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Pronouncing Judgement on Jesus - Part 2

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 6, 2021 1:00 am

Pronouncing Judgement on Jesus - Part 2

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 6, 2021 1:00 am

Pontius Pilate was in the toughest spot a politician could ever be in when he passed judgement on the Eternal Judge. Stu is joined again by Mike Zwick to continue their discussion about Luke 23: 1-12.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network welcome back to experience truth. I'm Stu Epperson and so glad to have you for another week journey through the book of Luke.

This is a Bible study, a men's group is a bunch of messed up guys like me that are going through the book of Luke in the book of acts is going to go to the Bible we in that this week were in Luke 23 and were looking at verses one through 12. Last time we did the first half of this passage, and one of our was they were guises with me is also a talkshow host in his own right. His name is Michael Zwick. Michael, thanks for coming back another week on experience. Truth man thank you so much and will look at verse eight. Now when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceedingly glad, for he had desired for a long time to see him because he had heard many things about him and he hope to see some miracle done by him. Then question him with many words, he answered them nothing and the chief priests and the scribes stood and became mentally accused him then Herod with his men of war treated him with contempt and mocked him, arrayed him in a gorgeous robe and sent him back to Pilate. That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other for previously they had been an entity with each other while so there is a Holland in there in that passage, Michael read this this question here to get us going this the why question right there. That's the second question of that series or why was Herod so excited to see Jesus so so there's there's been word of Christ. You know throughout his ministry getting to the ears of Herod. Herod was was was really quite perplexed by the miracles that he worked heard about that in addition to that he's a threat to the throne in addition that his cousin John the Baptist to was the only one with it with the guts to stand up to an ungodly desperate like eared was imprisoned and eventually cut his head off. So Herod likely thought. This is the ghost we look at Luke nine and Luke 13 and and also Matthew Herod thought that here Jesus is the ghost of John the Baptist come back to haunt him so that so this is a surreal moment, but he definitely if you read this next question.

Look at what how Jesus responds eared.

Why was Jesus silent before him. Not a word, just like Isaiah 53 like a lamb led to the slaughter.

He opened not his mouth. So he doesn't even dignify a response to this evil man who he called a fox earlier in Luke 13 even dignify response doesn't say a word to him that whole time.

And then this is really us a tragic question this next one. What brought on the brutal abuse of Jesus by Herod soldiers. So here you have Michael here is a trivia question for you and all of our listeners what was the only instance in history of a completely innocent person on trial. Jesus now and you may think, will you have this guy was put on death row, and he never killed that person, the DNA Can't test came back and they set them free. Well, but he wasn't completely innocent. Right now he was innocent of that crime right but he wasn't completely innocent, and of the in and inasmuch as he is a son of Adam, right. Romans five first 2015 by one man sin entered the world, and death by sin for all have sinned by Adam right we have sin, so we are almost in a false report of God. Romans 323, Romans 623. The wages of sin is death penalty of sin is death seek.

So we have Isaiah the sole incentive shall surely die.

So here you have only innocent man. Jesus was not born with a sin nature. He was virgin born bypass the seed of man he was born of God, so he was perfect and here he is on trial being beaten, laughed at. The only innocent person to ever be on trial is being a abused is being ripped on spit upon, beaten ruthlessly by the soldiers of Herod just can you picture that think about that and think about the fact that he was bruised for our iniquities right so the reason that he was bruised is because we deserve to be the reason that he was bruised is so we could be healed right by his stripes revealed isn't that pretty remarkable so they they they treated him with contempt of his metaphor in verse 11.

Reference therein to be tough guys, he's going to have these are the top dudes. These are the, the Navy SEALs of Herod's contingent.

So these guys are to be no messed with their tough dudes and we know Christ are called to know 10,000 angels in which we talked about earlier when he was arrested but he didn't. But these guys would've known how to hurt them without killing that was their whole goal by now is a bloodied mingle messy been through all night. Of this you know these kangaroo courts with the Jews and all. And so they mocked him, then there then this is interesting, they arrayed him in a gorgeous robe. So this is more mockery. This is putting a robe on that probably would've been a nice rope but but would have mimicked what you call yourself a chemo. Let's let's dress you up right if Lester had fun dress-up party that is going to further you know, you know, throw no fuel on the fire right in further make fun and further attack and abuse Christ and so that's what they did. So let's keep moving along. How did a common hatred for Jesus unite Pilate and Herod and many throughout history that would otherwise be enemies while so a lot of folks hate each other and we notice this in earlier on in chapter 20, 21, 22 Christ is being question is been cross-examined.

We know the Pharisees hated the Sadducees wing of the Sadducees is eroding. As we noted, we knew the road. He is a the zealots but interesting here.

Toward the end as it comes to a point called across all these once sworn enemies. They all have one common enemy and they are united there coalesced much like the nation of Israel. Your ever wondered why you got made maybe six or 7 million Jews occupying that that that little speck in the nation of Israel.

But there's 700 million nations around them who by the way they hate each other, their bombing the's not out at each other all the time right but they have one common enemy is real. They come together. They love each other. They have one common if they see Israel on a passport you're denied you know into their country, but isn't it fascinating that there's that disdain that's true of Jesus. Right you have all these people even in America. The Christian one of these days is this thing tightens up and is and is and is is Sharon Christ becomes hate speech right all these groups that hate each other. They're going to come together and there you know they're gonna peg it there and they're going accuse the Christian right, the Christians and Jesus said I did. He said you could have the Dragon for the courts. Your need thrown in jail really killed for my namesake. So here Jesus is modeling that on trial before the two most powerful people in Jerusalem who were sworn in as a hate each other, they're constantly in about a concentrated tattletale on each other up to Rome you're working every little angle working on taxes. You got more. I got less hey, that's my dear hey were you doing time. That's my guy hate what was you mistreat my contingent boom boom boom boom boom this and that will all of a sudden their BFFs because of their common hatred for Jesus. We got it we get you to take his own who was really on trial here. How is your eternal destiny determined by what you do with Jesus, whom so you know we we talk of the trial, Jesus, Michael, and we talk about how hearing there is standing in front of Pilate standing in front of Herod being abused, being castigated being questioned over and over again. But the question is who's on trial is piling on trial or is is geezer R is piling on trial. See his Herod you know Herod was haunted by Jesus thing and he was John the Baptist ghost Herod now is haunted by that moment in history was reading about right now by his one encounter with the living Lord, the only one who could save his soul right keys haunted for all of eternity. Michael your thought about when you're sharing you and I did this one time share Christ with someone I said to them I said you know you could hear my voice inviting you to Christ echoing throughout your mind for the rest of eternity while you are burning alive forever in hell. I don't want that to be.

I want you to come to Christ right. Don't let my words be haunting you for eternity were Pilate and Herod right now in hell in it. But think about that were still here. And there's other people still here and they still hate Jesus, we have a chance to share right we have the good news we have the message right right maybe that's why he still kept us around. If not, maybe, but for sure yet to be his witnesses. SF final question will get out here. Why is it a blessing to be falsely accused and abused for his namesake as so we get abuse and accuse all the time. As believers we get the bad rap, and sometimes her first reaction is will. How dare they will I need to do a radio show about the site I need to file a lawsuit. How do they my religious rights know that in the course.

We have freedom of speech in America and that's all discovered set up but for now, for now, but there is a badge of honor. When you talk to some we looks on the I have done this when I look Mohammed in the eye who was thrown in prison because he proclaimed Jesus on a TV interview in he said Islam cannot get you to heaven. It's false. Jesus is the only way to heaven, he walked off the set. They cuffed him and he threw in a rough prison over the Middle East in us. I was his crime newly said he said Stu I do it again, and I count as a badge of honor.

And so here Jesus is on trial were his followers, and he's saying yes. Greater works will do the needs I do. He's also saying the same things that I suffered urine to suffer in yet, but the question is, is it worth, I think so. And the question is, is it it if you don't engage people with the good news of the gospel you're knocking to suffer got everything you wanted greatest way to just live this nice best life and go through life without any chance with any ripples is to shut your mouth up for Jesus tells in a word about right, but were challenged to do the opposite.

Are we Michael. If you're if you're truly saved. I believe there if he if you're not sharing Jesus something is gonna bother you so the sad, tragic moment that someone so close could look into the eyes of the author of salvation and yet be so hard in so today right now right here and I were inviting you and you I love the verse you brought up last time.

Romans 10, nine, 10 were inviting you to call upon the name of the Lord whom to listen to our voice. Don't don't miss this opportunity, pull your car over friend and asked you what you say call upon his name. The Lord save me open my heart change me transforming you got addictions.

Yet the problems got a marriage probably got a probably your kid, you got your prodigal even running from God.

If I can't fix you. Michael can fiction writer, but Jesus Christ, can and we want to introduce you to him. That's right. And and you may say law all do this later, but Scripture says today is the day of salvation. Synchronous chapter 6, you read that to me earlier this morning when we were in was in were together so that's our passage and one day the roles will be reversed because Pilate and Herod were looking at a man who will be there judge. One day, who will throw them into hell are you ready to stand for God. Do you know him, not just know about him you know him is just an entertainment for your acute cross necklace around her neck a fun little experience of church once a month or Christmas or Easter or do you know Jesus as he change your life and if he has who you tell and in you take some folks with us. We had to share the good news in 2.5 billion people on our planet have never heard the gospel. Let's tell him let's tell him Christ is risen, he's coming back. Do you know him who share Christ with one person before your head hits the pillow tonight's or this is the Truth Network

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