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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions about Bible Translations

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 23, 2021 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions about Bible Translations

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 23, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/23/21.

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The following is a prerecorded program were focusing today on your questions about Bible translations stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience, the president of fire school of Ministry of the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown, a friends welcome to the line of fire were not taking calls today, but will be enriched by today's broadcast I posted earlier in the week on Facebook. If you have a question about translations of the Bible or translations of a particular verse or word in the Hebrew or the Greek poster questions and then I will answer them so that's what were doing on today's broadcast will not taking calls live I'm answering questions that were posted earlier in the week.

I think you find this really enriching and helpful. So start with a question from Daniel. He says this. Why do we use the Masoretic text of the Septuagint was translated from a source that is much earlier. The Septuagint also resolves many of the problem versus that atheists attack.

Okay, first let me clarify that although the Masoretic textual tradition which is composed of thousands of manuscripts in which dates back to old little over thousand years ago in terms of what it was really developing and growing even though that that textual tradition with vowels and accents is later. It reflects an earlier textual form that we have in some of the earliest manuscripts extant in other words, measuring textual tradition is the letters with vowel points and accents the valve points were later than the letters the accents were later than the bow points in terms of tradition and how these things were developed, but the words were always read in other words, you didn't just look at you read the words that there were vowels or vocalizations they were passed on and you have different traditions as to how they were passed on in the Masoretic tradition is as ancient as any, so it's a misnomer to say the Septuagint comes earlier in the Masoretic tradition later.

The Masoretic tradition is put in writing later by the master REITs by the transmitters. The traditionalists is as it would. The Hebrew name, but they they are simply reflecting what is been passed on for generations and they were meticulous scribes so we have to evaluate on all ranges of textual evidence so for example with the book of Isaiah we have in Qumran, the complete book of Isaiah.

The Isaiah a scroll, but that is written in a freer form. There are there are more spelling errors in it here or different vocalizations the way letters would be used in things then you have the the Isaiah beat manuscript okay this is much smaller, but where we have it at different points in agrees letter for letter with the later Masoretic textual traditions. We also have Hebrew traditions preserved a Qumran that reflects some of the readings in the Septuagint. Other times it's clear the Septuagint translators are being creative or they're looking for different ways to express things in in the early translators say the book of Genesis has little different style.

The later Septuagint translators. Everything has to be evaluated, in and of itself. The Septuagint is a translation from the Hebrew so sometimes you try to say okay what was the for log. That's a German term meaning that the text that was before the translators when they were translating this into Hebrew. It's different than our current Hebrew text that we have in our Hebrew Bibles that they have a different Hebrew text that they misunderstand the Hebrew text with a translating creatively.

Sometimes that's the case, so the Septuagint is a super important tool for textual criticism, but it is a translation from the Hebrew, so unless we can clearly recover an earlier Hebrew text, say from manuscripts in Qumran or elsewhere in the Dead Sea Scrolls or elsewhere then the Septuagint is a secondary source. The Hebrew is primary now when I'm working on a commentary sitting on the book of Isaiah and I'm looking at the Hebrew text as we have it. Look at the vowels, the accents will, I may differ with the accents of the master REITs. I may differ with the vowels because those things were put in later, but in less there is clear reason to differ with the consonants of the text that I will certainly go with that. So I I hope that makes sense to remember the Septuagint is a translation from the Hebrew as for problem versus for the atheists. Honestly, I don't think it makes a real difference.

In other words, the major versus that atheists attack they're going to attack anyway. I don't think the Septuagint softens the blow that respect. Okay. Thank you for the question.

Let's see us.

Suzanne asked was one of Noah's sons actually milking ascetic right.

I was only going to answer translation questions, but since I started on this.

I will see this possible, but I've heard and on pastor Cecil note this is a rabbinic tradition that says that that sham. One of the three sons of Noah without actually milking ascetic. It's just a rabbinic tradition. It's a myth, forget about it.

There is there is no substance to it. It is just a later Jewish story, myth, nothing beyond that. Okay, let's see. Joey, I read from a book that Noah's name in Hebrew actually means grace and that Grayson Hebrew doesn't actually mean unmerited favor. If not God's protection of God's favor over laws. Hence is why no receive God's protection for by skating for having been in the art. If that is true comes Hebrew meaning of grace be applied in the way Paul uses it in the New Testament.

If not, then why not. Thank you again Dr. Brown Joey, Noah's name does not mean grace. No means rest. That's was related to and when when you read the end of Genesis 5. His name Noah because he will bring rest so it is not grace Hebrew words for grace would be Canaan Hassett, in and of themselves, neither of them fully conveys unmerited favor, but they absolutely convey in different ways. Mercy, kindness when it comes to God from God to his people return to repentance. It is unmerited in that regard. But we get the full revelation of unmerited favor through the cross we get the full understanding of God's car us of his grace through the cross and and see the degree to which God has shows favor and mercy and kindness to people who have sinned and betray them.

His own son takes their punishment. We get the full revelation it but if you read Psalm 103 praising God for his mercy and goodness. It is greatly extolled or the end of Micah 7 but you don't want to take an Old Testament definition for grace and put on the new you will look at the full revelation of grace through all of the Bible. But what you heard was not accurate.

Let's see here. Monica, how about the verse that talks about the wearing of gold and costly array. So in first Timothy chapter 2 many must not interpret that the way I was raised not saying who is correct.

I don't know okay when when Paul talks about women and and how he wants them to dress modestly, he means it into different ways. One is for rich women not to flaunt their wealth coming into an assembly together, you got people of all backgrounds you got the poor and others don't come in flaunting your wealth you may have all these riches but but don't flaunt your wealth. Dress modestly, or it doesn't say after dressing it like a pauper but dress modestly also modesty and in terms of our general dress out of respect for others it. In other words, if you are a beautiful woman that beauty is gift from God and something for your spouse for your husband to enjoy and there is a general radiance you can have that others can enjoy but you don't want to dress in such a way as to draw sexual attention to yourself. You want to dress in such a way that the moment someone looks at you there drawn to certain parts of their body and are going to think lustful sexual thoughts.

That son of a godly thing to do so. Modesty in terms of not flaunting wealth, modesty, and in terms of being aware and and and and conducting ourselves in a way that we don't unnecessarily put stumbling blocks in front of others soon the valley of the shadow of death. Is that really an accurate translation of that phrase.

The valley of the shadow of death so gone Kele's brigade Psalm off it low you talk you taught him on the Psalm 23.

Even though I walk through the gates all moderate. The valley of the shadow of death. There is a scholarly debate about this is it Psalm that meaning as if from sale shadow and Moffat death.

So the valley of the shadow of death, or is it so moved, which would be cognate with you grid a calm mood, meaning deep darkness. There is debate about that among scholars, but the overall meaning is the same. In other words, even though I walk through the deepest, darkest, scariest valley alone for your calamity along for evil because you're with me so that we, it's nothing to get uptight about. Either way, there is actually scholarly debate among about that. Now I am going to refer in a couple of answers to the NET online Bible so net net The reason I referred is not because it's the best English translations excellent but in many instances I differ with it. It's an excellent translation, but the reason I will refer to it as it has over 60,000 notes and if you so let's just say were looking at this we go to Psalm and then 23 and let's see. Even when I what must walk through the darkest valley, and I don't know it's going to say but this is just checking out.

Click on the note in the heat. The Hebrew term Psalm but is traditionally been understood as it a compound noun meaning shadow of death is I just explain other scholars preferred to vocalize the form of so moved and understand this an abstract noun meaning, darkness, etc. and they go through the argument give you all versus a that's a great place to go to get an analysis by top Hebrew and Greek scholars to introduce you to the debate around certain words and and then evaluate look at other translations country conclusion, but overall it doesn't affect the meeting. I remember being in grad school and we were looking at this and looking at various words and verses and talking it through with the bottom line.

In the end, what is the valley of the shadow of death, the deepest, darkest, scariest valley, even there right right back to the time that we question a bunch more of your Bible translation.

We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the special parts instead of taking my calls earlier in the week I posted questions that hey if you have on Facebook. Any questions about Bible translations translations versus words posted questions and get to as many as I can on this broadcast so nothing to post now. We got these questions early in the week will be taking calls but I think you'll find today's broadcast enriching and we got a lot of questions about the passion translation so I'm going to spend time on that once again and Yana asked this.

Have you seen Mike Wenger's take on the passion translation is commission scholars to review the translation for specific Old Testament and New Testament books. Are there any specific points brought up by the reviews which you have comments, agree, disagree on. If yes would love to hear your take. Thank you. And here's the link to Mike Wenger, Pastor Mike Wenger, the passion project.

Scholars review the passion translation number one big big issue. It is not a translation.

It is a paraphrase doesn't matter to me what others say about it. What its own website says about it. It is a paraphrase say what's the difference what about a translation it's not word for word, but thought for thought, that is called a dynamic translation and there are good linguistic reasons to translate dynamic with many times. The best thing you can do is take the thought the phrase and convey it with an equal thought or phrase any of the language and the more you go, word for word, the more it becomes unintelligible as we say we stay word for this much is possible.

That's more literal, but there were no totally little translations if they were you. You would make sense of them. If you went totally literally from Hebrew to English or from Greek to English or vice versa would make no sense whatsoever, but a paraphrase like the message Bible it's stepping back and saying I'm now going to say it in my own way.

I'm gonna get it out the way I the way I would express it in a paraphrase. Okay so we paraphrase all the time.

Newsom was talking to a secular ensuring that what you say and we expanded so let me give you perfect example of the power festive nature of the passion translation and this is something that any of you can do right go to Bible is free, totally free Bible now on the start in Matthew chapter 5, but I'm going to look for in the English translations of the passion translation and let's see here we go.

Got it and click now we go to Matthew chapter 5 in the passion translation and remember we have the Beatitudes starting in verse three and every verse begins with the exact same word in Greek Beccaria's which means truly happy, blessed in that sense, it's the equivalent of of Hebrew ashtray would be be in Aramaic today. Home but it's all the same thing truly happy truly happy truly blessed right same word that begins each of these verses. So to me, translator, without question, because the original verses three through 10 starts with the same word in each case actually three through 311. I'm gonna start with that exact same word on to use that same word at the beginning. This gives the reader a full understanding so here's what happens is as we look in the in the passion translation instead of blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. It becomes what happiness comes to you when you feel your spiritual poverty. For yours is the realm of heaven skimming others.

Their spiritual truths to what's being said there is no words that that's explaining some of the meaning of the text is on a translation is not now look at the next first begins with what the light in the verse after that, what blessing in the verse after that how enriched that how blessed then what bliss then how joyful and how enriched that how blessed it is the same word at the beginning of each verse. Every time this paraphrase it saying it differently each time to convey a different nuance so as a paraphrase. It often has a very rich and beautiful renderings towards if you're if you're studying Scripture preparing a sermon or something like that and in your you're looking at different translations and paraphrases like will I like the way the message said that there right I like that. So after I read with the actual versus Allstate as paraphrased in the message or or you. I I like the way that the the passion of translation brings that out there against called TPT passion translation. Some translations of paraphrase, so I like the way the passion paraphrases it say that phot but you never ever use that as a primary Bible so others are asking questions and saying all you what about churches pastors that uses a primary Bible. It's a big error. It's a big mistake. It's a paraphrase of been shouting that out.

It's a paraphrase. So I appreciate some beautiful renderings and some that are rich. It's a paraphrase also puts too much stock on the sheet to the Aramaic translation from the Greek rather than relying more on the Greeks lets a philosophical issue that I would take with it and then it does add in much more about quote the anointing to seek to bring in a spiritual dynamic. But in a way that goes beyond Scripture, so I've only watched Mike Wenger sent me all the links out to all of the scholars of the commission. Let me say this, the scholars, he commissioned her all qualified scholars when you got Trumper Longman on their one of the top evangelical Old Testament scholars. He was editor of a coeditor of my volume. Israel's divine healer came on 85, Zondervan, and the Old Testament editor from Jeremiah commenters we work together on an academic level regarding Darrell Bock was a friend and colleague New Testament scholar when the scholars that Mike Wenger commissioned a top-flight if they raise criticisms I would take them seriously and hopefully Brian Simmons had a few tradition of the passion translation can can learn from the side. I learned constantly from other academics and and seek to sharpen what I do as well so the concerns are valid concerns here and there may be overstated, but valid concerns for sure. Matt since so many translators translations disagree how we do know who is right. If you say by Holy Spirit Revelation have personal revelations then become the authority over Scripture number one. Every so-called Holy Spirit. Revelation must be tested by the word.

If I tell you the Holy Spirit has really been leading me to spend more time with the Lord and more time focused on Jesus, well, I can't prove to you that the Holy Spirit led me to do that. But that revelation is certainly in harmony with Scripture because the Holy Spirit is drawing us to to Jesus and bring us in submission to God's will. If I tell you the Holy Spirit told me that the key to getting a more radio stations for your ministry is to rob a bank and use that money to pay for radio will value know that was not a revelation from the Holy Spirit because it's against the word the commences not to steal. So let's the second parcel and says the Holy Spirit told me what this verse means want to check it based on the Hebrew and the Greek right you say okay, but what about all the different translations look at is a positive, not a negative. What I mean is if you're studying verse and here again a simple way to do this and it's free. Of course if you have software like accordance Bible software Lagos and then there lots of different translations and get with that totally free for everybody Bible Gateway right or the you version of the Bible registered unit Bible Gateway go there typing your verse right Missy you look in the new King James, I want to read this verse and it contains five then at the bottom. Let's see, you're looking at two verses at the bottom of that box.

It will say click to read all English translations of that.

So now you can read 20 or 30 or 40 translations when you see that all these translations are basically saying the same thing.

You know that you know that you know that's with the original thing when you see little different emphases one lean this way little bit one leaning that we rose okay even reading it in the original could go this way. This would people read passages in the book, you will know exactly what I mean why Ross submitted scores I could but Different nuances. You could understand it one way or another.

So look at it is a tremendous blessing when I got saved. The English Bible was the King James, there is the RSV note. None of our service would think of reading that liberals one touch that was King James. I memorized 20 verses a day for six months right up missing a day at the King James in English, "many to this day in King James English. But it's wonderful. It's a great blessing that we have so many translations and in the vast majority of cases, it's a matter of different nuance not fundamental differences of meaning. So overall you see this a lot of truth all going in the same direction. Sue, what about who rescued Israel out of Egypt. June says you sure did Jesus did okay this is a very interesting phenomenon, but the Septuagint translators.

The Greek translators of the Hebrew Bible translated the name Yeshua, which occurs about 27 times, they translated that is the Asus which is the right way of putting Yeshua into Greek. Greek does not have a show so the show becomes a saw to Yeshua in Greek becoming Asus you sooner than the final saw that was perfect sense. But for some reason, the Septuagint also translated the name Yehoshua Joshua as the Asus of red discussions as to why I can't say fully understand the reasoning so when June or Hebrews were talk about Jesus leading the children of Israel out of Egypt is telling about Joshua.

It's just it's the Greek way of saying Joshua which is the same Greek way of saying Jesus, so most modern English translations will make a distinction between Joshua and Jesus in the New Testament example became James the front of the same Jesus were Joshua and some of his cases and the subsequent cases as well. Hence, Joshua spilled in a funny way, and Septuagint. That way here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is Bible translation day on the line of fire rather than taking live calls I posted earlier in the if you have questions on translations of the Bible translations versus individual words to post the questions and then I would answer them during this broadcast will not taking calls and if you post now we won't.

We won't be seeing it because we've got a ton of questions came in days earlier so we been dealing with them getting to as many as possible, and I did say a ton questions earlier I said Tonya can weigh questionable dialogue a lot of questions requested okay Jed what does first Corinthians 14 2017 which says, if any, speak in a tongue that there be only two or at most three and each in turn and let someone interpret to mean members of the congregation must not speak in tongues.

If there is no interpreter doesn't mean that some members must not speak in tongues. If there ready three doing it. Thank you so much Dr. Brown Whitesell. Let's think of this and not in terms of speaking in a heavenly tongue and angelic tongue, but let's just say that you've got a group of the a group of folks from from Spain with you, they speak Spanish. They don't speak English right and different ones from their group want to share okay so one can speak after them. Second, that one. 1/3, but that's it.

Because you want to stop and translate understand so you get a Spanish translator there. It's like okay what our sister say it's here that I can answer the second son. All three at the same time right to hear each one.

Okay will one sister gets up. She's all excited she's gone on for a couple minutes discuss equivalences and stops of stop is anyone here speaks fast. Can anyone translate notes at all. Okay sister you freely praise the Lord go ahead with your praise Lawrence management if you're speaking out to us will understand so sorry, no, no, no more speak. Try to convey that right same as tongues that if were all worshiping the Lord together right hey let's all just praise God and thank him for his goodness and Pentecostal charismatic church.

Lord I love you.

I praise your good moral just thank him and in the summer next to me praise in Spanish and someone next to me praising him and in Arabic summer behind me praise him in German and some in front of me praising him in tongues is what is praising them altogether but is now.

It's quiet and someone speaks out this let's see if the Lord wants to speak to us prophetically and someone speaks in a tongue okay discipline of the gift of interpretation. If not, don't deliver that message. That's one thing and and the two or three is not all the same time, it means you want to hear it. You undigested case. It was prophecy through three property speaks anything hear the message digested. That's that's what it's talking about okay another another question about the passion translation some. I cannot get into that in depth, but here Bethany says I learned all my versus King James version. Growing up and teach my kids via NASB UCSB in my personal Bible I just want the most basic direct translational communicate God's important word to myself. My growing family can abuse a different translation. I wrestle with this dilemma. Often, hope, creating confusion for my kids later. If you are teaching your kids through the NSP great, that's fine. If using SV great, that's fine. Obviously if you reverse reverse line for line. Scholars differ here and there, you're in good sound ground. The key thing is though for your kids, your family is to be consistent, especially for the purpose of memorization. I have friends of mine that have been reading the Bible through through the cover cover every year since they were children. Now as their older 30s or 40s. They will read from a different English translation every year. So this way there kind of seeing a little different angle hearing it with little different nuance here and there all and is being reinforced but for the purposes of memorization. So that's great to do for the purposes of memorization. You want to stay with the same translation.

So, for consistency for your kids is due that is there. Growing up NASB is fine. ESV is fine. Okay. Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse eight. You know what I did want to answer to questions from the same person but I started right. Deuteronomy 32, eight sons of God or sons of Israel. So let's go over to net Bible net Let's go to Deuteronomy chapter 32 bit, scroll down to verse eight, when the most high, gave the nations their inheritance when he divided up humankind set the boundaries of the people according to the numbers of the children of Israel is what you read in most English translations, meaning that God said okay Israel you get this place hear the Shirley and everybody else you get this this this this or is according to the number of the sons of God is the NETs is according to the number of the heavenly assembly teach that Michael Dr. Michael Heiser has has brought to many people's attention in recent years, so when you go to Hebrews 1 Hebrews 1 seems to reflect the text saying sons of God versus sons of Israel. You have evidence for this in ancient translations, and you have evidence for this in the Dead Sea Scrolls, so this could well be the original reading and if you click on note 14 to this, you will see in any any NET Bible he were the sons of Israel. The idea, perhaps, is that Israel was central to always purposes and all the other nations were arranged and distributed according to how they related to Israel assisted his background to then it says a Qumran fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls as sons of God, will the Septuagint so the Greek translation from the Hebrew reads angels of God presupposing Binet L sons of God or Binet Aileen sons of God and they say NET sons of God is undoubtedly the original reading the Masoretic text and Septuagint have each interpreted differently, etc. in other words, that when God divided the lands that that each country has an angelic leader over you reading Daniel 10 about the Prince of Persia.

For example, when God divided the land he did that, accordingly, of Jewish tradition would strongly argue for sons of Israel. NET says is clearly heavenly assembly that's one of those you have to dig deeper and come to your own conclusion on II could argue either way on that. Actually okay Matthew could you please help me understand what the proper translation of Exodus 21 verses 22 through 25 should be on frustrated as both sides of the abortion debate off of their own. Obviously correct very different translations. Thank you sir. So let's go over and redo this together to Bible Gateway okay Bible under the type and X is 22, 22 to 25 but I'm going to type and let's see old friends find find the and RSV, the new revised standard version. Here you and we go to Exodus 21 when people were fighting injure pregnant woman so that there is a miscarriage and you no further harm follows the one responsible shall be fined with the woman's husband demands pain is much as the judges determine if any harm follows the should give life life. I fry tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe soul.

Would this be saying that the miscarriage is not a death that there is a find to be paid, but is not a death but let's say something happens, the pregnant woman herself is injured and dies then it's life for life. So the. The pro-abortion people would argue you see, this is saying based on the Hebrew that if a miscarriage is caused. It's not an actual death because is only a find this only penalty okay let's look up the identical verse in the city, new King James's men fight in her womb was trouts that she gives birth prematurely. Yet no harm follows shall surely be punished accordingly as the woman's husband imposes on initial passages determine, but if any harm follows things give life life. So this is quite a difference.

Is it not Mrs. Matthews whole point is quite a difference. Is it a miscarriage which is not considered losing a life because the baby in the womb is not an actual exorcist of a fine or if the baby dies then. In fact, baby dying in the womb that is punishable by death was the answer. You cannot be 100% automatic, but the evidence, the most natural reading of the Hebrew very, very strongly points to we have in the new King James the reason I read and RSV is that's a literal translation contains concern is that interesting how things come out, let's go though over and and go to the net Bible again NET It's a great place to go to get the background notes and information so if men fight hit a pregnant woman and her child is born prematurely with there is no serious injury you click on the note there it says the line is occasioned a good deal of discussion, but then it gives you the. The support for this reading. So Matthew can confidently say it's talking about, not a miscarriage but a premature birth with no other harm or issue, but if there is ours, the baby dies that's born prematurely of if there's a miscarriage. If there's there is an injury because of it. Now the babies born with with a serious defect. Because of this, and this payment accordingly.

So you can't be 100% automatic but you could say the Hebrew very, very strongly points in this direction and the NET notes will give you some backdrop to that all right let's see drivetime for quick question. Kimberly learners to reconsider the message Bible to be. I kinda feel like I should name As Bible, it is helpful for particular type of people it's a paraphrase that Eugene Peterson's brilliant paraphrase. Many times I thinking nails it. Other times it's not for sale, you're missing the big point there, so use it in a secondary way to see how Eugene Peterson expresses biblical truth often beautifully and in very pithy ways, sharp sayings and offense stop, Hebrew, Greek says so. It is a paraphrase and again we say like the passion translation of the message Bible can be misleading or the living Bible. These are all paraphrases what about someone English as their second language.

Good news for modern man. That's a very dynamic translation, but this is not a paraphrase or somehow slightly higher level NLT new living translation. That is a very close paraphrase of minutes, the line between dynamic translation paraphrase. I would have certainly the NLT English as a second line or even the modern man message. You know that's a paraphrase Peterson's name on number five. Snow light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire. This is Michael. I cannot believe the way time is flown by. On this broadcast used refined by but I'm I'm amazed Islam by the way his phone but is on just answering questions that were posted earlier in the week on Facebook. Specifically about Bible translations Bible translations of individual versus new words of Luke came. Ask your reflection on the legacy Bible translation, which is going on in master seminary and John MacArthur's guidance okay I have not looked at any of the articles in great detail or listen to past MacArthur speak about it in great detail what has troubled me is the idea that the pastor or teacher, stands between you and the Scripture that yes you have the Bible, but then you need the pastor the teacher to explain it.

You know, we appreciate gifts that are in the body. We appreciate those with teaching gifts. I myself am involved in Bible scholarship and teaching. It's part of my calling. I have been for decades. Almost all my believing life. I benefit by the teaching gifts in the work. Consider that others have done. I learn from them but one of the whole issues with getting the Bible translated into English was to get in the language of the people so they could read and understand for themselves. Look, that the whole argument against doing that was that the Bible would be dangerous in the hands of of laity that only the clergy could understand using the argument that if the average person read the words of Jesus in the sermon on the Mount. You know that click I'll try drop off your hand if it's because you send it know what a people to do that in one of the arguments against it. It really was one of the English leaders similar. Obviously a lot of people really that they haven't gouge their eyes out cut the hands of those in there since a figure speech so that's what has concerned me and some of the statements at as if yes, we have the translation but then you must have the pastor and the teacher to expand on the text expound on it to really understand it. That's an overstatement. Every one of us here first Corinthians who did Paul write first Corinthians 2 to the Corinthians to the believers to read for themselves. The simile of the letters you really didn't say. But the leader read it and then military would says those all of you read it so obvious he that's the purpose of the translation, but it's this concern I had from some of the things that I have read and seen a mark. Why is dominated semi translated demon possessed of demonized is more accurate than all the translators really get it wrong since possession is in the original Greek.

What is every translator agree with possession markets a very interesting question.

It just in terms of the usage of the word of if.

If you see all the guys if you eulogize rightly with your weight, we can use that the eyes part of the word part of speech so demonize someone coming under demon demonic power in the can be relative right. It could be more severe or less severe and then we have all of our issues.

You can be demon possessed, but not demon owe you Susan if you believe you can be demon oppressed, but the demon possessed. It sometimes with some of the same Greek word of the reason that someone talk about possession. This person was demon possessed rather than demonized would be that these there versus that indicates most of the control of demons or the demon was in the person than the demon left the person so they were inhabited by demons that sometimes the Greek will talk about having an unclean spirit supports the larger concepts and then you drive demons out so this demon is so the hearing you got the Canaanites they possessed the land in Israel drove them out because they possess the land that is rose to have simile demons possess people's bodies and minds and we drive them out in the name of Jesus. So it is a larger conceptual thing terms of actual meaning of the word out. I really prefer to translate, demonize II actually hardly would ever use the term demon possessed for years that I came across an article online that gave a very spirited argument for demon possession comes to be in the right way to translate here the reasons for that's okay. At least the set of legs to stand on the reasons behind it, but to me, just the most basic rendering of the Greek into English and one that would indicate there levels of coming under demonic power is demonize of your your final question why does every translator agree with possession what is IME. Every translation against what would your little tester will go to Bible Gateway. I will grab it. See Matthew 426 three okay, make that 424 so Jesus seal is sick is famous. Randall serially brought them all sick people reflect with various diseases and those who are demon possessed, right.

That's Matthew 424 in the new King James now. I click on the bottom that box there and it's good bring it up in a bunch of other translations so amplified, which is expanded those into the power of demons. Let's see, CSB, demon possessed CE B those possessed by demons complete Jewish Bible. Those held in the power demon so my esteemed colleague, David Stern rendered that differently CE Viso and had a lot of demons and okay that's obviously a simplified okay let's see ESV those oppressed by demons is going to change their eight CSP demon possessed ISV.

Some had demons, and though I'm sorry ISV is the demon possessed.

The let's see another demon possessed MTV possessed with demons, etc. and ET those possessed by demons, it is overwhelmingly the way things are translated. It's either one of two things. It's either a tradition that dies hard or there are lexical reasons that are deeper than what I'm conveying. So when you see it that frequently it, it does raise a question you think okay limp. Let me look at that and then again if I'm just trying to dig.

I don't have any software on any Bible software on any Bible dictionaries or anything like that.

So my go to place to try to get to the root of this then is gonna be net and does it have ears got a note those possessed by demons.

The translation is adopted a different phrase or here than in the Greek text, Greek text reads people brought samosas with various illnesses and afflictions, those possessed by demons, etc. okay so it's just, word order is still saying it does mean possessed by demons hates debatable and you gotta dig a look at the the lexicons and come to her own conclusions. Joanne will truly know the Bible saying I don't review Primerica begun using the JPS translation of talk in English and the Jewish annotated New Testament by Amy Jill Levine and Marcy Tzvi Butler. Are these reliable okay the JPS translation is the best translation of the Old Testament into English by Jewish scholars it's it's wonderful to read. It's an excellent translation, but in many places I would interpret it differently if there's an option between the Christian reading in a Jewish reading to get the Jewish reading there so it's excellent. I would not make it. My only Old Testament Bible. As for the Jewish annotated New Testament Amy Jill Levine and Mark Tzvi Butler were the editors overseen the annotation.

It's not there translation. I believe uses the N RSV also the RSV is a good a good translation but I would still prefer other evangelical translations to that, be it NIV be it. ESV. NASB.

NET, be it ISV. CSB so it's it's good it's it's it's not can lead you into error, but there are some key points here and there.

I would differ with the rendering so you might want to use those along with one of the other translations that I mentioned more. New King James or any of the one of the more conservative evangelical translations and then compare that would be a healthy thing to do. Dennis, I'm told there are two primary words for anger in the Old Testament the word most often used for God's anger discerning the anger and sense of wrath or bitterness. Instead, more like disappointment.

Is that true no structure, not trip their ways were God can express his disappointment and sadness is pain is grief. The words rang with their various words frying them in my mind I would just think of to their quite a few that I'm thinking about vocabulary for anger, but some are talking about the flared nostrils or anger is in that's that's the actual imagery you even one of the words for anger comes from nostrils because of the flared nostrils of anger of some clearly mean wrath that's the right way to translate them. So no, there are angry words or angry. There they are angry words in God.

This expresses anger toward sin is anger toward sinners very very strong terms.

Yes, so whoever told you that was Miss in formed highly to God actually hate Esau is the verb directly translate rejected its right to translate hate is right to understand what it means it does mean hate in terms of a rejection doesn't mean hate in terms of the settlement look spicy doesn't mean that is resistant to capabilities of I hated. That's Malachi 1. The sum of the nations of Israel and Edom. So within those nations. There were people. God favored and loved and those design was upon both nations. So it ultimately means rejected by the word should be translated hate this, explain you have a footnote that we are not a time last word like another program powered by the Truth Network

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