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July 27, 2021 8:47 pm

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July 27, 2021 8:47 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are there any references in Scripture to praying directly to Christ---2- Can those in heaven see those being tormented in hell---3- What does it mean to speak in tongues- Is the baptism of the Holy Spirit a separate event in a believer's life---4- Do you think we will see our dogs in heaven---5- How can you be sure that you will go to heaven-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances goals to respond to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick 43 match local go heavy great weekend. I had a good weekend and no big deal. I did however do some debating you know you do impromptu debates on cervical discord and the Ferguson teaching there wanting me to do more and more some AMA's. Ask me anything under some working on that.

To do that on premise of a debate with the one dispersal to the big set up in the September foot with the one this person dock of the Trinity. And here's one thing about doing in the way I am. Think about doing something here. I do patriarch and a petri on PAT art EO and and I would think about it. A few people support me in petri on and what I want to do is is. Maybe have I could do a series think about doing a series on the Trinity and when I say the Trinity. I mean advanced issues of the Trinity, not just those three persons, but some real advanced theological perspectives on the doctrine of the Trinity and I think you know people who do who would participate or listen would find it very interesting because when I talk about the talk of the Trinity. More and more as I do that I'm finding Zach's the doctrine of the Trinity is the district preconditions for all kinds of stuff. So I we talking about things like trinitarian being and the issue of the distinctions of the essence distinction the person within the same essence and that neither person derives his substance from either or both of the other and that the Trinity is not comprised of parts we get into the issue of the one in the many as a relates to the transcendental sort of the universals of Laika chair nests and Apple nests and how we can have a relationship between particulars, as well as a single thing that unites the particulars and how does this work in the dock of the Trinity.

So things like that. Also, God is nothing against which she can be compared and defined.

That is a very important concept right there and then think about also doing the issue of the incommunicable attributes reflect God's transcendence is communicable attribute stresses immanence. So this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about doing it would take probably well know 45678 episodes to cover it could probably do, but a half-hour each probably would do some PowerPoint presentations and share the screen and things like that. That's petri now. If you're interested in like that you go to petri and you can sign up as tight. I keep picture on Matt slick. Check it out and should build a find it in the and you get paid to do that though it's a painful thing to get the view to watch but that is one of the boys are supporting you have not had a raise in let's say five or six years and so it's one of the ways that people can help and the and supports.

So there you go in and someone says that the audio is a little muffled. Sorry if it is I don't know what the issue would be right now everything is in place. Irving looks good and so Biggs is one person I don't know. Let me know if you if that's a continuing issue all right through open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Bob from Salem, Utah.

Welcome Bobby on the air letter I got your 40 but we were not of God. My quick there was oral directly referencing the Scriptures we can pray directly to our Savior. Yes, absolutely.

The media show you how Windows recent Scriptures to and that I so you'll be prepared where is my third is Bible program to do is go to Zechariah 39 you'll see when going with this a little bit for behold, the stone that I have set before Joshua on one stone are seven eyes. And that's not the right verse declares post call upon the Lord of the school. Someone 64 and better is Psalm 116 for and I called upon the name of the Lord, O Lord, I beseech you save my life so you can see there at the call upon the name of the Lord.

He prayed right. I called you on the name of the Lord, O Lord of the sea to save my life will also it says in Psalm 18, six in my distress I called upon the Lord and cried to my God for help. He heard my voice out of the temple. All right, so there's many places where the phrase call upon the name of the Lord called upon the name the Lord calling on the name of the Lord, etc. occurs. The word Lord here in the Hebrew is Yahweh or Jehovah to say sometimes in my distress I called upon Yahweh and I cried to my Elohim, a truck cried, my God, so Jehovah is Elohim. That's with the first Kings 860 says so with me so far that what this phrase means a call upon the name of the Lord is a prayer to worship of, etc. the true living God.

Right. Okay now is use translated this that these phrases into the Greek and was called the Septuagint the dirt about 200 to 250 BC and the phrase call upon the name of Yahweh, not the word only called and not the word. Only Yahweh or Lord, but the entire phrase I called upon the name of of Yahweh or the dictate they translated that into the Greek to call upon the name of the Lord. That's how they did that in the Greek to the Jews about 250 BC translated that Hebrew phrase call upon the name of Yahweh in the Greek call upon the name of the Lord, and Greek word is there is the is half and Lord is calling us call upon the name of the Lord so we know that what's happening here is that the Jews understood that that phrase call upon the name of the Lord was in the Greek company of Yahweh was the Greek call upon the name of the Lord.

It involved prayer, worship and adoration to the true living God, the whole phrase when we go to first Corinthians 1 verse one Paul called as an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God and sauce. The knees are brother verse two to the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who been sanctified in Christ Jesus. Call St. by calling with all who in every place call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. So that is what is going on a little user Lord Lichter does admit a clear was your brother going to all right now. God bless. All right hey folks, what you may call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 we have for Polonsky McCall, Adrienne from Greensboro, North Carolina welcoming running.

Thank you for sure.

I am friendly and I had thought that the game always correctly and I went everything found a great deal. It got to heaven and hell and a Col. Hale and danced in the light thinner path, and the like of fire forever confident that they were that they did not that deep.

And then they said it in a 900 some, communication between heaven and hell because the people in heaven. How could a loving God have people in heaven less manically the people tormenting will wait wait wait wait wait. So who said how could a loving God do this. There are things within it is propped up as a problem. First of all he has to demonstrate that they can, and second, he has to demonstrate that his idea and definition of what it means for God to be loving means that can't happen. This is what happens a lot of people. How can a loving God do this will wait a minute, what standard of you, God, about how God is loving and just and holy must act.

They don't realize what they're doing is putting the human perspective, as though it's true and that God must adhere to it. Its humanist philosophy experiment, but it might go ahead and think God is going to destroy all will further the people that are there are going to go there burned out completely before there are no more, that the nothing not consciously aware of the things that they get on earth that bought when I write, but within my fail. I don't know if I got about 50 people and now they're not been for a very good thing about me will. Here's what the thing is is that this is called annihilation.

This there's different views of annihilation.

Unfortunately, annihilation is an is making inroads into the Christian church and about a year or so ago I started studying and I thought I'd write five or 10 articles on it.

I ended up writing 180 282 articles on this topic related to its word studies and things like that. One of the things that I discovered is that punishment is experienced, you don't find a punishment in the Bible where it's not experienced here's a question I asked them. The Bible teaches that the glasses I will discipline you. I will punish you and then you see how he does it and they go through this punishment with the annihilation nests want to say is that eternal punishment is eternal nonexistence and a civil house at punishment since is not experienced by anybody and they said what I says what it is. I know say look, it's like a man going to the electric cherries is killed that is eternal punishment. And I said well that's that's nice. Human analogy, but that of the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches that punishment is experienced and it continues they go through it. So this analogy doesn't work. What Scripture actually teaches. And I think if someone is existing to problems because of the senator existing and are undergoing punishment and once he finished the punishment then will be annihilated some annihilation so that the net that the problem because it means that someone has been punished according to the law will once the law satisfied. Why are they saved instead of going to annihilation as a problem in second when I let annihilation is nonexistence. Nonexistence is nothing.

How is nothing punishment if nothing nothing is what rocks think of its nothing so it doesn't make any sense. From that perspective now in Romans is to be revelation 1411 and the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever. They have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name. They have no rest day or night there undergoing punishment when you go to Revelation 2010 and the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are also and they will be tormented day and night forever never the false prophet, a human being. The tormented day and night forever and ever write and find the other one more thing.

June 6 Suresh Jude 7 just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them since they the same way as these indulged in gross immorality. Whatever strange flesh, are exhibited as an example of fire presently occurring mostly state to talk about annihilation is the 772077). Mats like why call 770776 charismatic slave sound with the sound next break on Rex during the break message and hopefully that'll fix it so I don't know what's going on but that's what it is.

All right we have for can logically give me a call 877-207-2276 now about their lot annihilation is some stuff and I've been having to get into little more and more lately and unfortunately it's is making inroads and I like to say that one error leads to other errors and there is an associated error linked to annihilation is him which is so serious that I'm calling it a damnable heresy. It would be equivalent to saying Jesus is not God, and that's a dental heresy. You can't be called a true Christian. If you hold that position the identical heresy inside of us. Some versions of annihilation is an is the teaching that the human being, the human spirit. When the physical body dies, the human spirit ceases to have life. It ceases its dead there's no more attributes is no more quality. It's is dead. There's no life there and if that's the case, then that would mean that the hypostatic union which is Jesus being one person with two natures, the human and the divine.

It would mean that the human nature ceased to have life, which would then mean that the hypostatic union was broken, the person of Christ would no longer be the person of Christ and this invalidates the atoning sacrifice. This is a very serious issue and dive causing people out on it publicly on it and I I need to debate it with some people but it is a very serious issue one error leads to another error that in particular inside of annihilation is not all hold that position. But those who do its aggressors or horses will let you know about that. Let's get to Anthony from Des Moines, Iowa, and any welcome you were on the air. Prof. how are you today Prof. Bob okay and in their when you talk your brother I'm guy I've got a kind of a two-point question. I'm not getting credit thinking much time I'm 61 years old and all my life I have heard preachers TV preachers and others say that the so-called baptism in the Holy Spirit is separate event that takes place in a believer's life after they've been. They okay and furthermore they say that and course.

This comes from and I graduated from a Pentecostal college and felt the teaching as is that the evidence is speaking another Tonka course they refer to several places in acts but I'm looking at the second chapter of acts right now and I'm looking at verse 16. Cleanliness down occurred, the multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language and then we get down to the second part of verse seven. It does look, are not all these who speak Galileans and how is it that we hear each language in which we were born, and then we can get down to verse 11 we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God, question youth, there is. I have heard preachers say that well when you get baptized in the Holy Spirit. You can speak in a heavenly language and my experiences been it sound like a bunch of the budget battle just a bunch of God ninth that so few questions. First of all is for the believer is the experience that we call the baptism in the Holy Spirit is not a separate event that occurs after salvation because my understanding is that all were born again we receive the Holy Spirit.

But the other teach in saying that well this is a sad look.

One of that that takes place they give you power for service and so on so forth. What you take on that while I studied that issue before I get to say that your analysis of acts to I think is good and they were speaking ministers to perspectives about this. They were hearing them the different people different languages were hearing the gospel message. This movement of the spirit and people speaking in their own languages now does it mean that that tongues were coming upon them in the once were speaking those different languages did not know those languages and they were speaking in tongues. That way, or does it mean that they didn't know the languages and they were speaking in just different languages instead of the sacred Hebrew that's the question we don't know which the right answer is first 2013 says that there is a tongue of angels and so I personally I believe that it's possible to speak in tongues in a language you don't understand. I buy things for document I think is possible and what is normative. The Bible says in fricative 17 that were not lack any charismatic gift while awaiting the return of Christ.

Right. So when people go to church and they all speak in tongues and all the stuff you know the Holy Spirit will be here most of Thursday night 7 PM Holy Spirit revival and I'll get you the baptism of scrap metal bunk. Okay little crud missing assignments with so is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a subsequent movement.

I've seen evidence in Scripture that it is an I've seen evidence the kind of suggested it's not nothing is contradictory, but people can be saved and then it looks like as is it is a person just 14 people start speaking in tongues. Now how do we define the baptism of the Holy Spirit, because that's always the issue. If a person says baptism of the Holy Spirit is subsequent to salvation. The first thing is that there was a defined baptism of the Holy Spirit and they might say well it's speaking in tongues and okay so are you saying speaking in tongues after been a Christian for a while after the laying on of hands because and they were laying on of hands of people moving in the spirit that that occurs in the Bible and enforcement is 14 speak of the people in the church are speaking in tongues and having interpretation of tongues. Now if that's baptism the Holy Spirit, then it's biblical because obviously it would be happening after people were saved because they were in the church then does it mean event or could you say that the baptism the Holy Spirit occurs at your salvation and your gifted and you manifest this gift later on is what is that would baptism the Holy Spirit.

It's a difficult thing to define and it's always the case to list the finer current before we say what it is or is not what a pastor says a baptismal Holy Spirit is subsequent to salvation say please define what you mean by that and show me a Scripture is not that you have. You just challenging to meet your digging your heels and its known define it and show me the Scriptures. Let's take a look as honestly do that and see if it fits what they assert. So this is what I recommend. People doing let's see Carmen baptism of the Holy Spirit. I think I've written on this years ago that I think about it.

Let's see if you got that and conduct outgoings googling more but ago doesn't matter you did, but it's a good Canada is a good thing with you get a break. Some people.of the Marbella right okay hold on right back folks after these messages, please state the mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave Rebecca showed one out with a sound problem. It sounds scratchy and the I rebooted my comm wrecks during the break and it still standing scratchy and the producer says it sounds okay on his and so I'm not sure what to tell you of what we are aware of it and the name, sometimes using just go away by themselves.

So it's a sounds better because of people since and someone better, but the right paper on it. All right, so Anthony from Des Moines I way are you still there if there alright so I have written an article on baptism of the Holy Spirit and go through it on Carmen if you want. It talks about switching versus here says that Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire now in my opinion that the baptism of the Holy Spirit in next to is the movement of the charismatic gifts and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Now the question then becomes how the people next to already saved with it already believers, and if there already believers, then the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the speaking of tongues would be subsequent if they became believers at that time the Holy Spirit fell upon them, then it would be simultaneous but it seems to be the case, and next to that phenomena hold off committing to it because I would have to do a real series analysis to see the chronology of what happened when unusual baptism because so it it's a topic to be careful so I would say that I don't have any problem with a subsequent movement of the Holy Spirit where he comes upon you later and gives you an extra.

It doesn't necessitate speaking in tongues, though I think that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is best displayed in the fervor for Jesus.

I dedication to him.

A desire to preach and teach the word to speak in tongues is natural to me.

The chicken church context is rather narcissistic looking buddy I speak in tongues I got baptismal spirit and that's how I see it, you know, and they judge you by your spirituality, egg speaking tongues yet.

You know, and that no well then, given at the baptism of finger locking right you hear something faster if they walk it you gave Demi Moore not Fannie or not they don't receive the baptism of the year you got salvation, but they always wondered they will.

The baptism of the holy. His you endue you with power for service will here's the thing when they see that to me personally.

I say well I don't speak with tongues. I never have.

And yet my website.

This had millions and millions of visitors doing radio writing books constantly teaching on emboldened to preach and teach the gospel filled the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Many times in working of furthering that gospel gone door-to-door done beach evangelism of prison ministry would you say that I've had that quality would you say that at the figures were that matches with with the baptism Holy Spirit would be I would think the yeah and I try to point myself out as yet that's what it is, is for the service. Will that is not exactly was going on and I and I feel I'm going to subjective. I feel anointed by God or called by God, I should say to do exactly what I'm doing to preach and teach, and defend the faith. I believe it's a calling. So is at the baptism the spirit. They might say will know it's not just speaking in tongues while okay then, here's a problem. This is the thing that really needs to be stressed are they dividing the church into two groups, those baptize with the Holy Spirit and those not those who really have it and those who don't looking down on anybody and if this is the problem or this is the case, and it is a problem.


Well, I've heard preachers I've heard preachers say Matt that well if you don't get the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You're not going to have the power that God want you to have this earth. And that's good that I've heard other eye and I heard other pastors they that they believe that when you say upon receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior that you receive everything that you receive the infilling of the Spirit and that you get it all right that would agree with that. There's no that there is no subsequent act that's required to empower you deserve and I fully agree with what you said because I believe want one of first day and obviously your safety the power the Holy Spirit on our own. I believe it that particular point in time that God are really already knows what service that he has chosen for study called us to do and I believe that at that point in time that he empowers this at that time I'll think of that you have to wait for every four or as you as you know the language and I got married for leaving. Expect an anecdote to their collars and this is something I wonder about. I wonder about its years ago I was praying incessantly for the work of the spirit.

I never spoke in tongues. I was praying for the movement of the Spirit in tongues, interpretation of tongues by me praying for for this a lot and praying that God would use me and God would bless me so that I could be of service to him money. Praying constantly hours a day driving, walking, teaching, moving, thinking, eating, and I can take you to the place where I was when I swear I heard the voice in my mind were God said what do you want, and I said to us, to be used by you to bring as many people in the kingdom was possible that I heard a second question my mind was like a audible I just knew it and it was when early in life or late in life and I said late in life and then it was just that was it and then after that I had an insatiable desire for the word of God actually little before actually this insatiable desire to go preach and teach. Now was that a baptism of the Holy Spirit to commissioning. Perhaps not seen the doctor makes our experience makes doctors but these are things we have to wrestle with as we seek God in an answer seem to come how we fit them into Scripture was the Scripture say about them, and so we know the people had her hands had has laid on them afterwards to receive the Holy Spirit. Even though it looks like there were already believers, and we see it at God can certainly do things. I think you can you can move upon people after salvation to give him a boldness they never knew they have. I think that's valid as well.

So I don't depends on how it's so defined arbiter buddy okay I'm I think you know your time I'm I can take going at times, there has always you enlighten me. This is like my third time I've called and I I come away, enlighten, and with questions answered him with food for thought and I get that's what it's all about will appreciate that this will God bless buddy right. God bless you brother thank you so much for your time are right folksy. I know there's a bad connection. We don't know what it is roughly 30 Marley when test was letting people let every know that to commit the show later.

Amy from Des Moines, Iowa.

Welcome here.

I think time and non-we've really got on site? Anything else there you think they'll be. I got I won't have a dogs but I don't think animals go to heaven and I can't prove it. Just don't see it. I'd only place I see you people been in heaven as people in the Lord now another factor, though, to bring into into discussion here is the issue. The new heavens and the new earth, and this can be a restoration of things on earth now 90% of all species of ever lived are extinct, and I suspect what's can happen is got and bring them all back and that new heavens and new earth.

In that case, might he bring our favorite dog or cat back. I don't know.

I can't say yes.

I can't say no. I don't know and that's as close I can get to answering the question. There become.I don't know think so heaven, I'm not sure about the paradise earth but is possible: thank you, Toto. That helps it or not, but that's the best I got for you. Anything now I think I will. God bless Amy all right okay. Think back on our connections pretty bad.

I did reboot my con Rex of the sound is bad to fix it, but the producers of this good on his router tonight's letters of the things that they will be right back with Dan from Iowa on eternal security lines 877 mass Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg very welcome to the show dials delegates are more dialed on an idea about the sound it makes a difference right there and you go Get on to the year with and it will. I love talk about eternal security such want to call back and talk about that. Let's get to fertilize first 877-207-2276 Patrick from George welcome you on the air show. We got what Mary is here to find the perfect though, but, though I very thoroughly. A factor that you know if I believe that you benefit going to do their executive library will begin on the third day by many on the death of old dockable and that you know all that is not a burger.

They did not have the gift of God and not not work with both five believe that my heart out you not be saved and I'll go to heaven.

You know for sure whether you're going to heaven. How can you be sure that you know you're going to happen. First John Constantine says these things are written. You may know you have eternal life. Here's the thing. There's different ways of tackling this issue. A lot of times people feel as though you're not good enough, and they can get over that and they think that because you have good enough they can go to heaven and that's a mistake. Those who think that they believe or say they believe and aren't sure if they believe that so not sure there are those who truly do believe really do.

And then they wonder really believing, and they have doubts or is it really real legs all kinds of reasons, but it comes down to faith. Do you believe, and do you trust that Jesus Christ is who he said he was did what he said he did and rose from the dead to let me ask you, do you affirm those things you died on the cross God and flush physically rose from the dead by persons do a final stage of the fact you know that you 07 God so that people in that you know their rejection of the Messiah that made him out. Everyone else eligible for eternal salvation. That is a part of the gospel and then did witness you with the five of 501 and if we didn't have that account know they wouldn't there would be an account right though I do believe that the full gospel, and you know as a believer when you believe that you believe that and for the first John five 1380 things that I written you that believe on the name of the thought of God that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may believe on the name of God. At the got a bit of my time do I know for sure what I'm going to heaven. I would say yes because I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ at 1530 the Philippian jailer asked what you do to be say and thought about that believe Jesus Christ that I can't have trust that you have faith, although things are good for the Holy Spirit, though I can attain nothing until I'm worn into the I have the Holy Spirit in and I have to be baptized with you living water, and so about my faith baptized in water baptism and water in order to be saved. No baptizing you that at the well.

So the lady about living water for physical baptism doesn't bathe you in any way not at work both on both of my fellow I don't have any competent but nothing that I can do it only because of Jesus, and to 20 at that time Chris about it but nevertheless I live yet not II me and the life which I not now live.

I live in the flats bless others by the faith of the fun of God who loved me and gave me and I had to go out for Christ by the loss that corrected that day so that this will vibrate God.

Jesus is our Savior and it is basic not because they think might take six of the job.

He said to Jesus, faith, the faith that Jesus has is what saves us what I'm Tennessee. We're going though you think that your faith I just asked a question like that and it started understand where you're coming from you.

I understand where you're coming from Patrick. Patrick, you could have been you going to heaven like a bit of you.right and left to Patrick how do you know for sure what is going to heaven because I trusted in Jesus Christ. So take your work.

My work what what works your workload trip. Think it by you by your work through the Bible Jesus. Is thinking of using one third is excusing Patrick you need to slow down you not I'm on my shoulder teeth okay so let me ask you some questions on what is not in Patrick my teaching show, not yours. All I have to do is move my mouse over over a drop in your gone, my show, looking a short so let me know your Patrick. Patrick Patrick need to slow down buddy list have a discussion okay. We got a gnome is let waiting and it ended in the ranks, or we can. You can talk now. Do you believe that you are justified by faith, believe that right. Do you believe that you have to believe. I believe it but I believe only and nothing else.

I'm asking the question on you not answer my question. Do you believe that you have to believe, do you have to have faith in Christ. Okay so they would you say you have to. So then, out of the way of the God they would you say then if you have faith that your justified before God, because now you believe the true stuff and are justified by faith right that they God granted to us. Lukens 129 two did been granted to believe is your believer write about what Patrick Patrick, you asked me a question I answered it ignored if you went on. Please don't do that you said how to get the faith I told you flipping just 129 two unit is been granted to believe God grants that we believe that slippage 120 not a familiar look at 129 yes you were okay given in the behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but all reported they see it with Christ giving up faith is what is man, I miss what is it say here for to you it has been granted for Christ's sake not only to believe in them but also to suffer death would assess so is it not true that was granted to establish really something.

Here you probably don't know this. In the Greek, granted or given it again is fine and what it means so as not to miss its occurrence.

My and it's was called the aorist passive. That means to past tense and it happened to them. They received the action. That's what it means in the Greek is been granted that they believe God grants that they believe that there believe it. They are believing God grant that they believe okay and I really think that is where in John 629 when it then this is the work of God in you believe on him.

He had believing of the work of God.

Belief is the work of God. God grants that belief to his elect as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed X 1348. We believe and we do we do the action unbelieving, but it's granted to us. God works believe in us and the reason is because the unbelievers, a slave of sin. Romans 614 to 20 doesn't see for God can't do any good.

Romans 310, 11, 12, despite nature child of wrath. Ephesians 23 deadness since Ephesians 21 his heart full of wickedness and evil in all kind of crud. Jeremiah 17 nine any cannot receive spiritual things first Corinthians 214. This is why Jesus says you cannot come to him and this is been granted to you from the father.

John 665 so God grants. We believe we do believe because if it were not believing, then, is not our faith and were not justified, but God works that faith in us as his work in us.

We believe we do okay okay start but we have to mark course we do, but were Naples. It was that you are question at the after that he the word of truth, the gospel of your starvation and also after that you believe you were still good. Normally. Upon though you were still with the Holy Spirit upon it after you believe after you hear the word of truth, and therefore you could throw it just like in Rome within 13 minutes that when a lot of people try to you, whosoever shall call in the name of the lower what date they just stop right there at the port was never struck out on the name of the Lord shall be saved within if they continue to 14 so they follow them thinking they have not belief and how shall they believe in him may have not heard and how city and I'm here today on their preaching the truth and you have a question though.

Once you show your boldness that the you know for sure that you're going to heaven when you have faith in Jesus. Right now the reason I know is because I'm not justified by my works godly. Granted, I believe he granted the repentance second Timothy 225 and born-again thought of my own will. John 113 that I believe because has been appointed to eternal life. Acts 1348.

I believe the spiritual things which unbelievers can do. First Corinthians 214 the spiritual things the deity of Christ is atoning sacrifice physical resurrection, etc. the problem with God granted to a second Timothy 225 if you areas of Bible study and the problem suggested if you want to series Bible study again, I would stand in the King James and go to some electing NASB and then after that the ESP just don't recommend it to is Romans 518 is important here because an issue of salvation. Romans 518 is something that you only get into but but the King James butchers it badly and the NASB is the only Bible that has it right because of what it says I can teach on three important verse.

But do you think it takes and some have set Ephesians weeknight of the faith of the house is the faith of Christ, but some say go back tomorrow folks exactly know where he was going to do those of the heresy associated with faith we back by God's grace tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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