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Engaging in the Public Arena

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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July 30, 2021 5:24 pm

Engaging in the Public Arena

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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July 30, 2021 5:24 pm

Chris is joined by Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel to discuss engaging in the public arena by running for city office and standing up to tyrannical government mandates.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends.

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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author here, the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris welcomed the Christian perspective will be looking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview in modern culture on Chrissy's we have a man who is been in the headlines over the last year for taking a stand on God's word with us today when he refused to close his church, the state of California came after him and his church with a full force of all that the governor of California could bring on them. Rob McCoy is a senior pastor of God speak Calvary Chapel church which is in Thousand Oaks, California, and I know we did this before but really at about 2015 Pastor Rob did what all Christians are called to do. He engaged in the public arena is something that I hope you'll do to.

He ran for city council in Thousand Oaks and you know what, when he ran he won and he went on to become the mayor of Thousand Oaks I believe is a 2018.

Pastor Rob traveled across the country speaks all over the nation is involved with turning point Liberty University American renewal project. He just everywhere and what he does is he encourages pastors to preach the whole word of God. Goodness pastors.

I want to challenge you to quit dancing around the Scripture and preach the whole word of God because when you do your people will be equipped to engage the culture with the biblical worldview, he does that because he knows it.

When we live, live our lives with the biblical worldview that we can truly change the culture for Jesus.

I've known Pastor Rob McCoy for several years now, but last night I was reading about a mallard, something I never knew in the past and had no idea Pastor Rob that you were an All-American polo players are welcome to show before you get a culture I gotta hear about your water polo experience. Well yeah I would swimmer water polo player, but more like a buoy now back in another lifetime got me after school I was a and athletic scholarship recipients tend swam and played water polo. I'm in from California. Chris suggests that you got. I I don't look like anymore because member professional barbecue Peter now but I was a wrestler now small enough and in college I was actually on the Coccinella crew team but my wife was an All-American softball player so at least we got somebody in the family that that's athletic but pastor I'm just so honored that you're here today. I've heard your story but I want our listeners to hear what has happened to you and to your church and and then hopefully have you challenge us of what we can do as Christians.

How can we engage in the culture, yet we we here in the book of Romans. Well, you know, maybe, maybe we just need to show the love of Jesus how people twist Scripture, and they think we should be involved in the process, but I believe that I know you believe that God gave us create us in his image. He gave us this world to live in any didn't expect us to just lay down and let Satan take over. So, share your story with us. Chris you are precious brother and thank you for the privilege to be on your program. I love your introduction where you were exhorting that the pastors out there to step into the public square and and I'll share with you but I just wanted to tell the pastor my favorite passage that got me moving into that realm to serve was was Matthew 16 where Jesus says to Peter at Caesarea Philippi after he had said who do men say that I am something or John the Baptist and Jesus says, but you say that I am computer says you're the Christ the son of the living God. And then at this question, but is not revealed that you, but my father in heaven. Blessed are you, Simon bar Jonah upon this rock I will build my and everyone says church. That word didn't come to help hundreds of years later, Jesus didn't say churchy. He co-opted a Greek, a secular Greek term. He didn't say Seneca Geyer Temple and eating is a religious term. He said ecclesia or Equus Dia and the idea is those existed hundreds of years before Jesus uttered that at Caesarea Philippi and every Greek city would gather their Equus Dia a fast and pray above the door of each of them was two Greek words I said, only now if area which meant liberty or or or or justice at and any quality and and they would contend for the welfare of their city with decisions on how they would live together and it basically translates. Tyndale set assembly transferred to public square. Were supposed to contend in our culture and our community and push back the gates of hell because Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail. Gates imprisoned in a Cheryl that because I saw it that our founders and end. Others have gone before is likely Jill Tyndale. The idea is liberty is not man's idea is godlike. 66 books of the Bible cover to cover. Christ is come to set the captives free. You look in Genesis 3 to 5 million Jews go for three as we have the first representative form of government and an end. There in the wilderness and injectors is the most you need to point godly guys who love the water not covet over thousands hundred 50s and down and they do that and with all the miracles, all the miracles that that the Jews experienced in their exodus out of slavery. When they cried out to God, the greatest of all wasn't the 10 plagues of the man every morning, or the water in the middle of the desert are quail blown off course or close I wouldn't wear out the greatest miracle is it 3 to 5 million people live together for four years without a police force or standing army because God gave them the moral law on Mount Sinai and from the moral law, civil law.

If Christians don't engage in culture there's no culture. Breitbart said that politics is downstream from culture, but upstream from culture should be the church but the church is adapted to culture they haven't driven it that that's why stepped into politics.

Chris that's that's what I did what I did long long answer I coming-of-age a question is how you did you know that some you write Matthew 16.

That's not the way most pastors and Christians interpret that that Scripture that's exactly what God called us to do is to engage in the culture. It was so so if that's what God called us to do. Pastor Rob why are so many pastors afraid to engage the culture. Why don't they preach on issues easy going church is what I was shocked to a couple years ago as a church and and talk about abortion in a prayer army.

I just ask and the babies don't get killed in our country. The pastor the next day just laid into me about how dare I talk about the graphic abortion and a prayer the church will goodness it, these are kids in school are hearing worse things than what I said about an abortion them and people need to know what an abortion is, but divorce, homosexuality, transgender, those are not political issues there are issues of sin and men of God refused to address it. Yeah I don't know their motivations as to why it can't. The difference between morality and character.

Morality is not doing what's wrong and there's there's what we call moral Pietism, where where you find you find your identity in defining what you don't do so. Pirelli is not doing what's wrong, but characters doing what's right. So it is your child comes home from school and and says to you, a mom, dad, all the kids in the school called Susie fat today but I didn't think in us is you take sweetheart that's that's the moral thing to do. You can call Susie fat, where's your character in a child's it what you mean wanted to tell the other children to stop it but Ella lasted me a night at I and that's that's what the apostle Paul says in in the prison when he is writing a letter to the Galatians he says stand fast therefore in the liberty for which Christ set you free.

What we we are supposed to be that immovable object that declares the freedom of man, even when all evil rages around us and it's not a popular position that what's so fascinating about this season in the life of the church body Bachmann reports out in his book faultlines that you're watching these churches in America right now that that have yielded to the Tierney of these these measures of governors that have locked down their their state shuttered their schools. They quarantine their children to allow the elderly to die alone in hospitals over virus that has a 99% plus survival rate and churches have bowed to that Tierney especially in California with the governor would have the audacity to say the church is nonessential as though you know someone's job is essential in someone else's isn't.

That's just wrong all the way through. Well, clubs and marijuana dispensaries are essential in North Carolina that the liquor stores were essential but churches are not discrete and and pastors think themselves to be peacemakers and I get that they don't necessarily like conflict.

Nobody does. But the absence of conflict. Peace is the presence of Christ in the midst of the conflict IP zipping out of the world you note this is I get it. Ideologies are good at conflict and you're going to have to contend you can be civil but your immovable and and and you can only do that when you know the issues and and this is what happened in America in the last 50+ years we we have bought the lie that there's a separation of church and state. So so if politics is downstream from culture and the church is supposed to be upstream from culture within the church is disappeared in its ability to drive where people need to be in a world that they can live free and and were supposed to stand for the least of these and and innovate that the governors would say not only were liquor stores and cannabis distributors in California essential solar abortion clinics. You could you could rip out the womb of a baby apart its mother's womb and flush art into the sewer of our state, but could go to church this craziness and pastors were silent so it is pastors. Many Christians are Psalm that many of other issues and you've already shown that we should be involved in government and our communities. How did that happen for you. Tell us your story of how you got involved for government and then what happened to you once covet it.

What time Chris.

I ran for office was for the state assembly. I didn't over Israel doing it a trip of the teaching better for group of folks going and came up to me who was from California as a group from Texas Gov. Perry was thinking of running for governor, and asked me to teach at all.

A Christian site and this person was a sitting assembly assembly member in the California legislature. And they said you need to run for office.

And I said look, I know that a bicameral legislature extended assembly have a clue what you guys do this person settled teach you but it's it's not so much knowing the job itself as it is the character to do the job and and I said, I'll pray about it. My wife and I pray I wasn't given a clear like that. I win. I think the Lord gave me a joke to go isolate him yet. What great non-Sears observers. He gave me. I thought of this can be a tough election when and and also run in such a way as the wind so I did and we lost that night and it was was heartbreaking and in the my opponent who beat me vacated their city Council seat to take the assembly position and all the volunteers and the campaigns and run for this deceit that that person vacated so I did my one and I won reelection and when I won reelection for my the next term that I became mayor of the city and then we had that horrific shooting in Thousand Oaks where 12 of our young people were killed in the dance country dance hall on college night and two of them are my congregants and I was at every funeral dedicated apart to the victims. We are in the national news was heart wrenching and and all of my opponents and my friend realized at that moment in the seminal event in the history of our city greatest event in the history of our city most tragic day. If you were so glad to have a pastor there and all I know is I love my city and I contended for them and I did a good job and then as I was getting ready to run for reelection for my final term. It was what April 3 Saturday Palm Sunday was going to be the fourth beginning of our holy week we we had just kinda saw the severity of the virus. All the fear mongering and everything everyone shutting down the governor makes a decree. The church is an essential and they'll be no gathering during holy week when he said those words, the church is nonessential. That was it.

I said looking we follow CDC standards and full communion. I mean essentially holds what for 500 will have 10 chairs and and actually took us one half hours to do communion and the press descended on the on us like we are to kilogram on everybody else would be super spreaders and to the press discredit with the cleanest place in all of California got the country and nobody died in and then Easter comes along. He says you nonessential. I'm not doing that anymore because you can do it over the Internet. You can do it you know over live stream which they're censoring in California. We just been taken off for a week off of YouTube is give you gas need to have but Bobby Kennedy Junior come and speak.

His father was assassinated running for president used to be the darling of the left in our center for week and YouTube took you offer that is ridiculous.that is crazy yes of the governor relegates you to the Internet. They now control and by the way, going to church on the Internet is like watching a fireplace on your television. You can see it and hear it but you don't feel the want they want to separate us from cornea, from fellowship.

We don't forsake that so we met wide open mate. May 31, because we had arrived in LA the bulimics riots. The governor praised him shoulder to shoulder. No mask and 75% of businesses that were burned and looted in LA were to show the targeted you said you we got enough that that the government stop for my skin begins this virus week. We now knew the metrics of it. We knew was affecting we saw the censorship we just went forward and we lead and we opened and then they waited because of becoming so popular till August.

We had no covert gate. They waited till August to give us an emergency restraining order and they cited a thousand congregants or visitors in a name in the suit, and of course I violated that restraining order was brought in on contempt charges three times before the judge and and all their witnesses there. The county health officials with pictures of them sitting in the car.

No mass on shoulder to shoulder, big purges and perjured themselves in the judge still did not have all been filled and let us off and we can quit.

We were national we we stepped on it and then finally the county realized they'd opened up a can. They couldn't get the lid on so they they rescinded the orders knowing that the data wasn't defending them, but we Artie got a cross-complaint and where the discovery phase and they wanted us to go away well they got theirs, but we haven't dropped dollars now the state is trying to negotiate with our attorneys to have us drop the case because were in the discovery phase and are offering us all lot of money and I don't want it. I want the truth will praise the Lord for you take the stance of the truth and in our listeners.

Many of they don't know your story main you were really in danger of possibly going to jail losing everything you own your your home and everything is at right yeah on the Saturday before we're going to violate the restraining order in August I had I had met with my wife and I knew what was going to transpire and I wanted to count the cost and I want to put before her because her to have become one. I'm not doing this is what you without her. Is it any inward, we probably lose her house will probably likely to lose a church where actually probably lose everything and I said, but I just really feel called to do this I'll never forget what you said it's it's it's it it in simpler words, it would be. I would rather be a widow to be married to a cow.

My kids were the same way that I'm inspired by my family so I did it that the staff was behind me all 15 of our elders told the elders to look, you guys have fiduciary responsibilities and most elders just try to protect money and a good man but they get caught up in in the finance of the church. Is it your job real simple. You know me I been doing this for 20 years, to violate that restraining order. Most of you guys got to joist you either stand with me in unanimity or you find a new pastor and to their credit they they were already set to go. And they were all unanimous and the landlord was behind us as well.

So we counted all the cost and we did it all plays that you did.

I'm so glad that you took the stance we've only got about three minutes allotted year.

We could talk all day. This is fascinating. So how to pastor Rob just tell our listeners and we got Christian say wow you you you threaten to disobey the law.

How do we know when to obey God rather than man and gonna leave us with the challenges we wrap it up through simple Romans 13 it makes you who is John Adams. That was responsible for the the war of independence for our country. He exegete it. Romans 13 because of the number one unit verse used in Nazi Germany and also with our pastors today to justify their apathy and inactivity by saying we must submit to authority because is appointed by God, but Jonathan Mayhew pointed out obedience to tyrants is disobedience to God because the passage said that they are there for our good. When they seek to do good. They ceased to be the authority in its upper light and transient causes what you're saying that the bride of Christ is nonessential. If that's not a good enough because the stand against tyranny. I don't know what is Bella's you are defending the bride of Christ. I been married 31 years. You tell me my wife's nonessential you'll be picking up your teeth with your broken arm and it's our job.

We do, to stand well and that's what we need to do and God's challenges us to take a stand and he's to be there with us and we don't really know that much about persecution of the church in America but it's coming. Christians around the world are being killed for things like you didn't and we better wasn't up and get involved in the public arena like you did and and get involved in our communities because persecution is coming. If we continue to bow down will pass Rob as a thank you so much for being with us. Can you tell us of people wanted to see your sermons I know YouTube is iffy. Are they on the church website somewhere where they can find you God God they can get all of it and were on rumble and others that we just developed our own server so working to become independent of YouTube. I'm tired of the censorship store going for us, with God and you'll find everything you need there check out Arthur Polaski, the pastor from Canada.

Their First Amendment like our First Amendment their religious documents are stronger than our own, and look what happened to them in Canada is coming to a city near you. Be careful it really is will thank you for your stand pass Rob a thank you for being on the front lines across the nation. If you're pastor listening up.

I would encourage you if you don't know what you can and can't do. I know email pass Rob but he's got a team that we share with you is not illegal to take a stand for Jesus. God is called you to take a stand in this culture and I challenge you to do some folks.

Thank you for joining us today on her shoes and this is a Christian perspective. Thanks for listening and I hope that your subscriber like a podcast and encourage you to share with your friends on social media tell us to change the culture for Jesus Christian perspective refuse learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus is a Christian perspective, US. This is the Truth Network

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