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Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 13, 2021 5:20 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 13, 2021 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/13/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Phone lines are open but still it you got questions. We got answers stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry of the line of fire valves by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH Bureau Jacob is Dr. Michael Brown looking welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

This is your chance to call in with any question on any subject whatsoever that relates in any way the line of our broadcast relates in any way to anything we talked about with the guest relates in any way anything I've written. Talked about on any level, any expertise I have 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and feel free to call if you differ with me if you think I'm wrong about something. If you've heard something that concerns you, and you want clarification by all means give me a call. Let us start in soon to fill Sue Phil Sioux Falls South Dakota Joseph, welcome to the line of fire under Dr. Michael Brown how are you today doing fine.

Joseph thanks well I have a question about Pennock. I'm interested in purchasing and and there are couple of different publishers. I've been looking at my GP for core and or art scroll. And there's even another by the professor in California who it is on translation.

I forget his name at the moment but I've been looking at different Tanakh, and I'm just what which version of the Tanakh. If you know of any recommendations translation that you would prefer Mrs. Wright. So you're speaking about the Jewish scholars correct translation of the Hebrew Bible by Jewish scholars to get their perspective as opposed to a Christian translation of the Old Testament correct yet.

Okay, got it so the 1917 JPS version is available in public domain and it's outdated it. The language is outdated. It was vastly improved on by the new JPS also knows the Tanakh.

So if I was getting any one. I would get the new JPS version that came out around 1985 and that was by top Jewish scholars with input by rabbis etc. upset on agree with it at every point, but it's it's learned, it's brilliant, and it does represent Jewish understanding of the text. That's the one you're referring to JPS. It's also called the Tanakh. However, if you want to get more than understanding traditional Jewish interpretation other words, how do Orthodox Jews read the text. Then we get the stone translation the stone translation. You get one big volume with some some notes along the way and that would then give you insight into traditional Jewish interpretation, but in my view it's not as good translation is 90 JPS. The other one that you be referring to is the translation of Robert Alter available in three volumes of the altar is brilliant. It is a well done translation. It has tremendous value. The notes are very valuable. I would, I would make that a competitor to the new JPS and in terms of quality of scholarship, however it's it's one scholar with the great literary field as well versus a team of scholars. That's why we still go with the new JPS but any of these will still give you a Jewish perspective on reading scripture and you'll see where certain terms are translated differently. Certain concepts are understood differently certain key verses about messianic prophecy and things like that are understood differently, so any of those would would open up for you there. There are some other translations that I've seen.

I haven't been through is carefully but but those are the ones I would point to so again if you really just want to know how Orthodox Jews read it, get the stone translation. The best overall I would say the new JPS but also excellent. Is altar.

So that's my recommendation you have about what about the corn. Do you know anything about the corn translation that client was was primarily known not for the English translation for the Hebrew edition of the text that very commonly if I was just reading the Bible and the Hebrew text current edition is the one I was used to.

It was printed and that the manuscripts behind it. The translation is not not as excellent in other words, it's it's well done. It's it's done by scholars, but I wouldn't put it in the class of new JPS or alter personally so it's it's known it's good it's it's it's Israeli in terms of of your work harness is produced now have it.

I haven't studied as carefully as the others. You can't go wrong with it in terms of you still understand how Jewish scholars interpreted I just would not put it is quite the same level. Thank you very much I really appreciate it. You are very welcome. 866-34-TRUTH 878840 Skoda Isaac in Charlotte North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire back with you when part on the deck being in noticing only a few people argued in favor of them out of the shop. My argument is three point followed by response and objection back about a minute interrupted read it at what the bipartisan promotion of the back should really make a pot before jumping to the conclusion that the trio of vaccines available in the Bible… Our experimental or worse if they are part of a larger tool left Charlotte just to name some notable public figures here Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Benner Lindsay Graham house minority. The belief Florida Gov. Ron and the list could go on but the point is that these characters are not the most friendly and accredit ministration and yet they're all going out of their way to promote the back of course, on top of the fact the backstage with the at the direction of former president and distributed at the direction of Pres. it Down on the safety and efficacy of these vaccine attacked out on the gold standard of medical research, and five represented beneath the, the FDA, the national it out.

Which by the way, it had five bright Christian, the United States Department of services and thought I'm not saying we should take agencies and follow what I am saying is that when they make a recommendation, especially when they all make one gather.

We must have really really really strong reasons to doubt their integrity. I understand conservatives, including myself, have a tendency distrust the government but I'll just encourage everyone here to appreciate the nuances of tuition and youth every point number three. The world wide agreement on the safety and efficacy of the back that is government from all different backgrounds, and political system seem to agree on using effect at the foremost school especially pertinent.

I must say the nation of Israel remarkable breakneck program to inoculate the population size exactly the country I would remind everyone with headed on thin Yahoo lightning leader during the initial launch of the program. Now the country is run by very diverse coalition and the results are the same staunch advocate for the shop to briefly extract objection. How shall we deal with the long-term side effects yet to be discovered. This is a very fair and reasonable question. There is an easy answer, historically speaking, any long-term side effects causally linked to a vaccine had been detected within the first let me give an example about 1 inch 2.4 million recipient of the oral polio vaccine became paralyzed that it actually got polio and this was because they like the vaccine, but while the side effects it fell is long-term that is long-term paralysis caused by polio, the detection of the long-term side effects In the first month such a mistake. Given our historical analysis of vaccine and understanding of biology is unheard of to have a long-term side effect develop out of nowhere. Years later, with out a biological indicator first behemoth on some jumping just and send the students of the Collison and give you a full three minutes to speak. So first Isaac appreciate you laying things out systematically in that way and we did give folks an opportunity to call we had to defending or supporting or encouraging getting vaccine and everyone else. The call then Wednesday is skeptical or absolute again.

So Isaac I welcome your call on that front with some of my same responses.

He looked Israel right now is quarantining people from 41 countries including the US because of problems with the Delta variant as if you come there you have to be in quarantine for before we can have negative tests etc. and then on a daily basis on a regular basis.

I'm hearing horror stories from from people got the vaccine just got an email from a friend that that immediately after getting the second shot out of the blue this terrible condition in the hospital that they can treat him of just reading about kids getting myocarditis so inflammation of the heart. Keep tracking more more of these. Those who say we just don't know what happens to DNA. This is the difference here that is DNA altering and that may not manifest itself will improve time but here's the key is Evans encourage everyone to what Isaac is doing. Do the research, ask questions, ask God for wisdom and make informed decisions. Just yesterday got word of two more friends that died of covert. One woman who is otherwise healthy and strong before that almost 85. Another brother, I'd say may be in his 50s, so that's three people I know God of covert and roughly last week. Some people are friends of our or family or coworkers, over the years of service very serious. Whatever decisions you make, make, that was wisdom and and if you ask him what am I doing what I'm doing is private between me and God and my family. Why because I don't want you to look to me as an example of getting the vaccine are not getting the vaccine when I do not have any special education insight on this. Therefore, because people look to be a certain way or give me certain other credibility or truth or wisdom or understanding to me. Whatever it is that I must speak. I will speak the seriousness of in the speak I want to be able to give you something of substance through June with potential life-and-death issues either getting vaccinated inoculum vaccinated really need to do the research adequately. Pray for wisdom, talk to people you need to and then make informed decisions. They Isaac thank you for calling him and taking the time to do it.

Appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH is number to call right just a few seconds before the next break so get your close relatives of the break real quick.

If you've read any of my books, regardless of where you bought them, go you got them in the book blessed you, the, the, the book was an encouragement to you which you take a moment to go on Amazon because it's the most used book website just post a short review this be a lot of the book was a blessing to you is just a way of letting others know it's a way for free to share the good news encourage potential readers and hopefully we can touch more people with the message straight back to your calls on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line for you. Got questions, we've got answers, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Stephen in chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Sure thing you want to go around mid April. I restart you with an idea about reading Romans eight 2930 of those from God for new production call justify glorified from the perspective of being Israelite leaders and will be briefly touched on their time with use of the word to people whom he foreknew Romans 11 12 we have milk and out which of the beginning of a chain and from that verse on forward.

On page 190 30 there were no immediate red flag. But the big question was, what about the contact coming into the first compartment of the whole church for that right what I want to show you what he actually starts Romans chapter 8 talking to the whole church but for verses nine through 17 talk about everyone with the spirit of God.but right around first be Romans 823 he transitions away from the whole creation. Specifically, we ourselves with the firstfruits of the Spirit. So for the whole paragraph versus 18 through 22 two talking about creation the creation the creation the creation the creation, equating to obtain the glory of being a child of God, and he said not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first with the spirit grown inwardly as we wait eagerly production so that the transition away from everybody all believers waiting to be told of God to just those who receive the firstfruits of the Spirit is just it just to jump in and have you gone through all of Romans where he speaks of.

We is my impression I had that it might of the top of my head as I think verses is your talking. My impression is that that we did this was the first generation of believers called Roman believers others. These role within the first 30 years.

So when he saying we who receive the firstfruits he be talking about the all the early believers, Jew and Gentile. Do you think that we face when he says we open to this point that you can make a case is from a Jewish believers or would you make the case that because this is the firstfruits that that indicates Jewish believers, I think I got the Roman several times to try to highlight talking about in each section. When it specific to the two went about all believers together okay and when he said we ourselves, who have the first was of the spirit. I think you talk about the first group of people to receive the spirit which of the acts chapter 2 rather than acts chapter 10 when the Holy Spirit comes the Gentile and a reason for that is I saw it either. Yeah so so did just to to anticipate something might my problem is that from thereon to the end of the chapter, which is sold gloriously for all believers of God is for us who can be against us that you have the ranch all of that away from all believers because us is just the firstfruits of Jewish believers will actually work, but we would do it transition to. We are so quick burst. As we continue reading the first person pronoun the perspective of those who received first. He specified in Romans 1527 at the Gentile have come to share in spiritual blessing of the two. So when he speaks to the Romans 826 likewise the help we can likewise be comparing and comparing early church, the early church.

I think if they think of the beginning of the Holy Spirit, probably now likewise the Spirit purchase we ourselves are the first note widget. Would you agree it would you agree and I love the fact that you dig this is some is writing a doctoral dissertation in the try and argue for unique point the get challenge like 100 points along the way to sustain it so when you have to sustain here is when he says likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness because this in the said this is a everybody else the rest of us that the likewise the Spirit helps us weakness likewise seems to be going back to to God's help, not to a group of people is as I would have read it. So again that would challenge what you're saying right what he does around first storm at 814 like talking about church about how everyone with the spirit of God as a child you more time and then Romans 817 will be heirs with Christ provided me stop her with in order that we may be glorified. Continued idea been caught by the child of God, as he transitions into just Jewish believers and things that they are his people and he foreknew he predestined them he chose them. Production of fine he called them he justified them glorified them at the trial of God, following the contact.

Afterward and again a reference to you, who shall bring any charge against God's elect God who justifies the running of Alco confusion within the unforgiven because right after that in Romans 94.

He said they are the Israelite to them belong the adoption of the court so belongs to them and the rest of Romans nine about how even though this belongs to the Israelite, not all of them remain faithful from work lacked faith elect obedient yeah therefore cut off and then the Gentiles with faith in the obedience of faith. The graph event and one (oh, I don't want to quickly tell you what I've identified somewhere around 14 references in Roman to the idea of the Jew first, and the Greek Roman so that we get we are so firstfruits of the Spirit of the reference to the Jewish believers of the continuation of that theme that I haven't actually seen any reference in Romans the to where he refers to himself with the Roman empire as a specific group that will cease to be a specific group sometime in the future God in early church the feast. God, I just jump in and sinister to other callers so I appreciate what you're doing you doing the right thing was, this has to work with the consistency in a way that would have been understandable to the original readers without someone having to sit there with a scorecard and say what this means this. This means that so Monday was I as I think about it. Roman Romans in the skillet look at the we the us the different expressions as a set off the top my head it raises some questions and in the flow here because was nonnegotiable to me is when Paul is talking about the Spirit working on our behalf and and that the larger saying of of of Romans 828 right because this is you talk about this another time that the we the us here or the called according to his purpose Romans 828 is all believers that that all things work for the greater order in all things culverts for good. Those loves those who are called according to his purpose would suggest all believers if that disk is limited to Israel.

That kind of undermines a lot of the promise that follows. Even God giving his son for us all so I'll look at that, but I appreciate where you're going with it and I'm unsure what not sure, but I expect will have another conversation. So thank you for the call. 866-34-TRUTH this go to Sean in league city, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Are you doing today doing well. Thanks. Good good you about was that Revelation 510 and and basically if you read in the new King James to talk about it is that you have made us kings and priests to our God and we shall reign on on the earth read and like anything in almost any other translation EFV NASB NET on NLP and amplified. They all it all changes the pages prevented them and it changes it it but my point is that it is a completely different it's good the object is in us anymore like the elders it would be the people who are not elders like you condemned that you made us kings and priests all NASB that you made them into a king and and pre-tour God and they will rain that we will rank yet wondering why this just different manuscripts that that's that's all it was the King James new King James MEP. Some others follow one set of Greek manuscripts that they believe are the most accurate. The other is the NASB, ESV, NIV, NET, most most modern translations follow another set of ancient Greek manuscripts that they are. They believe your one says these are the oldest in the cities of the majority. So you have these little discrepancies here and there, in which you need to do is look at the larger context and see which seems to make better sense overall the message is the same with the Kings with work kingdom we we are we are ruling and reigning under the Lord as as his essence vessels, but it's just it simply a difference in manuscript it's it that's all it is… Not that they're translating the same Greek that there they are accurately translating different sets of Greek manuscripts. It's a debate among scholars that you need to look at it and see contextually which seems to make the most sense okay yeah I'd I was following along with Michael Heiser and DOE. The 24 elders in his book the divine counsel and I'm kinda trekking without a little bit but I when I got there and of mimicking new King James, I was like what you know what is he talking about and then I looked in the different translations that I went all E3 number EFV I'm reading from new King James II, it doesn't work if you reduce event. But secondly you ever have any contact with Paul Ravenhill I had. I spoke to him. I guy I had of it was both a blessing to be able to talk to me is pretty accessible at one time on the bow and 2020 early 2020 Oakmont two different occasions but he's pretty obscure and he's not as accessible as I get for instance like if you look at David Ravenhill on yes also call you Paul sorry just jump to get a break.

I'm in regular contact with David Ravenhill of Paul and I got to know each other. When I was close with his dad. From 1989 to 1994 when Lynn went to be with the Lord the age of 87 posted my house with with Lynn and Martha in the fall of 1989 and we were in touch here and there afterwards, but he use missionary for it for years and is one of those deeper life guys and me. Not one of those get front everybody in the social media and as a man of prayer in insuring the word so no I got in touch with Paul and very very long time. Several decades I would say the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is my joy to be with you today on the line of fire. Thanks much tuning in your sender. Call 8664 truth.

If you listing live watching live 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 if you watching on TV or Internet.

After the show are listed by podcast welcome welcome which can call in. This is not live it. If we don't have the technology yet we are one week after the show, you can call in and I can retroactively answer you, and then we can put it in the show retroactively for people to watch in the future.

Maybe one day we'll get a pound on this world so you're watching live great time to call now 86634 we go straight to the phones. Let's start with Matthew in Florida. Welcome to the line of fire around AIM. I'm a board in 2017 and my life that homosexuality bumped into a ministry commitment for the got baptized in that as a philosophy like a real appreciation click first Timothy chapter 2 verses 11 like 13 or so about women. Women are women not allowed to teach men so and so forth were wearing head coverings and I've always been like you don't just going with the flow of things because what Scripture says.

I've always had like a government hundred percent sold on it and I dispenser is the midwife exercise because for whatever reason running out with them last three weeks. I'm sure you're seeing the name apostle Catherine Kirk started the coming on the scene. I never heard her name before that sort of reinvigorated all these thoughts again for myself because I also him and whatnot worked with other ministries were women prophesying women heal the sick women.

Women do everything, but I just very confused. Triple minded on the whole topic about whether women are permitted to have four different men, whether there will be pastors of the law of the apostles and others, and my and my statement/question with my ministry is the only one that I personally involved with that takes this position. Every other ministries' and Internet fix this position. That was cultural it was only for back then is that for now and the Lord: three what your matter, absolutely. So Matthew first, so I'm thrilled that the Lord's work in your life and encroachment of homosexuality's he's faithful and he will keep you and we know that people can activist theologians will try to make the argument look with Paul taught about women was cultural with the ball talk that homosexuality was cultural but of course that breaks down on every level and that number one God unambiguously states that he made men for women and women for men and every reference to marriage, family parenting throughout the Bible is always male-female into this moment. No human being enters this planet without a biological mother and biological father. This the first think the second thing is the statements against homosexual practice are very strong and very damning. Just like the statements against adultery or the thing so the practice of that not having an attraction with the practice of that is universally condemned. Paul never says if woman teachers. She woke up she she will not inherit the kingdom of God. Obviously also for sure when it comes to head coverings and those things that was cultural because that that had to do with the way people live back then that and much of the ancient world, both Jewish and Gentile. It was very common that a married woman would not go out of the house with her head uncovered that if she went out of the house as a married woman that she would have her hair covered either with with a veil or or something else of be covering her head and because that was the culture that was normal limits is not that the Bible said that that's the way some which addresses no passage in the Bible saying it was the culture.

So the question comes up. If your meeting at someone's home right it's your private home, but it's it's a public meeting in the home is a house church should the women cover their their their heads are not. That's why it was an issue, but even in that setting. Paul talked about women praying and women prophesying and if you read Romans 16 you find a whole list of of key women church leaders know there's a debate about whether Julia was called an apostle, or she was well known among the apostles, but there are number of significant women leaders that Paul references in Romans 16 we know that when the Bible talks about Priscilla and Tukwila. It normally puts her name first and say that they taught Apollo's and disciples him and asked the 18th chapter of the women involved in ministry that goes back to to Jesus in his earthly ministry having prominent women with him. Although none of the apostles were women and when he rises from the dead, he reveals himself first to women tells the women go tell the men and the men don't even believe so. Jesus clearly raises up the status of women. They could even sit at his feet as he is teaching like like Miriam Mary doesn't in Luke the 10th chapter of and then we know asked to your sons and daughters will prophesy rights of the Holy Spirit is poured out on men and women. The only debatable issue to me so there's no debate as to whether women can prophesy. Heal the sick, preach, teach be used in a thousand different ways and and Paul even tells Titus to have the old woman teach the young women if all women were unreliable, easily deceived, and you will have the old woman teach the younger women is just more deception. The only issue is women having authority over over man with Paul is writing about. First Timothy two is really emphasizing usurping authority taken authority that doesn't belong to them.

That being said, my understanding of Scripture is that headship is male that was just like in the home that the husband has a certain role. So the husband and wife are one and they live lives is one and the husband Lisa's life down for his wife and yet he is still the head of the home with a certain responsibility.

That's why the vast majority of world leaders are male. The vast majority of of pastors worldwide male. I believe that's the way God wanted us and set things up. It's not to say that you can't have a woman like a Deborah raised up and that God has used women in very significant ways to history as missionaries and preachers of prophetesses and many many other things but I don't see it as the norm.

I preached in churches, pastored by women. I don't see it as the norm, but I recognize God's raise them up and use them. I know other women in ministry, but they are in ministry under the authority of the church or under the authority of an apostolic leader or some even on his audience of your husband and they feel that's important within the context of the local church. I would see women fully release to do all kinds of ministry under the, the, the covering authority of the senior leadership, and beyond that again. The pattern I would see is male headship.

However, I would absolutely receive from an anointed woman, teaching, preaching ministry as long as I knew her life was in in right order have no problem doing that whatsoever. As as for the woman you mentioned a Catherine action not familiar with or haven't heard her name. I do see at apostolic ministry is primarily male. Could God raise up a female church planter who goes into a region and and and does apostolic work in an plows the field and Clancy works recently discovered could. It's just not the the norm or from working, but anytime he works with human being. We are flawed in one way or another we don't have perfect doctrine or perfection in another area, so he still working with us in the midst of our imperfection. The same with women, so hopefully that answers your questions.

If a personal level. If you're at home and the church were your and you feel covered their and it's helpful and edifying and you just have these minor differences.

That's fine if you find it restrictive and legalistic in other ways, and not giving full expression to the gifts within women, then you could prayerfully ask the Lord what he wants you so that's my understanding Scripture and my counsel to you.

Okay, okay, thank you for quick question: real quick. What were the word, but this whole cultural argument come from where the answer is always no. That was only for that particular time and why are people so freely like something 90% of the online ministries. Now that I bump into ours, using the argument for this particular topic window that become so popular to say that yes is this a good answer to Bennett's good answer is it's always important to read the Bible's cultural background to understand why a certain thing was said looking. Could you understand if if you're if you're reading about that the presidential elections in 2020, and you live in Mongolia 400 years from now and you know you know who Donald Trump or Joe Biden are you have a hard time with the understanding the nuances of what actually happened and what the issues were etc. so whenever we can read the Bible and its cultural background, that's wonderful, that's helpful. That's good, the bad answer is a lot of times we just don't like what's in there and we just try to write it off as just for that day so there are ways that you test that theory out and other would you see okay where is this taught elsewhere. Where is this based on the universal principle. For example, Leviticus 18 when when God list very sexual since starting with incest including beastie reality and adultery in homosexual practice and other things. When you list them. He says to his people Israel don't do these things because the Canaanites did them and I drove them out the land vomited them out because of the since I was this is wrong for everybody. So if you see a prohibition repeated Old Testament, New Testament or made on universal principles, then you can't write it off to culture so masculine candor. A lot of people are not doing good study a lot of popular ministries are not really grounded in proper scholarship and when something goes in a way that they don't like it. It seems not to fit. We just regular office cultural severe be real careful with that. We can be very very careful before we write the thing office.

It was just for that day.

Kate, on what basis are we saying that we need to bring in the larger testimony of Scripture to make that point but thank you for for asking. By the way if you if you want to Bible the fish a lot of cultural background.

The study Bible, there is the the cultural backgrounds Bible just get online and search for cultural backgrounds Bible John Walton Craig Keener some of the editors of that so on every passage where there is interesting cultural background for the ancient near East from the Greco-Roman world for the Jewish world. It will give you cultural backgrounds Bible says just a study Bible and casing always Matthew as you grow major in the majors. Throws can be distractions major on the majors and give yourself to those put the real solid foundations and that's the key to stand strong and growing in the secondary things remain secondary okay thank you for the call. We will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire during the break I just got an email from me. Yeah I'm on my own mailing list for emails that go out from our organization so if you got that you would've just gotten summary of all the videos of the week that we put out what it's about what we just put us if you missed any. There they are, and then another day to get a summary of the key articles that we just put out so you'll you'll know that RX the articles today in videos on on Wednesday in the run on Monday if you got the special resource or special announcement will send that out if I'm speaking your area get an email and you'll find out if his guts and brand-new coming out.

You be the first to know. So make sure you sign for the emails ask a DR just put down your name, email address and we will joyfully be in touch with you and keep pouring good stuff into you every single week there was a question I was unable to get to be just lost the caller about the difference between being not under the law, and yet upholding the law pulses were not under the law.

For example, Roman six means were not under the laws a system of righteousness when not under the condemnation of the law and were not under the law as a tutor to bring us to the Messiah when he says that faith establishes the law. What he means is that when we understand that the law was also teaching justification by faith and also pointing us to the Messiah that we have a right understanding of faith rather than tearing down the law.

It upholds the law all right.

Let us go to the Netherlands Darren, welcome to the line of fire doing very well thank you a question about how to an argument that Jews fail a lot and they say that Jesus can be the Messiah because he is not the literal physical seed of David. Yes, I yes is when we answer that is twofold. First, we point out that the Messiah is also greater then David Daniel seven. He comes in that the clouds of heaven. Psalm 110 David addresses him as is Lord Master so the Messiah is greater than David and the Messiah is preexistent so if he was simply the physical son of David, a physical descendent of David. He would be less than David, the Messiah is greater than David, but he must also be descended from David, in point of fact we understand from early testimony and even our reading of Luke's gospel.

The third chapter that Jesus's mother Miriam Mary is also a descendent of David, and therefore in his physical birth.

He is a descendent of David, but he is also the son of God, and therefore greater than David, this is the only way that he can fulfill his role of being both human and divine, and I would point out that there are some examples of a genealogy being traced through a woman out we know, for example, when it came to inheritance resampling in the book of numbers with the doors of Slough caught that when there were no man to whom inheritance could be given the inheritance was given to the woman so that would be passed on through through the mother.

We also know, for example in in first Chronicles the second chapter this genealogy and it mentions Shay Sean had no sons, but only daughters and he gave one of his daughters to another man to marry and then the genealogy is not traced through the daughter so you you do have we do have these examples of genealogy being traced through woman or inheritance coming through woman so understanding is that Mary, Miriam, the mother of Jesus was himself a descendent of David, so he is physically a descendent of David through his mother and yet born of a virgin, so he is also greater than David and I would turn that around that I would ask them how could the Messiah be greater than David come in the clouds of heaven be highly exalted sitting at the right hand of God. If he is merely a son of David, I would turn that around as a challenge and objection to the Jewish friends with whom you talk that helpful, wonderful, well, thank you for your interest by your brother and make sure you check out Esther to or ask a DR Brown on YouTube.

We've got whole teaching series that you can watch what we we get into a lot of these things. If you haven't taken advantage of those necklace my five volume series in writing on answering Jewish objections to Jesus white litter so let's go to Olivia and Kershaw, South Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire my call. Sure a believer want our 12-year-old daughter have a credit acting by clear after about her repeating it to fight. Praying with them and doing my own research in my vision at 22 wives should submit and felt that there had been. Do I need to hear his wishes and take it like okay so obviously it's a very delicate situation on every level right you could be thinking what if I don't vaccinate her and she could be exposed to to the Delta variant or some other strain of of this virus and and is getting her health or what if I vaccinate her and that affects her long-term and and then you don't want to be submissive to your husband if he insists on something, but if he insisted on on you giving your daughter poison you would be right to say no. So it's a very delicate situation and one right have to tread very very carefully. I cannot give you any medical advice. Obviously I'm not qualified to do that in the situation. Do you have a genuine concern that in vaccinating her that you might be causing her short-term or long-term physical harm about the long-term fact that we know about God and concerned about getting her back and she kicked out that popular. People who have written five of acting ill getting out after getting her that even after having been back and let your beach is your biggest concern is not. She is vaccinated and still get scolded getting colder. This is the same either way. Or maybe it's lesser whenever but the biggest issue. If you get a boil it down is you are not sure about the safety of the vaccine long-term Peter that you are concerned that by doing this that you would be willfully having her injected with something that may cause her long-term physical damage. That's the concerned correct okay is your husband 100% sure that that will not happen, cannot happen very, very popular there will point out partners along from the fact that you believe that the back very, very, had a lot of autoimmunity and felt stiff concerned that she can get if I recommended that she may have the same autoimmunity that he believed that he got from a virus many years ago that more afraid of getting a direct acting like deep do you have any data of of children your daughters age actually dying of covert that did not have other serious health issues right got it so what what I would. I would do this is say let's get on our knees together and asked the Lord because driven history of honoring your husband.

I'm not perfect, but I believe it will happen problem that I got started like dumb for Scripture and I doubt well you know I'm way I should and I need to trust the Lord for that… It worked that he'll take care of the future right so soliciting Olivia again. I'm not giving medical advice of any kind and whenever I'm saying may be medically sound or medically unsound. We don't know but if you have peace so you make this a generic decision. Okay I'm in a completely separate this from from culvert and and of so I'm just in general practice that as as whether it was a husband-and-wife situation or parent-child situation which little different, or an employee and employer or some interrogation leaders. All these are different situations with authority husband-and-wife being that the closest to getting this one that that in general if you have peace about submitting to the decision of of someone that is over you or someone that carries ultimate responsibility, and the weight of it is on them and they have a good track record, being reliable, solid people than you trust God in that way, if you feel that you would be sinning by doing that, then you cannot in good conscience go along but if it's the former, and that's where you're at, than God bless you. May he lead you it's the latter, then share that real concern and I would just having said that last point is that to be really good to just to get us a list get on the soother. We just want your will and and you say to your husband. How do you know this is what you feel strongly about will do if it was up to anything based on fear. The song of the Lord and let's let's have wisdom was really look at this is our daughter's life really in danger. Without the vaccine he thank you for the call Anna, Daniel, I'd love to hear from you. Give me a call early next week if you can.

Everywhere else I can get you but is always well over the phone lines as much as possible for the Lord's grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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