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Stay Positive! Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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August 9, 2021 8:00 am

Stay Positive! Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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August 9, 2021 8:00 am

How Paul maintained a positive attitude despite the opposition and abuse he experienced in Corinth; the importance of responding to God’s promises with positivity and faith; based on Acts 18:1-11. (Included in the 6-part series Making Your Vision a Reality.)

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I came to tell somebody stay positive you messed yourself up like we think our way to it is redemptive. Hello and welcome to this Monday. Addition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California. Thanks for making this part of your day will he spent his last dime and a harlot and a bottle of booze you brought shame and humiliation to himself and his family. When he finally went home. His reception was the last thing he'd ever expect on today's broadcast. A familiar story and a beautiful reminder whatever you've done. Whoever you are, nothing can separate you from the love of your heavenly father stay with us here or down the podcast on that's modified or wherever you enjoy your podcasts now with this message stay positive is pastor Paul Shepherd the church love that status. God loves us.

I found out one day the Lord love me more than you love. My reputation and he was willing to sacrifice the reputation when I surrendered when I repented and surrendered fully to him and I laid myself bear before him and I went to the place where the Bible says. Humble yourself under the Almighty hand of God, and to see Satan, he will lift you up. The Lord made me surrender my reputation. He said because you didn't give it to you in the first place. Yes I blessed you are blessed you would guess that because you have a great reputation among men, he said, but now that you're in a season where you don't feel like you have got to get off her. He said I'm the God who knows if I gave it to you the first time I can give you another one right now what I want to see. I want to see you humble yourself and I'm glad I learned on the people. One of the elders in my church growing up when he first saw the anointing on my life and my ministry began to take off.

I'm still an associate pastor in my home church and he said son I want to take some. He said I see God's hand on you and he said can I give you a piece of advice is just one older ministers in our church.

Yes he sits on stay low and here's what he said. He said because when you stay low you won't have that far to fall all sales person in the Godhead because I tasted the people. It's hard for them to recover. But if you stay low you won't have that far to fall and I found out if you humble yourself, you don't have to worry about whether God can restore you that story shows you that while the boys walking home thinking, when I'm already demoted there's no chance of me staying a son but I think I can be a servant. He's walking home rehearsing little lame speech father have sinned against heaven and against you.

I'm no longer working nicely had a humble heart.

Do not be exalted unto you, humble people say well if you truly humble you only know you humble. I and some people say that our Ukraine. The Bible says humble.

Of course you know when you humble me you stop fighting it means you stop to stop the people and you say Lord you might use the priest don't ask God to humble you, put you in the gasket you humble your self under the Almighty hand of God, and in due season he will exalt you prodigal son found out while he's walking home is that he was looking for mom alone is daddy season walking home that he runs toward him.

He's walking home but is that he spots him and that he runs that we 20th-century kids we can relate to because if you got to come home after you have spent millions. The look you would see on the porch where he looking at you when beat him running arms wide ready to hug you and kiss you and put a robe on in the ring on and shoes own you to see my Stennis and know he ain't bringing his cell back don't notice so it would go on but God said looking who I he covered this voice and so perfectly. He refused to let the boy think he was asking his son. He covered him.

He restored his dignity. He Said it's time to party. That's the God you serve, I came to tell somebody stay positive.

You may have humiliated yourself. You may have messed yourself up. Stay positive Think like we think these are not our ways to it is redemptive.

Don't believe me ask Peter Peter Bragdon, the night Jesus will betray.

He said I don't care who you say is going to lead you, I will never forsake on the one thing Jesus that you can count Jesus before tomorrow morning you will deny me three times and it is crazy. But guess what, Peter denied him three times.

Have you ever had a power failure.

Just when you thought you were demand for real one feeling good about yourself when things anyone he doesn't know what the price was going be like when he saw them arrest Jesus and then they start looking for other followers, and he will happen and they said about the later not enough time, the gospel of Mark makes it real clear what happened. Peter said I think there may have been approved to them.

I don't know Jesus.

He said people I know Jesus is not in the Bible, read what Mark said he's I mean he's better believe I'm real quick. You people are, what would you like. Maybe talk about your cousin for the next 20 years, God looks at the heart.

God saw him weep bitterly. She is not a question of whether we sin we all sin and come short. The question is what you do after your confronted with your self. When God sent Nathan to David and told him the story.

David got mad at the story because he didn't know it applied to him don't remember when you got convicted. You got a have a heart that can be convicted instead of or not the people who mess up. I'm scared of the people who when they mess up they won't. That shows your heart condition. That's why so rejected and David maintain his status before God even after he sent the Bible calls him a man of God's own heart, not only before, but after Betsy my cousin God looked at and his heart was broken and he said I've send Psalm 51 is David dealing with his God can work which you when you stop defending and blaming and sidestepping and you say in this area of my life. Whatever it is I've been out of God's will, but I'm going to lean on his grace and let them do a transforming work, and when Peter wept bitterly. He was showing I had a power failure at the worst time but look at God. When Jesus rises and people begin to run into him post-resurrection, he sent word go tell my disciples and Peter to meet me in Galilee, why, and Peter covers a couple bases. It could be because the other disciples were going disown him. You do know how though the Saints can be just so you don't find out that you came short so it just a snapshot of you that they don't have for the rest of their lives and repent all you want to get in sync with God all you want bagels as soon as they see you try to get happy about the snapshot. I remember see all impressed, but no so the and Peter covers him in case the Saints are trying to disowning the other possibility is Peter could've disqualified himself. That's one present to you.

You got to stay positive despite humiliation because sometimes you try to disqualify yourself is and will have blown it too much. As know what you like prodigal son. I does no way I can possibly have my original stamp. So Jesus and Shawn, who I am. Tell him to meet me. Not only did he meet in Galilee.

But seven weeks later several weeks in the day, 50 days, Pentecost the Holy Spirit falls on all the disciples, including Peter. They speak in tongues spill out into the from the upper room into the streets of Jerusalem proclaiming the wondrous works of God in languages they never learn. But God said now I got you.

Somebody to preach in the language of this town whom ago.

Read acts chapter 2, he passed by all the folk who said I never did this.

I never did that greatest time I've ever done. I did it to myself. Can't nobody spot my life.

He passed by all and is Peter, knowing Peter the priest today. Why, because when Peter preaches under the anointing. All the same town who read in class when they see that they don't see that had to be God.

That's what got somebody all the testimony once you humble yourself and let God do the work you need to do when you people give you a testimony. He's going to use you in a way that when other folk see you this now not ask God I love Luke. He writes acts gives us the gist of the message that while the with many other words did he speak you know how to stop reading the countdown clock I came to tell somebody you humiliated yourself and some of you have been humiliated by the people is just a way to express religion sometimes other people had beat you down and humiliated some of you have been battered physically, emotionally, psychologically, by a spouse by a loved one by somebody you trust it or you been battered in church there is church abuse every spiritual abuse. Some of you been humiliated. People have called you out of your name. People are said to never be anything where you come from. Look at your physical appearance.

Look at your culture. You'll never be anything, and many of you came in here feeling I came to tell you. Stay positive because if God before you copy you lose again soon I will go out with the snapshot making you feel like your culture will never amount to anything or your family or your pedigree or whatever you walk around with what they want you to be. But God doesn't take snapshots he runs movie and have some time in my life right now you have a picture somewhere in your house you look him as jacked up as possible all got a picture somewhere you don't want anybody to see the light because you would talk from the floor.doesn't take snapshots he runs movie movie can have awfully bad chapter, but the movie is not just keep on watching. Keep watching what He watching how you make us rebound keep watch and how to bring life out of what seems to be dead. The last point I'm done. Stay positive despite hopelessness. Sometimes you produce a situation where looks virtually been there.

My grandma was a people living some of your book, which is a position where it looks completely hopeless. The dream, the vision what you believe God was on doing you like to suck but remember John 11 Lazarus is laying sick.

He's the earthly best friend of Jesus for sisters Mary Martha's elbow problem our best friend is a healer, best friend, Jesus and your brother is upset you go tell Jesus what he loves us you had a sick situation.

Now the next question you ever had a sick situation that when God looked at easily get sick, but is not sick enough. What I want you been sick, but Gossett not sick enough. In fact it did going to die and do something that it was sick but he still looked possible and then went to bed. Here's why this happens is this is why it's recorded in John 11 because God knew the girls knew him as a healer. They didn't know him as the resurrection and the only way to get to know him as the resurrection is something had to back so sometimes you go to subnet sick and got sick but is not sick enough to get the bed. He took the day so by the time Jesus got word about Lazarus. Lazarus is already there, Jesus gets the word tells the messenger thank you very much. And the Bible says he is where he is. Have you ever run into the Jesus who doesn't answer you right away. Can you imagine the girls what a mess to come back. I don't know whether he said these words and he said with disciples in the presence of the messenger. Remember the words. He said the sickness is not unto death is for God's glory. Now if he said that in the presence of the messenger. Imagine when a messenger gives back the girls already disillusion that the brothers did and he said Wednesday is just a way will and want to mess did he say anything if he said it in the messages presence. We all know both scenarios.

If he didn't say that is present did he say anything. No, wait, wait, you tell Jesus, who was then right letters not imagine how the scenario to possibility to if he spoke those words in the presence of the messenger.

What did Jesus say Jesus said to sick this morning are you are you feeling this way makes no sense.

Four days later, Jesus says take me to where you live four days later Lazarus had been dead for four days. He said I know this is Dan, but he's not been enough. I made him days so that it looks hopeless you ever been in a situation where your sickness went to bed and your winter days they then Jesus said okay timeless thing in regulating. They took it to Whitney Lane, they took him to where they gave up where they said is no hope. They took him to where they said his body is and behind that stone thinking Jesus and roll the stone away is a good idea by now this.

This is a smelly situation, but somebody in faith after Jesus. It did not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God and somebody had enough faith in what they rolled the stone away and then Jesus looked up and said, why he called his name because he when you resurrection and the life you came to Metairie to come get you and Lazarus, who was from. We know that because later it becomes up Jesus and let them go. Action calling from death to life is not hopeless to listen even if he decided to resurrect something that's only because he's open up a new avenue.

God is always for you repent when you're wrong. Humble yourself and watch what God will do. Have you made a few mistakes lately. Remember some of the greatest leaders in the Bible, stumbled and fell. Moses Peter King David and yet when they humbled themselves and repented before God, he restored them to a place of blessing and favor now, as promised, Pastor Paul Sheppard joins me from the studio in California pastor.

There's a song much older than me. Of course you're in the Army now. I don't know if anyone list.

He remembers that song, but we have a resource it's entitled, you're in God's Army now.

Special resource will send a listers for generous gift this month tells about this book and what we can learn from it.

Well, you know, as I was ministering the word of God. I came across the fact that we are going to have to help people understand talk about. We miss we are not just the family were not just the flock when not just a group of people who happen to get together. But the Bible itself calls us and Army. Paul said we are soldiers and that we've got to be strong in the Army of the Lord. I am a guy who's never been in the Armed Forces. I just never was led in that direction then and I wasn't born in war time where I would've been drafted, so I've not been in the Armed Forces, but I've had the privilege of pastoring a lot of men and women over the years who are servicemen and women either past or present service and talk to them about their experience and not a one of them was grabbed from civilian quarters and thrust into the front line of some battle. They all had to go through some form of what I heard them describe as boot camp and so what I did was took some time and made sure that this little booklet just reminds people where soldiers were going to go through some processes that God uses to help us get ready to deal with spiritual warfare.

The Bible is real clear, we're not wrestling against flesh and blood. We are wrestling against principalities and powers against rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So, since we are soldiers we might as well learn how to battle well and enjoy the victory that we have in Christ we say it all the time. Here the broadcast. In Christ, you are destined for victory. But along the way there will be battles to fight. That's why perseverance is one of the keys to being a good Christian soldier this month with a great resource for you called your and God's Army now it's our gift to you today by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory. Again, that's you are in God's Army now booklet from Pastor Paul. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online.

You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 once again our address is destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538, when it comes to fulfilling the vision. I got put in your heart you got a loan to look at things from God's point of view. You can look at it through your natural eyes because you will miss what God is going to do that next time it Pastor Paul Sheppard's message. Perspective is everything. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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