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Bitter or Better - 11

Common Ground / Bill and Odell
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August 21, 2021 12:00 pm

Bitter or Better - 11

Common Ground / Bill and Odell

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August 21, 2021 12:00 pm

Bill & Odell. 2 totally different guys whose common ground is our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network I leave and say I II, though they know this show is about a black guy in a white guy to friends friends a long time why the Democrat Republican and wanted things wanted to do is just share our experiences about friendship and finding common ground, and all those issues come against all talk about them. Do not talk about the old days will be something called watercooler and oh by the way folks have to guess which one is black which one is white radio, but what they don't have the gas is which one love God. Amen both love God, he will flood Jesus Christ the Lord purchasing W to say thank you for all your many blessings for many of us, you have called us into situations that stretched us that encouraged us that we had to walk by faith not by sight. So we thank you as we continue to walk by faith not by sight that you've blessed us with guests and friends. So we thank you God for all you many blessings in Jesus name we pray and believe. The father we just thank you for bringing Odell and his family into our lives we lift them up and tickly after her son had been attacked. Lord we lift up Mark Walker and his family. Mark is here today. He's become a friend in it was. It is great God, how you put us all together and you're in the middle of this. Your common ground of the guy we come to you today asking for guidance and direction.

You told us in your word in Proverbs 3 that when we trust you. You make your paths straight.

We claim that promise today continue to guide us towards our families, our communities, our country needs help right now, and maybe look to you for it because you are the ultimate hope in all that we do and all that we have. We give you praise for in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Will bill how you doing this morning I'm doing good Odell. I love your outfit you just described this folks think of a hunting outfit Campbell that is so bright that the deer can seem about a mile away. What dear is colorblind right well I don't think there that I'm I'm surprised you took a chance to try to describe it it's it's it's a multicolor folks is to some oranges and blues and not there not toned down colors sky like Odell.

He's not tone down but it makes it work.

That's the thing he makes it work will help the orange shoes and orange pants. You know the black man running around in orange bright colors bill you know sometimes I just get up and I go in the closet and colors kinda energize me sometimes. My wife says I leave no colors at home sometime this morning. We are just excited. We have a gas who's a friend and one of the things about our friend, Hong Kong's mama walker and he's got a share more, but you know Congressman, I I've been knowing you for a while now God, his fists or does your feet your feet have been, as so many different places from ministry to follow your father not as a young boy he was doing prison ministry to you been involved in some, the largest evangelical churches in the country to share the store with me. Odell I had on some brand-new shoes in front of this thousands of people, and God reminded me later on the same shoes I was in a ditch putting out a sign because I was starting a church in the same shoes the same foot the same path put you in the Oval Office talking to the present, the most powerful man in the world flight on Air Force One having breakfast with the vice president crossing up and down the halls of Congress. My friend God. His legible path in so many different ways, but in the midst of it all is still that loving father, loving husband and you still a child of God comes. We walk walker. Welcome to the show and please explain to so many people where you going think Sergio Bill, thanks for the opportunity to be here. Love what you do with is common ground show yes. Our background did grow up in a pastor's home and without unpacking all of that.

We had some opportunities to serve a different capacities but I was 34 years old in my trek was always about winning the argument even on things of the Lord, you know, I would take the Scriptures or whatever.

For me it was always about well who made the best argument and God work to my heart again work, my heart and begin what difference did you make in our pockets or 33, 34 years old I was, that this big conference in Memphis Tennessee and the evangelical churches there at Bellevue Baptist unit at 350 acres huge mega church there, but there's a group of about 50 of us in their and a pastor from Atlanta Georgia stood up and said this, he said. I'm not sure God can use you to your fullest and to you been completely broken. Now in my area gets at 34th. Again, I met a mega church I'm on top of the world. My dad's a minister making three tests, much as he is unrolling. Maybe you needed that. But little did I know Odell and build that bit by the end of the year, God would take all that away while something unfair and just, and dare I even say ungodly and here's where I realize this for sure my faith get tested was this going to make me bitter or was it good to make me better in trying to process all of that was really where I needed to go in. A few months later got begin work on our hearts to start a church and I said Lord I don't know that I'm senior pastor material. I'll lead the music and orchestra Bob in the exile, blocking the executive pastor, the administration, but God continue to move us. That way, and specifically the story that you're talking about were meeting at this little elementary school and were hoping for your 50 people show up that day and I'm out there that morning putting my little sign that there says Crosspoint church with the arrow and and I looked down just been a tough life. I just been in the hospital six days with with meningitis. All these different things. The enemy was really attacking and elegant at their shoes. And here they are in the ditch in the Sather Road and I looked down. It just dawned on me got impressed on me that those were the same shoes that I had wore standing was really in front of thousands of people on any given Sunday. And here I was hoping that 40 people short the day and I just spoke to my heart and I never forget it.

It was like okay I can use you now that brokenness, the surrender to be able to say okay Lord, you can't I get I get nothing. I'm embarrassed by this and humiliated by this. I don't know where I'm gonna go what's going happen in, and I really realized that I had not reached that complete surrender her guy just had to head up right at my hands as I got a plan for you, but you gotta trust me in all the while while great testimony. Well, it's a habit I just eat you. Be transparent because here's the thing on Sunday. Specifically, we don't all have the outfits that Odell had we all put on our son is best right and we act like everything is just perfect.

But the truth is were broken people in need of a Savior needed the Lord, and if there's anything that different from a from a commonality speaking to common ground. It's to understand that and realize God is the one that gives us hope, no matter what the crisis or what were walking through the time. Absolutely brother this and give us a test. My weight never heard before.

Know what we know you got into politics somehow sure I remember when I met you. We were at a men's retreat. Chief Justice Paul newly invited me to it were good friends and he says you gotta meet this guy Mark Walker is running for Congress and unthinking against two and he said that Howard Colborne thinking holy cow this guys get the battle that's uphill because Howard's like an institution sure and in so I got introduced and what I remember going to lunch with you were trying to meet. We both want to run restaurant finally hooked up yet and then and since then we've developed a great friendship and is always talk about your politics yeah I just you know I've been a pastor for 16 years with served in the Triad area one with Dr. Marquart and Gary Chapman at Carrie Baptist in the last several years we were in Greensboro so I'm watching the election try to figure how to get involved a little bit in that I did come from a very avid political background, but I'm watching a national election. It didn't go the way that I thought it should. So I literally get up by the living room.

Walk in the hallway at my wife's working in in the in the bedroom in the back and I just declared her Kelly. I'm running for the United States. She brought up a couple good questions like I do you know anybody you know you spell kind is you know a couple preachers get someone who's putting this operation so leave it to you to come up with points that are no she was great in we just embarked on this journey completely in the process, but I wanted to do something with my country in the sense that Shirley had her beliefs that were grounded in principles of individual and hope and opportunity, but I felt like so many out there who it was using it sometimes is points of division. How would we be able to go out and communicate that it has a pastor.

Some of her work in the inner cities of places like Cleveland and New York in Baltimore is I had learned to appreciate and listen to different perspectives culturally is forest where we were going or what we thought politically.

We could go and even going back to the influences of my father and and in having natural relationships there. I thought that was something that I can bring to the political arena without going into all that yes, there were eight or nine that were running in the race eventually and Mr. Cooper retired problem. Thankfully, but yes we just get to the primary to run up the general election.

And I remember one specific point was January 2014, five months before the primary and we had like 8000 cash on hand may just all we had in my opponent had several hundred thousand and I'm reading all the reports you try not to read MSA you walk. Or maybe that's No chance you're right below the whole God moved in a mighty way and open the doors and we had a chance to hit the ground running. In fact, at the end of her first term. He became the first member of Congress in history to be elected as chairman of the largest caucus in all of Congress people asked me sometime to say how did you hit the ground running so quickly and what they don't know is you can survive a Baptist business meeting, you find that you get to know we were blessed. Serve six years there finished up number four position. The house is vice chair ranking member of intelligence and counterterrorism and homeland security but but stepped away in January because we knew the Senate seat was open and I just felt like it would be disingenuous if we react knowing that we were going out two months after that that we would be running for U.S. Senate. So now were praying and trusting the Lord speaking in churches across the state, but just traveling up will be in Winston-Salem today Statesville this afternoon in Wilmington by the end of the night, so we just have a blather and some moving around, you know what impressed me watching you from a distance is you've never attacked anybody you've taken the high road. Even when they're attacking you. Congressman Coble didn't endorse you. He got snookered into endorsing your other candidate that happens I hear something Again. I it seems I have a hair that exactly and it's got I think that working in showing people that a this is Amanda it's honoring his word, honoring his commission and it's amazing when you're on your commission, the cats put you it's not work well. Bill it's a great point in life that I'm not pretending that I always get it right or say it right but I hope that the hearts in the right place and in the heart stays in the right place. By staying close the Lord always starting a and NBC McEachern starting the word because I know in my own instincts and intellect. Now speak of the ditch out in up in the ditch.

If you look at our record.

People say yes.

He's a very strong conservative.

If you look at our approach.

I think sometimes that's a difference in and if you want proof that it the last time John Lewis walked across the Edmund Pettis Bridge. There were 50 members, 48 Democrats and two Republicans were one of those Republicans in and asked to speak there Dexter Avenue Q, Memorial Baptist Church.

When the baseball shooting took place when brought all members of Congress together was asked to start us and lead us in prayer that day. I cherish those things because I think it speaks to more than just your politics and if this battle is spiritual, and I believe that we are in a spiritual warfare, then the answers are to come from a political perspective there to comfort something from a higher power, a minimum and give it to down a minute. But one thing I want to point out that I inflicted number of records in in Congress in one of the things that the dues publish the wealth of congressmen and senators. You have a particular spot in that and that your last yeah I remember what I been in office for two weeks and in comes a cheaper staff with a couple newspapers.

I could see the look on his face and saddened about a share and he lays out Lisa boss. I just need let you know you just got voted the least wealthy member in the hundred class sound like what I guess I now know what you have a good TV career something you're going on a prayer cloth on the side that goes back to source a just trusting the Lord and it's hard to do sometimes. Could you see the different numbers and the money raised and how much will he decide how much cash is infused in all this but but just going back to the basics is forest and where is God leading you been billing the trust import Congressman still in the faith walk. You had no money at first you had no name recognition. At first you will of the last person now.

I was looking and I felt bad because I know you personally.

You didn't get how Coble's endorsement how Coble Mandel. I deeply respect and is in that endorsement you think it utilize ministers we minister to everyone but is hard to minister to your family. You might taken us through the fact that he you are a couple months ago waited a straw poll.

Everything's going good and you didn't get an endorsement and you had your family. There you might share with us how that felt and how did you minister, how did you lead your family because we believe a lot of people yes you one the most powerful man in Washington DC. What makes you wonderful spouse in in the world but your family they can but they don't really Because sometime is preachers and leaders we lead everybody else, but we don't always do a good job on the family were you just can't make maple back some layers today but but no that's that's very well laid out of jail again. It was a tough day will emotion or emotional roller coaster day because the straw poll results that we we knew internally looking good and we end up really winning by a large margin. And these are just your everyday grassroots people that show up in, and that the president tough lies in for the evening course at out wasn't happy that they withheld the information about the straw poll went to him.

It was tough.

It been orchestrated by another member. He'd come in and endorsed the gentleman that I'm running against it. Who did even know 15 minutes before that he was getting endorse, makes me wonder who was orchestrating and pulling the strings, but in the moment they're sitting there. My two daughters with me were sitting there when the front tables and this is happening right in front of us and you get a thousand plus people behind you, you can just bill me by looking at you is like how you responded that this is a GLP statewide to say this is not yet the North Carolina annual GOP convention there this year was in Greenville North Carolina so you're in this big banquet hall resident drunk who you work with you been in the Oval Office and he's there in real time endorsing another candidate and I have time sitting there K like okay this is a little uncomfortable and I were sitting on these roundtables might do daughters on the other side so that same with your text to me dad, can we leave youngest when she's little upset with it and I said no as I knew this was one of those teaching moments is if we get there in leave not only what is it say to all these people but most important part of the same family and new in those moments. It was an opportunity to do up to the right thing.

Be respectful and and really as we talked about this morning. Trust the Lord that he would be able to work this out and work in the middle that journey, but as the saying goes sometimes.

Yet appraisement storm praising in the storm. You have been in the Oval Office, numerous occasions you have ate breakfast with the vice president. Numerous of chairs you have been on Air Force One numerous occasions you have been in the big large church, but you've been in the ditch. You've been there when you didn't get the endorsements we all know about her chart, but very few of us know about political you share that with the audience. The difference, or the is it the same Congressman Church Road political herd.

As Christians we get hurt. And sometimes we get hurt leave the church. Somehow we get hurt leave the political party but you didn't leave you didn't walk at all. God you didn't walk out on the GOP you can walk out on the church usually sets up with the pain… I know it's not not not at all. We know you just unpack that beautifully. Church heard is always more impactful than any other entity because it will goes back to no football droplet cord back in high school and for whatever reason, the coach thought I would have some kind of moral value for putting me in this drill with a lineman. I don't know why, but maybe for the ego or something but but this bull in the ring you would take the football in the coach would call 42 so 42 is my lab so you wanted to turn to get your center of gravity and he would call a couple numbers and eventually he would call one, number 70, which was probably an offensive lineman and I would think number 70 was to my left, but I forget that number 70 was to my right and before I could turn to get my center of gravity writing that your whole he would ring my bell is a what is I have to do this will. Here's what in the world and in politics work on a brace for you. The Bible talks about work for and expect expect those dark from the from the enemy right but in the church world is when you get that blindside shot. That's what takes you off your feet. That's what takes you brisket, because those are people in the battle with you it in your Looking out here so when they catch you off your felted knock you off your feet man that's hard to recover from an obscene begin and be begin the creative spirit of unforgiveness that literally clouds God's best for your life and I get listen sometimes as we talked about it's unfair or unjust. In the evening godly, but alas were willing to somehow find the strength to give that back to the Lord.

It becomes a weight. When Paul writes in Philippians, forgetting those things which are behind us. He doesn't disqualify them for the good or bad, but he knows that if you're carrying something, whether it's a victory, or whether it's something tragic that was unjust.

That happened to you, it will literally dissipate the very best for your life that God has so somehow someway to be able to live out that best life you have to be able to figure out how do I get this back to the Lord and I will tell you if you can work out church hurt. You can work out anything you know is interesting I saw you my the manual church you went down to Charleston, South Carolina my hometown and before I know it your singing amazing Grace now you with the president. Pres. Obama at the time. Some would say why would you even be saying with that guy will you out. I'd only been in office six months so this is the summer of 2015 and I wasn't qualified in any kind of leadership position to be able to go to when it to Kevin McCarthy who was the Majority Leader and I said, may not, is there any way that I can so they on the plane.

They made a space for me went down there. I just thought it was hard ask, but I just I was just compelled to be there because as a minister grief and suffering. It doesn't know political party affiliations right in the thing that impressed me the most in all this and I will never forget this not use this several times from speaking is we talked about forgiveness earlier. What greater act of forgiveness. Was it when those families came together in this white supremacist terrorist Dylan Ruth when they came together so you know what we are believers in Jesus Christ. This tragedy has hurt us, but we are offering forgiveness to this man. If that doesn't knock you off your feet.

I don't know what does. And I needed to go there just to show my respects and I don't care who was singing amazing Grace, there's asked at what it was John Newton, a former slave audit wrote the song, or whether it's Pres. Obama.

There's a message in there for all of us get a Impreza policy you apply directive would you give a solo did you get the solo if it was a baritone placard to the ranges egg he's own periods with the rain to have some questions about site pricing and acquire high school in after listening to music where directors bill you get all the way in the back and get to sing softly right of Golden Agrippa show it with anybody you remember any get try to give him single soft real software yeah that's right that's right well Congressman walk a week. We appreciate you being here at one last question is, is a minister and is a politician's politician. You want everybody to vote for you as a minister you you like people to like how you find common ground with people to have diverse views. Well it's it's well in this political partisan world. It's all become personal.

And that's the challenge these days and I think if you can speak from the heart and not just work through these talking points that you're always handed other times when yes you have to stand up, you have to be willing to fight and engage the battle. But what your ultimate purpose. There, we talked about is it simply just making your point in embarrassing somebody or is there a way that you can gravitate people to the perspective that you have.

That's the art of this and all of it and I think ultimately if your people are able to see Christ are you even though you may have some differences I believe that is the ultimate foundation of the common ground that we have meant Mark how do people get in touch with you and support your campaign and how does that work shirt thing will reach out to us or have any questions they can reach out to us is Walker the number four walker for before they want to email or call us all the information is there. We try to try to answer all the different responses that we get out there okay very good.

Thank you. You know what is its Tyndale. You obligate me because you all that envious of my nice outfit from my hard shoes and my no socks my orange pants and my psychedelics shirt back in the 70s disco fever and he said I could go hunting because it described that picture to the listening audience weeks. My first emotion is there some sad aspects of this picture there, so if I heard correctly that was about 22° we were out rabbit hunting and everybody participated except the rabbits that they were even to: come, I don't think so is describing is a picture of the six gentlemen bundled up all look like the noose and Eskimos only person you can really pick out well is delicacies. Black yeah I did you get always think out loud that it is and what are you Joe that we had a great group of people had Roy Carol Mark Walker. Of course Greg Johnson Sandy Brady.

We had a wonderful time and you're right I think we didn't see erratic or if we did it was one in and then I remember that Sandy's truck got stuck in the mud. So we spent about 20 minutes. Get net out. It was yeah we call that the Second Amendment, so Bill, if any, listening audience out there want to invite the three of us rabbit hunting this coming year. How to get in touch you had to get in touch with Satan thinking reach out to us in our website.

Common show but it's the common ground that show and they can reach out to us and will will come out to some rabbit hunt on your property unless it will come out the TAT common and you need us to, speak to your Rotary club event that anything just will be glad you want us to come out there and hunts rabbits with you go fishing with you. You knows nothing like good looking black guy.

So hey Congressman, thank you. We pray for your campaign (you are a blessing and your testimony so powerful people. Mark just thank you for your friendship. I'm so have begun the entire life. Thank you.

Great work you guys are doing great.

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