miller Park and you can feed and get her from the parking lot that is not a long walk at all. Yeah the weather looks good to the rest of the week so that's wonderful and so they bring anything Tori should you bring flowers to the exit.

Bring a just show up yourself when you have a wonderful friend that provide for our we will have available information about our our ministry little items to sell for fundraising concert.

I have written a book and will have mapping for spell team spells electric cattle to support our ministry and then of course if you if you can't make it out there, but you want to start walking on this road and find some healing some freedom from something that's something you didn't pass them even experience in the past are not forgotten ministries. The website as they are not they are not Tori shot God bless you sister thank you so much for your ongoing work and thanks for helping us understand this today. You're welcome. We'll talk again.

Thanks so much and that was Tori Shaw. They are not is the website this Saturday 4 PM and Winston-Salem but like I said there's locations all over the country so this for many of you, and whether you had abortion or not this is something that's why encourage, I incentivize all my students. I give all kinds extra credit points just come out at least once at the site of an abortion clinic in this case of a of a national day remember the literal memorial service for these children in moms and dads because I think we all need to have our hearts sensitize to the speaking of that is something that I know would be very difficult.

But like Tori if you been down this road and you found healing and freedom and you want to share your story share that testimony and encourage other women or guys you as well. If you been down this road. I want you to call and I want to dedicate the rest of the show to that to giving a chance to share your story 866-34-TRUTH 78844866 portrait. I know today we're talking to Tori Shaw for not forgotten minutes they are and the memorial service which is happening all over the country, national day of up to link up on Facebook live so you can find other locations around the country this Saturday to memorialize and honor these children that lost their lives.

As a result of abortion, but that's also an opportunity for men and women to find healing and to honor them. Whether you been down the abortion road or not is not ultimately the point is just for us to come out and honor these women these men that fun healing and these little boys and girls that didn't get a chance to live the life that the Lord would've chosen for them if they had been allowed to lift so that's obviously very heavy, but something is very important now for the rest the show just one open up the phones you can share your story story short shared herds and we need to do this more the blood of the Lamb and the power, the testimony, as we read in the book of Revelation and so you never know how God might use what you share to reach somebody else. Another woman perhaps a man of your guide you been down this road and in the Lord's done work in your life.

With respect to abortion I want you to call and ensure that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. As always, is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and ladies, if you but gone down this road and you have a story and in the Lord's gonna work in your life. I want you calling as well. Or perhaps you walked along somebody that has found this type of healing and closure. After going down the abortion road, but please give a call and let's make sure were sharing that with people that need to hear that today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. I was wondering if my friend Carla was gonna call in today. Carla, how are you I'm good thank you and by the way, when you I am talking to the right Carl, I am I not you are okay. Just making sure. By the way, when you talk to your son. Next, please tell them your radio friend said thank you for his service of the goods also say mama to be a real blessing to your prayer life. You think so much for that. So you thanks for calling and I know this is really the center of your heart and something the Lord is used in your life to be a blessing to others what you had to go down somebody's Road yourself, Carlos will chair whatever you feel like Tori here before her portion. I waited 25 years before I like anything we feel like we're the only one who ever got in the longer that she take what we are there.

Shame on thing that ever happened to me my children live fact-finding hearing. Sharing my story with other we are running for. We can be around other things.

It's just really beneficial at this point had not realized that it is something that is available to you like Tori was saying. Carla, you mentioned that that that you can't go through this, and assuming that you're kind of on an island and there's just not that many people, but you mention one enforcer whether you 25, 30% of women having an abortion was that really important to come to find out that you weren't alone to that have a huge impact on you for ever yelled.

Their experience there.

We were in have the same broken when you allowed. Please surprise Carla on the other side when you first start engaging in finding some healing in getting involved. Were you surprised by by how much more healthy. You ended up being a little sure going to recovery group help got me.

I don't think I will ever ever forgive myself and really took a work of God change my heart, cry that with never thinking that way God could forgive me if he needs you hold on like like I needed to write it down very encourage you to ask you hold tightly clenched in your burden go.

Yet such a great testimony such great news for people to hear Carla God bless you sister.

I appreciate you calling it today. Thank you so much I love you to talk to you later.

Thanks so much, and Carla. What a great testimony and in we need to share that if you want to share yours. Hopefully that perhaps made it a little easier for you to go down this road and talk about it because you're to be a blessing.

Other people I can guarantee you seen it happen.

A thousand times all these years of doing radio. The God takes these little things we do on the Aaron and then some. Most the time I don't find out, but sometimes I do. And these things come back around.

Sometimes it's weak sometimes it's month. Sometimes it's years, but it's amazing what God will do with our obedience and with our willingness to share the stories 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH would be honored to give you some time to share today. Let's go to Angelique's call in and from North Carolina, Angelique, thanks for calling. Go right ahead and I thank you my friend Tori actually Tori Shaw time giving her testimony and I was just that encouraged here to share as well. I had an abortion at 18 years old and I came from a Christian home, went to Christian school my whole life and just basically went out into the world and made a made a mistake and I ended up in the proficient you to have that choice that Q he were to abort my child and my parents. Unfortunately, and had kicked me out of the home. When they found out what I had done, and I completely understand that I was left with the father the child.

You quickly slept me off kill Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood told me that I would ruin my life. I would destroy my entire life and the life of this child. If I kept the baby and I did briefly afterword Capt. and see if there were any adoption option and I did not go through with that II the family member typically and when that did not hang out. I ended at allowing his family. You take me and have an abortion down and it was the worst my life and I'm 41 years old.

Now I can get it for about 20 years and I was actually on.

I actually became a Christ follower in my early 30s I had actually gone to church and got wall at and and not ban a Christ follower.

So I came to Christ, and he has this way I have found that sanctifying and he is in your gift you a ladies group and a mutual friend named Nate again and I just need to worry and sway with that. When fighting and she invited me into her home to talk about my story for the first time and it was like we had always known each other. It was a common entity in the spirit opined if we could if we could open our mouth and not be silent about this. There is power in our testimony we need others to know that God did pay for this Jesus page, but I found a spot.

There is no stand so great that his blood does not have her aunt and because of the power that and and through Torres ministry not forgotten I am able to experience new levels of healing and Tori invited me to edit her potluck and to help with with the retreat at going on and in doing that together and that is all because of God's goodness and his grace and there. There's nothing to fear.

Jesus paid it all done that such an important thing to remember that this is not some people will look at this like it's an unforgivable sin, but it doesn't and is disturbing and is challenging and as heartbreaking as the blood that that that it's spilled literally with abortion, even as difficult as that is.

That's nowhere near as powerful as the blood of Jesus Christ and so important that people hear that and remember that and gingerly, thank you so much for calling. I just think God for you and for your testimony. Thanks so much for sharing with us today.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Will talk to you later. This is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble shelf you want to call in and share please do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I got Carla my friend just said this on Facebook live for somebody to hear the silence, weary Gopi, we're even more will be right back to back. It will show the one that we need to revisit on a regular basis.

Talk about the life issue abortion. In this case healing from abortion finding healing and help despite the difficulty of that particular sin and just so politically charged. You want change the trajectory of a conversation or a party or gathering, just bring up the issue of abortion, you know that so can be very difficult but if you been down this road.

You can find healing. That's why were talking to Tori Shaw not forgotten ministries there. There's a bunch from out there so this one.

The Tories in Winston-Salem. You go to their website you can get help.

What do you live there or not they are not this Saturday, September 18 4 PM in Winston-Salem. There are other locations around the country. The national day of remembrance he can find out about that. The one that their hosting again. They are not go to the national website national day of remembrance.or, to put those links up on Facebook live and can be a part of that whether you have an abortion or not to honor the children that we've lost and to be a part of healing for moms and debts that a been down that road.

That's what Kim is: and from North Carolina come thanks for calling Greta one that there are that you already know that they partook yeah I haven't met a lot of them but I have met I met several I'd say I probably personally know three or four and of those for two of them have been very outspoken, it comes up regularly when they share their testimony in their in their and the grief I mean I've seen these men weep as a result of what have any, but it also cemented at an event that I was at a couple years ago at the enforcers to be her lieutenant governor that a young guy came down in his early 20s.

We watched the movie unplanned and I gave guys an opportunity they been down that road to come down and talk about it best that for the Lord and and I find some healing and some love and some acceptance of the young guy came down, and then a guidance 50s came down, and then a guy who was almost 70 came down who took his girlfriend to a this was prior to Roe versus Wade is taking his girlfriend to a back alley abortion clinic watch the whole thing happen and he had found when he got saved and eventually not immediately but eventually got help and found healing and freedom from what he had done, and these and these men needed here. That's three guys out of about 80 and that particular circumstance but and I think we need more program. Yeah, I should've asked Tori that I know there are all do little search for when I get off the air so I'll put that up on the Facebook live feed today if there I'm sure there are. But most of the time women and that's one of the problems we think it's primarily women's issue. Obviously, demands that she, too, but she's the one that's carrying so it is different obviously for women, but the man side is so important. I'm really glad you brought that up all right. You're welcome. Have a great evening. God bless you. Thanks so much for calling this go to Gina's calendar from North Carolina genome Steve go ahead. Thank you for what you during your light when pregnant and a fork in a row and then have to get what I'm about to question had care throughout their life. You know I mean energy and hope. You can go away later and they will feel like a well I'm trying but if you give your child up for adoption. You can have joy and you can be here well hello choices are either here and if you row or two away and went zero such a people. I know that my yeah that's right way and begin to hear about that's awesome G what a great point.

Thanks so much for calling and reminding us about that. That's wonderful question. You're welcome. You hero, which is what you would be good. You choose to save the child's life in you. Bless that child in the couple that wants to adopt.

It's really a powerful reality and that's what happens and I've seen it happen that all of a sudden people that brought a route that gave a ride to somebody in the clinic or somebody that's I've seen a grandfather bring a granddaughter in and there's some folks at the clinic outside that will engage in same and what you do it you know you need to be a hero here.

You don't need to be an accessory to be a hero at such an important point, and praise the Lord that you called and ensure that they do so much and I want to read this you can only understand what is going on up there. Okay, I'm at Planned Parenthood's website. I've died, easily navigated to abortion considering abortion. And here's what they tell you and I want you to hear this.

Listen carefully and hear the hiss of the snake.

Okay, they are very good at this.

They know they've got people that are broken that are scared they the end and they know working to provide you a courtship pay for it with the cortical easy way out.

Solicitous is abortion the right option for me.

Planned Parenthood abortion is very common. True.

And people have abortions for many different reasons. Only you know what's best for you but good information and support can really help you make the decision that is best for your own health and well-being give you little quiz her little bit why do people decide to have an abortion.

This is on the Planned Parenthood website. If you think about having abortion, you're so not alone.

Millions of people face unplanned pregnancies every year and about 4/10 of them decide to get an abortion hear that you're not alone.

Some people with plan pregnancies also get abortions because of health or safety reasons. Overall, about one in four women in the US will have an abortion. By the time they're 45 years old. Everybody's doing, that's kind of the line of thinking can hear it can hear the hiss of the snake. Sometimes the decision is simple, other times it's complicated, but either way, the decision to have an abortion is personal and you're the only one who can make it here that this everyone has their own unique and valid reasons for having abortion. Some of the many different reasons people decide to end the pregnancy include they want to be the best possible parent to the kids.

They already have touch so sick they're not ready to be a parent yet it's not a good time in their life to have a baby. They want to finish school. Focus on worker achieve other goals before having a baby.

They're not in a relationship with someone they want to have a baby with their in an abusive relationship or sexually assaulted. The pregnancy is dangerous or bad for their health. The fetus won't survive the pregnancy or will suffer.

After birth, they just don't want to be pregnant deciding to have an abortion doesn't mean you don't want or love children translate that you're not a monster in fax 6/10 people who get abortions already have kids but that's again and many of them decide to end their pregnancies so they can focus on the children they already have. Wow, what a good parent and people who are already parents when they get an abortion often go on to have a baby later when they feel they're in a better position to be a good parent.

The bottom line is deciding if and when to have a baby is very personal and only you know what's the best for you and your family okay I think about to help me decide this plan.

Family relationship, school, work, life goals help safety and personal beliefs. People think carefully about these things before having abortion but you're the only person walking in your shoes, and the only person who can decide whether to have an abortion. The decision is 100% yours.

Here are some things to consider for thinking about abortion, my ready to be a parent is a link what I consider adoption and a link what would it mean for my future by the child now low to me for my failure bad child now on and on and on decision about your pregnancy are deeply personal. You have a child before you want one when you're young you cannot that's basically what they're saying you cannot ever be on a path to helping meaningful life. You blew it. It's all over. There lots of things to consider in its totally normal that many different feelings and thoughts when making this decision. That's why it's important to get factual, nonjudgmental information about abortion support from family, friends, partners and other people who true you trust can also be helpful, but at the end of the day. Only you know what's right for you. Okay, my ready to be a parent. Let's follow that link disparaging the right option for me. Why do people decide to become parents are facing an unplanned pregnancy are not alone, but half of all the women in the US and unplanned pregnancy. At some point, we were pregnant had three options parenting having abortion to doing it option in my ready for baby don't start a family know my ready to be totally responsible for all my child's needs will I bill to raise my child in a loving and healthy home cannot afford to raise a child right now. What kind of support will I have for my family, my friends and my partner. The father what would have a baby right now mean for my future.

How would having a baby right now affect my family or our other children just pylon pylon pylon okay if you're if you been in different I think Planned Parenthood's about Pap smears and helping women. You need to wake up, you need to wake up this is as the tannic as it gets.

You know, not gets no mention in this plan point Pembroke Planned Parenthood approach who gets no mention who is not part of the scenario is not part of the picture. Who doesn't matter.

The baby whose front and center in the panel Planned Parenthood narrative who was the star of the show, you are. You make the rules. You make the decision. You have the power you have the control, you're the boss I'm the boss of me which to go biblical on you is nothing less or nothing short of idolatry. So it is just idolatry. You're on the throne.

Nobody is not the dead, not the baby deftly not God, you're on the that's idolatry or selling the tannic to the court so they got. That's there's Planned Parenthood for should you hate Planned Parenthood. Yes, you should be a plan for people that work at Planned Parenthood.

No, I hate what they do. I hate their employer. I hate Planned Parenthood but we need to pray for and intercede on behalf of the people to work. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon. I like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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