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June 23, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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June 23, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why do you not affirm the pre-trib rapture---2- What is the best way to explain the Trinity---3- If the wicked are taken first, then who is left on the earth to go through the tribulation---4- How do I witness to someone who says they believe in -the universe- rather than God---5- What will happen to the antichrist when Christ returns-

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Matt Slick Live!
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found alive at the time, born you have questions about Bible doctrines is a Matt Slick Live branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick ride welcome everyone one call open lines all you do is die week 772-072-2760. So a lot of people listening. I hope people are challenged and one of things that Charlie and I do. Charlie was guy here every day, and he and I and we pray before each show, and he puts in the links in the chat and so these links are are recorded in the video and so when people go to look like her legacy related links to karma stuff like that. So here you go hey how we could use your prayers to and what you give me a call. Please call 87720722760.

That's a Sunday is Father's Day. So just want to say happy Father's Day to everybody out there is a phonics and want to say this that I know that there are fathers out there and moms who don't have any children with them due to miscarriages and it's want to say that, biblically speaking, your parent, you don't become apparent when a child is born doesn't make you a parent. It's when the fertilization occurs when that person is and that will your father you are a mother and so as Father's Day approaches that we be faithful to the Lord all of us who have had children and for those of you who have had miscarriages and stuff children and things like that with you. You'll see. If you're Christian you will see your child again and your dad.

Your mom just want to say that didn't give food to give encouragement to people because so being a parent is difficult and it's it could be heart wrenching sometimes tickly when you lose a child.

My wife and I have been born. He perished and we also had miscarriages and soaps not to bring this thing up and people said, but the point to Jesus and to celebrate what he provides for us is good and he does allow things to happen to us but you know what we have to just kinda move through them. The best we can with the fellowship with friendship with the help from others trusted. So happy Father's Day to all the fathers all right now. He folks out with the prayer ministry if you need to be prayed for or you want to join in prayer you just contact us at if you want to watch the show and participate in the chat what you can do is go to and on the just scroll down the right-hand side you'll see that slick live and you click on that and it'll take you to the video is right there and you can watch the show and we have a nice community of people recognize similar names constantly.

As I look to the screen and see who's here and friendships have been made in in their because well you know the common people, who apparently like what I do and I think are some who don't look for the most part people are pretty positive in the room and nice community of people, privilege of meeting a few of them and other great and let's see what else we stay on nearby your donations we are helping individuals. We are helping people going to Joe I forgot to mention this yesterday. That reminds me. If you have been blessed of carbon and or the radio show, or both, or whatever. I would love to hear your testimony you can write it out if you want email it to us at info@karma.orc because women probably end up doing is maybe mentioning a few of them periodically on the air and I would do for first names of people I don't want to expose people's first and last names, safety reasons, security reasons, privacy reasons must explicitly want me to, but that's what I do so thought comes been a blessing to you and you follow you like the radio show and you inclined you could just email us at info@karma.organ of the gray stuff we have open lines 877-207-2276 Muscat to Cindy from Virginia Cindy welcome, running her. I like your show very very much okay go will block on finding beginning of your shell by Robert Reddick oh live not by lies, drank her deep heart. Happy HDR and not find my by drink drink or DRE HDR oh and I really I think you know what you're talking about. Hell, I have another question I have been walking and I caught talking about. They had a question about the priest read grant share and did you sound like you birthday again not exactly sure that's correct I don't. I do not affirm pretrip rapture. I don't believe it's in Scripture.

I don't call people believe that heretics are worry about it when the topic is examined.

You quickly find that the preacher relation versus a people use just fall away just as you repeat those very well.

There aren't any preacher relation versus that really are, but people will generally go to things like God was days of Noah social being. They succumb is that a man for the reading they were drinking their giving in marriage of the no enter the ark of the flood came and took them all away into building the fuel was taken on his left right that's a pretrip rapture verse right, but it's not right. It irked. I got about a raptor yes is good old old gunfight explained that the verses that I just quoted are often used for pre-tribulation rapture support, but those verses are not about the goods being taken there about the wicked being taken in all you do is I read the context and this is significant because it's the wicked were taken in go to Matthew 2437 and Luke 1726 and start reading. In parallel, and then they asked Jesus where they taken in here he answers in Luke 1737, where the body is there. Also, the vultures will be gathered, so that's what or taken to now, the rapture does occur, I'll show you okay is first Thessalonians chapter 416 and this is what is really interesting is that when you read this and you combine it with something else will do this. Also something else afterward that that means that preacher raptor just can't work so it says here.

First Thessalonians 416 to 20 fibers to and begin to redirect I'm thinking, how many people in the deep South are hearing me speak about this and are offended. How can I ever say such a thing. Well, look at the Scriptures because I know that people get ingrained in their traditions and with their churches and people they love and trust of taught but haven't really examined them. That's usually the case, the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel trumpet of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first at measles, who died believing then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words. Now, after the times and the ethics brother and you have no need of anything to be written.

You yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night so the day the Lord to come like a thief in the night is the rapture right right right.

Sure does that have to go to second Peter 310 but the day the Lord will come at a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense and the earth and its works will be burned up.

What that does is shows that the day of the Lord to conduct a thief is the same day of the new heavens and new earth is also the same day of the rapture that it does make sense now, so we know that Jesus teaches us something in Matthew 13 when you go to the parable of the wheat and the terrors in Jesus interpreted the we the tears, and so esoteric that the tears he says no verse 30 of Matthew 1330 allow both to grow together until the harvest and the time of the harvest will save the reapers first gather up terrors and bind them in bundles to burn them up again the week in my barn. According to Jesus own words.

The first ones gathered the wicked rest of what he says Matthew 1330 then you go down to verse 40 and Jesus is interpreting that parable just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, socially be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those of commit lawlessness South. Appreciably she rapture is true, then it has to be that the wicked are taken first, I but that doesn't work at all. It does not work right right granted, I though I can't really comment soon I'm going to look at verse 35) fell out of the back all week.

I appreciate you have a great section 6 a lot will appreciate that.

God bless Cindy about that. All right, now I really like what she said she's not trusting some guy in the radial name slick she's gonna go check on on her own. That's exactly was supposed to do and if she still concludes her position okay but at least she has with her position as is Lee. She has studied the court of the word of God as we want. Praise God. The schedule from Washington DC welcome jewel here Michael sure to be hosting a apologetic that Amber talked about the nature of God and why the elements were wanted it. I did go over is the Trinity and Temple that we are. I I've been looking up a lot of stuff about dealing with different ways of explaining it and I can understand that there are a make you explain need and it's frustrating is that I usually when we're looking at looking at other religions.

We point out the clear contradiction anywhere.

The prophet Mohammed that this story here and they said something out that there is no profit.

Is the prophet Mohammed is also that I had met. Yeah, you're right, but but it an example.

Add barbecue clear contradiction, spoken of by the same person and when looking at something like Trinity.

I would want to be on the English what we know of the Trinity from something that is a clear contradiction by current synthetic describing a trying to distinguish a being averted a person when describing this unity feels like a stretch like in my gut feel like a stretch that argument. I'm not connected. Who will you be discussing this with you with the Buick.

I believe mostly Christian and and people who are all on the same page about it waving up a few flesh out these ideas will discuss is also does volunteer help you out. Glad to hold on right back after these messages that Y call 770727 charismatic slave back on the phone under all right, so the audience is critical whenever discussing the doctrine of the Trinity and I could teach him Trinity for a good hour but we don't have that much time so I tell you what. Asking a specific question, and all address specifics as best I can look through a few things. Okay okay well I'm content that I have your study and think I want to be able to distinguish the way that things are being described. Though it feels like it could be seen as a contradiction. Anyway, and it may be a way of dancing around that okay but ideal to distinguish the coming of God.

Okay, two things. First, always define what a contradiction is this is starting the second law of logic law of non-contradiction called LNC a statement, you will true and false at the same time the same sense the same way and to statements that contradict each other cannot be true of true the same time is since one excludes the possibility of the other. That's the critical issue.

So if I were to look at myself on my hand right now. If I were to say my left hand, how to say it is the case that I'm holding myself on my left hand. It is also the case that I've not holding myself on my left hand. Both those statements cannot be true if the same time the same sense because each one makes the other one impossible.

This is the concert you got to get second definitions are critical. The Trinity is one God in three persons, but person must be defined person does not mean a God and that's where the problem of equivocation comes the lack of a gang right on the part of the hearer and that they are equivocating note. Equivocation means a word changes its meaning. During discussion and so we don't want to have equivocation and a confusion of terms. You must define your terms must write these out your car and do it is a copy from that user.

That's fine, but God is a being an entity. One thing what is God comprised of three persons, as revealed in Scripture.

Three persons does not negate God being 11.

That way the word person is from the Latin persona and it comes it's used in acting when actors would have a mask on a stick. They would use the persona to do different parts in the audience would know that they were playing the sport map are correct and I'm so the theologians borrowed it for a specific theological reason. What I like to say is that the word person in the concept of the Trinity does not mean the exact same thing as you might think it we are talking to your neighbor when we see a person next door we think of another being, but that's not how it's used in theological discussion with the doctor, the Trinity, explain what is her little bit but sometimes people will object to that.

And I'll say if you want to understand what it is. The Trinity is you must understand what the terms mean according to what it is not what you think it is because if you are the one defining it in awake in contradiction to the history and the theology of the Christian church, then you're not discussing the Trinity you discussing something else for some title talk to Muslims and also the Trinity St., God's an essay know it's not the Trinity is one God tries theism is three gods. We don't believe in tritheism.

We believe in one God, and they'll say no you don't. I suggest I do I know what I believe and I know what the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is defending it for decades and also you guys don't know you don't know what is in your Chiron gets it wrong and going over stuff so that we person the theological discussion demonstrates self-awareness, awareness of others can speak can say you and your and me and mine has a will. We see these exemplified in the Scriptures. If you've been the karma you know the Trinity table Trinity chart and so that's very useful and we can see that the doctor, the Trinity is another point the doctor the Trinity is not arrived at by one verse and one verse does not refute the doctrine of the Trinity, so it says is only one God that does not mean that God is not a Trinity because if they state you see Reese.

The Bible says one God, but you believe in the Trinity. That means you don't understand that the Trinity is monotheistic. I think you keep getting it wrong to tell people you get it wrong because you're not paying attention to what the doctor and actually this one God in three simultaneous and distinct persons that are the Trinity is and is arrived at systematically. It's not arrived at by looking at one verse is not arrived at by looking at two verses, but from Genesis to Revelation. And as you can see chart in the church is very important, very important point. As you can see the Trinity chart that I wrote years ago that it's arrived at by looking at the whole of Scripture and seeing. For example, that the father-son Holy Spirit are each called God the father, son, Holy Spirit, we have fellowship with the father-son Holy Spirit. Each are powerful and we see these attributes that are are attributed to each of them, but yet they speak to each other and so therefore we say theologically or three persons. This is why one verse can't refute the Trinity because it they say will. The Bible says one God was week week agreed yet. We agree and furthermore, if the Trinity is false. This is an important point. If the Trinity is false then the system used coaching the Scriptures is faulty. With all due appeal is also a bit so the Trinity false and also yes it's false I say I was a Trinity arrived at in the this with elastic oblate by getting ideological said no it's not correct. How's it look we have a system we go to the Scriptures and we look at the Scriptures we conclude the Trinity, tell me what that is and they never know they never know they never get it right by stakes since the the doctor.

The Trinity is arrived at systematically and since you're not aware of how it's arrived at in that system.

Therefore, you cannot sit system is false therefore you cannot see the Trinity is false. Okay, maybe it that it I getting murdered multiple equipment. All mentioned a large flying blue cow at the crime may say that as they are all bring it up without you and I get it in a sling like because you immediately were introducing ridiculous at the attack you say you had a murder scene. Everyone saw a black car driveway that didn't, and there's no be no objection about that possibility. Keep going but then eyeballed and made it actually need investigative notes even like a stretcher and I think I don't understand the there are multiple sources that are mentioning it out of you really like and what and that is a little help. Okay that I use this all the time to teach with the Trinity is and I have to take with what a contradiction this because it they think is a conviction. This is the thing they can even define what a contradiction is and they can't define the Trinity is so they don't know but nevertheless my throat so on.

In the issue of a contradiction.

Allstate, you and I are are standing, kitty corner at an intersection break coming up so we could back the break. I'll continue with this illustration to demonstrate what is and is not so that you and is very useful at all time so hateful to be right back after these messages, please select why call 770776 sure this is important and supportable, all right.

Or here's an illustration I use about contradiction so you and I are at an intersection. Conflict on an opposite sides in a caddy and were waving to each other and feeling a no handle building, the light changes in and we can put in front of both of us. We see a black car and a white car collide. Not too bad neck surgeon.

The lab was needed. They collide in the any intersection. The police come and taken reports from you and from me and you say I saw three people to get out of the white car and I say I saw two people get out of the white car is that a contradiction in the answer is no because I did not say I there were only two people in the white car if there's only two people it cannot be the case that there's three but if I say I saw to get out it's all I saw. It doesn't mean there wasn't more I just only saw those two if you saw three and I only saw two from different perspectives is not a contradiction. So I teach this to people say. Just because a different perspective doesn't mean it's a contradiction. It conviction occurs when I say no. There were not three people in that white card was only two and you say yeah I saw few people in the white car.

Now we have a contradiction and both of us cannot be right. In that sense as possible. Both of us are wrong but it in this new look at it before you know if you said only three is it only to and is really for. But this is an example to contradiction people concede in their minds and they can understand the logic.

So the point is that when one state makes another one. Impossible. That's when you have a contradiction when both are said to be true to the doctor. The Trinity is one God in three persons, we need to find the Trinity a defined person just there is no contradiction as long as line at that point were not excluded direct right and one more thing quickly. If God is a single person, and we understand what personhood is accorded the Bible for made in his image of meat we have the communicable attributes of God which means God thinking, reason God loves. We left so he has personhood and we have personhood but if God is one person eternally that he cannot manifest the fullness of what personhood is, in the sense of fellowship awareness of others intimacy, love, etc. and so the idea of God being one person has its natural problems. If God is to persons, then they could have fellowship and love between one another, but the aspect of the fellowship between them would be an abstraction that is nonpersonal in the essence in the idea that love itself and appreciation itself.

These are abstractions you can't take appreciation important in a jar. It's an abstraction is mental but if God was to persons in the news. This doctrine called.

Teresa swear God the persons of God dwell each other and so that would mean the 212 with this that the essence between them.

Fellowship would be impersonal because of you, an abstraction and that's problematic if God is three persons, then we have the each of the two could have fellowship that is mediated by the third and then we will not have abstraction being a fundamental aspect of the personal being allowed Bible okay you pack and unpack that there's more to the actual okay I did the actual embodiment of love. If God is allowed articled love. That would require an object you lost. How is how is love possible. If there's no one to love.

Since Jesus is the greatest act of love is a give your life another in God's love the world he gave the nature of love's other son yeah how could God manifest loveth his love for John 48 and there's no one to love known to have fellowship with. Furthermore, he would be alone for ever.

That's torture so there's problems. I just got one but not out. You did a great deal of study in the trend Trinity. You also need to study was called the economic Trinity and the ontological Trinity and you need to discuss the CFT of God is eternal non-contingency Asea TAS EI TY that he is self eternally self-sufficient and noncontingent and so therefore the ramifications of that true doctrine is that he is the ultimate standard of all that is good and right and the ultimate standard of truth and what unbelievers do as they negate God's Asea to could negate God. Therefore they have no ultimate and so there.

There were morality and standard of truth is always subjective and provisional, which means you can never know that what you believe in that sense is even true I get. You can tell I do a lot of discussion of the stuff right yeah great I think is much you welcome. So if you have a good night everybody could God bless the other. I okay let's Joel from Washington DC and let's get to the next love is waiting is Jim from North Carolina. Jim welcome you on the air doing all right and then we got buddy okay my wife and I are on a road trip coming back.

Grandbaby got a new one and (car about half yeah maybe reverted applicable FM and we will listen to your podcast by my wife and list your podcast before you start all just a smart woman and she had read about your life will you fault about women. You know women look good so I can see why we marry them. But what we look like we look at data logs. You know that anything around us, complementing me more than a question and I look at her when okay so with the retro tribulation and the first look again at the question about the character got me here today will tribulation. That's assuming that the trip that the rapture occurs before the tribulation. We go through the tribulation so that you listen. Satan is alive and well. Doing stuff the unbelievers is on the grass and everything else were left as progressive wackos or doing their leftist progress tobacco stuff, confiscating weapons causing worship to be given only to the antichrist.

Eventually, then sell the stuff and so them as we go through the tribulation. And then at the end of jubilation. I would do a study on this next week. Believe or not in my Bible study on Thursday nights. People asked Mama to go through this in detail with less of a step-by-step at the end of this relation. I believe is when the new heavens and new earth are made, the rapture occurs, the wicked are judged everything we go through it before and your captain show you mentioned that Harry feel the character taken part. Yes, they are all about them that that the Christian bear left and then I got to go to the tribulation about why she looked at me and for 12 character taken first got me here what occurs during this regulation, that's assuming the jubilation rapture note, we go through the tribulation, the rapture happens at the end of the tribulation character taken at the end of the tribulation. Yes, and then we are weak cut of the meet the Lord Jesus says in Matthew 13/31 got in the chairs and he interpreted this as it happened at the end of the age and that the reapers are angels as they gather people together, and if you go to Matthew 24, Luke 17, two men in the field one is taken. That is the wicked who were taken is not the good Mrs. clear that when I will. That's a hill I will die on that is the wicked who were taken first because of Jesus as you are not you.I got we were thankfully quick.

I felt like that's okay last night. By the way your pay out watching your video last night and you gave your patient with this OSHA afterwards that with the Patrick yes Patrick. He's a false comfort that I got I got a kick out of watching what looked westernized which was first name is a high debris over the year will actually type collar out of the car and called her to the car and an incarnate Carmen. She must be electrically hey Carmen, all right, good.

You have good questions. I well I got I think about this for a long you to God bless perfect timing when you break a folksy if some of them I did what he did call 877207276 right back after these messages we talked about the difference between God that matters like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave all right with it to David from Charlotte, North Carolina David, welcome around here.

I'm okay you got a network outage.

I probably and he was explaining that he believes in the universe as a fact of the universe knows what you need universe applies with whatever and then he tried Christianity, but it didn't work for him and talk him tomorrow but more out of counterfeiting in what exactly can I cannot. First of all, and when he says he didn't work for me.

That's what people say.

Didn't work for me okay and what we didn't work. What were you looking for that it did not meet your needs and said he might say something like what I wanted these girls. I wanted that car and you find that you know they have ungodly desires and needs, and so you didn't go to God for what God wants you to go to him for you went to get to to God to get what you wanted and no wonder. So this is why you're still confused. This is the kind of thing to get into. I don't say that bluntly, but that's the short version of art so if he believes in the universe. That means he has a proclamation of assurance about something what he believes in what you do is you asking why does he believe that why does he believe the universe can hear him and there questions that go along. Is the universe absolute is is truth absolute in this universe is there morality that's absolute in this universe, how do you get we get more sophisticated things, how to get the universal laws of logic from your universe subject material to go there direction and say well if the universe is material and atoms are just there with supernovas and quasars white dwarfs in a dark matter and dark energy owes a how does consciousness come into existence can explain that all kind of questions you won't have any answers because there aren't any out the universe came into existence.

That's a fact, and writers wish to demonstrate that logically. Evidentially universe came into existence is that mean that there's something greater than the universe because liver brought the universe into existence is the cause and then there's an effect in the cause is usually greater than the effect. So if the universe is his cup and cause to come into existence, then what caused the universe to come into existence than that which caused the universe to come into existence is greater than the universe. Why would you settle for a second rate. See all kind of thing you can say that would you recommend any scripture or anything I can. I could bring out of that bad of a pastor and Hagerstown doesn't have anything to do with Christianity anymore had yet that doesn't have the correct the dad is not having to do with Christianity anymore had that a pastor but I have nothing to do it. Christianity anymore something happened to him but he just said that he did not do a Christianity well with suggest he called them on the show we could talk and I can answer his objections demonstrate that his worldview is faulty. So here's a principal every worldview except Christianity has internal contradictions and problems and cannot be justified.

I don't care what it is.

Only the Christian worldview make sense of everything.

If you can learn that principle and learn how to tackle certain issues and what you do is have a discussion with somebody and you find out what their worldview is. This is why I will have a very confident question discussion with anybody. If you're not a Christian, I just did a look and listen to what they say until I find their internal contradictions. Not only will the be under control.

Contradictions. There will be a lack of ability to for the foundation of two found something to ground something. For example, the laws of logic. The laws of logic are universally true abstractions. The law of identity law on the contradiction love excluded middle. While proper inference. These are things that are that occur in the mind. You'll find them in the rock etc. will if there abstractions. They require mind because abstractions require my that's where they come from within.

I ask atheist. For example, people believe the universe is materialistic logic.

How then can you demonstrate from your worldview and account for the laws of logic being universally true. You do that and you know if you hear people to discuss. I like myself and others, you find that the other view, the can't do it and they really fumble in a trying to that's that's one approach is another approach asking this is the universe all there is. If he says yes then you got because if the universe is all there is, then that would mean the universe operates on the laws of physics and chemistry motion. Amanda Wright knows it will yeah okay so then, does your brain your physical brain operate on the laws of physics and chemistry, etc. yes, so that is it your brain required to operate not logically, but according to chemist chemical reactions in your brain right you have to say yes will if one chemical reaction leads with her chemical reaction in the brain. How do you know what is produced is true you, you cannot. It's just chemical reactions reacting and combining it how you know produces truth and this is a huge weakness. It was called materialism that the material world is all the rents it it it leads to self reputation because materialism means you can't know materialism is true because it's just chemical reactions in your brain and say, materialism is true, so I had a debate with with identical with many time with atheists metal hunting tech Dallas while back we had a discussion the night of the same would you bring me just say that because he's a materialist and this is a problem. So if you if your friends can believe that the universe is all there is sin, it's operating in the laws of chemistry, laws of physics motion matter so is the physical brain. It cannot exceed that. Therefore, self refuting. If he says was called of substance dualism, which means the soul of the mind is separate from the body. This asking how do you know that when people make assertions you ask for better validation of their assertions and you'll find that they can't do it inside of their worldview because worldviews are not based in the true living Trinitarian being in it. I have even told you about the problem of the one in the many issues and that's a whole other issue that they can't deal with that the universe is one substance how to have particulars particular individuals particular truths and they gets more complicated but okay. There's all kind of stuff to talk about our help to not okay but not a lot not see what happened up I'll give you a call is not to give my advice. Okay, sounds good, but when I got bless write a letter to correct okay this is a Jamie from Seattle Jamie welcome you are on the day you do all right, we got a guy about the coming of Christ that you believe that the old when heated returns are no that what's killed that the Antichrist is destroyed. I don't I don't know. I visited exactly but the Antichrist will with the with the false prophet. Some say he is a saying the beast will cook going to hell in the be constantly tormented forever with the devil right it would work at it. I should have been more prepared.

I get with merchant but did I know there's one that said his disregard okay edit appearing that you will destroy them and then with the breath of his mouth and the brightness of his coming for you now that I've done a study on gnats and find the exact word and then what I would do in all your unit by unit to be a annihilation list then go to Carmen and look at the particular Greek word to see how she was in the Scriptures, and to see that is what the annihilation is generally do not do is their homework and they don't look to see the semantic domain of how a particular word is used and then in the context of something when it says shall destroy you in hell. This eight seat means don't exist. You don't know if that's what it means destruction can, but I agree resistance qualities quality and other things and so they read in the text, what doesn't. It was not necessary. So I would say I was to store the Antichrist is destroyed. What is it that you have to ask the question this of me doesn't exist. What if that's the case, and how do you know since it says in Revelation 2010. That that the antichrist. Is that etc. will be. For here. It is assessed the devil automated Apollo made the work to follow the abuse" tormented well in Revelation 2010. It said the be tormented day and night forever and ever. So to be tormented yet to be alive. Okay looking at our little group yeah will look at this to and John Jude 7 present participle is being used here just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them since they, in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh flesh are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire. So we are exhibited is in the present tense undergoing is a participle so when you have a present participle, which is what it is, it takes its tense if you have the nearest form to take his tense from the preceding verb and so exhibited is in the present, which means they are presently undergoing punishment of eternal fire yet but can't that be in the context of the of the event spoke about not definitive. It may best to do everything I could see about way they are limited.

They are presently exhibited as an example in undergoing participle presently going this going through it, the punishment of external fire and don't be swayed by somebody who then goes to Josephus." A similar medical construction to contradict the word of God will come out the fire. The fire that destroyed the city is still going with you, what would you say I would you like that I think talking about the people in other people say that a part of just talking about people of the city not installed all that we know they were destroyed as well. Both men could be jumping. I've written on this okay million a minute left and it's a mistake that the annihilation a snake because eternal fire is like Gahanna outside of the garbage dump. It was constantly burning constantly, but I just didn't go out and so the SASE she was constantly to its eternal fire. This will be used to illustrate and then that was meant okay and then someone comes along later. Ghost will it did burn out, so therefore it's not with a net and that what they're doing is mixing the. The understanding that course. The people knew the fire was in a burn forever and ever and ever.

Of course they knew that the city they knew that but they still called an eternal fire because of what it represented. And that's how it's used in Scripture, then the of the lame annihilation is come along later and say oh no, it really did go out and select what socket we know that it was an eternal are missing the point entirely. Course the people I understood it to be the eternal firewood of God like our God is eternal fire is not external fire in hell not going to go take a photo of the time the Lord bless you have a great weekend, and by his grace back on there tomorrow. Monday powered by the Truth Network

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