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August 18, 2021 7:10 am

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August 18, 2021 7:10 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses a debate he had with an Eastern Orthodox. It is posted on the CARM page.--2- Is there a contradiction between James 2-14-20 and Romans 4-3-5---3- Someone told me that -love your neighbor as yourself- encourages us to first love ourselves. What do you think of that---4- What do you think about Christian reconstructionism---5- What are the names of God the Son and the Holy Spirit---6- What kind of repentance leads to salvation---7- A caller wanted to continue the discussion of Romans and James.--8- Does God allow homosexual relationships without sex-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive for you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps.

Likewise, branches called in responding to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick reported walking the show we met slick and was met slick live as usual 20 minute call. All you have to do is dilute 772072276 and obediently waiting right now so everything is wide open to hear from you. Yes, folks, I am getting the audio taken care of so many windows for large monitors and sometimes a lose window symbols like where where is it that this is what they look this weekend.

On Saturday I had a debate debate on up on it from within Eastern Orthodox guys pretty smart guy and really politely a good debate. I thought if any of you watched it, I'd like to hear some feedback on what you thought this matter who it is. Just give me call me can talk. I thought it really wrote went really well in the debate was on justified by faith through faith by the imputed righteousness of Christ and to impute means to wreck into the account and I have been studying Eastern Orthodox stuff for little bit but now I'm to dive into it a debate in two days on the Trinity to get an interview next week. After that there debate on the Trinity. After that, but in the meantime, only to be a focusing here and there on some Eastern Orthodox stuff because of 300 million people in lost in the box out religion and the gospel is strange not understand what Catholicism teaches and is really difficult to nail Eastern Orthodox women do is tell you what the teach and it's interesting thanks. He with them.

Adams sand and lost that glory relationship with God and but the sin of Adam is not imputed to us which it is, but they say it's not in it when you're born you're born with a sinless nature and you fall by sending and in order to be saved.

You have to join with Christ in the energies of God which means the basically the communicable attributes of God that are granted to us given through us through the sacraments and through the participation of of the energies of God. You keep yourself in that relationship with him so that you can be justified on the final day they would say that Jesus did not literally bear our sin in his body and the cross is for 224 says, with that he bore the penalty and that he was undoing the rupture of the of the fellowship broken by Adam and so is just a fancy way of saying works righteousness that you saved by grace through faith and with work schedule whose work you can be saved to keep yourself right with God.

That's what I'm getting out of Eastern Orthodox East talk to people who know it really well and start confirming the same thing anyway if you heard that debate to comment. Please give me a call if you want to watch it, you cannot get to do is go to the homepage and I put an article up today with links to it. A lot of my opening statement and other subject. Watch it so what you're interested you can do all right. Not a big deal and let's see three open lines 877-207-2276. So why don't we go in the phone here with Alexi Steve from North Carolina, Steve, welcome your on the air. Hey Matt I were you on the right man.

Jan creeping around here, but the while I walked. I regret the end of it yet very much alive but one thing that bothered me struggling with open structure you have an good fit different beat the Greenlee contradicted between gain 23 through 24 enrollment 4325 really bothered me, but it seems like things like that both Michael all endgame to record things part of the AND endgame come back that will you three work you need to have more than offered the opposite.

Yeah, no problem.

I've actually written article on this. We saved by faith Romans or works faith and works. James so let me to do is just go to the text and actually do. Here's change that format so I can share the screen for the viewers will go through this and what I want to do is show you what the context of James is talking about.

It is not that difficult for the big deal.

And here we go some to go to James to starting verse 14 the monastic questions as we go through verse 14 it says what use is it my brother and if someone says he has faith but he has no works can that faith save him.

If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and when he sets of them go in peace. We want to be filled and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body. What is what use is that even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself.

So he's talking about a faith that is dead faith. It isn't real, it's just use it like a mental assent. Yeah, God is real, and then you look starving. You you don't live what you profess. That's what he's talking about here. Which would you agree so far yeah I got my ardent article and in verse 18 but someone may well say you have faith and I have works.

Show me your faith without the works and I will show you my faith by my works so would you say this is justification before God before people be diverse again assuming they will say you have faith and I have work, show me your faith without the works and I will show you my faith by my work right apartment to go right on target or the hard rock that's exactly correct.

In verse 19 says you believe that God is one you will do it you do well.

The demons also believe in shutter. So what he's saying is you believe even as a demon still there's a real faith in a false faith is intellectual assent in his heartfelt trust and belief and so right. This is what is talking about. This is very willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith that works is useless and recently not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up Isaac his son on the altar will now but before God, because that's what room of the site.

What then shall we say that Abraham, our forefathers according the flesh is found.

For if Abraham was justified by works is on the post about, but not before God that we says not before God. This, in James's talk about justification for people. That's what it says was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up Isaac is on the altar. You see that faith was working with his works. As a result of the works, faith was perfected.

That's an interesting statement logical think that it means that your faith is made real by your works. That's not the case. Your faith is certainly increased by the works because when you step out in faith and you are doing things for the Lord your your faith is increased because of the things that happen. I could tell you instances where by just trusting God and doing enough to quickly bite my old roommate and I Dave and we used to do a sloppy ministry back in the 80s. Chuck did it and I for the first part and then David and I did it that the last part and we were roommates and we were thinking about quitting the sloppy ministry because he had a five day week job. Each of us and we get a final dark 30 and load up his truck and we go out to the swap meet on Saturday and be out there all day and then come home and be exhausted in the go to church on Sunday, back to work on Monday. We did this for a long time getting tired and we had a box on the tables of her giving out free literature free Christian literature and answering questions with this little box for donations and in like two years we had like lesson three dollars and change in their system I were there for the summer wanted to put that out so we did. Love, Dave and I prayed, but not we should continue or not. And we said, Lord, if you want us to continually have to provide the money for the swap meet cost like $43 a month and we would split and so we go out that next day and all of a sudden people start put money in and we didn't ask and it happened all day.

We finally get done with the day we go back home we take the money, but it just popped out of the little box we can believe and we divided it up. He ended up some. I ended up some visitors will cause a change in bills, tell you this is truth. It was exactly to the penny of what we need, not a penny over that penny under. It was exactly.

I still remember looking at Dave some of this in looking at him and and he's looking at me and I headed up the numbers I looked at him. He said what he said the same exact exit exactly I could see his eyes well up with tears and he turned away because were men and we recover to recover from that right but you see that really increase my faith. My faith was perfected right by doing. It's not that I justified that by those works going after the swap meet Tess with the layout is what the Bible says here verse 23, Scripture was fulfilled which says Abram believed God was reckoned to him as righteousness and was called a friend of God because he's living out the faith and we have to live out that thank you. Doing works because that's what true faith does, but it's not the works that that save us because Romans for what then shall we say that a brighter for me then verse 24 is some guy got good apical backup. What might be in verse 24 man he is bye-bye work out right. Take a long time going back to Roman yeah, but what is it say which the context of James 224, whose justification before before God or before people you show me your word just figured your fitted football or clear that when they both go record audio because it seemed like there like escaping the carpet.

Not only will you in record thing they're going through and referencing Graham exact scripture in the (for different reasons.

Right because there do they give different reasons.

This is why it's important understand the New Testament interprets the old is not the old interprets the new we don't disregard Indo in the Old Testament, but when he's in the context of James is saying is justification for people Abraham believed God was reckoned to him as righteousness. But he saying it is the belief that was reckoned as righteousness.

Even in James 223 is not same as his faith in his works he still quoting the issue of righteousness, but then James would also see a man is justified by works and not by faith alone. You think look good understanding.

To do this is what we teach you have to do stuff that proves I manifest your face but it's justification for people because verse 18 says you show me your faith without the works I will show you my faith by my works, so Abraham was showing his faith by his works that was going on. Dr. K and I want to leave that article. As you will and Romans for his talk about justification before God. See Romans 42 justification for God.

James 218 justification for people vertical and horizontal. That's a context okay bird-dog for all the yelling going so just type in Carmen Romans James justified by faith to find the article okay last. They falsely write back after these messages would open line 877-0776 max Y call 770776 charismatic back to the show Justin from Kentucky. Okay, call it what you got well in question added a part of the charismatic delayed movement and well after second Timothy chapter 3 were talked about that end of time, man love the ones that need help. What lover is elephant L and that person reiterated that the second commandment actually encourages the Boulevard glove on one to pick your brain on that second commandment, that you are quite and what that really mean is 1980 got your neighbor as yourself means is that you consider yourself a very important you take care of yourself. It's like that and so you your neighbor is to have that same kind of care from you. Treat them honestly integrity respects the best interest select best interest at heart.

You know, and so what that's what he's talking about. But there's also another factor about what love really is the Bible Jesus is God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son so that so he loved that he gave and Jesus says in John 1513 greater love has no man than this, but he laid his life down for his friend so the biblical kind of love that is the truest kind of love is sacrificial other centered and so when someone says you love yourself first when they mean by that they mean you kiss your arm look at me. I love you know or does it mean that you take care of yourself.

I would surely be happy to care of yourself. But what is really meant by that issue of love yourself first before you can love others as a means value yourself and valuables of it becomes self-centered and narcissistic and instead of putting others first.

You put yourself first, and so there's a paradox kind of a contradiction problem that's exist because of talk like that you have asked definitions Nixon so far that you absolutely okay so what we do at that will go today at people wanted like you said, I wonder love spell want take care of before I take care of the bed. Admit, contradict, like you said to me, I will go out and drink poison and I would be my neighbor take care of myself to take care of my neighbor love is difficult. My wife and I are married and she has some medical issues and that she gets older they get worse and I find myself sometimes being a little bit inconvenienced by by some of that and I think amount I think Lord have an opportunity here to learn even more. What love really is sacrificing and giving and united. It's a teaching time and so that the trueness of love here in this situation of trying to manifest by being other centered and granted I don't do it perfectly, that's for sure with us the idea and what would we do logical in life. With all due is also well look, I had to take care of myself first before you take care you bumpers to some degree, there's there's truth in an off you got two broken legs, you can go out have been a remote want you to care yourself first. I get that. But to what level and wears a dividing line talk about in that respect, that becomes more difficult to discern absolutely right. It help that that great yet absolutely, thank you. He will commandment God bless Bonnie to go, but you have a great day to all right is good on the line with Tyler from Long Island, New York. Tyler welcome a brother area okay.

Hang in there question regarding your full idea Christian reconstruction of the Ming Dominion theology and likely millennialism. It you don't live on here where I live where on the research I think that article on it also Wikipedia. She has tried making pretty good talk about how thin the new apostolic Reformation, Yunnan, and like me, you find like different variations that I like regular commenters and feel for what I can be on your list with father troubled me the most about it in my disagreements with the connect of the brothers you embraced it, thinking is the addition of the Mosaic law and reinstituting it taking country which is every country because of the fight and likening which Christ building so glad you very big and make the same mistake the earth which it is man's condition never got word I mean I could be wrong. If you want drum anyone permitting you to rip that more clearly will you know if you read the article in Carmen Toronto about this. There are, and you're right there variations in their degrees to which people will hold personally I like the idea of certain aspects of Christian reconstruction in society and it's also been with the economy but there's other areas which I'm really worried about because it always can it wants to advocate the death penalty for people had abortion and idolatrous homosexuals. To what extent should those things be implemented. We go around killing people like that. I did have a problem you know if we to kill idolaters, then that means Roman Catholics have to die there idolaters so how far we take this and I incentive singers, a gray area. It's a great broadband in a lot of areas. When we apply this and though I do like a set.

I do think the idea of getting some biblical laws on the books abortion should be illegal and homosexuality should be illegal or promoted, but this may be around killing people for it. I don't believe that's the right position biblically new New Testament to where you draw a line that's a tough one.

That's a tough point. I know the countries in Europe where the state church or its religion on the popular now to record the oldies like creek country like your sweetening England knowing oldies needs needs during North northern European countries are all records of the population no atheist and agnostic running understandable and one of the reasons I believe this because the church has largely lost assault.

The reason that's the case, is because, are not sticking to the word of God that they are going to tradition of feelings, sentimentality, and not sticking to that word.

It's difficult and I know I happen to love studying God's works. I'm very blessed that way and and and stuff but most people don't have the privilege or that adoration of his word like it might knock anybody. We will call different tasks so that I've seen more and more in churches that are not teaching the Lordship of Jesus in all areas that includes politics and includes social agendas that includes how you drive includes your work.

So for the Christian.

This should be permeating society in every area of Christians are but it's not my opinion. My opinion churches are teaching babysitting theology, one Sunday that it was rather okay buddy class folks will be right back after these messages would open line 877207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show this get to. I guess Jesus from Connecticut welcome. Thank you. Good evening availability of labor sure somebody got there. Oh photo yeah I know the name of the father literally thought the Bible tells us only two names the name of the of God is Yahweh. The name of the son is Jesus. That's it. Okay there is that if there is there a name for the Holy Spirit.

A menu no claim know that a person no I'll be debating it on Wednesday night. As a matter fact, let's understand what the Bible says the name of God is Yahweh you Kate Yahweh right.

That's what God says when Moses got it right you got bogged out that one of the many will know Holland and exes three Moses says to God, what is your name and God answers him and says my name is Yahweh. Okay so that's his name right.

So would you agree to the name of God is Yahweh know because they you know it in the Bible that will go by there. Why would you not like there are not only got a little higher, not how I'm going to know going my way to minute women go to what I did was I gave you a reference you ignored it. You didn't look at it is, but I've wanted to see.

Look I gave you a verse and you need to go look at what it says okay but instead of just ignoring it going someplace else. I know Isaiah 96 I know what it says but I gave you something that God himself says that you have to deal with what God's prophet Malachi noted in the bond of generosity that this is look here we go cheering on the screen okay and now it verse 13 of Exodus 3 and Moses said to God, behold, I'm going to the sons of Israel, and I will say to them, the God of your fathers has sent me to you.

Now they may save me. What is his name what shall I say to them, God said to Moses, I am who I am as we get Yahweh and he said yes he shall save the sons of Israel. I am has sent me to you is what Yahweh means. It means I am okay to hate about you the ticket and without.

So what is God say his name is God for you.

Okay I just asked you what it what God himself says. When Moses asked him and don't yet know that I will Doubt okay so his name is Jan I hate something irreverent about your question in reference sure okay in a biblical question in the end of Google like they are there 52 words fixed rate. See that there are my people shall know my name there for in the day.

On the one who, speaking yell right so so you got me the name of Jesus, the one that was speaking with the well, it says right in the in the beginning of that chapter for the says Yahweh in verse three you were sold for nothing, etc. for thus says the Lord God goes on a said now therefore), so I have declares Yahweh saying that my people, but again Yahweh declares that he goes on there for my people shall know my name. So what name is he talking about in the context of your cute cute looking about the name of that widest minimum and avoid low what is it say okay what is it say they were good. It says for the secret or the ungodly.

My people shall know my name is and what is his name what is God saying the name is a prophet like noise lately.

It's a prophecy. Yeah, but it's speaking about the very name that he reveals himself to be called Yahweh.

Okay so now the brothers feel the name of Jesus, you are have been told it's a prophecy about the name of Jesus.

You can't get that out of the Scriptures there. You've been told this by a false religion. You can call no one else. Yes, open probably a reference its reference to himself God says he'll make his name known right. Okay, I can ask you one more reference sure will Google like their Isaiah in the thimbleful like there in the chapter in chapter 9. Thank you for your family. Please sure in the little thing that chapter 9 verse six now and I also thought that the water meant prophecy was speaking of our Lord Jesus. Absolutely yes and and and and the child born in that he speaking of the child in the book go by and then import it right height for this you know the module so and it shall be bore and the son is given right of the father is called his name and all at yet, all the government shall be upon his shoulders.

What is Isaiah 714. What is the name of the Messiah court of the text. Always Jesus right module Naga zone NUL right so Manuel yeah yeah yeah's nation using the bottom of your Bible, and visually manually got the what it means, God with us right so his name that he has with Kaiser. So, so pay attention right does the word name and mean like McDaniel or the thralls as a means of been like that or did mean something else.

In wary which chapter 900 and okay his name will be called his name Immanuel that ever call him Immanuel on a miracle in the mind of the government uses right right, then why does the text prophesy and say Immanuel could. It's up about his presence the nickname because it was not what he revealed the name will it that the property know you. You will born know the name in Hebrew culture date signifies a characteristic about somebody like Methuselah means when he dies it will come in when he died. The flood came, and so for example due to Genesis 5 is a genealogy between Adam and Noah he take the names he put them in English you get a sentence pointed mortal men sorrow the blessed God will come down when he dies it will come, bringing to the despairing hope to make a mistake because sometimes the salsa note Dennis Lovett about okay you don't have that truth you're in a false group over what will you call me that you do for me that that you Immanuel. You never called him on the golden belt. So what what character will go back nine. Sure, not because of his name and he will be up on the shoulder's name and name is shall be called and there's the 55 wonderful counselor. I got a little piece Principe Jill father Principe's okay so his name is. He called any of those things in the New Testament in the New Testament yeah wears a called one, a counselor, what do you think they counselor is all was it called the wonderful counselor what you're doing here. You're saying over here.

One is name here one place means like he was not a he will know that it was not a wonderful counselor your understand your.your.been consistent in one place to say his name is like Jason was Jesus but here when it says his name is wonderful, counselor then you shift your essays in action for the name of this.

I am only that one of the order.

This moment okay in so use your inconsistent you say his name is wonderful, counselor, but is not called wonderful Counselor, and yet in other places you say his name is Jesus and that's his property to say Jesus your inconsistent you do with what you do is you interpret the Scriptures as it suits you are proud that I'm reading the Scripture. The name shall be called different title that what was an event this time to break. Okay buddy, I called back that people will love you brother call back all right be right back after these messages. If you can live 87707 mass like why call 770776 is Matt's leg that all right hanging about what a government that they pray Lord my question in the beginning of Mark, Jesus said, believe in the gospel. The apostle Paul also said second Corinthians that there is a repentance leading to salvation.

My question is what kind of repentance are they talking about the kind repentance.

I got grants were to determine the Greek word from repentance to Mr. Noel and it has to do with the change of mind for the Greek, not smiling no and so what we do is we have an attitude will change. Of towards sin. We don't want it anymore. We are turning from it and that's what it means. What is that repentance well it's an attitudinal change, but we gotta be careful because they don't want to say that repentance saves us because repentance is following the law. So if a person is lying and he learns that lying is a sin because her Exodus 2010 commandment says so and then he stops lying by following the commandment is, he saved because he's following that commandment enters no we would save that he's justified by faith along with faith is regeneration and with regeneration comes the ability to repent so that's why God grants us repentance 2nd to 25 regrets. We believe clippings 129 but yet at the same time. A repentance is really our own because we really do change you because he's changed us with a new creature segment is five 2005 17 and because of that were then unable to truly repent and we do okay so if were out evangelizing isn't long day repent of your believing right that wrong from Alec.

No, I would say that I think people repent of your scent because it's what's right they should turn from their sin. You tell the truth repent of their sin means that the laws judging them. They need to turn. We don't know how God works to salvation and people are granting them belief and all of that because you know Jesus says in John 665. He says you cannot come to me unless the father grants it to you. Okay well you know there's some stuff since you II believe intellectual predestination because with the Bible teaches. But right mess with them to process and what I also believe is the more we preach. Apparently, the more people been elected and predestined the house at work. I know above my pay scale. I just know God does it, but he seems to use us nonetheless. And so it is pretty one preach and teach and trust God. Okay so the question real quick that I got because there is a big controversy between whether you can help somebody repent of your when you're vandalizing because people will stable at credible work. Salvation know you look at acts 1730 okay therefore have an overlook the times of ignorance God is now declaring to men that all people everywhere should repent so you can call You could say God is declaring to all men everywhere that they should repent."

At 1730 discordant and innocent. If you know what I teach.

Okay, if I were out there preaching and teaching on this on the sidewalk which I have done. Also, you need to repent of your sins, you need to turn from your sense is it true yes. I'm not saying your repentance gets you saved up like this is what you do is God's command to get in you to believe and trust in Christ which is what they have to do and they had to confess the Lord, which is what they have to do you believe in Jesus, which is what they have to do. I don't know how it all works on to say that this would God does in so I can reach the truth.

Say it never acts 1730 okay okay and down like that, that the reason I ask this was because I'll have a conversation with someone and they said it wrong if they repenting of your wicket with its true and correct like that but they said when the Bible talks about repentance that salvation is not talking about repenting all your talking about repenting of unbelief.

No, no that's included. Okay that's included in their because were obligated to believe in the loop. True living God as the Bible tells us Blitzen unit out of Exodus 20, in John 1414 but when people here's the thing.

When people start saying things like that.

Asking to give you a Scripture reference and don't do is you just you mean stupid and is not about talking like that it's okay, maybe they have a point in sick. You show me that in Scripture and let's look at the context to see if they say well is there but we can't ever know where this was a here's my phone number my email address, give me the you know the reference. When you find it.

That's what I do with people and maybe they have a point in some open, but we have to understand that God grants people repentance second to be 225 and yet act 1730 God commanded whatever to repent, so you can do the same thing. Hey you supposed to repent but is not repentance and saves you okay, I'll let that answer and get answers. I'm glad all right buddy I hate that they draw you a map or check out what complex all right, all right, let's get to see Gary from North Carolina see if you still are very welcome on the I appreciate your work study. Want to wrap earlier, record request. Thank you question it probably for so long about faith and works between Romans four and James to a pastor friend of mine years ago pointed to me that the actual grade in James 222, an entirely different time incident was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered his son Isaac upon the altar and came to what you had the point that you would make. That's what shows his face and really when you go back to Romans four is according to 15 six James Leonard quotes Jen 1516 says that that that act where he was justified by works before man to show his faith completed or with the fulfillment. Justification by grace through faith that limits court talk if you look at the timeline that Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born.

The promise was made somewhere between the 10 year Abraham lived in Canaan until until I Ishmael was born when he was 86 and then fell 14 years later Ishmael that finally I evicted born when Isaac carried his own the mountain had to be at least at the major and so 25 years later that I believe is probably 30 because logical relationship with sure but I believe that timeframe with 25 to 30 years if not much more to invent Romans 45 goeth on to say that, therefore, to him not work but really it's not that you don't have to have work with your faith to be faint if that is Romans 11 five say that it fits my works, then it is no more grace. Otherwise grace is no longer great thing that really cleared it up for me the evidence of faith or the outworking of that faith. The other thing is for the book of Romans is kinda like to document and explain your job.

You have a good lunch and give the question because you let you go because yeah you're right.

I was just something that we felt helpful to me in no time to think right there one that you talking about two entirely different that is sent so that cleared up that that question James is talking about before people, not before God's different topics right written to believer on how to live out their faith in the midst of persecution they were believers and add to clear all the way through my brother. My brother Ned D comes into play. Well, I just had another comment on. You had a question about if there ask somebody to show you where I the Bible does not command in order for salvation repent of all of our fence see in John 16, eight and nine is where I Jesus is giving the promise the Holy Spirit to the disciple this course and that anything that one Holy Spirit, he will convince the world to convict the world of skin right and judgment because they believe not in me, and the Greek for both birth and nine singular that the one man that the Holy Spirit convince the world not to be careful on hold on hold on hold so dear you normally what we do in the shows you ask the question then we go through that what you try to do your just teach a lot and it's okay I wait hold and so when you get to this issue concerning sin in the singular. You can understand the construct because sin is in the singular noncitizen only sin but sin is simply mentioned in the singular as a generic quantity a generic thing. Sin that's all it is so you know, so I might not know you have a question though you have Gary.

The question, what… You have clarified that one turns from, or repent, change of mind about it that we in order to learn.

I. So you say gasket and you go on okay you know that's a question only let me answer David contact.

I just come here what you say but oh, look, so you have to show from the context and the bridge that that's what it's talking about but I think you made a mistake on saying the sin once in this one particular thing unbelief is understand God grants that they have. The leaflet is 129 so they might want to check out were almost anytime I want to get the last caller okay could even wait for Bechtel to remove the lock a call back next week or let's get to the really fast Colby from North Carolina, we welcome you, Colby, are you there make the cut them off guard is like running to the phone. I do know the question has to do with the God allow some sexual relationships without sex and that's a complicated issue because you can have tendencies that that you don't home sexual person was attracted can recognize it.

It's sinful and yet not carry out in it and is warning against that sin that's acceptable to God in that sense that he will accept the persnickety notice of the it's a sin is repenting up, turning from judging others more to this my saying it's okay to be a homosexual thing, but nevertheless a portrait of time to complete the whole thought of that but hey, by God's grace back on there tomorrow, to power by the Truth Network

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