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August 6, 2021 4:00 am

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August 6, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses a new article he is working on, when and how can Christians defend themselves and their families---2- Are there any verses that support the post-mil position---3- When is Satan destroyed in the three main end-times views---4- Are there any resources for studying Daniel 11-32-34 as it relates to end times---5- Is a church membership covenant biblical---6- A caller wanted to discuss his views on self-defense.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research was written found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a map slick. Why glances calls and responded to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick reported before the show that slick and I hope you will have a good dated listening hundred.

Also people are kind of upset but that's okay because of trying to put them purpose of upside but the truth of God's word comes forth working on an article and working off and on for about two or three weeks more often on any to get this out and it's the issue of whether not a Christian has the right of self-defense and just talk to Charlie before them the show and to write this article and is change form a little bit and was motivated out of discussion I had with one of our missionaries in Africa and the in a certain country. There are Muslims coming in and killing Christians and what level of self-defense do they have the right to obtain enough time researching and writing on and that is I'm doing.

I'm going to the Old Testament. Obviously the Old Testament has most often worn battles and weapons will about the New Testament.

Well, Jesus had bias toward in Luke 2236 and then there's the issue of fight or flight to have the right of phone fleeting persecution. Jesus even said to have the, the rights of of self-defense and but then there's the issue of violence. Not all violence is persecution that we do this not a religious persecution versus the ultimate installed in your house to rob you entering your family would you do well, you know, I said you have directed to defend yourself and your family. What about some of about this issue they're persecuting for the faith, like a preaching teaching on the street corner about that and then Jesus defended God's temple overturned the temple tables and he made a whip of cords and drove people out and then without verbal self-defense and then what about defending the helpless and then what about aggression in the form of the pending task. What if there's a group of people coming your house and there yelling at you outside the house. You can't do anything. Yelling is not physical. What if there got a bomb in their hand grenade in your handedness holding your house then what for the throat.

These are questions meant to deal with different issues and write transfer truck derided in one article and the I'm thinking that it might stay one article, but it's a is going to build a problematic mortgage 1700 words in the answer objections to Jesus told Peter to put the sword away those who live by the sword will die with the sword, etc. so as you can see there are some moments real issues and to deal with them and work through so you to pray for me on this because it has the potential to influence a lot of people and the ramifications of this are very serious and will make sure that I'm I'm as much as possible accurately representing God's word and what he is revealed to us what that like this just something think about Don going through to deal with so you know is not always easy big apologist fact to last night last night.

Go jacket. This is on discord. Discord is a chat system and I was invited into a room and like five or six can speak at a time and then everyone else has to be another area listening in the river 240 people listening and answering questions from atheists and I just praise God for the opportunity to be able to give a defense of the faith and with it will do that for two hours last night to a couple hundred people, praise God. Most of them are unbelievers and I got a kick out of this one to put a meme Matt slick talking to the to all the atheists a meme of some guy imports alerts peoples bodies flag his foot injury got a kick out of that.

So there you go-I'm just blabbing so don't give a call to open lines 877-207-2276 Jacob from Wisconsin. Jacob welcomed here on the air to Bert for the map they very positively by wondering with by my pessimistic ugly little delicate about that in the last day. This is the word of Isaiah concerning Judah and Jerusalem will come about that in the last days the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as the chief of the mountains will be raised up raised above the hills call the nations and all the nations will stream to it.

And many peoples will come and say, come, let us go up the mountain of the Lord to the house of God of Jacob and teammate that he may teach us concerning his ways and that he may walk in his paths for the law will go forth hundred Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem will judge between the nations, etc. yeah, I think it's a window versus that support supposed millennialism what you think that what I think I will. It does say I just say it's regarding Judah and Jerusalem. Now the question here is interesting is how much of this is really just for them and how much of it is from forever and can be forever because new heavens and new earth. But so it says that it will establish either the mountains and all the nations will stream to it. Many peoples will come and say companies go to the mountain of the Lord in the house of the Lord God of Jacob. So my question is, is it's speaking metaphorically of Judah. Andrew and Israel at that time and are Judah and Jerusalem. That's interesting. Israel is Judah and Jerusalem.

That's interesting. So I know what got in with the cassette I think it's a support verse for a pulse millennialism. I don't think it's very solid arguments for Miller pretty stinking solid I think is one of the verses I could use because at the very end. Never again will they learn more.

That's right, but it could be that the could be that I haven't looked into it very deeply, but it could be that at the time a little perspective and I think even the pre-millennial perspective I think that would be a problem as well. So in the all-male perspective will be to sort in the plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. I want to touch little sometime this not, but for the most part when something is prophetic like that.

Mostly it's literal mostly not all Daniel has some pretty symbolic offices.

Such a method look at and see. Consider how little is to be taken, and it can and has a negative effect mumbling lists and see what they said about that first but like I said, I think it's a good support verse four supposed millennialism, which I wish was true, instead of my pessimistic. Normally I teach you know, depressed pathology of health related in any made fool. That's a good question in the I'm little sense.

It would be the return of Christ.

I think the premillennial sense. It would be probably the end of the millennium and in the post-millennial sense of the towards the end of all the for the consummation of the ages, so all millennialism and and post millennialism are very similar to the only real difference is that I see is that all millennialism is pessimistic and post millennialism is is optimistic. That's the main difference that I see someone think it may be made well before the yeah and then would we know that Jesus is Lord and King now it is raining now. We also know that according to 13 that when the end of the age comes is when the rapture will occur in the first was taken of the wicked. And Jesus says that the taken out of his kingdom, so it would make sense. It is raining now. The millennial sense if the post-millennial stuff want to say that he's not writing until later that will be a problem for them the same thing like thereunder. All it like very evil thing like you that maintenance is good because a king can can have people under his footstool, so to speak and still be evil in varying areas in varying ways so sorry that yeah I is different to be careful of.

Send it what it means is that nothing bad can happen. Would you agree with me. For example, that Jesus admitted totally to 32. He says that in order to cast out demons. A strong man.

He refers to Satan must first be bound you familiar with it. So would you agree that Satan was bound when Jesus was doing this okay and are you also would you also agree that Jesus says that the wicked are taken out of his kingdom at the end of the age so the net would fit all-male and I think post mill but not to them.

I was post I think would fit that I think it fits better.

The little perspective because the wicked are taken first, the place of judgment and and the Christians are taken up in the rapture and then they do heavens and new earth are made. So when is it that people are the subject of Christ.

Would you say that people are the subject of Christ.

If he's the king right now. This wicked ticket out of his kingdom which is now since the Satan was bound and Jesus has ascended to heaven at the right hand of God on the throne. So would you say he's the Lord King would you say that were his kingdom.

Okay right while, but it will why I have worked about also be that she would have dislike this knowledge is difficult because is it because he's obvious to the King now were in his kingdom now that I have no problem with women is it that they'll made under his footstool, and its complete subjection. Is it during the home, millennial reign, which is a fictive period of time, or is it something it will only happen a day of judgment when they are put under his feet.

These are the questions we have to ask, and so are you post-millennial was fine as long as you're leaving the stuff in the other areas feel the Trinity to decry something like saw you I know more more people are becoming post-Noland and that's fine, more more people are becoming mill will find out with the truth is I do like the idea that the gospel will change everybody's nature nature, but will change the work world and that's that's good looks of you, and that the gospel will eventually dominate and I love that idea, but at the same time because Jesus said we would answer when he answered the question but 24 to tell us what will these things be what we the sign of your coming and the end of the H so that the arrival of Christ is the end of the H which in post millennialism includes the age that were in now and in summation, Jesus said many things with the fabric.

I read you the things he said his messages about please Matt slick. Why call 770776 charismatic sling yet. Comment that the things that are prophesied towards the end of the age are phosphorus, false prophets, war, persecution of the faithful apostasy talk about here, briefly, lawlessness, love growing cold earthquake famine, plagues increase in selfish lovers of increase in selfishness is to be lovers of self, money and pleasure mocking of Christ, etc. and in second Thessalonians 2.

This is something I think is problematic for the post of personal view says some now we request you record with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and gathering together to him, that's the rapture and the return of Christ, which in post millennialism occurs after the world basically is converted to Christianity that you not be quickly shaken from her composure, or be disturbed by a spirit or message or letter from us to think of the day the Lord has come from the norm and we deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed as a distraction so if the world converted to Christianity like a citizen apostasy that has to come first. That's a question. It that the site would have to deal with her strengths and weaknesses in every position and are difficult issue every position but logically we believe biblically because you see the Scriptures teaching Karen S all right, let's get to Jewel from California Jewel welcome you on the air. I can you hear me yes I can. I know, I guess I called at the right time here pretty color talking about eschatology and actually have a question though one of the passages recently that I've been just kind of pondering over it in a Chapter 11 around birthday 32 through. I believe 34 actually started out in the dispensational premillennial perspective, but just from reading it past the other. I'm moving more towards the work premillennialism and I think kinda find resources that kind of exegete. This particular practice but had not really been able I know that you're at millennial, but to get any insight you you know that Kathy and try to understand the greater scale lights are in the grander Calvin how the particular scripture work okay.

What I would do sin since you said you wanted resources to kinda check it out get into it. If you heard of a blue letter yeah I believe I have printed that I check that out because you go to Daniel for example, and the you can go to various versus Interscope that I believe there are, yes, their commentaries, cross-references and dictionaries associated with different areas of the of that in the 60s. He wanted tools that's what I would do sit on my computer. I have log loss and I have it on 10 2030 commentaries to how to go through this area. Scripture, which is let's just say hotly debated because it is you know that the kingdom of of Alexander the great and the four kingdoms. Afterwards King of the South princes all the stuff then I'm not sure exactly what it is to be honest was exactly me some ideas so that you said you wanted to say that ideas and stuff like that that's what I would do unless you have log aspect of blue letter and a lot of really good stuff there and a lot of good commenters that different commentary a long time to read, write commentaries on it on morbid regional perspective and empty rod in my perspective. Overall, summing up the good again and night and then just cry thinking and prevent may begin kind of far from your perspective, being Mythic on millennial. I think there enough athlete you know question you go through tribulation wanted taken a look like the indoor well at me. I know you know like any door and I'll yeah and her wealth. I don't indoor well understand that you are like in 02 in my work persecution yeah okay that's a hell I know, I know that you know going into chapter 12. Like if you continue to repeat it on the topic while thinking even in that particular passage like I do, not be able to make birthday 32 through 34. I get the Bentley talking about, you know from Microtel believers recognizing you know like the could begin a chronic back and neck that, but the people that know their God will display strength take action like even Chi think there what exactly – and don't let the people will give understanding that many it will fall by the sword and the plane, by captivity and plundering from anything now in default, but they will be granted a little help and you would like them in pocket.

None of those who have insight will fall an order to refine for Jamaican short until the end time until compact point time Steve likes and now there the resurrected body.

Although I think back I expect you what you said there for my perspective very well because of persecution coming and Jesus says postcrisis was prophets will arise and deceive many.

If possible, even the elect means they can, which is reminiscent what you're just reading so this is eschatological, obviously. And it's difficult to map out the link if you a hint of something that may or may not be fruitful is because I highly elastic structure, and sometimes it's worth delving into it so that is not some introducing yet idea go to a Scripture here. Matthew 77 this is what is set up to the chiasm because you can apply this to Daniel and see if there's a classic structure and explain what is Jesus is Matthew 77 ask will be given seek and you will find knock and will be open so the piece of paper you would Ashley write the word asking and down a little bit below to the right word seek and follow that to the right word knock is called a step, ask sick knock it says for he who later says for he who seeks for he who knocks, for he who evicted who you seeks and font knocks in the open. Whoever asks he could not get start of the text.

CAS K ask sick knock and repeats asked, seek, knock is with the step chiasm they relate but if you would go to Carmen for example that I did realize this Goodman website card that work and go to parables of the prodigal son Atticus would go far better explained by showing you if you were to go there and look on that you can see a Chiesa structure and this works is in the public, the parable of the prodigal son, the first and the last verses are interesting. A son is lost in the first verse. The sun is found in the last in the second area of the second grouping. It's got gods wasted an extravagant living with the second to the last is God's goods used in joyful celebration and you can see in the center area often is the main classic truck seven check that out you'll see the not so sure. Okay. You can find folks we write back after these messages, Matt slick, why call 770727 charismatic slave all right lines of an 76. All right, Frank from Arizona.

Welcome here everything forward by God's grace floating on a question on couple churches are looking into other writing on fundamentally, the only thing here Wagner I've come across with them to church to they want a written covenant find covenant by you. Have you ever heard of that you select a church member should covenant is not in the Bible that that is a requirement in the New Testament, so it's not a biblical requirement that are wanting, they can't find that in Scripture. However, it's not especially un-biblical leader because covenants are biblically valid. In the Old Testament a lot and there's an adjustment covenant as well and covenants always have something so the covenant would be a document that you sign and so the church has a right to require for membership require a covenant signing of a document which usually amounts to something like you promised to you know to not do bad things in the stick with the church and your horse know and be open to trivia, pointed directly and it's all good stuff and it's it's a good thing for legal reasons. So let's say you go off the rails in the discipline you and you can't sue them. These funds covenant. It's a protection for five more more churches will be doing this.

Unfortunately, that's what it is. And even though I'm I'm personally against church membership personally just a personal thing are things biblical and biblical just me about it on up for. I don't like it, but with our apparel got in way things are going.

I can see doing it for the necessity of legal well the way I would think an audited if I find in all. Then on November that the only way I can become a member. I get and her for things that happen in life like and that you want to be part of their church so that you know the phenomenon to what your problems are and things like that all will is not underground but I have never heard of the chicken like it. And in that sense that they are aware of that and want to call it that.

That's good. In fact, we have a covenant I'll be imposing this imposing but John 12 requiring a covenant agreement with the all the people work with Carmen working often on and it's nothing major you promise of the church.

You know you're not living in sin, those living in sin in your household or just permitting that you not doing drugs, pornography, you know your good standing of the church and throughout that and let you know what you disagree and it is a little bit accountability and is not even legally binding. But you know it's a select out. So those are some the things that were thinking about doing because we want to make sure people are seriously minded when they come to Carmen want to work with. I have my my requirement is realizing that my urging of covenant, agreement, work with Carmen and might not like the church membership are kind of at odds at each other at this point, I hold one another not hold the other. The consistency my part, but I don't like church membership requirements, but I could see doing it so help write the final authority absolutely yeah you discuss it with the elders and with your loved ones and friends and family to tell you you signing a covenant like that is not un-biblical. If you were in the church and somebody goes up and dedicates the child and says the congregation would you promised to help us if needed. You being forthright. You don't guard her children innovate this kind of a thing of the Congress, which of course you know if you ever need that's a covenant no generally it's a promise, but a covenant usually has a warnings is to build judgments and rewards that the biblical covenant pattern and has the dedication of parties are and what you supposed to do it. That's what we do, and consequences of this and that different forms of covenant and usually a covenant has assigned and so when people do.

Many baby dedications making a covenant, but in the covenant sign of the it's inconsistent with, but hang in with a lot of leeway in the Christian church so you decided you want to do that or not.

It's okay is not against Scripture to do to do it okay okay you have time for a lot of money to people waiting 20 minutes what what is called right back and get back in line okay we are okay.I do. If you wait, all right, let's get to really really lost, let's get to Anthony for the mowing highway density welcome server tickets on the get you what you got. But Prof. Alia, the professor well not but hey hello I'm hanging in there. We got but I would not have much respect rather okay I gotcha or great one. You try to watch on the great one never happened. I don't know feel bad.

I have been known to to answer to stupid moron. The system especially this house sits but quite still I yeah my ex-wife you this right is not your dog spoke. We got to calm our brother. You are talking earlier about Christians right felt that I've been in March. Large little over four years now and I'm migrant. Well, I've studied several but I'm ranked in the Japanese article: review motion get there with the Japanese are basically you go to get to roughly translate in our language as part of felt that their method of protecting your body however you want to, you know, the Japanese and English are half years ago so well and to now comfortable in your judo and I have a black belt and run full okay okay I got you. My comment was my comment was I absolutely without question and I don't have any scripture to back it up, and I know you're bragging that you could pry got a frown on your face right now but I believe morally that the good Lord Dick eight that we have the absolute right protect our lives back in the lives of our loved one.

I have no question. I am not that people have come up when I bend self-defense demonstrations in the past and what I demonstrated quite frankly pretty brutal, I had a couple go up to my family to begin a 13-year-old daughter, and we want to learn self-defense with some of the things that your show once there are pretty brutal and I said well Third Reich that the only way that I can answer that is that that on the street.

You can encounter animal and that and you want to survive.

You have done an animal I'm not talking about your very nature.

On talking about your recent situation. Yet annually as alliance action annually. Respondent a level to stop the threat not to continue on. Hesitantly at her late. I got on man, no math, and if an individual thing out all afternoon going or where someone items up.

They grabs me.

Or take the finds no I'm not justified in breaking five of his bones and put them in intensive care, but I think that I think that the threat had the mat with an appropriate response exits exactly correct and you and you being in martial arts. I'm, I'm sure you pry her with that landfill just for any folks out there who think that you know a lot of people want to get back to work. He yell in the dark about any thoughts about you know turn the other cheek and saw he wasn't talking about literally a guy comes up and smack in the map you go ahead during your faith claims smacking them and I stand that and a lot of people think that a contact is a cultural thing to escalation of insults and wasn't meant to be violent. It was within the normal cultural norms of what they would do for insult, they would come in your beard and they would slap you in the face but it wasn't like they took a fist and pounded you. It was a it could be just a small slap it's it's an aggressive enemy close to do that and they wouldn't get into fisticuffs. At that point and it was you know it was an insult and so did his attorney interjected that's what he's talking about.

It's not a physical aggression I great. We have the right and I'm I'm with you if if I come home and someone's physical against my wife and harming her.

I'll do what ever is necessary as fast as possible to stop that you have a lawyer to bring a fellowship for Michael to give me a call 877-207-2276 weekly right back after the mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave difficult when we can talk Anthony still there.

Good. So I think you meant more your time at bed as I that you know I and a lot of people want to go to the 10 Commandments thou shall not yellow if they really understood that that means now shall not murder right and there's a big difference between murdering somebody and take a lie that does apply to soldiers or law enforcement or far as I'm concerned, to the godly person that's rightfully trying to defend themselves or their family, their loved one. So I don't think I need any scriptural reference for that. I just feel in my heart because I love the Lord. I've been a Christian for 61 I've been a Christian think that was 18 years old and I start dreaming about that time and I never ever felt that there was a conflict between training in martial art and felt that and also learn fair use firearms in an and other weapons in an inappropriate manner. I just this is not for you but this is for the listers out there. I know there's a lot of believers that feel there is a moral dilemma between exacting violence upon another human being and their commitment to Christ and being a believer and there's absolutely no conflict whatsoever. If it is if you are genuinely in a situation where you are in fear of your life or your loved one, or even my path. I've got you That you given my play Utah armor Mike at I'll tell you what you now wish that you would not have done that and what I I'm not exacting just that because I know that God says, then it's not about vengeance it's about the fact that this guy hasn't. We are really we have the right to defend ourselves and our family and even the innocent, but will have the obligation to defend yourselves. We have the right to do that and the level of violence if necessary, has to be considered very seriously and the court and that's what that's what I'm saying and and there's other issues that are related to this because the scenario. For example, if someone is in your home is kicked on the front door.

Do you have the right at that point how to use violence to defend the situation. You know, maybe it's just a drunk person and a stumbling then you wouldn't. But if it's a person with a bat and you have a firearm is necessary in there's always scenarios and what you do if someone's upfront on the sidewalk yelling at you that they're going to come in your house and getting hurt you, but they don't do anything other than yell. You can't use aggression against at that point what you do. I have a weapon in her hand like a bat you're still staying that you can't you do anything but what if they have a grenade, for example, in their for pulling the pin giver to throw to your house then you know.

It seems as though you have the right to assault them with a weapon from your house because it's it's in an imminent threat with Randy I.

To pre-and so then the concept of preemptive well then, how far can we take that this is a very difficult topic and a lot of variations get involved and I haven't have a good friend who I've known for umpteen years and he's retired border patrol agent and he's done many special layers of training in different a law enforcement that is also like Arnold fourth 8th° black belt and I forgot what it is and so he's been informing me about different scenarios and got me to think more clearly about the legality Lisa here in America and a lot of what is is legal and the situation applies biblically because it's like oh that's right the situation could do this and this is what you can do that. So you I'm writing this article and its growing and I don't like you think it's if I don't want to grow want to become quick and slick and easy but it's not like the sum of dealing with well my brother. We live in a world that increasingly becoming more violent.

I don't believe that change anytime soon.

Court only.

I regard my protection as the Lord is my refugees, my shield, but at the same time he is also equipped him with skills they need to give me the intelligence to employ those skills when necessary and I I have no apology for that.

I have no regret for that.

I believe that the God-given ability, and that he didn't give me with that. I also share that I teach others and I believe that I am morally correct in doing that and as a Christian I don't feel that that violates my conscience whatsoever is being bullied okay.

Thank you for.

I appreciate your time as well as my friend Anthony will gobble his body while you liking that make my way out to your neck of the woods. May we get together we do a little working out I'm 61 are not a spring chicken is ethically I don't think will grenade travel… Well, you know I've known this about martial arts would have an aggressive style. You, the person gets worked out with has to know that aggressive style. Otherwise you get hurt. You didn't that's right, a man rather… Her head and I felt a white belt. My daughter had like a throw her inappropriately throwing his fine but didn't release at the right time and in a break in my my daughters and clavicle. You know all my gosh and it should have surgery to have it fixed so they don't know what they're doing is more harmful than if you do, in a sense but anyway all right but a little bit a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous if that's right you my brother.

Okay God bless Tapia thank you Matt will sociability waiting, so I can fill time talk about this particular issue. If you would give me call.

However, 877-207-2276 is so this issue of self-defense. If this guy comes up, you'll talk about the things I can do, and what we do in our society that is degrading societies around the world where violence is on the rise and murders are on the rise because the leftists have defunded the police. The violence is on the rise, you have the increase of godliness.

This would the Bible prophesies will occur. What is the Christian's response what we have the right to do well. I honestly believe because Jesus in Luke 2236. He says to the disciples said you have a sword.

He said no, with two coaches with Stella cloak and buy a sword and they said look, Lord, we have two swords and he said that's that enough so he wasn't advocating that every individual be armed but there were two swords switching to people that were armed within a group of 12 menacing one for six is the right proportion, but he was saying, it's enough. I think we can we can draw out of this is that you don't have to be armed but Jesus himself did instruct the disciples to do this to what was a context he was sending them out into the world to preach and teach the gospel and think that's in the context we said by a sort and so another thing is related to what Jesus did and said is when he went into the temple, and he overturned the temple tables and he made whips of courts. The width is an aggressive weapon, and he drove the people the animals out and overturned the temple tables know is that the violence is what Jesus did. So Jesus himself was violent in that sense now does this mean then that we going to churches which relate to temples and over turned the tables in the podiums of the heretics I believe so. I think what Jesus was doing in that context was defending the very truth of God and himself because he's God in flesh and the people who were religious leaders were involved with theological debauchery and idolatry. They didn't realize it they were in Jesus. I think with that in the example of how serious it is that we take our reverence with God in worship and adoration of God and that the Jews in that context had become legalistic and coldhearted and Jesus stepped in and intervened, and I think that is permissible for us and I don't think that that justifies a stick violence in churches. I think the proper way to handle this is to think like I do know chemical budget heretics or spires a heretic and and verbally cite document. Why because the of the Savior. True wealth how far can we we take these things for us Christians, do we move forward in them is a difficult question to answer is not a question.

What if you are a devout Christian and you don't want to be violent and join the military you know there are people who don't want to be violent and yet join the military because they know they can get a job in the military not being an infantry that might be a cook whatever tests and would not have to show violence anybody but there are Christians who are in the military now when Jesus addressed the centurion. He did not tell him to leave his job told him to do his job well and properly honestly in the centurion job was military so as we look through these things were saying that Jesus himself did not denounce violence.he did say turn the other cheek to be peacemakers. I did Saito seek peace whenever possible and things like that. That's we want to do and were certainly not to go looking for it but the issue of the defense of truth in the defense of others in the defense of ourselves seems to be a notion is permissible within the Christian New Testament when you get to this, then we have to ask other questions are related to this. If we can establish the fact that yeah we can defend ourselves the right conditions not be aggressive and go looking for trouble. We do not do that. That's vengeance we don't have that right. So what we do, however, if I said this guy was talking before that if anything is name was was that what if somebody's outside your house yelling at you. You don't have the right to shoot him. What if he has a a gun or a grenade launcher flamethrower whatever Molotov cocktail and he's in the process of prepping it to use against your home then you have the right, at least legally here to stay to the right to be aggressive and is and be preemptive because it's an imminent deadly weapon with assault and this is considered an extension of self-defense. All right, will that make sense for what you do if you're in a an African country and the Muslims are moving in with in groups into towns to kill people. What if they are there to kill Christians with their there just to cause mayhem.

That's two different issues. Can the Christians then be preemptive, we could make the case that they could could the Christians not be preemptive and just take it slowly make the case for that as well. What about those who aren't Christians or anything, and it is being persecuted Christians have a right to defend them.

It would seem so, and then do they have a right to be preemptive, it would seem so thin. To what extent it. This gets complicated and the article I'm writing on. This is likewise because there are so many issues that have a deal.

So the release of the article. They are two or three leaders of the things talked about you folks there to go over the Lord bless you by his grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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