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What Makes You Come Alive After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 4, 2021 8:00 am

What Makes You Come Alive After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 4, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on what makes you come alive continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to you and infringing masculine journey after hours time, so sit back and masculine journey starts here management journey after hours and wondered about a topic that is yours this week to her with us revisit the topic. That was the time revisited. We are discussing what gives us life makes us feel alive what is really Ira passion to get down so you can ask the question could make the statement what make me what makes me come alive is like right, what with blank. Thinking about the brakes is clear that anyway with fun is good.

So what makes you come alive and think it's a question. I think there's lots of ways you can do that, you know you're talking the first show you it's about adventures with God, but I just might. My daughter got married a couple weeks ago and in a couple nights ago to sit around and play card games or play Jassy or whatever and this the laughter was so good for my heart. During that time, it would have said that made me come alive, and I believe God is in the midst of it. God loves family Guy created family you know and so there are times that yes it's deathly direct walk with God. In certain things and assure more about that later. Potentially but also Justin and some of the stuff that he allows you to be a part of the just as your heart with joy and a lot of time. That is laughter. The break had me laughing and that's very cathartic, especially when you're feeling a little down, which I have the last few days, but it is it doesn't matter what it is. If it's an encounter with God. If that doesn't make us come alive something wrong with my relationship with him and I think a big part of my loving nature being outdoors sending pictures to friends that were sitting on top of Mount Mitchell 60 when they're baking down here in the 95 heat. I like picking on people and that was doing both enjoying nature and annoying my friends and I didn't send me a picture 95 would not of it is jovial in my respect God will give you the right people to rub their eyes. Just recently I those who know me know. I've been studying under 19 Psalm study study study and that which makes my heart come alive and also many ways, but it it really brought to light something that I kind of knew makes me come alive in its it has to do with community like to be in a community, but even more fun is when you're in that community, and you're literally talking about things that are learning about God so that the. The idea is we get to do this right and when we do this radio show were talking about things that that we've seen God do come to understand and what I found out was the word meditate in a limited access throughout the 1919 Psalm is to meditate on the preceptor.

He's gonna meditate on the statutes that were to meditate means a lot more than what I just thought roll around things in your mind. It also means to talk about it and start my good friend Harold knows can season two of my different groups that I meet with the heat.

He's there with me Thursday mornings as well as Tuesday nights, but CI process things when I talk about them in ways that I don't process them when I just sit there and what I think.

Meditate right. My sweetheart is assigned what she calls it oral processing drives may not. I don't deal well, I don't deal well with half baked ideas.

That's a nice thing about your sweetheart half-baked I doubt it's one of the cool things is like when you're trying to flesh out something you believe you note to throw it out there amongst of what you would consider to be dear friends that know you well that can tell you you're full of it and I heard your file or or tell you where you know what I'm saying and so when you are really trying to work through a passage work through something that you're trying to understand grow in communion with both God and the people that you're in community with. I mean, it really is a spectacular thing and I and I think about how blessed I really am, because I can be a pain RB don't care to be at the RB because it's just a big circus kind of atmosphere and I don't like circus, atmospheres all that well, but if I'm doing interviews hears all these people and then they put on headphone the person I'm an interview wanted to. And there's three of us in a discussion in the middle of the circus and all the sudden the conversation he goes to something about God and man. I'm in my heart but just it just comes alive and I'm sitting here in the middle of something. I really don't necessarily enjoy all that much and but man I am sitting there just enveloped in this like God: the science: what everyone ago it and so I just think of so many different ways that that God comes after me, but I really really love community as and so you know you come all those mornings even though we drive you crazy you to carve all our verbal processing wouldn't miss it though. The problem is, especially with my sweetheart.

She says something where she's working through it will. I think I'm hearing the answer and I'm ready. I'm ready to take action and if so, no you know you stumbled on follow and bust your nose on the floor goes for me with all my years of working in computer programming, systems analysis, I was used to hours of silence, thinking, and one when I spoke it was when it was finished. Not when it was halfway through and you just help me with a major problem in my marriage.

I didn't realize I have on your wife and my wife is you all talk through things and won't Bell be working on the decision, then she'll hear it and decide that that and then were stuck with that. But now she's gotten so tired of hearing me talk through things that she did listen the more so when I do tell her something. It's not heard or listen to that was about to have a little saying that I think goes along with that says I know you believe you think you understand what you heard me say, but I'm not sure you realize what you heard is not what I meant. I heard that and I love it because it's true that almost all of our conversations soda back to Robbie now because I am one of a group of people that give you a hard time about something that makes you come alive in what God shows you through the Hebrew stuff you do and we do enjoy it. The odds of getting a hard time a little bit more. That does make you come alive like us yanking Sheridan what that does for your heart. Sure sure it's light, the building block blocks of expression. How unbelievable is it that God expressed himself to us and he actually built the universe on expression. He spoke it all into existence, and then he wrote it and he gave it to Moses in his own handwriting and that we actually have that to this day to sit there to decipher and to ponder and to spend time with his as he reveals little secrets to me I'm I'm just like the kid on a date with you're the cutest girl really you know just asking her questions and sit Marion Wonderland is good and that's something that really speaks to her means you live now Rodney you know you struggled with a bit when you're out fishing. What is it about being out fishing. It really springs your heart to life is you I know you love doing all fishing is one of the things that it's just is just the wonder what's going to happen next. You have no idea. You can't see down in there. You don't know where the fish are your fishing not always catching it's this is the part of all what's going to be am I gonna get this hollow family figure this out. I like being in the problem-solving mode. That's what I do with my career I solve problems, and I find myself really enjoying that. If I can find better ways to solve problems. I like that but in something like fishing.

I'm such a novice that I really don't know what I'm doing. I just on so much joy in learning, and just kind of being able to do that, you know the same thing with both hunting that I've been doing is like no when I go duck hunting this weekend is looking forward that greatly enhance I go. This will be a venture. Maybe I'll actually feel on this time that that's always the fun part is going on an adventure in trying to figure things out being in something that I'm not totally comfortable with. I'm not good at is most my life I spent doing the things I was good at. I really am enjoying doing things that I always liked watching other people do it like watching other people.

Have fun with it like I never thought I'd be sitting and talking to microphone doing ratio talking about men God and Jesus you I just I just this is not, I never would picture that I'm absolutely loving you know slows things it makes your heart, I'm to come here and do the radio show and that's why I'm finding a lot of joy in coming alive is just an things that I would've never tried or done before that, all of a sudden, like Gotland might hear any candidates slowly let you come in on the stories you go along.

Jim can I steal your sugar for second, I totally right. So the question that obviously didn't prompt you with enough before this. Sometimes I got can get into. We all talk about boot camp right and help make this come alive. So let's start out there. What is it about boot camp make her come alive. We own coming up in November. We've been promoting it every week. You know what makes makes it come alive. What makes that come alive are the microphone like I had Rodney here was here I go into the old guy who was also Mike okay you have to get the same here. There are seven of us fighting over three microphones and it's usually shoving it to somebody else rather than grabbing it sounds pretty wake one of things it is always had and I've been to that don't know the number but quite a few boot camps from Alaska to Colorado to all the places we've been here and there's never been a boot camp where I haven't had a real encounter with God. It's different every time. Our multiple but I've never had one where there wasn't one so I can look forward to going to boot camp and knowing I'm Linda.

Sit down God's going to get me something for me. Robbie actually I called and out the other day I called him he didn't heard something from father regarding means nothing going on, even though it out when I was doing what God was adventure that God had me on that I needed needed to hear something from father and in it and it really is one of the things bring me lives in these boot camps and in life in general. Like the Lord has given me a gift. In between peeking a hateful being able to to listen to others and look and see the glory and others in the end, and not to see it hollowed out call it out and give them confidence in you when you said that they they have what it takes to me that God has gifted you Robbie because of the special sauce in a high-level amount. Robbie called special sauce and all of us have got that so that that that is one of the things that brings me Harold start over.

What is it about boot camp that the makes you, I enjoy the talks of the way that the clips are thrown in their but I have to say that the use Danny's phrase, move the cone assessments are covenants of silence that that we have that. That's a very special part of it for me. Thank you one and while Rodney is getting his fixed I want to come. Danny's defense we use both cone of silence and code of silence and I mean extremely different things but some jobs will scroll up switch names makes it fun. Then again, whenever silent now and we try to be Robbie get anything about Lincoln's election, please her to say what doesn't.

That clearly should get to do it on every boot camp I've ever been to their been men there that I've seen hear from God. For the first time and know that they heard from God and and and since that they had that there is a relationship there that's available to them that they really did not see on their horizon at and so deceive people enter into that adventure was and again I'm with the covenant of silence. I'm with the clips you know all those things and and if anybody knows I'll be one of the first people to be there and I'll be finished now beware lest we believe because you have a call to my heart in so many ways, but it you know we will do that broadcasts on Saturday with the guys talk and and and and you got you be able to hear that and listen to these guys as their hearts are coming alive and they're having the experience that I did at my first boot camp and realize all God wants me to be a man to know God's calling me to to more than being a parking attendant you know he he he wants me to be a warrior for the kingdom.

He wants you now and in the statistical thing yeah and all that is in our own special way because is: each and every one of us to do that. I think for me was the discovery through other men that seeing what God has done in their life and what God did in like this in Corey's life that very first boot camp that I was with and I was just to sit there and watch that I was just I was just in shock is like oh my gosh this was so impactful, so life-changing for one person in particular and then is like oh that happens every boot camp to somebody some degree, some of the snow, but it directly because we are fortunate enough to be somebody they kinda talk to or confirm with her have deeper discussions with or that's one good thing about being on the team is that when you go there at second we meet and we get to pray over people at night and we get to learn about so many different stories that are going on in the camp that that week.

That is kind of overwhelming. He's just because like all these things going on at one time and help different things connect in people's lives a lot when we come into that night and a little and like specifically Sam was talking about. Things are going on Eli and Caleb and we had the listening prayer and there were things that went on during that specific time. As Eli was in mind that came to me and I was saying but then Eli wasn't saying that eventually is like. I talked to Caleb, and this came somebody said this in Sam's listening prayer and select all the stuff came together, and it's like oh my gosh, Lord, here we are working in. You got all these things going on in different places that come together to one point that oh Sam and Eli needed talk about something when you have those kinds of things you could never ever pain you couldn't write it out just like the Bible itself.

You can't ever picture anybody coming up with the stories nobody could know me always, always many different authors could not have believed something that so perfect so you know it's from the Holy Spirit. And when you have those kinds of moments where psych there's a bigger story on just a small hole little pianist great bass world is this so cool to sit there and live and love on other men at the same time and I think we are talking that there is really important for those or listening in all of this is that we are all different. You can get caught up in watching other people story you can listening other people story in wanting to live there story wanting their peace, their part their gift. I want to be like Paul or Peter.

This person or that person and God has made us all different on purpose. None of you will see in part or all individuals, and that in this grand big story.

Note if some items. The camp will notice that I don't do a lot of talks really doing a good one.

One year and then I'm okay with that because I spend a lot of time with the guys and that's where that's where I'm supposed me that's that's where I get to do those things and get that to level these men and be Jesus to them and let them see him. It's important that we all see that we are different and we all have a different piece apart different place in the story were not all in the same places the community.

You got impoundment Emily. The community is so important and will were supposed to be doing it in your Seymour net talk about hope. Earlier in the midst of all these things are going on with coded and things like that. That's the hope in this is because it is going to start bringing us closer together were going to start having the stories where were talking about what God is doing in our lives. What is he showing us you have read this the other day were going to see more of this organist see more of the body becoming the body screwed in well. Unlike most of you I can Have a habit to breezy at this point, but hopefully they'll change the yoke I got into the the wild heart message years ago and in the beauty of it as being for me that there is a community local community talk is crazy Christian car guy about the little boot camp and in all that stuff and you know we came as a group at the time, but what it means to me will basil alive is his message is more about manhood and make you more alive than anything I've encountered have been to many millions functions at either seven easy steps to Jesus and all that good stuff in the Deist just seem to speak more to my heart and anything and to see people live in it out was really exciting still leaves I'm still hanging with Jan Romeo for estimating arrow. Well, obviously the most important thing coming alive is a lot of what's been talked about already, which involved our Lord in our service. In his kingdom, but I wanted to point out that I think it's also okay that we come alive with other things like the Jan's niece from Houston gave me a birthday present no, my 80th birthday. This is all I need is Auburn football. My dog wife didn't particularly like that, but it is like a country song, but there you know there's there's too many a lot of the things that we enjoy such as fishing and hunting and like in my case football those things are also things that God provided an intimate. It's okay that we enjoy in, but we should see God and that one of the things it that I used to experience that I don't get to do now is on my motorcycle. Some of my closest encounters I can't sing worth a flip and even less now that my voice is getting weak but Borat centigrade in my motorcycle helmet run down the road. It well, I won't name the speed but I could room saying good gzip Internet traffic accident. I was just wondering if you might do it for me for boot camp you the answer would be seeing over the weekend how God's people's hearts exactly where they need to be.

Maybe it's a breakthrough in spiritual warfare within.

He's been attacking him and they've not had the eyes to see it.

Maybe it's in healing and that they've had a place that they not let anyone touch it over to God and attach it and start the healing process doing just that the parts of the allows us to play and that you guess we can speak for me that sometimes it something really just popped in my head and comes out.

God uses for somebody else to have breakthrough in on how incredible that journey is and how humbling that journey is it's just it's always amazing to see him at work.

Any can't help but feel live in God's work in these changing people's hearts, and that that's a pretty cool thing for me then specifically was going to share just play the clip that I had that ask at the end of the day because you sometimes talked and he has drowned long ice to get you what makes me come alive in 90. He said the word hope, which made me laugh because it's my word for the year that it really negligent in working on in my good one God think and I said no really what you mean by that a civil what's the. The opposite of hope. You know which would be despair but in my case it tends to be more fear and it reminded me of this quote that I read the other day and I don't hit was from, but it says fear does not stop death that stops life worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles it takes away today's peace and that's where I spent a lot of my life.

You know, letting my joy be Rob letting my life be Rob letting the hope he stated in over the last whatever period of time.

More than this year.

God is bringing to light. To me this year is how important hope is the way I feel live is like there's no hope. Is there any reason to have a feeling of feeling alive by any help you find hope in a lot of places that I wouldn't necessarily looked in the past, no hope. His death yeah it's certainly not life will probably will miss two clips where that's okay. Heard from God and it's for the men out there, and women that don't feel like they did it. I mean it.

I was a Christian, a long time and believed Jesus died for my sins before I really felt like I heard the voice of God, and there are men out there that should come to camp because this is an opportunity I had an encounter with Henry, but I could be had more effect on me and anybody else in my life. He wanted to. He said when I asked him how do you know when you've heard God is she hear his voice, and if you will all my sidewalk along the draw take you to a place where you because you will hear his voice, you haven't think Jim absolutely registering and asking and sometimes him asking journey radio. Both links were asking coming up November 18-21 will talk to you next. This is the Truth Network

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