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Behind the Beard with William Lee Golden

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 24, 2021 1:49 am

Behind the Beard with William Lee Golden

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 24, 2021 1:49 am

One of the most recognizable individuals in the entertainment industry, William Lee Golden (of the Oak Ridge Boys) and I talked about his music, life, and new book: BEHIND THE BEARD. 


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Larry the cable Guy. Are you not live in your book will begin arriving Roseburg is blessed with this. What would you like to do on the show just to get additional people stories are fun, inspiring and insightful. I maintained it while we do our task as caregivers of those things could be unique.

The issues we struggle with our hearts are common to the human condition, fear, obligation, guilt, remorse, resentment, despair, all of those things are common to the human condition. And so that's that. I look for individuals who have faced those things and live to write about it and learn from them. One of those individuals with me today.

He may be the most recognizable guy in the entire entertainment business, and that is will you be gold of the Oak Ridge boys join the group in 1965, you got a new book out called behind the beer. The autobiography not on in honor of him coming on the day I just didn't shave glad to have you with this legally. And I appreciate you very much. Being with me today great to be with you. Command your own great work you do help will destroy the weekly we cover a lot of territory in this show we deal with folks who were taking care special-needs children we deal with folks who are taking care of aging parents, and folks who coordinate with alcoholics and addicts or people in my case, my wife, who had a traumatic event back of actually you probably know with this is you been on the road so many times right there at the Paris Camden exit off 40 hours West Tennessee back in 83, she had this terrible Rick and they took her over to Benton County and they they can do anything with an really got her to Nashville and brought her to St. Thomas.

There is where most of the work was done to help put her back together.

So our journey into the sea was a long journey there medically speaking, but I got your book on Monday and I read through the entire thing and it was finished it like that might and I was really quite moved by some things we meet.

I wanted to to talk with you about it. I've read a lot of biographies and autobiographies in my life and this one was unlike anything I've ever read. It felt more like a a letter from a family member and friend who said hey here are some things that need to be said things that I felt like you would want me to say to you, and other so self and grant aggrandizing. There was no ax to grind. It was real matter fact into the only is that what you had your mind when you wrote is that who you are.

Did I get that right right search for direct regard starting six or seven times. She rested about regarding a masterstroke I don't know anymore about whatever. I know I should you. I'm just a baritone stringer struggled hard for somebody there is really about father John a long time distribute data stored my sources okay anyhow. Talk to one of my strong called and said Scott you're no I think you need to talk to them and trust us.I was down the farm in Alabama for about a week past, so I should grab your few days to come down before I get Bextra mistreated Mr. career/campground. The next talk to me you drove my first life. You must trust your I took them out of the farm were born and raised to the slaughter with Morneau were adopted out to deliver me all the Aaron Tipton's great-grandfather. I was amazing. What I found out that he was asked great-grandfather grandfather something on the document root of backgammon. You know, doctors want people to know they get recruiting go and stay in the hospital for baby though it came out that the night there had a pallet they made for them and he stayed there and delivered my soul look like Mr. story ever a trip Scott Darren met Jane. This became the home. I grew up my mother Bill sent home.

We still have it. I still have it, there must my kids rooms where they spent their summer sound of so Scott came down assist Scott to talk to anybody that knows me ex-wives my partners must bring in partners and said you know our Boyko, how it all worked out. Discuss these things available get past that there said to their through their eyes looking through the list get so that's what I wanted him to get first ever DSI on the real sucking background and no alarm to play music by sister.

My mother taught that it was so working at shipyard mobile when I was real. What let our home. So that's where I got started. I think that's a remarkable thing that you did was to include various individuals that many people put their ex-wife in their own book and that is a lot about your journey and that's when the reasons I wanted to have you on my show because so many of the people I deal with William Lee are struggling with resentment and bitterness and unforgiveness. They find themselves in a situation where there taking care of a family member but the other family members are helping or mad at themselves dramatic God that you don't whatever the goals that that I I have for myself and my fellow caregivers is that one day you know when we do stand in a grave and hopefully I'm the one standing and I don't want my wife to have to go through what she goes through without me there that will stand there without clinched fist and how we do that, what is that look like you've had some things in your life where I've seen people consume with bitterness over far less than what you dealt with some of it you take some of it others that whatever but I've seen people be consumed with bitterness. There is a scene in the book where you went down to Britain after particular difficult time and you brought some trees back up Your Pl. in Sumner County and those trees and with every tree planted.

You also bear to grudge their talk about that market we why was that important. What did you get out of that and how is something that we can adapt our lives as is that you learn from that time when I lost my father I planted some trees there home farm and popular tree here: time trees under yellow register. Something you can carry grudges around like a big bad Abbasid. Get the little bear and first thing you know it feels wrong. So you getting at with your own grudge. If you're not careful. So be something you can't be sharing with you register things you got some more about this one has to know if we if we ever want forgiveness sometimes real forgiving person truly all we know are were not we have to answer those questions herself and always honest with ourselves. Are we deceiving ourselves. This question people need to ask themselves. You know what you're looking at the mirror of the dad is close to the future should blame everybody else for that one is not happy in Gallatin see the real God would again deceiving ourselves trying to be what you think everybody else wants us to be it were not. Who we are and so as you apply those trees when you finish your last tree and you know you planted those grudges with the trees. He said I'm done with this and I do care to see more what you feel like you lift the burden out the year of the graduate grudge. Your view is anybody else that you wrote Marco what you're holding it for a while, her chin up again and why are you still holding out let it go. We all everyday is a new day to be who we are that you know yesterday as yesterday.

Today is a brand-new and we don't live on yesterday's law.

Today we got approved or we what we thought were generally doable and only up passed out to activate positive I do exercise on the woman walking off the deer around your arrival is a lot of things that I do every gold wall will not age.

If I don't activate myself.

I stood around and start get made into a major step away from it take steps to get away from it should show positive men. I do 150 students and I've done it for a while and it I did it my mail the road when I was pregnant because it get you diaphragm building district breast go anyhow.

You gotta motivate yourself to walk away from negative things and when you grow older wall you're actually put their own system in a positive mood word by the wall were made to be active if we are fortunate if God made whole them more money to be active in the wall, you know, the pushbutton world automobiles and things that came in the past hundred years or so, so were all that were all customizing to watch how fast the world is moving and sometimes we lose trips reality the process get distracted too many things that take us away from water. You know that in the work. One of the reasons we moved out to where we are now. We left the city and we had here in wilderness of Montana were backed up to national forests and so I will periodically just treat myself to walk in the middle the day you at lunch time, so just to clear my head and I get that it walks free by the way walking to sit Austin to help go to jail. "And I sometimes ability to get on a horse. Churchill used to say there's nothing wrong with the inside of a man at the outset of a horse can't fix. I would concur about awake. This is a totally separate thing here. You you got into art for up delete the pretty tab. Then he switched over to photography. That's a story. The people need to read of what happened with that. Are you familiar with a lot of Western artist of Remington people like that are moderate burgers without a Gentiles able of letting Larry Sable. We live right across the dirt road from us, and that's one of his paintings behind me.

There is called dog tired and the cowboys care in the care of the dog, it ought to settle with you, but I did not hear him or not, but I hadn't Remington style, but he is a wonderful Western artist to get huge thing he did that at Yellowstone at the Lodge and just the prolific artist from that settled and retired in this area. Anybody paid 80 live but across the road. Just a great friend CAB EL and if you ever get a chance to look them up and it's the best way couple years ago just a wonderful artist. I started following you on social media with your pictures that you take it out over the first had you like one of the pictures I put out of Montana and other weekly like this could get out the tears of it, but you fell in love with this country over UW put out a happy hundreds of thousands of miles on you and you seen this country that I wrote an article about America will be moved at here is that America's more beautiful than then the politicians in Washington DC understate an image I got outside of this install America you guys seen American wasted very few people have. Would you talk a little bit about what happened with you guys when you went with Roy Clark to the Soviet Union and then where we are now because I owned it I think this important life lessons. People need to hear from you asked her to what I saw and learned the Soviet Union and on the farm. South Alabama what you see over there I want change form. No one owns a house. No one owns a car. No one owns a refrigerator in your home. No one owns anything the government owns everything and communism. The government owns everything and he owns every first and if you don't agree with them of your eliminated one where the other.

So communism is straight take all of your freedoms not just part of the semester will resolve their one wish. And what's happening here is there's a whole side of our political spectrum certainly can't expect typhoons didn't the government is supposed to replace God is replaced to churches because I don't want that 10% government all money already or ever say your home, your car and if you don't like it. These people told we were there. They said hey you can if you need a new refrigerator. You can apply for. Maybe this according to how far up in the Communist Party. Your help Patrick before. If you didn't click or not because he can be on the waiting list and could be increased five years refrigerator stopped working and that's the classroom. You cannot leave Nashville Montana with Matthew tells government official exactly why you going there and who your goals for you out there and purpose of that and if the whole state of total control of the person, the mind, the body there.

Everything and know may not have anything, but I have my freedom of speech.

I have the freedom of mind, so parking to tell you what it knows were name, freedom of speech, or place, but there's a lot of people that would just put excellent Russian are somewhat communism is and I found out what communism is common is an urgent starting and yet we have in this great nation and I know how you guys at the Oaks feel about this country and I know how your fans feel about this country and in this great nation.

We have people now screaming for the very thing that you saw with with you just aghast that when the KGB came busting India. They wanted you to change the lyrics of your song. We got people want us to do that now.

Changing songs and changing TV shows and in getting rid of stuff and all that and it is. It's heartbreaking to see this and I see people pushing back on it I wonder if we been asleep at the wheel for too long asleep, this country they don't know the truth about what the other side is looking for flirting with disaster. The subject reported just from my point of view, but I'm just a guy.

It is not the Thomasville fuchsia, giving person you give me time to whatever it is you have share of which people don't ask me these questions is to rescue me about what I so what I see here what I saw there best trajectory and I've not discussed this with anybody other than my friends, but your little person in a public forum which will and it's it's my show and I will ask Ted and I'm not a love I love the sound of getting it out and I deeply concerned about what's happening and I listen to these people crying out for things that they have no concept of what this mean for them and if we don't stand up and say something that that's that's on me.

I can't.

I can't change it by myself but but I can be responsible to say something and I can so I am and and and I and I was really struck him down just a kid with you and Roy plywood with Oaks Roy Clark went over there which it ended in of itself is an extraordinary event that you guys even went back in the 70s because people know that my Saturday of what it was like back in the 70s in Russia, the Soviet Union that we got people to know what the Soviet Union even meets Rod hands are messy Soviet Union was the ultimate socialist the United Socialist whatever it was. Social: socialism and cognitive map of the communism and finally run out should limit what Roger neighbor and turn them into thinking ability, damage, kill them attract the world best special work. Communism is a run out for Rob. They have no one else to Rob in their own Sister Bender were Robert that's feeding the evil to me. I look at the way this country was founded became so much out of the Reformation back with Martin Luther and these others who recognized that man cannot be the final authority on it on their on their lives. In our society we have to have an authority greater than our own opinion, which is God's word, which is our faith in God and that cursed over the seal you are is coursed over the northern part of Europe into Great Britain and down into our country with so many other countries and no way we we can we can figure this out ourselves. We can't figure this out ourselves. That's why we need God that tended to figure it out ourselves.

And when you get communism, socialism, the first thing they want to do is get rid of anything that hasn't authority greater than the state. Brianne and I don't answer to the state. I answered Almighty God and and start about your products without God.

None of us would be here. You made yourself dresser drawer for could believe in God damn they're not looking for the so I walked out the other night walk dogs.

It was it was nighttime out here and you know there's a reason they call it big sky out here and stay out of the stars and we live at 6000 feet and going up and I looked at the stars in the were so many of us that I could just reach up and grab the menu. You know that's what you going to the Lord my God when I also want to consider all the work you said you hope good things.

Muscle how many times if you son how great thou art in your life.

How would arguably Charlie still wanted great song how great the Lord is my God show which starts August the great speaking to the creator so my wife can't walk very well consistent to prosthetic legs and all the stuff going on, but she could snowmobile since you read that it took her out in the forest one time and we were out of stubble bills that turn the sleds off. There was nobody out there but us to be where a pretty remote way back in this snow-covered wilderness and then and Gracie's wonderful singer and she just lifted her hands and she just saying that this sings my soul, my Savior God to the energy can't reverberate around the snow-covered where we were MET.

It was just one of those kind of moments that I thought maybe set it on getting better that this is I just let them talk. I will take a quick break we were talking with Liebling coated his new book is called behind the beard.

It's a fabulous book no-name is one of the most recognizable individuals and all the pain is moving back to Rosenberg. He's not a preacher but he's got really speed Rosenberg in math 3 1/2 decades as a caregiver. I've spent my share of nights in the hospital sleeping and waiting rooms on foldout cot chairs. Even the floor sometimes on sofas and a few times in the doghouse.

But let's still talk about that as caregivers we have to sleep at uncomfortable places but we don't have to be miserable. We use pillows for my These things are great. They have a patented interlocking feel that adjusting your individual sleep needs and for caregivers trying to sleep in all the different places we have to sleep leave me our needs get ripped up significantly. Think about how clean your pillows are in the covert world were all fanatical about clean. Can you wash your pillows with my pillows for my if we throw in the washer and dryer.

We do it all the time 10 year warranty guarantee not to go flat 60 day moneyback guarantee made in the USA is a caregiver you need rest. I going to my type in the promo code caregiver you get 50% off the four pack which includes two premium pillows and to go anywhere, pillows also receive a discount on anything else on the website. When using your promo code caregiver is my promo code caregiver. Have you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger, 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became it. I questioned why God allowed something so brittle to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All this is to point others to Christ.

The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing I'm Gracie. I am staining with help her grow rather have had in a a Rosenberger. This is for these things, how to deal with things done or sold ourselves from my wallet relationship are everything about us, our careers, our bodies will betray bricks as well. It starts in the heart level on a soul level and I look for folks who can help me see this better so that I can be strong and healthy as a take care of someone who is not one of those individuals is William legal just finished his book behind the beard, and it is an extraordinary tale of someone who has faced some very difficult things and lived to write about it, but not in a way that is self promoting, but is matter fact, here are some principles that I want to make sure are written down before I leave this earth kind of thing. And that's what I got the feeling of this is when Emily when I was reading this, I'm still the statute Kathy Harris yesterday was work with you guys for long time and I was things that I got out of this is that William Lee does not appear to be a man who was striving with anything other than himself, and he's made peace with himself. That's what I got out of this that I write so you know you got have to compete with referrals also motivate the best you can select it outraged our business is not the easiest thing you know people so live from pacer sales.

You never know when it's time to get to rest when it's time to get yourself up and berated. We talked about earlier.

Teleflex retention working out U.S. Senate strength Melanie Walters berated Dr. saying and that's what I do. We have to motivate ourselves to activate our sales and whatever it is we choose to do it five days, I have to give it a positive but ditto start the game right there is one scene in the book that you motivate yourself to do something quite extraordinary and that was to reconcile and make a sincere effort with protein IIs very emotional part of the book, nobody accidentally asked for forgiveness. That's something to do with the intention it was sincerity you're trying to make amends the forgiven.

Forgiveness doesn't mean it doesn't matter, but it does mean you let it take your hands off of someone else's throat and give them the opportunity to do the same with you if possible. I can't make somebody forgive me. They choice whether they whether I even though I offended him or not, but in this case you didn't know you knew you had some unfinished business, and she was facing some very difficult things yourself as you did this talk about that moment. I'm thankful why my current wire; why I was on Facebook approaching an unfaithful someone she prefers French and over. Time for a gene found out about it.

He confided maybe and confided her friends from what he told. But there's a lot of stores behind the Samoan.

Why we been together words close send me six years, been married for a couple years before grant them the butts of football last known doorknob past had I ever apologized for Jane for beer unfaithful to her when she didn't do anything to deserve it.

That's all said no thank you, dear, close to divorce me, except to go to the shadow but it have a lawyer at logic apologized to think it's time should will be gone ever do that as well. I don't know, so that she would ask you to write much.

So finally to three years ago. I guess something stupid Christian bladder, so trails must third strong and his mother was there for Jane and guidance from older no. I've been thinking of you know doing what already been encouraging me to do about the myself well just come out and I didn't tell anybody else to do it the end of lunch Thanksgiving lunch so for everyone starting the strength of wellness question is asking repeatedly why ever apologized my faithfulness when you didn't do anything to deserve it that I will take this opportunity to apologize except for certain where your mouth gave you a long time ago I had and she said but I appreciate you taking the time to do it now. This was for year without that she found out her radio that she had pancreatic cancer. The following year projection almost near extra bedroom so we got time to more child dissertations and must sometimes it was during the pandemic when they were all able to come home from their struggle careers spent time with her mother, Brenda, my three sometimes oversaw we share all they were able to be with her mother. All three of them basically all time passed and I would visit Karen okay because I was planning on a big musical project must at had a vision of doing for about two years so I was sure I was. My plans were weighted. The timing was faster. Fasting is grieving so friend through a window. We get together and started making music. Lunch is too bad. Come in here at home world shelter down in the we started strain of salt from harmonized incredible musicians were left from here to the studio a few days later, Mr. court. This is fun. So wish started recording so you must wistfully install invited a couple of other people comes record with this. We wound up courting 36 all over about six. Child care and we did a full gospel album 10 got to come back to my childhood salt. I started with. We get three projects started and finished five major projects in the past 12 months is the longest outbound in Oak Ridge small SQL front porch is out now. Let's three projects that must after their mother passed. We were doing preproduction well before she press to get the songs together so now those things may be coming later this summer in the fall, but it was that was a healing maddeningly amazing reflects the reflects that that that healing that took place at that that dinner that you where you are able to, and because you didn't do it privately you did right in front of everybody. Yes, it was a change in relationship with yourselves are deep, deep sleep about relationship and the luster bothers that without love your grandson luster on their mother ever love someone always love them. I feel like you can truly love someone, especially someone at your church. But it's so we had a healing recycling songs that I grew older I found comfort because I lost my book recital gospel songs like a clock but brother Craig country gospel salt and we do we get a whole 12 songs of Goff additional salt grew up from my childhood again country so anyhow it's been on natural, emotional, physical and spiritual spiritual healing was the first to happen. We cut the gospel album first we had to go back get our spirits or feel in the beginning of the process were first as all real gospel from that we evolved into the old country strong low-salt and then the bus songs will sign some. I invited member, and sing songs from their childhood. I take about a rock concert different conserves different music. Whatever great entertainment. I take my kids to a son, so they wanted songs that they grew it became a thing that we all spell it was a time when we were sheltered when our faith. The government tried to shut our faith and we were to close the church is so we had we had spiritual healing at home around the piano, strain old songs of our mother strength for and that's where it started regarding get hold of your string around the studio and re-create and the we May also restrain him at home would go that we recorded in the studio so clear that in harmonizing together. We have found mental, emotional, physical and spiritual my live show that I do every week. I am a take of him and I usually played it. I have a call at the caregiver keyboard asked about here and but I try to go through the songs they handle and introduce them to people baby who don't know or have forgotten and explained to them the richness they have the music that can hit sometimes there's there's no cold I love about Hans Christian Anderson.

He said when words fail. Music speaks care of a time where words have failed you and me and anybody that lived any kind of life, but music will speak to us in ways that is beyond that I think about you know how Scripture says that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and groans and that we can even worse we can process that. I think that's sometimes what what music is for me and there were times when Grace and I were an inch so much difficulty. There were so many different things because she's had 80 surgeries that I can tell. And yet all we had sometimes just to go to the piano and I played she saying in and we would just stumble through a song you've done that you understand what that's like in the power of that of of a great hymn of the faith that sustains those low low low low moments Richard Sturbridge voice moments measured these old elves.

I had to get out of the house.

No pandemic to get away from television. There was more hate and violence and anger coming over time. Internal TVs change travelers more hate started outside to get away from it, but it grew up around and thought they got had to remove myself spewing out I got outside investment knowledge songs started going coming megamillion element is so strong like I would started going overboard out to get out of my mind that I had recorded phone call softly and tenderly Jesus is calling: for you and for me yeah love. We sang songs like that in which syndrome around the house is still studio gutter free on-site restrain this.

Forget about what's out there took her math skills will sign and your heart recording with my family of Dan Isaacs with a Isaacs family Wizard is studio he came down with Kobe just before started record so he was missed.

First, according separatist with the vocal arrangements and the second thing we got into the country.

Strength more pop recordings.

We must and Crystal youngest playgrounds of things plays mandolin and is multitalented so he came down with collusion Steve Hansen story steel guitar go slide guitar became Balko found out he was suffering what we thought was sinus infection. Your old country song recording as soon as excessive world. Two days later he found out was suffering from covert doctrine treatment for sinus infection actually read code you think I should buy this flat that came through our all of this tried to distract. It seems like we Moving forward.

That brings me to a point but ask you something about because you tell about how you keep going you activate yourself you you push forward you let the grudges be gone when you were fired from the Oak Ridge boys and that was certainly one of the darker times in your life. You also about how this became an opportunity that you did not count on with you and not just with your boys with yourself, for you to do some self-examination. I imagine you spent a lot of long walks thinking to yourself okay. How did I get to this place what happened all that experience moments where we just get kicked in the growing it. It's good to happen, but what we do is where we see it go is the challenge you saw an opportunity. You discovered that an unexpected opportunity through one of the darker, more public events in your life.

Talk little bit about that time that so my partner suggested I'd actually hired stood up for lecture documented the group what it was a time for personnel when one guy would be laid near Greta replaced this disposition here people that I had brought into the maiden shot don't matter how bad things can get sometimes you have to look for positive things about that situation. So sometimes I get maybe some good thing can go in get there opportunity to spend time with my son there. They were young man and it bothered me that I missed out on course there were young teenagers Glenn I divorce her mother divorced Canadian so I missed and I was only room 200 250 days a year away from the electric things this man. I needed time with them in the way they know who I am what I am my other we got together and started making music get pushing them in their talent they would say that thing songs that I wanted to say next. We went out to play.

You know of anyone saying stay together and make found that it brought us closer as a family and was able to at least survive in the world that I've chosen to do pursuing a musical career trying to look way to express yourself using salt excess outright songs.

I was to get a tan dog depend on the great writers start to write songs time spent with my son and I feel like that was a bad time in all of our lives and remember that I didn't go see him or disturbing.

While I was one let them have what you wanted in a household member store a lot of that in the book but you think that the lip student was that that I got out of it and I and I think this is the lesson you wanted to convey is that yeah were going to have these moments where it just gets ugly and the right to be bitter about it we can just go back to those whole things will grudges or we can use is this an opportunity to grow as a person you know I look at myself in my life and in the people that I try to reach on the show. I know people who are dealing with very paint and it is very uncomfortable and they can use this as an opportunity to be to rail out and to just just walk around with the grinding teeth or they can say you know what is their beauty. Enjoy even in this area I read about a case is in the Holocaust were people in concentration camps, and they they were able to see beauty and joy even in that you know and so that's what I wanted for myself and I wanted to share with blisters that you know what you can be as miserable or as happy as you choose to be an and we don't have to be all bit out of shape. And yet things are going to happen, but when the reconciliation came with you in the hopes it was a serious moment of of great reflection where you just say to each other you know what we have grown as individuals and it changed everything with you guys did the same amount of GUI records on my wall has to transform out Brown may Go in one hour software we still all about record: wall strike about the 100 may go school records. What was it created records. We did create a strong forget that they chose to serve that some that's what people want to hear your the original deal about daughter tribute that describes tribute to the radio they want to see the real tribute not to tribute bands are Kate, Mike, Olivia, but I get that but I think it what I what I got out of your book was when when the tribute moment ended for the Oaks and the the real band got back together. It was more than just the real band get back together the real band had gone through some real self-discovery at the same time and realized that seem to make it better. They realize the importance of the radiance was out there like to stress what may be obvious on you again the importance of the foreign different ingredients was brought for different Islam appeal to have their own appeal to different part of the audience and so the whole road you're only taking one God that he appeals to base people. Those people might come see that whatever with whoever shows all over individual but That was the secret of it was the country and city combined the North to South.

You know that you love this country to Philadelphia, Richard Grant and shabby New Jersey across the river from where Jim didn't read about the country in the middle were neighbors were half a mile or mile away. I grew up out of the country so is the last.

By the way, I got a taste of the this is low back inside information on Duane. I was in the car with my mother-in-law the other day my wife's and my mother-in-law, sister, data Duane way back long time ago that she actually brought them home one time in my mother-in-law said that he looked at Dottie. Her name was Dottie.

He said why you go date that facilities the east of the quartet where she got to go and I let Devonte my wife's grandfather was quite a character say he is certain he could couldn't read success on somebody very well, but that was that was a funny story that she did out of the habit. I wanted to end up with something here with you. You've done more shows than you can remember, and that you've had big moments that you can remember, but I think for me, one of the more poignant moments of your career that I've observed was the four of you at George Herbert Walker Bush's funeral and you guys had to fly through the night to get there I've never see that on the news talk about it and get you stood there at the gray of it at the at the funeral service for this man and I had the privilege of meeting of the Tiber to let you guys were very close friends. What was that like for you. I know it's crazy you get enough Secret Service and everything else in security at all the cameras over the but still there had to be in that moment of reflection that I am from from Britain, Alabama, and I'm standing here and I'm singing amazing Grace for one man who will be forever in history. It had to been kind of a surreal moment for you wasn't strong friendship down. He was a fan of our music. We generals along with White House log partners or barbecue for oppression right when he was vice president and come running across the lawn was there and after sound check that evening and we were saying songs together sounds come pretty vice president restricting roller coaster T-shirts to give teachers used to troubleshoot a big fan of our and he wanted it was requested to resolve certain flowers sound shirt and they were all so immersed he knew more about her music just wanted Mr. radio show stone for Amanda and how that started our relationship had to go somewhere else that I barbecue for all Democrats and Republicans come together and forget about politics were not at An Strained Contribution Barbecue That Started a Friendship Lasted for 30 Something Years Ideal. She Every Year George and Barb Byfield for September by Four and Our Wives Spent Three Days in Their Home and Stranded Though They'd Want to Start This Room. This Time He Started This One Last Time. The Children Establish the Capital, Where We Stayed Last Time Was Always Thought You Know How Technology Band President Start Allowed to Drive Cars Are Allowed to Drive Boats Shall Be a Speedboat and He Left to Get out That Mode Sounded Men Take Us out for a Ride Dated Everyday Sometimes Couple Tabs Today Lunch for Lunch, Take You out for Many Might Lead Him Back to the Restaurant Year Later.

Certain Restaurants Go Secret Service.

Michelle Was Following in Their Boat Friends Was Sure A Lot Of Times Together around around the House and Usually Deny Leaving the Next Day They Would Just Thing Sometimes It Be A Cappella Sometimes Maybe Soundtrack or Something to Solve All the Occasions I Invite Friends at Their Home. Different Politicians Are People Too. Also Different Parties.

They Had People Democrats and Republicans. It Was the Bad Friends.

You Know All Parties.

They Were Great People of America about Parties so Lost American out to Be Standing There in Houston Time like That Was Flown by Washington Local Private Client to Be There and to Restrict the Sender's Favorite Song Same Published British Because That's What He Always Wanted to String Sang and He Realized the Gravity Ever Closer Nick out There and There's George Strategy. There's Maybe a Little Village in Elgin.

The Whole Family and the Nurse World Dignitaries Were All over the Place, Which Is Set Marable Used for Real Close Nursing Unit with All the Members Realize That You Get Defendant Probably for Your Last Time and the List of Testing of a Boastful Time.

Dan and to Reflect Back on It so Much That Question, I Was Washing It.

I Just Interviewed Joe.

Not Terribly Long before That. He's Been on the Show Timer to and I Was Just I Was Watching It and I Knew the Emotions Had to Be Thick and on Know You Don't Don't Do Something like That without Recognizing the the Stubbornness of It, Not Just for Funeral but but but but How This Was on the Stage of History, and That Were out. I Was Really Quite Quite Moved by What You Guys Did and Did the Way He Stood There and Represented so Many of Us Who Would've Liked to Have Done That for Them, Not Because of the One of the Other States Because It Would You Would You Have That Kind of I've Met the Man Just A Few Times but up. What I Found and It Was a Decent, Kind, Caring Man You See Somebody like That He's a Decent Man in a in an Indecent World and What You Want to Pour out Devotion for That Life of Love That You Have Forbid You Guys Represented A Lot Of Us Doing That and I Was Very Very Moved by That You Did Something in the Book and I Will Close up with This the Last Bit of Your Book.

The Last Line in Your Book Might Have Right Here Will Read As Executor Lies That I Love the Last Page of Your Part That We All Grow.

We Try to Learn from Our Mistakes If I've Learned from Every Mistake I've Ever Made. I Must Be the Smartest Man on Earth Which I Thought. I Laughed out Loud If That Would, but Here's the Last Line of the Book, and I'm Not Giving Anything Away. I Don't Think This Not a Spoiler, but Thank You for Taking the Time to Get to Know the Man behind the Beard, and Thank You for Your Friendship and Support through the Years.

Love and God Bless You Debbie LG, Only a Man Who Has Sung in Front of Millions and Millions of People Died As Many Shows As You Have Would Understand the Importance of Taking People at the E Had for Being a Chauffeur Reading It. It Was There. You Love Your Fans You Love the People Using for and That Comes through and I Was Really Quite Moved by That and I Got One Last Question. If There Was One Song, One Gospel Song 11 Song When Him That You Would Look at As Something That You Would You Would Want People Every Time They They They They Whistle, Let Solver Sing It. You Know That That Would Be a Song That Bit Something You Is or Is There One Particular That Stands out to You How Torture Gets to Sing a Song and 1982 Assignment Is on Our First Christmas Album Gatorade Paymaster God, a Real Christmas Song. But I Think It Fits What You Doing Here Is Just Seven or Eight Years Ago When Should I Album Seven Years Ago Said but I Still Think What You Do. Some Cults That Got the Kids Last Is If It Weren't for Kids to Be Ever Thought There Would Be No Santa Claus or Just Moral.

Thank God for Kids so the Santa Claus Ladder Silver Spring Referred Christmas from Their the Solomon Was Released As a Christmas Album, Christmas Came and Where the Subchapter When It Discharged about That. It Was Late in January or First Part of February at Metro Number One Country Shall Still Involve the Transfer of Credit Risk Release That Maternal Grandfather First Transfer Will Restrict Takes on a Different Meaning and Then 30 Years.

I Became a Father and Then I've Become a Grandfather and Great-Grandfather Found No No Santa Claus Snoring Just Venting and Being in My Being Very Mild Today All Accounts and I Want This Is Been a Treat Again. The Reason I Did This Today.

I Wanted to Take a Little Bit about Deviation from What I Normally Talk about. I Think Caregivers Need to Hear from Just Different Sources of People Who Have Faced Difficulties. I Think Sometimes like We Get so Myopic in Our Own and It's so Important for Us to Cut up Step Out Of Herself Little Bit and Learn from Someone Else's Journey I Learned from Yours. I Learned the Importance of Letting Go of Things I've Learned the Importance of Learning to Make Peace with Yourself and Be at Peace with Yourself and I've Learned That You Know You Could Find Great Beauty Enjoy an Opportunity Even in the Midst of Heartache. Those Are Life Lessons That Apply All the Way across the Board and You've Been a Real Treat to Talk with Today and so I Thank You Very Very Much, but How Could You Have Some of This Music Making Robust Drives or Comes out Later in the Summer to Fall for Dance for Any Time. Thank You.

Try to Get You Guys Try to Get Folks out Here to Southwest Montana Recently Montana Is a Big Place for Itself. We Drove to What Happened Hours One Way to Dinner the Other Night.

You Know the Difference between Tennessee and Montana Is in Tennessee Lately. We Think 100 Miles Is a Long Ways.

In Montana They Think 100 Years Is a Long Time That My Dad Is to Be Classified As You Know My Long to Get Here to Make Long That It's Nothing Compared to What They Would. We've Been There 10,000 Years, Bright Shining As the Sun, No Less. I Think That's a Great Way to Get It Is Well Thank You. Enjoy This and the Show with the Performance of the Oak Ridge Boys Funeral Service of Pres. George H. Amazing Grace Will Be a Is a Be Some of You Know the Remarkable Story of Peter's Wife Gracie and Recently Peter Talk to Gracie about All the Wonderful Things That Emerge from Her Difficult Journey. Take a Listen Gracie. When You Envision Doing a Prosthetic Limb Outreach. Did You Ever Think That Inmates Would Help You Do That, Not in a Million Years. When You Go to the Facility Run by Course Living in You See the Faces of These Inmates That Are Working on Prosthetic Limbs That You Have Helped Collect from All of the Country That You Put out the Plea for and Their Disassembly Sell These Legs like What You Have Your Own Profit and Arms in Our When You Seal This. What Is the Duty Makes Me Cry Because I See the Smiles on Their Faces and I Know I Know What It Is Locked in Place Where You Can't Get out without Any Else Allowing You to Get out the Hospital in so These Men Are so Glad That They Get to Be Doing Is One Thing Said Something Good. Did You Know before You Became an Amputated Parts of Prosthetic Limbs Could Be Recycled and Had No Idea I Thought Peg Leg.

I Thought a Wooden Legs. I Never Thought of Titanium and Carbon Legs and Flexibly the Legs and I Never Thought about.

As You Watch These Inmates Participate in Something like This, Knowing That There Helping Other People Don't Walk There, Providing the Means for the Supplies to Get over There. What Is It Do to You. Just on the Heart Level. I Wish I Could Explain to the World.

What I See in Here and I Wish That I Could Able to Come Wednesday This Guy Right Here in Africa.

I Never Not Feel That Way out Every Time You You Always Make Me Have To Lean I Don't Really I Feel like I'm at Home with Them like We Have a Common Bond Never Expected That Only God Could Put Together.

Now That You've Had Experience with What You Think of Faith Based Programs Core Civic Offers. I Think There Is Absolutely Awesome and I Think Every Person out There That Have Faith Based Programs like This Because the Return Rate. In This Particular Faith-Based Program like It but I Know This Would Are Amazingly Low Rate. There Is and I Think That Is Not What Donating Use Prosthetic Limb of Passed Away or Somebody That Donated Some of Your Own for the Scout Staining with out Got Last Grease I Came

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