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June 30, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 30, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller from the previous show called to finish a conversation regarding the caller having paid for an abortion before he was a Christian.--2- Who hardened pharaoh's heart---3- Who did Cain marry---4- Are transgender persons born that way- Is there something different in their DNA- Did God make them that way---5- Was Jesus always the Son- Did He become the Christ at His baptism---6- I'm a member of the International Church of Christ. I want to leave, but how---7- Out of the sons of Noah, which group did the Chinese come from-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of Christian apologetics. Research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines.

Max likewise glances goals in responding to your questions at 87707276 here's Matt slick right it would look live going to be called lines 877072276 and the Lexi tonight I'll be teaching a Bible study or the house. I was teaching on eschatology is probably to be a two hour study to go through a lot of stuff, and have handouts for the people were to be going over varying scriptures and when asked them the participants in the study to map out what goes where on a timeline that sounds interesting rejoin. You can do that we go to Facebook we put a link on Facebook and also on YouTube and watch and it often goes of about an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours and afterwards we talk and we just leave it open and people can listen to us talking. Ask questions and things like that from around. This is like fun. I can check it out tonight will be supposed to think it's supposed to start at 9 PM Eastern time to 7 PM my time.

The people were local to coming but we been starting at 730 a lot. So if you go at seven and is not started. Just bear with us, it'll. It begins usually fly her out 730 when people mosey on and I think it's is a better timeframe for a lot of people so there's that river with a prayer ministry and if you are interested.

Just contact us at CAR.RG so you and let's see what else the so I didn't a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff on some new projects so he thinks I could talk about you what you want, I can complain about something. This is this is driving me crazy. I am 64 and I realize that I'm to be slowing down but there's so much to do and I just don't have the energy anymore can concentrate as well as I use to little thing going about it.

It is driving crazy thing about today was Jack little Lane that some of you know who uses of you won't but I saw that guy when he was in his 90s. I couldn't believe he could. He was so full of energy and my mind and and so look into what he did because I know this at his 65th birthday. His 65th birthday. This is true. This guy Jacqueline is a health guy that the 5060 70.

He swam from Alcatraz Island to short 65 years old swing from Alcatraz Island acid in the San Francisco Bay prison used to be there. He swam from there to shore with his hands handcuffed and his feet shackled and he pulled hundred people and rowboats and rope thing in his mouth as he dog paddled and a bottom all the short and then he did a thousand push-ups. The guy was incredible in my hero and boy if some of you out there no what to do, how to how to lose weight, get energy, you know all all I got so much to do it at books to write. I got videos get over about 2 to 300 videos in one minute videos will produce. You can imagine how much that is going to limit my voice goes up, so you go and will write what windings biblical you nothing little one for your stomach is my will. Cecil's already folks that we have a way through the lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and get back to Marty from my Virginia Marty welcome around here recap we were talking last night, and yet you told me give you a call and I would go one that the mention use. You are talking very nicely last week.

Mother's Day others having parent of the characters whether whether or not they were mothers and that they were and I talked about the abortion I paid for 40 years ago and wanted to know how to feel about that encounter that like you you you will get ready to say something and then bigger show it. That's what was left.that is that enough information yell yeah so I address this two people are listening for the moment. I know that there a lot of women out there who abortions a lot of men who been involved with that as well.

Let me just say that I can relate and I read about on my website as a testimony and when I meet people who have had that and I can see in their eyes I can see that the pain that remembering my heart goes out to them. Compassion increases and I know that the Lord's compassion increases to. I know that he bore our sins in his body on the cross.

First Peter 224 and that we can find forgiveness and rest in peace, and what Jesus God in flesh and did on the cross where this divine, infinitely valuable blood washed away our sins and I take comfort in knowing that God loved me and chose me for salvation. Knowing all of my sins, some of them incredibly bad so his forgiveness is there, and though guilt is a natural and proper response to such a thing. So is our rest in Christ. When we learn that his love and his forgiveness is greater than our sin and that we can find hope and peace and what he has just as the woman caught in adultery was about to be stoned and adulteries horrible sin. Jesus forgave him to go and sin no more. And those are the words for us and we need to be better husbands better fathers better citizens better Christians as we look to Christ through all of it and remember that Christ is, I sometimes imagine I do II cannot imagine this is so this pulled this this would stake in the ground above, it is a crossbeam and this is so this cross is splinter issue would and there's a person on the cross.

Why don't I look up to because my words he to raise my eyes and sometimes I visualize that blood mixing with the dirt in the mock. My face is down there to the ground, thinking my Lord, for his great love and forgiveness and if I look to my left and my right.

I will see others like me who also are around the cross resting in the forgiveness and weeping for our sin, and yet thankful for the great sacrifice of Christ and that's what I do realize and accept that Christ is lovingly going every thing about me and is chosen to forgive and I need to rest in the forgiveness and move forward. Having counted my sins as dung and move forward.

Aiming to glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What I have left to do so. Take my eyes off of my own sin, so to speak, and put them on that person of Christ and trust him and know that unforgiven and move forward. That's what we need to do all of us because all of us who were guilty not area look for left and right at the foot of the cross and see others so many others like us who are also forgetting okay well I think you're supposed or biblical. I might need that child and have it ready raise a child and haven't heard straight.

Yeah, I expect to see my lost child birth defect child, Ms. Terry, child and other child expect consignment there for you to you I have a book called the influence and I met out that for years and the main character wants commit suicide because his son died in an crib death and he's you nonbeliever and he's really kind of problems are demonic. This is and that's going on and at the end and his wife before she met him and abortion and there's a scene where in heaven because he ends up there temporarily make sense of the plot and he makes them makes them and the forgiveness of the joy that is there in the presence of goodness and perfection and love permeates that area because it's the dwelling place of God and that people tell me that when they read that they think cried and I live a crying when I wrote it, but people have more than one. I have just said men and women that they've cried over.

They've read write document remark okay Marty just looked Christ let it go and I will and I do and ask him to use my Catholic arrival got bless life all right you will give me a call. We have open lines give a call 877-207-2276 is get to Alberta from Georgia to welcome you anywhere yet about that will predict a nation in a like the that God hardened Pharaoh's heart of what the door looked at Pharaoh's heart, but he heart and God did let them hang himself, not himself.

Now going to ask you this part with the launch is they want to God. They want God to be the blonde hair black Caucasian surfer dude dressed in a woman's nightgown etc. etc. and that he so nice to do anything like like that in Romans nine is the area that we need to go to along with Proverbs 14 six only cover 4 to 6 article in Romans 900-1649 14 six it says in Proverbs 16 for his son and lightning. It says the Lord is made everything for its own purpose.

Even the wicked for the day of evil. This is what it says in Proverbs 16 for I make noise the background noise either sound now And so yeah I should tell you, CM autistic and sounds like that throw me off every copy of Adobe capping and things like that with it.

This is what it has so now I forgot my train of thought okay Romans chapter 9. So when we talk about this issue of Romans chapter 9 it says this skipper says to Pharaoh for this purpose I raised you up to demonstrate my pet power in you that my name might be proclaimed that the whole earth so that he is a person who desires.

He hardens whom he desired to get to converse with so they folks, please state to observe all the lines you call 87720776 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave builder oh yes you still there. So to finish up though. So basically, God allowed to have their way evil in me that them have their way. The battle Alberta Albert, let me finish the Scriptures and see what the word says and then we can go with what the word says okay so this is what he says that he raised up Pharaoh and says so, then Romans 918 so than his mercy on whom he desires and he hardens whom he desires. It doesn't say he strengthens their wickedness. He hardens them out. This is something that is surprising to a lot of people and so some people what they'll do is interpret this set of scriptures to mean it's groups of people in this ludicrous. It's is as it is ludicrous. I would debate anybody on the public like so it was on. It says you will then say to me, why do you still find fault for Hooters. This is will if the only way this question makes sense is if what he's teaching to put you on hold when recognizes all right this only way this makes sense is to understand that there's a son objection his mercy on whom he desires a hard to be desires well, if that's really what happened individual's name is Lynn why she still find fault. That's exactly the question that is raised by Paul and goes on in verse 20.

On the contrary, who are you will man who answers back to God.

The thing mold will not save them over. Why did you make me like this will it.

What is the potter does not the potter have a right over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use another for common use would have got all willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory. So the issue here. What is Romans nine saying is it saying that God prepares people for destruction and answers yes that's the strong implication of double predestination right up there to hear that you are sexy to be the texting okay… I thought that the Internet Internet at that back and said that that God allows the first to have their way, so that you will go to NM go back God to handle. Is that too late.

It is that you are not exclusive exclude each other. That's what he does he allow people to do with they naturally do. He uses it, but he also has the ability to reason for what he desires. He makes the wicked even for the day of evil, and he makes one for the same lump one vessel for honorable use of the liver dishonorably use this what it says. So we had to do with what I say that okay thank you God bless you. There you to, all right, let's get to June from Buford, Georgia June welcome here. How are you I'm fine also. I'm sorry I'm breathing again. I think now and it cannot. Yes afterward I which may be sought on the earth. Are you able yes earth that came laughed and landed in the land not very lying on reading it that led let his wife the current and I'm not there is only for people on earth at that time and I wonder how it came about in different people in different colors and different origin. It says in Genesis 5 for the days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were 800 years and he had other sons and daughters. We know that that they had her children so the general response to this is that Cain and Abel weren't said to be their only sons. Nothing in the Scripture says that was her only child's children and that's it says and came out label they had relations and he conceived the gave birth to Cain personal for verse one and gave birth announcement label later in the only thing you really think I cannot. Yes, Mary a lot. Why he went straight at later that more children at home.

Yes, so I found what I'm trying Adam and Eve obviously logically had to have other children before Cain and Abel. It doesn't say that Cain and able other first children are in our own okay so that's the point. Now the man had relations with his wife Eva doesn't mean that was the first time had relations and conceived so what we see here in Genesis are the extractions of individuals brought out by Moses in order to emphasize certain parts of theology and history for understanding and furthermore Adam and Eve would've had to have children and they would've had to marry each other and had really nice and produce children and what was until later that God said incest is is no longer allowed in this iritis because of genetic line was so pure the beginning that it wasn't a problem and later on don't know more. This okay – effect is so much live by God. Yet Eric get pregnant and she often looked platelet count divine home which it flapped quick and had a child like me that it gets Going any health era. Finally and and I know that that link with other people that back then I get that was done.

Yes, it was so okay God often works with in the culture. Even if the culture is wrong to accomplish his will. So he allows people to murder to lie, to steal, he allows it, and he told Abraham that he was going to bless him and Abraham then took it upon himself to intervene and so Sarah was without child and that was a shame to women back then shame. Furthermore, concubines were semi-married. It is the interesting way to put it. They were for that purpose and the idea of a man's seed was placed in a woman. It was the same concept to them of a seed for a plant put in ground you could put it anywhere. It's doesn't matter the ground it matters, the seed, this is why circus it will. I have a child through name a · thousand title years now and I went to believe Sarah and benefits of a ton of the radio to anyway you bring skipped a beat. So he went into her and had a child and the child became service because it's the husband seed so therefore it was haplessly thought and so then that's the additional became people while talking Hagar okay I went every break you right back at his messages open, Live Oak 67720776 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave back one on will all but one, and airdropped white boy and girl do not feel in your heart, barely air I'm making some people get to write that some people that really felt like gave wine that they feel right wearing like a boy didn't like you, they went back to be around eight boys clay felt better and a girl was and am wondering as they grow at a more like that there's something there genetic maybe work out just right and I are not going to go on that in the mother might be Karthik yet some of them come out. I met a play thing going on for centuries just went and talked so Adam represented mankind. So when he fell.

We fell in him. Romans 519, but creation also fell, so we have salmon we have earthquakes we have plagues we have diseases in the world because he represented the world represented mankind. He was given that authority in that fall is an effect upon our physical form. So for example I'm born with the been diagnosed with Asperger's. My wife was born with something for Luis Dietz very rare connective tissue disorder and its pretty severe and so can there be mental, brain, alterations or effects of sin in the world. Yes. Can people be born with a tendency to be attracted homosexually I believe so. I believe it can be thickly born that way because of the wiring problem something that's wrong in there and know the wiring is flexible to be born with the don't know hands, no feet to the people born blind and so this I think is possible now this thing then becomes well if that's how I was born.

The that's what's right and that's just a that's just a little out of the fortune cookie cooking morality I born this way. So it's okay. Well, what if a person is born to be a liar with a tendency to the line is that I can okay correspond to see to want to steal Zednik okay Krista so to see if you're born that way it doesn't excuse you from doing what is right before God. I have certain tendencies that are on biblical and I've been fighting certain tendencies. My whole life and women continue to until the resurrection, but doesn't mean God is naturally this way so it's okay. That's not it, so that excuse doesn't carry any weight. Okay, okay go I really thought you really get by God's grace, I will get you there in Georgia. My brother gets to not care line number likely the Bible and it questions you need to: pre-selling Jew.

Have you been to my website CAR Carn CAR M.RG working the website for 25 years and have written literally thousands of articles so go there and check it out.

So we have staff help and guide you in the Salt Lake City Luke Wayne a great guy. We have people and in South America. People in Europe and so what were trying to reach out and give as many answers as possible, that are very biblically centered.

Some websites don't do that so much more we try very helpful thinking you're welcome so much God bless.

Okay, let's go phones with James Illinois James welcome you on the iMac. How are you I'm fine I'm fine thank you how are you I am a technical question during the nature of Christ. Okay, was Christ's only scrub the sun or the son of God. I'm not defined. When I hear about the define Christ, but you mean Jesus the person of Jesus. I Christ God Christ simply means deliver Messiah, anointed one. Okay so let's lay it out here. The Trinity is eternal God is always existed as a Trinity, father, son and Holy Spirit always existed that way and the second person of the Trinity we call the sun but is also known as the word. The word became flesh and dwelt among us John 11 in verse 14 that dwelling of flesh between among us that instance that incarnation began 2000 years ago. So the second person of the Trinity is eternal the humanity part of Jesus is not eternal and that it's it was not always in existence. It became real when it was. At the inception and so that union of the of the eternally old divine nature of the word you put that union occurred with the human nature that union occurred 2000 years ago that union is who Jesus is and so Jesus had that beginning 2000 years ago, but the divine nature did not. The human nature did sort talking about the union of Christ, that union is called the hypostatic union. The one person or two distinct natures that combo that union occurred 2000 years ago that help like you looking at command Christ, the divine overshadow you know what I mean well I would say is that's that. Just as there's a doctrine called the Kennecott you if you will not the communication of the properties so each nature of the divine nature and human nature has a set of properties in both those sets of properties were prescribed to the single person so Jesus would say on Thursday as human nature. Jesus said, I'll be with you always, even to the end of the year. If that's the divine nature. So he says I am thirsty I will be with you always, of the same person claimed and acknowledge those attributes of humanity and divinity for himself. This is called the communication of the properties are communicated to the person you so this is really important because as soon those those properties are removed. Either way, you don't have the person of Christ, and so some people will say that Jesus at the properties of his divinity were limited or he didn't have them because he became a man within that would violate the doctrine of the hypostatic union and the committee got he would do much of in the incarnation, and so we can't say that Jesus divine attributes did not exist in his incarnation because the attributes reflect the nature so I bowling ball has a spherical shape that has mass and has a certain smoothness to its surface and has three holes in it so pipe of necessity. The proper something exists that have certain characteristics because that's what it is so because God is divine or certain characteristics of what he has, because that's what divinity is and Jesus is divine so you have to have those attributes.

We don't know how those attributes work in combination with each other in the single person and so in some of the attempts in history to answer some of these issues. There's been some sin in this is been the story and those of you taking is a modifies autism, varying heresies bearing false teachings and the correct teaching is the hypostatic union which I would recommend people go to Carmen look up hypostatic union learn about: another worry about teaching that Jesus became the Christ at his baptism. Yet optimism is one of the things that's that's heresy okay actually harassing false teaching. Okay okay so he did not become the price at his baptism, he always was. He was always for example, he was always the sun in relationship to the father. The word was always the sun in relationship with the father eternally soak them all go slowly on this so people can understand this, the doctor, the Trinity teaches that there is one God in three simultaneous eternal persons. They were always existed and that the brake start is over.

I just said and explain what that is why relates to him becoming the Christ problem case of right back after these messages that's like why call 770727 charismatic slave back her okay so this to say to that, we to say that Jesus became a crisis.

Baptism is his.

Job's witnesses to which back to the issue. The Trinity, the father-son Holy Spirit have always existed eternally. It's always been the case that the decree to have the word become incarnate is always been the case that that with that was in place. There was not a time when God decided to do something like that. The reason it's not the case that you decided to do it work as a point in his understanding that he hadn't decided that you had decided the reasons can't be because God knows all things eternally. And if he knows all things eternally that he knows all his own decisions eternally and therefore the choices he makes are eternally decreed in the end we can understand how this works but this is a logical necessity of this in relationship to this, the sun, the word was always good to be the one who would become incarnate. Always be the one who would do that and so he's the eternal word. He is the eternal son eternal sunshine because it was always the case that he would be sent by the father shows always the case that he would be the Messiah was always the case eternally that he would be the Christ, the deliverer of the anointed one, and he was anointed from his birth or its conception on and so he did not become the Christ what anointed one at his baptism, that is theological foolishness. Okay I'll be praying for you or your wife will my wife is more presently, that's for sure. She's married to me, but you troubled times were living in that is good get worse if this is working on some stuff to help help us through that right okay but that regardless okay let's get to enter California that are welcome on their hello hello hello Matt beginning on your own ear yes okay they met my faith you're pretty out. You may think I'm the God I really like your work embedded in truth and I'm on the current member at that. The I think the okay for him to know that it might yes international Church of Christ. Yes yeah and I know Matt, but I think in my like a good false teaching, not as a payment like you. You're always saying all right is occult.

It will help me. You need to get out your sculpture called I know I am like you and I only highway where you in California.

With city look like I'm doing with this.

I have friends in the area.

I have friends in the Pasadena area and is Hispanic and he knows stuff he could talk to you. There's also a friend of mine and to macula. I have out there products at the dinner would be fed you the best, but if you email him even put in contact with them. You speak Spanish by chance if okay excellent thumping with so if you want more information. Okay, now it's it's bad it's a bad group.

It's a bad group right to teach baptism is necessary for salvation.

They also teach requirements of your confession to sins, along with sin lists that are kept about you and that you have to confess everything to people and hi Russell know about this and that your salvation depends upon your goodness and your submission to them as people otherwise are rebellious and naturally Christian site is get out your NLA. You can go to you know I hated. I have always had trouble with names at the big church that there been fighting against Ellie oppression.

The church is Jackie not Jake effort to comfort you know I just I get fresh with myself because I have trouble with names and numbers. I can remember name is always been a problem that's a little write it down and check how much I looked him good churches around there are okay.MacArthur binocular cognitive carbon trying to find like something that you know that I want you know I don't want to talk you know I like my baby Christian. But I don't know. I know you the truth, and like what they're teaching me.

It I feel in my heart that it is wrong you know tell you what I want you to email me at talk. My body done next season. Pasadena having a movement using that area. Ellie area not too far from our members. It was so was at 215 on I try Members belong types, but any rate, he's a great guy is just a great guy and he smelled her to church and six Spanish and English fluently in the open. I also don't tell a cop who's also awesome is Nelly cop and so he could he be glad to talk to to if you have any questions or stuff this guy knows his theology also. So you tell you what you email me a put you in contact with with the these guys okay okay but is a subtle, but I don't think it is a sample that I love you. Okay God bless you right good buds down there is a good people I know and others in the people I know all over the place good guys, let's get to Anthony from Oak Ma Anthony welcoming on the short like a short question for the law which will out of the Chinese people come one little automotive. Yeah, I do know some people will know that that's a good question. There's yours. That was the question on let's go. Earlier in the show because I got right up the gift of gold to be bad and then back to the Lord of the people little bit of both.

Because this gets complicated, solicit taken kind of make sense of it quickly.

God works all things after the counsel of his will.

Ephesians 111. Nothing that occurs in the world. The matter what it is cannot happen independently of God's concern consideration touch whatever you want to call it in his will is involved in everything, whether it's by direct decree in direct action by prescriptive and that he's telling us not to do something bad with or whether the permissive words his will to allow us to do something that and so he certainly can cause people to do certain things in certain ways. He moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go.

He can bring us to do what he wants, even something bad. If he wants to do that yet.

Without him being the cause of it. It's kinda hard to explain but there's an logic we have to deal with was called the ultimate cost and proximate cause and efficient cause, so God can arrange circumstances.

That's called the proximate cause, but the actual agent of the bad is that individual. So, for example, God but as a says in X4 2728 know God raised knowledge read it. God is one initiative is right for truly the city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed. Both have Herod Pontius Pilate Gentiles and the peoples of Israel to do what your handed your purpose predestined to occur, so they brought Christ to crucifixion, which was sinful and God predestined them to do it. Yet God is not responsible for their for their sin, because next 223 Peter points out that you guys nailed the crosstalk of the Jews so this gets complicated and there are ways to work through it just takes time and and related services out to look at this topic. That doesn't mean this can mean that so theologians and logicians have gone through this and and it's easily solvable, so easily it just takes 10 minutes of laying things out. I was that I do this so difficult neck with the question was, but that's the general idea of what was going on.

Make sense for what will ultimately somebody made automated people told me that you said you it's in their nature, help to choose to be going out front. God doesn't make the choice for them they choose them themselves to do that which is wrong. Absolutely.

And he uses their evil to accomplish his will. But God can also predestined people to do those things that are wrong get there. The still the ones are responsible, okay, because the barcode will be interrupting you. And I was knocking on the car you got your mom all I got last It is his life. I like it would have you know I love that stuff. This girl was both Michael and blessed by your so we have almost commitment, knowledge and wisdom that we gain from your show. May the Lord continue to bless you and you and you will let everybody know about your body work. Thank you very much. Please God please God is right, Anthony. God bless. Like all right it's good to Scott. That was the cousin the rapture than in trouble. She was asking in the text he was asking about the flame and the Nestlé with the origins of the flame. Michael get up in the colors waiting so get a couple minutes if you want to sneak that we don't even have the time to get half the nestle Lim the church taught and the Jews always taught that the naphthalene words the half breeds from fallen Angels and women and people sometimes will I can't happen will you know can't sing it doesn't work and doesn't mean it doesn't, but that's usually the case in Genesis chapter 6 talks with the flood came to destroy the world than the flame on the earth in those days, and assess and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men in the four children of them so that's what's that's what they were holding to an inverse nine says these are the records of the generations of Noah.

Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generations so that's why some commentators think it has to do with the, the intrusion of this foreign line into humanity for the purpose of destroying the ultimate deliver prophesied in Genesis 315 and 16, one who would be the Messiah. And so it was just an evil attempt to thwart that actuality.

So God brought the flood to wipe them out, but doesn't mean that the so to speak. The brick breeding program ceased after that looks like it is more about the recall, and by his graceful tobacco there tomorrow.

I'm going to harm Facebook gone times. Lord bless you another program powered by the Truth Network

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