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Cultural War Updates and an Interview with Owen Strachan on Being Woke

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 20, 2021 4:40 pm

Cultural War Updates and an Interview with Owen Strachan on Being Woke

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 20, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/20/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, my guest today says that social justice is try to hijack the gospel was mean stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jacob is Dr. Michael Brown three years ago I asked a question to pull on Facebook just did it couple days ago on twitter so three years later asking the same question about the gospel and the intersection of culture, politics, etc. censured for pastors and Christian leaders. Just quote preach the gospel or should they also comment on relevant social political issues out of tight about the results to that pole in a moment to cover some important news items. I think while some will start you similar encourage you then bottom of the hour and can be joined by Owen Strawn to talk about his new book, Christianity and Waukomis.

So here's a question you can respond to 866-34-TRUTH's eager local church you think your pastor should just stick with quote preaching the gospel going through the Bible tell you how to grow in your relationship with God telling how to get closer to the Lord. Get more grounded in the word and godly living. How to be good parents how to be responsible in your job.

Whatever the situation is how to share the gospel with others have deep in your prayer life. Should that be the only thing that your pastors talk about or when relevant, should they also comment on what's happening in the society, politics, culture that kind of thing. What you think 866-3486 634-8784 quote gospel only would you say that's a misnomer. The gospel itself touches another. Other areas of society. You said no absolutely gospel only look at the mess we've gotten by getting into politics.

You could say what we talk about the fact is, our pastors don't help equip us to deal with life in this world.

That's the problem what your take 866-34-TRUTH before I get to some current news items tell you the result of of polling I did on this question I'm raising now, three years ago. So this morning I went to tweet something out and look at look at what I found on on twitter my at my account has been temporarily blocked and and I'll give you the context. But I just put on the screen for those watching him leave it up your for a moment so I I posted on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend the statements and look for those who haven't been vaccinated yet you honestly think you maybe are critical why people haven't been back since the Johnson think that if these people were 100% sure that the vaccine was safe long term and that it would help save lives you think the vast majority of them would go ahead get vaccinated so that launched a very lively discussion on Facebook and Twitter will over thousand comments just on the thread on Facebook. I was surprised it did get pulled down because it was talk about vaccine that I wasn't airing opinion. My stated position was everyone to the research and make an informed, responsible choice. That's my official recommendation to everyone so anyway someone posted on Twitter, a descendent a distant descendent of cotton Mather, one of the early Christian leaders in America and said said do you know that cotton Mather really encouraged medical science. Working together with Christianity and he himself God vaccinated, so this is what I posted in response. Interestingly, Jonathan Edwards died in 1758. As a result of the smallpox vaccine. He received that's that's the reality. Smallpox inoculation if you will be more technical about it. That's common knowledge. Many years ago when I was there but Jonathan Edwards only knows how he died to strata the right thing responsible thing and he died. This is, that's a scope I was told that I posted misinformation about Kovic yeah so I could just remove it. But then I don't get to go through the appeal process of this time I decided remove in a heartbeat. It's immaterial to me that have an upper not have enough but I decided to appeal it. So we shall see if the appeal drags autonomy just remove it so I can access my account again. But yeah if if in fact they review this think of friends.

Think of this.

Think of this. If they they block my account and don't allow me back on because I tweeted that that means that you are not to allowed simply to give factually true historical information if it violates a particular social media agenda, I might think of that when talking about me getting up and advocating a dangerous conspiracy theory will not even be taught or even talking about me getting on social media and saying you know, I don't think you get vaccinated is not a good idea, not letting, that is about giving an opinion we're talking about me simply stating a historical fact in a relevant context principles, early American history and vaccines in Christian leaders again.

This is also interesting fact that said do you do you think that an educated person. A thinking literate human being. Today living in 2021 will think well of someone died of complications of a vaccine in 1758. They can't be too safe to the enemy. Do you think that someone is really going to make that connection is going to take someone completely honest thinking to compare medical practices in America in 1758 to medical practices in America in 2021 but bit. Even so, is twitter telling me that I cannot post something historically true without comment only, the sort. Interestingly, that's it, but without any moral assessment or comment or recommendation pretend to say that I'm not allowed to recount history. What if what if twitter was owned and run by racist anti-posterior factual soundbite little little truth about slavery in America. They bandit why would violates our our narrative.

I mean what what kind of madness is this so the hope is that with the billions, trillions of howling tweets go out that this just hit some think is a vaccine whatever and somebody immediately blocked it. I got blocked on Facebook once because we posted political cartoon and was showing that of Hamas, one kill Jews and they said we don't advocate killing Jews like it when you look at the cartoon.

It's about Thomas.

They were all sorry we misread it.

Okay anybody can make a mistake but but we shall see. And by the way, the vaccine issue is not the big issue to me. My official position. My official recommendation is do the research and make an informed decision. That's that's my official recommendation.

That's not the big issue to me. The big issue is when you are not allowed to post historical truths because they violate a particular narrative you're trying to put forth which is everyone should be vaccinated, and anyone it's not vaccinated is hurting America and believing some kind of conspiracy theory. That's the exaggerated narrative, you could say it's been put forth that would concern a major ransom upon the monuments, which, you cannot post a simple historical fact. So will keep you posted on it again between itself means overall, the fact I can't be on Twitter right now okay when Erica 40 some thousand dollars is not a system like critical thinking. We take it seriously. Try to reach people ministered to them. Get good information there, etc. provide good links.

We take our social media platforms very seriously.

With its hundreds of thousands or 20,000 we do our best to be edifying and use those well but sent into the world under some of Trent. That's what concerns me okay 866384 to take what Chris what will come back to the pole later in the show right so it will come back to the pole check out this disturbing news. Red reports.

This code red comics book burners are coming for your books Jim Thompson posted this. July 16 03 days ago and up check this out this week. The American booksellers Association prostrated itself at the local altar and digitally burned Abigail Schreier's book, irreversible damage. The written statement is absurd. Dissociation called dissemination of her book quote a serious violent incident why and then it is strongly opinionated terms because a handful of children disguised as adults screamed at them early in the article he quotes John Milton great British poet who kills a man because a reasonable creature, but who he he who destroys a good book kills reason itself, banning her digital books want Amazon band advertising of the book, irreversible damage civil what why are they banning it because it tells the truth. The truth about what you say the truth about the reversible damage being done to many girls and young women today who identify as transgender only come to regret it and realize that they are now sterilized for life, or that they will now be partially male in terms of certain certain bodily appearances for life or here.

They are 20 years old and they already had a full vasectomy only to say what on earth did I do or or they stunted their development and growth as women during the formative years and they can never get that back reverse the damage. It is a compassionately written, factually accurate book. Amazingly, Amazon hasn't bandit entirely like they did Brian Anderson's excellent important book when Harry became Sally. This friends is the madness of what's out there. This is why we speak up. This is why we speak out friends.

I'm very conscious of the fact that God's given me a great platform through radio and TV and Internet social media outlets, articles, books, different things.

We can shout this message out somewhere shouting for you. I know you're shouting in your own world and you're getting the message out your own world. Your your point, your kids, you're a single person at college and standing for what's right your your your your holding holding your own in the workplace were your ideas are mock, but you're not ashamed of the gospel. So here together. We are raising our voices. I'm doing my best friends to use the platform. We have, to be a voice of both sanity and spiritual clarity to be your forcible cultural and spiritual revolution. So together friends we can be a conscience of the society we can shine like light. We can function song is so encouraging news on the inside of the break, but little wake-up call. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for joining us on the line of fire. Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

866-34-TRUTH okay. Let's take a look at this pole I posted this three years ago on Facebook. Just when these memories a copy of a memory from keeps tell you things to the passel three years ago, I posted this question on the S Dr. Brown Facebook page so little it's been pretty steady in terms of a number there surrender close to 600,000 Facebook followers of and in then you could post poles, but you can only give two choices of the human post now on the main pages suffer personal page so I said this what your opinion should pastors and Christian leaders just preach the gospel should they also comment on relevant social and political issues have an opinion on these two choices. Please explain. Also encourage explain why you voted as you did this edifying challenge and help each other as we interact throughout almost 2000 V, 1.9 thousand votes. And it was 84% said gospel and culture, and 16% said gospel. I'm sure some would differ with my very definition is that of course the gospel intersects with culture, but again simple pole.

That's was posted that's what will of the people to further interact. So I posted the same pole on twitter I can't access that page now because Twitter has temporally blocked me. As I explained in the previous segment, but posted the same question and explained they only give two choices 24 Is This Is How I Did on Facebook and Fear Was Basically 80% and Seven 9080% Saying Yes Gospel Plus Culture, Social Issues, Politics Versus 20% in 2021 Saying Gospel so Very Similar Results Now Found That Interesting Because We Got so Caught up in Politics It in in the Last Year.

In Particular, and and We Got so Caught up in Social Issues That I Sought More People Might Have Felt That Hate Me Just Back Away from the Sky and Catch Our Breath and Get Our Minds Clear Admit That the Numbers Might Have Shifted More Plus A Lot Of Folks Who Are Really Ardent Trump Supporters Get Very Upset with Me When I Said Loki Hasn't Won It's It's over with. The Election Was Stolen A Lot We Don't Know but God Did Not Put Them Back in Office in the.

The Prophecies Are Wrong. So I Lost Number Trump Supporters Very Ardent Trump Supporters Because of the No Voted for Trump so I Thought I Sought May Be the Numbers Would Just Be a Little Shifted More Than This, but Overall and Twitter Courses Different Than Facebook and Only a 42,000 People on on Twitter so There Are Differences, but It Is a Pretty Similar 84% to 80% Saying Yes Pastors and Christian Leaders Should Also Comment on Relevant Political Social Issues. If You Go to or to Melissa and Esther You Can Read an Article Right Talk about the Polls Then Talk about Many Comments I Share Many Comments People Making Which Is like We Live in This World the Gospel Touches on Every Area of Life and We Need to Be Equipped and Help to Know How to Live in This World. I Don't Believe That Pastor Should Major on Political Issues or Social Issues. But As the Gospel Touches on Them and As Relevant to Help Poor People Live Godly Lives in the Midst of Society a Man It's Appropriate That We Do Okay, Check This out. JK Rowling One of the World's Best-Selling Authors, Author of the Harry Potter Series. She Has Come under A Lot Of Attack Because She Has Said There's a Difference between Male and Female and a Man Who Identifies As a Woman Is Still Not a Biological Woman and Things like That Only Women Can Get Pregnant, Not Just People Get Pregnant Only Women Commenced Religious People Commensurate so She Has Gotten Heavily Attacked. For This There. There Was a Push to Get Her Band for the Publicity Organization That Works with Her. So Now the Latest Round JK Rowling Breitbart Reports This Fires Back after Quote Hundreds of Transgender Activists Threatened to Beat Rape, Assassinate and Bomb Her yet. When We Reread That You Generally Fires Back after Quote Hundreds of Transgender Activists Threatened to Beat Rape, Assassinate and Bomb Her Right so Here's the Background Info to That Story in a Desire to Make Her Look Bad and Just to Harass Her. There Are Transgender Extremists.

People Who Are of Ill Will and Bad Temper Who Are Posting Porn on Her Twitter Feed and Because My Kids Read the Feed and Things like That. And Then There Come There's a All You See You See You Didn't Block That You See You Didn't You Get That Removed You See You See That's Proof That That You're Not Doing Enough in Sick.

What Are You Talking about I Report Everything I Seem to Must've Massive Twitter Focus.

I Report Everything I See, but Sometimes Have To Leave It There to Report It to. Of Course I Report Every One of These Things. So When She Pushed Back Then the Pushback against Ernest That Your Average Transgender Person Is Not Trying Kill Somebody or Wish Their Death. There Plenty of Extremists out There, and Now This Is How the Coming against All Makes Makes Their Cause Look Great.

You Daresay Only Women Can Get Pregnant You Daresay Only Women Men Straight Will Kill You Friends.

This Is the Madness of Our Society Today and Some Good News about This. The Blaze Reported This on July 16, Court Rules against University That Targeted Christian Group Saying They Were Hard-Pressed to Find a More Blatant Example of Discrimination Friends. This Is Part of the Pushback That We Have Been Talking about for Years It Continues so Eighth Circuit Court Of Appeals on Friday Ruled against the University of Iowa Calling His Decision to Deregister a Christian Student Group Is One of the Most Obvious Examples of Discrimination That He Has Ever Seen in a Ruling Issued on Friday, the Court Unanimously Sided with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a National Faith-Based Group That Organizes Local Chapters at Colleges and Universities around the Country. Bible Studies and Worship Gatherings 2018 the University of Iowa Decided to Deregister Inter-Varsity along with Other Student Religious Groups on Campus over Its Commonsense Practice of Requiring Leaders to Agree with That Statement of Faith. What How How Horrible How a Click If You Have a Pico Group You Are Activists against Your Vacant Activists and Activists against Using Animal Products Referred for Food.

Whatever Right and You Gonna Have Somebody Who's like the Beef Eating Champion of Your Campus Is Literally Can't Now Get Agreement.

Their Purpose If If You Are an Atheist You Lead the Local Muslim Devoted Muslim Club If If If You Are an Ultra Suction Junior Luckily, the Catholic Club so Interested to Said If You Grew the Statement of Faith. No Luck. This Has Happened Groups Have Been Kicked off College Campuses. This Has Happened Friends.

What Will Because You Say We Believe Marriage Is the Man, Woman, and If Someone Can Serve As Leaders.

Anyone Can Come to the Great Anyone Can Come to the Group As a Result, You Have To Agree with Our Tenets of Faith, but of Course Whatever the Group Is If You Are Young Republicans and and and You Are an Ardent Supporter of Bernie Saunders and and and and AOC and You Hate the Republicans Right Know You're Not Going to Lead the Young Republican Group. Conversely, Young Democrats Okay so Anyway, What We Could Roof with That They Could Not Think of a More Blatant Example of Discrimination May Similar Wording Spread and Then This Last One a Couple Years Back 2018.

Franklin Graham Took out Ads on These Double-Decker Buses in England Announcing Meetings. Who's Going to Have Wall That Offended Some of the Local Gay Groups in Particular Muslims As Well Because Franklin Graham Is Spoken out the past about Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage, and Islam As a Christian, Shared His Views Right You Say Here, but He Talked about Trump A Lot. Yet This Wasn't a Trunk Was about Trump. This Was about His Views on LGBT Q Issues, Plus Islam, but the Major Protest Came from LGBT Q People so a Blackpool Blackpool Council and Blackpool Transport Services Limited They Made a Joint Decision to Remove Advertisements in Reading from Their Statement, Promoting the Lancashire Festival of Hope Due To Be Held at the Winter Gardens between 21st 23rd, September 2018, Etc. so They Got Complaints Because of the Religious Beliefs That Were Held to Buy Franklin Graham, but the Ads Themselves Just for Advertising the Event. So the Case Went to Court and the Court Sided with Franklin Graham and and Look at This Statement of Apology We Accept That the Advertisements Were Not in Themselves Offensive. We Further Accepted and Removing the Advertisements We Did Not Take into Account the Fact That This Might Cause Offense to Other Members of the Public and Suggest That Some Voices Should Not Be Heard. We Also Regret That We Did Not Consult with the Organizes Prior to Taking Her Decision. We Accept the Findings of the Court That We Discriminated against Lancashire Festival of Hope Because of the Religious Police, Franklin Graham.

In Doing so, Interfere with Lancashire Festival Hopes Right to Freedom of Speech. We Sincerely Apologize to the Organizes of the Event for the Upset Inconvenience Caused. We've Learned from This Experience. We Committed to Ensuring Quality of Access and Opportunity for the Population Abroad Blackpool in Providing and Improving Quality Services Role We Have Now Introduced Clear Transparent Policies That Will Ensure No Repeat of Events Such As These, so They Can Simply Said, We Accept the Verdict of the Court. We Pay the Fine. But They Issued an Articulate Apology Say Hey by Catering to One Group Went out Hurting Another Group Is Supposed to Save Is the Thing Itself.

The Ad Itself Is Generic Once As Part Promoting Is a Gospel Meeting Effective Somebody Has a Problem with Franklin Graham Does Not Give Them the Rights of That Ad Removed. Now You've Heard the Part of the Public and on and on. It Would Go so I Appreciate That Apology Could Step in the Right Direction. His UK Has Had A Lot Of Oppressive Examples of the Gospel, Being Hit If You Become Back in the Talk, Prof. Owen Strawn, but His New Book, Christianity, and Wall Thickness Number and Gives the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown We Find Ourselves in a Really Interesting We Care about Righteousness Care about Justice. We Want to See the Racial Reconciliation Where There Are Still Remnants of of Our Bad Pass.

We Will Address Them. And yet There Is a Woke Mentality That Is Sweeping through Not Just the Nation but the Church That Really Is Is Unrelated to the Gospel Is More Tied in with the Politically Correct Spirit.

Then the Biblical Message so Prof. Owen Strawn. He Is Provost Research Professor of Theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary, Senior Fellow with the Family Research Council. He's Written Important but I Thought about the Subject A Lot Written about Some so Glad to See Devoted a Whole Book to It. Christianity and Boldness of the Social Justice Movement Is Hijacking the Gospel and the Way to Stop It. If I Read You the Recommendations from the Book by Rick by Recognized Leaders with Enough Time for the Interview. So Trust Me Friends.

It Is Highly Recommended. Hey Owen, Thanks so Much for Joining Us on the Broadcast Today.

Thank You, for Having Me on. So When You Say Social Justice Does Not Have a Particular Meaning Today Is That Different Than the Biblical Call to Pursue Justice. You Know That a Fascinating Question Because Almost No Firm That We Have Endlessly Pounded into Her Little Brain Day Is Ever Defined in the Public Square and Justice like Equity or like Fairness, like Diversity Is One of Those Term but Basically Social Justice. If Distributive Left. It Just It Is Just That So-Called but Is No Drop All It Really Intrude Because the Dynamiting of God's Creation Order so Where There Is a Bit That God Works… For Example, What We Call Eric on the 21st Century Premarket Social Justice to Dismantle That Social Justice Argues That Capitalism Causes Inequality. Inequality Is One of the Most Evil Realities of Our Age and That We Should Dismantle Modern Capitalism so That's an Example of How Different Social Justice Is from the Word of God Which 50. The Octave Quality of Its Way to the Future That Biblical Justice beyond the Free Market Is God Giving off What We Deserve. That's Not a Distributive Form of Job with with Scripture That Has Special Focus on Holding Spinners to Account. But That Is Not What You Need. The Public Square.

Today Is like They and Michael Christianity about It's It's Interesting.

I Attempted Early on to Try to Redeem the Term or Recapture the Term and and Referred to Some Gospel Related Trees in Terms of Social Justice.

The Next Thing I Everyone Thought I Was Espousing Communist Principles at the Wedding Time of the Solids. It Is a Technical Term of the Certainly Arthur, I Forget That I'll Just of Allah Leave That out. But Here I'll Play Devils Advocate for You, a Conservative White Christian to to Lecture Us about What Justice Is and Isn't. And What's Right and Wrong with CRT. What Gives You the Right Mean Certainly That's Part of Today's Narrative yet Will Be up Very Quickly and I Began. One and I Were Carried No Weight beyond the Found a 5.5 Whatever My Skin Color Background Earning Level Heritage Is the Christian I Am Called in on the Crime with an Errant Authoritative and All Sufficient Work of God and so That Is What I Am Trying to Bring to the Conversation. The Best Understanding I Can Give People of the Word of God and the Word of God's Teachings on Issues Related to What We Call Woke Christian Is Going to Have Their Own Background, but If Given by God, and Many People, Culture Will Stay Example of a White Guy like Me Even Though I Have Jewish Heritage of My Background That Nobody Would Know about.

But Hey Everybody Thought One Another's Little If Any of the White Point Being That You Alluded to Rightly in It That You Begin the Conversation and What We Need to Be Clear about of the Church Is That the People of Christ, That We All Are in Every Conversation You Never We Never Opt Out Of a Conversation Out Of a Top Issue Because of Our Skin Color or Heritage Were Always at the Table Shortly Because of the Word of God, Compelling Speak. We Have a Fire in Our Phone like the Old Prophet, and We Cannot Help but Tell the Truth. Yeah, I Love That We Put It, Really. We Are All Call This Followers of Jesus to Be so Severe As Light of the World. That's That's the Fact Where We Find Ourselves about What I Did Not Know That about Your Background, I'm Jewish on Both Sides. Mom and Dad but My Name Brown Got Shortened Generations Back When Grandparents Came over from from Russia. So, by the Way, for Those That Are Going to Order the Book Christianity in Waukomis Looking for Owen Strawn. It's STR a CH a and Got That Friend. So When You Go to Order the Book Spun Less Than Right You'll Find It Okay. We Always Pray in the Church Awakening Republic First Great Awakening Second Great Awakening. We Need Awakening in America Today. What's the Difference between Awakening and Being Woke Because You Talk about in Your Book How Waukomis Is Entering the Culture How Waukomis Is Entering the Church so What Is Your Definition of Waukomis. Yegor Carson Awoke This Mean Being Alert to the Nature of the Stomach and Drop It in the Great and Stomach Inequality Today That What People Really Mean.

Or At Least That's What the Spirit Mean When They Use That Term That Is Fundamentally a Very Different, That of Ideas Than What Are Called to Be Awake.

We Are Dead in Our Spending Transgression in Adam All about Osborne or Deserving God the Chortle Wrapper Are Spent. The Awakening Every Individual Is to Wake up to Jesus Christ the Savior Appointed by Father Taking the Father's Wrath in Our Place on the Cross. I Think Again That for Vindication of the Loan of God That Is That of the Awakening Every but Woke the Cells of the and in and out. Forget about All the Talk about Theological Stuff We Have a Bunch of Jargon If a Bunch of Logical Jargon Offer You If You Will Be Spent through the Privilege.

If You Will, on Normalized like That If You Will Recognize That the Whole Order Micro-Aggression, Racism That Data Is Collected.

The Waking up Frank That There Is the Concept of of Waking up That Is Taking Pl. in America. We desperately need an outbreak of the gospel in the 21st century got the waking up to God for divine wrath that we need. But our culture uncritical rate spirit and intertextuality expert, the opposite think that you need to wake up to our body of ideology is really built up boxes of the oppressed reflect dynamic and that is difficult.

The fact that is not to lead you anywhere anywhere good and intellectualist so so if if it could be shown still systemic racism in American in our systems of justice swarm education assistance whenever then how would the gospel intersect with that will look if there were laws on the books that people of a certain skin color from private that unfairly deprive them of their American write something like this then what the gospel would do the true Church of the Domino to be a voice again that for example, depending on how you frame it abortion at epic issue why I don't like that I don't like the applicant justice.because there's no doubt evident the history of been getting into law the policy government that quickly is to be found in history because these are marked the start, but have very foggy Provident but let let's say let's take a portion of that fuel is a a example of injustice.

We should speak of the church against abortion. That is an issue. Why structural if you want written into the very laws of America that allows the part of the children. We have to have a conscience again In public about it and interpose it every way we can in the same way up there with you a break the law of the book began in America today what you the gospel Of the Christian should absolutely speak again repeat the shortly path right so and I put that out just because it's so easy to misunderstand one of these days even when people use certain terms like CRT okay what exactly you mean by that sometimes work were talking past each other. Even well-meaning Christians and and you wrote this book, obviously with a sense of urgency to get the message out how exactly is woke this entering the church and and why is this so dangerous what wise is worthy of a book shouting from the rooftops. America wake up to Waukomis. Yet unity awoke to be that book I am.

I am paying absolutely wake up this is infiltrating the church is getting in and a lot of through the man pastors for letting taken captive by an ungodly ideology and are in indicate that the so-called white man of buying the why they have white privilege and they are white. The premise that the thumb level by virtue of their white and every person of any color have to watch their heart at the watch about partiality have to watch Ray for sure, ethnocentrism, the more technical term but by and large, we gotta recognize that these ideas that are speaking into the church are not in Scripture is not for the not found idea. They are reality they are for Park. The they are no what is actually happening all the way down the pew is that lots of people who are look for a wide arc hearing, but they are white from the fifth and that they are contributing systemically to the minute in America need to repent of that, even after becoming a Christian or to repent of chemically stomach adjusters that they thought only a sense of being a legalistic fist of the act of the gospel and and I care about the public eye care about the great I don't want America to burn.

I don't want to the publication of fall apart, it may well do that by my aunt but I actually care about the church of Jesus Christ. And when ordinary men and women are but they are actually outlay for there's nothing they can do about the to take it away that it adding the gospel and that is condemning them, which is a violation of 11th 81 that there is no condemnation now in Christ could not be higher.

Woke this entering the yes use this kind of a guilt ridden stage, people might go through.

Just like if you started doing outreach to Native Americans and then find out history your you find yourself in a certain situation and and then as opposed to motivation to really ministering to situation this this guilt cycle comes which ends up doing more harm than good. Hey can you stay for a couple minutes on the other side of the break able to do that. All right we will be right back with professor and author on strong.

Remember last name is spelled STRACH a and look at my screen to make sure have it right is important new book, Christianity and weakness of the social justice movement is hijacking the gospel in a way to stop the great that it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with Prof. on strong ST are a CHA and his new book, Christianity and boldness.

Table of contents chapter 1 how Waukomis is entering the culture.

Next chapter how Waukomis is entering the church next chapter was Waukomis an ungodly system, focusing on theological issues. The next one. Cultural issues than what is the Bible teach about identity and ethnicity to chapters 1 to the Old Testament when dealing with new and then hard questions on American history and other hot topics owing you you raises a hot question.

Total depravity and if total depravity is real, that human beings in themselves are hopelessly lost and fallen and will naturally go the way of evil and does not support all the other ideas evoke this amine so we are systemically racist. We are systemically this and that and just how can you argue for wine without accepting the other so you address that what what's your short version of the answer your questions.

Short version would be. We absolutely have been in our heart of so many different then right and they cannot lower a different way. The time were aware of that fundamentally we are shot through with it. We are not like God. We are morally corrupt from from birth and we need divine rescue to be saved but that is not the same thing and think that I'm guilty of stomach pedophilia or something like like that from terrible for an a in other words, I want to recognize that it is going to come to expression in my mind and my heart for my mouth but my actions absolutely.

But that is not the same thing is walking up to somebody you think you're a pedophile 50 of backspin are in a person that that we could, but that is not the same thing as assuming especially because of a person's skin color but they are a certain dinner and I can really them. The major and probably out with the conflict with the chemically in all white people being quite the premise that could your average weekly white person fall into the trap of white chemically yet they could people have people will but any white person you collect to local shopping fall. This firebreathing light from the now direct. Not a fair conclusion at all and so what we can you go back. Dr. area tightly all of the spinner because of how they look, but to actually address the definitive in our own heart, which you can only know Michael bite by getting to know someone, you can't know that by looking at their skin color. People are all different types of figures, and all different type of thing, even if they feeling we share pigmentation yet so ironic about all this said in the past when Christians sinned against Africans by saying they were either inferior culturally or mentally or that they were under some type of curse.

So therefore, their skin color was somehow determinative of who they really were on the inside of that they were just lesser so that other kids turned around. Of course, not in the same way, but he gets turned around to. If you have if you white then you are inherently evil and part of an evil system and lights throughout history are always oppressive, etc. so you get these caricatures instead of drawing people together around Jesus and we could really work at fixing the real problems in our world is just makes us further defined. It does not yet another book to be invoked. I say that critical race theory is not antiracism was presented at what you were back in the University making millions a year help everybody that through promoting call quite the product. Every white person being that he is a potent rate than antiracist.

In reality, the right to say in the book Christina what he didn't feel right here simply turning that horrible paradigm around where people used to think that he conveyed to call the black people were inferior and now they're turning around and applying that the white people and basically thing that white people are inferior in reality this is it just a black light issue. This is a distant American instrument then against one another in the way in a way the dawn of the fall of one of the oldest form of spin and the only way to oppose this ultimately is not just by holding hands and thing I like like me. Well good and and Barney damp of the background. It is through the grace of the gospel of divine right and then recognizing that Ephesians 2 is not a Jew church in a Gentile church there's not effort people is not effort rooms in heaven.

For the people of God. There is one new man constituted by the blood of Christ. That's where we need to go to church very straight that we are asking unsaved sociology professor to lead the church of the Lord Jesus Christ on the tragically we are not going friends loudly and clearly did you book Christianity and woke this only the Lord's blessing be on your demonstration come in on the air with us today. Thank you for your time. All right, so friends, let me say this, I am absolutely committed to biblical justice when that means having uncomfortable conversations with people. I am absolutely committed to arrive a blind spot and in your gonna be the one to expose that blind spot. I might not appreciate it at first, but trust me I would appreciate it because I don't want to have blind spots. I can tell you how many conversations I've had with Nancy in the decades we've known each other, which is since 1974, narrates, and 76 where I did not initially react positively to her critical comments. Only the thank her later and say hey I what you said was true, and I know your motivation was just in my best interest. So we will have the difficult conversations, but we will not go the way of the world. There was my purpose here is not to prove to a particular group of constituents black white Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, whoever conservative to prove that I am woke or on top of this. My goal is to honor the Lord live biblically fulfill the great commission in terms of my role my part in it and love Jesus, love my neighbor and be the maximum blessing and help I can to those with whom I come in contact and why need to make course corrections I want to make up and where I need to learn from mistakes.

For the past minor others. I wonder, and I hope it's the same for you.

So by all means let's have uncomfortable conversations. But let's do it as as own straws, urging us on gospel terms on the world's terms. Let's look when you said about the social justice movement or social justice warrior. I'm sure there are people involved within that with sincere motivation really trying to to make wrongs right. In Jesus name, but there caught up in a larger movement that actually has a different ideology and different presuppositions in different goals.

For example, equal opportunity is very different than equal outcome if you want to try to guarantee equal outcome.

You are ultimately advocating for a socialist Marxist type of position which in the end will bring destruction and in the end will take away many of the things that have made America what it is in the best sense of the work and look, you didn't need America or capitalism for slavery because slavery is been here as long as human beings have been here and and it is here, there, there hundreds of millions of people enslaved today around the world.

These are realities and and every different group is enslaved every other group you want to see atrocities committed more by one group against another. It has no ethnic or racial boundaries. Humans do terrible things to humans happens all the time. Across the board.

At the same time, the gospel calls us to live differently friends, not just in terms of on praising the Lord. I have a beautiful time in prayer. Yes, praise the Lord and have that beautiful time in prayer and then go on there.

Love your neighbor then go out of there be a responsible parent then be out of there be a God-fearing young period.

Leave your prayer closet go out there and be a God-fearing young person the gospel intersects with every year of society. You say have of the church is often on the wrong side of this, that while listening to the world. To correct this. Let's go back to the word of God.

This get on our knees in our faces here. You think back to sermons of Martin Luther King in early civil rights leaders. A lot of quotes come from the words of the prophets for the ethics of Jesus. In other words, and some of these people generally knew the Lord and some were were more nominally Christian, but they understood that the Bible itself, gave more than enough material to call us to live righteously to call us to do justice. The cost of compassion on the poor to call us to care about the least of these, that that the Bible itself, God's word gave us all the holy ammunition that we needed to be world change.

That's why one of the 3R's of our ministry is is revolution, meaning a gospel based moral and cultural revolution that is Jesus really changes us and we live differently and impact those around us. It will lead to radical dramatic moral and cultural change which is also known as revolution through guns and knives, not through anger and hatred, not through intimidation and not even primarily through the political system or the legal system rather the old idea that politics is downstream from culture than culture is downstream from how God's people to live there enough of us in a society so let us be wholehearted.

Jesus people. Let us commit to having the uncomfortable conversations and let us stand for righteousness, justice, reconciliation and truth and let's figure out as God's people based on the word of God the help of the Spirit. Let's figure out how to live it out. Young board was me another program powered by the Truth Network

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