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Tom DeWeese (Federal Land Grab) Michael Woolworth (Bibles)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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July 12, 2021 4:00 am

Tom DeWeese (Federal Land Grab) Michael Woolworth (Bibles)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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July 12, 2021 4:00 am

Residents in proposed National Heritage Areas are raising questions about the government actually undermining their private property rights. As it turns out, their concerns are valid. We'll get the details from Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center. Plus: A new survey shows most Americans want schools to teach traditional Western values. We'll talk about that and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign five dollars cents one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is generated wherever our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says that I sort of in Montana recently reported that a number of residents stepped up in a Great Falls city commission meeting airing their concerns about plans for a big sky country National Heritage area and this is a plan to federally recognize all of Cascade County and part of another County as a heritage site for the history associated with the region related to Lewis and Clark first peoples in the new West, among other themes and this would be the first National Heritage area in Montana.

But these residents express some serious misgivings about it. Rightly raising the fact that there's a potential here for government infringement upon their private property rights and their rights. In fact, my next guest says National Heritage areas just like this amount to one of the most despicable stealth land grabs in the nation's organ to find out more about it now from time to waste, president of the American policy center who has been standing against these plans and has written several articles on the issue over an American and it's so good to welcome me back Tom how are you doing good to have you here is the lowdown on National Heritage areas in this entire issue because I think for many listeners they're not aware of what's going on at all and you know country conservatives particularly, have not been in favor of you know a lot of the big environmental programs coming in better land grabs are taking people's property and so forth.

And wouldn't support that and what I find about National Heritage areas is this is a stealth landgrab and it used to kind of tube conservatives into supporting these programs because it sold as protecting our heritage are in and in our history and you will think oh well okay that's a good thing to do, but here's how it actually operates the money all goes through the National Park Service and the line out. They put together a whole borderline around what they want to be these things and sometimes these are 10, 15, 20 counties of the time, it can be and really put this barrier all around it and they have these nongovernmental organizations, environmental groups and various other private organizations with their own agendas and they are taking this money and they are using that money to go into City Hall to counties and so forth and push their own private agendas and for the most part the heritage area is even mentioned in this they are putting their environmental agendas.

There landgrab so forth together in the heritage area doesn't get blamed for it.

Yet the money is coming from the heritage area and an even worse that I noted one of my articles 1928, other than Interior Sec. Herbert work said that National Park Service policy is to eliminate all private holdings in our national parks will if you put a boundary around the entire county or the whole area in the monies coming from the National Park Service. What does that tell you and so these are some of the things are happening with this which they don't mention when they put Harry Jerry. Together they tightly talk about or just preserving the wonderful heritage that took place there.

The fact of the matter is that the real historic figures. Maybe the president will birthplace the battlefield funding like that are prime probably already preserved. So what is it there, preserving, otherwise there takes an entire city's entire neighborhoods. All the businesses there. Everything in involved inside the boundary of that heritage area. This is a very complex thing is you just described.

When you have money going to the National Park Service and then getting into the hands of NGOs. A lot of people are wondering well number one why is money going to the NGOs to be able to establish and accomplish their own land grabs and secondly how do they accomplish landgrab's like what happens when National Heritage area is established in a particular case that you get to the point where private property rights really are under threat. Because of this will be something that I'm really dealing with. Would a lot of people who are upset about these things and they keep saying give me an example give me an example of a heritage area doing something like this.

And what I'm trying to explain is that in most cases, the heritage area won't be blamed for it because it's not mentioned but the money from the Park service is going into the pockets of the very active organizations that have their agendas to lock away land for other reasons. And yet that's what paying for it is is the heritage area, but in in some other cases you have. For example, along the Mississippi River. They they have the Mississippi Delta National Heritage area and the Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage area and this is a region very rich in history, but you are one of the things you had for him for history along the Mississippi River is people living on riverboats sure that's right out of March 20 and back in the 1990s there was a move to get the heritage areas together, there moved to get the houseboats off the river again. They said it in it damage the environment of the Mississippi River and one of the things that this caused was insurance companies so they declared a floodplain there and you couldn't build along the river of along the banks of the river. These were agendas from radical environmental groups to put the Mississippi River into a museum not allowed to do anything on it and Harry Jerry wouldn't blame for that. But the money for them to lobby this and move forward with it.

That's where it came from goodness. Why are these NGOs given this kind of power it would seem to me if this is some kind of a governmental effort that the government itself should be handling more of this and not, can outsourcing it to some of these NGOs. I know it's kind of again kinda complicated but why are they doing it this way because then they can kinda handpick which NGOs get to do the deal and I would imagine the government isn't so inclined to hand over any sort of control to a conservative organization necessarily will they literally put together packed with a lot of these organizations you have inside the Park service Park service has been a very bad neighbor to a whole lot of people who live next door to two a lot of parks or national parks and so forth. They they they trample on property rights all the time and so you got people inside the Park service that are in a lot with these NGO organizations and will sit down around the table and don't take the together with Park service people and NGOs make out the map of where this is going to be what the boundaries are going to be and then that then we put it together.

They live there in a partnership to it and they know they're going to get the money and not going to give the political powers, rights of their 50 signs of these as I understand it right now with push these pushes going on for more like I just mentioned at the outset about Montana. It's a good thing, though, that these homeowners are kinda in on it. At least their little bit awake to the possibility that there private property rights could really be threatened by this National Heritage area.

Very good point to bring up is that they they are absolutely right in concerned about their property rights. One of the things that they will tell you that they have language in the National Heritage area. Building bills come from Congress and that they have language in there that is the protection of property rights that this language was written by Congressman Frank Wolf from Virginia was a major pusher of these things and that language normally says this is the language of put a lot of nothing in this subtitle, abridges the right of any property owner, including the right to refrain from participating in a planned project, program or actively conducted or activity conducted within the National Heritage area and the point of that may say you see your property rights are protected. If you don't want to participate in this.

You can opt out that language is absolutely worthless closet) to take a very short Frank will be back with Tom Dewees talking about this problem of National Heritage areas you're listening to Tina my for today.

This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international engaging the world with God's word for more than 80 years, believers in Africa are hungry to read their very own Bibles hear from Pastor Jeremiah in Zimbabwe. The church is clearly very fast in the north part of the country where it's on the speaking people live, and so speaking people and then you know we find that is a movement of the student. They way the hunger. Hunger is very much basically if you can imagine 10 Christians right now in many places in Africa. On average, nine have no access to the Bible hears Lillian in Mozambique Berlin. Please check just on the outskirts of Maputo because had a vote of 100 people under one person after the letter Bible was the pasta but the elves had never seen a Bible that fuses motivation once more to do more to reach as many people as we can know where going is up with you to go there. Just take the lack of collector Bible studies and resources that introduce people to Jesus Christ. I believe is faithfully discipling new believers in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and many other African countries hears an evangelist named Joseph in South Africa even today is about 62 years. Also leaks right now it's down in sheets right at the age of 60. She never had a Bible. So much for feeding just to see people like hey dressing when the bedrooms you can be the answer to a Bible disbeliever praying for God's word through open the floodgates Bibles for Africa. Five dollars sends one Bible $50 sends 10 and your gift right now of any size will help us reach our goal to send 1500 Bibles to Africa. Call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD where there's a Bible league banner to seen people being changed by reading the Scripture giving a Bible to somebody's greatest gift you can give somebody you're listening to these days when we are cognizant of the erosion of our liberties here in the United States, one that we must keep an eye on is the issue of private property rights and Tom Dewees. My guess, president of the American policy Center is one of those great voices and great activist keeping track on what's going on across the country that would undermine or threaten people's private property rights, one of which is the subject of the National Heritage areas that were discussing time you had mentioned that when these National Heritage areas are set up. They will often point to this language that's laid out that oh you know your private property rights are not under threat. Why is that not the case, why can we not rest on that language that will assure residents everything is okay if you you're part of a National Heritage area. Don't worry about your property, they can opt out of the water National Heritage. First of all, this is a federal bill becomes a federal program and it has federal money, and it had federal boundary that is put together name any time anywhere in this country that anybody can opt out on because they want to want to federal law and a federal boundary.

You can't do it and it is interesting because I back a couple years ago the down in the around the Caddo Lake in Louisiana. They were trying to put together. National Heritage area there. I spoke in a very rural area. I spoke to 400 people down there and I and and during my presentation.

I brought this issue up and I said show of hands, how many of you would like to opt out of this every hand in the room went.but see the doesn't work that way and because of the federal boundary you it doesn't and end the other part of this. As I mentioned earlier, you have certain things everywhere. With all over this country.

You have historic things that have taken place. I have but these heritage areas. Put these boundaries around entire cities, entire communities, entire counties course your property and everything else and so you know it's not honoring anything, it is all it set up for more control, more federal control of the land because the things that are really historic have already been preserved. Yes rights so in other words, I think you have mentioned here that one of the reasons that they state you need to have a National Heritage area here is, for example, to boost tourism you sent this doesn't even happen.

I can't find a single example anywhere that says that the tourism has been improved. Because of this, and it is interesting the back a few years back. They were implementing in Virginia and actually went from Thomas Jefferson home. The Gettysburg battlefield.

That's the entire heritage area there over several states and several counties and they putting the heritage area in their and I talked to one of the congressman who from Maryland who was one of the cosponsors of this and I said, why are you a cosponsor of this and he said well I think it's to help honor what happened there, and to help tourism help the communities prosper from that and I said congressman you could put a plaque up you could you could pass a resolution through Congress honoring what happened there and give the communities a plaque that they could put up in the city of Chamber of Commerce could could then begin to build tourism on that and he said to write any put in a bill to do exactly that and it was immediately killed. It's not about that. It is about people federal control of the land and the money going into the pockets of these organizations. I cannot emphasize that enough and but there is there is a perfect example of it and try to do the right thing and they were inhabited. What is the goal, though, is doing this sort of thing up to 15 to 20 counties you sent. In some cases been declared National Heritage areas and these people can be caught up in and they really don't have any opt out ability whatsoever doing this. What are they really trying to accomplish by doing this, if in fact is you mentioned you could do this another way without affecting people the way you are what you doing this land grabbing and where does this and the new proposal right now through the Interior Department with a called a 30 x 30 to have 30% of all the land under federal control within the next 30 years and this is farmland in him and You know all that and it is just a drive to destroy private property rights across the country, national, state sovereignty and their ability to control the land deal you stated in their own area and their own boundaries and it is about control and we can't emphasize that enough. We have these people who want to destroy the the real pillars of freedom, free enterprise, private property, personal choice and private property is one of the main goals to get rid of and in these programs.

That sounds radical, that sounds crazy.

I'm not making it up on just quoting them. Well, I think, is the years go by, fewer and fewer people will think that sounds outrageous given what we seen in the last few years alone are attacks and attacks on our freedoms. It's really shocking, but when you're talking about.

This Department of the Interior plan 30 x 30 what is their stated reason why they need 30% of the land, what, why, why do it's not like that, you know, the buying administration. One student define more oil and gas tickets intake out of the land will be what is the stated reason back to this radical environmental position that human beings are destroying the land that you know we we now have this whole line about how American farmers American cattle industry is destroying the land and destroying destroying the environment we need to have these leaders at the top of the federal government to determine people have never been on the land in the first place I never met other high-rises in New York, but they're making these decisions.

All we have to do to protect you know the environment and that's that is been the excuse that is been the scare tactic. Any time you hear the words sustainable run because it has nothing to do with protecting the environment is all about control and that's that that's the catch word and you said the greatest threat from the heritage area is it creates a pipeline of federal money and also power for these groups to promote agendas that they have over our local communities and their development.

So again, what were seen. Is this attack on localism your local school board are your local city Council or what have you taking more and more power. It would seem away from your local elected officials in order to implement a broader agenda.

What you do about it, Tom, how in the world can citizens fight back against this. If you can get a congressman to get a bill further than putting it together on paper and then it's Kelso me what you do about it will let me tell you we have stopped three of these so far great and I mentioned the Caddo Lake in Louisiana.

That was the most recent one. We have the Crooked Rd. in Virginia crooked Road heritage area and we stop that and one in Colorado. In each case, it was local opposition and in this in the Caddo Lake situation. We had a couple congressman that it sponsored that bill and I said I spoke to 400 people. The night I was down there and the opposition stood up so strongly. It scared the congressman they were used to that.

They told us to just be a piece a cake with Burgess, you just honoring our history and they were shocked by that kind of of opposition and they pulled the bill in Virginia with the crooked Road thing, the congressman who introduced that bill. I immediately spoke out against it and he called me to talk about it and I told him everything were telling you today about this and what he did then was, he went out to the public and said oh I talked to Tom Dewees he's helping me working with me on this will make a really good bill.

I put out a national alert and called an absolute liar not say that under any circumstances and what began to happen.

Then was County commission by County commission began to stand up and say no. We are going to approve the we don't want this to be in our community and we killed it.

That is excellent. Have you been involved to any extent with this effort in Montana that I mentioned before, this big sky country heritage area. I haven't been personally involved in that is also a couple other ones people wanted Florida as well. It's what I'm seeing from the phone calls I'm getting from people that they've got new federal money and so they're pushing these things again. It was kinda quiet for a while. All of a sudden there's more. These popping up.

That's the reason that I put out my most recent of three parts of the article on this. To give these people some ammunition so that they have the information to fight back.

That's excellent and again American is the website people can get in contact with you there and read all about it when it comes to people who are affected who are part of a national heritage area. Time how much actual control to they have over their own private property. To what extent is it actually compromised will depend on what kind of regulations they put in place but a lot of these regulations have to do with development have to do with maybe the kind of building materials you can use and you know the open space and that sort of thing and how you how that's used and the kind of thing to they begin to put in place and the other thing is industry they they would say well you can have that kind of industry here that would better that would damage the user heritage very limited. I would damage the heritage area and there there was actually one the one line. It was made, having to do with something like this with the Bull Run battlefield first Manassas battlefield of Virginia and one of the arguments was actually but you can't put a cell tower up there. Gen. Lee didn't see that cell towers there was generally because he was in first Manassas but you know that that's the that's the attitude you leave the ball well we got to keep an eye on it.

You can read Tom Deweese's great stopover in American times. Thank you for what you're doing to inform all of us about these important issues. It was great having you here appreciate it. Thank you. All right you take care you listening to Janet Mefford today. This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe. What would life be like is a Christian for you if you didn't have a Bible it's kind of inconceivable incidents, but that's the situation in much of Africa where in some places. 9/10 Christians don't have a copy of God's word. Now we want to remedy that.

Which is why we hear Janet Mefford today are proud to be partnering with Bible league international in their open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa in the next few weeks, but in order to do that. We do need your help happily and only costs five dollars.

Here's the number to call if you'd like to be a part of it. 800 yes word 800 Y ES WOR D 800 yes word or there's a Bible league banner to to take a few minutes now to get an update on what's been going on for Michael Woolworth, senior director of broadcast media over at Bible league international Michael great to have you back. Will Janet agree to hear your voice into let me say this. Thanks for being such a great friend a great advocate for a Bible league you know your listeners maybe got a great reputation with us there caring they are responsive your very generous affected by masonry Janet back in April we engaging, flight number one of this is a focus on Africa and we ask your listeners to give toward 1500 Bibles only tell you how it ended up. When we reach the end at the end of April with match we had more than 5000 Bibles going to Africa is so great that we were coming back in with flight number two and asking your listeners to be involved in this a great move of God that you have agreed to be with you to will sink you.

But it's really our honor because what could be more important in getting God's word into the hands of his people tell us how dire the situation is. I know for a lot of American listeners. It's kind of a remote issue. You know all people on the other side of the world. Some of them don't have Bibles doesn't really resonate with me, necessarily, can you paint a picture for us on on the situation. Why this situation is so dire right now. Well, if you look at the root of the Christian community on the continent of Africa in 1900, the year 1900 total about 10 million people. There were 10 million evangelical Christians in that part of the world.

Fast forward to today about 400 million people call on the name of Jesus is about one third of the population of 1.4 billion people on that account and in the meter so great in fact Gina. We serve in about 20% of the 54 countries are there in Africa.

All these are sub-Saharan or Kenya, Tanzania Donna Mozambique of Zimbabwe, and several others. We estimate in those parts but as many as nine of 10 Christians have no access to the Bible means it can't access training is will you become a leaders of the church is there trying to share Christ with others, and that's why there is this great need for training on that Condon begins with having a Bible in your own language in Bible league accomplishes this through something called project Philip at the evangelist and actually to leave the Ethiopian eunuch to faith in Christ uniquely positioned to share Christ points this man to the gospel. He's been a baptized connected to a local fellowship there.

So in the spirit of that Philip Janet wheeled Craig Phillips all over the continent of Africa and we promise them a Bible to tell him about an 8 to 12 week study so I'm I've been through that so I got one here today and tell you it's a great study that puts people a great place to begin their spiritual walk with Christ again. But in many places they can't access the Bible. That's what your listeners are helpless make good on today's fulfilling that promise forgivable Bible in their own language right in the reasons for the Bible stories tend to be what's Welders corrupt governments and frankly there's there's laws on the books, maybe not in the and in and in the entire nation but in many regions of places like Kenya, for example, there are laws on the book that books would prevent you from sharing your faith there is jail time for people to actually say Jesus is the way the truth and the life. There is majority religions would do everything they can to stop the advance of the gospel. They're not that late.

They don't welcome the fact that were trying to foster church growth in the region.

There's also a poverty.

There's remoteness.

In fact, that will be illustrating the shared story want to share with you today in CME but for those in other reasons that were focused on the on Africa and the way that, as I said earlier, this is where Christianity is growing in the greatest numbers in the world. Number two is Asia. Number three is Latin America but again we want to do something about this today and only five dollars a Bible.

It's a wonderful opportunity. If you'd like to get in on it please.

We encourage you to call 800 yes word 800 Y ES WOR D5 dollars will send a Bible and help us on our way toward meeting our goal of sending 1500 Bibles to Africa Michael Woolworth with us now talk a little bit if you would Michael you reference Zambia I give this a picture of what's going on in Zambia from the perspective of of one Christian, you know, Zambia's were the famous missionary David living stone. Years of ministry. I'm sure the success we enjoy is a global ministry bureau, we stand on the shoulders of it that Christian giant but Zambia is a place where Islam is gaining quite a foothold. In fact, Christians paid dearly for following Christ are limiting what happened to a man by the name of Shadrach and Elder Ashanti church deep in the heart of her Zambia had were there was an attack coming one day from extremist sure enough that attack came Janet at the hands of about 20 extremists. They came with the intent of killing all 200 Christians that were gathering to worship on a Sunday man Shadrach had a handgun and attempt to defend the congregation. He shot a man in self-defense. A man by the name of the Ishmael did not kill him, but instead in Christian love brought this man back to health. He was a livestock farmer took care of his is a livestock man also had a daughter who could not read could not write because of her social standing in that Islamic community.

So he used the program from Bible league that gives the gift of literacy and the reason so is the Bible is the backdrop they learn not only to form letters and words in their own language, but they learn about Jesus, the great lover of your soul, and so she came to saving faith. The entire family see in Christian love on display in this man, Shadrach came to saving faith, but it does not in their June about 80 former Islamic extremist have come to embrace Jesus Christ through what they have seen through this man. Shadrach received the gospel is realtors real hope in Jesus Christ. And yet God has been planted where it is nearly impossible to get a Bible in Janet. That's why today were asking your listeners with this specific story to pray about sending God's word to 100 new Christians there in Zambia Africa. I can tell you do not pray asking us to pray for an end of the suffering they face their praying for what the word of God to be able to endure and persevere and to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. And that's why were holding this joint campaign. That's just amazing and interesting that you are in a situation where you might not even have a Bible in your having that kind of impact on Islamic extremists come to know the Lord. I mean, how much more important is it for them to have Bibles so they can share God's word and God's love with people who desperately need to hear the gospel is Zambia Michael one of the worst nations comparatively with some of the surrounding nations. I mean how bad is the Bible situation just out of curiosity in Zambia.

In particular, will yell me to about the quality of life and we don't hear a lot about HIV-AIDS on the continent of Africa anymore.

It certainly is still there. This is one of those countries where the lifespan is is very low and the reason is there still the prevalence of HIV-AIDS.

We see a lot of the kids there that are orphaned because of that situation. But as for Bibles, you will admit statistic I mentioned as many as nine of 10 Christians in parts of Africa have no access to the Bible. That's the story there and again from what I just told you, you probably gather that it's majority religions i.e. Islam doing everything it can to stop the advance of the gospel, but as you and I know the spirit of God is moving in that part of the world and again their prayer is not for and into the suffering they don't look at those around them as the enemy. They are looking at them as of the mission field and the prayers for both Bibles right now as I mentioned there about 80 new Christians going through project. Philip will wrap it up in the coming weeks and we want to be able to say those Bibles. We promised you there on their way. That's exactly right. Well, that's why we are asking listeners once again. If you're just tuning in, help us in this wonderful campaign with Bible league international open the floodgates Bibles for Africa. We are trying to send 1500 Bibles to Africa where they need is so great, and the hunger is so great and snatches the Christians who are affected. Michael, it's as you just mentioned, those who don't yet know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are greatly impacted by these believers. Let's get them the Bibles that they need. All you need to do is call 800 yes word. It's 800 Y ES WOR D or there's a Bible league banner to five dollars is all costs to send one Bible can you please help us by sending at least one Bible today 800 yes word is the number to call me. Thank you so very much and thank you to Michael Woolworth and your team over if I believe we love what you guys are doing. God bless you and will continue to pray that God's word will get to those believers over in Africa.

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That's 855-402-2229 where there's a pre-born banner to click Janet my you're listening to Joe Mitford today and here's you know we have talked quite a bit about critical race theory. It is the most horrific idea that has come along to infect the public schools in American society in many many years and it's really shocking to me how many people are buying into it. It is racism. It's just flat out racism. If you're trying to make the case that there is systemic racism in America and yet you fail to support that by saying individuals are all racists which you can't do because most people are racist at all or to the extent that you are accusing them of being racist then then how is it that this thing still has legs.

We had the 1619 project at the New York Times Magazine, even though they had to come back and issue some corrections because they got details on that wrong even though a lot of parents are now beginning to rise up and scream and yell about this in their local school districts and by the way, keep it up because it's very important.

You now have just to bring everybody up to speed. The national education Association.

If you hadn't heard, held its annual meeting just recently filled with as red state says the usual twaddle that any activist talk about when they get together but they admitted this is very interesting. They admitted that critical race theory was not only taught in schools protecting the ability of teachers to conduct struggle sessions by humiliating and intimidating.

Their young charges into submission was a top priority.

This is wild because they were trying to say that critical race theory isn't taught in the public schools, but this is kind of funny. It's kind like the Southern Baptist convention what you mean, quick race theory. Just because we tell you that you're all a bunch of racist doesn't mean reteaching critical race theory.

In fact, were against it.

Okay right will Christopher Rufo who has been a very strong voice against critical race theory pointed this out that the nation's largest teachers union also approved a plan to promote critical race theory in all 50 states and 14,000 local school districts so this argument they were making a critical race theory isn't in K-12 schools. He says is officially dead.

The union also approved funding for increasing the implementation of critical race theory in K-12 curricula. As we mentioned, and for not only that, but also attacking conservative groups who oppose CRT indoctrination.

Now this is very interesting.

National review had a piece about this. I share a little bit of it with you. The NEA voted to conduct opposition research on groups that oppose the use of critical race theory and curricula sorta go after you like when Obama went after you know individual journalists and the IRS and particular groups from getting no approval for 501(c)(3)'s because they didn't like the ideology having welcome to commie America during its virtual representative assembly. The NEA adopted an amendment that would see the union spent an estimated $56,500 on researching anti-critical race theory organizations. This business item, said NEA will research the organizations attacking educators doing antiracist work know it's actually completely racist and/or they say that use the research already done and put together a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, locals and individual educators to utilize when they are attacked at amine. It's just like a brawl in the public schools.

The NEA is so far left.

It's not even funny. They go on to say that research resources and recommendations will be shared with members through NEA social media. An article in NEA today and a recorded virtual presentation and webinar the attacks on antiracist teachers are increasing coordinated by well-funded organizations such as the Heritage foundation. Yeah, there are real threats.

Are you kidding the heritage foundation is doing great work, as are many other organizations to bring people into the knowledge of what's actually going on in their kids public school districts, and it's outrageous and parents across the nation who have kids in public schools continue to need to find it. You need to go to your local school board meetings and you need to find out what your kids are being taught now. It is the case that a number of states have banned the teaching of critical race theory but feel it's important to also alert your child's I don't hear this.

Talked about a whole lot, but cancer smarts maybe this isn't as appropriate. If the child is in kindergarten or first grade. If you have kids at that age level. But if you have high school kids. You are certainly capable his parents of same. Tell me if anything seems online. If anybody in your classroom, your teacher starts referring. She was awake the racist white supremacist or there's any kind of critical race theory terminology thrown about.

I want to know about it mean we should all be doing that all of those who have kids in the public school district so they want to go after opposition groups to CRT made that that's this is no longer about education. It hasn't been in a while but now here's the update.

This is interesting. Jessica Anderson is the executive director of Heritage action, which is the lobbying arm for the heritage foundation. She made the discovery that the NEA erased its pledge to commit to teaching critical race theory in public schools from its website. Why would they do the NEA just a couple of days ago convene for its egg in a representative assembly and debated these resolutions and came up with this idea is spending all this money to teach critical race theory and then we find out that the NEA websites all the sudden deleted this particular issue of wanting to teach critical race there.

It's just bizarre isn't it.

Why would that all of a sudden occur know why they would suddenly want to bury something that's so unlike the left to erase things and hide things and tell you that what you're seeing in front of your face isn't what you're saying in front of your face. These people have no business in public education.

These activists they should be drummed out and I know that's easier said than done, but now it's tiring to have to organize and to have to agitate at times, but if you don't do that. The end result will be way worse. Now here's something I want to tell you about that kinda goes along with the story regarding the NEA. That should give you give you a little bit of hope bit of hope. Anyway this is from the Christian Post but it's talking about this new survey from Rasmussen reports showing that more than three quarters of likely American voters believe it's important for schools to teach traditional values associated with Western civilization.

That's terrible no no no no no. The CRT people don't like Western civilization that's way too white. No no no no, we have to look at the skin color of people because were antiracist, but let's talk about the skin color of people who built the West in large measure.

Of course they were contributions important contributions by by black people as well. Certainly that's the case we would never deny that.

But the it's the people who are trying to advocate for critical race theory were being racist and saying that anything basically that stunned by some of these greats in Western civilization, and they they were racist. They were horrible. They were slave owners like nobody's gonna defend the fact that anybody was a slave owner is terrible but it is what it is there a lot of terrible things in history.

What they don't want to talk about is the writing of the wrongs, the fighting of the American Civil War, which serve to end slavery which is exactly what should've happened or the passage of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ended segregation, which was also a great thing.

Now they want to bring it all back and re-fight battles that a lot of us already thought were pretty much corrected. Now we want to continue to keep Americans divided. That's the whole Marxist game is Balkanized. The United States make people hate each other based on their skin color. We cannot put up with that we are one nation under God and we need to start acting like it again 78% going back to this report of the survey from Rasmussen report reports 70% of likely US voters believe that it's at least somewhat important for schools to teach the traditional values of Western civilization, with 52% saying it's very important that the majority clearly. By contrast, 14% of respondents said they didn't believe it was important to teach traditional Western civilizational values 4% said it wasn't at all important. Okay, that's a small number 4%, 4% is almost nothing. 70% is a gigantic number. So if there is this huge discrepancy between the largest teachers union in the United States and likely US voters 78% of whom according to this survey believe you should teach the traditional values of Western said then the people who are part of the 78% need to show themselves and they need to speak up and they need to express truth and they need to stand up for the United States and they need to stand up. More importantly for the values upon which our nation was built individual liberty unalienable rights given to us by our Creator writes that the government did not grant, and therefore the government does not have a right to take from us and to reject just as strongly as possible.

This Marxist scheme because that's what it is underneath all of it is a Marxist worldview that wants to pit classes against each other. That's how you destabilize the society and that's how you reach a point at which Politburo types can move in and take over.

We don't want that. So let's stand up for the traditional values of Western civilization, which are built like it or not, upon the foundation and the blueprint of God's holy word. Yes, I understand Christian nation were not saying all the founders were saved, but we understand that had it not been for the Bible, there wouldn't be any United States in the form in which we inherited.

So let's stand up for and fight for our nation. It's not too late. Thank you for being with us on tenant effort today.

Always a pleasure to have you along and we'll see you next time

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