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Hope For This Present Crisis

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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June 23, 2021 1:00 am

Hope For This Present Crisis

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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June 23, 2021 1:00 am

Mike & Robby are joined by Pastor Michael Youssef of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, GA, and founder of Leading The Way, to talk about his new book, "Hope For This Present Crisis: The Seven-Step Path to Restoring a World Gone Mad."


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Your host Mike.

If not for God. Today we have a very very special guest Dr. Michael Yusuf God gave Dr. Yusuf a vision to reach 3.9 billion people for the gospel in 1987 he started the church of the apostles. He was born in Egypt. He lived in Lebanon and also Australia. But then his dream finally came true and he became United States citizen God has grown his radio ministry infinitely and today we are actually going to talk about his new book hope for this present crisis, seven step path to restoring a world gone mad and Dr. Yusuf. The mic is yours to go. Much like your boat will really appreciate your real neural program on the federal your listeners know the real go way back about partnership in the gospel I'm going to be 73 very soon. As I looked around and I saw the way our world is going and I wanted to go beyond the headlines and just beyond all of the of the rhetoric that goes on in the media.

I lady in my church was actually theologically trained and she leaves Bible study for women. She said I never understood those many years ago.

Why you had to go on a PhD from Emory University in social anthropology is now reading this book hope for this present crisis. I know why. I told exactly in the sum boat nor the OL is doing with a booklet to do it.

I am so grateful to got a bit of those younger and because of this study gave me a inside the theology and the knowledge of the word of God is one thing, and I was trained in the open Australiaand am so thankful that I can open the Scriptures expounded but then look at the world around us and to see from the biblical eyes from spiritualize from Christianized what is really going on and put it in the historical context in the sociological context and so forth really is blackmail enough about him thankful that you did this so I can have an insight to help the body of Christ. My biggest concern in my book, the burden of my heart is not necessarily the culture at large. Although I deal with that with the body of Christ, the believers, because they're the ones are getting swept off their feet by falsehoods in the body movements for the destruction of biblical truth because that is really the very core while in the book hope for this present crisis. I talk about seven issues seven issues that are destroying the next generation and moving them away from the truth but but the very first of the most important is the truth once the truth become muddied with all in the mud together, and nobody seems to be able to get us out of that. So I'm trying much as I know, under the guidance of the Lord and the Holy Spirit to point to the way for people to realize this is a lie.

This is how they been working on destroying the truth and muddying the truth so they can get you confused or really confused you can put your hands up and there's a lot of know the truth anymore is like one pastor who had just departed from the Southern Baptist convention is a big church is that I don't know what the truth is, but I know what love is the supported from the Southern Baptist roots.

This is the said that faith and in this happening all over hundreds of times and so I am pleading through the pages of this book know the truth because Jesus said when we have my disciple when you know the truth.

The truth will set you free and without freedom affect our freedoms threatened because of the loss of the truth. Yes, in Mark 322 it says in the scribes who came down from Jerusalem said he has Beelzebub and by the ruler of the demons he casts out demons so he called them to himself and said to them in parables. How can Satan cast out Satan. If the kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

And if Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but has an end.

Recently, Dr. Yusuf II heard you say that the devil is no longer fighting against the church.

The devil has joined the church directly wrote exactly right. And because now we got this big movement and is supported by some evangelical stars evangelical leaders that you can be gay Christian is orgasm women have the adulterous Christian and the thieve Christians in the Robbins Christian Association and I will go over going to do this now here's a problem every time somebody says will I can't stop sinning. I can't stop doing this.

Okay will we need to be loving toward you, and then will the lower the bar and say well that's okay then what you we are sinners. All right, that's really what is happening and all across the board. And as you lower the bar then where will you go. Every time I think we hit bottom is another bottom that would wait wait wait.

We got it we do we reach the investment in the evangelical pastors of mega-churches who are baptizing homosexual couples that have homosexual couples as members of their welcoming committee and this thing will because they are homosexual Christians will but the problem is once you start identifying as sin that is acceptable. Where will you stop visit polygamy and pedophilia of it. When we stop it, and this will be believe in him and for example he got the PCA convention is debating the issue to the event this week about whether a person can just have some sex attraction and therefore as long as he stays pure while we have people who have opposite sex attraction refocused on that one though your wife culture told us that we need to focus on that one. The culture said that is important. So 2% of the population. Another only controlling the media controlling the movie industry and controlling the television entertainment industry and now there controlling the church's agenda is one thing to say well they're doing this in Hollywood and so now within the charge that is the burden of my heart through mutual and approval and I don't want anymore when I was younger that used to bother me. I honestly weep over this.

I genuinely weep tears over what's happening to the church of Jesus Christ seductively assesses limits, and I apologize. I am curious, not that familiar with the study of anthropology so away from your perspective. How does anthropology speak to like what you described.

You had that education to the situation well socialized apology is basically the study of culture, social movements and the dynamics of social movements power movement starts through every movement with every Christian movement, the church or of business there like a human being. They basically good born and they go go through growing pain and then they get old and then they die unless inject new blood in the and that's why all these mainline denominations are dying because they've never injected new blood, and they always religious Getting older and older alderman in a basically 50-50 that we say and I'm in the generation us, but the you basically you lose your mind on any good cognitive of the veins hardness of the mind in your memory goes berserk and then you do some foolish things with the family try to take you in. So this was happening in social movements, and I pray to God that some of these social movements, and these things are happening in the church die premature death because without that bigger cause a lot of damage a lot of harm and now it is it is. She was started in the church particularly started to veer away from being Christo centric from being the theocentric God centered will become answerable centric become man sentence so now the preaching is not how you repent of your sin and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. So you can have it on the life I you get blessed that the powder new time. If you have positive thoughts, good things happen to you, and you can have this and you can have that that is you you you you as well. Now the next wave of course this has paved the way so the next wave is what you are the master of the universe you're the king you are in charge. You're the boss with of God's will. He's disappeared long time ago and so this is where my understanding of the answer boss which is the knowledge of man and and and with much studying in theology with the knowledge of God. Theology so I do see that as is a helpful me at least be able to identify and to be able to show the importance for the believers even historically in a not fall in the trap not to do what has been done in the past. Inspector history has several examples.

One of them is when Rome fell. The Rome fell because of immorality. Homosexuality of the fiscal irresponsibility of the bar was extended an element on a not so Rome fell but what happened.

The pagans turn around and start blaming the Christians and see if we did not become a Christian empire by constantly we would not have fallen and so said Augustine comes into this was chosen of God really brought the kingdom for such a time that he wrote the book the city of God in order to help the Christians to understand that not to be so discouraged for Soto so discouraged you having the faith that is Adobe so discouraged because we have the city of God.

We are in the city of man needed to look forward to the city of God that is to come in so historically there are no situations and crises that have come over to through the dark ages and then God sent the reformers and then we went through some really dark days prior to the Wesleyan with the revival so my prayer is that God would just send this and would have mercy on us and send us a great awakening will be the third great awakening in America in order that these pastors will preaching falsehoods, they will repent and turn to the Lord and consequently leave the congregation back to the Lord. Yeah, absolutely.

And one of the things I was thinking about was that there are some people who call themselves Christians who were completely taking on nonbiblical ideas and in their in their celebrating them and stuff like that but I see a greater number of Christians who what they're doing is they're just not saying anything at all, and in what I'm reminded of is Ezekiel 33 I starting in verse one it says the word of the Lord came to me, Son of Man, speak to your people and say that when I bring the sword against the land and the people of the land. Choose one of their men and make them in their watchman and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning in the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on the road ahead. Since they heard the sound of the trumpet, but did not heed the warning. Their blood will be on the road ahead if they had heeded the warning they would've saved themselves. Your support that it says but if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and take someone's life. That person's life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood so when I read that it tells me it's important that we do speak up absolutely build my Congregational, not bill my grandchildren because they are my three granddaughters. My greatest asset and I say look, I know that there will be no blood on my hands simply because I have been sounding the alarm and of course the book hope for this present crisis is not my first book of warning.

I have I have issued warning after warning uses.

This is my 49th book and I've been writing been speaking and I've been saying please wake up in time until an hour and I'm saying to others. Don't let blood be on your hands because when that they come and the losses why did you speak up. You have no excuse.

So you're exactly right, brother. That's just the way we need every one of us not not just me. I am just the fading week because as I said, looking in to the middle of my three quarters of life and I just pray that God will raise up younger generation to stand up for the truth.

That's right. And you know what some of the things I've heard people say well you know if I if I speak up or if I say something that people might put me down or I could get beaten up righted, I could lose my job at Matthew chapter 5 verses 10 through 12 it says blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so had they persecuted the prophets who were before you know there was a time in America. I believe Dr. Yousef where we really didn't have to worry about a whole lot of persecution.

It seems like that may be changing what you think all you think those days are gone in the we we are open persecution. Now people talk about it openly saying we should have freedom of speech for everyone except Christians minutes is that they saying it openly and you read it in them in so many websites literally say yes freedom of speech for everyone except for the Christians because they have dominated for so long and need to be silent, and the just look, here's the thing. When you think about it, with 2000 years after Christ and the early church, the believers in order to give us the gospel and give us the word of God unmolested on watered-down uncompromised. They paid for being in hot tar and Nero's Garden that have been sent to hungry lions that there been sewn into them suffered notice.

Just give us the truth of the word. Together we can have it today. Nothing will probably see those days not met maybe in my life but whatever little persecution we have whatever attack we have an effect like you might allow me and I get a lot of effect on the social media. My goodness gracious for going over them in the book will be left as you read from the Scripture Matthew five, I rejoice, yet the Lord, do you know view all glory, honor, measures to dominion and power, for giving me the privilege of being attacked and criticized for your namesake, and I think that is the one thing that is going to give us the victory give us the courage and to be put on earth is going to defeat the enemy because once they see that we not afraid of them. The enemies of bullying are you think of a schoolyard bully will we all have seen school yard bullies growing up in the school library to cowards is why the boys and Satan is a bully and in his account of it.

Once they see that we are not afraid we have understandably no matter what count the cost, no matter what they going to back them. I do believe that and and and if they don't that's fine too, doesn't just lecture the music and Abednego this is the beginning looking at women afraid gaga who delivers but if he doesn't do as an event that is without the time has come forward for God's people to rise up. It really is.

Since since we have you in this opportunity to ask a theological question that actually don't have the answer to love your insight from the standpoint of culture and a standpoint of what you are discussing anthropology in Isaiah chapter 6 right Isaiah is you know didn't have a whole are called to the lips treatment and then God tell you know who's going to send Lisa send me any says tell him this, I want to make their hearts fat so they won't go here but they won't hear and so they'll see. But they won't see. Otherwise, they would turn and I would heal them. That's kind of a scary. It is scary but you have to understand it is a Gregorio boy back to Genesis and Exodus you read it very clearly as Moses basically debating with Pharaoh and saying let my people go. In the beginning it says and Pharaoh hardened his own heart. And then as it is. The debate goes on 10 different plagues as it goes on is God hardened Pharaoh's heart. So what is happening here.

Just like in Romans one, God gave them up when they persist in their way when they persist in the resistance when they persist in the hardening of the heart toward God got that you know what I'm going to harden the heart even more. And I'm going to use the testimony of the believers in the in the preaching of the gospel as evidence against them on the great and dreadful day of judgment, and so they know you do it you keep witnessing you keep reaching you can keep sharing Christ with others because if they don't repent and harden the hard just like the door to go to because I been that hardening of the heart that event of rejecting you and rejecting your testimony is going to be recorded against them and be used against them in the courts of heaven is a place that dreadful day of of of judgment that is coming, and maybe even sooner than we think.

Yeah. And you know one of the one of the good. There is some good news with all of this is that we've seen in the churches in China and in the church.

Actually, in a ran where there is severe persecution the spread of Christianity is growing really really fast absolutely. I just got back from the Middle East weeks ago and are preached in several countries in the Middle East. I can tell you that we here is why I think it them in preacher of the people are as pleasant, specializing in the nonbreaching but I'm thinking now at this stage when I'm seeing Muslim extremists of the militant Muslims coming to Christ at the cost of possibly their own life and and it is some of them do the and then I see spoiled brats in the Western Europe and America Australia complaining about the air conditioning in the church, or not having a parking parking space or to go even to the extreme and so-called deconstructionist film some preachers and singers, and the people who have supposedly walked with God and to give it a nice word. The construction omitting.

Basically, they become apostate within the back of Christ. And when I see this happening in the West and I see people in the other. God must be gathering his elect from every tribe and nation and and language because the thymus coming we must be close to the end because he is gathering them from every corner of the globe and the separation between the sheep and the goats have already started and we're just seeing the beginning of the that's event so another thing is nobody none of us know the L and I rejoice in the but it is not. We keep praying for an awakening that God will send an awakening to continue to bring his elect to himself because eventually all those who belong to Christ Jesus and those whom the father is me. I losing none none that belong to Christ, truly belong to Christ. The Orsay are safe will be lost as though he is gathering and strengthening his own while those who were sunshine Christians were those who got of the Fairweather Christians and no falling by the wayside. Yeah.

And one of the things that that I heard you say is that there is a lot of bad news. There's a lot of stuff that's tough but we don't need to worry and that there is some good news is that right, absolutely.

The good news of the gospel is always a good news. You know what Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation where the power and the preaching of Paul preachers and writers related any of us but the power is in the gospel itself and when the gospel proclaimed that the burden of my heart just proclaim the gospel of Martin Luther used to say lift the word to send. When the gospel is proclaimed. The power is going to convert the loss is going to bring those who belong to Christ through Christ and so yes we need to continue to preach, it would go home wonderful God. Wonderful was I will going to go through tribulation. I don't know so so that I got halfway 3 1/2 years others for seven years as another none of will be out of here before it happened. I don't know about the bright either way.

Julian fails you with it will go through the tribulation is going to be with us, strengthen us in going to experience a supernatural power like with never experienced before. But if we don't in the Texas home loaded to God somebody my spiritual bags packed and the book is called hope for this present crisis. The seven step path to restoring a world gone mad by Dr. Michael Yousef. You can get it on leading the way were Amazon and wheat we hope you pick up the book.

It's a very, very important book and Dr. you set the what if there's somebody out there who's never said yes to Jesus. What would you say to them today. What I want you to know, first of all, eternity is a long long long time.

Don't gamble with it.

I'm really going to find somebody who loves you so much like Christ who loves you all the way to the cross in order that he might carry your sin come to him something now.

Now is the hour. Now is the time don't put it off. Life is so uncertain. This is the opportunity that God is if you're listening, then you are listening because God that you to listen so this is the time called the station, call Michael Robert Calder called leading the way. Call the ministry and will minister to you.

I know you some literature help you along the way. Come to Christ, is now put off thank you so much Dr. Michael Yousef in the book is hope for this present crisis. The seven step path to restoring the world gone mad please pick up the book today if not for God is not managing having peace of mind.

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