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Generosity - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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July 1, 2021 6:24 am

Generosity - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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July 1, 2021 6:24 am

Do you live as though God will provide all that you need? The prophet Elijah lived out his faith knowing that God would provide exactly what he needed when he needed it. How do we learn to live that way? Part 2.

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Dear friends of God can use anything and everything to meet your needs. Sometimes those of us have been in desperate situations and we feel God providing force were supplies by the avenues God uses to provide for the moments of help click bank. We are currently in a series called prevention and biblical study and how God is the great provider of next any of this series we would like to hear them again.

They're all available through our website. Moments of Hope today. Data continues this series with part two of the message called generosity.

So here we have stored all of Elijah's faith being developed and as his faith is being developed, God provides for him.

Every single one of his needs as the Scripture promises to all of those who have placed God first and his kingdom first and believe that he is able to give us what we need.

The first story is verses one through seven, it's Elijah at the book of chair. After Elijah spoke to Ahab and said God's going to close up the heavens to the water from the ground for 3 1/2 years. God immediately spoke to him and said go to Sheriff and wait there for me.

I want to give you two faith principles in these verses with which God deals in Elijah's heart and I want you to see how their necessary faith developments before the provision actually comes first of all, notice that God only gives the next step to Elijah often that next step is revealed through impressions in our heart that are consistent with God's word of sometimes it's an actual verbal word we hear in our minds and we know it's God speaking to us sometimes were just reading the Scripture and something on these pages leaps out at us. We know what God wants us to do. But God gives us impressions and he lets us know what the next step is.

But folksy doesn't usually give more than just the next step. So many of us want to know where is this ultimately going to take us with Elijah.

He didn't know that ultimately he was going to confront the evil prophets of Biodel on Mount caramel and eventually thereafter confront Ahab and Jezebel themselves. He didn't know that was ultimately what God had planned.

He only knew the guts of good cheer and he just took the next step that God gave him. In Psalm 119 it says God's word is a lamp to our feet and in that day they actually tied lamps to their feet so that when they walked. At night they could see the next step. But notice God set on a lamp to your feet not a headlight in the night. He gives us just the next step wife because he wants us to develop total faith total dependence upon him and him alone and if we know God is leading us. If we know he's the one who's leading us to a place we can rest assured that as we go to Sheriff we are operating in the perfect will of God, please hear this, God does give us vision and strength for our lives again. Elijah's names means Jehovah is my strength, God is my strength. He gives us his strength but he usually doesn't give us more than just the next step because he's trying to develop deep and abiding faith within our hearts and the notice also the value of the hidden life.

God says to Elijah go to Sheriff and there hide yourself by the brook Sheriff. Notice the hide yourself. God needed some time alone one-on-one with Elijah to continue to develop his faith.

God did the same thing with King David. Before David ever went to the palace. He had to operate alone in the pastures. It was during those time when David was alone just with the sheep that God dealt with his heart and made him a man after God's own heart. If you're going to be serious about your relationship with God.

You need to know he will drive you to places where it's just you and him alone he'll take you into the wilderness where you have to deal with him and him alone during those wilderness times during the Sheriff times is when he develops an understanding of who he is and who we are. We all need time alone, not just daily. With our quiet times we need elongated times alone with God when he can drive our hearts deep and him dear friends, if you're going to be serious about God, you need to get alone with God. You need to be hidden with God and need to hear God in your quiet moments where he in fills your heart with the presence and power of his Holy Spirit like never before.

Every great saying the Bible went through times like this. Paul in prison where he is alone with Christ during that time. He writes most of the New Testament.

John on the island of Patmos alone exiled. During this time is a revelation from Jesus and writes the entire book of Revelation, Jesus himself out of his tremendous baptism experience ways at a high, and here's God's voice that you are my beloved son in whom I will please right after that in Matthew four. He's driven into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, where he experiences a face-to-face confrontation with the evil. His greatest hi went to a greatest low where he was alone with God and God alone, and he had battle with the evil one to prepare him for the ministry of the cross. Very seldom will God give us beyond just the next step. But when he takes us to the brook Sheriff and he gives us that next step and were hidden with him and were dealing one-on-one with him.

Rest assured he will provide for you. That's when the provision came to Elijah and notice how God provided for him through ravens ravens would bring to Elijah every day in the morning and in the evening bread and meat. He would drink the water that would be the source of water for him. And every morning he'd have bread and meat and in the evening he'd have bread and meat and what is so interesting is ravens arch carrion birds.

In other words, they are roadkill birds. They eat all the meat of other dead animals and yet God used unclean birds who fed all roadkill to bring Elijah cut me a good provision. Dear friends, God can use anything and everything to meet your needs.

Sometimes those of us have been in desperate situations and we feel God providing for us were surprised by the avenues God uses to provide force. God uses ravens unclean birds roadkill birds to bring the necessary food for Elijah. The provision was a daily provision, much like God did the Israelites as they wandered to the Israel to the wilderness and every morning there was manna waiting for them. God provides Jesus.

And when you pray, pray like this. Give us this day our daily bread that term daily bread interestingly is a Greek term that no one really knew exactly what it meant until an excavation sometime years ago.

They found that term was on a woman's shopping list. It was her daily shopping list is what she had to buy just for that day. You see way back when there was not refrigeration like we have it today so people would buy just what they needed for that day, God supplied Elijah's daily needs. He gives us the next step. He drives us deep in him and then he promises to provide our every daily need is part of his name Jehovah Jarrett God is our provider.

He has promised to meet all of our needs not agrees in Christ Jesus. According to Jesus bank account in heaven which is inexhaustible in every possible way. So that's the first story with Elijah by the book Sheriff and then God suddenly says to him, now leave as the brook is drying up, and it often the case, as we start seeing our surroundings dry up as we start to feel like our time in this particular place has had its sufficiency, it's time to move on to another place. Right at that moment when we see the brook chair is drying up. God says to us now should go to a new place and he does that with Elijah and we see the second story ends first Kings 17 verses eight through 16, it's Elijah at Sarah Pfaff, Nancy Arafat is an interesting city.

God calls Elijah to move immediately to this city and it is so interesting because it is basically the whole area of Jezebel of Jezebel. The evil queen who was causing most of the biennial worship in Israel, God turns to Elijah and says I basically want you to go into your enemies home court and I want you to play her there.

I want you to play against all the biennial worshipers there and me to be like trying to be Duke at Cameron indoor Stadium or Ohio State on their home football field.

That's what God was calling Elijah to do so. Elijah picks up and immediately goes to his Arafat and their God says to him when you're there you enter the city, which he did.

It seems to suggest as night falls occurring. There's going to be a woman there.

God said to Elijah, and you need to go up to her and ask her to bring you some water and from there she will supply your every need.

Will Elijah gets to the city and he finds the woman there as he enters she's a widow woman in a Canaanite city in a godless city in a place that is Jezebel's home area sees unclean and he had Elijah goes up to her and says not only do I want some water, but would you bring me a morsel of food and she looks at him surprises is gathering sticks to provide a flyer for her and her son was probably going to be their last supper.

She says to him, I've got the sticks I've got 1 cup of flour I got just a little bit of oil left and I was basically going to make a fire mix that together. My son and I were going to eat it and then we were going to sit down and die because it's hopeless we have no one to provide for us.

That's the situation that Elijah walks into and with Elijah in Sarah Beth is he was dealing with this woman.

God is teaching him into lessons here, I think first of all when he calls him to go to his Arafat immediate obedience immediate obedience folks delayed.

Obedience is disobedience immediately when God called him to leave chair think it is Arafat. He went and unsupported developing faith to listening to the voice of God. Every call to do something immediately to do it and also please realize that God's plan sometimes means the furnace. It's interesting that the terms Sarah Pfaff means the smelting furnace. God called Elijah to move into the smelting furnace. The again home court of Jezebel, a place where his pride would be burned up. We had to go ask an unclean woman to give him a basic meal when he had to depend totally upon God and no one else in here in this area.

He is experiencing a depth of God's provision like never before. So here the woman then goes and does exactly what Elijah asked her to do she fixes a cake with the only flour and oil. She has left and then amazingly flour starts to expand the oil starts to expand and she has not only enough to fix for her son and herself. That evening, and Elijah himself, probably a second helping. She has enough to continue to feed her son, herself and Elijah Ford days to come. The jar of flour shall not be spent in the jug of oil shall not be empty until the day that the Lord sends rain upon the earth. So God provided for this woman until the day the rain finally came. We know that Elijah prayed and for 3 1/2 years. There was no rain that was God's way of saying I'm God, not by else. Then Elijah prayed again, and for 3 1/2 years. It did rain is not by else who controls the do in the rain from heaven. It is God himself who controls that soak the woman had provision from God in a supernatural miraculous way. Had this happen.

Don't miss this. It is so key to provision last week we saw how Abraham did not receive the provision from God. The ram in the thicket understanding Jehovah Jarrett God is his provider until he was willing to place Isaac on the altar until he opened his hands to God and said I'll do whatever you want me to do and became one who placed Isaac on the altar, then and only then did God become his provider notice here, similarly, that the oil and the flower did not continue to expand supernaturally and miraculously until the woman gave to Elijah what she had. Dear friends, I know many of you are going through some very difficult times going through financial difficulties are going through familial difficulties. Stress is around you at every quarter you're in your own zero faster in your own burning furnaces. You feel like everything around you just isn't operating the way you can let me encourage you about the principle of provision.

The principle of provision comes when people are willing to give whatever they can for the glory of God. God cannot provide for a person with a clenched fist. God cannot give to someone who has a clenched fist. It's only when we realized that God alone is our provision and we will do whatever he tells us to do immediately. Being a lamp to our feet and even if were in the furnace were going to continue to give even with with were at the bottom of our barrel and have only a little bit of flour left and a little bit of oil left were going to give what we can going to trust God with whatever and with our hands outstretched.

We believe that God's promises are true, that he said he will meet our every need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

He made the promise that if we seek first the kingdom of God.

All these other things will come to us and he will often provide through other people he might provide the ravens, he might provide simply supernaturally. It is God's way to move people to provide for us is God's ways to move upon miracles to perform for us it's God's job to perform the miracles that we simply give him the opportunity with outstretched generous hands saying to him, Lord, I trust you. I believe in you. I want to be like Elijah and go wherever you call me to go do whatever you call me to do and I believe that if I operate in that way you will not only provide for me. You will provide generously for me and I will have the privilege of seeing you work some of you say a miracle like oil expanding flour expanding. I don't think I believe and that will if you don't believe in that you really haven't read Genesis 11 in the Bible. If Genesis 11 is true. The rest of the miracles in the Bible are easy to believe in Genesis 11 says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and God created the heavens and the earth. He is quite able to supernaturally override the laws that he has built into this universe to do whatever he wants to do any of us have seen God work we've seen his miracles and we know that he provides for us most often in our most desperate situations where we are hiding herself and him deepened and him in our furnaces, trusting in him obeying him giving what little we have and then deleting the hill expand that in supernatural miraculous ways. That's what Elijah knew that's what the widow at Sarah Pfaff knew that's what the word provision basically means that God is wanting to give us his vision for our lives that as we trust in him as we believe in him as we give to him.

He will then supply our every need. In his ability exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything we could have ever hoped for or imagine, dear friends. That's the lesson of Abraham. That's the lesson of Elijah. It will be the Leslie world next week as we look at another prophet of God Elisha and in the final message of the provision series, an unknown character that will look at who's the hero of that story, but all the stories, the same people who totally depend upon God to rest in him who give to him. They are used by him mightily, but also he promises to meet their daily needs. He promises to make their daily bread, and he does. That's the message they all days.

A man listening to moments of hope sidling. Thanks for listening. Incoming data joins me in the studio with a conversation about the powerful friends of the resurrection will be right.

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Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership for moments of belligerent nine James Easton for listening today.

Joining me in the studio is our pastor dated blank dated, thank you so much for joining out. It's great being with you Jen you as well. Will dated and this morning the devotions challenge us to look closely at the powerful pre-Bible gives us about the resurrection of Jesus. I'd love to hear more on this yet. GNI here is the truth. Paul said in first Corinthians 1514 that if we don't have the resurrection. Christians are people most to be pitied, but we do have the resurrection, and Christians need to realize the Bible didn't write the resurrection. The resurrection wrote the Bible. In other words, because of the resurrection. Jesus is God. He then formed a worshiping people who said Jesus is Lord and then out of that community of faith. The Bible was written so for people who want to argue the Bible and different verses and understandings of how it was written, etc. that's fine we can answer those questions, but the most powerful question that people have to answer is this one was Jesus raised from the dead.

Because if he was raised from the dead, that means he's God that means the Scripture is true because Jesus quoted from the Scripture all the time God quoting from the Scripture shows that the Scripture is true in every possible way and we therefore have the basis for what we believe and here is what people have to understand in first Corinthians 15, Paul also talks about how over 500 people saw that Jesus was alive that included Paul himself who went from a persecutor of the church to the major proclaimer of the gospel of Jesus.

James Jesus half-brother who was a serious skeptic who during Jesus earthly ministry wanted him to keep coming home and not exposed himself to this potential death that he was assuredly going to face by the Jewish officials and also there are others that Paul named there and asked page if you want to know about their experience in seeing a resurrected Jesus, go talk to them. Now here's what's so fascinating. Jen is those people that Paul named in first Corinthians 15 and many of the others who faithfully follow Jesus suffered persecution and even martyrdom. The 12 disciples themselves, including James, the half-brother of Jesus all died. According to their views of Jesus as Lord. Now here's the important question to ask two people die for a lie to people die for lack of course not. Now the people are self protective you think of the Watergate incident. For example, Chuck Colson talks about this in his very famous book born-again written decades ago. But he said of the 12 major Watergate people who were brought under the law to testify against Pres. Nixon. Every single one of them did they all turned states evidence. Why, because that's what human nature does it protects itself when under the pressure of persecution or potential death while in Jesus case, though, with all of these disciples. Every single one of them went through their martyrdom and eventually to their death, crying out Jesus is Lord Jesus is raised from the dead know why did they do that because they'd seen a resurrected Jesus.if they were lying. All I can tell you is the first time the Roman authorities tried with my back or through hot oil on my back because I said I'd seen resurrected Jesus and it wasn't true. I say because of my human nature. Just kidding.

Not really true, but people don't dive what they know is alive, the disciples had seen a resurrected Jesus is the most powerful apologetic to prove what Christians believe today. Wow this is so compelling. Thank you so much statement and I hope all of you will cry out Jesus is alive because it is the bedrock of our Christian commitment and if you'd like to receive these daily E blast from me go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe.

Therefore my heart to yours free of charge in your inbox every morning at 7 AM to give your day. A moment of hope in moments of hopefully charming senior pastor and moments of hope charts, we would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte 10 AM. You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope and allowing online sign up for David daily moments of hope delivered every morning to your inbox and also sent David's help to both free and for a date in any entire moments of hope church that James Easton need to pray for our teachers to be very fast this summer

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