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What is Hell's Best Kept Secret?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 18, 2021 10:57 am

What is Hell's Best Kept Secret?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 18, 2021 10:57 am

Do you know? Stu catches up with best-selling author, Pastor Ray Comfort, of Living Waters Ministries, to talk about evangelism and controversy.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is good Truth Network so what is Hell's best kept secret. I caught up with a Southern California evangelist from New Zealand name Ray comfort best-selling author great man to God you'll enjoy this interview is a throwback to the past but is podcast on true thought. Interview with Ray comfort friends. This is like a dream come true. Stu Epperson in sunny Southern California I'm not freezing in North Carolina but I'm sitting next to a man who is been a huge huge role model and mentor to me friend is an evangelist Ray comfort man is good to talk you. This is where you hang out yellow Southern California saving everything Ray comfort raises living Waters ministries is what is called how to get that name and tell us have the passion of this place, while 975 guy showed up at my doorstep with a the outlook for the school.

Jesus paid the June pieces movement and it was cold living what is easily taken on the size that you show so I did the outlook and we end up selling some like giving away 250,000, and that was the beginning of living waters, and I began printing gospel tracks and elderly Presbyterian minister insisted on me getting a school day against state, not the lithograph machine used to print listens on the musica and not when I got my nap and I really attracted some guy so it was cold sin, not skin. It was about a racial issue and he wanted 5000 copies. I did crank out 5000 copies, and since that time, something like 250 to 60 million tracks despising of the decimal beginning since it's wonderful custom who is right comfort on SI question on a Kroger little bit and folks drown around to listen to my voice on the radio while don't know God. They don't know what's going on and they all he knows you got a funny accent. Yeah, I'm originally from his with nothing but a passion for God's love and my testimony is that I couldn't figure out West, the statistic like 1010.drug because nobody talking about this date and why doesn't someone do something about.

I found out when I had the gospel for the first time that God did something about Jesus Christ as polished death and life in a metallic light through the gospel. So I repented at night is 972, April 24 became a Christian and went crazy MyCommands and everlasting life among those who sit in the shadow of death, the last 45 years I've screwed my life and every way possible. Reaching out to people say consider the reasons they need to look at the commandments realize that if you lust after woman you committed adultery in big trouble on judgment day has a reality. God provided the Savior through the death and resurrection of the Savior need to repent and trust. Do that and got a big everlasting life as the gospel, not people have washed your videos regular books videos you actually go on the street I was on the street evangelist street witnessing what is unit atheist. You may videos about homosexuality is a you just don't like honors. The goal is to go on as much chance of sin is visiting a church building have criminals visiting the police station, nice place to go to guilty sinners avoid the light. They love the darkness even to take the light to the and when you understand the principles of Biblical evangelism is nothing to fear the conscience. So I'm a freshman taking a philosophy class at the Masters college in California not far from here, you and I had met yet but Guy hands me a book. He says this will change how you look, the nations will change everything for you.

And his name was David Deutsch. He's a pastor of the senior Valley. Now in the book was entitled Hell's best kept secret in the title I got but it's a great conference and was comforting about that book made an indelible care, Ray comfort like I was like an evangelist triaged sure his book wrong, but tells the premise of that. I think you you you read package that retitled the book in its minute print budget ties with Telus Canada the premise that how we do get it wrong or just we rush in with God's loving the sinner could care less about that. You take care unless it is has the disease. I cannot even say hey this wonderful care.

Please take a look at my face you slick you, but I think it's time to point out the clear symptoms of the disease and you see the tenant disease you can say to they might bring the curette you can appreciate an appropriate because it understood, you have the disease they can understand why you need to kill and the diseases that we would be convinced of this and without the commandments. They tell us what's in violation of God's law last is adultery. Hatred is in God's eyes. Once we see were in big trouble and so just number the Full of holes along going with you and will come as Jesus pulled Romans chapter 2 Seychelles use the you say shock and adultery you commit adultery, sin, so that here is the same district wide instruction sitting one of my heroes menisci using my Hebrews 11 all faith and his Ray comfort and he's a part of the living Waters ministries you heard about its Genesis here just now in Ray you want to practically break this down for listeners because it really make it simple for you. Obviously model it is rather a golf course man Jason lifelong Arthur Street bridge in Santa Monica pier.

I see on the videos I've taxing before they noted on Saturday night.

Like family to the game railing 100 teller lizard practically regularly to Christ was a simple way without being condemning as well.

All three walls articling right once a simple way to get to somewhat use the law of the law was designed relationship is as stringent as Tom, my question is, say it is time to exist as you mentioned Zen like things like that. Once it is is yeah is utilizing a stone is Jesus. If you look at commit adultery and donations of time, not judging, just tell me your lying feet from blasphemer don't guilty on judgment help and that's when the cross makes provided a saving forgiveness and punishment is again Thursday and I have lost count of the times people sit like this before. It makes people can see this in action with good new website called fully free allowed is 42 million views on YouTube. We are astounded we 2 million. The apostle Paul will be green with righteous envy. To think what we've got in the Internet with which 42,000,003 so fully free you can see in action was so general website for the ministry itself was largely big mama is living water still having okay it uses folks to give him your church.

Kirk Cameron is a lot with you.

Great great evangelist was a famous actor using Star Trek 20 County Clerk until ninth grade but I never had any growing 55 is about 70 minutes later so recovery are such a blessing. And what encouragement digesting a man is thinking about evangelism sure Christ. To me that's the one thing we can do it happen is bring people to Christ is too late and it was Realty hell didn't exist. Hell didn't exist this move.

He wouldn't exist even so, some important yeah held an existing with this ministry audience somewhere and spread it would lift his anonymous trading all gray had guys surfing damn I think the shot Bateman. I'm not interested in self-indulgence because hell exists on my life, to mean something in such a request to be Ray thank you man for your friendship, so encouraging to talk to you interview here were in on this a bunch of times. Folks learn more and get engaged in a culture acting like Ray comfort in your life that make you uncomfortable. This is the Truth Network

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