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August 18, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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August 18, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you explain Numbers 12- Why was only Miriam afflicted but not Aaron when they both spoke against Moses---2- Can you give some good verses for explaining predestination---3- A caller wanted to comment on Matt's recent discussion with an Eastern Orthodox apologist.--4- What's the best way to talk with extreme charismatics---5- Why is Reformed theology superior to things like Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive as hard for you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches, goals, and respond to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick. Everyone welcome to the show host maps look at what you call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 the last four numbers spell CRM that's Christian apologetics research ministry. Should checking it out has had over hundred and 47 million visitors, and the work unit infected about two months it will be a 26 years old working on the website long time and doing the defense of the Christian faith even longer. Nevertheless, and so if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and African lines and if you are interested in watching. You cannot good news or the car website unit right hand side of Celia link down toward the middle of the page and click that and you want to be sitting here.

That's not that big a deal, get a headset on and the nice thing is that you can participate in the chats with the people to come and usually 50 to 60 people to commit and contestant like fund go for all rebels of the prayer ministry if you would need prayer, please email us at prayer and you'll be fine all right for blinds 877-207-2276 was good to Kim from North Carolina, Kim, welcome your near document number 18 if the reason why merely that now and not sharing it because I'm a man of God. He was the high priest in here to be ceremonially clean, number 12, six through eight is one of the CF Kristof and he's got talks there and I think is there.

Also, because Moses met a Cushite woman who basically as Ethiopian as a black woman but logical say that it was because she's black it had to do it that Duke was in the us of the tribe so he to be serve only clean the build offer sacrifices, and so he wasn't touched because the priest has to be without blemish. And God wouldn't make the high priest with blemish and but she was purely but later to 12 okay right right thing thought okay numbers 12, 14 of the Lord said to Moses if her father had spit on interface would she not hear her shame. There her shame for seven days letter set up seven days after the camp they received again to look at the context is exactly was going on, but it looks like that's the whole reason why is because he was a high priest and I burned against him and towards median.

Erin said to Moses that holds against us to let her be like a dead one says Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because the Cushite woman whom you married so that's the only reason I come up with is that why she was judged and he was not because he was the high priest had to be ceremonially clean. That's the only thing come up with make any sense. Okay, but wow what up Bob will rate something it had to do with it only hung to state well disrespect dishonor on dishonoring the family dishonoring the name of God to be all kinds of of reasons and the so that when I wouldn't be should be exactly sure about. There is the dimension in the New Testament about to some as was your face.

You know it was the was an insult to do that and it really didn't music from the violence as a way of being insulting and they didn't win off understand they would often actually spit it would be a fake script is a spit in your face as a inclination of their disgust and disapproval.

If you snuffle I understand that's about all I know about their okay what I meant okay but God bless a false light of the lines are going to McCall.

All you have to do is dial 877202276. It means those got to me. Yeah it calls right now. So on Saturday I was in a debate with Eastern Orthodox individual and very respectful guy about the day went well and I've been studying eastern Orthodox theology now and more studied them. I'm convinced it's really bad and on tomorrow night I'll be debating a formal debate with respect with a young oneness Pentecostal guy with a guy who denies the doctrine of the Trinity and sold in all the people in the Linksys type of information upon that my websites on tomorrow if when I get up URL and stuff.

If you were to go to It'll take you to the calendar page and I would've been doing lately is keeping up to date with the other things that are happening is just a list with newest stuff is at the top so I let's see know what's right to change that date is wrong with the 11th get a move that entreated take your souls on the 11th tomorrow that I'll be debating the guy on oneness and Trinity, or oneness. What is the biblical view and then on the 30th don't know on the 30th minute on the 24th. I have another debate on the dock of the Trinity getting Rocky Smith known one, tomorrow is guy name Stacy Turberville. So I'll be defending the biblical position of the Trinitarian nature of God and I have been studying the dock of the Trinity for quite a while now and I have been working on a statement about the Trinity and I've been thinking about teaching on it in depth in it in my patron account of because of its record tackled one thing at a time and go in it in depth so I have been talking about this for a while. The definition of God and so is a lot here. The definition of the working on and who the Christian God is is around see words as select 328 words just the definition of who God is, the Christian God. And the reason this is important is so when I debating atheists recently they will misrepresent the Christian God and a lot of people who condemn the Christian God don't understand the Christian God. That's what I try and do is offer a definition to them and say here. This is what the biblical position is this is what Christianity teaches about God and we've had some very interesting conversation sometimes you know people civil. How did the Christian God come into existence and the respondent responses.

He did not come into existence because to say, he came into existence would not be the Christian God say that he was created would not be the Christian God. To say that he wasn't necessary would also not be the Christian God in Christianity, we would say that the Trinity is eternal in the past tense and that God himself is the necessary bringing without him. Nothing else could or would exist in any way, we would say that God is what's called noncontingent which means he does not depend upon anything else, he's completely self-sufficient. We also say that he is unchanging and we would say he's transcendent. Now, the issue of transcendence means that in relation to the created order is transcendent because without the created order. God is still spiritual. God is still noncontingent contingent God is still unchanging, but when he creates than the issue of transcendence becomes a reality because transcendence means not dependent upon space and time, and that's one of the main definitions that is used in so God has in that sense, an emergent property relationship to the created order which he transcends it, and he is in it but not defined by it into stuff like this. Here's an important concept that a lot of people don't understand is that God has nothing against which you can be compared and defined when people say how you know is good.

That means, or implying a standard of goodness apart from God by which you could then be defined or judged but it's the wrong question to ask in relationship to the Christian definition of who God is. So when I try and do is get people to understand the biblical Christian God and then we get into the Trinitarian aspect. We can then account for what's called the one in the many issue the one in the many issue deals with stuff like how can you have a sphere in one one thing called a sphere, but spheres can exist everywhere and there's one thing called sphere in this budget particular instances of spheres everywhere. What unifies them as being of the one nature.

In essence, this is a real philosophical discussion that occurs has to do with particulars and is ours is a world modernistic or is it pluralistic and these are things that philosophers have been discussing, and it gets down into Christian theology as well. Many right leaders of the things of discussing a think about and in which you may call 877-207-2276 is good to OH only idle but I'm doing good. I was fascinated by your first caller number 12 I was. I had some insight from customs of the Bible and I am and Walter Martin of Rachel Berman on that. He called me call that chapter the fifth of God because it was a custom among the Hebrews. When the daughter insulted the father. The father whatever he would spit on her and put her outside the camp for seven days and then she could come back in 20 spleen have a fresh start and her complaint and her brother's complaint was Moses had married a black woman from Ethiopia and it's sort of like ironic that he would say well you're worried about color about white as snow as Scripture describe turns are white as snow with leprosy and she asked that outside the camp and then of course Moses goes to bat for her with the Lord and after the seven days she's cleansed and is allowed come back so it's a temporary punishment that the customs of the of the people of the day understood exactly what the punishment was what it was for that. It was limited and that it was mirrored in in that action that the Lord did to judge her for insulting him and and you're right, it didn't touch.

Aaron considers the high priest and he couldn't be defiled away, but she wasn't yet so she did suffer that penalty but then was restored and the meat picture that the Lord paints about the white good not to be a racist like it is right and left for Baltimore city white okay here you might be left wrist, and I don't know if we really an issue of the sea that she was black. I did this because she was outside the Jewish circle with way I was. We can break Charlie Gubler all right/Charlie – he a good buddy of mine. He's a guy who helps out your show so I for the lines 877207227 safely write back mass like why call 77077 is Matt's leg back to the show lined up on Robert from Washington state. Robert welcome here area all right man hanging in there you get, you know, I'd like to show that much, but I think theologically what I hear, you know are pretty much something line, I haven't found anything that I would pick it at what you've written on Carmer that if you presented with. I appreciate your ministry, and I thank you for being here.

I was wondering if you can kind of make them helpful working Bible versus yours. Good way to formulate document some of my friends, a lot of them are conservative evangelical, but they struggle with the idea that the nation and it not Roman date issue so much as it is, that if they expect the nation are often affecting the idea that God I tried to explain to them that it did come down to their view of the nature of man and that if they believe man is naturally good or naturally evil on what are your thoughts on that meeting all collaborating you give me some stuff working on points to bring to them that predestination is deathly biblical and when they generally raise that objection if the room is 992 23 and that answers are objection, but before we get that I'll talk to but that's the issue of predestination is returned. Scripture acts 223 this man delivered up by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed across an X4 27 and 28 it says were truly in the city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate pilots along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel to do whatever your hand and purpose predestined to occur. And now here's something important.

Romans eight 2930. If you know this already, but the says those before new he also predestined witness people think the word for no means as he looks in the future to see what can happen. He predestines people and that's problematic because it would mean then that God implies that God would learn by looking in the future can't work it would also mean that God's choices based upon foreseen choice of man and then that would be favoritism and that can't work in what you do if you look at Romans 829 it says for those before new he also predestined the four known ones are also the predestined ones. It does not say he looked in the future Dalhousie to be all the ones he foreknew in advance. Some of them he predestined, because her to choose him.

That's how most people understand that verse. That section is not what it says those before new he also predestined if is 145 just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless before him in love he predestined us to adoption as sons.

Ephesians 111 also having a we have obtained an inheritance, having the predestined cordless purpose who works all things after the counsel of his will. So these are the verses that statically teach predestination. Clarissa, I believe that's what the word is and you have to you ask them what do they think destination means and can the defendant biblically defined that people generally speaking, cannot because what they've done is is it they have submitted the word of God to their understanding and her feelings of her sensibilities, because God would never predestined anybody to hell than what I say will it never says he predestines anybody to healthily predestined people to salvation predestines to be justified, and things like that never says he predestines anyone to help, but I'll all then say to them, but I do believe that God would make even the wicked for the day of destruction and the they say no, then that's that would never happen and I said well I believe that you know you're wrong.

I realize I'm quoting Proverbs 16 for the Lord is made everything for its own purpose.

Even the wicked for the day. People so united I believe he would do that and he said no he wouldn't, and a loss of the Scripture says and this is a sign that people are subjecting the word of God to their sensibilities. This happens all the time. When you Romans 99 through 23 two deal with the objections to find out that their objections are written into the text. The objections of those who are against God's sovereignty, predestination, are written in the text of Romans nine With and this for those who don't know got me. I suspect I know the clinical through really quickly for them, for the hearers for this is the word of promise at this time I will, and Sarah shall have a son. Not only this, but there was Rebecca.

Also when she conceived twins by one man her father Isaac for though the twins were not yet born and had not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because of him who calls. It was said to her, the older will serve the younger. Just let us as it is written, Jacob I love these.

I hated people at that point was not fair. He did anything good or bad he's judging them. He hates one loves unless not fair in the very next verse says will, what shall we say there is no injustice with God is. There may never be that objection is right there because if you raise the same objection your understanding what he's saying if you don't raise an objection need understand the text goes on. He says I will have mercy on whom I have mercy of compassion. I hope whom I have compassion. So it does not depend on the man who wills of the man who runs the pond God was mercy and it goes on and in the objections like this are listed in there and it concludes with the does not the potter will not receive what he still find fault in verse 20. Who are you will manage quickly back to God a thing multiple knots take them over. Why did you make me like this will it is not the potter have a right of the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use for common use would have got all the willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath repair for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon bursal vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory at Romans nine 9023 so in those verses in a given you. You have all your answers that you need in order to give get them to hopefully to see the biblical position. Not that they will accept you been going through with them. I was wondering if there's any other area in Scripture that I could use to help forgot. But if it back to me.

Text recording.

Dogs keep on driving that with them and that they have an issue that that's on you. I know the verses about God's. For example, his sovereignty will yard by banning they they think they will, then you know God, if you know that people are in any still create bend and even allowing them to defend correctly as long as Seth was a problem with that you love and leave the sin was brought course, God allows him the sin we will and I ask you I got to stop them from sitting in the civil Gastonia for murder. Okay what about murdering her heart should God stop your thinking something bad for you want God to go. What standard do you have by what you say this is how far God should go and shouldn't go.

People don't realize that what they're doing. Christians do this all the time. They want God to be made in their own image they want God the blonde haired blue-eyed clockwork Caucasian surfer Jesus whose dress in a woman's nightgown standing at the door of your heart asking for permission for you to let them in.

This is humanism, and it rejects the sovereignty of God, and it is apostasy in the Christian church. So many Christians hold on. They felt through the lines 72072276 McCall mats like why call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show. Robert other breaker can catch up there, but the anything else doing little more help in it.I think fundamentally like that for it to come down to the nature of man and what people believe that even manifestly international legal and under their view of Scripture on top of that, although maybe they get familiar with the verses that teach that man is by nature evil, the addict found in Romans one Adobe first Corinthian Proverbs and then ingest verses but you also a messianic Christian and easily find it challenging you can. We don't do some of that you subverted a mandate on the law. We have died with Christ. Romans 66 and therefore those who died are free for the long Romans 74 not obligated to keep that law.

Furthermore, in Romans 14 one through 12. In particular, verse five it says that he semi-fully convinced in his own mind is in regard to worship days and Sabbath days and so if were obligated to keep those certain days and why does Paul say one man regards every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind so have him answer the questions of Scripture that know that my question but I appreciate the work you do and God bless and thanks for sharing. That's all right if ultra for open lines give me a call 877207276 is good to Craig from Louisville, Kentucky. Craig welcome and thank you Matt want to start off by telling you how much I appreciate your work. Part of the so I a favorite student of apologetic and electric that I just got done reading been killed. Apologetic thought Moncton a few weeks ago taken a couple of Boston that are available online and whatnot.

And so I'm not a product and there are some I'm not Catholic I'm not Eastern Orthodox either, but in. There are a couple of issues that will one day love to debate should be lost, but that's for another time of the McCall days actually to offer insight so ironically over the year and 1/2. Due to the nature of my job and how much time you have to listen to think in the background.

I have defeated Berkeley of the past year to have delved into Eastern Orthodox. It specifically actually and this will all but about close watching your vocab Bob Malone lifestream the other day but You and I didn't realize the tenor of the debate that you had the duck could be good and not only debate is it was a discussion. That's all it was called an organic night was the anything you like your you're right, but my point is that you you present, heart that conversation that you have because of the vitriol and the un-hospitable baster of your topic Yorty the data debate and yet you still had the whole debate and a long story short, I have a number of issues are the Burke I have about three and half pages of isolated argument and tidbits of information.

It took me years to realize was always right in front of me logged in came through repetition of particular videos or particular lesson that they would have and thought of their particular theories that I listed to three because of gold on the third time did not come to understand the type that'll argument in a way that had that for the way that the yellow utilizes so yeah I have a lot of note sentence I don't. Do you absolutely can't deny only kind that I am on their and Joe inside the just met Matt slick is wonderful handsome and great. I have a good subject heading back afforded to my Netflix.

I just put EO information for Metzler absolutely I would like document, I think you know hold on the forgot the gym today and I listen to some Eastern Orthodox priests I talk about these with the final interview is affecting me ask you what is your view of the sort that you think is good or bad or what I have a lot of bike quiet all of you might my understanding of the Trinity as well profoundly. But because of their their doctors. Whatnot, but I disagree that we wait the energy.

I think the things I disagree with the their approach to so. All the Jeep to there's nobody to public that I disagree with the general yeah I I am against the person or that some of the people in their approaches to apologetic and then just generally be theology of the law on the laws of their so I would agree with you that ego and I was saving things Catholicism can really explain the doctrine of Trinity very well. I also like I don't know if you'll can you cleverly study that particular thing, but from what I've seen what I've read seems pretty good and they can also deal pretty well with the hypostatic union and a mess in the it's a teleology that is the issue because you know if they're gonna take what they do with the EEO teaches, the more I understand from Eastern Orthodox to rheology the more I'm convinced it's it's a false gospel. I'm actually convinced of.

Okay, good. I'm glad that I think they will able state they will frame it this way, they will say that the Protestant issue you think about what their issue is therefore no theologian or their order theology they specifically about Protestant debate begin with. So to rheology and will work out there. Try all the G their apology every month. I disagree with that right what what what they end up doing though. Conversely, you think they began with biology physically. They believe that it allows them to begin their epistemology. Church tradition and apostolic expression as opposed to an end by the selected place you church only behind.

They submitted a story the Catholic Church and I don't see saw my debate with conveying a certain conveying budget and on. I really thought about that. I thought that he wasn't able to answer very well. The D. The issues dealing with imputation like you bang bang was able to pivot from one topic to another, a lot more effectively in order to escape dealing with the scriptural issues that you are bringing up, he was able to pivot a lot better than Deacon Dr. Deacon Ananias, are you correctly if that was afraid to go and dive into a particular topic of Scripture exegete and felt yeah now with EEO doing and they have done a little bit is triangle pre-subsets are discussing your learning transcendental argument set upon constantly doing presupposition wasn't which I assume you're reforming your theology because it can release them if not the center discussion and also there trying to go priests up in that they're going to assert that we don't have any right to interpret Scripture.

Only they do and so if we can go to anything in the word of God.

There's an essay you don't have that authority will say what it means and ways to get around. This is what I try to do that.

I wanted they don't want us to bill to go to the word they want us to have to submit to their idea of what the word says it all comes down to defeat. If you quit it with jadeite typically normal or background and with the Bonton seminary or less per year, something into what I believe happened you went through Catholicism and that eventually ended up in peace and Orthodox youths orthodoxy carrying it presupposition will trip the battle approach with somebody lurk about what I think you did with you for this great methyl apologetic methodology and is coupled with the argument from church tradition and historicity to try to create a argument. Article 6.

The reason it doesn't work is when we will presupposition Albert we are presupposing what God is revealed as being true, that he is the final authority and sissies reveal that the word of who he is. We presuppose ability of what he has said and what he has done what they do is supposedly the Eastern Orthodox church so that the church is the ultimate standard of truth not God himself was a complete different staff faith want to continue our God, the more you pay folks after a little I think 772072276 chemical mats like why call 770776 pairs. Matt slick Gregory still there. You are right one lot one last question we were vocab below mentioned something about her, but felt that that you believe that the utilization of the presupposition will transcendental approach where underutilized or that people work using bullet ability if by what you mean about presupposition Elizabeth transcendental issues, transcendental when we lay out the foundation of who and what what God is a Trinitarian essence. We then I thought, also understand the one the many concept that that's a side note, so God is a necessary precondition for intelligibility as the universe exists, the emergent property. God's essence in his transcendence becomes actualized. What that means is that he transcend space and time, but abstractions are these these principles we would call universals are transcendental and so universal. For example, would be no atmosphere and there are many instances of sphere in the world but is only one concept which sphere is in spiritedness is an abstraction. So transcendentalists exist in all areas. Pictures, rugs, cars, birds, insects, we have this underlying principle that we identify and we see particular manifestations of the underlying principle will this principle is always an abstraction and so therefore we think the argument then goes what must be in place in order for universal abstractions to have actuality and in how we utilize and apprehend those of reversals in the best explanation is a Trinitarian ubiquitous transcendent being and having technical.that's the basic idea is so you can use anything if so, so don't justice, mercy, love, a table, anything and everything.

Ultimately, the point back to God and his transcendence because nothing can have autonomy from God in all things that are actual as well as abstract all things actual like a physical object of any sort in any kind.

They do not have autonomous existence. We always exist like facts with within another context, with the ultimate foundation, the ultimate source for the context in which those those issues can have their actuality and the ultimate source can only rest in God make sense. You and I would like it.

People utilize the point of the presupposition will methodology wall under utilizing transcendental metaphysics ontology, right then they have to understand the relationship between on toss and property, and they often will separate the property fully on toss and then they'll say that God can change and transcendental's can change but transcendental's are abstraction just like thoughts are and transcendental's are not depend upon the physical realm because the other properties of physical realm can be measured such as hardness mass reflectivity refraction energy exchange rates and densities and various forms of property only measured, but transcendental's cannot be. Therefore, they are independent of the physical realm. And how is it that they have their existence. That is also independent of the physical realm sensor abstractions. It implies an abstract mind so is work for anything ago anything anywhere right now you just tell the date the mind of God you thought well when you say associate and that sent as a kind of an ambiguous term we get into stuff like this article more quickly identify one with the other. They would say that properties reflect the on toss and so we can't ever know the on toss but we can understand and apprehend the properties because only God can understand the on toss down to the east sense. The essential nature of what something is, we recognize on toss bikes. See properties through our senses and sometimes remind you all would agree with you on the national account but okay I will I will email you about like a rabbit. God bless. Okay I alright so I love talking like that. It sounds like a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun for me. I don't know if you guys are like, what did he say that I teach you how to do this and is very powerful in arguing with atheists and others apply different directions.

Let's get to Bradford, North Carolina Brad walking on the year.

I imagine I thought about what you just talk about therapy might want to understand go sign up for the current goals that break in the hottest and adequate.

You boys which are performed respect that what we are still going to attend, like not a charismatic revival.

Good going. Think I have a fear of not get in Arabic. They're not eating though, but how to approach it. Question for you today say the Holy Spirit revival at a certain day and time. Just curious, yet not part of their part of the okay so I always thought it was great that they could schedule the appearance of the Holy Spirit Idaho side back.

I lived in San Diego County.

I you I would shift so I might affirm the charismatic gifts, but personally, all of them I don't blink, or normative. I believe that God works with them in the expansion of the kingdom of God. So if you say that you are converted that's really interesting. That means you made an observation.

Do you then conclude that they think they are converted by the manifestation of the ecstatic properties.

The charismatic gifts and somersaults and trampolines and stuff what you think okay what going on here.

It is the tool that the Bible to her and what have you bringing people up about God and not the people get lot and there there given part of a message before they do that void the gospel. I've been what they gather and screech guy about the about the. She's reaching it are both false and that she should not preach the gospel revival situations, the church context and so she's out of place and he should know better than allow that go-ahead at the are you ate the one that generally people who are without question. They're not good, but when you're band like a kind of Vanguard people who already think there's day… About this.

Why don't you work up a piece of paper in half by 11 with the gospel message presented on it and handed out out there. I because you want to make new the idea will go and make your act. People do you know you know what it is you understand a lot of people don't know that gospel is like like when I was in my debate with the Eastern Orthodox guy on Saturday.

A question came in which the gospel she didn't even get the gospel right. He didn't get much you love don't know anyone.

The words found in Scripture to know what it is laden with justification by faith alone to Christ alone is in a think that salvation is via the manifestation of the charismatic gifts. Some people to and that's dangerous because it avoided any fear of God that not that what started up want to go there. Good mothers remember what state your rental in North Carolina but not gone. You can you can write something up and I've done this at different places on my written material up because there's an aberrant group of some sort. There and you can't block for particular traffic and you cannot block on private traffic. So if you're on the sidewalk.

You can't stop people from walking you have to make the effort to be let him go. But you have the right to be there and pass out literature on public property and release in the ninth district in California where I'm from.

You had the right to be in private. Private property passing out literature until a representative of that organization, group or property, after you leave, then you're obligated to leave and then the ghost in a public property.

At that point and still pass stuff out so those are the rules.

You might want to check with the local police department how much you want to do and write something up and pass something out because that can make a big difference. A lot of people's lives.

You never know all the registered registered go-ahead and not get it go-ahead out and bring a camera and have a recorder going out absolute and the I have a an audio recorder going so that if someone hassles you your telomere recording. It you just record it and out. We can do that in California and in Idaho where I live now one party consent is recorded and it save my reruns on TV with the daily show and I recorded everything they didn't know that I found out that they highlight that stuff and so any rate, I recommend that if you can you get 1/3 person with a camera, who's in his hand who's not associated with you physically, but is in and work that there 20 feet away and they don't look at you are just watching of the clan arrived and so they have a camera to start filming and there's ways to to do stuff you know I believe in being quick, slick and smart. That's right, I'm totally slick that's right. I recommend like let me know what happened. I think all right but got lives okay. I like that.

Yeah do something kindred from L Salt Lake to try to scan English St. Louis a Kendrick welcoming on your all right but would you yet. I got a quick little about regularly living beyond their cannot know what little okay well, probably about the all you won't be all you don't know what the big difference was between three and if there is another manager that's out there. I hold reformed theology and I think it's superior to Eastern orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, which both teach that salvation is obtained through participation with the grace of God as you participate in the authority of the respective church that then administers means of grace, and you keep your relationship with God good and that's how you keep your salvation and obtain salvation networks. Rental price quote work that's for is exactly correct exactly nonbillable say it's not faith plus works because all say what we mean is the work that we do the works that God works in us. So then you ask him. You saved by faith alone, through God, God's guide to the grace of Christ alone to his work alone on the cross. That's the key issues as he will know within us that works in reformed theology and II know a great deal about it rounds at a time to call back tomorrow. You can ask questions, but if you adopt reformed theology. You'll be basically inoculated against false religious systems and you'll be 10, 15 years ahead in your theological groups growth because you will put God in his high place of sovereign respect and honor, and you back down on the bottom where you belong, and his grace, which is down to you, not your wisdom.

Reaching up to him huge difference to follow nose before the Lord know if you go, sorry man, sorry I got back tomorrow call that market is native to California. Sorry about that. The true form of Satan call back tomorrow night everybody the Lord bless you and I is will grace the another program powered by the Truth Network

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