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NRB Chronicles - Daivid Johnston "Why Were You Born"

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 1, 2021 3:29 pm

NRB Chronicles - Daivid Johnston "Why Were You Born"

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 1, 2021 3:29 pm

Interview with David Johnston on Why You Were Born?

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Show how fun convention floor of the National religious broadcasters convention. I get to see so many wonderful, amazing folks, the goddess member passion is using it to build the kingdom and I have in front of me.

David Johnson and so is This book is very engaging and says why you were born, but in these little dance without subtitles as a blueprint for discovering allies potential, but I bet you asked that question. I know I have so David, why was I bought you have read the books while I got it I got you so simply through the bad one call you before you were born, nobody knew you your parents didn't know you know you didn't call you up from someplace you were a man of them got God put the person inside out is why Jesus said would you pray you pray our father which art that's why a choice in this is he that hath made us and not we ourselves are his people and the sheep this past this one and ask for Colby offspring by so finding out or begins with discovering that our amazing born of God, fathered by God person he wants to hear. Now place you in a particular baby's body told sure Genter heritage special starch. There, now most people don't know this, so they spend most of their lives. Building a caricature of themselves that they think other people will like competitors compare cells from young age to go to school but is the football game or whatever it is, grades in school. Everybody's compared cells is a dangerous thing to purchase this example, we dare not make ourselves of the number who comparing themselves among themselves and measuring themselves by themselves, are not wise is not a smart because it keeps you off your own personal contract so that the person doing the don't know why the report they try to create themselves in some form or another.

They live with the tremendous unnecessary sense of inferiority complex are always trying to compensate, they turn to what we call narcissistic, which is the officer to love and by the way, it's a big Bible subjects. The ancient word for narcissism is an equity. One of the four reasons went to the cross.

He was wounded for our transgressions. We got our plea was Bruce vertically sat transgressions.

No, everything. So Lucifer, for example, was a good angel and of him. The Lord said he was perfect in all his ways until iniquity was found. 53rd chapter of Isaiah again all we like sheep country we have turned everyone to his own way past the issue but the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. What is it turning to our own way. So we decide what will be will decide who thinks Marvin God, and the solicitors are I will exalt my throne above the throne of God starts above the stars of God. Iniquity is tragic and were chasing not merely a culture wide crises for the worldwide crisis right now at the core of it all is this condition called iniquity.

On the other hand what a person discovers that God is the father and what happened to them when they were in the womb. One of the things that happened. Chapter 1 is in doubt them with castings.

King James: spiritual gifts we call it embedded natural abilities. God is placed in people.

Every one of us, and embedded natural ability and if you don't know what that is.

You get off track early in life because of competition because of comparison dangers one could walk across the stage of timing at the exit sign and never knew what they were supposed to be here to just jump in for sick. I don't want to go aheadů I'm sure like to try to catch up at your throwing out a really profound but I'm still struggling.

Honestly, this go back to the right back to them. I do okay. I do love that I love the way you pointed that out is beautiful.

I couldn't agree with you more on all issues as fast, but you're right, we have turned our own way so many take the word iniquity. My definition of iniquity. What is been sitting there with you something that sounds unequal in this and so what you're describing right sounds more biblical to meet the Lord in society. So can you reconcile that forfeiture. Hopefully we are designed to be under God over Satan because one another. So whenever a person tries to be God's. The committee narcissism. Imagine the created, thinking he's smarter than the creature admitted some unthinkable backing that Robbie was called as you described it as a like yeah that's iniquity abstractly and so I I got to sit by the dominance of file since you know if you want to get an approximate latitude tries to read the Bible the Bible the matter in getting a copy of my I really do have a shot at one point I definitely got in, the more I read the Bible the matter I got white man use use all these people installed Akins kids what you do it well when he took out Jones.

I was really and I'm like this is just wrong. I just can't believe I'm reading this book. This has nothing to do with a positive mental attitude. The more I read the matter and then you get to the right when all of a sudden God doesn't answer any of Job's questions need to start a job that Robbie was like so Robbie back in hell I would love to watch. Bring in the time that would be you know and all the things I was like man I can.

All my goodness I'm not God he's God in all man. He's got a really high standard. I don't come anywhere close I got a real problem. I was my good is why you are born. It's taken me 65 you find out how bad I was iniquity, but man I don't know about you but if you listen to this. I hate this man I could I could have this discussion next 20 hours the book is like by David Johnson is called why you were born a blueprint for discovery allies potential of Judah and Israel appetite wetted and certainly so David clearly you have some deep understanding biblically.

Where did you get this car. The Bible is there another answer just a moment about the iniquity of 366 verses in the Bible about that subject, surprised. So I wrote a lot.

This was originally published under the subject title how to convert iniquity. Whatever looks at the tiling and got a clue about.

So our publisher said we need to change the title so we change the title to how you see yourself but this book will begin this book begins with iniquity tracing through the Bible, defining it biblically. Okay I pointing out how to recover from past iniquity, how to conquer present iniquity, how to prevent future because let us never forget that usually do about iniquity is a chapter about that because you know what's funny about this iniquities of the father shall be visited upon the children to the third and fourth gems are not visited upon right iniquity. That's why to 20 hours on the yet with not just born but here we have no how you see yourself. The source of her struggle and pocket letting others more and there's more. David L.

Johnson well so while I can see outward. We got 20 hours at least, we appreciate how gracious you are. This is been man I will forget this interview for a long time you hit me. I love word.

I love words and because Jesus is Lord and in the Bible just following everything seems to miss minute sessions. Jesus came to deliver us from all this he did not listen to what you know like wow I just like to open up a whole new iniquity shall abound, the law and managing a wax coal manifests narcissism. Love is the and you have you have hit the nail on somebody heads that I have wondered about for years.

I tell you you are a blessing. We will see much more this to thank you guys nothing but the documents are true, that's perfect.

Nothing. But this is really Truth Network. The books are available on Amazon Kindle out audible like, but thank you for these moments together. Thank you for

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